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Full text of "An English-Welsh pronouncing dictionary, with preliminary observations on the elementary sounds of the English language, a copious vocabulary of the roots of English words, and a list of scripture proper names = Geiriadur cynaniaethol Seisoneg a Chymraeg, yng nghyd a sylwadau rhagarweiniol ar seiniau egwyddorol yr iaith Seisoneg, llechres o'i gwreiddeiriau, a geirfa o enwau priodol ysgrythyrol"

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GAN f 


[ail argraffiad.] 



makthkn: wm. spubrell, printer. 


The favourable reception given to the first edition of this Work 
has induced the compiler to issue a second, revised with much 
care and labour. 

The system of condensation adopted in the former volume has 
been carried out to a much greater extent in that now before the 
reader, which, though lower in price, and of a size more suitable 
for a manual, is much enlarged as regards its contents, and 
comprises, besides a copious list of Scripture Proper Names now 
appended, several thousand useful additions interpersed through 
its ■ 

Carmarthen, Feb. 12th, 1861. 


In compiling the Work now offered to the public, the principal object 
1 at has been to compress into the volume as much useful matter as 
the limits contemplated would admit of. The formation of a complete vo- 
cabulary of English words has not been attempted. Indeed, as every living 
language is in a state of transition, some of its words becoming obsolete, 
and new terms being constantly added, such a production if desirable would 
be impossible. 

It would have been an easy task to extend the Work to double its present 
size, without in any material degree increasing its utility, by the insertion of 
large classes of derivatives presenting no difficulty or irregularity in their 
orthography, pronunciation, or translation. By the omission of such words, 
space has been left for the. introduction of a great number of modem terms, 
and for a careful notice of numerous anomalies in etymology and orthoepy, 
a feature which distinguishes the present work from those which have pre- 
ceded it. The compiler has also availed himself of various typographical 
expedients which have enabled him to comprise in 435 pages matter which 
would otherwise have occupied about 470. 

In the preparation of this, the only English-Welsh Pronouncing Dictionary 
that has appeared, twenty-one dictionaries of authority have been constantly 
referred to; and in cases of disputed pronunciation, a general but by no means 
a servile deference has been paid to the authority of Smart, whose elaborate 
and comprehensive work is undoubtedly the best reflex of the customary 
pronunciation of educated English speakers, the true criterion of correct 
English orthoepy. 

August 16íä, 1850. 




§ 1. The elementary sounds of the English language are thirty-eight in 

§ 2. The English alphabet used to represent these sounds contains only 
twenty-sis letters, and exhibits the following imperfections : — 

(1.) A great many English letters have more than one sound each ; as c in 
cot and cell; s in so, is, sure, and measure. 

(2.) Frequently different letters stand for the same sound ; as c in cat, k in 
kin, q in quick. 

(3.) Sometimes two letters represent a single sound; as sh in shall, th in thin 
and this, ng in sing. 

(4.) Sometimes two sounds are represented by a single letter; as a in tune, x 
in fox, j in jar. 

(5.) Letters are often mute, that is, they are found in the written words, but 
not in the spoken; as b in lamb, c in victuals, g in sign,p in psalm. 

(6.) Occasionally sounds are heard in words which, when written, have no 
character to represent those sounds ; as g in stronger (stronger). 

§ 3. Hence, it will be convenient to employ in the following pages a few dis- 
tinctive marks not found in the English alphabet. 

§ 4. The following is a list of the English elementary sounds, with the 
characters which will be here used to represent them : — 


Examples of 


Examples of 

Charac- Examples of 


the sounds. 


the sounds. 

ters. the sounds. 


oo in cool 

(14.) R 

r in fare 

(26.) d d in done 

(2.) Ẁ 

oo in cook 

(15.) h 

h in hot 

(27.) s g in so 

(3.) ö 

o in more 

(28.) z z in zone 

(4.) Ô 

o in cord 

(16.) p 

p input 
b in bad 

(29.) n n in name 

(5.) o 

o in cot 

(17.) b 
(18.) wh 
(19.) w 

(30.) sh in shall 

(6.) â 

a in father 

wh in where 

(31.) zh z in azure 

(7.) a 

a in fat 

w in well 

(32.) 1 I in law 

(8.) ê 

e in there 

(20.) m 

m in man 

(33.) r r in roio 

(9.) e 

e in then 

(21.) f 

f in for 

(34.) yh hu(jh\v)in humid 

(10.) Î 

i in pique 

(22.) v 

v in void 

(35.) y yin yes 
(36.) k k in kill 

(110 i 

i in pin 

(23.) th 

th in thick 

(12.) Û 
(13.) u 

u in curve 

(24.) TH 

(25.) t 

th in this 

(37.) g g in gig 

u in cut 

tin ton 

(38.) ng ng in sing 

§ 5. This scheme differs in some particulars from 
other works on the subject, the writer being unable 
of the systems hitherto propounded. 

the arrangements adopted in 
to acquiesce entirely m any 


§ G. The sounds are here arranged in a natural order, beginning in each di- 
vision with those sounds produced in the anterior part of the mouth, and ending 
with those formed most internally. 

§ 7. The sounds are usually divided into two classes : vowels and consonants. 
The first thirteen sounds in the list are vowels ; the last twenty-three are conso- 
nants. The sounds R and h, however, are anomalous ; h being an unarticulated 
aspiration, and R an obscure sound partaking of the nature of both vowel and 


§ 8. The vowels* are clear open sounds of the voice alone. They are very ir- 
regularly represented in the established system of orthography. The following 
examples of the various letters and combinations employed for this purpose will 
give an idea of the perplexity arising from this source : — 


Represented by 

Represented by 

ŵ oo ill cool, o in to, ou in through, eu 

in rheumatism, evj in threw, e 

sure, we in true,ui in cruise, oe in 

shoe, oeu in manauvre, wo in two 
ẁ oo in cook, u in pull, ou in could, o 

in wolf 
ö o in more, oa, in roar, oo in door, 

ou in pour 
ô o in cord, au in cause, a in all, aw 

in awl, awe in awe, oa in broad, 

ou in ought 
o o in cot, a in wash, au in laurel, ou 

in trough, ow in knowledge 
â a in father, au in jaunt, ea in heart, 

e in clerk 
a a in fat, ai, in plaid 
ê e in there, a in mare, ai in stair, ea 

in pear, ei in heir 

e e in then, ea in head, u in bury, eo 
in leopard, ei in heifer, ie in 
friend, a in many, ae in Michael, 
ai in said, ay in says 

Î i in pique, e in me, ee in seen, ea in 
sea, ei in seize, ie infield, m in 
Coisar, az in phamix, y in any, ay 
in quay, ey in key, eo in people 

i £ in pwz, e in England, u in 6wsy, w 
in system, ui in &wiZ<2, ee in 
breeches, ie in sieve, o in women 

û « in curve, e in serve, i in &«>(?, « 
in myrrh, ea in learn, eu in «ma- 
iew, o in work, ou in scourge 

u w. in cwi, o in sow, oe in ẅ>es, ow in 
tough, oo in flood, wo in firo- 
pence; in conjunction with w, o 
in owe 

§ 9. There are two classes of vowels : open and stopped. Open vowels are 
those which have a full uninterrupted sound. Stopped vowels are those the 
sound of which is interrupted or stopped by a succeeding consonant. With the 
exception of ö, which has no corresponding stopped sound in English, the 
vowels may be arranged in pairs ; thus : — 

Open ... ŵ cool ... 5 more ... 6 north... â far ... ê there . 
Stopped., ẁ cook... ... o not ... a fat ... e then . 

l pique , 
i pick , 

. û curve 
. u cut 

§ 10. Of these vowels ô is the most open, and î the most confined ; ŵ partakes 
most of the labial character, and û most of the guttural; î requires the greatest 
cifort in pronouncing it, and û the least, the organs when m a state of rest 

* In the previous edition of this Dictionary, the characters 
äêíöüẅ, äëîöüẁ, ô, aiou 
were employed to represent the vowels where the following are now used — 

â ê î ô û ŵ, a e i o u ẁ, ô, ä í ö ü 
The present plan has the technical advantage of necessitating the use of fewer ac- 
cented letters, and those used are available for other purposes The letters a, e, i, o, u, 
too are used in it to represent their usual sounds, while the diaeresis does not un- 
uaturally suggest the complex nature of the diphthongs which it marks (§15). 


being in the position required for pronouncing it : hence û is not unfitly called 
the natural vowel. 

§ 11. The vowel 5 is nearly allied to ŵ ; but the passage at the lips is more 
confined in the latter, ê and î have a similar resemblance, the passage between 
the tongue and the palate being more contracted in pronouncing î. 

§ 12. In pronouncing ŵ and o, the interior of the mouth is in just the same 
state as in pronouncing â and ô, but the lips are brought closer together. The 
French u and eux, which so much puzzle Englishmen, bear the same relation, 
the former to î, and the latter to ê or perhaps to Û, 

§ 18. The vowel a, as it is usually pronounced by Englishmen, is not the 
exact correllative of â, but rather of a peculiar pronunciation of the Welsh long 
a heard in Montgomeryshire, and intermediate betweeií â and ê. 

§ 14. Orthoepists differ much in their opinions as to the vowel sounds, and as 
to the relations of those sounds to each other. Their disagreement very frequently 
arises from the fact that the sounds of the different pairs are often represented 
by diffei'ent letters. Thus, the relationship between ô and o, is often lost sight 
of when they are respectively represented by aw and o, as in bawl and not; but 
it is quickly recognized when both sounds are represented by the same letters, 
as in the words north and not, walnut and loallet, quarter and quality. Under 
these circumstances an error of an opposite nature is often committed. Reid, 
for instance, makes no distinction between the open vowel sounds represented by 
a in the words quarter, squall, and walnut, and the stopped sounds represented 
by the same letter in quality,- squat, and wallet, and in many other similar cases 
in which the distinction is marked by Smart, Walker, Knowles, Sheridan, Wor- 
cester, and other authorities. Craig pretty nearly coincides with him, but he 
distinguishes between the sound of a m squat and that of a in wattle where no 
difference exists. The sounds ê and e, and î and i are for the same reason liable 
to be improperly classified. 


§ 15. When two vowels coalesce, and are sounded together in one syllable, the 
combination is called a diphthong. There are six diphthongs (§27), which will 
be thus represented here: — ä, i', ö, ü, 6î, ûŵ (§8, note). Four of them are the 
names of four letters usually supposed to represent so many simple sounds. 

§ 16. (1.) ä is represented by a in mate, aim pail, ei'm eight, ay in pay, au in 
gauge, ea in great, ao in gaol, ey in survey. This diphthong is by English 
orthoepists generally, treated of as a simple sound. The distinction they 
make between stayer (one who stays) and stare (to gaze), is simply making 
one a word of two syllables and the other a word of one syllable. The sound î, 
however, is heard in stayer as in stay, while it is not in words like stare, Jlare, 
stair, ware, and other syllables ending in air and are. This diphthong is a 
compound of a in mare, or e in there, and e in me, or ê, î, in the foregoing list, 
and is not identical with a (ê) in mare. The sound ê is found only before K, 
and in that position it is in pronouncing dictionaries confounded with the 
diphthong ä. 

§ 17. (2.) l is represented by i'mfine, ei in height, ie in hie, uy in buy, eye in eye, 
y in shy, ye in lye. It is said to be compounded of â î, but it may be questioned 
whether û î are not its true components. For instance, the word pine seems 
compounded rather of pu in purse, and ine in machine, than of pa in path, 
and ine. 

§ 18. (3.) o\ like ä, is considered a simple sound. It is represented by o in note, 
oa in boat, oe in toe, on in soul, ow in tow, eau in beau, ew in sew, oo in brooch. 
The interjection and the verb owe are by Englishmen correctly pronounced 
alike. In pronouncing these words, there certainly is a change in the position 
of the organs. That change, if carefully examined will be found the same as 
would be required to pronounce ô ŵ (or perhaps ô ŵ) in succession. Of these 
sounds the name sound of the English o is formed. Writers on this ~" v 


make no distinction between this diphthong and the vowel 5, which Litter is 
the same as the long o in French and Welsh. The only difference they notice 
between the words moxoer, sower, stower, and more, sore, store, is that they 
make the first three to consist of two syllables ; thus, mo-ur, so-ur, sto-ur; and 
the last three of one syllable ; thus, mor, sor, stor, or, what is the same thing, 
more, sore, store, with the final e silent, and the o long in each case. But it 
seems undeniable that there is a difference besides that pointed out by their plan 
of pronunciation. The sound ŵ certainly occurs in mower, sower, stower, as 
it does in mow, sow, stow ; but it is not heard in more, sore, store. In other 
words, the diphthong ö exists in one case, and the long ö in the other. 5, like 
ê, occurs only before r. 

§ 19. (4.) The diphthong ü is formed of î and ẁ. It is represented by u in muse, 
ew in meio, ue in stie, ui in suit, leu in lieu, iew in view, eu in therapeutic, eau 
in beauty, ewe in eioe. The long or name sound of the letter u is undoubtedly 
a diphthong when preceded by a consonant in the same syllable. When, how- 
ever, it commences a syllable, it is by some persons resolved into îẁ, by others 
into yŵ, who say an union, an unit, &c, or a union, a unit, &c, according to 
the sound they give the letter in question. 

§ 20. (ö.) The diphthong ôî is composed of ô î. It is seldom, if ever, represent- 
ed by any other letters than oi, as in coin, and oy, as in boy. In lawyer, y is a 
consonant, and forms part of the second syllable, aw (ô) being pronounced in 
the first. 

§ 21. (6.) The diphthong ûŵis represented by oio in cow, ou in bound. It is 
supposed to consist of â and vv. As in the case of the diphthong i", this is 
questionable. The â, if heard at all, is so very imperfectly formed that it can 
scarcely be distinguished from û : û and ŵ are here considered the elements of 
this diphthong. 

§ 22. The influence of accent on unaccented vowels and diphthongs is worthy 
of notice. Accent not only affects the syllable on which the stress is laid, but 
by rendering that syllable more distinct, it necessarily occasions more or less 
obscurity in the unaccented syllables of the word. This will appear on com- 
paring the vowels in the following words, in each of which the same vowel 
occurs twice: — afar (â-fâr'), extend (eks-tend'). repeat (rî-pit'), hangman 
(hang'man), tenets (ten'ets), feasibly (f î'zî-blî). This effect of the accent is 
particularly observable in words having o unaccented, which in many cases 
might be marked indifferently u or o ; as in compel. Often, too, the same word 
has u or o according as the word is used colloquially or otherwise. In the 
pronunciation of Scripture proper names and in solemn discourse in general, 
the unaccented vowels are sounded more distinctly. Diphthongs under this 
secondary influence of the accent are often compressed into simple sounds ; as, at 
into e in again, and 'i in combine into î in combination. The i in this "last word 
would by some orthoepists be marked i, but this arises from the error not 
unfrequently fallen into of confounding an unaccented open vowel with its relative 
stopped sound. A similar error is observable in such words as delicate, the 
last syllable of which is sometimes marked ket. // following an accented 
syllable is subject to the influence referred to; as Wrexham, Durham, in which 
h cannot be produced without an effort. Instances of the different opinions 
formed of sounds thus obscured occur in the words orange and villain, in the 
former of which the a is resolved into i by Walker, e by Smart, and a by 
Knowles, in the latter ai (equal to ii). is pronounced i by Walker and Smart, 
and e by Knowles. The e in barrel is marked i by Walker, Sheridan, and 
Craig, and e by Smart and Reid. Some of the phonographers would in the 
three words resolve the unaecented vowel into u. According to Latham, there 
is a difference in spelling only between the words pitted said pitied: an opinion 
of doubtfnl accuracy. 


"k" OBSCURE AND "h". 

§ 23. These sounds are classed with the consonants. There is, however, an 
ambiguity in their character which renders a separate notice of them desirable. 

§ 24. The sound h is a simple aspiration or whisper. It is essentially distinct 
from the vowels ; but in uttering it, there does not appear to be any contact or 
contraction of the organs, which is a leading characteristic of the consonants. 
It is uniformly represented by the same letter ; but the letter is sometimes found 
in the written word when the sound is not heard in the spoken ; as in hour, 
honour, honest; and it is often used with another letter to represent a sound 
quite distinct from h; as th in this, 'ah in cough, ]w in physic, sh in show. 

§ 25. The letter r has two distinctly different sounds in English. When 
beginning a syllable, its sound well serves to convey the ideas expressed by the 
words rough, rigid, rugged, rude. When it is preceded by an open vowel in 
the same syllable, it has an obscure sound partaking largely of the nature of a 
vowel, and it is by some speakers incorrectly pronounced like â; farther and 
father, for instance, being by such persons pronounced alike : a high authority 
has sanctioned this grave impropriety. This sound, which may be termed R 
obscure, is represented by r in fur, rr in err, rrh in myrrh. 

§ 26. When e obscure is preceded by î or \v, the sound of û is heard in con- 
nection with r; fear, poor, being pronounced fîÛR, pŵÛR. It is questionable, 
however, whether the û precedes the r, or whether both are sounded together. 
When r is preceded by ê and 5, these sounds contrasting less with the û, the û 
is more obscured ; and after â and ô, the û is scarcely distinguishable, if heard 
at all ; as in farm, form. The vowels â, 8, and û seem almost modified by R, as 
some of the French vowels are by the nasal n. In words like payer, flayer, 
mower, and stower, the diphthongal sounds ii and ö, terminating respectively in 
î and ŵ, are heard before ûr, which constituting a separate syllable, these 
words are dissyllables : but in words like pair, flare, more, and store, having 
the same final sound as those in the first-named series, the simple vowels ê and 
ö are heard, and the words are monosyllables. Prayer, a supplication, is a 
word of one syllable, and pronounced preÛR; prayer, one who prays, has the 
diphthongal ä, and is pronounced prä'-ÛR, the û being more distinct on account 
of its being preceded by ii (e i). All the other vowels flow easily into R, if 
followed by that sound ; as in lord, far, curd. Indeed û does not exist in English, 
except as an element of the diphthong i' mflne and ûŵ in cow, and when followed 
by R, or united with it ; for, as said before, the two sounds seem to be pro- 
nounced together. In the word murmur for instance, the tongue is kept curved 
upwards from first to last, before the m is pronounced, and after the sound has 
ceased; but in pronouncing or and âr, the vowels in which coalesce easily with 
R, there is a sinking of the lower jaw, which brings the tongue a little farther 
from the palate, as will be observed in the first syllable of former anà. farmer, 
which motion is not observable in murmur and the like. In the long syllables 
like curd, the R is continuous as well as the Û. 

§ 27. It has been said (§15) that the number of English diphthongs is six. 
The assertion requires qualification. If û and R are pronounced consecutively, 
it is obvious that in words like fear (f îûr), poor (pŵûr), mare (mêûr), store 
(stöûr), four other diphthongs occur; for these words are monosyllables and 
two vowels coming together in the same syllable form a diphthong. On the 
same grounds, triphthongs must exist in fire (fûîûr), flour (flûŵûr), pure 
(pîŵûr), or these words must be dissyllables. 

§ 28. R obscure does not stop the vowel preceding it, but the vowel often is or 
appears to be shorter when followed by an aspirate consonant, and longer when 
followed by a vocal consonant, than when not followed by either; as in curse, 
ctir, curve; hurt, her, heard. 


§ 29. When the letter r, preceded by a long vowel, ends a syllable and is 
followed by a vowel, both k and r are heard in the pronunciation; as heariny, 
pronounced hîÛR'ring. 

§ 30. Orthoepists are divided in their opinions of the sounds of certain vowels 
when preceding R in accented syllables. Walker marks the sound represented 
by the e in mermaid, i in virtue, and y in myrrh, as if it were identical with that 
of e in merry and met; and he distinguishes these sounds from that of u in murder, 
hurt. It is generally acknowledged that e, i, and y in mermaid, virtue, myrrh, 
are merely different ways of writing the same sound ; but there is an obvious 
distinction between that sound and that of e in merry and met. The difference, 
however, between that of e in mermaid, and u in murder is not so clear, and it is 
questioned by some authorities. In the words mermaid, jir, ferment, myrrh, 
and the like, the tongue takes the position requisite to form the R, while the 
lips form m and/*, as before noticed with respect to tbe word murmur (§26) ; but in 
firry, merry, and the like, the tongue does not assume that; position till the/* 
and m are pronounced. The distinction, if any, between er and ur, in mermaid 
and murder, or between the words fir and fur, is so slight that writers of the 
best authority disregard it. 


§ 31. Consonants are generally defined as "letters which cannot be sounded 
by themselves," or " cannot be perfectly sounded without the help of a vowel." 
These definitions are founded in error; for all the consonants may be pro- 
nounced alone. The sounds p, b, t, d, c, and g indeed cannot be continuously 
pronounced, either with or without a vowel; because in forming these sounds, 
the passage of the breath is perfectly closed. Most, if not all, of the other conso- 
nants may be continuously pronounced without a vowel; of which fact any 
person may convince himself, by pronouncing words ending in th, s, z, f, as in 
month, miss, size, stiff, and dwelling on the last sounds. A familiar instance of 
pronouncing a consonant alone is found in the action called hissing, which is 
nothing more than a continuous pronunciation of the sound s. The word size 
in the above example may be supposed to terminate in a vowel ; but vowels are 
here spoken of as sounds, not as letters, and in this case e is mute ; that is, it 
has no sound. 

§ 32. It must also be remembered that the name of every one of the consonants 
contains a vowel ; and a distinction must be made between things so different 
as the name and the thing named. The sound s, for instance, though called ess 
(es), has no e in it ; but is merely the hissing sound which begins so and termi- 
nates miss, and which is quite detached from a vowel in the words scribe and 
acts. Not attending to this obvious distinction has been the cause of many 
misconceptions with respect to the nature and power of consonants. 

§ 33. It is curious to find Englishmen assert that a consonant cannot be pro- 
nounced without a vowel, when we find four, five, six, and even seven consonants 
in the English language, without an intervening vowel. Examples : — 

4 consonants, exclaim, k, s, k, 1 

5 „ postscript, s, t, s, k, r 

6 „ large spray, R, d, zh, s, p, r 

7 „ enlargd screen, r, d, zh, d, s, k, r 
7 „ parclid scroll, R, t, sh, t, s, k, r 

7 „ filctid strawberries, 1, t, sh, t, s, t, r 

§ 34. Not only can consonants be pronounced alone, they in many instances 
form distinct syllables in the English language, without the assistance of any 
vowel. The e being mute in the last syllable of the words able, trifle, heaven, 
rattles, that syllable is in these words destitute of a vowel. Some orthoepists 


mark these as words of one syllables; but general usage, supported by the 
authority of those best judges of sound, the poets, is opposed to that view of the 

§ 35. As is the case with vowels, scarcely any of the consonants are uniformly 
represented by the same character. An idea of the irregularity of the English 
system of orthography, in this respect, may be obtained from the following 
illustrations : — 

Sound Represented by 


Represented by 


p in put, pp in stopped, ph in diph- 
thong, ph in raspberry* 


n in jh«, rm in inn 


sh in sAaZZ, ch, in chaise, ti in 


b in had, bb in ebb, pb in cup- 

motion, ssi in mission, ce in 


ocean, ci in sockd, si in ma/i- 


wh in where 

sZorc, s in swre, sci in con- 


w in well, u in quick; in con- 

science,- in conjunction with t, 

junction with u, o in one 

c i nvioloncello, t in nature, ch 


m in man, mm in rammed 

in charge; with k, a» in 


f in for, ph in physic, ff in off, 


gh in laugh 


2 in azure, s in measure, g in 


v in vow, f in of, u in lieutenant^, 

rouge, si in hosier, ssi in ab- 

ph in nephew 
th in thick, tth in Matthew 

scission, zi in brazier; in con- 


junction with d, y in ja?tt, (/ in 


th in this 

aff-e (See d) 


t in ton, din pressed, th in thyme, 


Z in tei?, Zi in all 

tt in butt, z in mezzotinto; in 


r in row, rh in rhyme, rr in 

conjunction with sh, c in ver- 


micelli, ch in chair 


in conjunction with \v, hu in /iw- 


d in done, dd in add; in con- 

j»*ä (yhẁ'mid) 

junction with zh.y in jar, g in 


y in ?/es, i in onion 

gin, gg in exaggerate, de in 


c in caw, & in kill, ch in fo'c&, ch 

grandeur, d in verdure, di in 

in stomach, q in «m7í, cm in 


quadrille, que in pique; in 


s in 50, c in ice, ss in miss, z in 

conjunction with s, a: in 6o#: 

waltz, sc in scene, sch in schism ; 

in conjunction with sh, x in 

in conjunction with k, a; in^/oa; 



2 in zone, s in cries, c in sacrifice 


g in #/(/, ## in rigged, gh in glwst; 

sc in discern, ss in scissors, x 

in conjunction with z, a; in 

in xebecJc, zz in 6 «22; in con- 


junction with g, a; in example 


ng in sZn#, n in m& 

§ 86. The consonants are capable of four distinct classifications: — 

(1.) They may be classed according to the organs by which they are formed. 

1. Those in pronouncing which the lips are used are called labials. 

2. Those formed by means of the action of the tongue are called unguals. 
The labials are capable of subdivision, into pure labials, p, b, wh, w, and m; 

and dento-labials, f and v. 

The unguals may be subdivided into dentals, in forming which the tongue 
touches or approaches the teeth; they are th and th; dento-palatals, t, d, s, z, 

* In the cases of pb in raspberry and cupboard, one consonant only is heard ; each 
of the sounds may therefore be said to be represented by pb; or b may be said to be 
silent in one word, and p in the other. In such words as manner and sinning, the 
vowel in the first syllable is stopped by the consonant that begins the second syllable ; 
two consonants are not pronounced. 

t Smart attributes the anomalous pronunciation of this word to the practice which 
once prevailed of using u and v indifferently in the spelling of words, the gradations 
in the corruption from lieutenant being Untenant, livten'ant, livten'ant. 


and n; palatals, formed near the roof of the mouth, sh, zh, 1, r, yh, and y; and 
gutturals, formed in the throat, k, g, and ng. 

(2.) They may be classed according to the channel through which the breath 
passes in pronouncing them. 

1. Those in pronouncing which the breath passes through the mouth are 
orals. They are p, b. t, d, k, g, wh, w, f, v, th, th, s, z, sh, zh, 1, r, yh. and y. 

2. Those in pronouncing which the breath passes through the nose are nasals. 
They are m, n, and ng. 

(3.) They may be classed according to the manner of pronouncing them. 

1. Those which are incapable of being pronounced continuously, the breath 
being stopped in its passage, may be called shut consonants. They are p, b, t, 
d, k, and g. 

2. Those in pronouncing which the breath passes continuously may be called 
open or continuous consonants. Most of them have more or less" of a hissing or 
buzzing sound. They are wh, w, f, v, th, th, s, z, sh, zh, 1, r, yh, y, m, n, and 

(4.) The consonants may again be classed into those which are formed with 
the vibration in the larynx, and those which are formed without it; that is 
those in which the voice is heard, and those in which the breath is heard alone. 
They may be distinguished by the terms aspiratv and vocal. 

1. The" aspirate consonants are p, t, k, wh, f, th, s, sh, and yh. 

2. The vocal consonants are b, d, g, w, v, th, z, zh, 1, r, y, m, n, and ng. 

§ 37. The following table exhibits the four systems of classification at one 












Pure Labial 



























§ 38. Of these sounds, yh, z, zh, are not found in the Welsh language. Wh 
and probably sh, sometimes heard in Welsh words, are borrowed from the 
English. On the other hand, the Welsh language possesses the aspirates of 1 
anil r, in 11 and rh; and an aspirate open oral guttural ch, which has no corre- 
sponding vocal in either Welsh or English. Probably the vocal sound in 
question did exist at one time in the Welsh language; for where g now dis- 
appears in Welsh mutations on account of the absence of this sound (which by 
analogy would be the soft mutation of //), a letter found amongst the old 
British characters (.tiled ''Coelbren y Beirdd," was used, which is a presump- 
tion in favour of the existence of this vocal sound. Aspirating 1 or r, or 
pronouncing them forcibly with the breath alone, is the secret of uttering the 
Welsh sounds 11 and rh. The idea of the simple character of rh has not 
occurred to writers on Welsh grammar ( 1 8Ô0). who uniformly treat of it as a com- 
pound of r and h. It is, however, quite distinct from r which is a vocal 
consonant, while rh is essentially aspirate. 

§ 39. The sound zh never commences a word in English, and in pure English 
words never ends a word except in conjunction with d, as in ar/e (iidzh). The 


sound ng also is never found at the commencement of a syllable, which is the 
only situation the sound h occupies. 

§ 40. All the nasal consonants are vocal* and continuous. The breath passing 
through the nose, without the voice, would be either inaudible, or incapable of 
variation. In Welsh, however, they are followed by an aspiration ; but thev are 
not altered in sound, the voice is not omitted as it is in converting th into th. 
Mb, nh, and ngh, used in Welsh, are really compounds of m, n, ng, and h: the 
combined sounds are uttered consecutively. 

§ 41. All the vocal oral consonants may be considered as compound, inasmuch 
as they consist of breath and voice. This is quite evident in th, z, zb, and v, 
in which the voice (in the throat) and the breath (in the mouth) are distinctly 
audible. In b, d, and g, in which the passage of the breath is stopped, the 
voice may be continued for a short time, and heard as a murmur, which ceases 
when the breath is allowed to pass. Grammarians who class s as a semi- vowel, 
lose sight or are not aware of the distinction between aspirates and vocals. 

§ 42. The vocal consonants approach very nearly to vowels in character, which 
accounts for their being in some cases capable of forming syllables without the 
aid of a vowel. As in other subjects which nature presents for our investiga- 
tion, there is here an almost insensible gliding of one class into the other. The 
close î, which is the greatest departure from the open ô, is by many considered 
identical with y. Again w in wet is considered identical with ẁ (oo in good). 
But both these consonants are more compressed than the vowels they so much 
resemble, and both are found in words of one syllable followed by the sounds 
with which they are said to be identical, as in yeast, wood, while it is generally 
admitted that it is impossible to repeat the same sound consecutively in one and 
the same syllable. Besides this, w and y, like most of the other consonants, are 
capable of being converted into their corresponding aspirates, as in whet, humid 
(yhŵ-mid), which is a further reason for classing them with the consonants. 

§ 43. It is curious, that this fact has entirely escaped observation.! Walker 
says, " The Saxons, as Dr. Lowth observes, placed the h before the w, as htvat : 
and this is certainly its true place: for, in the pronunciation of all words begin- 
ning with wh, we ought to breathe forcibly before we pronounce the w, as if the 
words were written hoo-at, hoo-ile, &c." It is surprising that while thus dis- 
cussing the situation of the aspiration, he did not observe that the aspiration is 
neither before nor after the sound w, that neither w nor ŵ exists in the sound 
wh, which is really a simple aspirate sound, the voice not being heard till the 
following vowel is commenced. 

* Dr. Latham, indeed, asserts that ng, the only nasal sound he concedes to the 
language, is a vowel of a peculiar character, that is a nasal vowel. The propriety of 
terming it a vowel depends of course on the meaning attached to the word. He does 
not, however, assign any reason for this classification which would not apply to m and 
n ; nor does he show why m and n should be classed with his liquids, and ng not. 
The three sounds unite with equal readiness with other consonants : some combina- 
tions are difficult; angp for instance; but this is not more so than amk. That the three 
belong to the same class and are nasals, is obvious ; as the breath in pronouncing each 
passes through the nose, which is not the case with any of the other consonants. This 
may be readily shown by continuing the pronunciation of any one of the three nasals 
after a full inspiration of the breath, when the next act of breathing will be an inspi- 
ration; whereas attempting to continue any other consonant that closes the oral pas- 
sage, as b, d, g, results in an expiration, shewing that the breath has not passed. His 
dictum that sh bears the same relation to s, as f does to p is equally arbitrary, and is 
opposed to fact, as will be seen by comparing their characteristics exhibited in table 

t This opinion of the simple nature of wh and yh was advanced by the writer, in 
December, 1849, in a letter in the Athenceum; and it appeared in a reply from a cor- 
respondent that the existence of these sounds had been asserted by Mr. Ellis, in his 
Essentials of Phonetics, a work the writer had not an opportunity of referring to at the 
time of writing these introductory remarks. 


§ 44. There is an important affinity between the consonants, which ought to be 
attended to. Aspirate sounds generally unite more easily with aspirates, and 
vocals more readily with vocals, than either do with one of the other class. This 
is the case to so great an extent that an aspirate is often in English converted 
into a vocal when following a vocal consonant, and vice versa. The letter s, in 
the third person singular of verbs, and in the plural of nouns, is pronounced as 
s or z, accordingly as it is preceded by an aspirate or a vocal consonant, and 
eel in verbs when the e is mute, is subject to the same law. The following are 
examples : — 

Final consonan 

t s and ed pronounced 

Final consonant s and ed 



s and t. 

vocal. z an 





tub tubs 





load loads 





bag bags 





glove gloves 





seize seized 





wag wagged 





waged waged 


§ 45. It matters not howthe sound is represented, whether alone, as in k. c,ss, s, 
z, sh, or zh , or in combination with another sound, as in ch, g, which are composed 
of" tsh, dzh. These compounds also show the operation of the same principle 
in themselves as well as in their union with the terminations before mentioned: 
x is another instance, which is pronounced ks in execute, gz in example ; never 
kz or gs, in the English language at least. 

§ 46. Dr. Latham goes so far as to say that it is impossible to pronounce com- 
binations of aspirate and vocal (or, as he terms them, sharp and flat) sounds ; 
but he does not appear to be aware that all consonants are either aspirate or 
vocal, and that r and 1, in particular, are vocal (flat) consonants, having corre- 
sponding aspirate (sharp) consonants, though not in the English language. These 
vocal sounds (1 and r) are in English often united to aspirate sounds, as, fake, 
malt, true. In Welsh, on the contrary, the tendency is to join the aspirate 11 
and t, and 1 and d, as in bollt, a bolt, gallt, a cliff, gicallt, hair, gwellt, straw, 
gwyllt, wild, hallt, salt, hollt, a slit, mollt, a wether, siollt, a shilling; ffald, a 
fold, mold, a mould ; but it would be absurd to argue from this that the vocal 
1 and the aspirate t cannot be united. 

§ 47. The difficulty is much less when an aspirate consonant follows a vocal 
than when it precedes it; and less after some vocal consonants than after others. 
Hence, It, rs, mt, ns, ngk, in salt, verse, exempt, once, and ink, are easily pro- 
nounced; egs, ads, ebs, would be nearly as easy. Eew Welshmen would find it 
an unsurmountable difficulty to pronounce stags with the <? vocal and s aspirate, 
which is one of the combinations Dr. Latham considers it impossible to pro- 
nounce; and in width, breadth, such a combination as he describes actually does 
exist, according to all authorities on the subject the writer has been able to 
consult; though witth, bretth, would perhaps be easier. 

§ 48. The difficulty of combining consonants of opposite characters, and the 
impossibility of pronouncing the same consonant twice consecutively in the same 
syllable, account for the different ways of pronouncing, and consequently of 
writing, some of the affixes of the English language. When a noun or verb 
ends in any one of the sounds s, z, sh, and zh, tìie possessive termination '*, the 
plural termination is. and the termination es in the third person singular present 
tense of verbs, are pronounced iz. But when the primitive word ends in any 
other consonant, there is no vowel in the affix; but the 's or s is pronounced as 
s or z accordingly as the primitive word ends in an aspirate or a vocal consonant; 
unless, as is sometime* the case, the final consonant of the primitive word under- 
goes u change. 


's and es, pronounced iz. 

Verb or Noun, 
Original form. 

Noun Possessive. 

Noun Plural. 

Third Person Singular 
Present Indicative. 


























w r atches 



s pronounced z, the final sound being vocal. 

























s pronounced s, final sound being aspirate. 





§ 49. Examples might be multiplied as the principle prevails with respect to all 
the consonants ; though it may operate in a different manner ; as in words like 
knife and mouth, which vocalize the final consonant in the singular word, instead 
of aspirating the plural termination; as knives (ni'vz), mouths (iuuvvthz). 
Verbs like breathe, wreathe, strive, derived from nouns with aspirate terminations, 
seem to be vocalized preparatory to forming the inflections breathes, breathed, &c. 

§ 50. Again, when the verb in the infinitive ends in d, or t, the vowel e is heard 
in the termination ed in the past tense and past participle, when they are formed 
by adding that termination. It is, however, not heard when the verb in the in- 
finitive ends in any other consonant, but the d is pronounced t, if the infinitive 
ends in an aspirate consonant, though the letter representing the sound is not 
altered in spelling the words. 



Past Tense. 











§ 51. Words ending in a vowel take the vocal sound in all the above cases; as 
sea, possessive seds (siz), plural seas (siz) ; fee, third person singular, present 
tense ;> /ees (fiz), past tense feed (fid). 



Examples of the 




a in path, father 


a in fat, an 


a in fate=e î 


6 in bad, tub 


d in done, sad 


e in ere, a in fare 


e in met, end 


f in for, ff in muff 


9 jn ÿŵe, <Ẅ 

A in had, how 


i in machine 


i in /nre, {re 


i in line—û î 


j in jWtoe=dzh 

A in HẂ, c£ in sick 


I in Zf«i?, 11 in Ò22 


«i in man, am 


n in rea?«(?, in 

n g 

ng in si'wy, toray 

o in ore, fore 


o in oî*ô, aiw in awí 

o in on, cot 


o in no, ode=o vv 


j9 in j^i, sup 


r in row, rù/ẁZ 


s in so, íAẁ 


sA in she, wash 


t in to, not 


th in ŵw, pith 
th in tfreŵ, breathe 



u in cwrve 


«/ in tip, cut 


u in 7?ìw<e=î ŵ or y vv 


v in vow, eve 


oo in too, ooze 


oo in too&, coo& 


wh in where, what 


w in *t?eW, wor& 


y in yes, yet 


z in zoree, gaze 


z in a.2Mre 


r in poor 

Corresponding Welsh sound. 

a in tad, father ; cas, hateful 
a in pan, when ; cant, a hundred 
No similar Welsh sound 
ò in bwyd, food ; j?aô, pope 
d in fZe/7, ten ; tad, father 
e in pell, far ; ser, stars 
e inpew, head; er, though 
ff in ffordd, way ; cy^, a block 

fin gallu, power; gwag, empty 
in haid, swarm; hawdd, easy 
i in ir, juicy ; Ai, she 
i in s/cr, sure 

ei colloquially in ei, his, her 
No similar Welsh sound 
c in cof memory ; cnwc, a lump 
I in taweZ, calm ; hawl, a claim 
m in mm, edge ; mam, mother 
n in newydd, new ; ?reaw, a place 
ng in ore^eZ, angel 
o in modd, manner ; coch, red 
No similar Welsh sound 
o in ffon, staff; />o£, a pot 
No similar Welsh sound 
p in pr en, stick; hwp, a push 
r in pur, pure; <re/", town 
s in gwas, servant ; saith, seven 
si in SẀ7ÎC, brisk 
t in tore, wave ; at, to 
<ŵ in athrist, very sad ; j>eŴ thing 
dd in addfwyn, meek ; pridd, earth 
like. « in c/?/, tliy 
?/ in llyncu, swallow 
iw in ŵ'w, colour 
finfel, so; ree/, heaven 
w in swn, sound 
w in cwm, dingle ; wrth, by 
chw (in South Wales*) in chwaer, sister 
to in y« wyn, white 
like t in lor, the Lord 
No similar Welsh sound 
No similar Welsh sound 
No similar Welsh sound 

* Dr. Davies, in his learned grammar, published in 1621, notices the substitution 
of wh for chw by the inhabitants of South Wales, in the pronunciation of such words 
as thwaer, a sister, chwerthin, to laugh, chvxth, sinister, &c, a local peculiarity which 
prevails at the present day. 


The letters ä, 1, ö, ü, and j, representing compound sounds, are used for typo- 
graphical convenience. Bearing in mind that the first four stand for the ncane 
sounds of the letters, and j for dzh (its usual sound), no error can arise from 
their introduction. 

At the commencement of a syllahle, ü is by some authorities pronounced yŵ, 
by others î ẃ (§19). The use of the adjective a or an before words begin- 
ning with this compound sound, is regulated by the opinion the speaker forms 
of its elements; as a union (â yŵ'nî-un), or an union (an îŵ'nî-un). When ü 
is preceded by h, the compound sound is resolvable into yhŵ or hîŵ (§42). 
In these cases ü and hii are used in the Dictionary, and the determination of 
the sounds left to the reader's discretion. 

No mute or silent letters are used in marking the pronunciation. Thus, fate, 
mete, site, pope, tune, rouge, are marked fät, mît, si't, pop, tiin, rvvzh. 

When r follows an open vowel in the same syllable, it represents the obscure, 
sound R, described in §25, §2fi ; as f ârm=f âRm. 

Accented syllables spelt with er, ir, yr (as in the words mercy, fir, myrtle), 
and marked ûr in the pronunciation, are by Walker, Sheridan, Knowles, and 
others pronounced er, like er in merry, which is undoubtedly an error. Smart 
makes a nice distinction between the sound in question and that of ur in fur, 
which " delicacies of pronunciation," he remarks, " even the more refined classes 
of society" disregard in common words. Worcester observes, that "there is 
little or no difference" in the vowel sounds of "her, fir, fur, myrrh." They are 
here treated as identical. (See §30.) 

The apostrophe (') used before r in the pronunciation implies the presence of 
û in conjunction with R obscure, and indicates that the sound ûr does not form 
a separate syllable. Poor, pŵ'r, is equivalent to pŵÛR (§26). 

The ('), besides its actual office, supplies the place of a hyphen in separating 
a word into syllables. 

The mark = used in the foregoing table, and in the head-lines of the Dic- 
tionary, means, " equivalent to." 


Welshmen are apt to fall into the following errors in pronouncing English 
words : — 

1. Using ö for ô; as lord, north, ôl, for lord, north, 61 {lord, north, all). 

2. Using a for o ; as kwal'î-tî, wasp, for kwol'î-tî, wosp (quality, wasp). 

3. Using ê for ä ; as lêt, plên, sen, for lät, plan, s'án {late, plane, sane). 

4. Using ö for ö; ar nöt, röz, söp, for nöt, röz, söp {note, rose, soap). 

5. Omitting w before ŵ or ẁ ; as ŵm, ẁd, for wŵm, wẁd {womb, wood). 

6. Using r instead of r in such words as far, mar, mortar. 

7. Putting emphasis on the consonant after a long vowel, instead of on the 
vowel, and generally dwelling longer on consonants than Englishmen do : thus 
■pvoxioxmcmg finite, mocking, nearly as an Englishman would^/me night, mock king, 
with the emphasis on fine and mock. 

8. They also have % habit of shortening open vowels, and lengthening stopped 


The irregular formation of plurals of nouns, comparative and superlative 
degrees of adjectives, and past tenses and past participles of verbs, are marked 
between parentheses after primitive words in the Dictionary. When the regular 
inflection is also used, the irregular form is printed in italics. 

The regular formations are as follows : — 

1. Nouns ending in s, sh, ch, x, and o (not io), take es in the plural. (See §48.) 
3. Nouns ending in y preceded by a consonant, change y into ies. 
3. Nouns with any other termination take s. 


There are four regular formations of the comparative and superlative degrees 
of adjectives. 

1. By adding r and st to positives ending in e; as white, whiter, whitest; free, 

freer, freest. 

2. By omitting y and adding ier and iest to positives ending in y preceded by 

a consonant ; as dry, drier, driest. 

3. By doubling the final consonant of positives (of one syllable, or accented 

on the last syllable) ending in a single consonant preceded by a single 
vowel, and adding er and est; as hot, hotter, hottest. 

4. By adding er and est in all other cases ; as black, blacker, blackest. 

Eegular verbs are those the past tense and past participle of which end in ed. 
All others are irregular. For the principles regulating the pronunciation of 
some other inflections of regular verbs, see §48 to §51. 

There are five conjugations of regular verbs distinguished by the termination 
of the infinitive mood. An example of each conjugation is given in the Table, 
in which the verbs, be, have, do, will, shall, can, and may, called auxiliaries, 
from their being used with other verbs to convey ideas which cannot be other- 
wise expressed, are added on account of their frequent occurrence. 

1. Verbs ending in e; as love. 

2. Verbs ending in a, ch, o, s. sh, x, z ; as vex. 

3. Verbs ending in y preceded by a consonant ; as try. 

4. Verbs of one syllable, or accented on the last syllable, ending in a single 

consonant, preceded by a single vowel ; as ft. 

5. Verbs having any terminations other than those enumerated ; as fear. 
Be is the only verb that has the hypothetical mood. The past indicative of 

other verbs is used instead. 

Be and have are used as auxiliaries in all their moods and tenses : be with the 
present and past participle, have with the past participle only. 

Do, auxiliary, is used in the indicative and imperative moods,'and will, shall, 
can, and may in the indicative only, with verbs in the infinitive. 

As principal verbs, will is regular, of the 5th conjugation, and do irregular, 
having done for its past participle. 




















a a a a a a 
































<n -■§ Tá t3 ;2 T3 

o o o o o o 
* * £ É * Is 

o o o o o © 

^3 T3 T3 ^} T3 T3 

T5 HP ^ rÿ I—- r-^J 

re ^3 "3 T3 'O TJ 











p tì ^ nd ^ ""ö ""ö 





ll. a f ti 














































E"Z'Z bbb 














































1 <« 


2nd thou 
3rd he 
1st we 
2nd you 
3rd they 

2nd thou 
3rd he 
1st we 
2nd you 
3rd they 

2nd thou 
3rd he 
1st we 
2nd you 
3rd they 



55 . 













' a 



















... adjective 

emu gwan, ansoddmr 

ad . 


rhagferf, gorair 


... conjunction 


cd . 



gradd gymharol 


... diminutive 




defective . 


. . . feminine 






. . . noun 

enw cadam, 


P ■ 




... past participle... 

cyfraniad gorphenol 

pr . 




. . . pronoun 


pt . 

past tense 

amser gorphenol 


... prefix 


singular . 

unig, unigol 


. . . superlative 


gradd eithafol 


verb active 

and neuter 

perioyddiad yweithredol a rhydd 


. . . verb neuter or intransitive perwyddiad canolig. perioyddiad 

vt . 

verb active or transitive 

perioyddiad gweithredol 


Arabic . 






Dutch . 






French . 






Gaelic . 




A Imaeneg 


Gothic . 






Italian . 













. Portugaeg 





Anglo- Saxon 






Swedish . 






Turkish . 





path, fat, êre, met, mâ.rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, twk=took ; 
ore ; läte, line, nö, müte ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. 

A ansoddair heb un gair Cymraeg yn 
■"■' cyfatebiddo. Fe'i cynenir fel ä yn 
late, pan byddo'r pwyslais arno, ac fel 
a, pan heb y pwyslais. Arferir an o 
flaen Uafarsarà ; megys, An owl, An 
uncle, An hour ; ac o flaen k, pan bo'r 
acen ar yr ail sillaf ; megys, An his- 
torical account. Arferir a yn mhob 
sefyllfa arall ; megys, A man, A union, 
A house. Such a one, y cyfryw un. 
A penny a yard, ceiuiog_y_iiaih. 
A, kpx, talfyriad o at. To go a-walk- 
ing, myned i rodio. A-bed, ary gw ely 
A-, Ab-, Abs-^?.r, oddi wrth, ymaitlT" 
A-, An- px, di-, an-, am-, af-, heb 
Aback, a.bak' ad, yn ol, yn wysg y cefn 
Abacus, ab'a.kus n, bwrdd cyfrif 
Abaddon, a.bad'unn, ydiafol,dinystrydd 
Abaft, â.baft' ad, yn oT/wrth y Uyw 
Abaisauce, á.bä'sans», ymddarostyngiad 
Abalienate, ab.ä'lî.en.ät vt, trosi, arallu 
Abalienation, ab.ä.lî.en.ä'shun n, tros- 

iad, aralliad 
Abandon, â.ban'dun vt, rhoi i fyny,gadael 
Abandonment, â.ban'dun.ment re, rhodd- 
iad i fyny, gadawiad [i lawr 

Abase, á.bäs' vt, darostwng, iselu, taflu 
Abasement, â.bäs'ment n, iseliad 
Abash, â.bash' vt, cywilyddio 
Abashment, â.bash'ment n, cythrudd, 

braw; cywilydd; delwad 
Abate, â.bät' v, gostwng ; Ueihau ; colli 
Abatement, â.bät'ment n, gostyngiad 
Abb, ab n, yr edau yng ngwennol gwëydd 
Abbacy, a'b'â.sî n, abadaeth 
Abbess, ab'es n, abades, penfynaches 
Abbey, ab'î n, abatty, mynacblog 
Abbot, ab'but n, abad, penfvnach 

Abbreviate, a.brî'vî.ät ví,byrhau, cwtogi, 

talfyru : geirdori 
Abbreviation,'shun n, talfyr- 
iad ; geirdoriad ; darnair [cwtogwr 
Abbreviator, a.brî'vî.ä.tûr n, talfyrydd, 
Abbreviature, a.brî'vî.ä.tshûr n, byr- 

nod, talfyrnod [hometaidd 

Abdest, ab'dest n, puredigaeth Ma- 
Abdicate, ab'di.kat vt, gadaw ; rhoi i fyny 
Abdication, ab.di.ka'shun n, llysiant ; 

ymadawiad, rhoddiad i fyny 
Abditive, ab'di.tiv a, a eill ymguddio 
Abdomen, ab.dö'men n, bol, ceudod 
Abdominal, ab.dom'î.nâTT" Abdominous, 

ab.dom'î.nus a, perthynol ir bol 
Abduce, ab.diis' vt, tynu ymaith ; neill- 

duo, gwahanu [tyniadwy 

Abducent, ab-dii'sent a, gwahanadwy ; 
Abduction, ab.duk'shun n, tyniad yn ol 
Abductor, ab.duk'tur n, treisddygwr 
Abecedarian, â.bî.sî.dê'r'î.an n, dysg- 

awdwr yr egwyddor ; llythyrenwr 
Abecedary, â.bî.sî'dur.î a, egwyddorol 
Aberrance,'ans n, cyfeiliornad, 

crwydrad [crwydrol 

Aberrant,'ant a, cyfeiliornus, 
Aberration, ab.e.rä'shun n, cyfeiliorn, 

gŵyrad [attegu 

Abet," â.bet' vt, cefnogi ; cynnorthwyo ; 
Abetment, â.bet'ment n, cefnogaeth , 

cynnaliaeth [nogwr 

Abettor, â.bet'ûr n, cynnorthwywr ; an- 
Abeyance, â.bä'ans n, gorddysgwyliad 
Abgregate, ab'grî.gät vt. didoli 
Abhor, ab.hôr' vt, ffieiddio, casäu 
Abhorrence, ab.hor'ens n, casineb, 

ffieiddiad, casäd 
Abhorrent, ab.hor'ent a, adgas, ffiaidd 

ABS path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, twk=took ; 

Abide, â.b'id' (abode) v, aros, eyfan- 

neddu ; goddef. I cannot abide it, nis 

gallaf ei oddef [cymhwysder 

Ability, â.bil'î.tî n, gallu, nerth, medr ; 
Abintestate,'tät n, etifedd y 

neb ag sydd yn marw heb ewyllys 
Abject, ab.jekt' vt, bwnv ymaith, gwrthod 
Abject, ab jekt a, distadl, gwael 
Abjectness, ab'jekt.nes n, gwaeledd, 

salwedd; iseledd [rhyddhau 

Abjugate, ab'jü.gät vt, gollwng, di-ieuo, 
Abjuration, ab.jü.r'á'shun n, ymwadiad, 

diofryd ; ymwrthodiad ; anudoniaeth 
Abjure, ab.jii'r' vt, gwadu ar lw, rhoi i 

fyny, ymwrthod â 
Ablactate, ab.lak'tat vt, diddyfnu [iad 
Ablactation, ab.lak.ta'shun n, diddyfn- 
Ablaqueation, ab.lak.wi.ii'shun n, dad- 

briddiad, gwraiddnoethiad [maith 
Ablation, abMa'shun n, cymmenad y- 
Ablative, ab'la.tiv a, tarddiadol, deilliog 
Able, ä'bl a, galluog, medrus, dawnus. 

I am able, gallaf, medraf 
Ablegate, ab'lî.gât vt, anfon oddi cartref 

ar genadwri [medredd 

Ableness, ä'bl.nes n, cryfder. nerth ; 
Ablepsy, ab'lep.sî n, tywvllni, dallineb 
Abligurition, ab.lig.ü.rish'un ft, afrad- 

londeb [golchai 

Abluent, ab'lü.ent a, golchiadol : n, 
Ablution, ab.lii' shun 7t, golchiad ; pur- 

edigaeth [diarddelwi 

Abnegate, ab'nî.gät vt, nacäu, pallu ; 
Abnegation, ab.nî.gä'shun ft, gwadiad, 

nacâd, pall [doriad 

Abnodation, ab.nö.dä'shun n, ysglin- 
Abnormal, ab.nôr'mal a, afreolaidd ; 

afluniaidd [anferthweh 

Abnormity, ab.nôr'mîtî n, afreolaeth 
Aboard, â.bô'rd' ad, a rfwrdd ,mew r n Hong^ 
Abode, â.böd' n, annedd, trigfa, cartrehe, 

haddef ; arosiad, preswyliad, cartref- 

iad : pt & pp. — Abide [argoel 

Abodement, á.böd'mt j nt n, rhagarvvydd, 
Abolish, â.bol'ish vt, diddymu, dilëu 
Abolition, ab.ölish'un n, dilead, di- 

ddymiad [ffiaidd 

Abominable, â.bom'î.nâ.bl a, adgas, cas, 
Abominableness, â.bom'î.nâ.bl.nes n, 

adgasrwydd [casäu 

Abominate, â.bom'î.nät vt, ffieiddio, 
Abomination, á.bom.î.nä'shun n, ffieidd- 

dra ; esgymmun-beth ; bryntni 
Aboriginal, ab.ö.rij'î.nal a, cy ntaf, cys - 

__^sefin__ ■ [toi 

~*Âborigínes, ab.ö.rij'î.níz np, cynchigol. 
Abortion, â.bor'thun n, erthyliad; erthyl 

Abortive, a.bor'tiv a, annhymmig, er- 

thylog: anifodiog 
Abound, â.bûŵnd' vi, cael gwala, meddu 

digon ; bod yn lluosog 
About, á.bûŵt'^r, perthynol; gerllaw; 

yng nghylch, o ddeutu; am; tua: ad, 

yn ol, o amgylch. Round about, am- 

gylch ogylch. To send round about, 

cylchanfon. To spit about, amboeri 
Above, a.bnv' pr, uwch, gorawch, uwch 

law, uwch ben; ad. fry [gyfaredd 
Abracadabra, ab.rfi.ka.dab'ra n, cryd- 
Abrade, â.bräd' vt, treulio ymaith, 

rhasglio [rhasgliad 

Abrasion, a.bra'zhun n, rhwbiad ymaith, 
Abreast, â.brest' ad, ochr yn ochr 
Abridge, á.brij' vt, talfyru, crynoi 
Abridgement, â.brij'ment n, talfyriad 
Abroach, â.brb'tsh' ad, ar ollyngiad 
Abroad, â.brôd' ad, allan, ar led ; oddi 

Abrogate, ab'rö.gät vt, diddymu, dilëu 
Abrogation, ab.rö-gä'shun n, diddymiad 
Abrupt, ab.rupt' a, disymmwth, byr- 

bwyll; Berth; anamserol [serthedd 
Abruptness, ab.rupt'nes n, byrbwylldra; 
Abscess, ab'ses n, cornwyd, dargod 
Abscind, ab.sind' vt, rhwygo. tori ymaith 
Abscission, ab.sizh'un n,rhwygiad, toriad 
Abscond, ab.skond' vi, ymguddio, ym- 

gelu, llechu, encilio 
Absence, ab'sens n, absennoldeb, absen 
Absent, ab'sent a, absennol; ar goll; 

anystyriol, disylw 
Absent, ab.sent' vt, asswyno, absennoli 
Absentee, ab.sen.tî' n, ymabsennwr, 

anghywlad [wedig 

Absinthiated, ab.sin'thî.ä.ted a, chwer- 
Absist, ab.sist' vi, peidio 
Absolute, ab'sö.lüt a, cwbl, hollol; di- 

ammodol; hanfodol; annibynol 
Absoluteness, ab'sö.lüt.nes n, diderf'yn- 

oldeb, tra-awdurdod, arbenigi-wydd 
Absolution, ab.sö.lü'shun n, gollyngiad; 

maddeuant [maddeuol 

Absolutory, ab.sol'ü.tur.î n, rhyddhaol, 
Absolve, ab.zolv' vt, rhyddhau, gollwng ; 

maddeu [gwrthun 

Absonant, ab'sö.nant a, anghysson, 
Absorb, ab.sórb' ẅ, llyncu, sugno, sychu 
Absorbent, ab.sôr'bent n, sugnydd, 

sychydd: a, sugnol, sychol, llyncol 
Absorption, ab.sôrp'shun n, llynciad, 

sugniad [ymgadw 

Abstain, ab.stän' vi, ymattal; dirwestu; 
Abstemious, ab.stî'mî us a, cymmedrol, 

sobr, ymattalgar 


öre ; läte, line, nö. müte ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. ACC 

Abstemiousness, ab.stì'mî.us.nes n, 

cymmedroldeb ; ymattaliad 
Abstention, ab.sten'shun ?i, gocheliad, 

ymogeliad, ymocheliad 
Absterge, ab.stûrj' vt, glanhau, sychu 
Abstergent, ab.stur jent cs,glanhaol,purol 
Abstertion, ab.stûr'shun re, glanhád, 

sychiad [attaliad 

Abstinence, ab'stî.nens n, dirwest, ym- 
Abstinent,ab.stî'nent a, cymmedrol, sobr 
Abstract, ab.strakt' vt, neillduo; crynoi, 

talfyru [nwysiad: a, dansoddol 

Abstract, ab'strakt n, crynodeb, cyn- 
Abstraction, ab.strak'sbun n, dansodd- 

iad, neillduad ; diystyrwch am y byd 
Abstruse, ab.strŵs' a, anamlwg, tywyll; 

dyrys; annealladwy [anhawsder 

Abstruseness, ab.strẁs'nes n, tywyllni, 
Absume, ab.siim' vt, difa, dinystrio 
Absurd, ab.sûrd' a, afresymol ; gwrthun ; 

ynfyd, ffol 
Absurdity, ab.sûr'dî.tî, Absurdness, ab- 

sûrd'nes n, afresymoldeb, ynfydrwydd, 

ffbledd [amlder, Uawnder 

Abundance, a.bun'dans n, digonedd, 
Abundant, â.bun'dant a, helaeth, cyf- 

lawn, llawn, toreithiog, fflwch 
Abuse, â.büs' n, camdriniaeth ; arn- 

mharch; difriad; Uygriad; trais 
Abuse, a.biiz' vt, cam-arfer, cam- 

ddefnyddio; difenwi, difri'o; treisio 
Abusive, a.bii'siv a, enllybaidd, tra- 

häus, sarhäus [mharch 

Abusiveness, a.bii'siv.nes n, enllib, am- 
Abnt, â.but' vi, cydio, cyffinio ; cyfarfod 
Abutment, â.but'ment n, ffin, cyrfiniad 
Abuttals, a.but'alz np, minion, cyffiniau ; 

terfynau ; pentanau 
Abysm, a.bizm', Abyss, â.bis' n, eigion, 

gagendor, anoddyfn 
Academian, ak.a.di'mi an, Academic, 

ak.a.dem'ik, Academician, ak.a.di- 

mish'an, Academist, a.kad'Lmist n, 

ysgolhàig, prif ysgolwr, aelod o ryw 

brif ysgol [golaidd 

Academical, ak.a.dem'i.kal n, prif-ys- 
Academy, â.kad.î.mî n, prif ysgol, 

athrofa [blaenlìym 

tAcanacious,'shus a, pigog, 
Acanthus, a.kan'thus n, troed yr arth 
Acatalectic, a.kat.a.lek'tik n, gwers 
i ddiwall ( [gelaidd, annealladwy 
Acataleptic, a.kat.a.lep'tik a, tra dir- 
Accede, ak sîd' vi, cytuno, cydsynio 
Accelerate, ak.sel' vt, prysuro, 

brysio; ffrystio [uriad, brysiad 

Acceleration, ak.sel.u.ra' shun n, prys- 

Accend, ak.send' vt, tanio, gosod ar clan 
Accension, ak.sen'shun n, taniad, ffagl- 

iad, ennyniad 
Accent, ak'sent n, acen, pwyslais ar sill 
Accent, ak'sent' vt, acenu 
Accentuate, ak.sen' vt, acenu ; 

dynodiacengair [ceniad; acenyddiaeth 
Accentuation, ak.sen.tshii.a.shun n, a- 
Accept, ak.sept' vt, derbyn (yn gym- 

Acceptable, ak.sep' a, derbyniol, 

cymmeradwy, croesawus, boddlawn 
Acceptance, ak.sep'tans n, derbyniad; 

tanysgrifeniad ; ysgrifenrwym 
Acceptation, ak.sep.ta'shun n, cymmer- 

iad ; yr ystyr y cymmerir gair ynddo 
Acceptation,'shun n, ma- 

ddeuant o ddyled heb dderbyn arian 
Access,' n, dyfodfa, nesâd, agosiad 
Accessible,' a, hygyrch ; 

mwynaidd, hawdd nesu ato 
Accession, ak.sesk'un «, dyfodiad; y- 

Accessory, ak'ses.ur.i a, cynnorthwyol, 

cyfranosol : n, cyfranogwr, cefnogwr 
Accidence, ak'si.dens n, mabddysg, 

rhaglith, gramadeg 
Accident, ak'si.dent n, dygwyddiad, 

damwain ; priodolder anhanfodol 
Accidental,'tal a, damweiniol 
Accipient, ak.sip'yent n, derbyniwr 
Accite, ak.s'it' vt, gwysio, dyfynu 
Acclaim, a.klam', Acclamation, 

mä'shun n, bloedd, banllef; moliant, 

gorfoledd, uchelglod 
Acclamatory, a.klam'a.tur.ia, banllefol; 

gorfoleddol [rhiw, gorifyny 

Acclivity, a.kliv'i.ti n, esgyniad, gallt, 
Accloy,a.klôí'rí,gorlenwi,llaru, diwallu 
Accoil, a.koil vi, ymdraflferthu, ffrystio, 

ffwdanu; ymwthio [addas 

Accommodable, a.kom' a, cyf- 
Accommodate, a.kom'o.dat vt, diwallu ; 

cymhwyso: a, addas, cyfaddas 
Accommodation, a.kom.o.da'shun n, cyt- 

addasiad, cymhwysiad •, diwalliad ; 

cymmod; Hetty [cydfynediad 

Accompaniment, a.kum' «, 
Accompany, a.kum' vt, cydym- 

deithio; hebrwng [cyfranogwr 

Accomplice, a.kom'plis n, cyfrinachwr, 
Accomplish, a.kom'plish vt, cyflawnu, 

cwblhau, gorphen, pei-ffeithio 
Accomplished, a.kom'plisht a, perffeith- 

lawn; doniog, dawnwych; dillynaidd 
Accomplishment, a.kom'plish.ment n, 

cwblhàd, cyflawniadj addurn 

ACQ path, fat, ére, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, twk=took; 

Accompt, a.kuwnt' n, Accomptant, a- 
kuvvn'tant n, — Account, Accountant 
Accord, a.kord' n, cydfod, cydsyniad ; 
bodd: v,cytuno, cyd-weddu,cyd-daro. 
According to, yn ol, yn gyfatebol i. 
Witb one accord, o unfryd, yn gytûn 
Accordance, a.kor'dans w, cydsyniad, 

cydweddiad, cytundeb 
Accordant, a.kor'dant a, cydsyniol,cy tun 
Accorporate, a.kor'po.rat vt, cydgorffori 
Accost, a.kost' vt, cyfarch, anerch 
Accostable, a.kos 'tâ.bl a, cyfeillgar 
Accoucheur, a.kwsh.ur' n, colwynydd 
Account, a.kuwnt' vt, cyfrif: n, rhif, 
cyfrif; cymmeriad. Accounts,cyfrifon ; 
rhifyddiaeth, rhifyddeg. Of no ac- 
count, dibarch, dinod. To account 
for, rhoddi rheswm am. To give an 
account, rhoddi cyfrif 
Accountable, a.kihvn' n, cyfrifoh 
atebol [rhifyddwr 

Accountant, a.kiiwn'tant n, cyfrifydd, 
Accouple, a.kup'l vt, cyssylltu ; cydio ; 

ieuo; cymharu 
Accourt, a.ko'rt'vt, croesawu yn garedig 
Accoutre,'tur vt, taelu, tnvsiadu. 

arfogi, amwisgo. addurno 
Accoutrements,'tur.ments np, offer, 

arfau, taclau, gwisgoedd 
Accredit, a.kreii'it vt, coelio, credu 
Accretion, a.kri'shun ??.,cyunydd,tyfiant 
Accretive, a.kri'tiv a, tyddfol [bach) 
Accroach, a.krotsh' vt, tynu (megys â 
Accrue, a.krw' vi, chwanegu, tarddu, 
deillio, codi [iad 

Accubation,'shun n, lledorwedd- 
Accumbeut, a.kum'bent rt. lledorweddol 
Accumulate, a.kii' v, casglu,pen- 

tyru, tyru, ymbelaethu 
Accumulation,'shun n, tyr- 

iad, pentyriad, cyflawnder 
Accumulative, a.kii' a, cyn- 

nyrchiol, pentyrol 

Accumulator, a.kü'mü.lä.tûr n, caaglwr, 

pentyrydd [gofal 

Accuracy, ak' n, cywreindeb ; 

Accurate, aku.rat a, cywir, celfgar, 

gofalus, cywrain 

Accurse, a.kurs' vt, melltitbio, rhegu ; 

esgymuno ■ [beius 

Accusable, a.kii' a, achwynadwy. 

Accusant, a.ku'zant n, cyhuddwr, a- 

chwynwr [ cwyn 

Accuse, a.kiix' vt, cyhuddo, beio; 

achwyn ar 
Accuser, a.kii'zur n, cyhuddwr, athrodwr 
Accustom, a.kus'tum vt, arfer, ymarier, 
cynnefino. Accustomed, arferedig, 
cyffredin, defodol 
Accustomable, a.kus' a, defodol, 
arferol [cyffredin 

Accustomary, a.kus'tum.ur.i a, arferol, 
Ace, äs n, nod yr un ; as 
Acephalous, â.sef'â.lus a, pen-goll, diben 
Acerb, â.sûrb' a, sur, chwerw ; sarig 
Acerbate, â.sûr'bät vt, suro, ehwerwi 
Acerbity, â.sûr'bî.tî n, surni, chwibledd ; 

Acerviite, a.sur'vat vt, crugio, pentyru 
Acervation. as.ur.vii'shun n, crugiad 
Acescent, â.ses'ent a, surol, chwiblaidd 
Acetose, â.sî.tös', Acetous, â.sî'tus a, 
egr, chwibl, sur. Acetic acid, sur surig 
Ache. äk n, dolur, gwŷn, poen, cur : v, 
gwŷnio, poeni [adwy 

Achievable, a.tshi' a, gwneuthur- 
Achieve, a.tshiv' vt, cyflawnu, gorphen ; 
cwblhau [waith, gorcheat 

Achievement, fi.tslnv'ment n, gorchest- 
Achor, a'kor n, math o grugdardd 
Achromatic, a.kro.mat'ik a, diliwiadol 
Acid, as'id o, sur, egr, chwibl : n, suryn 
Acidify, â.sid'î.fì, Acidulate, â.sid'ü.llit 

vt, suro, chwiblo 
Acidity, â.sid'î.tî, Acidness, as'id.nes n, 

surni, chwibledd 
Acknowledge, ak.nol'ej vt, cydnabod, 
cyf'adclef [cydnabyddiaeth 

Acknowledgement, ak.nol'ej.ment n, 
Acme, ak'mi n, uchradd ; eithaf 
Acolothist, a.kol'o.thist n, isweinydd 

Aconite, ak't n, llysiau'r blaidd 
Acorn, a'korn n, mesen [seinddysg 

Acoustics, a.kuws'tiks np, swniadaeth, 
Acquaint, a.kwant' vt, hysbysu, amlygu ; 
arfer. Acquainted with, adnabyddus 
â ; cynnefin â 
Acquaintance, a.kwan'tans n, cyfaill, 

cydnabyddiaeth ; cynnefindra 
Acquest, a.qwesl'. Acquist,' /?, 

cyrhaeddiad, ennilliad 
Acquiesce, ak.wi.e.s' v, ymostwng, ym- 
lonyddu; cydsynio, cydsyniad; goddef 
Acquiescence,'ens n, cydsyn- 
iad; goddefiad [adwy 
Acquirable, a.kwi'r' a. cyrhaedd- 
Accusâtiou,'shun n, cyhuddiad, I Acquire, a.kwiV vt, cyrhaedd, caffael, 

Accusative, a.kii'za.tiv a, cyhuddol 
Accusatory, a.ku'za.tur.i 
adwy, beius 

cael ; casglu, ennill 
yhudd- 1 Acquirement, a.kwi'r'ment, Acquisitic 
ak.wi.cish'un n, enniUiad 

öre; läte; line, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. AD1 

Acquisitive, a.kwiz'Ltiv a, ennilledig 
Acquit, a.kwit' vt, rhyddhau, cyfiawn- 

hau, gollwng. To acquit of blame, 

Acquitment, a.kwit'ment, Acquittal, 

a.kwit'al n, rhyddhâd, dieuogiad 
Acquittance, a.kwit'ans », rhyddhâd; 

ysgrifen rhyddhâd, addefiad o dale- 

Acre, a'kur n, erw, cyfar 
Acreage, a'kur.aj », mesur, maintioli 
Acrid, ak'rid a, sur, chwerw, llymsur 
Acrimonious, ak.rî.mö'nî.us a, sarig, 

sariglym, chwerw edig 
Acrimony, ak'n.mun.ira, surni, llymder, 

toster; sarigrwydd [archwaeth sur 
Acritude, ak'ri.tiid, Acrity, ak'rî.tî n, 
Acroamatic, ak-rö.ä.mat'ik a, gor- 

Across, a.kros' ad, yn groes, ar draws 
Acrostic, a.kros'tik n, penenwad 
Act, akt v, gweithio, gweithredu ; chwar- 

eu: n, gweithred, gorchwyl; deddf. 

A great act, gorchest. A noble act, 

rhagorgamp. A wicked act, cyflaflan. 

To act vainly, gwageddu 
Actinolite, ak.tin'o.lit n, rheiddfaen 
Action, ak'shun n, gweithred; cwyn, 

cynghaws, hawl, dadl; brwydr, cad 
Actionable, ak'shun. â.bl a, cospadwy; 

holadwy, dadleuadwy 
Active, ak'tiv a, bywiog, gweithgar, 

esgud, heinif ; sionc ; gweithredol 
Activeness, ak'tiv.nes, Activity, ak.tiv'- 

î.ti n, bywiogrwydd, sioncedd 
Actor, ak'tur ??, gweithred wr ; chwarëydd 
Actress, ak'tres n, ckware'yddes [diau 
Actual, ak' «, gweithredol, gwir, 
Actuary, ak'tshu.ur.i n, ysgrifenydd 
Actuate, ak' vt, cynhyrfu, cyffröi : 

a, cynhyrfiedig 
Acuate, ak' vt, blaenllymu, golymu 
Acuity, â.kü'î.tî n, llymder [blaenllym 
Aculeate, ak.u' o, pigog, cylynol, 
Acumen, a.kii'men n, llymdra : craffder, 

synwyr, cyfrwysdra 
Acuminate, a.kii'mi.nat vt, blaenllymu, 

Acute, a.kut' a, llym ; synwyrol, deallus ; 

cywraiu. Acute accent, acen feinlais 
Acuteness, a.kiit'nes n, llymder; syn- 

wyroldeb, craifder 
Ad-, Ac-, Af-, Ag-, A1-, An-, Ap-, Ar-, 

As-, At- px, with, at, i 
Adage, ad'äj n, diareb, direb, gwirair 
Adagio, â.dä'gî.ö «, gair am amser araf 
Adamant , ad' a.mant w,di'emwnt , adamant 

Adamantine, ad.â.man'tin a, adamant- 

aidd; anhydraidd, caled [hyweddu 
Adapt, â.dapt' vt, cymhwyso, addasu, 
Adaptation, ad.ap.tä'shun n, cyfaddasiad 
Add, ad vi.cynnodi, cyssylltu, chwanegu 
Addecimate, a.des'i'.mät vt, degymu 
Addeem, a.d'im' vt, tybio, cyfrif; dyfrio 
Addendum, a.den'dum (p addenda 

a.den'dâ) n, attodiad, atddodiad 
Adder, ad'ûr n, neidr, gwiber, sartf. 

Adders stone, maen glain 
Addible, ad'î.bl a, chwanegadwy 
Ad dice, ad'is n, neddyf, bwyell gam 
Addict, a.dikt' vt, ymroddi, diofrydu 
Addicted, a.dik'ted a, chwannog, ym- 

roddgar, tueddol [rwydd 

Addictedness, a.dik'ted.nes n, tuedd- 
Additament, a.dit'â.ment n, cynnodiad 
Addition,'un n, ycbwanegiad; 

attodiaeth [ychwanegol 

Additional,' a, cynnodol, 
Addle, ad'l a, gwag, clwc, gorllyd, 

Addle-pated, Addle-headed, penwau, 

syfrdan, hurt, ft'ol, diymenydd 
Address, a.dres' vt, anerch, cyfeirio; 

ymosod : n, cyfarchiad ; cyf'arwyddid ; 

erf'yniad; medr; deheurwydd 
Adduce, a.düs' vt, dwyn ym mlaen 
Adducent, a.dii'sent a, attynol 
Addulce, a.duls' vt, melysu, pereiddio 
Ademption, â.dem'shun n, difeddiad, 

dygiad ymaith [ar y chwarenau 

Adenography, ad.î.nog'râ.fî n, traith 
Adenoid, ad'î.nôîd, Adenose, ad'î.nös 

a, chwarenaidd [ineb 

Adephagia, ad.î.fä'jî.â », duwies glyth- 
Adept, â.dept'?^, celfyddwr ; un hyddysg 
Adequate, ad'i.kwat a, cyfartal, cystal, 

cymmesur, cyfaddas, digonol 
Adequateness, ad'i.kwat.nes n, cyfartal- 

wch, addasrwydd [ansawdd 

Adfected, ad.fekted a, cymmysg; cyf- 
Adhere. ad.hî'r' vi, ymlynu, glynu wrth 
Adherence, ad.hî'r'ens n, ymlyniad 
Adherent, ad.hî'r'ent a, unol; glynol, 

yng nglyn : n, dilynwr, canlynwr, di- 

lyniedydd; pleidiwr [gyssylltiad 

Adhesion, ad.hi'zhun n, glyniad. ym- 
Adhesive,ad.hî'siv a, ymlynol, gafae'lgar 
Adhibit, ad.hib'it vt, cymhwyso; defn- 

yddio [cymhwysiad 

Adhibition, ad.hî.bish'un n, defnydd, 
Adhortation, ad.hôr.tä'shun n, cynghor, 

Adhortatory, ad.hor'tä.tûr.î a, annogol 
Adiaphorous, ad.î.af 'o'.rus a, ammhleid- 
ar, ammhleidiol 


ADU path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, twk=took; 

Adiaphory, od.î.af' ur.î n, ammhleidgar- 

wch, didueddrwydd 
Adieu, â.dü' i, bydd wych ! yn iach ! 
Adipose, ad'î.pös, Adipous, ad'i.pus a, 

seimlyd, tew 
Adit, ad'it n, mynedfa dan y ddaiar 
Adjacency, a.jä'sen.sî n, agosrwydd 
Adjacent, a.jâ'sent a, cyfagos. ger Haw 
Adject, a.jekt' vt, cyssylltu, ychwanegu 
Adjection, a.jek'shun n, cynnodiad; 

ychwanegiad [soddair 

Adjective, aj'ek.tiv n, enw gwan, an- 
Adjoin, a.jôîn vt, cydio, cyssylltu, uno 
Adjoining, a.jôî'ning a, yn ymyl, cy- 

nghyffwrdd, nesaf 
Adjourn, a'jûrn vt, gohirio, oedi[oediad 
Adjournment, a.jûrn'ment n, gohiriad, 
Adjudge, a.juj' vt, dyfarnu, barnu 
Adjudicate, a.jii'di.kat vt, barnu, dyfarnu 
Adjugate, aj'ü.gät vt, ieuo wrth 
Adjunct, aj'ungkt n, attodiad [cydiad 
Adjunction, a jungk'sbun n, cyssylìtiad, 
Adj urate, aj'ü.rät vt, cynnorthwyo 
Adjuration, aj.ü.rä'shun n, tyngediad 
Adjure, a.jü'r' vt, tyngedu [trefnu 

Adjust, a.just' vt, cymbwyso, addasu 
Adjustment, a.just'nient n, addasiad, 

trefniad, uniawniad [^cynnorthwyoí 
Adjutant, aj'ü.tant n, is-gadben: a 
Adjute, a.jiit' vt, cynnorthwyo, helpu 
Adjutor, a.jü'tûr n, cynnortbwywr 
Adjutory, aj u.tur.i a, cynnorthwyol 
Adlegation, ad.lî.gä'shun n, cynghen- 

adaeth [mesnriad 

Admeasurement, ad.mezh'ur.ment n, 

dirprwyo [gweinyddiaeth 

Administration,ä'shun n, 
Administrator, ad.min'is.trä.tûr n, 

Administratorship, ad.min'is.trä.túr- 

ship n, swydd weinyddol 
Administratrix, ad.min.'is.tra.triks n, 

gweinyddes [da; rhagorol 

Admirable, ad'mî.râ.bl a, rhyfeddol 
Admiral, ad'mî.ral n, llyngesydd, llyng- 

eswr [môr-lywiant 

Admiralty, ad'mî.ral.tî n, môr-lŷs, 
Admiration, ad.mî.rä'shun n, rbyfeddod, 

syndod ; hoffder. Note of admiration 

( ! ) rhyfeddnod [hoffi 

Admire, ad.mî'r'wí, rhyfeddu, mawrygu ; 
Admirer, ad.m'i'r'ûr n, mawrygwr; 

serchwr, carwr [goddefadwy 

Admissible, ad.mis'î.bl a, derbyniadwy ; 
Admission, ad.mish'un n, derbyniad 

caniatâd, addefiad 

Admit,' vt, derbyn; caniatäu, 

goddef, addef [addefiad 

Admittance,'ans n, derbyniad; 
Admix, ad.miks' vt. cymmysgu 
Admixture, ad.miks'tshur n, cymmysg- 

iad; cymmysgedd 
Admonish, ad.mon'ish vt, rhybuddio; 

ceryddu, cynghori; dwyn ar gof 
Admonition, ad.mö.nish'un n, rhybudd, 

cynghor, cerydd [iol 

Admonitory, ad.mon'î.tur.î a, rhybudd- 
Admove, ad.mwv' vt, nesu, dynesu 
Adnoun, ad'nûŵn n , ansoddair, enw gwan 
Ado, â.dẃ' n, trafferth, cynhwrf, terfysg 
Adolescence, ad.ö.les'ens n, blodau 

ieuenctyd; ieuenctyd [iaurcwsg 
Adonis, â.dö'nis ìi, blodau'r gwvnt, llys- 
Adopt, â.dopt't'í, mabwysiadu [mabwys 
Adoption, â.dop'shun n, mabwysiad, 
Adoptive, â.dop tiv a, mabwysaidd 
Adorable, â.dô'r'â.bl a, addoladwy, 

parchadwy, [parch, anrhydedd 

Adoration, ad.ö.rä'snun n, addoliad; 
Adore, â.dô'r' vt, addoli ; caru ; mawrhau, 

anrhydeddu [trwsio 

Adorn, â.dôrn' vt. addurno, harddu, 
Adornment, â.dôrn'ment n, addurniad 
Adown, â.dúẃn' ad, i lawr, i waered 
Adread, â.dred' ad, yn ofnus, yn ofnog 
Adrift, â.drift' ad, gvda'r dwfr, gj'da'r 

llif [hyfedr 

Adroit, a.drôît' a, medrus, deheu, hylaw, 
Adroitness, a.drôít'nes n, medrusrwydd, 

livlawder, [benthycol 

Adscititious,'us a, ffugiol, 
Adstriction, ad.strik'shun n, cydglym- 

iad, cydrwvmiad [truth 

Adulation, aj.ü.lä'shun n, gweniaith, 
Adulator, aj'ü.lä.tur n, gwenieithwr, 

truthiwr [truthgar 

Adulatory, aj'ü.lä.tur.î a, gwenieithus, 
Adult, â.dult' n, un mewn oedran : a, 

cyfandwf, mewn oedran 
Adulterate, â.dul'tur.ät v, Hygru, cym- 
mysgu ; rhithio : a, halogedig, cym- 

mysgedig ; ffugiol [iad ; cymmysgiad 
Adulteration, â.dul.tu.rä'shun n, Hygr- 
Adulterer, â.dul'tur.ûr n, godinebwr 
Adulteress, â.dul'tur'es n, godineb- 

wraig. godinebes, putain 
Adulterine, â.dul'tur.i'n n, bastardd 
Adulterous, â.dul' a, godinebus, 

puteiniol, puteinig [dra 

Adultery, á.dul'tur.î n, godineb, putein- 
Adumbrate,'brät vt, cysgodi ; 

braslunio [odiad 

Adumbration, ad.uin.brä'f-hun n, vj&g- 

öre; läte; line, no, mute; she, zh=z azure; thin, this; j=dzh. 


Adunation, ad.ii.nä'shun n, underlined, 

under [iad, gŵyrnì 

Aduneity, â.dun'sî.tî n, camedd, erym- 

Aduncous, a.dung'kus, Adunque, â- 

dungk' a, gŵyream 
Adure, â.dü'r' vt, "deifio, golosgi, crasu 
Adust, â.dust' a, golosgedig, eras 
Adustible, â.dus'tî.bl a, hylosg, llosg- 
advvy [deifiad 

Adustion, â.dust'shun n, goddeithiad, 
Advance, ad-vans' n, mynediad ; cyn- 
nydd : v, myned ym mlaen ; dyrchafu ; 
gwelläu; cynnyg, gosod allan; talu 
yni mlaen Haw, rhagdalu. Advanced 
in years, oedranus, hen. Advance- 
guard, y fyddin flaen, cynnhorf 
Advancement, ad.vans'ment n, dyrchaf- 

iad, gwelliant 
Advantage, ad.van'taj n, budd, lies, 
mael, elw, mantais ; goruchafiaeth ; 
blaenafiaeth : vt, llesäu, manteisio 
Advantageous, ad.van.ta'jus a, buddiol, 
llesol [buddioldeb, llesoldeb 

Advantageousness, ad.van.ta'jus.nes n, 
Advectitious, ad.vek.tish'us a, tramor 
Advene,' vi, dyfod at, cyfarfod 
Advenient,'ni.ent a, dynesol 
Advent, ad'vent n, dyfodiad; yr adfent 
Adventine, ad.ven'tin, Adventitious, ad- 
ven.tish'us, Adventive, ad.ven'tiv a, 
damweiniol,arddyfodol ; ammherthyn- 
asol [adfent 

Adventual, ad.ven' a, perthynoli'r 
Adventure, ad.ven'tshur n, antur; en- 
bydwaith: i;,beiddiol,lyfasu,ymantur 
Adventuresome, ad.ven'tshur.sum a, 
eofn, dibryder [hy, difygwl 

Adventurous, ad.ven'tshii.rus a.anturiol. 
Adverb, ad'vurb n, rhagferf, gorair 
Adverbial, ad.vur' a, rhagferfol. 
goreiriol [adwy 

Adversahle, ad.vûr'sâ-bl a, gwrth wyneb- 
Adversaria, ad.vur.sê'r'î.â n, nod-lyfr 
Adversary, ad'vur.sur.i n, gwrthwyneb- 

wr, gelyn 

Adverse, ad'vurs a, adfydig, anffodus, 

gwrthwynebus, croes. Adverse party 

gwrthblaid. An adverse saying, gom- 

medd [drygfyd, ing 

Adversity, ad.vûr'sî.tî n, adfyd, cyni, 

Advert, ad.vurt' vi, ystyried, dal sylw 

Advertence, ad.vur'tens, Advertency, 

ad.vur' n, ystyriaeth, sylwad, 

daliad sylw, golygiad ar 

Advertise, ad'vur.ti'z vt, hysbysu, cy- 

hoeddi, mynegu [bysiad, cyhoeddiad 

Advertisement, ad.yortiz.ment n, hys- 

Advice, ad.v'is' n, cynghor ; mynegiad ; 

hanes [as; ca ^ 

Advisable, ad.v'i' a, cymhwys, add- 
Advisableness, ad.v'i' n, cy- 

mhwysder, addasrwydd 
Advise,'z' vt, cynghori, annog ; 

hysbysu. Ill-advised, annoeth; an- 

ystyriol. Well-advised, synwyrol, call ; 

pwyllog [yn ystyriol 

Advisedly, ad.v'f' a, yn bwyllog ; 
Advocacy, ad'vö.kä.sî, Advocation, ad- 

vo.ka'shun n, dadleuyddiaeth, eiriol- 

aeth, amddiffyn, arddadl 
Advocate, ad'vo.kat n, eiriolwr, am- 
ddiffyn wr, dadleuwr, arddadl wr: vt, 

eirioíi, dadleu 
Advolation,'shun n, ymdyniad 
Advolution, ad.vo.lii'shun n, ymdreigliad 
Advoutry, ad.vfiw'tri n, godineb 
Advow, ad.vuw' vt, haeru, gwirio 
Advowee, ad.vdw.i' n, glwys tadog 
Advowson, ad.vuw'sun n, hawl i gyf- 

lwyno offeiriad i eglwys 
Adze, adz ?z,bwyell,bwyellgam; neddyf 
Aerial, ä.î'r'î.al a, awyrol, wybrol; uchel 
Aerie, î'r'î n, nyth adar ysglyfeithgar 
Aerolite, ê'r'ö.lit n, awyrfaen [olaeth 
Aerology, ê'r.ol'ö.jî n, awyrddysg, awyr 
Aeromancy, ê'r'ö.man.sî n, awyrgoel 
Aerometer, ê''î.tûr n, awyrbwysai 
Aerometry, é''î.trî n, awyrfeidraeth- 
Aeronaut^ ê'r'ö.nôt n, awyrydd, awyr- 

Aeroscopy, ê'r.os'kö.pî n, awyrnodiad 
Aerostatic, ê'r.os.tat ik a, awyriaethol 
Aerostation, ê'r.os.tä'shun n, awyrydd- 
iEsthetic, ls-thet'ik a, deiniol [iaeth. 
Afar, â.fâr' a, pell, hirbell, anghysbell 
Afeard. â.fì'rd' a, brawychus, ofnus 
Afer, ä'fûr n, gwynt y deau-orllewin 
Affability, af.â.bìl'î.tî, Affableness, af- 

â.bl.nes n, mwynder, tiriondeb, hy- 

nawsedd [foes 

Affable, af'â.bl a, mwyn, addfwyn, hy- 
Affabrous, a.f ä'brus a, cvfan, perffaith 
Affair, a.fê'r' n. gorchwyl ; achos ; 

perwyl. An affair of importance, 

mater o bwys 
Affear, Affere, a.fîY vt, sicrhau, sefydlu 
Affect, a.fekt' n, serch, teimlad ; naws ; 

nwyd : vt, cyffroi ; ceisio ; ffuantu 
Affectation, af.ek.ta'shun, Affectedness, 

a.fek'ted.nes n, cymhendod, mursen- 

dod, coegdyb 
Affected, a.fek'ted a, coegaidd [gar 
Affectins, a.fek'tinoj a, cvnhvrfiol ; rhith- 
" 7 

AGG path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, twk=took ; 

Affection, a.fek'shun n, cariad, serch ; 

affeithiad, tuedd; clefyd haint 
Affectionate, a.fek' a, serehog, 

caruaidd, tyner [ffröus 

Affective, a.fek'tiv a, teimladwy, cy- 
Affettuoso, a.fet.ü.ö'sö ad, yn dyner a 

Affiance, a.f'i'ans «, ymddiried, cred, 

goglud : vt, ymddiried, dyweddi'o 
Affidation, af.î.dä'shun, Affidature, af'i- 

dä.tshûr n, cyfammodiad 
Affidavit, af.Lda'vit n, llw cyhoedd 
Affiliation, a.fil.î.ä'shun n, mabwysiad 
Affinage, af'î.näj n, purad, coethiad 
Affined, a.fmd' a, yn perthyn 
Affinity, a.fin'î.tî n, perthynas trwy 

briodas ; tebygoliaeth 
Affirm, a.fûrm vt, haeru ; sicrhau, gwirio 
Affirmable, a.fûr'mâ.bl a, haeradwy 
Affirmant, a.fûr'mant n, sicrhäwr, honwr 
Affirmation, af.ûr.mä'shun n, cadarnhâd 
Affirmative, a.fur'ma.tiv n, sicrbaol, 

cadarnhaol [cyssylltu 

Affix, a.fiks' vt, cydio, sicrhau, hoelio ; 
Affix, afiks n, cyssawd, olddodiad 
Affiation, a.fiä'shun n, anadliad 
Afflict, a.flikt' vt, gofidio, trallodi, drygu 
Affliction, a.flik'shun n, cystudd, adfyd 
Afflictive, a.flik'tiv a, traílodus, gofidus 
Affluence, af'lii.ens n, llawnder, cyfoeth 
Affluent, aflii.ent «, goludog, gorlawn 
Afflux, afluks, Affluxion, a.fluk'shun 

n, llanw, llifeiriad 
Afford, a.fö'rd vt, rhoddi, gweini; cpi- 

nyrchu; gallu [breinio 

Affranchise,'tshiz vt, rhyddhau ; 
Affray, a.frä' n, ymryson, terfysg, ym- 

ladd : vt, brawychu, dychiynu 
Affliction,'shun n, rhathiad 
Affright,'it', Affrightment, a.fri't'- 

ment n, braw, dychnm 
Affront, a.frunt' n, sarhâd, anfri, am- 

mharch : vt, difri'o, sarhau ; digio 
Affrontive, a.frun'tiv «, sarhäus 
Affuse, a.fuz' vt, tywallt un peth ar arall 
Affusion, a.fu'zhun n, tywalltiad ar beth 
Affy, a.f i" vt, dyT\ r eddi'o ; hyderu 
Afield, â.fíld' ad, i'r maes,*yn y maes 
Aflat, â.flat' ad, yn wastad 
Afloat, â.flöt' a, ar nawf ; yn symmud 
Afoot, â.fẁt' ad, ar draed, ar droed 
Afore, â.fö'r' pr and ad, rhag, cyn, o 

flaen, o'r blaen 
Aforehand, a.foVhand ad, ym mlaen 

Haw, o'r blaen, rhag Haw 
Aforesaid, â.fô'r'sed a, rhagddvwededig, 

rhagenwedig. a enwyd ẅ blaen 

Aforetime, â.fö'r'tîm ad, o'r blaen. gynt 

Afraid, â.fräd' a, dychn'nedig. ofhus. I 

am afraid, mae ofh arnaf, ofhaf. To 

make one afraid, brawychu un, peri 

iddo ofhi, dychrynu 

Afresh, â.fresh' a<Z, o'rnewydd, eilwaith, 

eto, trachefh 
Afront, â.frunt' ad, cyferbyn, o flaen 
Aft, aft ad, yn ol, wrth y llyw 
After, af 'tûr pr, gwedi, ar ol. After- 
birth, olysgar, y brych. After-math, 
adladd. After-pains, poenau wedi 
esgor. After-wit, olsynw)T. After 
this manner, fel hyn. To go after 
him, myned ar ei ol, dilyn, canlyn 
Afternoon, af.tûr.nŵn' n, echwydd, pryd- 

Afterwards, af 'tur.wurdz ad, gwedi hyny 
Aga, ä'gâ n, swyddog milwraidd yn 

Again, â.gen' ad, eilwaith, drachefh, eto, 
hefyd. As big again, cymmaint arall, 
Over again, o'r newydd. To repeat 
again, ailadrodd. To raise or rise 
again, adgyfodi 
Against, â.genst' pr, erbyn, yn erbyn, 
cyferbyn ; rhag-. gwrth-. Against one's 
consent, yn groes i ewyllys un: o"i 
Agape, â.gäp' ad, yn safnrwth [anfodd 
Agaric, ag'a.rik n, madarch 
Agast, â.gast' a, syn, brawychus 
Agate, ag'ät n, maen muchudd 
Age, äj n, oed, oedran; oes, einioes, 
hoedl, cenedlaeth. Of age, im ar 
hugainoed. Old age, henaint. Persons 
of the same age, cyfoedion 
Aged, ä'jed a, hen, oedranus. oediog 
Agency, ä'jen.sî n, goruchwyhaeth 
Agent, ä'jent n, goruchwyliwr, dirprwy ; 
. achos [iâ 

Aggelation, aj.e.lii'shun n, clynuad yr 
Aggeneration, a.jen.u.rä'shun n, cyd- , 

Aggerate, aj'ur.ät vt, pentyru [sypio 
Agglomerate, a.glom'ur.ät v, pellenu, 
Agglutinate, a.glü'tí.nät v, cydlydio 
Aggrandise, ag'ran.d'fz vt, urddasu, 
anrhydeddu, mawrhau, dyrchafu, codi 
Aggrandisement, ag'ran.d'iz.ment n, j 

dyrchafiad [herio, cyffroi 

Aggravate, ag'ra.vat vt, mwyhâu bai ; 
Aggravation,'shnn n, mwyhâd 

bai; cyffroad 

Aggregate, ag'rî.gät a, cydgrynöedig, 

rhefawl: n, crynoad, cyfanswm: vt. 

cydgorlanu; casglu, cynnull [casgliad 

Aggregation, agji-ga'shun «, cynnodiad, 


öre; läte, line, nö, mute; she, zh=:z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. ALE 

Aggress, a.gres' vi, dechreu cynhen, 

Aggression, a.gresh'un n, ymosodiad, 

dechreuad cynhen [y gynhen 

Aggressor, a.gres'ûr n, ymosodydd, cwd 
Aggrievance, a.gri'vans n, gofid, gor- 

mes, alaeth [poeni 

Aggrieve, a.griv' vt, bhno, gormesu, 
Aggroup, a.grŵp' vt, crynoi, cydgasglu 
Aghast, â.gast' «, syn, dychrynedig 
Agile, aj'il a, ystwyth, esgud, heinyf, 

sionc [?i, bywiogrwydd 

Agihty, a.jil'î.tî, Agileness, aj'il.nes 
Agio, aj'î.b' n, y gwahaniaeth mewn 

cyfnewidwriaeth arian tramor 
Agist, â.jist' vt, cymmeryd anifeiliaid i 

bori ; casglu arian 
Agistage, â.jis'täj, Agistment, â.jist'- 

ment n, tir porfa [dadleu 

Agitate, aj'î.tät vt, cynhyrfu, aflonyddu; 
Agitation, aj.î.tä'shun n, cynhyrriad; 

aflonyddwch [aflonyddwr 

Agitator, aj'î.tä.tur n, C)Tihyrfiwr, 
Aglet, ag'let n, pwyntel, olpai 
Agminal, ag'mî.nal a, byddinol 
Agnail, ag'näl n, corn; ewinor, ewin- 

wasg [tad 

Agnation, ag.nä'shun n, carenydd o du 
Agnition, ag.nish'un n, cydnabyddiaeth 
Agnize, ag.n'iz' vt, cydnabod, addef 
Agnomination, ag.nom.î.nä'shun n, cyf- 

atebiad geiriau 
Ago, â.gö' ad, cyn hyn [awyddus 

Agog, â.gog' ad, yn chwannog, yn 
Agonize, ag'o.niz vi, dirboeni 
Agonistes, ag.o.niz'tiz n, ymdrechwi'; 

Agony, ag'ö.nî n, gloes, ing ; ymdrech 
Agrarian, â.grê'r'î.an a, arddwriaethol. 

maesyddaidd, gwledig [cyfateb 

Agree, â.grî' vt, cytivno, heddyehu; 
Agreeable, â.grî'â.bl a, cyfatebol; 

boddus [rwydd; hyfrydwch 

Agreeableness, â.grî'â.bl.nes n, addas- 
Agreement, â.gri'ment n, cytundeb, 

Agrestic, â.gres'tic a, gwledig ; taiogaidd 
Agricultural, ag.ri.kul'tshii.ral a, a- 

maethyddol [yddiaetb. 

Agriculture, ag'ri.kul.tshur n, amaeth- 
Agriculturist, ag.ri.kul'tshu.rist n, 11a- 

furwr, amaethydd, ffermwr 
Aground, â.grûŵnd' ad, ar lawr, ar dir 
Ague, a'gii n, y cryd, y deirthion. 

Tertian ague, cr} r d tridiau [aidd 

Aguish, a'güish a, crydol, crynoi, oer- 
Ali. à i. ! och ! aha ! wb 

Aha, â.hâ' *, wfft ! ha 

Ahead, â.hed' ad, ym mlaen, o flaen 

Ajar, â. jâr' ad, banner agored 

Aid, äd vt, cynnorthwy, nerthu, helpu 

Aid, äd, Aidance, ä'dans n, porth, cy- 

mhorth, nawdd 
Aidant, ä'dant a, cynnorthwyol 
Aid-de-camp, e.du.kong' n, gweinydd 

Aidless, ädles a, digymhorth, diborth 
Ail, äl v, dolurio, poeni, gofidio [us 

Ailing, ä'ling a, doluriol, clafaidd, clwyf- 
Ailment, äl'ment n, dolar, afiechyd 
Aim, äm v, annelu, amcanu, cyfeirio : n, 

amcan, cyfeiriad, nod 
Air, e'r n, awyr, awel ; dygan, alaw : vt, 

awyro, awj T ru; twymo, heulo. Air- 
built, disail, ffugiol, dychymmygol. 

Air-gun, awyrddryll. Air-shaft, my- 

nedfa i awyr, mwndwll 
Airiness, ê'r'î.nes n, llonder, awynad 
Airless, ê'r'les a, di-a%vyr, cauedig 
Airüng, ê'r'ling n, coegyn, ysgentyn 
Airs, e'rz np, per donau ; coegddulliau 
Airy, ê'r'î a, awyrol, awelog ; coegffol 
Aisle, i'l n, rhodfa mewn eglwys 
Ait, ät n, ynysig mewn afon 
Akin, a.kin' a, perthynol [mynor 

Alabaster, al'â.bas.tûr n, math o faen 
Alack, a.lak', Alackaday, a.lak'a.da i, 

och fi ! [rodrwydd 

Alacrity, a.lak'ri.ti n, bywiogrwydd, pa- 
Alamode, â.lâ.möd' ad, yn ol yr ai-fer 
Alarai, â.lârm' vt, dychrynu; galw at 

arfau: n, ofh, dychryn; rhybudd, 

gwaedd, bloedd [rhybudd 

Alarum, â.lar'um n, gwaedd perygl, 
Alas, â.ías' i, och ! och fi ! aha ! 
Alb, alb n, gwenwisg 
Albeit, ôl.bî'it c, er, er hyny, anllai, eto 
Albion, al'bî.un n, hen enw Prydain 
Alcaic, al.ka'ik n, pennill Alcseus 
Alcaid, al.kad' n, enw swyddog yr His- 

paen [Hispaen 

Alcavala, ahkav' n, toll a delir yn yr 
Alchemist, al' n, un yn hòni y 

gall droi meteloedd yn aur, uchfTeryll 
Alchemy, al'kem.i n, uchfferylliaeth 
Alcohol, al'ko.hol n, gwirf [gwirfiad 
Alcohohzation,'shun n, 
Alcoholize, al''z vt, gwirfio 
Alcoran, al'ko.ran n, Beibl y Mahomet- 

iaid [fwd 

Alcove, al-kov' n, ystafell nenfwd, cell- 
Alder, óTdûr », gwernen [eddwr 
Aldei-man, ôl'dû n. henadur, seii- 
Ale, iil n, cwrw. diod. heiddlvn 

ALL path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rme, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tvv=too, twk=took, 

Aleberry, äl'ber.î n, math o ddiod gym- 

mysgedig [cwrw 

Aleconner, al'kon.ur n, golygwr mesurau 
Alectryomancy, a.leck' n, 

Alegar, al'î.gâr n, cwrw sur 
Alehouse, äl'hûŵs (alehouses, äl'hûŵ- 

ziz) n, cwrwfdy, diotty, tafarn 
Alembic, a.lem'bik «, math o ddystyll- 
Alength, â.length' ad, yn ei hyd [lestr 
Alert, â.lûrt' a, bywiog, heini. gwyliad- 

wrus [hoewder 

Alertness, â.lûrt'nes n, bywiogrwydd, 
Alewife, äl'wi'f n, tafarnwraig 
Alexandrine,'drin n, Hindi yn 

cynnwys deuddeg sill 
Alexipharmic, al.eks.i.far'mik. Alex- 

iteric, al.eks.i.ter'ik a. eyfareddol rhag 

gwenwyn [llythyrenol. alsawdd 

Algebra, al'gî.bra n, alsoddeg, rhyfyddeg 
Algebraic, al.ji.bra'ik, Algebraical, al- 

jî.brä'î.cal a, aJsoddol 
AÌgebraist, al'ji.brä.ist n. alsoddegydd 
Algid, al'jid a, oerllyd, fferllyd 
Algidity.'al.jid'î.tî, Algor, al'gôr n, oer- 

fel, oerni, anwyd 
Algorithm, algorithm n, rhifyddiaeth 
Alias, ii' ad, neu, yn amgen 
Alibi, al'î.bî n, lie arall. To prove an 

alibi, profi absennoldeb [hyfaeth 

Alible, al' a, maethlawn, maethus. 
Alien, ä'lî.en n, allwlad, alltud, estron 
Alienable, ä'lî.en.â.bl a, trosglwyddadwy 
Alienate, ä'lî.en.ät vt, dyeithro; trosi, 

arallu: a, estronol, dyeithr 
Alienation, ä.lî.en.ä 'shun n, aralliad, 

trosiad, gwerthiad 
Alight, â.lì't' vi, disgyn, dyfod i lawr 
Ahke, a.l'fk' ad, yn debyg, yn gyffelyb, 

unddull, cymmaeth ' [bwyd 

Aliment, al'î.ment n, maeth, lluniaeth, 
Alimental, al.î.men'tal, Alimonious, al- 

î.mö' a, maethol 
Alimony, al'î.mun.î n, maeth; rhan 

gwraig wedi ysgar heb achos cyfreith- 

Aliquant, al'i.kwant a, anghydrif 
Aliquot, al'i.kwot n, cydnifer 
Alish, ii'lish a, cwrwaidd 
Alive,'v' a, byw, yn fyw, bywiog, sionc 
Alkahest, al'kalhest n, ardnvy th 
Alkali, al' n, gwrthsur 
Alkaline, al'ka.lin a, gwrthsuraidd 
Alkermes, al.kur'miz n, cyffaith grawn 

All, ôl a, oil, holl, pawb, y cwbl 
Allatrate, al'â.trät vt, cyfarth, difrio 

Allaudable, a.ló'dâ.bl a, canmoladwy, 

gwiwglod, clodwiw 
Alay, a.lä' vt, tymheru; cymmysgu; 

llinaru: n, adwyn, eymmysgedig ag 

un mwy gwertbiawr [deniad, llithiad 
Allectation, al.ek.ta'shun n, hudiad, 
Allegation, al.î.gä'shun n, haeriad; dadl 
Allege, a.lej' vt, hbni, haeru, gwirio 
Allegeable, a.lej'â.bl a, traethadwy 
Allegiance, a-lí'jî.ans n, fiyddlondeb i'r 

llywodraeth [dammegol 

Allegorical, aU.gor'i.kal a, arall egol, 
Allegory, al'tgor.i n, aralleg, cyflfelyb- 
Allegro, al.î'grö a, ynfywiog [iaeth 
Alleluja, al.i.lü'yâ it, moliant i Dduw 
Alleviate,' vt, ysgythhau, es- 

mwytho, esmwythSu 
Alleviation,'shun n, ysgafhhfid 
Alley, al'i n, rhodfa ; heol gul 
AUnallowtide, ól.hal'ö.t'íd n, calan gauaf 
Alliance, a. li'ans n. cyt'athrach. cynghrair 
Alliciency, a.lish'en.sî n, attyniad. swyn 
Allied, a.l'íd' a, cytathrachol, cynghreir- 

iol, cyfunedig 
Alligation, al.î.gä^shun n, cydglymiad 
Alligate, al'î.gät vt, cydglymu 
Alligator, al'î.gä.tûr n, crocodil, addanc 
Allision, a.lizh'un n, cyd-daro, cyttaro 
Alliteration, a.lit.u.rä'shun n, cydlyth- 

yreniad [eyd-ddodiad 

Allocation, al.o.kii'.shun n, gosodiad, 
Allocution, al.o.kii'shun n, cyfarchiad i 

arall [rhydd 

Allodial, a.lö.'dî.al a, breninol,annibynol, 
Allodium, a.lö'dî.um n, rhydd-feddiant 
Allonge, a.lunj' n, gwth neu gais ag art 
Allot, a. lot' vt, gosod, penodi, cyfranu 
Allotment, a.lot'ment n, cyfran, dawg, 

darn o dir [t^ng 

Allow, a.lûŵ' vt, caniatäu; goddef, gos- 
Allowable, a.lûŵ'â.bl a, goddefol, can- 

iataol, goddefadwy 
Allowance, a.lfuv'ans n, goddefiad ; dogn 
Alloy, a.lôí' 11, adwyn o is werth }m gym- 

mysgedig ag aur, arian, &c, er eu 

ca'ledu : vt, cymmysgu meteloedd 
Allubescency, al.ü-bes'en.sî n, parod- 

Allude, a.liid' vi, cyfeirio, cyffelybu 
Alluminate, a.lü'mî.nät vt, addurno, 

gwychu [lli^dd 

Alluminor, a.lü'mî.nûr n, paentiwr, 
Allure, a.lii'r' vt, hudo, denu, lhthio 
Allurement, a.lii'r'ment n, hudoliaeth 
Allusion, a.lii'zhun n, cyfeiriad; aw- 

Allusive, a.lii'siv a cyffelvbol; cvfeiriol 

ôre; läte, line, nö, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, THis;=j=dzh. AMB 

Alluvium, a.lii' re, ysbwiial agludir 

gan ddwfr \_vt, ymgyfathrachu 

Ally, a.l'i' n, cynghreiriad ; cyfaill; car: 
Almacantar,'tur re, cylch yn 

cyfochroli'r terfyngylch 
Almanac, al'ma.nak re, amseroni, dydd- 

lyfr. Almanac-maker, amseronydd 
Almandine, al'man.di'n re, math o faen 

Almighty, ôl.mi'tî a, Hollalluog : re, Duw 
Almond,* â'mund n, ffrwyth y pren 

almon. Almonds of the throat, chwar- 

enau y gwddf 
Almoner, al'mun.ûr re, elusenwr 
Almonry, al'mun.rî, Amry, âm'rî re, 

Almost, ôl'möst ad, ym mron, agos, 

braidd, o fewn ychydig, prin 
Alms, amz re, elusen, cardod, cardawd. 

Alms-deeds, elusenau. Alms-house, 

elusendy, ysbytty 
Aloes, al'oz re, sudd pren alws 
Aloetic,'ik a, alwsaidd 
Aloft, â.loft' ad, yn uchel, fry, i fyny 
Alogy, al'ö.jî re, afresymoldeb, ynfyd- 

rwydd [ nun 

Alone, â.lön' a, imig, unigol, wrtho ei 
Along, â.long' ad, ym mlaen; bellach. 

Along-side, wrth ochr y Hong 
Aloof, â.lŵf' ad, o bell, o hirbell 
Alopecy, al'ö.pî.sî re, syrthiad y gwallt 
Aloud, â.lûŵd' ad, jn uchel, yn groch 
Alpha, al'fâ re, y llythyren gyntaf yn yr 

eçwyddor Roeg 
Alphabet, al'fâ.bet re, yr egwyddor 
Alphabetical,'i.kal a, egwydd- 
Alpine, al'p'in a, mynyddig [oraidd 

Already,'î ad, eisoes, yn barod, 

cyn hyn, o'r blaen 
Also, ôl'sö c, hefyd, yn yr un modd 
Altar, ôl'tûr, re, allor, b^Tdd y cymmun 
Altaraçe, ôl'tur.äj re, yr offrwm 
Alter, ol'tûr v, newid, arallu 
Alterable, ôl'tur.â.bl a, nemdiadwy 
Alterant, ôTtur.ant a, new-idiol 
Alteration, ôl.tu.rä'shun n, newidiad, 

cyfne-nàdiad [gweithio yn raddol 

Alterative, ol'tu.ra.tiv re, cyffer yn 
Altercate, ôl't ur.kat vi, ymeirio, ymgecru 
Altercation, ôl.tûi\kä'shun re, ymryson, 

Alternate, ôl.tûr'nät a, cylchynol, bob 

yn ail : v, newid bob yn ail 
Alternation, ôl.túr.nä'shun re, cylchyniad 
Alternative, ol.tur'na.tiv re, dewisiad o 

un o ddau beth, dewis 
Althea, al.thí'â re, prysgen flodeuawl 

Although. ôl.THò' ad, er, pe, cyd bo 
Altiloquence, al.til o.kwens re, chwydd- 

iaith [uchfesuriad 

Altimetry, al.tim'î.trî re, uchfeidraeth, 
Altisonant, al.tis'ö.nant a, uchelseiniol 
Altitude, al'tî.tüd n, uchder, uchelder 
Altogether, ôl.tŵ.geTH'ûr ad, yn hollol, 

i gyd, yn llwyr, yn gyfan-gwbl 
Aludel, ai'ü.del re, math o lestr a arferir 

mewn ffeiylhaeth 
Alum, al'um re, allawg, alwm 
Aluminous, â.lü'mî.nus a, allogaidd, al- 

ymaidd [gwenynfa 

Alveary, al'vî.ur.î re, gardd wenyn, 
Always, oTwaz, ad, yn wastadol, bob 

amser sennol Be) 

Am, am vi, wyf, ydwyf. (Amser pre- 
Amability, ä.mâ.bil'î.tî re, hawddgai-wch, 

anwyldeb [yn egn'iol 

Amain, â.män' ad, â'r holl egni, yn"lew, 
Amalgam, â.mal'gam re, coi-fforiad ad- 

wynau [gu adwynau 

Amalgamate, â.mal'gâ.mät vt, cymmys- 
Amand, â.mand' vt, anfon, gyru ymaith 
Amandation, â.man.dä'shun re, cenad- 

wriaeth [fenydd geiriau arall 

Amanuensis, â.man'ü.en.sis re, ysgri- 
Amaranth, am'â.ranth re, blodau ammor, 

anfarwaint [aidd 

Amaranthine, am.â.ran'thm a, ammor- 
Amaritude, â.mar'î.tüd n, chwei-wder 
Amass, â.mas' vt, casglu, croni, pentyru 
Amassment, â.mas'ment re, pentyriad 
Amate, â.mät' vt. dycmynu, arswydo 
Amateur, â.mâ.tûr' re, carwr y celfydd- 
Amatory, am'â.tur.î a, serchlawn [ydau 
Amaurosis, am.ô.rö'sis re, gwendid golwg 
Amaze, a.maz' vt, synu, rhyfeddu ; braAV- 

ychu, irdangu 
Amazement, a.maz'ment re, syndod, ar- 

uthredd, braw [garwen 

Amazon, am'a.zun n, gwraig ŵaidd, 
Ambages, am.bii'jiz re. cylchymadrodd 
Ambassador, am.bas'â.dûr re, prif gen- 

adwr, negesydd 
Ambassage, am'bas.iij re, cenadwri 
Amber, am'bûr re, gwefr, elydr 
Ambergiis, am'bfu-.gris re, ambyi- 
Ambidexter, am-bî.deks'tûr re, un de- 

heuig o bob Haw; un dauwynebog; 

Ambidextrous,'trus a, cyf- 

lawiog; dauwjmebog 
Ambient, am'bî.ent a, amgylchol 
Ambigu, am'bî.gü re, dysglaid o gym- 

mysgedd dyeitlu- [ aeth ; nrwysder 
Ambiguity, am.bî.gü'î.ti re, ammheu- 

ANA path, fat. ëre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, twk=took; 

Ambiguous, am.big'ü.us a, ammhëus; 

mwys; arbetrusol 
Ambiguousness, am.big'ü.us.nes n, an- 

nilysnvydd, mwysder [petrusiaeth 
Ambiloquy, am.bil'o.kwi n, annilysiaeth, 
Ambiloquous, am.bil'o.kwus a, am- 

mheuol, petrusol [iad 

Ambit, am bit n, amgylchedd, cylchyn- 
Ambition, am.bish'un, Ambitiousness, 

am.bish'us.nes n, uchelgais, uchel- 

drem [awyddus 

Ambitious, am.bish'us a, ucnelfrydig, 
Ambitude, am'bî.tüd n, cylch, cwmpas 
Amble, am'bl vi, rhygyngu : n, rhygyng- 

iad [duwiau 

Ambrosia, am.brö'zhî.â n, bwyd y 
Ambrosial, am.bro' a, per, hyfryd; 
Ambry, am'brî ??, bwytty. cardotty 
Ambulation, am.bü.lä'shun n, rhodiad, 

cerddediad [aramredol 

Ambulatory, am'bü.lä.tur.î a, rhodianol, 
Ambury, amT)u.rî n, dafaden waedlyd 

ar geffyl 
Ambuscade, am.bus.kad', Ambush, am'- 

bwsli n, cynllwyn, cynllwynfa, rhag- 

odfa; cadbwll [gwlyb-llosgiad 

Ambustion, am.bust'shun n, llosgiad, 
Amel, am'el n, arliw, barnais 
Amelcorn, am'el.korn n, gwenith Ffreng- 

ig [gwelläu 

Ameliorate, â.mî'lî.ü.rat vt, diwyllio, 
Amen, ä'men' ad, yn wir; boed felly 
Amenable, â.mî'nâ.bl a, atebol, cyfrifol 
Amenance, am'en.ans n, ymddygiad, 

agwedd [ divvy 2Ì0 

Amend, â.mend' v, adgyweirio, gwelläu 
Amendment, â.mend'ment n, divvygiad. 

gwellâd [rwydd 

Amends, a.mendz' np, iawn, boddlon- 
Amenity, ä.men'î.tî n, hyfrydwch lie 
Amerce, â.mîirs' vt, dirwyo 
Amercement, â.mûrs'ment n, dirwy, 

camhvrw [fawr 

Amethyst, am'î.thist n, maen gwerth- 
Amiable, ä'mî.â.bl a, hawddgar, pryd- 

weddol, serchus [ystinos 

Amianthus,'thus n, math o faer. 
Amicable, am' a, caredig, hygar, 

hvnaws, cyfeiUgar Lg 1 7 s 

Amice, am'is n, pilyn isaf yr ofl'eren- 
Amid, â.mid', Amidst, ft. midst' pr. yng 

nghanol, ym mhlith, plith, ym mysg, 

rhwng "[warthus 

Amiss, â.mLs' ad, ar fai, yn feius, yn 
Amission, â.mish'un n, colled, coll. di- 

Amit, â.mit' vt. golhvng ymaith 

Amity, am'í.tí n, cariad, cyfeillach 
Ammonia, a.mö'nî.â n. math o wrthsur 
Ammonium, a.mö'nî.ûm n, math o ad- 

wyn [rhyfel 

Ammunition, am.ü.nish'un n, arhvy 
Amnesty, am'nes.ti n, deddf ebargofiad 

Amomum, â.mö'mum n, math o ffrwyth 
Among, â.mung', Amongst, â.mungst' 

pr, ym mhhth, ym mysg, rhwng 
Amorist, am'ö.ríst n, cariad-fab 
Amorous, am'ö-rus a, careugar ; anllad 
Amort, â.môrt' a, digalon, trwm, prudd 
Amount, â.mûŵnt' n, cyfanswm, swm : 

vt, cyrhaedd, cynnyddu. [waith 

Amour, ä.mŵ'r' a, anllad, serch, nwyf- 
Amove, a.mwv' vt, symmud ; diswyddo 
Amphi-, Amj>h- px, yn arwyddo dau 
Amphibious, âm.fib'yus a, deu-elfenog, 

Amphibology, am.fî.bol'ö.jî n, mwys- 

iaith. mwysair [ieithol 

Amphibolous, am.fib'ö.lus a, mwys- 
Amphisbama, am.fis.bí'nâ n, amwibon 
Amphiscii,'yi - n, trigolion y cylch 

poeth ' [reudy. chwareui'a 

Amphitheatre, .thî'â.tûr n, chwa- 
Amphora, am'f ü-rá n, math o ddiodlestr 
Ample, am 'pi a, helaeth, mawr, eang; 

cyflawn [llawnder 

Ampleness, am'pl.nes n, helaethder, 
Ampliation, am.plí.ä'shun, Amplifica- 

tion, am.plif.i.ka'shun n, helaethiad 
Amplify, am' vt, chwanegu, eangu, 

taenu, lledu [eangder 

Amplitude, am'plî.tüd n, helaethnvydd, 
Amputate, am'pü.tät vt, tori aelod, 

amdori [iad 

Amputation, am.pü.tä'shun n, amdor- 
Amulet, am'ii.let n, swyn-gyfaredd 
Amuse, a.miiz' vt, difyru ; hudfoddio 
Amusement, a.miiz'ment n. difyrweh, 

digrifwch [boddhäus 

Amusive,'siv a, difyrol, hyfryd, 
Amygdalate, â.mig'dâ.lät a, almonaidd 
An, an a. — A 

Anabaptist, an.â.bap'tist «, ail-fedyddiwr 
Anacamptic, an.a.kamp'tik a, adlamol, 

Anacathartic, an.a.ka.thar'tik n, medd- 

yginiaeth gyfogol 
Anachorete, an.ak'o.ret, Anachorite, an- 

ak'o.r'it n, meudwv [arfrudiaeth 

Anachronism, an.ak'ro.nizin n. cam- 
Anaclastics. an.a.klas'tiks n, pelldrem- 

iaeth [dull Anacreon 

Anacreontic, an.ak.ii.ontik a, vn ol 

ore; late; line, no, miite she,=zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. 


Anadiplosis, an.â.dì.plö'sis n, ail-ddybl- 

iad; ail-roddiad 
Anagogical,'i.kal a, dirgelaidd 
Anagram, an'â.gram n, traws-symmud- 

iad Uythyrenau [awduron 

Analects, an'a.lekts n, pigion o amryw 
Analeptic, an.a.lep'tik a, adferol, cryf- 

Analogical, an.â.loj'î.cal, Analogous, 

â.nal'ö.gus a, cyfatebol, tebyg 
Analogy, â.nal'ö.jî n, cyffelybìad; cy- 

Analysis, a.nal'î.sis (analyses, â.nal'î- 

sîz) n, dadansoddiad, dadglymiad 
Analytic, an.a.lit'ik, Analytical, an.â- 

lit'i.kal a, dosranol [dyfynu 

Analyze, an'a.l'iz vt, dattod, dansoddi, 
Anamorphosis, an.â.môr'fö.sis n, an- 

Ananas, â.nä'nas n, afal pinwydden 
Anapaest, an'â.pest n, math o fydr cerdd 
Anaphora, â.naf'ö.râ n, brawdd-addurn 
Anarch, an'ark n, terrysgAvr, anllywod^T 
Anarchy, an' n, teifysg ; annhrefn, 

aflywodraeth , gwrthdeyruedd 
Anasarca, an.a.sar'ka n, dyfrglwyf 
Anastrophe, â.nas'trö.fì n, newidiad trefh 

naturiol geiriau [melltith 

Anathema, â.nath'ì.mâ n, esgymmuniad 
Anathematize, a.nath' vt, es- 

gymmuno; rhegu [arlog 

Anatocism, a.nat'o.sizm n, llog ar log, 
Anatomical, an.a.tom'i.kal a, difyn- 

iadol, difynol [difynwi- 

Anatomist, â.nat'ö.mist n, difynydd, 
Anatomy, â.nat.'ö.mî n, difyniaeth ys- 

gerbwd [tors, hynafiaid, teidiau 

Ancestor, an'ses.tûi' n, cyndad. Ances- 
Ancestral, an'ses.tral a, hynafaidd, cen- 

edlawl [gwelygordd 

Ancestry, an'ses.tri n, achau, bonedd, 
Anchor, ang'kur », angor; vt, angori, 

bwrw angor. Anchor-smith, gof an- 

gorion [angordreth 

Anchorage, ang'ko.raj n, angorfa 
Anchoret, ang'ko.ret, Anchorite, ang' 

ko.r'it n, meudwy, ancr [bychain 

Anchovy, an.tsho'vi n, matla o forbysg 
Ancient, än'shent a, hen, hirhoedlogi 

oesol: », llumanwr. Ancients, hyn- 
afiaid, hynaif, tadau. Ancient of Days 

Hen Ddihenydd 
Anciently, änshent.lî ad, gynt, yn y 

cynfyd [bonedd, achau 

Ancientry, än'shen.trî n, hynafiaeth, 
Ancillary, an'sil-ur.i a, gwasanaethol 
Ankle, ang'kl o, tì'. r, migwi'n 

And, and c, a, ac [eglur 

Andante, an.dan'tî ad, yn gymmedrol ac 
Andiron, an'd'í.ûni n, brigwn, gobed 
Androgynal, an.droj'î.nal a, deurywiol 
Anecdote, an' n, hanesyn, chwedl 
Anemography, an.î.mog'râ.fì n, gwynt- 

Anemone, â.nem'ö.nî n, llysiau'r gwynt 
Anemoscope, a.nem'o.skop n, gAvynt- 

Anent, â.nent' ad, gyferbyn, ar gyfer 
Aneurism, an'u.rizm n, eangiad rhed- 

Anew, â'nü' ad, o'r newydd, eilwaith 
Anfractuous, an.frak' a, tröedig, 

Angel, än j el n, angel; cenad; ansawd; 

hardd ; hen ddarn o arian gwerth 6s. 8c. 
Angehc, an.jel'ik, Angehcal, an.jel'î- 

kal a, angylaidd [cerdd 

Angelot, anjî.lot n, math o offeryn 
Anger, ang'ûr n, dig, digter, gwg, llid : 

vt, digio, llidio, anfoddloni 
Angiography, an.jî.og'râ.fî n, darluniad 

o lestri y coi^fF 
Angle, ang'gl n, ongl, congl, cornel, 

genwair : vi, genweirio, pysgota 
Anglesey, ang'gl.sî n, Mon, Ynys Mon 
Anglicise, ang''z vt, Seisnigo, troi i'r 

Anghscism, ang'gli.sizm n, Seisnigaeth 
Angober, ang'gö.bûr n, math o beran 
Angry, ang'grî a, dig, llidiog, digllawn. 

To be angry, digio [cystudd 

Anguish, ang'gwish n, mg, gloes,dirboen, 
Angular, ang'gü.lûr, Angulous, ang'- 

gü.lus a, onglog, conglog 
Angulated, ang'gü.lä.ted a, ongledig 
Angust, ang.gust' a, cul, cyfyng 
Angustation, ang.gus.tä'shun n, culni, 

cyfjmgder [difryg anadl 

Anhelation, an.hî.lä'shun n, dyheuad, 
Anhelose, an'hî.lôs a, allan o anadl 
Aniented, an'yen.ted a, diddymiedig 
Anüity, â.nifî.tî n, gwracheiddrwydd ; 

ail fabandod 
Animadversion, an.i.mad.vur'shun », 

sylwad, ystyriaeth, beuniadaeth ; cer- 

ydd [ol, sylwiadol 

Animadversive, an.i.mad.vfu-'siv a, barn- 
Animadvert, an.i.mad.vurt' vt, bamu, 

sylwi ; ceryddu, beio 
Animal, an'î.mal n, anifail, mil, milyn : 

a, eneidiol, bywiol, nwyfbl 
Animalcule, an.i.mal'kul n, milyn an- 

weledig i'r llygad [imalcule 

Animalcula, an.i.mal' np. — An- 

ANT path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, Orb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, twkrrtook; 

Animality, an.ì.mal'î.tî n, eneidiolrwydd. 

Animate, an'î.mät a, byw, bywydog: 

vt, bywhau, cefnogi, calonogi 
Animation, an.î.mä'shun/i, bywhâd,byw ■ 

iogrwydd [nogaethol 

Animative, an' a, bywhaol, an- 
Animose, an'î.mös a, poethlyd, gwresog 
Animosity, an.î.mos'î.tî n, gelyniaeth, 

easineb, dygasedd 
Aniseed, an'î.sîd n, gwewyrlys, had anis 
Anker, ang'kur n, barilan deg galwyn 
Ankle, ang'kl n, migwm, fíer, asgwrn y 

Annalist, an' n, hanesydd blynyddol 
Annals, an'alz np, blwyddol hanesion 
Annats, an'ats np, blaenffhvythau, cyn- 

Anneal, a.nü' vt, tymheru gwydr; pobi 
Annex, a.neks' vt, cyssylltu, cynnodi 
Annexion, a.nek'shun, Annexation, an-'shun n, cyssylltiad, cyfrwymiad, 

atddodiad [dinystrio 

Annihilate, a.n'í'hî.lät vt, diddymu, 
Annihilation, a.n'í.hì.lä'shun n, diddym- 

iad, diddymiant 
Anniversary, an.i.vur'sur'i n, cylchwyl : 

a, blynyddol, blwyddol [aidd 

Annolis, an'ö.lis n, ymlysgiad Americ- 
Annotation, an.ö.tä shun n, nodau eg- 

lurhaol, sylwadau [esboniwi 

Annotator, an'ö.tä.tûr n, nodiedydd. 
Aimounce, a.nûŵns' vt, dadgan,cyhoeddi 
Annoy, a.nôî' vt, drygu, niweidio ; bhno 
Annoyance, a.nôì'ans n, aflonyddwch, 

Annual, an'ü.al a, blynyddol, blwyddol 
Annuitant, a.nü'î.tant n, un a hawl 

ganddo i dâl blynyddol [blynyddol 
Annuity, a.nü'î.tî n, dogn neu dâl 
Annul, a.nul' vt, didd)TTiu, dilè'u, dirymu 
Annular, an'ü.lûr a, cnvn, modrwyaidd 
Annulet, an'ii.let n, modrwyig ; addurn- 

gerfiad bychan o gylch colofn arch 
Annumerate a.nü'mur.ät vt, rhifo, cyfrif 
Annunciate, a.nun'shi.Lit vt, hysbysu, 

dwyn cenadwri [archiad 

Annunciation, an.un.sî.'á'shun n, cyf- 
Anodyne, an'ö.d'ín n, esmwythäydd, 

llinarydd : a, esmwythaol, llonyddol 
Anoint, â.nôînt' vt, iro, eneinio 
Anomalism, a.nom'a.lizm, Anomaly, â- 

nom'â.lî 11, anghyfartaledd 
Anomalous, â.nom'â.lus a, anghydredol, 

direol, afreolaidd 
Anomy, an'ö.mî n, anghyfraith, annhrefn 
Anon, â.non' ad, yn fyr, yn fuan, yn y man 

Anonymous, â.non'î.mus a, anadna- 

byddus, dienw 
Anorexy, an' n, anchwant at fvvyd 
Another, an.uTH'ûr a, arall, un arall, 

nid yr un 
Ansated, an'sä.ted a, dolenog, carnog 
Answer, an'sûr vt, ateb ; cyfateb : n, ateb, 

atebiad; dadbrawf 
Answerable, an'sûr.â.bl a, atebol, cyfi-ifol 
Ant, ant n, morgrugyn, mywionyn 
Antagonist, an.ta^'ü.nist n. gw'rthwyn- 

ebwr, gwrthblaid [hanol eiriad 

Antanaclasis, sis n, gwa- 
Antarctic, an.tark'tik a, deheuol. An- 
tarctic pole, pegwn y de 
Ante- px, cyn, o flaen, rhag- [flaenu 
Antecede, an.tî.sîd' v, blaenori, rhag- 
Antecedence, an.tî.sî'dens n, blaenafiaeth 
Antecedent, an.tî.sî'dent n, rhagflaenor, 

blaenor : «, blaenorol, blaenfed 
Antechamber, an'tí.tshäm.bur n, rhag- 

ystafell [ydd 

Antecessor, an.tî.ses'ûr n, rhagarwèin- 
Antedate, an'tî.dät vt, rhagddyddio 
Antediluvian, an.tî.dî.lu a, cyn y 

dylif. o'r cynfyd [bychan 

Antelope, an'tî.löp n, math o garw 
Antemeridian, an.ti.mî.rid'yan n, cyn 

nawn, bore [y byd 

Antemundane, an.tî.mun'dän a, o flaen 
Antepast, an'tî.past n, blaenbrawf, byr- 

bryd [ond dwy 

Antepenult, an.tî.pî.nult' n, y sill olaf 
Antepileptic, ant.ep.i.lep'tik a, gwrth- 

Anterior, an.tî'r'î.ûr a, blaenorol, cyn 
Anteriority, an.tî'r.î.or'î.tî «,blaenoriaeth 
Anthem, an 'them n, mawlgan 
Anthology, an.thol'ü.jî n, blodeugerdd, 

blodeulyfr [ddysg 

Anthropology, an.thrö.pol'ö.jî n, difyn- 
Anthropophagi, an.thrö.pof â.j î np, bwyt- 

awyr dynion [ddysg 

Anthroposophy, an.thrö.pos'ö.f 1 n, dynol- 
Anthypnotic, an.thip.not'ik a, gwrth- 

Anti-, Ant- px, gwrth, yn erbyn 
Antic, an'tik a, hen, digrif, gwatwaraidd : 

n, ysgentyn, ystumiwr. Antics, 

castiau digrif, munudiau 
Antichrist, an'ti.knst n, anghrist 
Antichristian, an.ti.kris'tshan a, gwrth- 

gristiol, anghristaidd 
Anticipate, an.tis'î.pät vt, rhagachub, 

dysgwyl, blaenbrofi, rhagweled 
Anticipation, an.tis.î.pä'shun n, blaen- 

brofiad, rhagfwynhad. dvsgwvhad 

jre ; lüte, line, nö, mute ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. APO 

Anticlimax, an.ti.kl'i'maks a, gradd- 

Anticonvulsive, an.ti.kon.vul'siv a 

Anticor, an'ti.kor n, clwyf yr ysgyfaint 
Antidotal, an'tî.dü.tal a, gwrtliwemvynol 
Antidote, an'tî.döt n, meddyginiaeth 

rhag gwenwyn, &c. [ynol 

Antifebrile, an.ti.feb'ril a, gwrthdwym- 
Antilogy, an.til'ö.jî n, gwrthddywed- 

iad mewn awdwr [gwrthdeymiol 

Antimonarchical, an.tî.mö.nâr'kî.kal a, 
Antimony, an'tî.mun.î n, math o adwyn 
Antinomian, an.tî.nö'mî.an n, anti- 

nomiad, gwrthddeddfiad 
Antinomy, an'tî.nö.mî n, gwrthddywed- 

iad rhwng dwy ddeddf 
Antipathy, an.tip'â.thî n, gwrthnaws; 

casineb [gwrth-heintiol 

Antipestilential, an.tî.pes.tUen'shal a, 
Antiphone, ad.tif'ö.nî n, atebgerdd, ateb- 

Antiphrasis, an.tifrâ.sis n, gwrtheiriaid 
Antipodes, an.tip'o.diz n, gwrthdraedwyr 
Antipope, au'tî.pöp n, gwrthbabydd 
Antiquarian, an.tîJcwê'r'î.an, Antiquary, 

an.ti.kwe'r.i n, hynafiaeth [ddymu 
Antiquate, an'ti.kwiit vt, heneiddio ; di- 
Antique, an.tik' a, henaidd, oedranus, 

hynod: n, henbeth, gorhenyn, hen- 

Antiquity, an.tik 'wî.tî n, hynafiaeth, yr 

amser gynt. Antiquities, hvnafiaeth- 

au, hynafion [cyhydedd 

Antiscii, an.tish'yi" n, trigolion dau du y 
Antiscorbutic, an.ti.skor.bu'tik a, da 

Antiseptic, an.tî.sep'tic n, gwrthfraenol 
Antispasmodic, an.ti.spaz.mod'ik a, 

Anti splenetic, an.ti.splen'i.tik a, da rhag 

y ddue^wst [cerdd 

Antistrophe, an.tis'trö.fì n, ail Dennill 
Antistrumatic, an.ti.strw.mat'ik a, da 

rhag y manwynau, gwrthfanwyn 
Antithesis, an.tith'î.sis (p antitheses, 

an.tith'i.siz) n, cyferbyniaeth 
Antitrinitarian, an.tî.trin.î.tê'r'î.an n, 

gwrthdrindodiad : a.gwrthdrindodaidd 
Antitype, an'tî.fíp n, gwrthhm, gwrth- 

gysgod [y frech losg 

Antivenereal, an.ti.vLni'r' n, da rhag 
Antlers, ant'lûrs np, cyrn y carw 
Antceci, an.ti's'i n. gwrthdrigolion 
Antonomasia, an.tö.nö.mä'zhí .â n, gwrth- 

Antre, an'tfìr n, ogof, lloches, ffau 

Anvil, an'vil n, eingion. Anvil-stock, 

cyff eingion 

Anxiety, ang.z'i'i.ti, Anxiousness, angk'- 

shus.nes n, pryder, gofal, anesmwyth- 

der, trymfryd [awyddus 

Anxious, angk'skus a, pryderus, gofalus ; 

Any, en'î a, un, unrhyw, neb, rhyw, 

nebawd, dim 
Anywise, en'i.wiz ad, mewn rhyw ddull 
Aorist, ä'ö.ristre, enw amser am'mhenodol 
Aorta, ä.ôr'tâ n, y rhedwely fawr 
Apace, â.päs' ad, yn man, ar ffrwst, ar frys 
Apart, â.pârt ad, o'r neilldu, ar wahan 
Apartment, â.pârt'ment n, rhandy, ys- 

tafell ' 
Apathetic, ap.a.thet'ik a, dideimlad 
Apathy, ap'â.thî n, annheimlad ; syrthni 
Ape, äp n, ab, epa, gwrab; dynwared- 

ydd: vt, dynwared, amredu 
Apepsy, â.pep'sî n, treuhad, afreolaidd 
Aperient, â.pî'r'î.ent a, rhyddhaol 
Apertion, â.pûr'shun n, agoriad mynedfa 
Aperture, ap'ûr.tshü'r n, Wlch, twll 
Apetalous, â.pet'â.lus a, heb ddail blodau 
Apex, a'peks (apices) n, blaen, pwynt, 

pen, copa, crib 
Aphelion, â.fî'lî.un n, y rhan bellaf oddi 

wrth yr haul o gylchdro y planed 
Aphorism, afo.rizm n, gosodedigaeth, 

piif-reol, call-chwedl 
Apiarian, a.p'i.ê'r'î.an a, cadwr gwenyn, 

Apiary, ä'pî.ur.î n, gwenynlle, gwenynfa 
Apices, ap'i.siz np. — Apex 
Apish, ä'pish a, gwrabaidd, dynwaredol, 
ffol [digrifwch 

Apishness, â'pish.nes n, coegedd, ffol, 
Apo-, Ap- px, oddi wrth, ymaith 
Aplustre, â.plus'tûr n, math o faner 
Apocalypse, a.pok'a.lips n, dadguddiad, 
gweledigaeth [guddiadol 

Apocalj-ptical, a.pok.a.lip'tLkal a, dad- 
Apocope, â.pok'ö.pî n, toriad ymaith y 
sill olaf [mhëus 

Apocrypha, a.pok'n.fa np, llyfrau am- 
Aprocryphal, a.pok'ri.fal a, anawduredig, 
ammhëus [osiadol 

Apodictical, â.pö.dik'tî-kal a, arddang- 
Apodixis, ap.o.dik'sis n, prawf, arddang- 

Apogee, ap'ö.jî n, y rhan bellaf o gylch- 
dro yr haul neu blaned oddi wrth y 
ddaiar [nod 

Apogiatura, â.pö.jî.â.tü'r'â n, addurn- 
Apologetical, ap.ol.o.jet'i.kal a,esgnsodol, 


APP path, fat, err, met, iiifi-rine. pin. ôrb, on, curve, cut. t\v=too, twk=took; 

Apologist, â.pol'ö.jist n, diheurydd, am- 

Apologize, a.pol'o.j'iz vi, amddiffyn, di- 

henro; esgusodi 
Apologue, ap'ö.log a, chwedl, moeswers 
Apology, fi.pol'ö.jî n, diffyniad. esgusawd 
Apomecometry, ap.ö.mî.ìtom'î.trî n, pell- 

fesuriaeth [tynu ymaith llysnafedd 
Apophlegmatic, ap.o.fleg.mat'ik a, yn 
Apophthegm, ap'ii.them n, doethair, di- 

areb [lys mud 

Apoplectic, a.po.plek'tik a, o natur par- 
Apoplexy, ap'ö.plelt.sî n, parlys mud 
Apostacy, â.pos'tâ.sî n, gwrthgiliad. 

gwrthgwymp [gwympwr 

Apostate, â.pos tät n, gwrthgihwr,gwrth- 
Apostatize, a.pos'ta.tiz vi, gwrthgilio 
Aposteme, ap os.tim n, math o gomwyd 

neu grawniad [casglu 

Apostemate, â.pos'tî.mät vi, crawnu, 
Apostle, â.pos'l 11, apostol, cenad 
Apostleship, â.pos'l.ship n, apostoliaeth 
Apostolic, a.pos.tol'ik a, apostolaidd 
Apostrophe, â.pos'trö'fî n, sillgoll (') 
Apothecary, a.poth'i.kur.i n, cyfferiwr 
Apothegm, ap'o.them n, doethair, diareb 
Apotheosis, ap.ö.thî'ö.sis n, dwyfgys- 

Apozem, ap'o.zem n, trwyth, isgell, diod 
Appal, a.pôT vt, dyehrynu, digaloni, synu 
Appalment, a.pôl'ment n, arswyd, braw, 

Apparatus, ap.â.rä'tus (p apparatus) 

n, offer, arlwy [engaf 

Appanage, ap'â.näj n, tir i'r plant ieu- 
Apparel, a.par'el n, dillad, gwisgiad, 

trwsiad : vt, dilladu, trwsio, addumo 
Apparent, a.pé'r'ent a, ymddangosiadol ; 

avnlwg, eglur 
Apparition, ap.â.rish'un n, drychiolaeth; 

ysbryd; ellyll [iwr 

Apj)aritor, a.par'î.tûr n, rhingyll, gwys- 
Appay, á\p&' vt. tain, gollwng ymaith 
Appeach, a.pitsh' vt, cyhuddo. achwyn, 

ceryddn [frawd: vi. appèlio 

Appeal, â.pîl' n, appeliad, crychiad am 
Appear, a.pfr' vi, ymddangos; bod yn 

debyg, dyfod i'r golwg 
Appearance, a.pî'r'ans n, ymddangosiad, 

golwg, dull, rhith, agwedd, tebygol- 

iaeth; cjTchfa 
Appease, a.piz' vt, gostegu, dystewi, 

dyhuddo [dystewiad 

Appeasement, a.piz'ment n, diddigiad. 
Appellant, a.pel'ant v, appehwr; beidd- 

iwr [i'w erbytt 

Appellate, a.pelat w, y neb yr sppelir 

Aj)pellation, ap.e.lä'shun n, enwad, 

galwad; enw, titl 
Appellative, a.pel'a.tiv n, enw cyffredin: 

a. enwedigol, galwedigol 
Append, a.pend vt, crogi with, cydio; 

cymmodi, attodi [attodiad 

Appendage, a.pen'daj n, ychwanegiad, 
Appendant, a.pen'dant n, cydiad: a, 

glynol [attodi 

Appendicate, a.pen'di.kiit vt, cyssylltu. 
Appendix, a.pen'diks (p appendices, a- 

pen'di.siz) n, attodiad. ychwanegiad 
Appertain, ap.ûr.tän' w', perthynu. deiryd 
Appertinent, a.pûr'tî.nent o, perthynoí 
Appetence, ap'î.tens n, awydd, blys 
Appetibility,î.bil'î.tî n, awydd. 

cnwennycholdeb [mono] 

Appetible, ap'î.tî.bl a, chwennychol, dy- 
Appetite, ap'î.t'it n, awydd; chwant 

bwyd, bwydflys [fori, mawrygu 

Applaud, a.plôd' vt, canmol, moli. eíod- 
Applause, a.ploz' n, clod, canmoliaeth, 

Apple, ap'l n, afal. Apple of the eye, 

canwyll llygad. Apple-yard, perllan, 

Applicable, ap' a, cymhwysiadol 
Applicant, ap H.kant n, gofýnwr, "deisyf- 

wr; cymhwysydd 
Application, ap.h'.ka'shun n, cymhwys- 

ìad, eyfaddasiad, cyflead, cais; ym- 

road [ymroawl 

Applicative, ap'li.ka.tiv a, cyfaddasol; 
Apply, a.pli" v, cymhwyso; ymosod, 

ymroi [penodi, dogni, penu 

Appoint, a.pôînt' vt, gosod, trefnu. nodi, 
Appointment, a.pôint'ment n, gosodiad, 

trefniad, penodiad; cytundeb 
Apportion, a.pö'r'shun vt, dogni, eyfranu 
Appose, a.poz' vt, holi, chwiho 
Apposite, ap'o.zit a, cymhwysiadol, cyf- 

addas [eyfladdiad 

Apposition, ap.o.zish'un n, arddodiad; 
Appraise, a.praz' vt, prisio, eywerth- 

Appraisement, a.praz'ment n, prisiad 
Appreciate, a.pri'shî.ät vt, mawrliau, 

gwerthfawrogi ; prisio, iawnbrisio 
Apprehend, ap.rî.hend' vt, dirnad ; tybio ; 

ofhi ; dal ; cymmeryd i fyny 
Apprehension, ap.rî.hen'shun n, am- 

gytfred; deall; ofn 
Apprehensive, ap.ri.hen'siv a, ofhus, 

pryderus; synwyrol 
Apprentice, a.pren'tis n, breintwa», 

dv^ciadur, egw^ddorwas: vt^ rhwymo 

yn tTcintwaà" 


ore ; läte, line, nö, müte ; she, zh=.z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. ARD 

Apprenticeship, a.pren'tis.ship n, 

iadwriaeth, breintwasaeth 
Apprise, a.priz' vt, hysbysu, rhybuddio 
Approach, a.prötsh' n, dynesiad, nesâd : 

peryglus; afrwydd 

vt, dynesu, nesäu [wyaeth 

Approbation, a.prö.bä'shun n, cymmerad- 
Approof, a.prŵf' n, prawf; cymmerad- 

wyad, cymmeradwyaeth 
Appropriate, a.prö'prî.ät vt, neillduo 

priodoli: a, neillduol; addas, priodol 
Appropriation, a.prö.prî.ä'shun n, pri- 

odoldeb, cyfaddasiad [derbyniadwy 
Approvable, a.prw' a, profadwy, 
Approval, a.prŵ'val, n, cymmeradwy- 

aeth, ymfoddlom - wydd mewn peth 
Approve, a.prwv' vt, cymmeradwyo; 

profi, dangos [ymlynu 

Approximate, a.prok'si.mat vi, dynesu, 
Approximation, a.prok.suna'shun n, 

dynesiad, ymlyniad, nesiad 
Appulse, a.puls' n, tarawiad wrth 
Appurtenance, a.pîir'tî.nans n, perth- 

ynas, darymsawdd. Appurtenances, 

Apricot, ap'ri.kot n, bricyllen 
April, ä'pnl n, Ebrill, mis Ebrill 
Apron, ä'prun, ä'pûrn n, ffedog, arffedog; 

barclod, balog [brydlawn 

Apropos, ap'rö.pö ad, i'r penvyl; yn 
Apsis, ap'sis n, y rhanau hyny raewn 

cylchdro planed ag sydd bellaf oddi 

wrth, ac agosaf at, yr haul neu'r 

ddaiar [mhwys, parod 

Apt, apt a, chwannog, hyddysg; cy- 
Aptitude, ap'tî.tüd n, cymhwysder; 

tueddrwydd [rwydd 

Aptness, apt'nes n, addasrwydd ; deheu- 
Aptote, ap töt n, sylweddair â dim ond 

un terfyniad iddo 
Aquafortis, a.kwa.for'tis n, sur blorig 
Aquarius, a.kwe'r' n, y Dyfrwr 
Aquatic, a.kwat'ik a, dyfrol, dyfrog 
Aquavitae, ä.kwâ.vi"tî n, dwfr y bywyd ; 

brandi [dyfrffos 

Aqueduct, ak'widukt n, dyfriwybr, 
Aqueous, ii' a, dyfrllyd, dyfraidd 
Aquiline, ak'wilin a, eryraidd 
Arabic, ar'a.bik a & n, Arabaeg 
Arable, ar'â.bl a, arddadwy, aradwy 
Araneous, â.rä'nî.us a, fel gwe copyn 
Aration, â.rä'shun n, arddwriaeth 
Arbalat, âr'bâ.lat, Arbahst, âr'bâ.list n, 

bwa croes ; albrys 
Arbiter, âr'bî.tûr, Arbitrator, âr'bî-trä- 

tùr 7i,dyddiwr.canolwr, cyflafareddwr ; 

athrvwynwr; rhaglaw 

Arbitrariness, âr'bî.trur.î.nes n, traws- 

edd, trahäusder [gormesol 

Arbitrary, âr'bî.trur.î a, tra-awdurdodol, 
Arbitrate, âr'bî.trät v, dyddio, cyflafar- 

eddu, bamu rhwng [cyflafaredd 

Arbitration, âr.bî.trä'shun n, barn, 
Arboreous, är.bö'r'î.us a, gwyddwasg- 
Arboret, âr'bö.ret n, manwydden [odol 
Arborist, âr'bö.rist n, naturiaethwr coed 
Arbour, âr'bûr n, gwasgodfa, deildy 
Arbuscle, ar'bus.kl n, manwydden 
Arbute, ar'büt n, mefusbren, pren syfi 
Arc, ark n, bwa, arch 
Arcade, ar.kiid' n, mwdrodfa 
Arcanum, ar.ka'num (p arcana, ar.ka' 

nâ) n, peth dirgel, dirgeledd 
Arch, ârtsh n, bwa ; mwdd, mwd ; nen : 

a, ysmala: vt, bwäu, gwneyd bwäu; 

mydu: px, pnf-, arch- 
Archseology, âr.kî.ol'ö-jî n, hynafiaeth 
Archaism, ar'ka.izm n, hen eiriad 
Archangel,'jel n, arangel, arch- 
Archbishop, ârtsh.bish'up n, archesgob 
Archdeacon, artsh.di'kn n, prifddeon, 

archddiacon [ddeoniaeth 

Archdeaconry, ârtsh.diìoi.rî n, arch- 
Archduke, artsh.diik' n, archddug 
Archer, âr'tshûr n, saethydd, saethwr 
Archery, âr'tshur.î n, saethyddiaeth 
Archetypal, ar'ki.ti'.pal a, argynddel- 

waidd [cynddelw 

Archetype, ârTcî-tip n, argynddelw, 
Archidiaconal,'o.nal a, arch- 

ddiaconawl [esgobaidd 

Archiepiscopal, âr.kî.î.pis'kö.pal a, arch- 
Archipelago, âr.kî.pel'â.gö n, môr yn- 

ysol, lluos-ynys-tor [prifsaer 

Architect, ar'ki.tekt n, saer, pensaer, 
Architecture,'tshur n, pen- 

saem'iaeth, adeiladaeth 
Architrave, âr'kî.träv n, prifdrawst, 

capan colofn [lyfrdy 

Archives, ar'kivz np, cofnodiadau; cof- 
Archprelate, ârtsh.prel'ät n, archesgob 
Archwise, artsh'wiz ad, yn fwaog, yn 

fwaol, fel bwa [caethiwed 

Arctation, ark.ta'shun n, carchariad, 
Arctic, ark'tik a, gogleddol. Arctic 
le, pegwn y gogledd [mydiad 

Arcuation, ar.ku.a'shun n, crymiad, 
Ardency, âr'den.sî, Ardentness, âr'dent- 

nes n, taerni; aidd; trymder; poethni, 

angerdd, gwres [og, poeth 

Ardent, âr'dent a, taer, awchus ; gwres- 
Ardour, âr'dûr n, awyddfiyd; taerni^ 

aidd: gwresogrwydd 


ART path, fat, ére, met, mâ-rîne, pin, órb, on, curve, cut, tŵrrtoo, tẁk=took; 

Arduous, âr'dü.us a, anhawdd, caled, 

dyrus, anhyddring, uchel 
Area, ê'r'î.â n, gwynebfesnr, arwyneb; 

llanerch, clawr, buarth, cadlas, cwrt 
Aread, Areed, â.rîd' vt, cynghori, cyfar- 

wyddo [crasiad 

Arefaction, ar.i.fak'shun n, sychiad, 
Arenacious, ar.î.nä'shus, Arenose, ar.î- 

nös' a, tywodlyd 
Areotics, ê'r.î.ot'iks n, meddyginiaethau 

agorol neu ryddhaol, cartholion 
Argent, âr'jent a, arianaidd, arianlliw 
Argil, âr'jií n, elai y crochenydd 
Argillaceous, âr.jil.ä'shus, Argillous, 

âr' a, cleiog 
Argol, âr'gol n, halen gwaddod gwin 
Argosy, âr'gö.sî n, llestr masnach fawr 
Argue, âr'gü v, dadleu, rhesymu, profi 
Argument, âr'gü.ment n, dadl, rheswm, 

cyfreswm; testyn dadl 
Argumentation, âr.gü.men.tä'sliun n, 

rhesymiad, dadleuad 
Argumentative,'ta.tiv a, 

rhesymegol ; dadleugar 
Argute, âr.güt' a, llym, craff; arebawl 
Arian, ê'r'î.an n, dysgybl Arius, Ariad 
Arianism, e'r' n, Ariaeth 
Arid, ar'id a, sych, crin, eras, gwyw 
Aridity, â.rid'í.tî n, sychder [Hwrdd 
Aries, e'r'i.iz n, yr Hwrdd, anvydd yr 
Arietate, ê'r'î.î.tät vt, hyrddio, gwthio 
Arietation, ê'r.î.î.tä'shun n, nyrddiad 
Arietta, ê'r.î.et'â n, can neu dôn fer 
Aright, â.ri't' ad, yn iawn, yn gywir, yn 

ei le, fel y dylai fod 
Ariolation, í'r.î.ö.lä'shun n, dewiniad 
Arise, a.riz' (arose, a.roz' ; arisen, a.riz'n) 

vi, codi, cwnu, esgyn, ymddyrchafti 
Aristocracy,' n, pendefig- 

lywiaeth [lywnol 

Aristocratic,'ik a, pendefig- 
Arithmancy, ar' n, rhifddar- 

ogan [rhifyddeg, rhifiaeth 

Arithmetic, a.rith'mi.tik n, rhifyddiaeth, 
Arithmetician, ar.ith.mî.tish'un n, rhif- 

yddwr, rhifyddegwr 
Ark, ark n, arch; Hong; cawell; cist 
Arm, arm n, braich ; cainc ; adwy dwfr ; 

nerth; arf: vt, arfogi. Armed, arfog. 

Arm-pit, cesail, twll y gesail 
Armada, âr.mä'dâ n, llynges arfog 
Armadillo, âr.mâ.dil'b' n, math o anifail 
Armament, âr'mâ.ment n, llu neu lynges 

arfogol; arfiad 
Armature, âr'mâ.tshu r n, arfogaeth 
Armigerous, âr.mij' a, arfog 
Armgaunt, ârm'gânt o,egwan, gwanaidd 

Armillary, âr'mil.ur.î a, breichrayol 
Arminian, âr.min'yan n, Arminiad 
Arminianism, ar.min'yan.izm n, Armin- 

iaeth [ dewr-arfog 

Armipotent, âr.mip'ö.tent a, rhyfelgiyi, 
Armistice, âr'mî.stis n, byr gynghrair, 

Armlet, ârm'let n, breichled [bonedd 
Armorial, âr.mö'r'î.al a, perthynol i arfau 
Armory, âr'mur.i n, arfdy ; pais arfau 
Armour, âr'mûr n, arfogaeth, rhyfelwisg. 

Armour-bearer, yswain, cludydd arfau 
Armourer, âr'mur.ûr n, arf«T, gof arfau 
Army, âr'mî n, llu, byddin, cadlu 
Aromatic, ar.o.mat'ik a, peraroglaidd 
Aromaties, ar.o.mat'iks n, peraroglau 
Aromatize,'ma.t'iz vt, perarogh 
Arose, a.roz' pt. — Arise [tu, o ddeutu 
Around, ä.rûŵnd' ad, o amgylch, o bob 
Arouse, a.ruwz' vt, deffroi, dihuno; 

cyffi-oi [hwnt 

Aroynt, â.rôînt' ad, ffwrdd, ymaith, 
Arquebus, ar'kwi.bus n, llawddryll, 

gwn Haw [cnau cocoa 

Arrack, ar'ak n, gwirod a wneir o'r 
Arraign, a.rän' vt, cyhuddo o flaen 

Arraignment, a.rän'ment n, cyhuddiad 
Arrange, a.ränj vt, trefnu, rhesu, rhestru 
Arrangement, â.ränj'ment n, trefniad 
Arrant, ar'ant a, hysbys, hynod ; cywU- 

yddus, gwarthus ; earn 
Arras, ar'as n, teisban, eurlen 
Array, a.rä' n, gwisg, rrwsiad ; trefn : 

vt, addumo ; trefnu ; byddino 
Arread, Arreed, a.rid' vt, cyfarwyddo ? 
Arrear, a.ri'r' n, olddyled [cynghori 
Arrest,' vt, dal, dal yn garcharor; 

attal: n, dalfa; attaliad 
Arret, a.ret 7 n, deddf, barn : vt, penodi 
Arriere, a.rîê'r' n, rhan olaf byddin 
Arrival, a.r'i'val n, dyfodiad; tiriad 
Arrive, a.r'iv' vi, dyfod, cyrhaedd ; tirio 
Arrode, a.röd' vt, cnoi, difa 
Arrogance, âr'ö.gans n, balchder, trahâ, 

hunanol [häus 

Arrogant, ar'ö.gant a, uchelfi-ydig, tra- 
Arrogate, ar'ö.gät vt, rhyfygu, ymhoeni ; 
Arrosion,'zhim n, cnoad [hunanu 
Arrow, ar'ö n, saeth " [dwfr 

Arsefoot, ärs'fẁt n, math o aderyn y 
Arsenal, âr' n, arfdy, ystordy 

arfau (^wenwyn cryf 

Arsenic, ar'si.nik n, aur bibau ; math o 
Art, art n, celf, celfyddyd ; crefft ; cyw- 

reinrvrydd, medrusrwydd; medr; cyf- 

rwysdra ; manvlwaith 


öre; läte, line, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, this; j=dzh. ASS 

Arterial, âr.tî'r'î.al a, rhedweli'ol 
Arteriotomy, âr.tî'r.î.ot'ö.mî re, gwaed 

iad o'r rhedweli 
Artery, âr'tur.î re, rhedweli [hyfedr 

Artful, ârt'fẁl a, dichellgar, ystrywgar; 
Arthritic, ar.thrit'ik a, cymmalwstog 
Article, ar'ti.kl re, bannod, nod bannog; 

ammod, erthygl, pen: vt, ammodi 
Articulate, ar.tik' a, cymmalog; 

cydseiuiol ; croew, eglur : v, llefaru yn 

groew, cynanu 
Articulation,'shun re,cymmal- 

iad ; cynaniad ; clymau coed ; cydsain 
Artifice,"âr'tî.fis n, hoced, ystryw, dichell 
Artificer, âr.tifî.sûr re, crefftwr, celf- 

yddwr [waredol 

Artificial, âr.tî.fish'al a, celfawl; dyn- 
Artillery, är.til'ur.î re, offer rhyfel, mag- 

nelau [yddwr 

Artisan, ar'ti.zan re, crefftwr, llawgelf- 
Artist, âr'tist re, celfyddwr, manyl- 

weithydd [didwyll 

Artless, ârt'les a, angheliydd; syml, 
Artlessness, ärt'les.nes re, symledd, di- 

dwylledd [grymus 

Artuose, âr'tshü.ös a, cadarn, cryf, 
Arundinaceous, â.run.dî.nä'shus a, cors- 
Aruspice, â.rus'pis re, perfeddgoel [enog 
As, az c, megys, fel, mal ; tra ; cyn, mor ; 

a, ag; cy-, -ed [drewllyd, baw y diawl 
Asafcetida, as.â.fet'î.dâ re, math o sudd 
Asbestos, az.bes'tus re, maen ystinos, 

urael [annifaol 

Asbestine, az.bes'tin a, o natur ystinos, 
Ascend, a.send' vi, esgyn, dringo 
Ascendant, a.sen'dant re, uwchder; gor- 

uchafiaeth : a, uwch, trech, goruwch 
Ascendency, a.sen'den.sî re, awdurdod, 

goruchafiaeth, blaen, blaenafiaeth 
Ascension, a.sen'shun re, esgyniad, dyrch- 

afiad. Ascension-day, Dydd Dyrch- 

afael. Dydd Iau Dyrchafael 
Ascent, a.sent' re, esgynfa, rhiw, llethr 
Ascertain, as.ûr.tän vt, sicrhau, gwirio, 

mynu gwybod ; sefydln 
Ascertainment, as.ûr.tän'ment re, sicr- 

hâd, cadarnhâd, sefydhad 
Ascetic, a.set'ik re, meudwy: a, meu- 

dwj-aidd; hunanymwadol 
Ascites, a.s'i'tiz n, dyfrglwyf y bol 
Ascitic, a.sit'ik, Ascitical, a.sit'i.kal a, 

dyfi'glwyrus [wanegiadol 

Ascititieus, as.î.tish'us a, attodawl, ych- 
Ascribable, as.kri' a, cyi'rifadwy 
Ascribe, as.krib' ri, cjfiif i (fel achos), 

priodoli, rhoddi 
Ascription, as.krip'shun re, priodoliad 

Ash, ash re, onen, on, onwydden. Ground- 
ash, onen y ddaiar. Mountain ash, 

cerddinen, cerdinen 
Ashame, â.shäm' vt, cywilyddio. He is 

ashamed, mae cywilydd arno 
Ashen, ash'n n, onenaidd, o onen 
Ashes, ash'iz np, lludw, ulw, ulwyn 
Ashlar, ash'lûr n, careg nadd arw o'r 

gloddfa [arlan 

Ashore, â.shô'r ad, ar dir, ar y traeth, 
Ashwednesday, ash.wenz'da re, Dydd 

Mercher Lludw, Mercher y Lludw 
Ashy, ash'î a, o liw yr onen, llwydwyn 
Aside, â.s'id' ad, o'r neilldu, o'r naill ochr, 

ar osgo ; ar wahan ; heibio 
Asinary, as'î.nur.î, Asinine, as'î.n'ín a, 

asynaidd; hurt 
Ask, ask v, gofyn, hoK; deisyf, ceisio 
Askaunce, as.kans', Askaunt, as.kânt' 

ad, yn llygad-draws, yn gam 
Askew, as.kii' ad, ar osgo, yn ŵyrgam 
Aslant, â. slant ad, ar ogwydd, ar ystlys 
Asleep, â.slîp' ad, yng nghwsg, yn cysgu 
Aslope, â.slöp' ad, ar lechwedd, ar ŵyr, 

ar leddf [yr asp 

Asp, asp, Aspic, as'pik re, math o sarff, 
Asp, asp re, aethwydden 
Aspect, as'pekt a, ymddangosiad, golyg- 

iad; edrychiad; trem 
Aspectable, as.pek tâ.bl a, gweladwy 
Aspen, as'pen re, aethnen, aethwydden 
Asper, as'pur re, bath Tyrcaidd gwerth 

ffyrlling : a, garw 
Asperate, as'pur.ât vt, garwhau 
Asperity, as.per'î.tî re, gerwindeb, ffarig- 

rwydd, llymder [diofalwch 

Aspernation, as.pur.nä'shun re, dirmyg ; 
Asperse, as.pûrs' vt, taenellu; gwarad- 

wyddo, gwarthruddo [Mad 

Aspersion, as.pûr'shun re, taenelhad ; di- 
Asphaltic, as.tal'tik a, glydiog, pygaidd 
Asphaltum, as.fal'tum re, math o byg 
Aspirant, as.piYant re, un uchelfrydig 
Aspirate, as'pî.rät vt, seinio yn arw-gryf, 

seinio ag anadl gref: re, llythyren 

arw-sain [anadl-gynaniad 

Aspiration, as.pî.rä'shun re, gorawydd, 
Aspire, as.pî'r' vi, uchelgeisio ; ymgeisio 
Asquint, a.skwint ad, yn llygad-draws 
Ass, as re, asyn, haw ; asen, hawes 
Assail, a.säl' vt, ymosod ar, rhuthro ar, 

taro, bwrw ' [adwy 

Assailable, a.sä'lâ.bl a, rhuthradwy, cur- 
Assailant, a.sä'lant re, ymosodwr, taraw- 
Assart, a'sârt' vt, chwynu coed [ydd 
Assassin,'in n, dirgel-lofrudd 
Assassinate,'î.nät vt, cuddlofruddio 

AST path, fat, ére, met, mâ-rine, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Assassination,î.nä'sliun «, brad- 

laddiad, cuddlofruddiad 
Assation, a.sä'shun n, rhostiad, crasiad 
Assault, a.sôlt' n, rhuthr; ymosodiad; 

sarhâd : vt, taro, ymgyrchu, ymosod ar 
Assay, a.sä' n, cais, cynnygiad ; prawf : 

vt, profi adwynau ; ceisio ; cynnyg 
Assectation, a.sek.ta.shun n, gofal 
Assecution, as.i.kii'shun n, cyrhaeddiad 
Assemblage, a.sem'bläj n, cydgynnull- 

iad, casgliad ; cynnulleidfa 
Assemble, a.sem'bî v, ymgynnull . casglu, 

crynoi, cynnull, ga'lw yng nghyd 
Assembly, a.sem'blî n, cynnulleidfa, 

cyminanfa, cyfarfod 
Assent, as.sent' n, cydsyniad, cytuniad 

vi, cydsynio, cytuno 
Assert, a.sûrt' vt, haeru, hòni, givirio, 

dywedyd, taeru, dadgan, mynegu 
Assertion, a.sûr'shun n, haeriad 
Assess,' vt, trethu, gosod treth 
Assessment,'ment n, trethiad; ys- 

griflyfr y dreth ; treth 
Assessor,'ûr n, trethwr, dognwr 

teyrnged [telir dyledion 

Assets, a.sets' n, meddiannau o'r rhai y 
Asseverate, a.sev' vt. gwirio, haeru, 

hòni, tyngu [sicrhâd trwy lw 

Asseveration, as.ev.u.ra shun n, honiad. 
Assiduity, as.î.dü'î.tî n, diwydrwydd. 

dyfalẃch, astudnvydd [astud 

Assiduous, a.sid'ü.us a, dyfal, gofalus, 
Assiento, as.î.en'tö n, cytundeb am 

Assign,'n' vt, peni, rhoddi; trosi 
Assignable, a.s'f'nâ.bl a, trosiadwy 
Assignation, a.sig.nä'shun n, trosiad 

penodiad; eilwydd 
Assignee, a.s'í.nî' n, dirpnvywr, rhaglaw 
Assignment, a.s'in'ment n, neillduad 

aralliad, trosiad 
Assimilate, a.sim'î.lät v, gwneyd neu 

droi yn debyg ; corfforaethu 
Assimulation, a.sim.ü.lä'shun n, tebyg- 

iad, dynwarediad [asynwr 

Assinego, as.i.nî'gö n, ceidwad asynod, 
Assist, a.sist' vt, cynnorthwyo, amddiffyn 
Assistance, a.sis'tans' n,, porth, nawdd, 

cymhorth, cynnorthwy 
Assize,'z' n, brawdlys, gorsedd, eis- 
teddfod bam; penodiad pris: vt, pen- 

odi pris, mesur, a phwysau 
Associate, a.sö'shí.ät v, cyindeithasu, 

cyweithasu: n, cydymaith 
AssQciation, a.sö.shi.ä'shun n, cymman 

fa; cymdeithasiad, cyweithasiad [dod 
Assail, a.s&il vt. rbyddhâu o esgymmun 

Assonance, as'ö.nans n, adsain, cydsain 
Assort, a.sôrt' wí,cymmathu, cyhafalhau, 

cyd-drefnu [pigion 

Assortment, a.sôrt'ment n, cymmathiad ; 
Assot, a.sot' vt, ynfydu, penwanu 
Assuage, a.swäj' vt, llonyddu, llinaru, 

esmwythäu, dofi [âd; dyhuddiant 
Assuagement, a.swäj'ment n. esmwyth- 
Assuasive, a.swii'siv a, esmwythaol, 

llinarol, dyhuddol 
Assubjugate, a.sub'jü.gät vt, darostwng 
Assuefaction, a.sii.i.fak'shun n, cyn- 

Assume,a.süm' v£,cymmeryd yn rhyfygus 
Assumption, a.sum'shun n, eymmeriad, 

cymmyraeth, tybiaeth 
Assumptive, a.sum'ti'v a, a ellir ei gym- 

meryd neu feddiannu 
Assurance, á.shŵ'r'ans n, sicrwydd ; hy- 

der, hyfder; cytundeb; haerllugnvvdd 
Assure, â.shẁ'r' vt, sicrhau, gwarantu, 

yswirio; digolledu 
Asterisk, as'tur.isk n, serenig, seren (*) 
Asterism, as.tur'izm n, sergynnulliad, 

cydser [gwerthfawr 

Asterites, as.ter'i.tiz «, math o faen 
Astern, as.turn' ad, ar ol y Hong, tua'i 

phen ol [mogfa 

Asthma, ast'mâ n, diffyg anadl. mygfa, 
Asthmatic, ast.mat'ik a, anadl-fyr 
Astonish, as.ton'ish vt, brawycku, synu 
Astonishment, as.ton'ish .ment n, syn- 

dod, rhyfeddod ; braw, dychryn 
Astound, as.tûŵnd' vt. synu, peri rhyfedd 
Astraddle, as.trad'l ad, troed o bobtu 
Astragal, as'trâ.gal n, fler ; addurn-gylch 

i ben colofn 
Astral, as'tral a, serenog, dysglaer 
Astray, as.trä' ad, ar gyfeiliorn, ar 

grwydr, ar ddidraw 
Astrict. as.trikt' vt, cylymu, rhwymo 
Astriction, as.trik'shun n, cydgylymiad, 

cylymiad, rhwymiad 
Astride, as.trid' ad, â'r traed ar led 
Astringe, as.trinj' vt, rhwymo, cylymu 
Astringent, as trin'jent a, argaeol. bol- 

rwymol [luniad 

Astrography, as.trog'râ.fî n, serddar- 
Astrolabe, as'trö.liib n, ofteryn seryddol 
Astrologer, as.trol'öjjûr n, serddewin 
Astrology, as.trol'ö.jî n, serddewiniaeth 
Astronomer, as.tron'ö.mûr n, seryddwr 
Astronomical, as.tro.nom'i.kal a, ser- 
yddol, serenol 
Astronomy, as.tron'ö.mî n, seryddiaeth 
Astrotheology, as.trö.thî.ol'ü.jî n, sar- 


ore; läte; lfiac, no, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, this; j=dzh. AUF 

Astute, as.tüt' n, tfalst, call 

Asunder, á.sun'dûr ad, or neilldu, ai 

ddidol, ar wahan, yn wahanredol 
Asylum, á.si'lum n, noddfa, nawddle 
Asymmetry, â.sim'î.trî n, anghymmesur- 

olaeth, afluniaeth 
At. at/»-, yn, wrfch, ger, ar; yn ol 
Atabal. at'â.bal n, math o dabwrdd 
Ataraxy, at' n, llonyddwch, es- 

Ataxy, at' n, annhrefn, hylldrefh 
Atheism, a'thi.izm n, didduwiaeth, a- 

Atheist, ä'thî.ist n, nn didduw, nn annuw 
Atheistical, ä.thî.is'tî.kal«, annuvriaidd, 
Athirst, â.thûrst' a, sychedig [didduw 
Athletic, ath.let'ik «, pybyr, cadarn, 

cryf, grymus [drwodd 

Athwart, â.tbwôrt' ad, ar draws, ar ŵyr, 
Atîantes, at.lan'tiz n, Uuniau dynion 

neu anifeihaid yn cynnal adail 
Atlas, at'las n, darlunlen-lyfr 
Atmosphere, at'mos.fì'r n, awyrgyleh 
Atom, at'um n, mymryn, brycheuyn, 

gronyn [manwl 

Atomical, a.tom'i.kal a, gronynaidd; 
Atone, â.tön' v, rhoi iawn ; cymmodi 
Atonement, â.tön'ment n, iawn, cymmod 
Atop, â.top' ad, ar ben, ar gopa 
Atrabilarian, at.râ.bî.le'r'î.an, Atrabil- 

arious. at.râ.bí.lê'r'î.us a, ra*addglẁyfos 
Atramental, at.râ.men'tal, Atramentous, 

at.rá.men'tus a, du, incaidd 
Atrocious, â.trö'shus a, creulawn, er- 

chyll, ysgeler, echiyslawn, anfad, 

echrydus, earn [gelerder 

Atrocity, â.tros'î.tî n. creulondeb, ys- 
Atrophy, at'rö.fì n, didyciant ymborth 
Attach, a.tatsh' vt, dal, atafaelu 
Attachment, a.tatsh'ment n, ymafliad; 

ymlyniad, serch, cariad 
Attack, a.tak' n, rhiithr, ymosodiad, 

cyrch : vt, ymosod ar [gafael 

Attain, a.tän' vt, ennill ; cyrhaedd ; cael 
Attainable, a.tä'nâ.bl a, cyrhaeddadwy 
Attainder, a.tän'dûr n, collfarniad ; 

gwarth [dawn, dysg, gwybodaeth 
Attainment, a.tàn'ment n, caffaehad; 
Attaint, a.tänt' vt, euogfarnu ; llygru 
Attemper, a.tem'pfxr, Attemperate, a- 

tem pur.ät vt, tymmeru, cyd-dym- 

meru; cymmedroli 
Attempt, a.tempt' vt, anturio, ceisio, 

cynnyg, ymdrechu: n, anturiaeth, 

ymgais, cynnyg, ymdrech 
Attend, a.tend' v, gweini ; gofalu, gwran- 

do, ystyried ; canlyn, heilio 

Attendance, a.ten'dans n, gweiniad, 

gwasanaeth, gweinyddiaeth 
Attendant, a.ten'daiit n, cydymaith, 

gwas, gweinydd : o,dylynol,cyd"fynedol 
Attention, a.ten'shun n, clust-ymwran- 

dawiad; ystyriaeth; dyfalwch 
Attentive, a.ten'tiv a, g\vi-andawgar ; 

ystyriol, gwyliadwrus, astud 
Attentiveness, a.ten'tiv.nes n, gwran- 

dawiad, dyfalwch. astudrwydd 
Attenuate, a.ten'ü.ät a, teneu: vt, ten- 

euo; lleihau [lleihâd 

Attenuation, a.ten.ü.ä'shun n, teneuad ; 
Attest, a.test' vt, tystio, gwirio 
Attestation, a.tes.tä'shun n, tystiolaeth 
Attic, at'ik a, hardd, dillyn : n, uwch- 

ystafell, nenlofft 
Attire, a.t'iV n, gwisg, dillad ; cyrn carw : 

vt, gwisgo, trwsiadu, addurno [safiad 
Attitude, at'î.tüd n, ystum, agwedd, 
Attinge, a.tinj' v, cyfFwrdd yn ysgafn 
Attollent, a.tol'ent a, dyrchafadwy 
Attorney, a.tûr'nî n, dirprwywr; cyf- 

reithiwr, canllaw: vt, dirprwyo [budo 
Attract, a.trakt' vt, attynu, denu, llithio, 
Attraction, a.trak'shtm n, attyniad 
Attractive, a.trak'tiv a, denol, hudolaidd 
Attrahent, at'râ.hent a, tyniadol: », 

Attributable, a.trib'ü.tâ.bl a, cyfrifadwy 
Attribute, at'rî.büt n, priodoledd, piiod- 

oliaeth [ar, cylrif i 

Attribute, a.trib'üt vt, priodoli, gosod 
Attribution, at.rì.bü'shun n, priodohad 
Attributive, a.trib'ii.tiv a, a briodola 
Attrition, a.trish'un »,treuliad, rhwbiad; 

tristweh am bechod 
Attune, a.tiin' vt, hwyho, cyweirio 
Auburn, o'bfa-n a, gwineu [cynnyddol 
Auctifical, ok.tif 'i.kal, Auctive, ok'tiv a, 
Auction, ok'shun n, arwerthiad, gwerth- 

iad i'r c}*nnygiwr uchat' [arwerthwr 
Auctioneer, 6k.shun.î'r' n, arwerthydd, 
Aucupation,'shun n, dahad adar 
Audacious, ô.dä'shus a, digywilydd, 

haerllug. hyf, rhyfygus, eofn, anturus 
Audacity, ô.das'î.tî n, eondra 
Audible, ô'dî.bl a, hygly w, eglur ; clyw- 

edig; soniarus, croch 
Audience, ô'dî.ens n, gwrandawyr; 

clywedigaeth ; gosteg 
Audit, ô'dìt vt, chwilio a phrofi cyfrifon: 

n, prawf cyfrifon, holiad tystion 
Auditor, ô'dî.tûr n, gwrandäwr ; golyg- 

wr cyfrifon [nulleidfa 

Auditory, ô'dî.tur.î n, gwrandawle, cyn- 
Auf, ôf n, fiwl, hurtyn, lleban 

AVO path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin; ôrb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, twkrrtook , 

Auger, ô'gûr n, ebill, taradr, trwyddew 
Aught, ôt n, un peth, unrhyw beth, dim 
Augment, ôg.ment' vt, ychwanegu, cyn-. 

nyddu, amlhau [todiad 

Augment, og'ment n, cynnyddiad; at- 
Augmentation, ôä'shun n, he- 

laethiad, amlhâd 
Augur, ô'gûr n, dewin : v, dewino 
Augury, ô'gü.rî n, dewindeb ; adargoel 
August, ô'gust n, Awst [eddog 

August, ô.gust' a, ardderchog, rnawr- 
Augustness, o.gust'nes n, urddasrwydd, 

bri, ardderchogrwydd 
Aulic, o'lik a, llysol, breiniol 
Auln, on n, mesur llathen a chwarter 
Aunt, ânt n, modryb 
Aurelia, ô.rî'lî.â n, chwiler 
Auricula, o.rik' n, math o flodeu 
Auricule, ô'rî.kül n, clysten, godreu'r 

Auriculur, o.rik'u.lur n, clustaidd, dir- 

gel. Auricular confession, clust-gyffes 
Auriferous, ô.rif' a, eurddwyn 
Aurist, ô'rist n, clustfeddyg 
Aurora, ô.rô'r'â n, gwenddydd, seren- 

ddydd; y wawr-ddydd, y wawr. 

Aurora-borealis, y goleuni gogleddol 
Auscultation, os.kul.ta'shun n, gwran- 

Auspice, ôs'pis n, adargoel ; nawdd, Had 
Auspicial, ôs.pish'al o, argoelaidd 
Auspicious, ôs.pish'us a, llwyddiannus, 

ffodiog [iant, ffawd 

Auspiciousness, ôs.pish'us.ness n, ffyn- 
Austere, ôs.tî'r' a, gerwin, creulawn, 

tost, sarig, garw [igrwydd 

Austerity, ôs.ter'î.tî n, gerwindeb, sar- 
Austral, ôs'tral a, deheuol, deheuberthig 
Authentic, o.then'tik a, awduredig, dilys, 

gwir [gwirio, profi, awdurdodi 

Authenticate, o.then'ti.kat vt, gwarantu, 
Authenticity, ô.then.tis'î.tî n, dilys- 

rwydd, awdurdodiad [awdur 

Author, ô'thûr n, gwneuthurwr; awdwr, 
Authority, ô.thor'î.tî n, awdurdod, gallu 
Authorize, o'tho.riz vt, awdurdodi; 
Authoritative, o.thor'i.ta.tiv a, awdur- 

dodol ; meistrolaidd, gorchymmynol 
Autocracy, o.tok' n, unbenaeth 
Autograph, ô'tö.graf n, llawysgrifen 
Automath, G'tö.math n, hunanaddysgwr 
Automaton, ô.tom'á.tun (/» automata, 

ô.tom'â.tà) n, peiriant ai allu syni- 

mudol ynddo ei Iiun ; hunanysgogỳdd 
Automatous, ô.tom'â.tus a, hunan-ys- 

gogol, hunan-symmudol 
Autopsy, ô'top.sî n, prawf golygol 

Autoptical,'ti.kal a, canfyddol 
Autumn, ô'tum n, hydref, cynauaf 
Autumnal, ô.tum'nal a, hydrefol 
Auxesis, og.zi'sis n, helaethiad 
Auxiliar, og.zil'yur a, cynnorthwyol 
Auxiliary, og.zil'yur.i a, cynnorthwyol : 
n, cynnorthwywr, helpiwr. Auxilia- 
ries, byddinoedd cynnorthwyol 
Avail, a.val' n, lies, budd, ennill: vt, 
lhsiiu, cynnorthwyo [cyrhaeddadwy 
Available,' a, llesol, effeithiol ; 
Availment, a.val 'ment n, budd, llesâd 
Avale, a.val' v, gostwng, iselu, suddo, 
Avant, a.vong' a, blaenaf [arlethu 

Avantguard, a.vong'gard n, blaenlu, 
blaenfyddin [want 

Avarice, av'â.ris n, cybydd-dod, trach- 
Avaricious, av.a.rishus a, cybyddlyd; 
crintach [aros 

Avast, a.vast' i, gan bwyll, dal dy law, 
Avaunt, a.vont' i, ymaith, ffwrdd 
Avel, a.vel', Avulse, a.vuls' vt, tynu 
ymaith [ Mair 

Ave-Maria, ä.vî.mâ.ri"â n, gweddi ar 
Avenge, a.venj' vt, dial, ymdd'ial 
Avengement, a.venj 'ment n, dialeddiad, 
dialedd [rhodfa 

Avenue, av'en.ii n, dyfodfa; cyntedd; 
Aver, a.vur' vt, gwirio, haeru, sicrhau 
Average, av'ur.'ai n, canolbris, canolrif 
Averment, a.vur ment n, haeriad 
Avernat, a.vur'nat n, math o rawnwin 
chwynu [ebiad, annhuedd 

Aversation,'shun n, gwrthwyn- 
Averse, a.vurs' a, gwrthwynebol, gelynol 
Averseness, a.vurs'nes n, anewyllysgar- 
wch, cas [casineb 

Aversion, a.vur'shun n, gwrthwynebiad, 
Avert, a.vurt' vt, eiriach, troi heibio, 

rhagflaenu, dattroi 
Aviary, ii'vi.ur.i n, adardy, adargell 
Avidity, â.vid'î.tî n, awydd; gwanc, 

rhaib, ainc, trachwant 
Avocate, av'o.kat vt, galw ymaith 
Avocation, av.u.kii'shun n, galwad ym- 
aith, gorchwyl achlysurol 
Avoid, a.void' vt, gochel, cilio, dianc 
Avoidable, a.voi' a, gocheladwy 
Avoidance, a.voi'dans n, gocheliad 
Avoidless, a.void'les a, anocheladwy 
Avoirdupois, av.ûr.dü.pôîz' n, y pwysau 
16 wns [aith, diangiad 

Avolation, av ö.lä'shun n, ehediad ym- 
Avouch, a.vfnvtsh' vt, gwirio, haeru; 
arddelwi : n, arddelw, tystiad, gwiriant 
Avow, â.vûŵ' vt, addef ; arddelwi 

öre; läte, line, nö, mute; she, zh=z azure; thin, THis;=j=dzh. BAI 

Avowable, â.vûŵ'â.bl a, arddeladwy 
Avowal, a.vmv'al n, cyffes; arddelwad 
Avowee, â.vûŵ.î' n, tadog eglwys 
Avowxy, â.vûŵ'r'î n, rhydd gyffes ; dy- 

Avowtry, â.vûŵ'trî n, godineb, puteindra 
Avulsion, a.vul'shun n, gwahan-dyniad 
Await, â.wät' vt, dysgwyl, aros ; gweini 
Awake, a.wak' {awoke) v, deffro, di- 

huno, deffroi : a, efFro, ar ddihun 
Awaken, a.wa'kn v, deffro, dihuno 
Award, â.wôrd' vt, dyfarnu, rhoddi barn : 

n, barn, cylafaredd, dedfryd 
Aware, â.wê'r' a, rhagystyriol, yn rhag- 

ganfod, arwybodus. To be aware of, 

gwybod am 
Away, â.wä' ad, ymaith, ffwrdd 
Awe, ô n, arswyd, ofn, parchedig ofn: 

vt, dychryuu, peri arswyd 
Awful, ô'fẁl a, ofnadwy, arswydus 
Awfulness, ô'fẁl.nes n, arswydolrwydd 
Awhape, â.whäp' vt, taro, euro; dyrysu 
Awbile, â.whiT ad, encyd, eimyd 
Awkward, ok'wurd a, trwsgl, chwithig, 

lledchwith [nvydd 

Awkwardness, ôk'wûrd.nes ti, anneheu- 
Awl, 61 n, minawyd 

Awless, ô'les a, diofn, diarswyd, dibarch 
Awm, Sm n, mesur o 36 galwyn 
Awn. ôn n, col yd 

Awning, ô'ning a, gwasgodlen ; cysgodfa 
Awoke, a.wok pt. — Awake 
Awry, ô.rí' ad, ar ŵyr, ar lettraws, yn 

lledgam, yn lleddf 
Axe, aks n, bwyell, cymmynai 
Axes, ak'sLs np. — Axis 
Axillary, äk.sîl'ur.î a, ceseilaidd 
Axiom, ak'shum n. gwireb, arwiredd, 

gosodiad [gwerthyd 

Axis, ak'sis (p axes) n, echell, pegwn, 
Axle, ak'sl, Axletree, ak'sl.tri n, echel, 
Ay, âî ad, i'e [echel men 

Aye, ä ad, yn wastadol, byth, pyth 
Azimuth, az'i.muth n, cyfeirle. Az- 
imuth-compass, math o beiriant 
Azote, az'ot n, blorai 
Azure, a'zhur n, asur, nefliw, glas, 

goleulas, lliw'r wybr 
Az}-mous, az'Lmus a, croew 


Baa, bä vi, brefi fel dafad 

Baal, bä'al n, un o eilunod Canaan 

Babble, bab'l vi, baldorddi, gwagsiarad, 

dwyndro : n, ffregawd, ffiloreg 
Babe, bäb, Babv, bä'bî », baban, maban 

Babery, bä'bur.î n, ffriliau i foddhau 

plant [aidd 

Babish, bä'bish a, babanaidd, plentyn- 
Baboon, bâ.bŵn' n, math o epa lied fawr 
Babyhood, bä'bî.hẁd n, babandod, mab- 

andod [ierid. 

Baccated, bak'ii.ted a, addurnedig, myr- 
Bacchanahan, bak.â.nä'lî.an n, medd- 

wyn, gloddestwr [oedd, wttresau 

Bacchanals, bak'a.nalz np, gwinwledd- 
Bacciferous, bak.sif' a, eirinog 
Bachelor, batsh'î.lûr n, mab ieuanc; 

mab gweddog, dyn gweddw, hen lane, 

henfab. Bachelor of arts, gwyryf yn 

y celfyddydau 
Back, bak n, cefn ; gwegil, cil : v, cefn- 

ogi, cynnal ; myned yn wysg cefn : ad, 

yn ol, yn y gwrthol [enlhbio 

Baekbite, bak'bi't vt, absenu, athrodi, 
Backbone, bak'bon n, asg\vrn y cefn 
Backdoor, bak'do'r n, drws y cefn 
Backfriend, bak'frend n, cyiaill gau 
Backgammon, bak.gam'un n, chware 

gwyddbwyll ; chware ffristial a thawl- 

Backslide,'id' {pt backslid, bak- 

shd'; pp backshdden, bak.slid'n) vi, 

gwrthgiUo, enciho [hwylbren 

Backstay, bak'sta n, rhaff i ddiysgogi 
Backsword, bak'so'rd. n, cleddyf unfin, 

cleddyf gwegilog 
Backward, bak'wurd ad, yn ol, yn wysg 

y cefn : a, hw)nrfrydig, anewyllysgar, 

ammharod ' [ysgarwch 

Backwardness, bak'wurd.nes n, anewyll- 
Bacon, ba'kn n, cig moch hallt sych 
Bad, bad (worse, worst) a, drwg, dryg- 

ionus : niweidiol ; gwael, saL As bad, 
Bade, bad pt.— Bid [cynddrwg 

Badge, baj n, arwydd, nod, amlygyu : vt, 

nodi, arwyddnodi [byr-hweh 

Badger, baj'ûr n, daiarfochyn, edwicwr, 
Badinage, bad'i.nazh n, araith ddigrifol 
Badness, bad'nes n, drwg, drygedd, dryg- 

ioni ; bai, anhwyldeb ; drwg gywair 
Baffle, baf'l vt, dyiysu ; siomi ; trechu 
Bag, bag n, cwd, cod, ffetan, sach, ys- 

grepan: vt, cydu. ysgrepanu; hel i 

gwd {^gwaelbeth 

Bagatelle, bag.â.tel' n, ffril, ffiloreg, 
Baggage, bag'äj n, clud, celfi, llu; 

dyhiren. Bag and baggage, cod a 

chelfi [t rythyl ldy 

Bagnio, ban'yö n, ymolchdy, twymdy; 
Bagpipe, bag'pip n, codbib 
Bail, bäl ?i,mechni'aeth ; meichiau,mach : 

vt, mechnio. ymwvstlo 


BAR path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rine. pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Bailable, bä'lâ.bl a, mechnîadwy 
Bailiff, bä'lif n, maer ; maeron ; hafodwr, 

ceisbwl ; ceisiad ; gwysiwr, rhingyll 
Bailiwick, ba'li.wik n ) rhaerdref, cantref, 

Bait, bät n, llith, hud; abwyd; byr- 

bryd: vt, abwydo; adwledda; baeddu. 
Baize, baz n, brethyn cedenog [eirthio 
Bake, bäkp,pobi, crasu. Baking-trough, 

toeseg, noe 
Bakehouse, bak'lmws, Bakehouses, bak' 

huw.ziz n, pobdy, ffyrndy 
Bakur, bii'kur n, pobwr, pobydd, tylinwr. 

Baker-legged, coesgam 
Balance, bal ans n, dorian, tafol ; cyd- 

bwysedd; mantiolaeth; vt, pwyso; 

cydbwyso ; mantioli ; gwastatäu 
Balcony, bal'ko.m n, ystlvsnen 
Bald, bold a, moel, gwálltgoll. Bald- 
headed, penfoel [baldordd 
Balderdash, bôl'dûr.dash n, ffregawd, 
Baldness, bôld'nes n, moelni, moeledd 
Baldric, boTdrik n, gwregys ; y sidydd 
Bale, bäl n, trwsa, bwrn ; corn, ystwc 

trallod: vt, byrnio, byrneidio; syp- 

ynu [galarus 

Baleful, bäTfẁi a, alaethus, gresynol, 
Balegoods, bal'gwdz n, nwyfau pynerog 
Balk, bok n, siom ; trawst, tylath ; bale, 

male : vt, siomi ; balcio, twyllo 
Ball, bôl n, pel, pellen, bwl; dawns 

gymmanfa ; tor y Haw 
Ballad, bal'ad n, can gyffredin, baled. 

Ballad-singers, cler y dom; canwyr 

baledau [sarnu 

Ballast, bal'ast n, balasarn: vt, bala- 
Ballatry, bal'at.rî n, llamddawns; can 
Ballet, bal'ê n, math o ddawns 
Balloon, ba.lŵn' n, awyren 
Ballot, bal'ut n, coelbren, y tugel: vt, 

dewis tnvy goelbren, tugelu 
Balm, ham n, triagl ; y wenwynog 
Balmy, bâm'î a, adfywiol ; peraroglaidd 
Balneary, bal'nî.ur.î n, ymolchdy, ym- 

drochdy [ymdrochiad 

Balneation, bal'nî.ä'shun n, ymolchiad, 
Balsam, bóTsam n, enaint; math o bren 

bychan [adfywiol 

Balsamic, bol.sam'ik a, iachaol, adferol, 
Baluster, bal'us.tûr n, cledren, canllaw, 

canbost, colofnig [canllaw 

Balustrade, bal'us.triid n, manbyst, 
Bam, bam n, twyll, siom; vt, twyllo, 

siomi [Indiaidd 

Bamboo, bam.bŵ' n, corsen neu fesur 
Bamboozle,'zl vt, twyllo, rhith- 

dwyllo, siomi 

Ban, ban n, cyhoeddiad; rheg; gosteg; 

esgymmundod: v, rhegu. Ban-dog, 

cadwyn-gi, cystawcci 
Banana, bâ.na'nâ n, math o blanigyn 
Band, band n, rhwymyn, caw; cwlwm; 

mintai; côr o berorwyr [rwym 

Bandage, ban'däj n, rhwymyn, gwasg- 
BandboXjband'boks n, cistan ysgafn 
Bandelet, ban'dî.let n, addurn-gerfiad, 

gwyneb wastad ; arch 
Bandit, ban'dit (p banditti, ban.dit'î) 

n, ysbeilhvr, carnleidr dinawdd 
Bandoleers, ban.dö.lî'rz' np, côd-dyllau i 

gadw ergydion 
Bandy, ban'dî vt, ymryson, ymbleidio; 

taenu chwedlau: a, camfachog: n, 

ffon belgib Bandy-legged, coesgam 
Bane, ban n, andwyad ; gwenwyn 
Baneful, bän'ful a, dinystriol, marwol ; 

andwyol, niweidiol ; gwenwynol 
Bang, bang a, ergyd, dyrnoil,ìlab, llach, 

dul: vt, pwyo, fmsto, baeddu, euro 
Banian, ban.yan'ra, pren Indiaidd ; boreu- 
Banish, ban'ish vt, alltudo, deol [ wisg 
Banishment, ban'ish.ment n, alltudaeth, 

alltudiaeth, deoliad 
Banister, ban'is.tûr, Baluster, bal'us- 

tur n, cledren, colofnig ; canllaw 
Banjo, ban 'jö n, math o ofteryn cerdd 
Bank, bangk », glan, torlan; bryneyn, 

twmpath; clawdd; ariandy, cedfa. 

Banknote, ysgrifdocyn arianydd 
Banker, bang'kur », sylltydd, arianydd 
Bankrupt, bangk'rupt n, methdalwr, 

torged [aeth, methdal 

Bankruptcy, bangk 'rupt-sî n, toredig- 
Banner, ban'fìr n, Human, baner 
Banneret, ban' n, marchog y faner 
Bannerol, ban'ur.öl n, Human bychan 
Bannock, ban'uk n, teisen geirch 
Banquet, bang'kwet n, gwledd, cyfedd- 

ach, gwestfa : v, gwledda, cydwledda 
Banshee, ban'shî rc, ellyll, lledrith 
Bansticle, ban'stt.kl n, crothell: p 

crethyll [eeHwair 

Banter, ban'tûr n, gwawd : vt, gwawdio, 
Bantling, bantling n, llencyn ; baban 
Baptism, bap'tizm «, bedydd 
Baptismal, bap.tiz'mal «, bedyddiol 
Baptist, bap'tist, Baptizer, bap.ti'zur n, 

bedyddiwr [bedyddfa 

Baptistery, bap'tis.tur.î n, bedyddfan, 
Baptize, bap.t'iz' vt, bedyddio 
Bar, bar n, bar, bollt, trosol; rhwystr; 

traethell; ban; He carcharor mewn 

brawdlys ; ystafell weini tafarndy : vt, 

bario, bolltio ; attal, rhwystro 

ore; läte, line, no, mute; 

, zh=z azure; thin, this; j=dzh. BAS 

Barb, bârb re, ceffyl o Barbaria; barf; 

fach: vt, eillio; adfachu [glawdd 
Barbacan, bar'ba.kan re, rhagfur" rhag- 
Barbarian, bâr.bê'r'î.an re, barbariad. 

dyn diddysg : a, creulawn, anfoesog 
Barbaric,'ik a, estronol, tramor, 

alltud; an war; creulawn 
Barbarism, bar'bur.izm n, anfoes; an- 
nysg; llediaith [eieidd-dra 

Barbarity, bâ'î.tî re, creulondeb, 
Barbarous, bâr' a, anghywrain, 
diddysg, trwsgl, anfoesgar; creu- 
lawn, flyrnig ; gwyllt, anwareiddiedig 
Barbecue, bâr'bî.cü re, mochyn wedi ei 

drin yn gyt'an 
Barbed, bârbd a, barfog ; adfachog 
Barbel, bâr'bel re, barfogyn (pysgodyn) 
Barber, bâr'bûr re, eilliwr. bariwr 
Barbican, bfir'bi.kan re. — Barbacan 

Barbies, bar'blz re, y llyfanwst, llvffan- 
Bard, bard re, bardd, prydydd [taftx 
Bare, be'r a, noeth, llwm, moel , unig 

v, noethi, llymhau, moeli. Bare-boned, 

teneu iawn, trachul. Bare-faced, di- 

gywilydd; ^nebagored. Bare-foot, 

Bare-footed, troed noeth 
Bare, berpt. — Bear [prinder 

Bareness, bê'r'nes re, llymder, moelni 
Bargain, bâr 'gän re, cytundeb, ammod: 

v, cytuno, cyfammodi [ysgraff 

Barge, bârj re, bad neu gwch mawr, 
Bargeman, bârj'man re, badwr, cychwr, 

ysgraffwr [math o wrthsur 

Barilla, bâ.ril'a re, lludw coed a llysiau, 
Bark, bark re,'rhisgl, rhisg; math o 

long: v, dirjsglo, rnisgto ; cyfarth 
Barley, bâr'lî re, haicld, barlys. Barley- 
corn, heidden [diod 
Barm, bârm re, burym, swyf neu ewyn 
Barn, barn re, ysgubor 
Barnacle, bar'na.kl re, genfa; math o 

wyddau gwylltion ; gwyrain 
Barometer, bâ.rom'î.tûr re, awyrbwys- 

ydd, tywyddfesurydd 
Baron, bar'un re, brëyr, barwn 
Baronage, bar'un.äj, Barony, bar'ö.nî 

re, brëyriaeth, banvniaeth " [ferch 
Baroness, bar' re, brëyres, baron- 
Baronet, bar'ö.net re, brëyrfarchog, 

baronig, barwnig 
Baroscope, bar'o.skop re, awyrbwysydd 
Barracan, bar'a.kan, brethyn garw 
Barrack, bar'ak re, lluest neu fwth milwr 
Barrator, bar'a.tiir re, ymgyfreithiwr 
Barrel, bar'el re, baril, celwrn: vt, barilo 
Barren, bar'en a,anffrwythlawn,difiaeth ; 

ammhlantadwy; hysp, aflith; gẃag 

Barrenness, bar ' re, anffrwythlon- 

deb, hysprwydd, diffrwythder 
Barricade, bar.i.kad' re, argae, attalgae, 

argau-waith, amgaer: vt, argau 
Barrier, bar'î.ûr n, attalfa, terfyn, cyffin 
Barrister, bar'is.tur re, dadleuwr, cy- 

Barrow, bar'ö re, berfa, carthglwyd; 

crag, gwyddgrug. Ban - ow-hog, moch- 
yn dysbadd 
Earshot, bâr'shot re, bwled ddeuben 

arter, bâr'tûr v, cyfnewidio: re, newid- 
Barton, bár'tun re, tai allanol [wriaeth 
Barytes, ba.ri'tiz re, daiar drom 
Basalt, bâ'sôlt' re, math o faen mynor 
Base, bcäs a, brwnt; gwrthun; gwael, 

dirmygus ; isel ; gan.ffugiol ;cymmysg : 

re, syîfaen, gosail ; sylwedd ; bon 
Baseborn, bäs'bôrn a, basclarddaidd 
Baseless, biis'les a, disylfaen, disail 
Baseness, bäs'nes re, gwaelder, diffeith- 

der; bryntni; Uedryw, basdarddiaeth 
Bases, ba'siz np. — Basis 
Bashaw, bâ.shô' re, rhaglaw ym mysg y 

Tyrciaid [gwylaidd 

Bashful, bash'fẁl a, cywilyddgar,yswil, 
Bashfulness, bash'ful.nes, re, cywilydd- 

dra, gwladeidd-dra 
Basil, baz'il re, y breninlys; osgo-fin 

offeryn ; lledr o groen llo 
Basilic, ba.zil'ik a, yn perthyn i wythien 

yr afu [esgobdy 

Basilica, ba.zil'ik.a re, gwythi'en yr afu; 
Basilicon, ba.zil'ik.un re, math o eh 
Basilisk, baz'i.hsk re, sarff gribog ; math 

o fàgnel [crwnlyn 

Basin, bii'sn re, cawg; piydfan, nawfle, 
Basis, bä'sis (bases), re, sail; gwaelod 
Bask, bask v, bronheulo, ymheulo 
Basket, bas'ket n, cawell. basged, mwys. 

Basket-maker, basgedwr 
Bass, bäs re, islais, isalaw 
Bass, bas re, math o bysgod ; mat 
Basset, bas'et v, math o chwareu cardiau 
assoon, ba.sŵn' re, math o offeryn cerdd 
Bassrehef, bas.rí.lîf' re, goysgythriad 
Bassviol, bas.v'i'ul re, crwth yr isalaw 
Bastard, bas'tûrd re, basdardd, plentyn 

gordderch : a, basdarddol, lledrywiol 
Bastardize, bas'tur.di'z vt, basdarddio 
Bastardy, bas'tûr.dî re, basdarddiaeth 
Baste, bast vt, iro ; brasbwytho ; ffonodio 
Bastile, bas.tîl' re, carchar yn Paris gynt 
Bastinade, bas.tî.näd', Bastinado, bas- 

tî.nä'dö vt, ffonodio gwadnau y traed; 

dwys gui"o [glawdd 

astion, bas'tshun re, rhagfur, gwrth- 

BEC path, fat, Gre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Bat, bat re, ystlum; cwlbren, humog. 

Bat-fowling, daliad adar yn y nos 
Batch, batsh re, pobiad, ffyrnaid 
Bate, bat t>,lleihau, colli, gostwng, suddo 
Bateful, bät'fẁl a, cynhenllyd, cecrus 
Bath, bath (baths, baTHz) re, ymdrochfa, 

badd, baddon ; mesur Iuddewig, 1\ gal. 
Bathe, bäTH v, ymdrochi, ymolchi 
Batoon, bâ.tŵn' re, berllysg ; llawffon 
Battailous, bat'ä.lus a, milwraidd 
Battalia, ba.tä'lî.â re, brwydr-drefn 
Battalion, ba.tal'yun re, byddin o 500 i 

800 o wŷr [gwrteithio; ymdreiglo 
Batten, bat'n re, murais: vi,"tewychu; 
Batter, bat'ûr re, defnydd cremog: vt, 

euro, dyrnodio, pwyo. Battering-ram, 

hwrdd dyrnodiol, hwrdd-beiriant 
Battery, bat'ur.î re, magnelfa, gwn- 

glawdd; rhuthr-gyrch [golchfforj 
Batting-staff, bat'ing-staf re, golchbren, 
Battle, bat'l re, cad, ymladd, brwydr, 

rhyfel : v, ymladd, brwydro, ymwrio. 

Battle-array, trefn brwydr, aerdrefn 
Battleaxe, bat'l.aks re, bwyell, ennilleg, 

arf-fwyell, cadfwyell 
Battledoor,'r re, pelgip; llyfr corn 
Battlement, bat'l.ment re, canllaw, gwalc 
Battology, ba.tol'ö.jî. re, ffladredd 
Baubee, bô.bî' re, dimai Albanaidd 
Bauble, bô'bl re, ffril, tegan 
Bavaroy, bav'â.i - ôî n, anvisg, hugan 
Bavin, bav'in n, ffagoden, ysgubell 
Bawbling, bô'bling a, gwael, diwerth 
Bawd, bôd n, earn butain, llattai 
Bawdiy, bô'drî n, anlladiaeth, serthedd 
Bawdy, bô'dî a, anniwair, serth, aflan. 

Bawdy-house, n, puteindy [bloeddio 
Bawl, bôl vi, gwaeddi, crochlefain, 
Bawrel, bô'rel n, math o guryll 
Bay, bä n, mor-gilfach, angorfa ; cwlas : 

a, gwineu, gwineu goch : vi, cyfarth. 

To keep at bay, pen sefyll, attal 
Bayard, bä'yûrd'w, eeífyl gwineu 
Bayonet, bli' n, gwnfidog, bidogan 
Baysalt, bä'sôlt n, math o halen 
Baytree, bä'trî n, llawryf, llawrwydden 
Bdellium, del'yum n, sudd peraroglus 
Be, bî (am, was, been) vi, bod, lianfod. 

To be about to, bod ar fedr 
Be-, px, oddi amgylch ; rhag- 
Beach, bîtsh n, traethell, tywyn, beisdon 
Beacon, bi'kn n, gwylfa, goleudy 
Beaconage, bi'kn. iij '«, treth gwÿlfa 
Bead, bid n, glain. Beads, gleiniau ; 

Beadle, bi'dl n, rhingyll, plwyfwas 
Beagle, bi'gl n, olrhead, olrhein-gi 

Beak, bîk n, pig, gylfin, gylfant; duryn 
Beaker, bi'kur n, diodlestr [hong 

Beal, bil n, llynoryn, penddiiyn 
Beam, bim n, trawst, tylath, swmer; 

pelydnm, paladr: vi, pelydru 
Bean, bin re, ffiien. Bean-pods, codau 

ffa. Bean-shells, plisg, masgl, neu 

gibau ifa. Bean-stalks, gwellt ffa, 

callodr ffa 
Bear, bê'r re, arth; arthes: vt (bore, 

bare; borne, born), dwyn, eludo, cvn- 

nal, cario ; goddef, dal. To bear with, 

cyd-ddwyn â, vmaros â. To bear 

witness, tystiolaethu, ty»tio 
Beard, bi'rd're, barf, col yd, adfach: vt, 

barfu, sarhau; blaendocio [moel 

Beardless, bi'rd'les a, difarf, heb farf, 
Bearer, be'r'ûi- re, cludwr, cariwr [fysgle 
Beargarden, bê'r'gâr.dn re, arthfa ; ter- 
Beast, bist re, amfail, mil, bwystfil 
Beastliness, bîst'lî.nes re, anifeildra; 

budreddi, bryntni, mochyneidd-dra 
Beastlv, bist'li a, anifeilaidd, aflan, 

mochynaidd, brwnt, ffiaidd 
Beat, bit (pt beat, bet ; pp beaten, bi'tn) 

vt, euro, baeddu, pwnio, taro : re, cur ; 

ticoriawr; rhodfa gwihwr. To beat 

a drum, canu neu chwareu tabwrdd. 

A beaten path, llwybr sathredig 
Beatific, bî.â.tif 'ik, Beatifical, bî.a.tif 'i- 

kal a, gwynfydlawn 
Beatification, bî.at.î.f i.ka'shun re, gwyn- 

fydedigrwydd [fydoli 

Beatify, bî.at'î.fî vt, gwpieithu, gwvn- 
Beatitude, bî.at'î.tüd re,"lla\ra wynfyd, 

Beau, bö re, coegyn, coegddyn, pefryn 
Beauish, bö'ish a, coegaidd, coegynaidd 
Beaumonde, bö.mond' re, y byd llun- 

ieiddwych [hardd 

Beauteous, bii'tshus a, glân, pn r dferth, 
Beauteousness, bü.tshus.nes re, tegweh, 

harddweh, gwychder [hardd 

Beautiful, bü'tî.ful a, glân, prydferth, 
Beautify, bü'tî.f'í vt, harddu, prydferthu 
Beauty, bü'tî re, glendid, prydferthweh, 

gwychder, harddweh ; ereiries, manon 
Beaver, bi'vilr re, ffrancon, llostlydan 
Becafico,'ko re, aderyn tebyg i'r 

eos, ag sydd yn porthi ar m»ys 
Becalm, bi'kfim' vt, llonyddu, líinani 
Because, be'kuz' c, o herwydd, o blegid, 

o achos, o ethryb ; gan, am 
Beck, bek re, amnaid, awgrym ; gofer 
Beckon, bek'n v, amneidio, rhoi amnaid 

neu awgrym 
Beclip, bi.klip' vt, cofleidio 


öre ; late ; line, nö, mute ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. BEL 

Become, bi.kum' (pt became, bî.käm' 

pp become) vt, gweddu, perthynu; 

dyfod [eidd-dra 

Becomingness, bi.kum 'ing.nes n, gwedd- 

Bed, bed n. gwely, gorweddfa 

Bedabble, bî.dab'l vt, gwlychu, taenellu 

Bedaggle, bîdag'l, Bedraggle, bî.drag'l 

vt, caglu, diblo [gwlychu 

Bedash, bî.dash' vt, taenellu, ysgeintio, 

Bedaub, bî.dôb' vt, diwyno, dwbio, 

priddo, tomi 
Bedazzle, bi.daz'l vt, dallu, tyvvyllu 
Bedchamber, bed'tshiim.bûr n, ystafell 

wely, cuddigl 
Bedclothes, bed'kluxiiz np, dillad gwely 
Bedeck, bi.dek' vt, addurno, trwsio 
Bedehouse, bîd'hûŵs n, ysbytty, elusendy 
Bedew, bî.dü' vt, gwlitho, gwlychu 
Bedfellow, bed'fel.ö», cywely, cydwelywr 
Bedight, bî.d'it' a, trwsiedig, ymbinciedig 
Bedim, bî.dim' vt, dallu, tywyllu 
Bedizen, bi.diz'n vt, addurno 
Bedlam, bed'lam n, gwallgofdy, bedlem 
Bedlamite, bed'lam.'it n, dyn gorphwyll- 

og, ynfyd-ddyn 
Bedrid, bed'rid a, gorweddiog 
Bedrop, bî.drop' vt, taenellu, ysgeintio 
Bedstead, bed sted n, pren gwely, ochr 

gwely, erchwyn gwely 
Bedtime, bed't'fm n, amser cysgu 
Bedung, bî.dung' vt, tomi, teilio 
Bedust, bî.dust' vt, llychwino, llychio 
Bee, bi n, gwenynen [fFawydd< 

Beech, bîtsh, Beech-tree, bîtsh'trî 
Beechen, bîtsh'n a, o ftawydd [ffawydd 
Beechmast, bîtsh'mast n, ffrwyth 
Beef, bif (p beeves) n, cig eidion ; ych 
Beehive, bi'hi'v n, cwch gwenyn, bodrydaf 
Been, bin pp. — Be 
Beer, bî'r n, heiddlyn, cwrw, diod 
Beet, bit n, beatws, betysen 
Beetle, bî'tl n, chwilen ; gordd bren : vi, 
hongian allan, pwyso ym mlaen. 
Beetle-headed, hm-t, pendew 
Beeves, bivz np, ychain [meryd lie 

Befall, bî.fôl' v, dygwydd, darfod,"cym- 
Bent, bî.fit' v, gweddu, ymweddu 
Befool, bî.fŵl' vt, twyllo ; gwatwar 
Before, bî.fö'r'^r, o flaen, gerbron, cyn: 
ad, gynt, o'r blaen [Haw 

Beforehand, bî.fö'r'hand ad, ym mlaen 
Befoul, bî.fûẁl' vt, diwyno, haloo-i 
Befi-iend, bî.frend' vt, gwneyd cym- 
mwjTias, cedu [neu eddi 

Befringe, bî.fì-inj' vt, addurno â sider 
Beg, beg vt, erfyn, deisyf, ymbil ; cardota 
l, bî.gm' pt, — Begin 

Beget, bî.get' (pt begat, bî.gat', begot; 

pp begotten) vt, cenedlu, eppiho 
Beggar, beg'ûr n, cardotyn, crefwr : vt, 
Uymhau, tlodi ; rheiduso [fawaidd 
Beggarly, beg'ûr.lî a, anghenog : ad, yn 
Beggary, beg ûr.î n, tlodi, angenoctyd, 
eisieu [reu, cychwyn 

Begin, bî.gin' (began; begun) vt, dech- 
Beghd, bî.gûi-d vt, gwregysu ; cylchynu 
Beglerbeg, beg'lûr.beg n, llywodraetnwr 

ar dalaith yn Twi'Ci 
Begone, bi.gon' i, ymaith ! ffwrdd ! 
Begot, bî.got'^í. — Beget 
Begotten,'n^p. — Beget 
Begrease, bi.griz' vt, iro, seimio; ymiro 
Begrime, bî.gri'm' vt, duo, pardduo, 
budreddu [twyllo 

Beguile, bî.g'íl' vt, hudo, Uithio, denu, 
Begun, hì.ípm' pp. — Begin 
Behalf, bî.hâf ' n, plaid, rhan, achos, tu 
Behave, bi.hav' vi, ymddwyn, ymar- 
weddu, gwneyd. To behave one's 
self, ymddwyn yn addas, ymddwyn 
Behaviour, bî.hä'vî.ûr n, ymddygiad, 
moes [tori pen 

Behead, bi.hed' vt, dybenu, torfynyglu, 
Behemoth, bî'hî.moth n, afonfarch 
Behest, bî.hest' n,addewid,gorchymmyn ; 
arch, archiad [cefn 

Behind, bî.h'ind' pr, yn ol, ar ol, y tu 
Behindhand, bi.h'ind'hand ad, yn ol 

Haw, ar ol 

Behold, bî.höld' (pt beheld, bî.held'; 

pp beheld, beholden) vt, edrych, 

gweled, golygu, tremio 

Beholden, bî.höld'n a, rhwymedig, dan 

ddyled: pp. — Behold [lies 

Behoof, bî.hŵf ' n, mantais, elw, budd, 

Behoovable, bi.hw' a, gweddus; 

llesol, addas [addas 

Behoove, Behove, bi.hwv' vi, bod yn 

_ bî'ing n, hanfod, bod 
Belabour,bî.lä'bûrví,dwys guro, baeddu 
Belamy, bel'â.mî n, cyfaill, cyfeillachwr 
Belated, bî.lä'ted a, diweddar, hwyr 
^?lay, bî.lä' vt, cynllwyn, rhagod; 

sicrhau rhaff 
Belch, beltsh vi, bytheirio: n, bytheiriad 
Beldam, bel'dam n, hen wrach, hen fall 
deague, bî.lîg' vt, cylchynu, gwarch- 
iiu, amgylchynu [ydd 

Belfounder, bel'f ûŵ-n.dûrw, clych-dodd- 
Belfry, bel'frî n, llofft y gloch 
Belial, bî'lî.al n, y fall, diafol ; drygioni 
Belie, bî.li' vt, athrodi, enllibio, cam- 
gyhuddo ; celwyddu [iniaeth ; credo 
Belief, bî.líf' n. ffydd, coel, cred, cred- 

BES path, fat. ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

.believable, bUi' a, eredadwy, hy- 

goel [ddiried 

Believe, bî.lîv' vt, credu, coeho, ym- 

Believer,'vur n, credadyn, flydd- 

Belike,'k' ad, ysgatfydd, tebygol 
Bell, bel n, cloch: p, clyeh, elychau. 

Bell-metal, clychfetel, clychadwyn. 

Canterbury bells, clyeh y pertbi 
Belle, bel n, coegeiddferch, glanfei-eh 
Belles-lettres, bel.ê'tru n, tlws-ddysg 
Bellied, bel'îd a, boliog, crothog 
Belligerent, be.lij'ur.ent a, rhyfelog 
Bellipotent, be.lip'o.tent a, cadarn inewn 

rhyfel [cyhoeddwr 

Bellman, bel'man a, cloehydd, cri'wr 
Bellow, bel'ö vi, rhuo, brefi, bugunaw 
Bellows, bel'us np, niegin 
Belluine, bel'ii.'in a, bwystfilaidd, creu- 

lawn, gwyllt, anwar 
Belly, bel'î n, bol, bola; ceudod, cest, 

tor; croth, bru: vi, bolio, chwyddo 

allan [coluddwst 

Bellyache, bel'i.ak n, bolwst, dolur bol, 
Bellybound, bel'í.bûŵnd a, bolrwvm 
Bellyful, bel'î.fẁl n, bolaid, gwala 
Belong, bî.long' vi, perthynu, perthyn, 

deiryd, bod yn feddiant i 
Belout, bî.lûŵt' vt, difri'o 
Beloved, bi.luvd' a, anwyl, cu, hoff, ear- 

iadus : n, anwylyd, anwylddyn, cariad 
Below, bî.lö' pr & ad, is, is law, isod, 

obry, oddi tanodd [bocsachwr 

Belswagger, bel'swag.ûr n, rhodreswr, 
Belt, belt n, gwregys, rhwymyn 
Belwether, bel'weTH.ûr n ílwdn y gloch, 

yr arwemydd [adwyddo 

Bemire, bî.m'i'r' vt, diwyno, toini ; gwar- 
Bemoan, bi.mön' vt, cwyno, galaru; 

ymofidio, cwynfan, cwynfanu 
Bemoil, bî.môîl' vt, budreddu, anui'ddo 
Bemourn, bí.mö'm' vt, galaru, cwyno 

ar ; arwylo ; hiraethu am 
Bench, bentsh n. mainc, eisteddle; gor- 

seddfa, brawdle; eisteddfod; y cyd- 

eistedd [gyfreithiol 

Bencher, ben'tshûr n, aelod athrofa 
Bend, bend (pt & pp lent) v, plygo, do- 

lenu; gwyro; camu, annelu, cyfeirio; 

ymblygu : n, plyg, camedd, crymedd. 

To bend a bow, annelu bwa 
Bendable, ben'dâ.bl a, plygadwy, hyblyg 
Bendlet, bend'let n, taleithig 
Beneath, bi.niTH' pr & ad, is, is law, 

isod, obry, tan, goris 
Benedictine, ben.i.dik'tin a, yn perthyn 

i fynachod o urdd Benedict 

Benediction, ben.i.dik'shun n, bendith, 

bendithiad [mwynas, haeledd, ced 
Benefaction, ben.i.fak'shun n, cym- 
Benefactor, ben.i.fak'tur n, cymmwyn- 

aswr, noddwr [wŷnaswraig 

Benefactress, ben.i.fak'tres n, cym- 
Benefice, ben'î.fis n, bywioliaeth eg- 

lwysig [wch, haelioni 

Beneficence, bî.nef 'î.sens n, mwvnasgar- 
Beneficent, bî.nef'î.sent a, hael, hael- 

ionus, haelfrydig, llawrydd, daionus 
Beneficial, ben'.î.fish'al a. buddiol, llesol 
Beneficiary,'ur.î a, glwysfudd- 

Og : yn ilal bvwoliaeth dan arall 
Benefit, ben' n, budd, lies; cym- 

mwynas: v, llesäu, peri budd. Benefit 

of clergy, braiut eglwyswyr 
Benet, bî.net' vt, maglu, rhwydo 
Benevolence, bi.nev'o.lens n, ewyllys da, 

daioni, caredigrwydd 
Benevolent, bi.nev'o.lent a, daionus, car- 

edig, caruaidd [hael 

Benign, bî.ni'n' a, tirion, mwyn. gwâr, 
Benignant, bî.nig'nant a, hynaws, rhad- 

lawn; da [mwyneidd-dra 

Benignity, bî.nig'nî.tî n, hynawsedd, 
Benison, ben'i.zn n, bendithiad 
Bent, bent n. ystnmiad, plygiad; tuedd, 

gogwyddiad: pt & pp. — Bend 
Benumb, bi.num' vt, inerwino, fferu 
Benzoin, ben.zoln' n, math o ystor 
Bepaint. in. pant' vt, amliwio, arliwio 
Beplume, bî.plüin' vt, addurno â phlyf 
Bequeathe, bi.kwiTH' vt, cymmynn, rhoi 

mewn ewyllys 
Bequest, bî.kwesf n, cymmyn, cymmyn- 

rodd, rhodd mewn ewyllys 
Bereave, hi.viv' (pt hpp bereft, bî.reft') 

vt, difuddio, difeddu : amddifadu 
Bereavement, bi.riv'ment n. difeddiad, 
Bergamot, bûr'gá.mot n, pt-r-bren 
Bergmastér, búrg'mas.tûr n, goruch- 

wyliwr ar fwngloddwyr ['Wyr 

Bergmote, bûrg'möt n, llys mwnglodd- 
Bergomask, bur'go.mask n, math o 

ddawns irwledig gynt 
Berlin, bûr'lin n, math o gerbyd 
Bernardine. bûr'nûr.din », mynach o 

urdd St. Bernard [cvrawel, aeron 
Berries, ber'iz (s berry, ber i) np, grawn, 
Bertram, bûr'tram n, pelydr gwyflt 
Beryl, Ix-r'il n, j maen beryl 
Beseech, bî.^ítsh' (pt & pp besou-ht) 

vt. atolygu, deisyf, erfyn, ymbil, crefu 
Beseem, bî.sîm' vi] gweddu, cydweddu 
Beseemingness, bî.sîm'ing.nes n, gwedd- 



öre; läte; line, no, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. BID 

Beset, bî.set' vt, cynllwyn; amgylchynu 
Beshrew, bî.shrŵ' vt, difrio, senu, rhegu 
Beside, bî.s'íd', Besides, bi.s'idz' pr, ger 
Haw, wrth, yn ochr, yn ymyl, yn agos 
at; heb law, gyda. Beside one's self, 
gwallgofus, ynfyd, maes o'i bwyll 
Besiege, bî.síj' vt, gwarchae, amgylchu 
Besmear, bî.smî'r' vt, iro, dwbio 
Besmoke, bi.smok' vt, mygu, mygsychu 
Besmut. bî.smut' vt, pardduo, huddiglo 
Besom, bi'zum n, ysgubell, ysgub 
Besort, bí.sôrt' vi, gweddu, hyweddu 
Besot, bî.sot' vt, lled-feddwi: syfrdanu 
Besought, bî.sôt' pt & pp. — Beseech 
Bespangle, bî.spang'gl vt, serenu, dy- 
frithio [enllibio 

Bespatter, bî.spat'ûr vt, diblo, diwyno; 
Bespawl, bî.spol' vt, poeri, amboeri 
Bespeak, bi.spik' (bespoke, bi.spok'; be- 
spoken, bi.spo'kn) vi, rhagerchu, 
rhagofyn, rhagddangos [fritho 

Bespeckle, bi.spek'l vt, amliwio, man- 
Bespew, bî.spü' vt, chwydu ar 
Bespot, bî.spot' vt, maim, britho, brychu 
Bespread, bi.spred' (pt 8c pp bespread) 

vt, taenu, lledu, gorchuddio 
Besprinkle, bi.spring'kl vt, taenellu 
Besputter, bî.sput'ûr vt, taenu poer 
Best, best a, goreu : ad, yn oreu : sd.— 
Good, Well. To the best of my know- 
ledge, hyd eithaf fy ngwybodaeth 
Bestial, bes'tshal a, anifeilaidd, bwyst- 

filaidd ; ffiaidd, brwnt 
Bestow, bí.stö' vt, rhoddi, anrhegu 
cyfleu [mhwyilog 

Bestraught, bî.strôt' a, gwallgofus, am- 
Bestrew, bî.strŵ' vt, gwasgara, taenu 
Bestride, bî.str'íd' (bestrode, bî.ströd'_ 
bestridden, bl.striu'n) vt, nryned goes 
o bob tu, marchäu 
Bestud, bî.stud' vt, boglynu 
Bet, bet n, cyngwystl: vt, cyngwystlo 
, Betake, bi.tak vt, ymosod, ymroddi 
rhoi bryd ; cyrchu at 
Beteem, bî.tîm' vt, anrhegu [adgofio 
Bethink, bi.thingk' vi, ystyried ; pwyllo ; 
Bethral, bî.throl' vt, caethiwo, darostwng 
Bethump, bî.thump' vt, dyrnodio, pwyo 
Betide, bî.t'id' v, damweinio, dygwydd 
Betimes, bi.ti'mz' ad, yn brydlawn, yn 
gynnar, yn fore [rhagddangos 

Betoken,'kn vi, arwyddo, argoeli, 
Betray, bî.trä' vt, bradychu, dadguddio, 
cyhuddo [hoewi 

Betrim, bî.trim' vt, trwsio, cymhenu, 
Betroth, bi.troth' vt, dy weddi'o, ymgredu 
Betrust, bî.trust' vt, ymddiried 

Better, bet'ûr a, gwell, rhagoraeh : ad, 
ynwell: cd. — Good, Well: vt, gwell- 
äu. So much the better, goreu gyd. 
To get the better of, gorchrygu. To 
get better, to make better, gwella, 
gwelläu [trwy ddrws 

Betty, bet'î n, math o oô'eryn at dori 
Between, bî.twîn, Betwixt, bî.twikst'^)r, 

rhwng (dau), ym mysg 

Bevel, bev'l n, conglyn, pedror, pedryd 

Beverage, bev'ur.aj n, diod, gwirod 

Bevy, bev'î n, haid o adar; myntai, 

diadell [galaru, alaethu 

Bewail, bî.wäl' vt, cvryno, cwynfan, 

Bewailable, bî.wä'lâ.bl a, gwiw-gŵyn, 

alaethol [gadw, ymogelyd 

Beware, bê.wé'r' vt, gochel, gwilio. ym- 

Bewet, bi.wet' vt, gwlychu, mwydo 

Bewilder, bî.wil'dûr vt, dyrysu, annhrefnu 

Bewitch, bi.witsh' vt, rheibio, llygad- 

dynu, hudo; swyno; tynu serch, denu 

Bewi-ay, bî.rä' vt, dadguddio, bradychu 

Bey, bä n, llywydd ym mysg y Tyrciaid 

Beyond, bî.yond' pr, dros, tros, tra, tu 

hwnt i, tu draw i; ym mhellach; 

uwch law [carw 

Bezantler, bi.zantlur n, ail gangen corn 

Bezoar, bi.zoV n, math o gareg riii- 

weddol rhag gwenwyn 
Bezonian, bi.zo' n, dyhiryn, adyn 
Bezzle, bez'l vi, gloddesta, diota 
Biangulous, bî.an'gü.lus a, dwyonglog 
Bias, bi'as n, tueddiad, gwyredd: vt, 

tueddi, lledochri ; denu 
Bib, bib n, bronliain : v, llymeitian, diota 
Bible, b'i'bl n, y Beibl; yr Ysgrythp - 
Lân; y Llyfr [yrol 

Bibhcal, bib'li.kal a, beiblaidd, ysgryth- 
Bibliography, bib.lî.og'râ.f ì n, ílyfrydd- 
iaeth, llyfi-oniaeth [wr 

Bibliopohst, bib.lî.op'ö.list n, Uyfrwerth- 
Bibliotheca, bib.lî.ö.thî'.kâ n, llyfrgell 
Bibulous, bib'ü.lus a, yspwngaidd, masw 
Bicapsular, bi.kap'sii.lur a, deuranol 
Bice, bis n, math o liw glas 
Bicipital, b'i.sip'i.tal, Bicipitous, bi'.sip'- 
î.tus a, deubenog [ymgecru 

Bicker, bik'ur vi, ymryson. ymrafaeho, 
Bickering, bik'urjng n, cj^nhen 
Bickern, bik'urn n, haiarn blaenfain 
Bicoru, bi'korn, Bicornous, bi'.kor'nus 

a, deugorniog 
Bicorporal, bi.kor'po.ral a, deugorifog 
Bid, bid (bade; bidden) vt, erchu; gwa- 
hodd ; cynnyg. To bid farewell, canu 
Bidden, bid'n pp. — Bid [yn iach 

Bi Jder, bid'ur n, archwr, cvnnvgiwi" 

BIV path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Bide, bid (pt & pp bode) vi, aros, trigo 
Bidental, bi'.den'tal a, deuddeintiog 
Biennial, bi'.en'yal a, dwyflwyddol 
Bier, bî'r n, elor, elorwydd 
Biestings, bis'tingz tip, llaetb tor 
Bifarious, b'i.fe r'î.us a, deublyg, dyblyg 

Biferous, bif ' a, deugnvdiog 
Bifid, bi'fid, Bifidated, bifì.dä.ted a 
Bifold, b'f'föld a, dyblyg [fforchog 

Biformed, b'i'fômid a, deuffurfiog 
Bifurcated, b'i.fur'ka.ted a, deubigog 
Big, big a, mawr ; braisg, beichiog 
torog. As big, cymmaint. Big-bellied, 
boliog, crothog ; beichiog. Big with calf, 
cyflo. Bigger, mwy. Biggest, mwyaf 
Bigamist, big'â.mist n, dwywreigiwr 
Bigamy, big'â.mî n, dwywreigiaeth 
Biggin, big'in n, taleithgap baban; piser 
Bight, bit n, cylchdorch rhaff angor 
Bigness, big'nes n, maint, maintioli 
Bigot, big'ut n, dallbleidiwr, dyn pen- 
boeth, penboethyn [boethni 

Bigotry, big'ut.rî n, dallbleidiad, pen- 
Bilander, bil'an.dûr n, math o long fechan 
Bilberries, bil'ber.iz np, llus, llus duon 

bach. Bilberrv-tree, lluswydden 
Bilbo, bil'bö re, cléddyf 
Bilboes, bil'boz n, cyffion llongwyr 
Bile, bi'l n, geri, llyn y bustl ; penddiiyn 
Í Bilge, bilj n, lied gwaelod Hong : v, ym- 
dolchi, ymddryllio 
Bilingual, bi'hng'gwal a, dwyieithog 
Bilinguous, bi.ling'gwus a, deudafodog 
Bihous, bil'yus, Biliary, bií'ynr.î a, ger- 
Bilk, bilk vt, siomi, twyllo [i'og, geriaidd 
Bill, bil n, craifll ; dyleb, ysgrifen-rwym ; 
rhybudd cyhoedd; pig, gylfant, gylfin, 
duryn: vt, pig-gusanu, anwesu; cy- 
hoeddi. Bill-hook, glaif. Hedging- 
bill, gwddi, cryman cau 
Billet, bil'et n, llythyr byr, nodyn, cipyll : 

vt, rhoi Uetty-lythyr 
Billetdoux, bil.ê.dŵ' n, llythyr caru 
Billiards, bil'yurdz n, math o chwareu â 

Shelau ifori [iynau 

ion, bil'yun n, biüwn, miliwn o fil- 
Billow, bil'ö n, ton, gwaneg, morgaseg, 
Billowy, bil'ö.î a, tònog, tònol [moryn 
Bin, bin n, cist, cist ystyfflog 
Binary, bi'nur.î a, dyblyg, deuol 
Bind, bind (pt & pp bound) vt, rh^vymo, 

clymu, ymylwisgo [wisgiad 

Binding, holding n, rhwymiad, ymyl- 
Bhmacle, bin'a.kl n, compawd-gist Hong 
Binocle, bin'o.kl n, syllddrych i'r ddau 


Binocular, bi'.nok'u.lur a, deulygeidiog 
Binomial, b'í.nö'mî.al a, deuenwol 
Biographer, b'í.og'râ.fûr n, buchdraeth- 

ydd, bugraifydd [buchdraethiad 

Biography, bí.og'râ.fî n, bywgraifiad, 
Biparous, bip' a, gyfeillddwyn 
Bipartite, bip'âr.tît a, dwyran, deuran 
Biped, bi'ped n, creadur deudroed 
Bipedal, bip'i.dal a, deudroediog, deu- 
Bipennated, b'í.pen'â.ted a, dwyadeiniog 
Bipetalous, bî.pet'â.lus a, dwyddalenog 
Biquadrate, b'i.kwod.riit, Biquadratic, 

b'i.kwo.drat'ik n, pedrysawdd : a, pedr- 

ysoddog [bed wen 

Birch, bûrtsh n, bedw. Birch-tree, 
Birchen, bûrtsh'n a, o fedw 
Bird, bûrd n, aderyn, edn, edyn 
Birdhme, bûrd'li'm n, glud, ysgrawling 
Birgander, bur'gan.dur n, Uwynogwydd 
Birt, bûrt n, lleden y môr, tafod yr hydd 
Birth, bûrth n, genedigaeth ; esgoriaeth. 

Of good birth, boneddig. Untimely 

birth, erthyl. Second birth, aden- 

Birthday, bûrth'dä n, dydd genedigaeth 
Birthright, bûrth'ri't n, genedigaeth 

fraint [galed 

Biscuit, bisTdt n, bara caled, teisen 
Bisekt, b'i.sekt' vt, deubarthu, rhanu 
Bishop, bish'up», esgob, golygwr; math 

o ddiod 
Bishopric, bish'up.rik n, esgobaeth 
Bisk, bisk n, cawl, isgell, potes 
Bismuth, biz'muth n, math o adwyn, 

Bison, biz'un n, ych gwyllt, bual 
Bissextile, bi.seks.til n, blwyddyn naid 
Bisson, bis'un a, dall, tywjdl [fforchog 
Bisulcous, bi.sul'kus a, fforchog, ewin- 
Bit, bit n, tamaid, safnaid, difyn, dernj-n ; 
Bitch, bitsh n, gast, gasten [genfa 

Bite, bit n, cnoad ; brath ; tamaid ; hoced ; 

hocedydd : vt (pt bit ; pp bitten, bit'n, 

bit), cnoi; brathu, pigo; twyllo 
Bittacle, bit'â.kl n, onglyrgist, com- 

Bitter, bit'ûr a, chwerw, bustlaidd, tost 
Bittern, bit'urn n, aderyn y bwn, bwmp 

y gors [bustledd 

Bitterness, bit'ûr.nes n, chwerwder, 
Bittervetch, bit'ur.vetsh n, pys y gn.ranod 
Bitumen, bî.tü'men n, pyg-glai, pyglöyn, 

Bituminous, bî.tü'mî.nus a, dyglistaidd 
Bivalve, b'i. valve, Bivalvular, b'i.val'vu- 

ltìr a. deufasglos; dwyirragenog 
^ 30 

öre ; läte, line, nö, miite ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. BLI 

Bivouac, bi'vw.ak vi, bod dan arfau 

trwy'r nos : n, cadwyliad 
Bizantine, biz'an.tin n, darn o auf 

gwerth pumtheg punt 
Blab, blab vt, digelu chwedl, clepian; 

ffladru : n, clepiwr, hauwr chwedlau 
Black, blak a, du ; tywyll , erchyll, dy- 

bryd: n, dyn du: vt, duo, duliwio. 

To beat black and blue, cleisio, dy- 

gleisio. Black art, y gelfyddyd ddu, 

Blackamoor, blak''r n, dyn du 
Blackberries, black'ber.iz np, mwyar 

duon. BlackbeiTy-bush, dyryslwyn, 

mierinlrwyn [aderyn du 

Blackbird, blak'burd n, mwyalchen, yr 
Blackcap, blak'ap n, penlöyn, y lleian 
Blackcock, blak'ok n, ceiliog du, ceiliog 

y mynydd 
Blacken, blak'n vt, duo, gordduo; ty- 

wyllu [ddyn 

Blackguard, blag'ârd n, dyhiryn, dryg- 
Blacking, blak'ing n, du esgidiau ; duad 
Blackish, blak'ish a, lied ddu, duaidd, 

tywyll, hyll [duder 

Blackness, blak'nes n, diiwch, duedd, 
Blacksmith, blak'smith n, gof, gof du 
Bladder, blad'ûr n, pledren, chwysigen 
Blade, bläd n, llarh, llain; eginyn; 

paladr; pefryn, brolyn ; Uefnyn, llenc- 

yn : vt, llafnu, ymwychu. Blade of an 

oar, palf rhwyf. Blade of grass, glas- 

welltyn, blewyn glas. Blade-bone, as- 

gwrn y balfais, crafell yr ysgwydd 
Blain, blän n, penddiiyn; chwisigl; 

llynoryn, gweli, malaith 
Blamable, blä'mä.bl a,ceryddadwy,beius 
Blame, bläm' n, bai, cwl; gwyd: vt, 

beio, ceryddu; dwrdio 
Blameless, bläm'les a, difai, difeius, di- 

argyhoedd. [gochelyd; dioli 

Blanch, blantsh vt, cànu; dirisglo; 
Bland, bland a, mwyn ; afiaethus 
Blandiloquence, bian.dil'o.kwens n, 

gweniaith, hudiaith 
Blandish, blan'dish vt, gwenieithio; 

mwythddenu [gwenieithiad 

Blandishment, blan'dish.ment n, afiaeth ; 
Blank, blangk n, gwagle, siom-gwtws : 

a, gwehv-lwyd, gwyn; syn. Blank 

verse, mesur diodl 
Blanket, blang'ket n, brycan, gwrthban 
Blare, blê'r vi, rhuo ; ennyn, ifaglu 
Blaspheme, blas.fîm' vt, cablu, difenwi 
Blasphemous, blas'fî.mus a, cableddus, 

cablaidd [difenwad 

Blasphemy, blas'fî.mî n, cabledd, cabl, 

Blast, blast n, chwa, pwff, gwynt; 
chwyth; malldod, deifiad, rhwd: vt, 
deifio; anafu; seithugio 
Blatant, blä'tant a, yn brefu [dordd. 
Blatter, blat'ûr vi, rhuo, buguno ; bal- 
Blay, blä, Bleak, blik n, math o wyniad. 
Blaze, blaz n, fflam, ffagl; seren wen 
yn nhalcen march: vi, fflamio: vt, 
cyhoeddi ^ [arwydd-farddoniaeth 
Blazon, bla'zn, Blazonry, bla'zn.ri n, 
Blazon, bla'zn vt, egluro arwyddion ar 
bais arfau; gwychu, addurno; cy- 
hoeddi; dathlu [glasweílt 
Bleach, blîtsh vt, chnu yn yr haul ar y 
Bleak, blik a, oer, oerllyd, anwydog; 
gwelw : n, gwyniad [rhyndod. 
Bleakness, bliknes n, oerni; fferdod, 
Blear, blî'r vt, cilgochi'r llygaid; cib- 
ddallu : a, gwlyb, molog, tost, gwan. 
Blear-eyed, llygadwlyb, llygadgoch 
Bleat, blit n, brefiad : vi, brefu 
Bleed, blîd (pt & pp bled) v, gwaedu, 

gollwng gwaed ; colli gwaed 

Blemish, blem'ish n, anaf, bai, mefl, 

gwrthuni: vt, anafu, anharddu, ni- 

weidio, gwrthuno 

Blench, blentsh vi, tynu yn ol, ymrwystro 

Blend, blend v, cymmysgu, cydgym- 

mysgu; cyd-dymmeru; cyssoddi 
Bless, bles vt, bendithio, lladu. Blessed, 
gwynfydedig, bendigedig, gwyn ei fyd 
Blessing, bles'ing n, bendith, Had 
Blessedness, bles'ed.nes n, bendigedig- 

rwydd, dedwyddyd, gwynfyd 
Blew, blii pt. — Blow 
Blight, blit n, golosgiad, deifiad ; cawod : 

vt, golosgi, deifio ; difwyno 
Blind, blind a, dall, tywyll: vt, dallu, 
tywyllu ; mwgydu ; bwrw hud ar : n, 
caeadlen, gorchudd, mwgwd. Blind- 
man's buff, chwareu mwgwd. Blind 
side, ochr ddall, ffaeledd 
Blindfold, blind'f old vt, mwgydu y llyg- 
aid : a, â'r llygaid wedi eu cuddio 
Bhndness, bli'nd'nes n, dallineb, dellni 
Blindworm, blînd'wûrm n, dallneidr 
Blink, blingk vi, ysmicio, amrantu 
Blinkard, bling'kurd n, ysmiciwr, cil- 
lygadwr [gorhoen 

Bliss, blis n, gwynfyd, dedwyddyd, 
Blissful, blis'fẁl a, gwynfydedig, ded- 
wyddlawn [wch 

Blissfulness, bhs'fẁl.ness n, dedwydd- 
Blister, blis'tûr n, chwydalen, pothell; 
chwysigl, coden : vt, pothellu,chwydalu 
Bhthe, bli'TH, Blithesome, bliTH'sum a, 
llawen, lion, digrif, hoenus 

BOL path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, tẁk=took; 

Bloat, blöt v, chwyddo ; chwythu i fyn y 
Bloatedness, blö'ted.ncs n, chwyddiant 
Blob, blob, Blobber, blob'ûr n, chwys- 

igen, bwrlwm. Blob-cheeked, boch- 

dew, bochog 
Block, blok n, cyff, boncyff, cipyll: vt, 

cau i fyny, gwarohSu 
Blockade, blo.kad' n, argae, gwarchae, 

cylchyniad [hurthgen 

Blockhead, blok'hed n, penbwl, hurtyn, 
Blockhouse, blok'hdvvs n, argaeborfch 
Blockish, blok'ish a. hurt, penglogaid 
Blomary, blö'mur.î n, tawddffwrn haiam 
Blood, blud n, gwaed, crau; tras; 


Bloodshed, blud'shed n. tywalltiad gwaed 
Bloodshot, blud'shot n, y fflamr-g 

gwaedgleisiog [am waed 

Bloodthirsty, blud'thûrs.tî a, sychedig 
Bloodvessel, blud'ves.el n, gwaed lestr, 

rhedweii, gwyth'ien 
Bloody, blud'i a, gwaedlyd, creulawn, 

Bloody flux, gwaedlif, gwaedlifiant 
Bloom, bhvm n, blodau ; glasbaill, glesni, 

gwrid: vi, blodeuo, blaguro; ffynu 
Blossom, blos'um n, blodeuyn: vi, blo- 
deuo, blaguro 
Blot, blot n, du, dunod, dufan; anaf; 

anair : vt, duo. duwyno. To blot out, 

dilè'u. Blotting-paper, sugnbapyr 
Blotch, blotsh ii, crugdardd ; Uynoryn 
Blouse, blŵ% n, cot ysgafn 
Blow, bib' n, dyrnod, ergyd, cnoc, flat, 

llab, cernod: v (pt blew, blii; pp 

blown, blön), chwythu; blodeuo 
Blowze, bluwz ?i, llances fochgoch 
Blowsy, blfiw'zi a, wwnebgoch, swga 
Blubber, blub'ûr n, brasder y morfil : vt, 

wylo nes chwyddo'r bochau 
Bludgeon, bluj'un n, cwlbren, pastwn 
Blue, blii 11, lliw glas, glas, nefliw: a, 

glas, asurliw: vt, glasu, lliwioyn las 
Blucness, blü'nes n, glesni ; claisliwiad 
Bluff, bluf a, traws-falch, cuchiog 
Blunder, blun'dur n, amryfusedd, cam- 

gymmeriad, camsyniad ; coll : vi, cam- 

syuicd [ddryll, gwn byi- 

Blunderbuss, blun'dûr.bus n, rhwth- 
Blunderhead, blun'dûr.hed n, hurt™ 
Blunt, blunt a. pŵl; difoes, trwsgl, lled- 

arw : vt, pylu, diawchu 
Bluntncss, blunt'nes n, pylni ; difoesedd 
Blur, blûr n, duad, brycheuyn; anaf; 

magi: vt, ysbrychu; diwyno 
Blurt, blurt, n, digelu chwedl, baldordd 
Blush, blush vi, gwrido, cochi, yswilio: 

n, gwryd, gwyledd ; gwiidiad 

Blushet. blush 'et n, geneth wylaidd 
Bluster, blus'tûr n, rhuad, trwst, terfysg : 

vi, trystio, dadwrdd. gwagfygwth 
Blusterous, blus' a, tyinmestlog, 

trystfawr, brochus [ymguddiad 

Bo, bö i, ho! bolol! Bo peep, mig- 
Boar, bö'r n, baedd, tremyniad 
Boarish, bö'r'ish a, baeddâidd; taiogaidd 
Board, bö'rd n, eisteddfod ; astell, plane ; 

bwrdd: v, byrddio, byrddu; tal-we^tu. 

Board-wages, dogn at ymborth 
Boardyard, bö'rd'yârd a, astellfa 
Boast, bust n, ffrost, ymffrost, bocsach, 

bost, brol: vi, ymffrostio, bocsachu, 

bostio [ffrostgar, bostgar 

Boastful, bost'fu'l, Boastive, bos'tiv a, 
Boat, hot 11, bad, eweh. Ferry-boat, 

ceubal; ysgrarf 
Boatman, Dot man n, badwr, ysgraffwr 
Boatswain, bö'sn n. penbadwr 
Bob, bob n, dyrnod ysgafn, cnith; croes- 

air: a, byr, cwta: vt, taro yn ysmala; 

gwawdio; twyllo; maeddu 
Bobcherry, bob'tsher.î n, math o chware 

plant [plethwäell 

Boom, bob'in 11, math o hnyn gwyn; 
Bobtail, bob'täl n, cynflbn gwta 
Bobwig, bob'wig n, gwallt gapan gwta 
Bode, böd vt, darogan, argoeli, rhagar- 

wyddo: pt & pp. — Bide [goel 

Bodement. böd'ment n, daroganiad, ar- 
Bodice, bod'ie n, gwasgrwvm mcrch 
Bodiless, bod'i.les a, digoi-ff, anghorffol 
Bodily, bod'î.lî a, corffol, corfforol 
Bodkin, bod'kin n, gwäell; mynawyd; 

nodwydd [paladr; llu 

Body, bpd'î n, corff; un; swm, crynodeb; 
Bog, bog n, cors, mignen, siglen, pyd- 

wern [llygaeron, llygeirin 

Bogberries, bogT)er.îz (s bogberfy) np, 
Boggle, bog'l vi, petruso; tynu yn ol; 

Boggy, bog'î a, corsog, siglenog 
Bohea, bö.hí' n, math o de garw [berwi 
Boil, bôîl n, penddiiyn, Uynoryn: v, 
Boiler, bôî'lûr n, callawr, pair, berwedydd 
Boisterous, bôîs' a, terfysglyd, 

bloeddgar [aeth, terfysg 

Boisterousness, bôîs' n, afreol- 
Bold, bold a, hyf, eon, diarswyd, anturiol, 

hyderus, dewr; ehud; gwastadlyfn. 

To make bold to, cymmery d ar, beiddio, 

bod yn hyf, ymeoni 
Bolden, boTdn ?;,eoni, ymeoni, ymhyf hau 
Boldness, bold'nes n, hyfder, eonder, 

dewredd ; liaerllugrwydd 
Bole, böl n, priddell; mesur o 12 cibyn 

öre; läte; line, nö, mlite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. BOT 

Bolis, bö'lis n, pelen o dân a deflir i'r 

Boll, böl n, paladr; calaf; bolltad: v, 

corsenu, hadu [vt, attegu 

Bolster, böl'stûr n, gobenydd, clustog: 
Bolt, bolt n, bollt, bar, trosol, gefyn : v, 

bolltio; saethu; traflyncu; gogrynu. 

peillio. Bolting-house, peilldy 
Boltsprit, buvv'sprit n, hwylbren yn 

fflureg llong. — Bowsprit 
Bolus, bö'lus «, pelen feddygol 
Bomb, bum, Bombshell, bum'shel 

pelen hylosg 
Bombard, bum.bârd' vt, en 
Bombardier, bum.bâr.dî'r 

gynau y pelenau hyn 
Bombasin,' n, math o gym- 
Bombast, bum.bast' n, y pren cotwm; 

math o frethyn eotymog ; chwyddiaith 
Bombastic, bum.bas'tik a, chwyddedig, 

gorwag [trwst 

Bombilation, bum.bî.lä'shun n, swn, 
Bombketch, bum'ketsh n, llong i daflu 

pelenau hylosg [putain 

Bonaroba, bö.nâ.rö'bâ n, gordderch. 
Bonassus, bö.nas'us n, bual, ych gwyllt 
Bonchretien, bon.kret'yen n, math 

Bond, bond n, rhwymyn, cadwyn, tid; 

rhwymedigaeth, rhwymiad, ysgrifen- 

rwym [carchar 

Bondage, bon'däj n, caethiwed, caethfyd, 
Bondman, bond'man n, caethwas 
Bondservice, bond'sur.vis n, caethwas- 

anaeth, caethwasaeth, gwarogaeth 
Bondwoman, boud'wẁ (bondwomen, 

bond'wim.en) n, caethwraig 
Bone, bön n, asgwm: vt, diasgyrnu. 

Bone-setter, gosodwr esgyrn 
Bonelace, bön'läs n, ysnoden hn 
Boneless, bön'les a, diesgyrn, diasgwrn 
Bonfire, bon'f'i'r n, coelcerth, bonffagl 
Bongrace, böng'gras n, heulrod, cysgod- 

dalaith [guwch, capan merch 

Bonnet, bon'et «, cwcwll, penwisg, pen- 
Bonny, bon'î a, hoew-wych, dillyn; 

hoenus; difyr [enwyn sur 

Bonnyclapper, bon'i.klap.ur n, llaeth 
Bony, bö'nî a, esgyrniog, ysgyrnig 
Booby, bŵ'bî n, hurtyn, dreìjTi, penbwl ; 

aderyn mawr o'r enw 
Book, bwk n, llyfr. A little book, 

llyfryn, llyfran. Book-keeper, cyfrif- 

ydd, líyfrwT. Book-keeping, llyfr- 

yddiaeth, cyfrifyddiaeth [wr 

Bookbinder, bwk'b'in.dur n, llyfi-'rwym- 
Bookcase, bwk'as n, llyfrgell 

;io pelenau 
>i, triniwr 

Bookish, bwk'ish a, llyfrgar; astud 
Bookmate, bwk'mat n, cydysgolhaig 
Bookseller, bwk'sel.ur n, llyfrwerthwr 
Bookworm, bwk'wurm n, llyfrbryf ; dar- 

llenydd diflin [rhuthro; ymgyrchu 
Boom, bŵm n, hwyl bawl; trwst: v, 
Boon, bŵn n, arch, deisyfiad; rhodd, 

ced: a, llawen, difyr, cellweirus 
Boor, bŵ'r n, drelyn, delflyn, taiogddyn, 

gwermvvT _ [aidd, delfiaidd 

Boorish, bŵ'r'ish a, taiogaidd, gwlad- 
Boorisbness, bŵ'r'ish.nes n, taiogrwydd 
Boose, bŵz n, côr mewn beudy, preseb 
Boot, bŵt n, botasen, cwran, coesarn; 

cist cerbyd ; mantais, elw, ennill ; an- 

rhaith : vt, elwa, ennill ; gwisgo botasau 
Booth, bvvth n, bwth, lluestty, caban 
Bootjack, bwt'jak n, botasbren 
Bootless, bŵt'les a, anfuddiol, diles, ofer 
Booty, bŵ'tî n, vsglyfaeth, anrhaith, 

caiFaehad, ysbail 
Borachio, bö.ratsh'ö n, costrel, barilan 
Borax, bo'raks n, math o halen 
Bordel, bôr'del n, puteindy 
Border, bôr'dûr n, íîin, cyflfin, cyifiniad, 

terfyn; bargod; ymyl; godre; ymyl- 

waith : v, cyflSnio, terfynu ; ymylu 
Borderer, bôr'dur.ûr n, cyffiniwr 
Bore, bo'r n, twll; twll clo; ceudwll: 

vt, tyllu, ebillio : pt. — Bear 
Boreal, bö'r'î.al, Boreahs, bö'r.î.ä'lis a, 

gogleddol, gogleddig 
Boreas, bö'r'î.as n, gogleddwynt 
Born, born pp, ganedig. — Bear. First- 
born, cyntafanedig 
Bome, barn op, cynnaledig. — Bear 
Borough, bur'ö n, bwrdeisdref 
Borrow, bor'ö vt, echwyna, benthyca 
^ascage, bos'kaj n, coedwig; gwig- 

Bosky, bos'ki a, coediog, garwaidd 
~3som, bwz'um n, mynwes, monwes, 

cilfach: vt, mynwesu; cofleidio, col- 

eddu. Bosom friend, cyfaill anwyl 
Boss, bos n, boglyn ; bogeilglwm, oddf 
Botanic, bo.tan'ik, Botanical, bö.tan'î- 

kal a, llysieuaidd [ydd 

Botanist, bot'â.nist n, llysieuwr, llysieu- 
Botanology, bot.â.nol'ö.jî n, llysieudraith 
Botany, bot'â.nî n, llysieuaeth, llysieu- 

wriaeth, llysieuyddiaeth 
Botch, botsh 11, pyloryn, Uynoryn, crach- 

en; braswaith: vt, brasdrwsio, hagr- 

glytio; trysglweithio ; anafu 
Both, both a, dau, dwy, deuoedd, dwy- 

oedd. Both of us, ni ein dau 
Bots, bots np, euon, gwyrn, piyfigedd 

BRA path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Bottle, botl n, potel, costrel : vt, potelu, 

costrelu. Small bottle, costrelan, 

costrelig, potelan 
Bottom, bot um n, gwaelod, sail, sylfan ; 

sawdd, llawr; godre; pant, dyiFryn, 

ystrad. Bottoms, gwaelodion 
Bottomless, bot'uin.les a, diwaelod. 

Bottomless- pit, uffern, annwfn, annwu 
Bottomry, bot um'rî n, llong wystl, arian 

echwyn ar long 
Boud, bûŵd n, pryfyn yd, yd-ysydd 
Bouge, bŵj v, treiddio, trydyllu, tyllu ; 

chwyddo allan 
Bough, bûŵ n, cainc, cangen, gwrysgen, 

clofen, osgl. A little bough, cangenig 
Bought, hot pt & pp. — Buy: n, camedd, 

cwlwm ; fi'on dafl 
Bougie, bw'zhi n, trwyddew 
Bounce, bûŵns n, naid. ysbonc: vi, 

neidio ; trystio ; bocsachu, bostio 
Bound, bûŵnd n, terfyn, ffin, cyffin: v, 

cyffinio; neidio: pt & pp. — Bind 
Boundary, bûŵn'dûr.î n, terfyn, cyffin 
Bounden, bûŵn'dn a, rhwymedig 
Boundless, bûŵnd'les a, annlierfynol 
Bounteous, bûŵn'tsbus, Bountiful, 

bûŵn'tî.fẁl a, hael, rhoddgar, cedawl, 

haelionus, cymmwynasgar 
Bounty, bûŵn'tî, Bountifulness. hfìŵn'- 

tî.fẁl.nes n, haelioni, rhadlonedd 
Bourgeois, bûr.jôîs' n, math o argrafF- 

lythyren [blaguro 

Bourgeon, bûr'jun vi, tarddu, egino, 
Bourn, bô'rn n, terfyn, cyffin; nant, 
Bouse, b\vz vi, meddwi [cornant 

Bousy, bŵ'zî a, brwysgawl, Uedfeddw 
Bout, bûŵt n, tro ; prawf, cais, ymgais 

ffrwgwd [dro rhosb 

Boutade, bŵ.tad' n, mympwy, chẁidr- 
Bow, bö n, bwa. Fiddle-bow, bwa 

crwth, ffiloiyn. Bow-legged, eoesgam. 

Bow-window (neu Bay-window), 

Bow, bûŵ n, ymgrymiad, cyfarchiad; 

fflureg llong: v, ymgrymn, plygu; 

ymostwng; camu 
Bowel, bûŵ'el, vt, diberfeddu [dosturi 
Bowelless, bûŵ' a, dideimlad, di- 
Bowels, buw'elz np, ymysgaroedd, col- 

nddion, perfedd [angor 

Bower, buŵ'ûr n, deildy, gwasgodfa: 
Bowery, bûŵ'ur.î o, gwasgodol 
Bowl, bol a. cawg, mail ; bwl, pelen. 

cnapen, cronell, peldreigl: vt, pel- 

dreiglo. Bowling-^reen, bwlgamlas 
Bowline, bö'l'ín n, rhaff yng nghanol hwyl 
Bowman, bö'man n, saethydd 

Bowman, bûŵ'man n, rhwyfwr wrtb 
fflureg eweh [wyddedig yn y fflureg 
Bowsprit, bûŵ'sprit n, yr hwylbren gog- 
Bowssen, bûŵ'sn vt, gwlychu, mwydo 
Bowyer, bö'yûr n, bwëydd, saer bwäu 
Box, boks n, blwch, golwrch, eisten; 
bocys : vt, dymodio, dwrn-guro, paffio. 
A box in the ear, bonclust. Boxing- 
match, dymodfa, dyrnodwaith. Box- 
tree, bocysen, pren bocs. Coach-box, 
eisteddle cerbydwr. Christmas-box, 
calenig [focys 

Boxen, bok'sn a, wedi ei wneuthur o 
Boy, bôî n, bachgen, llanc, llencyn, hog- 
yn. A little boy, bachgenyn; crwt, 
Boyish, bôî'ish a, bachgenaidd [rwydd 
Boyishness, bôî'ish.nes n, bachgeneidd- 
Brabble, brabl n, ymgecraeth, ymgiprys : 

vi, ymgegu, ymeirio, ymdaeru 

Brace, bräs n, craff, rhwymyn; cwpl; 

cyplysnod («w—»,): vi, cydio, cyf- 

rwymo, rhwymo; tynhau, cryfhau 

Bracelet, bi'äs'let n, breichled, breichrwy 

Bracer, bräs'ûr n, cyfrwymydd ; tynhiiwr 

Braces, bra'siz n, hwylraflau; crog- 

gareiau [aidd 

Brachial, bra' a, breichiol, breich- 

Brachygraphy, bra.kig' n, berys- 

grifen, berysgrif 
Brachylogy, bra.kil'o.ji n, byrdraith 
Brack, brak n, breg, agen, toriad 
Bracket, brak'et n, ysgwyddyn, goben- 

yddiad ; cromfach [] 
Brackish, brak'ish a, hallt. heliaidd 
Brad, brad n, hoel fain heb glopa 
Brag, brae », ymffrost, bocsach, rhodres : 

vi, broho, ftrostio, gwagfostio 
Bragger, brag'ûr, Braggart, brag'ûrt, 
Braggadocio, brag.â.dö'shö n, ym- 
ffi-ostiwr, bocsachwr. broliwr 
Brngget, brag'et n, bragod, bragodlyn 
Braid, bräd n, pleth, penbleth ; cudyn 
ffiodrwyeg; sidanbleth: vt, plethu, 
crychu, modrwyo [hwyl 

Brails, bralz np, rhaffau i gymhlygu 
Brain, brän n, ymenydd; deall: vt, à\- 
ymenyddio. Brain-pan, penglog, siâd, 
siol, creuan. Brain-sick, penwan, han- 
ner pan, gwallgofus. Hair-brained, 
penifol, ansefydlog, ammln\wllog 
Brainless, bränìes a, diymenydd, disyn- 

wyr, ifol. yntyd, hurt, penwag 
Brait, brät n, diemwut anghaboledig 
Brake, brak n, dyry>lwyn, gwyddle, 
heislan, cardden ; geufa ffrwyn ; brak h 
sugnbehiant llong: pt. — Break 

ore; läte, line, nö, müte ; she, zhmz azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. 


Braky, hrii'ki re, dreiniog; perthlawn 
Bramble, bram'bl re, miaren, dyrysi'en 
Brambling, bram'bling re, gwinc 
Bramin, brâ'min re, offeiriad yn yr India 
Bran, bran re, rhnddion, eisin. Bran- 
new, tanlli, newydd tanlli 
Branch, brantsh re, eangen, gwrysgen, 

cainc, osgl : v, eeineio, cangenu 
Branchless', brantsh'les a, dfwrysg, di- 

gainc [og, brigog 

Branchy, bran'tshî a, ceinciog, cangen- 
Brand, brand »,tewyn,pentéẅyn; dunod 

haiarn-nod: vt, haiarn-nodi; gwarad- 

wyddo. Brand-iron, haiarn nodi, 

Brand-goose, math o aderyn gwyllt 
Brandish, bran'dish vt, chwymellu, ys- 

gwyd, chwyfio 
Brandling, brandling re, pryf y gwlith, 

abwydi'r brithyll 
. Brandy, bran'dî n, poethlyn 
Brangle, brang'gl vi, ymdaeru, ymgecru 
Brank, brangk re, gwenith yr hydd 
Brass, bras re, pres, efydd, elydr 
Brassy, bras'î a, o bres, eiyddaidd 
Brat, brat re, bretyn ; crwtyn, croten 
Bravado,'do re, gwagymffrost 
Brave, brliv a, dewr, glew, calonog, 

mawrfrydig, by ; tarlus; ardderchog: 

vt, gofyn gwaethaf, herio; ymwyclm 
Bravery, bravura n, glewder, gwroldeb; 

dewrder, hoewder ; mawrfrÿdigrwydd 
Bravo, bra'vo re, hurlofrudd, dyhirwas 
Bravo, bra'vo' i, da iawn ! da mechgyn i ! 
Brawl, brôl n, cecraeth, cynhen, ym- 

ryson : vi. ymdaeru, cecru, clewtian 
Brawler, brô'lûr n, cecryn, ymdaerwr 
Brawn, bron re, baeddgig; cyhyrgig 

grym, cryfdef '[cryf 

Brawny, brô'nî a, eyhyrog; gewynog, 
Bray, brä v, pwyo, briwio, malurio: 

brefu neu rno fel asyn; pwywr; 

offeryn at falurio 
Braze, braz vt, efyddu, cyfanu, asio 
Brazen, brii'zn a. eiyddaidd; haerllug, 

hyf, hyfaídd. Brazen-faced, wyneb- 

galed, digywilydd, haerllug 
Brazenness, bra' re, haerllugrwydd 
Brazier, bra'zhur re, gof pres, gof copr, 

Brazil, brfi.zu' re, gwlad yn America 

Ddebenol; math o goed lliwio o'rwlad 

hòno [anghydfod 

Breach, brîtsh re, adwy, breg, rhwyg; 
Bread, bred re, bara. Braid-chipper, 

gwas pobydd. Bread-corn, yd bara 
Breadth, bredth re, lied, llydander; eang- 

der, helaethder, helaethrwydd 

Break, brak (broke, broken) v, tori (nid 
ag offeryn awchns) ; dryllio, hyweddu : 
re, toriad methiad, agoriad. Break of 
day, toriad y dydd, gwawr. Broken- 
boned, asgwrndwn. Broken-backed, 
cefiidwn. Broken-bellied, boldwn, 
Broken-hearted, calon friw, digalon. 
Broken-winded, wedi tori ei wynt 
Breakers, briiTmrz np, beisdon, beis- 

dònau, mordònau 
Breakfast, brek'fast re, boreubryd: vi, 

tori ympryd, cymmeryd boreufwyd 
Breakwater, brak'wo.tur re, noddfur 
Bream, brim re, math o bysg : vt, golosgi 

gwaelod Hong 
Breast, brest re, bron, dwyfron; mynwes. 
Breast-bone, asgwrn y ddwyfron. 
Breast-cloth, bronliain. Breast-knot, 
bronglwm. Breast-plate, dwyfroneg, 
broneg. Breast-plough, gwtharadr. 
Breast-work, bronglawdd 
Breath, breth re, anadl, frun, chwyth, 

aw el; awyrgyrehiad 
Breathe, brÎTH v, anadlu ; byw ; gorphwys 
Breathless, breth'les a, allan o anadl, 

maes o anadl; dianadl; marw 
Bred, bred pt Scpp. — Breed. Well-bred, 
moesgar, moesog. Ill-bred, anfoesgar, 
drwg ei foes 
Brede, brîd re, pleth, penbleth ; lied [bon 
Breech, britsh re, cyfcistedd, tin, bontin; 
Breeches, britsh'iz np, llodrau, clos. 

Breeches-maker, llodrwr 
Breed, brîd re, rhyw, rhywogaeth, hil, 
epil: v (bred), epilio, hilio, planta; 
magu, maethu 
Breeze, briz re, awel ysgafn 
Breezy, bri'zi a, awelog ; oeraidd 
Bret, Wet re, lleden y mor [ther 

Brethren, breTH'ren np, brodyr. — Bro- 
Breve, brîv re, manig ; gwyslythyr 
Breviary, brî'vî.ur.î re, llyfr gwasanaeth 

eglwys Rhufain 
Breviate, brî'vî.ät re, crynodeb, talfyriad 
Breviature, bri'vi.a.tshu'r re, byrnod 
Brevier, bri.vfr' re, math o argraff- 
Brevity, brev'Lti re, byrder [lythyren 
Brew, brŵ vt, mysgu, darllaw. Brew- 
house, darllawáy 
Breads, brvv'is re, brywes, micas, potes 
Bribe, bri'b re, gwobr, llygrwobr: dobr, 

vt, llygrwobrwyo ; dobrwyo, hurio 
Bribery, br'i'bur.î re, budnvobraeth, hud- 

wobraeth, llygrwobrwyaeth 
Brick, brik re, priddfaen, priddlech 
Brickbat, brik bat re, darn o briddfaen 
Brickdust, brik'dust n, llwch priddfeini 

BRO path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rine, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tẃ=too, tẁk=took; 

Bricklayer, brik'lii.ur n, saer pn 
Brickmaker, brik'mii.kur n, pritldellwr 
Brickwork, brik'wurk n, priddfeinwaith 
Bridal, bri'dal n, neithior, priodas: 

neithioraidd, priodasol 
Bride, bri'd n, priodferch, priodasferch, 

y wraig ieuanc. Bride-cake, teisen 

briodas. Bride-bed, gwely priodas. 

Bride's-maid,morwyn priodas. Bride's- 

man, gwas priodas 
Bridegroom, br'íd'grŵm n, priodfab 
Bridemaid, brid'miid n, morwyn priodas 
Brideman, bri'd'man n, gwas priodas 
Bridewell, br'id'wel n, carchar-weithdy 
Bridge, brij n, pont 
Bridle, bri'dl n, ifrwyn, genfa; attaüad 

vt, ffrwyno, attal, arafu 
Brief, brif a, byr, cryno, cwta : n, cryn 

oad; gwyslythyr; dyfynlythyr 
Briefness, brîf'nes n, byrder, byrdra, 

crynoder, cwtogrwydd 
Brier, bri'ûr n, miaren, dyrysien 
Brigade, brî.gäd' n, un fintai mewn llu, 

byddindorf, yn cynnwys o 8 i 10 

squadron o wŷr meirch. ; neu o 4 i 6 

battalion o droedfihvyr 
Brigadier, brig.â.dî'r' n, llywydd y fath 

fintai; byddynwr 
Brigand, brig'and n, ysbeiliwr, carnleidr 
Brigandage, brig'an.däj n, lladrad, an- 

rhaith, ysbail [bais 

Brigandine, brig'an.din n, llurig; cad- 
Brigantine, brig'an.tîn n, math o long 

ysgafn [ian, ysblenydd 

Bright, brit a, claer, gloew, cànaid, eir- 
Brighten, br'i'tn vt, dysgleirio, gloewi 
Brightness, brit'nes n, gloewder, dys- 

glen-deb, llewyrch, can, eirianwch 
Brigose, brî.gös a, ymrysongar, cecrus 
Brigue, brig n, ymrafael: vt, erfyn, 

gofyn pleidleisiau [wychder 

Brilliancy, bril'yan.sî n, gloewder, gor- 
BrilKant, bril'yant a, claerwychjllacfiar; 

ardderchog: n, dieinwnt tryloew 
Brim, brim n, glan, ymyl, min, cwr, ochr : 

vt, llenwi; llodi [gorlawn 

Brimful, brim'fvvl a, llawn hyd yr ymyl, 
Brimless. brim'les a, diymyl 
Brimmer, brim'ûr n, cwpaa llawn 
Brimstone, brim'stön n, mygfaen, llosg- 

faen, melynfaen [brych 

Brindled, brin'dld a, britb, amryliw, 
Brine, bri'n n, heli; dwfr hallt. Brine- 
pit, ]jw11 heli, heledd 
Bring, bring (brought) vt, dwyn, cyrchu, 

cludo, cywain, arwain, arweddu. To 

bring about, dwyn i ben, achosi 

Brink, bringk n, ochr, min, ymyl, cwr, 
Briny, brí'nî a, hallt, heliaidd [glan 
Brisk, brisk «, bywiog, heinyf, sionc, 

gwisgi, cyflym, hoenus, hawn 
Brisket, bris'ket n, y barwydden 
Briskness, brisk'nes n, bywiogrwydd, 

sioncedd, cyHymder, hoewder 
Bristle, bris'î n, gwrychyn, rhawnyn: 

vi, codi gwrychyn, gwrychio. ymhyllu 
Bristly, bris'lî a, gwrychog, rhawnog, 

blewog, garw 
Brit, brit n, math o bysgodyn [einig 
British, brit'ish a, Prydanaidd, Pryd- 
Briton, brit'un n, Brython, Prydeiniad 
Brittle, brit'l a, brau, breuol, bregus, 

brecus, gwan [older 

Brittleness, brit^.nes n, breuder, breu- 
Brize, br'iz n, clyrjm, cacynen y meirch 
Broach, brütsh n, bêr: vt, agor baril, 

gollwng ; taenu ar led, mynegu 
Broad, brôd a, llydan; eang, helaeth. 

As broad, lleted. Broader, lied, llet- 

ach. Broad day, dydd goleu 
Broadcloth, brod'kloth n, brethyn deuled 
Broaden, brG'dn v, lledanu, helaethu 
Broadness, brod'nes n, lied, llydander, 

llydandra, eangder 
Broadside, brôd'sid n, ystlys-ergydion ; 

wyneblen argraffedig [ 

Broadsword, brôd'sô'rd n, cleddyf llai'n- 
Broadwise, brod'w'iz ad, ar draws, ar led 
Brocade, bro.kad' n, sidanwe: vt, eur- 

Broccoli, brok' n, math o fresych 
Brock, brok n, daiarfochyn, byrhwch 
Brocket, brok'et n, carw dwyflwydd 
Broggle, brog'l vi, dal llysŵod 
Brogue, brög n, math o esgud; llediaith 
Broid, brôíd, Broider, brôi'dúr vt, plethu, 

brodio, crychu 
Broil, broil n, terfysg, cynhwrf; yin- 

ryson : vt, rhostio uwch tân, golosgi 
Brokage, bro'kaj. Brokerage, bro'kur.iij 

n, gwobr cyHogwerthydd, maeldal; 

masnach mewn hen nwyddau 
Broke, brok pt. — Break 
Broker, bro'knr n, cyHogwerthydd, dir- 

prwy-fa,snachwr, rhyngfasnachydd 
Broken, bro'kn a, toredig: pp. — Break 
Brome, bröm n, gwlvbwr tra phwysig 
Bronchial, brong a, mynyglaidd 
Bronchotomy, brongJkoto.mi n, breuant- 

doriad, toriad y corn gwynt 
Brontology, bron.tol'ö.jî n, traith ar 

(lyrtau; tarandraith [bathodyn 

Iironxe, bronz n, pres; lliw pres; 
Brooch, brötsh n, tlws, glain gwddf 

ôre; läte; line, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, this; j=dzh. BUL 

Brood, brŵd n, hil ; deoriad, nythiad : Of, 

eistedd, gori, deor; trwm fyfyrio 
Broody, brŵ'dî a, gorllyd; yn deor; yn 

dwys fyfyrio 
Brook, brwk n, nant, comant, gofer, 

afonig : vt, goddef, cyd-ddwyn â 
Broom, br\vm n, banadl ; ysgub fanadl ; 

ysgub, ysgubell [y s S UD 

Broomstick, brwm'stik n, pren neu goes 
Broth, broth n, potes, cawl, isgell, sew 
Brothel, broth 'el n, puteindy, trythylldy 
Brothelry, broth'el.rî n, puteindra, an- 

lladrwydd, serthedd, trythyllwch 
Brother, bruTH'ur (brethren) n, brawd. 

Brothers, brodyr o'r un teulu. Breth- 
ren, brodyr o'r un gymdeithas 
Brotherhood, bruTii'ûr.hẁd n, brawdol- 

iaeth ; cymdeithas [olrwydd 

Brotherliness, bruTH'ûr.lî.nes n, brawd- 
Brotherly, bruTH'ûr.lî a, brawdol ; sereh- 

og: ad, fel brawd. Brotherly love, 

Brought, brot pt & pp. — Bring 
Brow, brûŵ n, ael; tal, talcen; ellael. 

Brow-sick, prudd, digalon, athrist 
Browbeat, brûŵ'bît vt, bygylu; cuch- 

ddwrdio; cuchio 
Browless, brûŵ'les a, talgryf, digywilydd 
Brown, brûŵn a, llwyd ; gwineu, gwineu- 

goch. Brown - black, gwineuddu. 

Brown study, myfyrdod dwfn 
Brownish, brûŵn'ish a, lied wineu, 

Browse, bruvvz vi, brigbori, difrigo : n, 

glasgoed, pawrfrig, pawrddail 
Bruise, brvvz n, clais, ysigiad; anafod : 

vt, ysigo, cleisio ; pwyo, malu ; dryllio 
Bruit, brŵí n, son, swn, gair, chwedl: 

vt, taenu chwedl, rhoi gair allan 
Brumal, brŵ'mal a, gauafaidd, oer, llym 
Brunette,' n, gwineuen, merch 

wineuliw [lam 

Brmit, brunt n, rhuthr, hyrddiad ; dryg- 
Brush, brush n, gwrychrugl, gwrycheìl ; 

eurfa: vt, ysgubo, rhuglo, crafellu; 

rhoi curfa 
Brushwood, brush'wẁd n, manwydd, 

gwyw-wydd, gosgymmon [fygylu 
Brustle, brus'l vi, rhugldrvstio ; croch- 
Brutal, brŵ'tal a, anifeilaidd ; creulawn 
Brutality, brŵ.tal'î.tî n, anifeildra; 

bryntni [ymgreuluni 

Brutalize, brw'ta.l'iz vt, anifeileiddio ; 
Brute, brvvt n, anifail, mil, milyn, ys- 

grubl : a, anifeilaidd ; afresymol, anwar 
Brutish, brŵ'tish a, anifeilig 
Bub, bub n, diod gadarn 

Bubble, bub'l n, morwysiad, bwrlwm, 

cloch y dwfr; gwaelbeth; siomiant, 

meddalddyn: v, bwrlymu, boglynu, 

crychferwi, clochi; twyllo, hocedu, 
Bubby, bub'î n, bron benyw [siomi 

Bubo, bü'bö n, llynoryn arifed 
Buccanier,'r' n, morleidr yn 

America, morwilliad 
Buck, buk n, bwch ; y gwryw o'r geifr, 

cwningod, &c. ; lleisw coed, trwyth: 

v, golchi â lleisw 
Bucket, buk'et n, ystwc, celwrn, crwc 
Buckish, buk'ish a, gwych, balch 
Buckle, buk'l n, boglwm, bwcl, gwäeg : 

vt, boglymu ; ymosod ar ; ymostwng 
Buckler, buk'lur n, bwcled, tarian, as- 
Buckram, buk'ram n, sythliain [talch 
Bucolic, bii.kol'ik n, bugeilgerdd, bugeil- 

eg; bugeilfardd: a, bugeilaidd 
Bud, bud n, blaguryn, eginyn, bywullyn : 

w',blaguro, egino,blaendarddu, bywullu 
Buddie, bud'l n, golchle, mwnolchfa : vt, 

golchi neu ddadfysgu mwn 
Budge, buj vi, syflyd, ymsymmud: n, 

oen-gen : a, sarig ; hoenus 
Budget, buj'et n, cwd, coden, bwlgan 
Buff, buf n, bualgen ; hyddgen [bittolws 
Buffalo, buf'â.lò* n, bual, ych gwyllt, 
Buffet, buf'et n, cernod, bonclust, cern- 

hep : vt, cernodio, bonclustio 
Buffet, bu.fet' n, onglgell, llawgell 
Buffle, buf'l vt, posio, dyrysu, pen- 

ffwdanu : n, ych gwyllt. Buffle-headed, 

pendew [croesan 

Buffoon, bu.fŵn' n, digrifwas, ysgentyn, 
Buffoonery, bu.fŵ'nur.î n, croesanaeth 
Bug, bug n, drewbryf, bwg 
Bugbear, bug'bê'r n, bwgan, bo, bw, 

bwbach, hwdwg, bwci 
Bugle, bii'gl n, buelin, bual, ych gwyllt 
Buglehorn, bü'gl.hôrn n, bualgorn, corn 

Build, bild (pt & pp built, but) vt, 

adeiladu, adeilo; murio; seiho. To 

build upon, pwyso ar, ymddiried yn 
Building, bil'ding n, adail, adeilad, 

adeiladaeth, ty 
Bulb, bulb n, crwnwreiddyn, llor 
Bulbous, bullous a, crwnwreiddiog 
Bulge, bulj n, tolc, hollt, twll : vt, tolcio, 

agenu, ymddryllio [glwyf 

Bulimy, bü'lî.mî n, y wane, y newyn- 
Bulk, bulk n, swm; maint, corffolaeth; 

corff ; clamp ; bwlg, rhagfwrdd [braisg 
Bulky, bul'ki a, helaeth ; mawr, coi-ffol, 
Bull, bẁl n, tarw, bwla; gwrthiaith, 

trosgliaith : cyhoedd lythyr y nab 

BUS path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, tẁk=took; 

Bullace, bẁl'äs n, eirin pertlii o'r fath 

fwyaf [lythyrau y pab 

Bullary, bẁl'ur.î n, casghad gynoedd 
Bulldog, bẁTdog n, ci tarw, eystawcci 
Bullet, bẁl'et n, pelen gwn, pelen 
Bulletin, bẁl'î.tîn n, byrhanes swyddol 

o newyddion cyhoeddus, byrfyneg 
Bullfeast, bŵífîst n, gwyl ymladd teirw 
BuUfinah, bẁTfintsh n, coch y berllan 
Bullhead, bẁl'hed n, penbwl, crothell 
Bullion, bẁl'yun n. aur neu arian yn y 

clamp heb ej fathu 
Bullition, bẁ.lish'un n, berwad 
Bullock, bwl'uk n, bustach, eidion, ych 
Bullrushes, bwTrush.iz np, llafrwyn, y 

môr hesg. Bullrush, llafrwynen 
Bullstag, bẁTstag u, adfwl, attarw 
Bulltrout, bẁl'trùŵt n, brithyll mawr, 

brithyll gwryw 
Bully, bẁTi n, bygylwr, ymgecrwr: vt, 

hyllddwrdio, boesachu, tân-boeri 
Bulwark, bwl'wurk n, gwrthglawdd, 

amddihynfa ; uchochrau Hong, nawdd- 
Bum, bum n, bontin, ffolen [glwyd 

Bumbailiiij bum.bii'lif », ceisbwl, gwysiwr 
Bumblebee, bum'bl.bî n, gwenynen wyllt 
Bumboat, buni'böt n, porthgwch 
Bump, bmnp n, dyruod; chwydd, cnwc: 

v, dymodio ; codi yn gnwc 
Bumper, bum'pûr n, llawn gwpanaid 
Bumpkin, bum'kin 11, delff, drel, lleban, 
Bun, bun n, chwiogen, bara miod [llabi 
Bunch, buntsh », swp, sypyn; cwlwm; 

oddf; chwydd, hwrwg: vi, chwyddo 

allan. Bunch back, ceth crwca 
Bundle, bun'dl 11, sypyn, sopen, bwrn, 

bwrnel, rhwymfaich : vt, sypynu, sop- 

cnu, cydrwymo 
Bung, bung n, bwng-geuad 
Bunghole, bung'höl n, twll baril, bwng 
Bundle, bung'gl ?i, bonglerwaith ; trysgl- 

edd: vi, bonglera, trwsglweitmo [gler 
Bungler, bungglûr n, bonglcryn, bon y 
Bunt, bunt n, ceuedd neu chwydd hwyl 

gan wynt: vi, chwyddo gan wynt 
Bunting, bun'ting ,>. aderyn bras yr yd. 

Bunting-line, rhetìyn hwyl 
Buoy, bôì n, nofnod mewn porthladd, 

nawf dclangosydd : vt, cynnal, dal i 

lyny, codi i fyny. To buoy one up, 

codi calou un [duedd 

Buoyancy, bôî'an.sî ?i,hynawfedd, nawf- 
liiioyant,b«*)i'a.nt <t, imliol, esgynol,ysgafh 
Burbot, bûr'bot u, Uofenhysg, llofenan 
Burden, bfìr'dn vt, beichio, pynio, pyn- 

orio, llwytho: n, baich, pwn; llwyth, 

clud, pwys; gair cyrch, adgof can 

Burdensome, búr'dn.sum a,trwm, pwys- 

fawr, beichiol 
Bureau, bü.rö' n, ysgrifen-gist : swyddfa 
Burgage, bûr'gäj n, ammodau perthynol 

i fwrdeisdrefi 
Burgamot, Bergamot, bûr.gâ.mot' n, 

math ellaig ; math berarogl 
Burganet, bur ' n, helm, penffestin 
Burgess, bur jes n, dinesydd, bwrdais 
Burgess-ship, búr'jes.ship n, bwrdeis- 

iaeth, dinasfraint 
Burgh, burg n, bwrdeisdref; corftbriaeth 
Burgher, bûr'gûr n, bwrdais, dinesydd 
Burghmote, bûrg'möt n, llys bwrdeisdref 
Burglar, bûrglur n, tonvr ty yn y nos 
Burglary, bûr'glûr.î n, toriad annedd-dy 

yn y nos, tydoriad 
Burgomaster, bíir'gö.mas.tûr n, maer 
tref yn yr Iseldiroedd [Almaen 

Burgrave, bur'grav n, llywydd yn yr 
Burial, ber'î.âl n, claddiad. Burial- 
place, beddrod ; mynwent, claddfa 
Burine, bii'r'in n, cerf-offeryn 
Burlesque, bur.lesk' n, gwatwargerdd, 
gogerdd, gwawdiaith: vt, gwatwar, 
goganu [cerddgan 

Burletta, bûr.let'â n, coegchwareu, 
Burly, bûr'lî a, chwyddedig, mawr 
Burn, bum n, llosg, llosgiad : (bwmt) v, 
Uosgi, golosgi ; goddeithio, deifio. To 
burn one's fingers, cael colled. Burn- 
ing-glass, llosgwydr 
Bumisn, burnish vt, caboli, llathru, 

gloewi, yslipanu, lluganu 
Burnt, bûrntpí & pp. — Burn 
Burr, bur n, llabed y glust ; oddf ar fôn 

corn hydd ; cefndedyn llo 
BuiTel, bur.el n, peren, gelleigen 
Buitow, bur'o v, tyllu, daiaru: n, twll 

Dwuingen ; cwning-gaer 
Bursar, bûr'sûr n. trysorydd mewn coleg 
Burse, burs. Bourse, bŵ T8 n, marclmad- 

yddfa, cyfnewidfa 
Buret, burst 71, ymdoriad; rhwyg; 
rhutlrr; trwyd: v (pt & pp burst), 
ymdori; dryllio; rhuthro 
Burt, hurt n, niatli bysgod 
Burthen, bur'Tiin a & vt. — Burden 
Iìury, ber'i /;/, ela«ldu; daiaru [Hon cadno 
Bush, bỳrsh n, perth, liwyn, twyn; <yn- 
Bushel, bẁsh'el a. pwysel, mesur wyth 
galwyu. Imperial Bnshel, y mesur u 
ddei'nyildir yn hresmnnl yin Mhryd- 
ain, yn eymiwys '2218.192 fodieddi 
tryfesur. Winchester Bushel, yr hen 
fesur yn cynnwys 2150.42 fodfeddi 

ore; late; line, nö, mute; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. CAD 

Bushy, bẁsh'î a, perthog, dreiniog ; cud- 

ynog [lafur 

Busiless, biz'Lles a, diwaith, segur, di- 
Business, bis'nes », galwad, cehyddyd, 

crefít, gwaith, gorchwyl, swydd, neges, 

achos ; ffwdan, trafferth 
Busk, busk «, bronatteg, bronbren: v, 

parotoi, ymwisgo [llopan 

Buskin, bus'kin n, gwentas, coesani, 
Buss, bus n, math o gwch pysgota; 

cusan : vt, cusanu 
Bust, bust n, penddelwedd ; hannerlun 
Bustard, bus'tûrd «, gwerniar 
Bustle, bus'l «, godwrdd, terfysg, ffrwst, 

flVdan, trafferth: vi, trafferthu, ffwd- 

anu, ymdrafferthu [prysur 

Busy, bis'î a, diwyd, gweithgar, llafurus, 
Busybody, bis'î.bod.î n, ymyrwr 
But, but c, ond, eithr, er hyny: pr, 

oddi eithr, heb law : «, ffin, terfyn 
Butcher, bẁt'shûr u, eigydd : vt, cigyddio, 

lladd. Butcher's broom, celyn Mair 
Butcherly, bẁt'shûr.lî a ,cigyddlyd, ereu- 

lawn, gwaedlvd, llawrudd, gaianasol 
Butchery, bẁt'shur.î «, cigyddiaeth, 

gwaith cigydd ; cigyddfa; galanasdra 
Butler, but'lûr «, trulhad, heilyn, gwall- 
Butment, but'ment n, mydatteg [ofiad 
Butt, but >t, nod; gwawd-nod; llestr o 

126 galwyn : vt, cornio, hyrddu, gyrddu 
Butter, but'ûr n, ymenyn 
Butterfly, but'ûr.fl'i », eilir, glben byw, 

iar fach yr haf 
Butteris, but' rc, math o offeryn gof 
Buttermilk, but'ur.milk n, llaeth enwyn 
Butterspoon, but'ûr.spŵn «, crafell ym- 
enyn [Hydan 
Burtertooth, but'ûr.tŵth n, rhagddant 
Buttery, but'ur.î n, ymenyn-gell, bwyd- 

gell :" a, ymenynog, ymenynllyd. 
Buttock, but uk n, flblen, pedrain 
Button, but'n n, botwm, boglwm: vt, 

botymu, boglymu. Button-hole, twll 

botwm [nalfur: v, attegu 

Buttress, but'res n, atteg, canbost ; cyn- 
Butyraceous, bü.tî.rä'shus, Butyrous, 

bii'tLrus a, ymenynaidd 
Buxom, buk'sum «, bywiog, sionc, 

llawen, gwisgi, hoenus, nwyrus 
Buxomness, buk'sum.nes n, bywiog- 

rwydd, gorhoen; anlladrwydd 
Buy, bi (bought, bot) vt, prynu 
Buzz, buz n, su, sis, sisial, husting, swn 

gwenyn : v, suo, sisialu, husting 
Buzzard, buz'urd n, bwncath, bod y 

gwerni. Bald buzzard, bod tinwyn, 

iâr dinwen 

By, b'i % 

pr, gan, wrth, trwy, ger, ger Haw : 
ad, heibio ; yn agos : px, yn arwyddo 
dirgelwch, heibio, ar naill ochr. By- 
and-by, ar fyr, yn y man, allan o law, 
maes o law, yn ddioed. By-blow, 
celddymod. By-end, cam ddyben, 
gau amcan. By-gone, gynt, gorphen- 
edig. By-law, deddf gartrefol, cyfraith 
neillduoL By-name, llysenw. By-path, 
By-walk, coeglwybr. By-place, diar- 
ffordd, llechfan. By-road, ffordd goeg. 
By-room, ystafell ddirgel. By-stander, 
edrychwr, sefyllwr. By-street, heol 
gem, coeghoel. By-view, hunanles. 
By-way , ffordd ddidramwy. By- word, 
gwawd, diareb, gwatwargyff 

Bye, bi' (hen air) n, trigfa, pentref, treil 
Good bye (God be wi' ye), yn iach 

Byzantine, biz'an.ti'n «, darn o aur o 
werth pymtheg punt 

Cab, kab n, mesur Iuddewig o dri pheint ; 

hurgerbyd un ceffyl 
Cabal, ka.bal' *t, cydgynghor, cydgyirin- 

ach ; vi, cydiunio, cydrwriadu, cyfradu 
Cabala, kab' », y traddodiadau 

Cabalist, kab'â.list n, rhinddysgawdwr 
Cabalistical, kab.a.hs'tLcal a, traddod- 

iadol, dirgel, cyfrinachol 
Caballine, kab'aJi'n n, math o aloes garw 
Cabaret, kab'â.ré », tafarndy, gwindy 
Cabbage, kab'aj n, bresychen, bresych 

cawl: vt, darnladrata 
Cabin, kab 'in n, caban, cell, cuddigl, 

lluest, twlc. Cabin-boy, morlanc 
Cabinet, kab'i'.net n, cloergell, amgü- 

eddgist, tlysgist, tlysgell; cyfnn- 

gynghor [anwr 

Cabinetmaker, kab' n, cist- 
Cable, ka'bl n, rliaff angor 
Cabriolet, kab.rLo.le' n, math o gerbyd 
Cachectical, ka.kek'ti.kal a, anm'wygiol 
Cachexy, ka.kek'si n, anniwyg; drwg 

ansawdd corff [iniad uchel 

Cachination, kak.î.n'á'shun n, chwerth- 
Cackerel, kak'ur.el n, math o bysgodyn 
Cackle, kak'l vi, clwcian, crecian 
Cacochymy, kak'o.kinm n, drwg an- 
sawdd y gwaed [drwg, cythraul 
Cacodasmon, kak.udi'mun n, ysbryd 
Cacophony, kâ.kof'ö.nî n, drygsain 
Cadaver, ka.da'vur n, celan, corff 
Cadaverous, kâ.dav' a, celanaidd 
Caddis, kad'is n, ysnoden; abwydyn 

CAL path, fat, ere, met, mâ-ríne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cnt, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Cade, käd n, llestrjn, barilan : vt, llaw- 
faethu: a, tyner, dof, gwâr. Cade- 
lamb, oen llawfaeth. Cade of her- 
rings, mwys o benweig 

Cadence, ka'dens n, disgynsain 

Cadene, ka.din' n, llawrlen Dyrcaidd 

Cadent, ka'dent a, arostyngiad, gostyngol 

Cadet, ka.det' n, cadlanc 

Cadge, kaj vt, cludo, dwyn baich ; llwytho 

Cadger, kaj'ur n, edwicwr, adwerthydd 

Cadi, ka'di n, pen swyddog Tyrcaidd 

Cadillack, ka.dil'ak n, math o ellaig 

Caducity, ka.dii'si.ti n, breuder, gwen- 
did [y Persiaid 

Caftan, kaftan n, math o wisg ym mysg 

Cag, kag n, barilan, llestiyn 

Cage, kaj n, cawell ; adardy ; gwialgell 

Caisson, ka'son », cist o bylor nen beli 
rhyfel [caethwas, adyn 

Caitiff, ka'tif n, dyhiryn, diffeithiwr; 

Cajole, ka.jbT vt, twyllo; gwenieitho; 
hudo; twyllfoddio 

Cake, kak n, teisen, afrlladen, chwiogen 
v, teisenn, torthi ; glynu yng nghyd 

Calamanco, kal.a.mang'kb" », math o 

Calamary, kal'a.mur.i n, morgyllell 

Calamine, kal'a.min », mwn afryttel 
neu sine 

Calamint, kal' n, mintys y gath 

Calamitous, ka.lam'i.tus a, adfydus, 
trallodus, blin, truenus, trychinebus 

Calamity, ka.lam'i.ti n, adfyd, blinfyd, 
helbul, trallod, trueni, drvgfyd, trych- 
ineb, cystudd [beraroglaidd 

Calamus, kalTumus «, math o gorsen 

Calander, kal'an.dur n, pryf yr yd 

Calash, ka.lash' n, cerbyd agored ; math 
o benwisg [calchog 

Calcareous,'r' a, calchaidd, 

Calces, kal'siz np. — Calx 

Calcination,'shun n, calehlosg- 
iad [losgi 

Calcine,'n' vt, calchlosgi, gwyn- 

Calcinatory, kal.sin'a.tur.i », calch- 
losglestr, tawddlestr 

Calcography, kal.kog' n, calchys 

Calculate, kal' v, cyfrif, bwrw 
cyfrif; olrhain; addasu, cymmesuro 

Calculation, shun n, cyfriliad, 
cyfrif, amcan, amcaniad 

Calculous, kal'kii.lus. Calculose, kalJcii- 
lös' a, graianog, caregog 

Calculus, kal'kii.lus (calculi, kalTcu.l'i) 
n i y g are g y n y bledren ; dull o gyfrif 

Caldron, kol'drun n, pair, callawr 

Caledonian,' n, Ysgotyn: 

a, Ysgotaidd [iad, poethiad 

Calefaction, kal.i.fak'shun n, gwresog- 
Calefactory, kal.i.fak'tur.i a, gwresog, 

poethiannol [gwresogi 

Calefy, kal'î.fî v, twymo, poethi, 
Calendar, kal'en.dur n, dyddlyfr, dydd- 

iadur : vt, cymmeryd cyfrif, coffäu 
Calender, kal'en.dur n, Uathrwasg lliein- 

iau : r£,llathru,llyfhwasgu,twymwasgu 
Calends, kal'endz n, calan-ddyddiau 
Calenture, kal'en.tshii'r n, twymynboeth, 

morgryd [croth esgair. In calf, cyflo 
Calf, kaf (p calves) n, Ho; croth ygoes, 
Calibre, kal'i.bur n, mesur ceuedd gwn 
Calico, kal'iJio n, cotymwe [poeth 

Calid, kal'id a, tanllyd, tanbaid, twym, 
Calidity, kâ.lid'î.tî n, poethder 
Caligation,'shun n, tywyllni, 

caddug [og, anamlwg 

Caliginous, kâ.hj'î.nus a, tywyll, niwl- 
Caligraphy, kâ.lig'râ.fî », ysçrifeniad 

teg, Haw deg [metiaid 

Caliph, kalif n, arcboíFeiriad y Maho- 
Caliver, kal'i.vur n, llawddryll 
Calix, kal'iks n, cwpan [pyg^g 

Calk, kok vt, cau agenau Hong â charth 
Call, kol n, galwad; gofyniad; gwa- 

hoddiad: v, galw; gwysio; enwi. To 
. call often, gelwain, mynych alw. To 

call to mind, cofio, adgoiio. Calling, 

galwad, celfyddyd, crefft 
Callet, kal'et n, cyffoden, diffeithwraig 
Callid, kal'id a, cyfrwys; ystrywgar 
Callidity, ka.lid'i.ti », cyfrwysdra 
Callipers, kal'i.purz », math o gwmpas 

neu gwmpawd coesgam 
Callosity, ka.los'i.ti n, caledwch, chwydd 

caled; annheimladrwydd pealed 

Callous, kal'us a, croendew; dideimlad, 
Callow, kal'b* «, diblu, noeth, croenllwm 
Calm, kam vt, tawelu, gostegu ; dyhuddo: 

», tawelwch, tegweh, hindda: a, dys- 

taw, tawel, llonydd, digyffro, araf 
Calmness, kam'nes n, tawelwch; llar- 

ieidd-dra [byw 

Calomel, kal'ö.mel n, darpariad o arian 
Caloric, ka.lor'ik n, detnydd gwres, 

gwres [^twymynol, gwresogol 

Calorific, kal.b\rit'ik a, poethiannol, 
Calotte, ka.lot' n, math o gwpan ; ceu- 

dwll crwn 
Caltrop, kal'trop », math o ysgall; 

offeryn rhyfel [camgyhuddo 

Calumniate, ka.lum' vt, enllibio, 
Calumniator, kâ.lum'nî.ä.tûr n, athrod- 

wr, enllibiwr, absenwr 


ôre; läte, lîne, nö, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. CAN 

Calumny, kal' n, anair, enllib, 

cabl, athrod, drwg absen 
Calve, kav vi, dyfod â llo, bwrw llo 
Calves, kavz np. — Calf 
Calvinism, kal'vin.izm n, CaLfiniaeth 
Calvinistic,'tik a, Calfmaidd 
Calx, kalks (p calces) n, calch 
Calycle, kal'î.kl n, blaguryn, bywullyn 
Calyks, kal'iks n, deilwal blodeuyn 
Cambering, kam' a, bwaog, myd- 

og [gyfnewidydd 

Cambist, kamT)ist n, cyfnewidydd, arian 
Cambrian, kam' n, Cymro: a, 

Cymraeg, Cymreig, Cymreigaidd, per- 

thynol i Gymru 
Cambric, kam'brik n, sindal, meinuiain 
Came, kam pt. — Come 
Camel, kam el n, cammareh, cawrfarch 
Cameleopard, kam'el.ep.urd n, cawr- 

lewpard, camel-lewpard 
Camelot, kam'Llot n, math o gymmysgwe 
Cameo, kam'yo n, math o onycs ; arlun 

o un lliw 
Camera obscura, kam'ur.a ob.sku'r'a n, 

ystafell dywell ; math o beiriant tremawl 
Camerate, kam' vt, bwäu, mydu 
Cameration, kam.u.rä'shun n, mydiad. 

bwâd [plygein-gyrch 

Camisado, kam.î.sä'dö n, nosruthr; 
Camlet, kam'let n, math o ddefnydd 

gwlanaidd [ysmwt 

Camous, ka'mus a, trwynlydan, trwyn- 
Camp, kamp n, gwersyll, gwersyllfa 
Campaign, kam.pan' n, gwastattir: 

rhyfel dymmor 
Campaigner,'nur n. hen filwr 
Campanel, cam'pâ.nel n, clych y perthi 
Campestral, kam.pes'tral a, maesaidd; 
Camphor, kam 'fûr n, camphyr [gwyllt 
Camphorate, kam' a, mysgedd â 

Campion, kam'pi.un n, rhos, campan 

llysiau yr ychain 
Can, kan {pt could) vt, gallaf, gelli, 

gall, &c, medraf, medri, medr, &c, 

dichon : n, piser 
Canakin, kan'â.kin n, cwpan, diodlestr. 

piser [y bobí 

Canaille,'il n, gwerinos, gwehilion 
Canal, ka.nal' n, dyfrffos, dyfrglawdd 
Canahculated, kan.a.lik' a, ffos- 

Canary,'r'i n, math o ddawns: 

vi, dawnsio, campio, rhonta. Canary- 
bird, y melynog mwyn. Canary-grass, 

glaswellt y cẁ-n. Canary-wine, gwin 

o'r Ynysoedd Dedwydd 

Cancel, kan'sel vt, dilëu, dirymu, di- 

ddymu [dîddymiad 

Cancellation,'shun n, dilead, 
Cancellated, kan'sel. ä.ted a, groes-yng- 

nghroes [crane 

Cancer, kan'sur n, dafaden wyllt, cancr, 
Cancerate, kan' vi, cancru, crancu 
Cancerous, kan' a, cancraidd 
Cancrine, kangTtrin a, morgranciaidd 
Candent, kan'dent a, poeth, tanbaid, 

llachar [hynaws 

Candid, kan'did a, teg, gonest, didwyll, 
Candidate, kan'di.dat n, ymgeisiwr; 

swydderlynwr, swyddgeisiwr 
Candify, kan' vt, cànu, gwynu 
Candle, kan'dl n, canwyll 
Candleberry-tree, kan'dl.ber.i.tri n, math 

o helyg per [canwyllau 

Candlemas, kan'dl.mas n, gwyl Fair y 
Candlestick, kan'dl.stik n, canwyllbren, 

canwyllyr, canwyllam [rwydd 

Candour, kan'dur n, tegweh, rhywiog- 
Candy, kan'di v, crawanu â siwgr 
Cane, kan n, calaf, corsen, corsffon : vt, 

ffonodio, ffonio. Cane-reed, cawnen. 

corsen [blawr 

Canescent, ka.nes'ent a, llwyd, henaidd, 
Canicular, ka.nik'u.lur a, perthynol i 

seren y ci; poeth. Canicular days, 

dyddiau'r cŵn 
Canine, ka.n'in' a, ciaidd, cystogaidd. 

Canine tooth, ysgythrddant. Canine 

madness, y gynddaredd 
Canister, kan'is.tur n, blychyn, blwch te 
Canker, kang'kur n, cancer, rhwd, rhyd- 

ni, ysiad: v, rhydu, cancro, ysu. 

Canker-worm, pryf y rhwd 
Cannel, kan'el n, pibell baril. Cannel- 

bone, corn breuant, corn gwddf. Can- 

nel-coal, math o lo [breuad 

Cannibal, can'î.bal n, dynfwytäwr, 
Cannon, kan'un n, magnel, cyflegr. 

Cannon-ball, pelen magnel 
Cannonade,' n, magneliad: 

vt, magnelu, cyflegru [cyfiegrwr 

Cannoneer, kan.un.i'r' n, magnelwr, 
Canny, kan'i a, call, cyfrwys 
Canoe, ka.nw' n, ceubal, cwrwgl, eweh 
Canon, kan'un n, canon, rheol, deddf; 

math o argraff-lythyi-en 
Canonical, ka.non'i.kal a, canonaidd, 

awdurdodig, rheolaidd 
Canonicals, kâ.non'î.kalz n, y gwisg- 

oedd offeiriadol 
Canonist, kan' n, cyfreithiwr eg- 

lwysig; canon wr [iad 

Canonization,'shun w, semt- 

CAR path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, cûrv«, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Canonize, kan'un.i'z vt, seintio, santioli 
Canonry, kan'un.ri n, canoniaeth 
Canopy, kan'o.pi n, gortho, mwdlen, 

gorchuddlen : vt, gwrthoi, mwdlenu 
Canorous, kâ.nö'r'us a, llafar, soniarus, 

Cant, kant n, truthiaith, iaith ffugiol; 

rhagrith ; iaith ddisylwedd : r^flregodi, 

truthio, gwagsynio, rhagrithio 
Cantata, kan.ta'ta n, adroddgan 
Cantation, kan.ta'shun n, caniad, cy- 

Canteen, kan.tin' n, gwirodlestr mihvr; 

tafanidy milwraidd 
Canter, kan'tur vi, gogarlamu: n, 

rhygyngiad; rhagrithiwr 
Cantharides, kan.thar'i.diz np, cylion 

Paradwys, cylion Yspaen 
Canthus, ícan'thus n, cü y llygad 
Canticle, kan' n, canig, can, caniad, 

cathl; Can Solomon [dryll, rhan 

Cantle, kan'tl vt, darnio, dryllio : n, darn, 
Cantlet, kant'let n, darn, dryll, talp 
Canto, kan'to n, cân, dosbarth o gan 
Canton, kan'tun n, rhandir, talaeth, ar- 

dal, tiriogaeth ; dinas yn China 
Canton, kan'tun, Cantonize, kan'tun.i'z 

vt, rhanu, dosbartku [tiriogaeth 

Cantonment, kan'tumment n, rhandir, 
Cantred, kan'tred n, cantref, cwmmwd 
Canvass, Canvas, kan'vas n, sachliain, 

brasliain, cywarchlen [ceisio 

Canvass, kan vas vt, holi, chwilio; gofyn. 
Cany, ka'ni a, corsenog [fer, canig 

Canzonet, kan' n, erddygan, can 
Cap, kap n, cap, capan, heulrod, cwflen : 

vt, capio. Cap-a-pie, o'r pen i'r traed 
Capability, i.tî n, gallu, gallu- 

ognvydd , c}Tnhwysder 
Capable, ka' a, galluog, cyfaddas, 

digonol [cynnwysfawr 

Capacious,'shus a, lielaeth, eang, 
Capaciousness,'shus.nes n, he- 

laethrwydd [cyfaddasu 

Capacitate, hâ.pas'î.tät vt, galluogi, 
Capacity, kâ.päs'î.tî n, medr; gallu, 

cymhvvysder ; sefyllfa, cyllwr 
Cajiarison, ku.par'i.sun n, seirch; add- 

urnwisg march : vt, addurno, tnvsiadu 
Cajiarisoned, ka.par'i.sund a, mewn 

seirch, Uurigog, seirchiog 
Cape. k;ij> u, penrhyn, penarth, pentir. 

Cape of Good Hope, Penrhyn Go- 

baith Da 
Caper, kii'pfir n, llamsach, crychlamiad : 

vi, rhonta, crychneidio, crychlainu 
Capers, kii'purz n, math o gyffaith 

Capias, ka' n, dienwys [forwyn 
Capillaire, kap.i.le'r' n, sew o wallt y 
Capillament, ka.pil'a.ment n, gv\Teidd- 

iach; briger 
Capillary, käp'ü,ur.î re, man, gwalltaidd, 

brigeraidd. Capillary veins, man 

Capital, kap'i.tal a, prif, penaf, arbenic ; 

n, argyffi-e; arian treigl; penglwm, 

penyn, heihog. Capital punishment, 

prifgosp, dienyddiad [penau 

Capitation, kap.i.ta'shun n, treth y 
Capitol, kap'i.tol n, cabidwl, cabidyldy | 
Capitular, ka.pit'u.lur n, corfl'o ddeddfau 
Capitulate, ka.pit' vi, ymrodih ar 

ammodau [roddiad ar ammodau 

Capitulation,'shun n, ym- 
Capon, ka'pn », ceiliog dysbaidd, capwllt 
Capouch, ka.pwtsh' n, cwcwll, cwfi 
Caprice, kca.pris' n, chwidredd, mympwy, 

Capricious, ka.prish'us a, gwammal, an- 

wadal, penchwiban, chwidr 
Capricorn, kap'ri.korn n, arwydd yr Afr 
Caprifole, ka'pri.f öl n, gwyddfid 
Capriole, kä'prî.öl n, gafrlam, carlam 
Capstan, kap'stan n, dirwynlath Hong 
Capsular, kap'su.lur a, ceuaidd, cistan- 

aidd [edig: vt, can 

Capsulate, kap'sii.liit a, mewn cist, cau- 
Capsule, kap'siil n, hadlestr, cibyn 
Captain, kap'tiin n, cadben, blaenor 
Captaincy, kap', Captainship, kap'- 

tän.ship n, cadbeniaeth 
Caption, kap'shun n, dahad, gafaehad 
Captious, kap'shus a, ymrafaelgar, cec- 

rus, croes [denu 

Captivate, kap'ti.viit vt, caethiwo ; liudo, 
Captive, kap'tivw, caethglud, carcharor: 

a, caeth [caethiwed 

Captivity, kap.tiv'i.ti n, caethgluchad, 
Captor, kap'tur 11, ysgvfaelwr, caeth- 

gludwr [cymmen-d, dal 

Capture, kap'tshfir n, ysglyfiad: vt, 
Capuchin, kap.ii.slnn' n, cycyllfrawd ; 

math fantell ; math golomen 
Car, kar n, car, cerbyd ; certwjni, men 
Carac, kar'ak n, math lwythlong Ys- 

Carat, karat n, pwvs bedwar gronyn 
Caravan, kar.â.vai/«, mintai fasnach- 

wyr; men döedig 
Caravansary, kar.a.van'sur.i n, lletty 

cytíredin yn y Dwyrain 
Caraway, kar'a.wii n, y garddwy 
Carbine, kar.bin', Carabine, kai-'â.b'ín n, 

dryll byr 


ôre; läte, line, nö, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, this; j=dzh. CAR 

Carbineer, kar.bî.nî'r' n, marchfilwr ys- 

gafn ; milwr byrddryll 
Carbon, kar'bun n, golosg, ulyf, ulwyn, 

prif elfen yr adamant ; coed llosgedig 
Carbonade, kar'bo.nad vt, rhostio cig yn 

ddarnau ar farwor 
Carbonic, kar.bon'ik a, ulyfig. Carbonic 

acid gas, nwy sur ulyfig, tagnwy 
Carboy, kar'boi n, costrel fawr mewn 

gwaith gwiail 
Carbuncle, kar'bungTd n, carbwncl; 

llynoryn dugoch [gleiniol 

Carcanet, kcar' n, gwddfglych 
Carcase, kar'kiis, Carcass, kar'kas n, 

celan, abwy, ysgerbwd, corff marw 

abod, buria, ysgrwd 
Card, kard n, cerdyn: v, cardio, cribo 

gwlân ; chwareu cardiau [ Paradwys 
Cardamoms, kar'da.mumz np, grawn 
Cardiac, kaVdlak a, cryf haol, adfywiol 
Cardinal, kar'di.nal a, prif, arbenig : n 

penadur cochl; cochl benyw. Car- 
dinal points, gogledd, deheu, dwyrain, 

gorllewin. Cardinal signs, arwyddioi 

y sidydd. — Zodiac 
Care, ke'r n, gofal, pryder, ystigrwydd 

vi, dawr, gofalu, gwyho, pryderu; 

Careen, ka.rm' v, diddosi Hong, cyweirio 
Career, ka.ri'r' n, gyrfa, rhedfa, helynt, 

Careful, ke'r'fwl a,gofalus, gwyliadwrus, 

carcus [care 

Carefulness, ke'r'fwl.nes n, gofal, prydt 
Careless, ke'r'les a, diofal, esgeulus 
Carelessness, ke'r'les.nes n, diofalwch, 

esgeulusdra [dodi 

Caress, ka.res' vt, anwesu, llochi, mal- 
Caret, cê'r'et n, gwallnod, diffygnod (a) 
Cargo, kcar'go n, llwyth Hong, llong- 

lwyth [digrifiun 

Caricature, kar.i.ka.tur' n, anferthlun, 
Caries, ke'r'i.iz, Cariosity, kê'r.î.os'î.tî 

n, pydrni esgyrn 
Carious, ke'r' a, pwdr, ysedig 
Cark, kark vi, gofalu, rhyofalu, pryderu 
Carlcat, karl'kat n, gwrcath, cath wryw 
Carle, karl n, cerl)-n, bawddyn, crinwas 
Carman, kar'man ?^, certwynwr, certiwr, 

gyrwr ^ [brawd o urdd Carmel 

Carmelite, kar'mel.'it n, carmeliad, 
Carminative, krir.min'a.tiv n, meddyg- 

iniaeth i chwalu gwynt : a, gwyntyrol 
Carmine, kar.m'm' n, sylwedd mwnawl 

o liw goleugoch 
Carnage, kar'niij n, galanasdra, lladdfa j 
Carnal, kar'nal n, cnawdol; anianol 

Carnality, kiir.nal'i.ti n, cnawdoh-M^dd 
Carnation,'shun n, blodeuyn teg 

Carnelion,'H.un n, math o agat, 

cigfaen [cnodiog, ciglyd 

Carneous, kar', Carnous, kar'nus a, 
Carnify, kar' vi, tewychu, brasäu, 

pwyntio [wyl 

Carnival, kar'ni.val n, gloddestwyl, cig- 
Carnivorous, kar.niv'o.rus a, cigysol, 

ciglwnc, cigreibus, rheibus 
Carnosity, kâr.nos'î.tî n, cnodigrwydd 
Caroche, ka.rosh' n, pleser gerbyd 
Carol, kar'ul n, mavvlgerdd nadolig : v, 

canu; moli, canmol; mawiygu 
Carousal, ka.ruw'zal n, gloddest, cyf- 

eddach, wttres 
Carouse, ka.ruwz' vi, gloddesta, wttresa 
Carp, karp n, llynbysg: v, cnoi, senu, 

pigo beiau, beio, cecru 
Carpenter, kar'pen.tur n, saer, saer coed 
Carpentry, kar'pen.tri n, saerniaeth, 

saerwaith, gwaith saer coed 
Carpet, kar'pet n, llawrlen; bwrddlen. 

To bring a thing upon the carpet, 

dwyn peth dan sylw 
Carriage, kar'aj n, clud, cludai, cerbyd ; 

cludiad ; ymddygiad, ymarwedthad 
Carrier, kar'i.ur n, cariwr, cludydd, ar- 

weddod\vr, cyweiniwr 
Can-ion, kar'i.un n, burgyn, llurgyn, 

celan, buria, abwy Q>yr 

Carronade,' n, cyflegr haiarn 
Can-ot, kar'ut n, moronen: p, moron, 

moron cochion. Wild carrots, Uysiau 

y meddyglyn [moronhw 

Carroty, kar'ut.i n, coch, pengoch, 
Carry, kar'i v, cario, arwedd, cywain; 

ymddwyn. To carry the day, ennill 

y dydd. To carry away a mast, colli 

hwylbren. To carry through, cwblhau 
Cart, kart n, men, certyn, trol, car. 

Dray-cart, car llusg. Cart-wright, 

mensaer, saer meni 
Carteblanche, kart.blonsh' n, papyr 

gwyn i'w lenwi ; trwydded 
Cartel, kar'tel n, cytundeb i newid carch- 

arorion rhyfel 
Cartilage, kfir'ti.laj n, madruddyn 
Cartilaginovxs, kar.tUaj'i.nus a, madi'- 

uddog [bapyr 

Cartoon, kar.twn' n, bras gynllun ar 
Cartouch, kar.twsh' n, cod i gadw pelenau 
Cartridge, kiirt'rij n, papyi-aid o bylor; 

ergydrol. Cartridge-box, cod i gadw 

Caruncle, kar'ung.kl n, difyn o gig, cigyn 

CAT path, fat, ere, met, míì-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Carve, karv vt, cerlio ; ysgythyru, naddu ; 

tori bwyd 
Case, kiis n, cyflwr, ansawdd, helynt; 
amwisg, gorchudd ;'mater,peth ; achos, 
treigl: vt, gorchuddio, gweinio, am- 
wisgo. A hard case, cyflwr caled. 
In case, os, pe. Book-case, llyfrgell. 
Nominative case, achos enwedigol. 
Put the case, gadëwch, caniatëwch 
Caseharden, kas'har.dn vt, durgaledu, 

Caseknife, kiis'n'if n, cyllell fawr 
Casemate, kas'mat n, gwaith bwaog 
Casement, kas'ment n, rhwyll; colofn- 
gap [rhyfel, cod belau 

Caseshot, kas'shot n, sypyn o fan belau 
Cash, kash n, arian parod, mwnai 
Cashew, ka.shw' n, math o bren cnau 
Cashier, ka.shi'r' n, arianwas: vt, di- 

swyddo, diraddu 
Cask, kask n, baril, barilan 
Casket, kas'ket n, cistan, prenfol, blwch, 

golwrch, gemflweh 
Casque, kask n, helm, penffestin 
Cass, kas, Cassate, ka.sat' vt, dilëu, 
dirymu, diddymu [iad 

Cassation,'shun n, dilead, dirym- 
Cassia, kash'fi n, rhisgl per 
Cassidony, kasi.duni n, math o flodeu- 

yn ; maen myrierid 
Cassock, kas'uk n, crysbais offeiriad 
hugan [o'r India 

Cassowary, kas'ö.wê'r.î n, aderyn mawr 
Cast, kast (pt & pp cast) vt, bwrw. 
lluchio, ergydio ; toddi, bathu, tawdd- 
lunio; trefnu; cyfrifo; collfarnu: n. 
tafliad, ergyd ; prawf, prawen ; cynnyg : 
gwawr,gwedd; bath. To cast abroad, 
gwasgaru. To cast down, gostwngj 
iselu. To cast up, cyfrif. Casting- 
voice, terfynlais. Casting-net, rhwyd 
fwrw. A cast in the eye, traws yn y 
Castanet,' n, dwylawrugl 
dawnswyr [collddyn 

Castaway, kast'a.wa n, un gwrthodedig. 
Castellan, kas' n, ceidwad castell 
Castellany, kas' n, rhandir castell 
Castellated, kas'tel.ii.ted a, castellog 
Castellet, kas' n, castell, castellan 
Castigate, kas'ti.giit vt, ceryddu; cys- 
twyo, euro [s aetn > cystwyad 

Castigation, kas.ti.gii'shun n, cospedi- 
Castle, kas'l n, castell, t\vr, aindditlynla 
Castling, kast'ling n, erthyl, peth an- 
nhymmig [llostlydan 

Castor, kas'tur n, yr afanc, tfrancon, 

Castrametation, kas.trri.mi.ta'shun n, 

gwersylliaeth [anafu 

Castrate, kas'triitwi, dysbaddn, ryweirio; 
Castration, kas.tra'shun n, dysbaddiad 
Castrel, kas'trel n, y cudyll coch, cu- 

dyll, ceinlly goch [ffw yddol 

Casual, kazh' a, damweiniol, dy- 
Casualty, kazh' n, damwain, dy- 

gwyddiad [mheuon cydwybod 

Casuist, kazh' n, dattodwr ain- 
Casuistry, kazh'ü.is.trî n, beirniadaeth 

achosion cydwybod 
Cat, kat n, cath. To turn cat in the 

pan, chwareu'r ffon ddwybig. Cat-o'- 

nine-tails, math o fflangell 
Cata-, Cat- px, i lawr; gwrth-, erbyn 
Catabaptist, kat.a.bap'tist n, gwrthwyn- ! 

ebwr bedydd [rhy bell o air \ 

Catachresis, kat.a.kri'sis n, arferiad 
Gatachrestieal, kat.a.kres'ti.kal a, rhy 

bell, treisiol [gorlif 

Cataclysm, kat'a.klizm n, llif, dylif, 
Catacombs, kat'a.komz n, claddgell- 

oedd, claddogofëydd 
Catalepsy, kat' n, pang-glefyd 
Catalogue, kat'a.log n, rhestr, cofrestr, 

Uechres, rhifres [bryntni, bryntwas 
Catamite, kat'a.mi't n, llanc at drin 
Cataphract, kat'a.frakt n, marchogwr 

llawn arfog [meddalai 

Cataplasm, kat'a.plazm n, sugaethan, 
Catapulta, kat.a.pul'ta n, taflbeiriant 
Cataract, kat'a.rakt n, rhaiadr; sech 

bilen ar y llygad [mwyth 

Catarrh, ka.tar' n, pen ddyferwst, gor- 
Catarrhal, ka.tar'al, Catarrhous, ka.tar' 

us a, gormwythig 
Catastrophe, ka.tas' n, g^vrthdro; 

troad a diweddiad; drwg ddiwedd; 

damwain, anhap 
Catcal, kat'kol n, math o chwibanogl 
Catch, katsh (caught) vt, dal, gafaelu, 

ymaflyd yn, cipio, cymmeryd; bodd- 

hau: n, bach, clicied; dalfa, ysglyf; 

difyrgan. Catch word, dangosair. A 

catching disease, haint 
Catchfly, katsh 'Hi - n, glydlys. Bladder 

catchfly, llysiau poer [ceisiad 

Catchpoll, kateh'pol n, ceisbwl, rìiingyll, 
Oatehup, katsh'up n, math ogyffaith [ig 
Catechetical, kat.i.ket'i.kal a, egwyddor- 
Catechism, kat'i.kizm n, holwyddoreg, 

egwyddorlith, holiadhth [gwyddorwr 
Catechist, kat'i.kist n, egwyddorwr. 
Catechize, kat'i.kiz vt, egwyddori ; holi 
Catechumen, kaU.kii'men n, dysgybl 



öre; läte, l'íne, nö, milte; she, zh=z azure; thin, tiùs; j=dzh. CEN 

ategorical, kat.i.gor'i.kal a, pendant, 

penodol, eglur [ddrychau 

Jatcgmy, kat'î.gur.î n, trei'n meddyl- 
Jatenarian,'r'Lan a, cadwyn- 

aidd [cyfrwymiad 

Catenation, kat.Lna'shun n, cadwyniad, 
Cater, ka'tur v, darparu neu brynu 

lluniaeth, arlwyo [pryf cadachog 

Caterpillar, kat'ur.pil.iir n, llindys, y 
Caterwaul, kat'ur.wol vi, cathderica 
Cates, kats np, danteithion, ancwynion 
Catgut, kat'gut n, tant telyn, tannau 

crwth [iadol 

Cathedral, ka.thi'dral n, eglwys gadeir- 

iol : a, esgobawl, henaidd, hybarch 
Catholic, kath'o.lik a, cyffredinol, cath- 

ohg [inedd 

CathoHcism, ka.thol'i.sizm n, cyffred- 
Catholicon, ka.thol'Lkun n, meddyg- 

iniaeth holliachaol [dwddf 

Catkins, kat'kinz n, cenawon cyll, coed- 
Catling, kat'ling n, cyllell llawfeddyg 
Cattle, kat'l np, anifeiliaid, gwartheg, 

da byw 
Caudebek, ko'di.bekra, math o het ysgafn 
Caudle, ko'dl n, llymeidfwyd ; sucan 
Cauf, kof n, cistan dyllog at bysgod 
Caught, kut pt & pp. — Catch 
Cauk, kok n, math o wydrfaen garw 
Caul, kol 11, gweren fol ; rhwyden 
Cauliflower, kol'î.flûŵ.ûr n, blodfresych 
Causal, ko'zal a, achosol, achlysurol 
Causation,'shun «, achosiad 
Cause, koz n, achos, ethiyb, achlysur ; 

cynghaws, hawl, dadl: wi,peri,achosi, 

effeithio, achlysuro 
Causeless, koz'les a, diachos ; dechreuol 
Causeway, koz'wa, Causey, ko'zi n, sarn, 

llwybr troed [poethnaws 

Caustic, kos'tik a, osgol, difaol: n, eh 
Cautelous, ko' a, pwyllog, gochel- 

gar, cyfrwys 
Cauterize, ko'tur.'iz vt, serio ; llosgysu 
Cautery, ko'tiu-.i n, haiarn poeth ; seriad 
Caution, ko'shun «,pryder, pwyll, goch- 

ehad ; rhybudd ; vt, rhybuddio, rhag- 

Cautious, ko'shus o, gochelgar, pwyllog, 

gofalus [garwch, pwyll 

Cautiousness, ko'shus.nes n, gochel- 
Cavalcade,' n, gosgorddiad; 

marchogdaith [marchfilwr 

Cavalier, kav.a.HV n, marchogwr, 
Cavalierly, kav.â.lî'r'lî a, yn uchelt'alch 
Cavahy, kav'al.ri np, marchoglu, gwŷr 

meirch, marchfilwyr 

Cavation, kâ.vä'shun ti, daiargafiiiad 
Cave, kav n, ogof, gogof, ceudwll, ffau, 

Caveat, ka' n, rhybudd, gwahard diad 
Cavern, kav'um n, ceudwll, ogof, llechfa 
Cavernous, kav'ur.nus a, ogofawg, tyllog 
Cavesson, kav'es.un n, trwyngaw march 
Caviare,'r' n, cyffaith o rawn 


Cavil, kav'il n, coeg wrthddadl, traws- 

ddadl : vi, ymgecru, ymehio 
Cavity, kav'i.ti n, ceudod, ceudwll, ogof 
Caw, ko vi, crawcian, creu, crefu 
Cawl, kol n, penre, penrwym, rhwyden 
Cease, sis v, peidio, gadael, gorphwys, 

ymattal [phwys, didawl 

Ceaseless, sîs'les a, dibaid, didor, dior- 
Cecity, sí'sî.tî n, dehni, dallineb 
Cedar, sî'dûr n, cedrwydden, pren cedr 
Cede, sîd, vt, ymroi, rhoi i fyny, trosi 
Cedrine, sî'drin a, cedraidd, o gedr 
Ceil, sîl vt, cronglwydo, nenfydu, mydu 
Ceiling, sîl'ing », mwd, nenfwd; myd- 

iad; cronglwyd 
Celandine, sel'an.dîn n, llysiau'r clefyd 

melyn ; llysiau'r Uygaid 
Celature, sî'lâ.tshü'r n, cerfiaeth 
Celebrate, sel'î.brät vt, dadgan ; dathlu ; 

cadw gwyl; gweini. A celebrated 

man, gwr enwog 
Celebration, sel.î.brä'shun n, cadwad 
ŵyl; canmoliad [edig, hyglod 

CeTebrious, sî.lî'brî.us a, enwog, nod- 
Celebrity, sî.leb'rî.tî n, enwogrwydd, 

clodforedd [clra, brys 

Celerity, sî.ler'î.tî n, bnander, cyflym- 
Celery, sel'ur.î n, bwydlysiau. Wild 

celery, helogan 
Celestial, sî.les'tshal a, nefol, nefolaidd 
Celibacy, sel'î.bâ.sî n, gweddwdod, unig- 

rwydd, amiywedd'iaeth, anweddogaeth 
Cell, sel n, cuddigl, cell, celfa, llechfa 
Cellar, sel'ûr n, diodgell, trull 
Cellarist, sel' n, trulliad, diodwas 
Cellular, sel'ü.lûr a, cellog, ceuol 
Celsitude, sel'sî.tüd n, uchder, uchelder 
Celtic, sel'tik, kel'tik a, Celtaidd 
Cement, sem'ent n, cymmrwd, syth, glud 
Cement, sî.ment' vt, cymmrydu, cydludio, 

cydio [went, claddle 

Cemetery, sem'î.tur.î n, beddrod, myn- 
Cenatory, sî'nâ.tur.î a, swperaidd 
Cenobitic,'ik a, cydweithasol 
Cenotaph, sen'ö.taf rc, mddwyddfa, coeg- 

Cense, sens n, perarogl : vt, perarogh 
Censer, sen'sûr n, padell dân 

CHA path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Censor, sen'sûr n, beirniad ; hyfeiwr 
Censorious, sen.sö'r'îus a, hyfarn, en- 

llibus, goganus, hyfai, cyhuddgar 
Censoriousness, sen.sö'r'î.us.nes n, cy- 

huddgarwch [beius 

Censurable,sen'shü.râ.bl a, ceryddadwy, 
Censure, sen'shûr n, sen, barn, gogan; 

cerydd : vt, barnn, beio, ceryddu, senu 
Census, sen'sus n, cyfrifiad y bobl,gwerin- 

gyfrif, gwerinrif 
Cent, sent, Centum, sen'tum n, cant 
Centaur, sen'tôr n, anghenfil dyehym 

mygol ; y Saethydd [ddaiar 

Centaury, sen'tô.rî n, arlladlys, bustl y 
Centenary, sen'tî.nur.î n, cant; cylchwyl 

ganmlyneddol : a, canfedrifol 
Centesimal, sen.tes'î.mal a, canranol 
Centifidous, sen.tif 'î.dus a, canranol, 

caadryll [og 

Centifolious, sen.tî.f ö'lî.us a, candalen- 
Centipede, sen'tî.pîd n, cantroedyn 

(math o bryf ) 
Cento, sen'tö n, dryllbryddest 
Central, sen'tral a, canolbarthaidd 
Centre, sen'tùr n, canol, canolbarth 

cymmherfedd, perfeddbwnc: vt, cym- 

mherfeddu, eanolgyfeirio ; cydgyfarfod 
Centric, sen'trik a. canolaidd, canolawg 
Centrifugal, sen.trif' a, canol-ochel 
Centripetal, sen.trip'î.tal a, canolgyrch- 

ol, canolgais 
Centumvir, sen'tum.vur (centumviri. 

scn.tum.v'i'ri) n, canmvriad 
Centuple, sen' a, canplyg, can cym- 

maint [yn gannoedd 

Centuriatc, scn.tü'r'î.ät vt. canriib, rlianu 
Centuriator, sen.tur'î.ä.tûr n, oesfrud- 

iwr, oeshanesydd 
Centurion, sen.tü'r'î.un n. canwriad 
Century, sen'tshü.rî n, canrif, can mlyn- 

edd, oes 
Cephalalgy, sef'î n, dolur pen 
Cephalic, si.fal'ik a, da rhag dolur pen 
Cerastes, si.ras'tiz n, sarff gyrnig 
Cerate, sí'rät n, eli cwyrog, cwyreli 
Cere, sir vt, cwyro, gludio, pygu 
Cerebrum, ser'i.brum n, yr ymenydd 
Cerecloth, siYkloth, Cerement, sî'r.ment 

n, pigliain, cwyrliain, sugliain 
Ceremonial, ser.î.mö'nî.al n, Uyfr def- 

odau: a, defodol [mocsgar 

Ceremonious, ser.î.mö'nî.us a, ffurfiol, 
Orcmony, ser'î.mun.î n, defod, rirwysg, 

Certain, sûr'tän a, sicr, diau, dir, diam- 

mlieu, dilys, gwir; rhyw, rhai. A 

certain person, rhyw un 

Certainty, súr'tän.tî, Certitude, sûr'tî- 

tüd n, sicrwydd, dir, dilysnvydd, dieu- 

rwydd, hysbysrwydd, diammheuaeth 
Certificate, sûr.tif 'i.kat n, ysgrifendyst 
Certify, sûr'tî.f'í vt, hysbysu, ardystio, 

gwirio [canghell-lys 

Certiorari, sûr.shî.ö.rê'r'î n, gwýs o'r 
Cerulean, sî.rŵ'lî.an, Ceruleous, sî.rŵ'- 

lî.us a, brithlas, nefliw 
Cerumen, sî.rŵ'men n, cwyr y glust 
Ceruse, sî'rŵs n, gwynblwm puredig 
Cervical, sur'vi.kal a, gyddfol 
Cesarian, sî.sê'r'î.an a, Cesaraidd. Ce- 

sarian operation, crothdoriad 
Cess, ses n, treth; tasg: vt, trethddogni, 

Cessation, se.sä'shun n, paid, tor, gor- 

phwysiad, seibiant, ymattaliad 
Cessible, ses'î.bl a, ymollyngadwy 
Cession, sesh'un n, ymollyngiad, ym- 

roddiad; trosiad 
Cessment, ses'ment n, treth, trethiad 
Cestus, ses'tus n, gwregys Gvrener 
Cesura, si.zii'r'a n, toriad gair neu 

lined mewn barddoniaeth 
Cetaceous, sî.tä'shus a, morfilaidd 
Chace, tshiis n, helfa; gwigfa: vt, hela, 
Chad, shad n, math o bysgodyn [ymlid 
Chafe, tshäf n, digder, sonant, cynddari 

edd: vt, poetb rwbio; brydio; ryffroi. 

Chafing-dish, tanddysgl, padellig dân 
Chaff, tshaf n, us, manus, peiswyn, 

hedion, mwl 
Chaffer, tshaf 'ûr vi, marchnata, edwica: 

n. marchnatwr, masnachwr [fraith 
Chaffinch, tshaf'intsh n, gwinc, asgell- 
Chaffy, tshaf 'î a, Daẃn us, mauusog; 

Chagrin, shâ.grîn'n,cythrndd, gofid: vt, 

blino, gofidio, anfoddloni 
Chain, tshän n, cadwyn, torch, tid, syg, 

tres: vt, cadwyno, tido. Chain-cable, 

Chain-shot, tidbelen 
Chair, tshé'r n, eadair; eisteddfa; sedd 
Chaise, shiiz n, èerbydan, taithgerbyd 
Chalcedony, kal.sed' n, math o faen 

gwcrthfawr [gerfiadacth 

Chalcography, kal.kog' n, pres- 
Chaldron. tshóTdrun n, callawr; pair; 

Chalice, tshal'is n, cwpan y cymmnn 
Chalk, tshok n, pnddgalch, sialc, mann : 

vt, marmu, priddgalchu. Chalk-cut- 
ter, codwr mann 
Challenge, fehal'enj n, baidd, beriad; 

arddelw; hawl; nam: vt, beiddio; 

herio; arddelwi; Hysu 

öre ; läte, l'íne, nö, miite ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. CHA 

Chalybeate, ka.lib'yiit a, duraidd, durllyd 
Cham, kam rc, penadur Tartari 
Chamade, shâ.mäd' n, sain tabwrdd i 

ofyn cyflafaredd 
Chamber, tshäm'bûr n, ystafell, lloft 
Chambering, tshiim' n, wttres; 

trythyllwch [ydd 

Chamberlain, tshäm'bûr.län n, ystafell- 
Chambermaid, tshäm'bûr.mäd n, ystaf- 

ellyddes [fall newidliw 

Chameleon, hâ.mî'lî.un n, math o fad- 
Chamfer, tsham'fur n, rhigol, rhych, 

pannel: vt, rhigoli, rhychu, pannelu 
Chamois, shâ.môî' n, math o arr 
Champ, tshamp vt, enoi, dygnoi 
Champagne, sham. pan' n, math o win 
Champaign, sham. pan' n, gwastadedd, 

rhos, bi'o ; tir digoed : a, gwastad 
Champion, tsham'pî.nn n, campiwr; or- 

nestwr, penymladdwr; cawr 
Chance, tshans n, damwain, dygwydd- 

iad, hap: vi, damweinio, dygwyddo. 

Chance medley, damwain-laddiad 
Chancel, tshan'sel n, canghell, llogawd 
Chancellor, tshan'sel.ûr n, canghellydd 
Chancellorship, tshan'sel.ûr.ship n, 

canghellwriaeth, canghellyddiaeth 
Chancery, tshan'sur.î n, llys cydwybod 
Chancre, shangTiûr n, llynoryn drwg 
Chandelier, shan.dî.lî'r' n, canwyllyr 
Chandler, tshand'lûr' n, canwyllydd 
Change, tshänj n, newid, newidiad, arall- 

iad, tro : vt, eyfnewid, arallu, troi 
Changeable, tshän'jâ.bl, Changeful, 

tshänj.fẁl a, cyfhewidiol, newidiol 
Changeling, tshäng'ling a, anwadalyn 
Channel, tshan'el n, cyfyngfor; rhedle; 

dyfrlle; rhych, ffos: vt, cwyso neu 

rychu colofn 
Chant, tshant vt, cann. corgann ; pyncio 
Chanticleer, tshan.ti.kli'r' n, crochgein- 

iad; y ceiliog 
Chantry, tshan'trî n, corgafell, corgapel 
Chaos, ka'os n, annhrefn, cymmysgedd 
Chaotic, ka.ot'ik a, didrefn, afluniaidd 
Chap, tshop n, gên, bochgern. Chap- 
fallen, bochlaes, llaeswefl ; digalon 
Chap, tshap vt, agenu, ymagor, hollti: 

n, agen. holltiad 
Chape, tshäp n, daliedydd, gafaelydd 
Chapel, tshap'el n, addoldy, cyssegrfa, 

capel, ty cwrdd, ty gweddi 
Chapelry, tshap'el.rî n, terfynau addoldy 
Chaperon, shap'ur.on n, math o gap neu 

gwfl : vt, gweini ar foneddiges 
Chapiter, tshap'ì.tûrre, heuliog neu ben- 

cwlwm colofn 

Chaplain, tshap'län n, caplan, capelwr 
Chapless, tshop'les a, cegnoeth, diwefl 
Chaplet, tshap let n, coronig, coronbleth, 

talaith [nachwr 

Chapman, tshap'man n, maeler, mas- 
Chapter, tshap tûr n, pennod; senedd 

eglwys gadeiriol : vi,trethu; cyhuddo; 

ceryddu. Chapter-house, cabidwl ; 

cadeirdy [vi, dyddweithio 

Char, tshê'r n, dyddorchwyl, byrwaith : 
Char, tshâr n,j torgoch: vt, golosgi 
Character, kar ak.tur n, gair, enw, cym- 

meriad, nodweddiad; nod, arwydd; 

coel [deb 

Characterism, kar'ak.tur.izm n, nodol- 
Characteristic,'tik a, nod- 

weddol : n, nodwedd, nodweddiad 
Characterize, kar'ak.tur.'iz ẅ,nodweddu, 

nodi; hynodi, priodlunio 
Charcoal, tshar'kol n, golosg 
Chare, tshê'r n, heolan, Ion 
Charge, tshârj n, gorchymmyn, archiad, 

annogaeth; gofal, cadwraeth; cŵyn, 

cyhuddiad; traul; rhuthr: vt, erchi, 

gorchymmyn; cyhuddo; rhuthro, ym- 

osodar; gofyntâl; Uwytho 
Chargeable, tshâr'jâ.bl a,"treulfawr ; cy- 

huddadwy. Chargeable to, i'w dalu 

gan [march rhyfel, cadfarch 

Charger, tshârjûr n, cawg, dysgl; 
Chariness, tshê'r'î.nes n, gocheìiad, gofal, 

cynnildeb, crintachrwydd 
Chariot, tshar'î.ut n, cerbyd, cludai 
Charioteer, tshar.î.u.tî'r' "n, gyrwr cer- 
byd, cerbydwr Jelusengar 
Charitable, tshar'î.tâ.bl a, cariadus, hael ; 
Chanty, tshar'î.tî n, cariad; tosturi; 

cardod, elusen [gwagymhonwr 

Charlatan, shâr'lâ.tan n, crachfeddyg; 
Charlatanical,'i.kal a, gwag- 

Charm, tshârm n, swyn, swyngyfaredd ; 

swynserch : vt, swyno ; rheibio ; llygad. 

dynu ; boddio ; ennill serch ; hudo, denu 

Charming weather, bin hyfryd 
Charnel, tshâr'nel a, yn cynnwys cig, neu 

gelanedd. Charnel-house, esgyrndy 
Chart, tshârt n, darlunlen, argrafflen 
Charter, tshar'tur n, breintlen, braint 

ysgrif : vt, awdurdodi, breinio 
Charwoman, tshê'r'wẁ n, hurwraig 
Chary, tshê'r'î a, gofalus, gochelgar, 

cynnil; dyfal; crintachllyd 
Chase, tshäs n, helwriaeth; erlyniad; 

coedwig : vt, hela ; ymlid, erlid, erlyn. 

Beast of chase, anifail hela [adwy 
Chasm, kazm n, agen, gagendor, cyfwng, 

GHI path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Chaste, tshiist a, diwair, dihalog, pur, 

dilwgr [ceryddu, cospi 

Chasten, tshä'sn, Chastise, tshas.t'iz' vt, 
Chastisement, tshas'tiz.ment n, cerydd, 

cosp, cystwyad 
Chastity, tshas'tî.tî n, diweirdeb, purdeb 
Chat, tshat n. clebar, cogor, siaradach : 

vi, bragaldio, baldordd, pepru 
Chattellany, tshat'î n, tiriogaeth 

castell [symmudol 

Chattels, tshat'elz n, daoedd, da, daoedd 
Chatter, tshat'ûr vi, llolio, trydar, ym- 

ddadwrdd, gwagsiarad 
Chatterbox, tshat' ur.boks 
Chavender, tshav'en.dur n, y penci 
Chawdron, tsko'drun n, perfedd, coludd- 

ion, coludd [werth 

Cheap, tshîp a, rhad, isel, iselbns; di- 
Cheapen, tshi'pn vt, lleihau gwerth 
Cheapness, tship'nes n, iswerth, newid, 

rhadedd, rhadlonedd 
Cheat, tshit n, hoced, dichell, twyll; 

twyllwr: vt, twyllo, hocedu, hndo, 

siomi, colledu 
Check, tshek n, rhwystr; gwastatâd 

cyfrif, archeb : vt, attal ; ceryddu, arafu 
Cheek, tshik n, grudd, boeh, cern 
Cheer, tshî'r' n, hoen, llonder; arlwy: 

v, lloni, sirioli; ymhyfhau. Be of 

good cheer, cymmerwch gysur 
Cheerful, tshî'r'fẁl a, lion, hoenus, 

llawen, dyddan [sirioldeb 

Cheerfulness, tshfr'fẁl.nes n, llawenydd, 
Cheerless, tshi'r'les a, annyddan, trist, 

annifyr [lion, go Ion 

Cheerly, tshî'r'lî, Cheery, tshî'r'î a,siriol, 
Cheese, tshiz n, caws [werthydd 

Cheesemonger, tslnz'mung.gur n, caws- 
Cheesepress, tshiz'pres n, gwryf caws 
Cheeselip, tshiz'hp n, gwrach y llydw 
Chely ; ki'li n, crafanc pysgodyn cragenog 
Chemical, kem'i.kal a, fFeryllaidd 
Chemist, kem'ist n, fferyllydd, fferyllyd 
Chemistiy, kem'is.tri n, fferylliaeth 
Cheque, tshek n, brithhain, lliain 

Chequer, tshek'ur vt, ymryhwio, britho. 

Chequer-work, croeswaith, amrywaith 
Cherish, tsher'ish vt, meithrin, achlesu, 

mynwesu, ymgeleddu, cefnogi 
Cherry, tsher'î n, ceiriosen, surain, 

Cherry-cheeked, rhuddfochog, boch- 
Chert, tshûrt », math o gallestr [goch 
Cherub, tsher'ub (cherubim) n, cerub, 

Cherubic, tshi.nv'bik, Cherubical, tshi- 

rw'bi.kal «,cembaidd, angylaidd, nefol 

n, clebryn, 

Cherubim, tsher'ü.bim np. — Cherub 
Cherup,tsher'up vi, trydar, cathlu,grillio 
Chervil, tshur'vil n, sierfel. Wild chervil, 

nodwydd y bugail 
Chess, tshes, n, gwyddbwyll 
Chessboard, tehes'bö'rd n, tawlfwrdd, 

clawr y wyddbwyll [wyddbwyll 

Chessmen, tshes'men np, gwerin y 
Chest, tshest n, cist ; cledr y ddwyfron. 

Chest of drawers, cist logellog 
Chestnut, tshes 'nut n, castan, pibgneuen. 

Chesnut-tree, castan wydden 
Chevalier, shev.a.liV n, marchog 
Chevaux de frise, shev.o.du.friz' n, 

chfiynwrych [croen myn 

Cheveril, tshev' n, myn, mynyn; 
Chevin, tshev'in n, pysg penfawr, y 

penci [cil 

Chew, tshü vt, cnoi. Chew the cud, cnoi'r 
Chicane, shi.kan', Chicanery, shi.ka'- 

nûr.î n, cecraeth, twyll, geubwyll, 

ystrywddadl, ystranc 
Chicory, tshik'ur.i n, math o ddant y 

Hew a gymmysgir â choffi 
Chick, tshik n, ydbys man cochion 
Chick, tshik, Chicken, tshik'in n, cyw. 

Chicken-hearted, digalon, llwfr, ofnus. 

Chicken-pox, brech yr ieir 
Chickweed, tshik'wid n, gwlydd 
Chide, tsh'id (jpt chid, tshid ; pp chid- 
den, tshid'n, chid) vt, senu; ceryddu, 

dwrdio, dondio 
Chief, tshif a, pen, penaf, arbenig, prif : 

n, pen, penaeth, blaenor, udd, Uywydd 
Chiefdom, tshif 'dum n, blaenoriaeth 
Chiefly, tshif 'li ad, yn benaf, gan mwyaf 
Chieftain, tshif 'tän n, blaenor, penadur, 

tywj-sog [malerth 

Chilblain, tshil'blän n, llosg eira, cibwst, 
Child, tshi'ld (p children) n, plentyn; 

maban, baban 
Childbearing, tshild'be' a, plantog, 

yn planta : n, esgoriad, dygiad plant 
Childbed, tshi'ld'bed, Childbirth, tshild'- 

bûrth n, esgorfan, gwelyfod, gwely 

esgor [mabanoed, mabolaeth 

Childhood, tshi'ld'hẁd n, mebyd,maboed, 
Childish, tshild'ish, Childhke, tshildTik 

a, plentynaidd, mabanaidd [diblant 
Childless, tsh'ild'les a, ammhlantadwy, 
Children, tshil'dren np. — Child 
Chiliad, kil'yad n, mil o rifedi canlynol 
Chiliahedron, kil.ya.hi'drun n. ' dull 

milochrog [ milwriad 

Chiliarch, Kil'yark n, Uywydd ar fil, 
Chihast, kil'yast w, milflwj'ddiad, credwr 

yn y mil o flyuvddoedd 


öre; läte; line, nö, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, tiiìs; j=dzh. CHR 

Chill, tshil n, fterdod, rhyndod : a, an- 

nwydog, oer : vt, fferu, rhynu, ocri 
dullness, tshil'nes n, annwyd, oerni 
Chilly, tshil'î a, rhynllyd, annwydog, 

oer, oerhyd, fferllyd, oeraidd 
Chime, tsh'im n, cynghaneddglych, 

cydsain : vt, cynghaiieddu, cytuno 
Chimera, hî.mî'r â. n, gwag ddychymmyg 
Chimerical, ki.mer'i.kal a, dychym- 

mygol, mympwyol, iFugiol 
Chimmage, shim'î.näj n, gwigdoll 
Chimney, t.shim'ni n, simdde, simnai, 

sawell, mygdwll, ffumer. Chimney- 
piece, cladde 
Chin, tshin n, gên; elgeth. Chin-cloth, 

miswrn, genain. Double-chin, tagell. 

Double-chinned, tagellog. [China 
Chinaware, tsh'i'nâ.wG'r n, priddlestri 
Chincough, tshin'kof n, sych beswch, pas 
Chine, tshi'n n, llain y cefh, cefnddiyll 
Chink, tshingk n, agen, hollt, holltiad : 

v, tincian; agenu, ymagor, hollti 
Clunky,- tshing'ki a, agenog, holltog 
ChiDtz, tshints n, math o gotymwe 
Chip, tship vt, asglodi ; hacio, naddu : 

n, asglawd, asglodyn [enydd 

Chirographer, ki'rog'ra.fur n, ysgrif- 
Chirographist, ki.rog'ra.fist n, ysgrif- 

enydd; llawddewin [ysgrifwaith 

Chirography, k'i.rog'ra.f î n, ysgrifeniad, 
Chirology, ki'.rol'o.ji n, amneidiaeth 
Chiromancer, ki'rb'.man.sur n, llaw- 
ddewin [iniaeth 
Chiromancy, k'i' n, llaw-ddew- 
Chirp, tshûrp vi, trydar, clochdar, grill- 

ian, gwichleisio, cathlu, pyncio 
Chirper, tshûr'pûr n, cethlydd 
Chirurgeon, kT.rur'jun n, llawfeddyg 
Chirurgery, ki'.rur'jur.i ?2,llawfeddygactk 
Chisel, tshiz'l n, gaing, cŷn cerfio 
Chit, tshit n, coryn ; eginyn, blaguryn : 

vi, egino, blaendarddu [llol 

Chitchat, tshit'tshat ?i, trydar, siaradach, 
Chitterlings, tshit'ur.lingz n, coludd; 

Chitty, tshit'i a, brych, brycheulyd 
Chivalry, shiv'ahri n, urddas milwraidd ; 

marchwriaeth ; camp, gwrolgamp 
Chives, tshi'vz np, cenin y gwinwydd, 

cenin syfi ; canoldwf blodau 
Chlorosis, klU.r'o'sis n, y glasglwyf 
Chocolate, tshok'o.liit n, math o foreulvn 
Choice, tshôîs n, dewis, dewisiad : am- 

rywiaeth : a. dewisol, rhagorol, odiaeth 
Choiceness, tshôis'nes, n, rliagoriaeth 
Choir, kw'i'r n, côr, cafell; coraid o 


Choke, tshok vt, tagu, llindagu; mogi 
Choky, tsho'ki a, taglyd [lhduaws, Hid 
Choler, kol'ur n, geri, bustl; digter, 
Cholera, kol'ur.a n, geri, geriwst, geri 

marwol [nawswyllt 

Choleric, kol'ur.ik a, geri'og; digofus, 
Choose, tshwz (chose, chosen) vt, dewis, 

ethol, dethol, pigo, dichlynu 
Chop, tsbop vt, dryllio, daroio, briwo; 

cyfnewid; llewa: n, dymod, holltiad, 

dernyn, dryll. Chop-house, bwytty. 

Chopping-knife, cyllell friwo [Alban 
Chopin, tshö'pîn' n, chwart gwin yn yr 
Choppy, tskop'i a, agenog, tyllog, bolltog 
Choral, ko'r'al a, coraidd, c'afellaidd 
Chord, kord n, tant ; gafael, cyssain : vt, 

cyduno, cydseino [corgeiniad 

Chorister, kor'is.tur, Chorist, ko'r'ist n, 
Chorographer, ko.rog'ra.fur n, parth- 

ddarluniwr, gororgraffydd 
Chorography, ko.rog' n, parth- 

ddarluniad, gororgraffiaeth 
Chorus, ko'r'us n, cydgor, cydgan 
Chose, tsho'z pt. — Choose 
Chosen, tsho'zn ^. — Choose 
Chough, tsbuf n, coegfran, ca\vci,palores , 
Chouìe, tshûŵl n, crombil ; cern [ cegid 
Chouse, tshûŵs n, ffwl, gwirionyn ; hud , 

hoced : vt, hocedu, twyllo, siomi 
Chrism, krizm n, eneiniad ; yr olew cys- 

segredig [flwch 

Chrismatory, kriz'ma.tur.i n, yr enein- 
Chrisom, kriz'um n, y lhain sanctaidd 
Christ, krist n, Crist, Eneiniog. Christ- 
cross row, kris', yr egwyddor 
Christen, kris'n vt, bedyddio, Cristionogi 
Christendom, kris'n.dum n, gwledydd 

cred, ybyd Cristionogol 
Christian, kris'tshan n, Cristion; cred- 

adyn : a, Cristionogol. Christian name , 

enw bedydd [ogaeth 

Christianity,'i.ti «, Cristion- 
Christianize, kris'tshan.'iz vt, Cristionogi 
Christianlike, kris''k a, Cristion- 

ogaidd [mas-box, calenig; cyfarwys 
Christmas, kris'mas n, Nadolig. Christ- 
Chromatic, kro.mat'ik a, perthynol i 

liwiau neu beroriaeth [barhäus 

Chronic, kron'ik a, hen, parhaol, hir- 
Chronicle, kron'i.kl n, brud, brut, coflyfr, 

oeslyfr, banes : vt, cofrestru, brudio 
Chronicler, kron'i.klur n, brudai, arn- 

seryddwr, cofrestrydd, hanesydd 
Chronogram, la-on'ö.gram n, cofargraff 
Chronologer, kro.nol'o.jur n, amserydd- 

wr, oesrestrydd [restrol 

Chronological, kio.noloj'i.kal a, oes- 

CIR path, fat, ére, met, mâ-rine, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, tẁk=took; 

Chronology, kro.nol'u.ji n, brudiaeth, 

amscryddiaeth [fy nj ig, oriawr 

Chronometer, kro.nom'i.tur n, awr- 
Chrysalis, kris'a.lis (chrysalides, kri- 

sal'ì.dîs) n, ehwileryn ; elindys (p) 
Chrysolytc, kris'o.l'it », yr eurfaen 
Chub, tshub n, y pysg penfawr, y penci; 

clclfF. Chub-cheeked, bochdew 
Chubby, tshub 'î a, penfawr, pendew, tew 
Chuck, tshuk v, clwcian; taro tan yr 

ên : n, chvciad ; dyrnod dan yr ên 
Chuckle, tshuk'l v, crechwenu; hoff- 

lochi, clwcian ; chwerthin 
Chuff, tshuf n, delff, drel, drelyn, lleban 
Chum, tshum, n, cywely, cydymaith 
Chump, tshump n, boncyfF, cipyll, cyff 
Church, tshûrlsh n, eglwys; llan: vt, 

rhyddhau gwraig 
Churchman, tshûrtsh'man n, eglwysydd : 

gwr eglwysig 
Churchwarden, tshùrtsh'wôr.dn n, gol- 

ygydd eglwys [beddlan, beddrod 

Churchyard, tshûrtsh'yârd ?i, mynwent. 
Churl, t'shûrl n, delff, drel ; cybydd. carl, 

cerlyn [cybyddlyd 

Churlish, tshûr'iish a, drelaidd,taiogaidd ; 
Churlishness, tshûr'lish.nes n, taiog- 

nvydd, anfoes; cybydd-dra 
Churme, tshûrm n, sun, trust 
Churn, tshûrn n, buddai : vt, corddi 
Chylaceous, k''shus a, ceulaidd 
Chyle, kil n, caul 

Chylifaction, k''shun n, ceulad 
Chyme, ki'm n, sudd ymborth treuliedig, 

Cibarious, sî.bê'r'î.us a, bwytadwy 
Cibol, sib'ul, Ciboul, sî.bŵl', Chibbol, 

tshib'ul n, sibolen 
Cicatrice, sik'a.tris n, craith, crachen 
Cicatrize, sik'a.triz v creithio, crachenu 
Cicerone, tshî.tshê.ro'nê n, cyfarwyddwr 

Cÿcisbeo, fcshî.tsHs.bê'ö n, cariadfab 

gwraig briodyn yr Eidal [weddu 

Cicurate, sik'ii.riit vt, dofi, aram, hy- 
Cicuration, sik.u.ra'shun », dofiad, 
Cider, si'diir n, afalddiod, osai [arafiad 
Cilery, sil'ur.î n, deilgerfiad 
Ciliary, sil'yur.î r,-, amrantaidd 
Cilicious, si.lish'us a, blewog, garw 
Cimmerian, si.mi'r' a, erchyllddu, 

caddugol. ty wyll. dudew 
Cimmerii. si.mi'r'i.T np, trigolion dyffryn 
Italaidd, lie y dywedir ni thvwyiiai yr 
haul byth [rhwýuiyu 

Cincture, singk'tshuv u. 
Cinder, süi'dûr n, marworyn 

Cineritious, sin.ur.ish'us, Cinereous, si- 

nî'r'ì.us a, lludwaidd, ulwaidd 
Cingl, sing'gl n, cengl [delid coch 

Cinnabar, sin'à.bâr n, mwn arian byw, 
Cinnamon, sin'â.mun n, canel, synamwn 
Cinque, singk n, pump. Cinque-pace,, 
math o daplas neu ddawns. Cinque 
ports, pump porthladd, Dover, Sand- 
wich, Hastings, Romney, a Hythe, at 
y rhai ychwanegwyd Winchelsea, Rye, 
a Seaford 
Cion, s'i'un n, blaguryn, impyn, ysbrigyn 
Cipher, si'fûr n, goddim (0); dirgelnod: 

vi, bwrw eyfrif, cyfrifo 
Ciphering, si' n, cyfrifyddiaeth 
Circinate, sûr'sî.nät vt, ciynhau, gwneyd 


Circle, sur'kl n, cylch, cylchwy, cant, 

cwmpas: vt, cylchynu; cantio [torch 

Circlet, sur'klet n, cylchig, cylchyn, 

Circuit, sûrlíit n, amgylchedd, cylchen, 

cyrchyd ; cylchdaith : vt, cylchynu 
Circuiteer, n, cylchdeithiwr 
Circuitous, sur.kii'i.tus «, cwmpasog 
Circular, sur'ku.lur a, cylchol: », cyleh- 

lythyr, cylchnod 

Circularity, siir.kii.Vr'i.ti n, cylchog- 

rwydd [gerdded; cylchanfon 

Circulate, sûrTcü.lät v, ymdröi, cylch- 

Circulating, sur' a, cylch- 

redav.l [cylchrediad 

Circulation,'shun », amlifiad, 

Circnm- jmj, cylch-, am- 

Circumambiency, sû'bî.en.sî «, 

cylcbyniad * [amredol, cylchynol 

Circumambient,'bi.ent a, 

Circumambidate,' vi, 

cykhrodio, amrodio 
Circumcise, sur'kum.s'iz vt, enwaedu 
Circumcision, sur.kum.sizh'un n, en- 

Circumcurreut, sur.kum.kur'ent a, ar- 

amredol. cylchredol 
Circumduct," sur'kum.dukt vt, cylch- 

arwain; amluddio, gwrthdiin 
Circumduction, sur.kum.duk'skun n, 


Circumference, sur.kum'fur.ens n. cylch- 

ed, cylchedd, cwmpas [cylchedydd 

Chcumferentor, sdr.kum.fur.en'tur n, 

Circumflex, sur'knm.fleks n, nod hir 

don ; fforchnod fel hyn ( Ä ) 
Circumtluence. sur.kum'flii.ens n, cylch- 

liiiad. amlifiad 
Circumfluent, sur.kum'flu.ent. Circum- 
fluous, sur.kum' a, cylchlifioL, 
amlifiol, cylchlifeiriol * 

ore ; late, Tine, nö, miite ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. CLA 

Circumforaneous,' a, 

yn myned o ddrws i ddrws 
Circumfulgent, sur.kum.ful'jent a, am- 

dywynawl [tywallt o boh tu 

Circumfuse, sur'kum.fuz vt, amdywallt, 
Circumfusion, sur.kum.fu'zkun n, am- 

dywalltiad [dreiglo, cylchdroi 

Circumgyrate, sur.kum'ji.rat vt, am- 
Circumition, sur.kum.ish'un n, cylch- 

fynediad [gyffiniol 

Circumjacent, sfir.knm.jii'sent a, ar- 
Circumligation,'shun n, 

cylchrwymiad, amrwymiad 
Circumlocution, sur.kum.lo.kii'shun n, 

cylchymadrodd, amgylchiaith, cylch- 

ddywediad, cylcheiriad 
Circumnavigate, sur.kum.nav'i.gat vt, 

cylehfordwyo, amfordwyo 

shun n, amfordwyad, cylchfordwyad 
Circumnavigator, sûr.kum.nav'î.gä.tûr 

n, amfordwywr [cylchosodiad 

Circumposition, sur.kum.po.zish'un 11, 
Circumrotation,'shun n, 

cylchdroad, amdreigliad 
Circumrotatory, sûr.kum.rö'tâ.tur.î a, 

cylchdroawl [argyfyngu 

Circumscribe, sur'kum.skrib vt, amgau, 
Circumscription, sur.kum.skrip'shun n, 

Circumspect, sur'kum.spekt a, amwel, 

gochelgar, g\vyhadwi'us, gofalus, call 
Circumspection, sur.kum.spek'shun n, 

gwyliadwriaeth, gofal 
Circumstance, sur'kum.stans n, am- 

gylchiad, dygwyddiad, achos, sefyllfa, 
Circumstantial, sur.kum.stan'shal a, 

amgylchiadol, manwl, manol 
Circumstantiate, sur.ktun.stan' vt, 

manwl ddangos, profi 
Circumvagant,'gant a, 

cylchgnvydrol , amgrwy drol 
Circumvallation,'shun n, 

gvsrachglawdd, amglawdd 
Circumvection, sur.kum.vek'shun n, 

cylchddygiad [goiymestvn 

Circumvent, sur'kum.vent vt, twylîo, 
Circumvention, sur.kum.ven'shun n, 

siomiant, hocedwaith [amddilladu 
Circumvest, sur'kum.vest vt, amwisgo, 
Circumvolution, sur.kum.vo.lii'shun n, 

amdraill, amrod, cylchdi'oad, cylch- 

rediad [cylchdroi 

Circumvolve, sur'kum.volv v, amdroi, 
Circus, sur'kus n, cemmaes, maes y 

Cist, sist n, gwain, cod ; ceuad ; penddiged 

Cistern, sis'türa n, dyfrgist, pydew, 

fiynnon [tŵr 

Citadel, sit'â.del n, castell, amddifiynfa, 
Cital, s'i'tal, Citation, s'í.tä'shun n, gwŷs 

eglwysig; llythyr dyfyn; dyryniad, 

dyfyn; geiradroddiad 
Citatory, s'i'tâ.tur.î a, dyfynol, gwysiol 
Cite, si't vt, gwysio ; dyfynu, geiradrodd 
Cithern, sith'ura n, math o hen delyn 
Citizen, sit'Lzn, Cit, sit n, dinesydd, 

bwrdais [maen crisialaidd 

Citrine, sit'rin a, melynliw, eurliw : n, 
Citron, sit'run n, afal euraidd, eurafal 
City, sit'i n, dinas, dinasdref, din, caer 
Civet, siv'et n, perarogl tebyg i fwsg. 

Civet-cat, cath iVsg, cath Peru 
Civic, siv'ik a, dinasaidd; gwladol. 

Civic crown, coronbleth a roddid gynt 

yn wobr am orchestwaith gwladol 
Civil, siv'il a, gwledig ; dinasol, gwladol ; 

moesgar. Civil law, y gyfraith wladol. 

Civil war, rhyfel gartrefol [wr 

Cmlian, si.vil'yan re,cyfreithiwr; dinas- 
Civility, si.vil'i.ti n, moes, moesgarwch, 

hynawsedd, mwyneidd-dra 
Civilization,'shun n, moesol- 

iad, gwareidtdian 
Civilize, siv'il.i'z vt, moesoli, hyweddu, 

gwareiddio, dynoli 
Clack, klak n, clec, clep, debar, clegr : 

vi, clecian, clepio, clepian, clegyr 
Clad, klad pt & pp.— Clothe 
Claim, cläm n, hawl, arddelw,arddelwad : 

v, arddelwi, hbni hawl ; ceisio 
Claimable, kla' a, arddeladwy 
Claimant, klii'mant n, arddelwydd, ym- 

hònwr, hawlwr [sythu 

Clam, klam v, glynu, gludio; lluddio; 
Clamber, klam 'bur vi, dringo, ymgribo 
Clamminess, klam'i.nes n, gludedd, 

gwydnedd [toeslyd 

Clammy, klam'i a, gludiog, gwydn, 
Clamorous, ldam'ö.rus a, trystfawr, 

bloeddfawr, gwaeddgar, ystwrllyd 
Clamour, klam'ur n, dadwrdd, gwaedd, 

trwst, twrf : v&',crochrwgnach, diaspad 
Clamp, klamp n, dam o bren neu haiam : 

vt, cyssylltu astellod trwy rychu. 

Clamp of bricks, odynaid o briddfeini 
Clan, klan n, tylwyth, cenedl 
Clancular, klang'kii.lur a, celgar, dirgel, 

dan gudd [dan law 

Clandestine, klan.des'tin a, lladradaidd, 
Clang, klang v, crochseinio, cloncio: 

n, swn, croch, clone [crochsain 

Clangor, klang.gur n, swn, croch, clec, 
Clangous, klang gus a, crochseiniol 

CLI path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Clank, klangk vt, clewtian, clecian, 

crasdincio : n, crochsain, clone 
Clap, klap n, twrf", trwst: v, euro, taro, 

dulio, bwrw; clecian, clepian, clebran 
Clapboards, klap'bo'rdz n, estyll barilau 
Clapper, klap'ur n, curwr dwylaw ; cleb- 

ren ; clep melin ; tafod cloch ; ystwẅrl 
Clapperclaw, klap'ur.klo vt, difrio, tafodi 
Clarencieux, klar'ens.yw n, yr ail ar- 

Clare-obscui-e, kle'r.ob.skiiV n, goleu a 

gwyll mewn lluniadaeth 
Claret, klar'et n, gwin cocb Ffrengig 
Claricbord, klar'i.kGrd n, math o offeryn 

cerdd, glaerdant [gloewad 

Clarification,'shun n, teriad, 
Clarify, klar'Lf'i vt, teri, gloewi, puro 
Clarion, klar'i.un n, udgorn. llugorn 
Clarionet, klar' ?i, math o" delgorn 
Claritude, klar'i.tiid, Clarity, klar'i.ti n, 

gloewder. claerder, terder 
Clash, klash v, mawrdrystio ; gwrthdaro, 

anghytuno, anghydsynio 
Clasp, klasp n, gwiieg, boglwm, craff- 

glwm: vt, tytwymo. boglymu; cof- 

leidio; cau. Clasp-knife, cyllell yn 

cau yn y earn 
Class, klas n, trefn, gradd, dosbarth, 

rhes: vt trefnu, rhestru [awdurol 
Classic, klas'ik n, prif awdur: a, prif 
Classical, klas'i.kal a, awdurol, uchel- 

raddol, dysgedig, prifawdurol 
Classification,'shun n, dos- 

barthiad, rhestriad [rhesu, trefnu 
Classify, klas'i.f l vt, dosbarthu, rhestru, 
Clatter, klat'ur n, clewt, twrddglep, bal- 

dordd : v, clewtian, crochddadwrdd 
Cla,use, kloz n, adnod, adran, erthygl, 
Claustral, klo'stral a, mynachol [gwers 
Clausure, klo'shur n, cauedigaeth, carch- 
Clave, klavpi. — Cleave [ariad 

Clavicle, klav'i.kl n, trybedd yr ysgwydd 
Claw, klô n, crafanc, ewin, paíf: vt, 

crafu, crafangu, cripio [iwr 

Clawback, klo'bak ra,gwenieithwr, truth- 
Clay, kla n, clai, priddgist. Clay-cold, 

difywyd, marw [cleiog 

Clayey, klii'i, Clayish, kla'ish a, eleilyd, 
Claymore, kla'mo'r n, math o gleddyf 

mawr dwy law 
Clean, klin a, glàn, gloew, glanwaith; 

pur: vt, glanhau, gloewi, puro: ad, 

yn gwbl, yn hollol [#dd 

Cleanliness, klen'li.nes n, glendid, pur- 
Cleanly, klen'ii a, glán, pur 
Cleanness, klin'es n, glendid, gloewder, 

purder ; glanweithdra 

Cleanse, klenz vt, glanhaüj puro; coethi 
Clear, kli'r a, amlwg, eglur ; glân, gloew ; 

goleu, claer ; rhydd, dieuog ; croew : ad, 

yn llwyr, yn gwbl, yn lân : vt, glanhau ; 

dieuogi, rhyddhau. Clear of debt, 

allan o ddyled, Clear-sighted, craff, 

craffolwg [rhyddhâd 

Clearance, kli'r'ans n, gollyngdod, 
Clearness, kli'r'nes n, eglurder ; croewder 
Cleave, kliv (cleft; cleft, cloven) vt, 

hollti, ysgyrioni; fforchogi: vi {pt 

clave), glynu, yinlynu [ydd, asgai 
Cleaver, kli'vur n, holltwr; bwyell cig- 
Clef, kief n, allwedd [pp. — Cleave 

Cleft, kleft n, hollt, agen, rhigol : pt & 
Clemency, klem' n, tynerweh, hyn- 

awsedd, tiriondeb, trugárogrwydd 
Clement, klem'ent a, gwâr, mwyn, tir- 

ion, trugarog, hynaws 
Clench, klentsh vt, rhybedio, gwrth- 

hoeho. To clench the fist, cau'r dwm 
Clepe, klip vt, galw, enwi 
Clergy, klur'ji n, gwŷr lien, offeiriaid. 

Benefit of clergy, braint eglwyswyr 
Clergyman, klur'ji. man n, offeiriad, 

gweinidog yr egíwys [ig 

Clerical, kler'i.kal a, offeiriadol. eglwy»- 
Clerk, klark n, ysgolhaig ; offeiriad, gwr 

lien; ysgrifenydd; llyfrwr; cyfrifwas. 

Parish clerk, "elochydd 
Clerkship, klark'ship n, ysgolheigdod ; 

swydd ysgrifenydd [goel 

Cleromancy, kler' n, coelbren- 
C lever, klev'ur a,medrus, bylaw, hyfedr 
Cleverness, klev'ur.nes n, deheuder 
Clew, klii n, pellen edafedd ; hyfforddiad, 

awgrym: vt, codi yr hwyliau 
Click, klik vi, clecian, tincian, clepian 
Clicker, klik'ur n, drwswahoddwr 
Clicket, klik'et n, clicied, ystwffwl 
Chent, kl'i'ent n, nawdd-ddyn, huriwr 

cvfreitliiwr [clogwvn, eallt 

Cliff, klif, Clift. klift n, dibyn, clegr, 
Chffy, klift, Clifty, klif'ti a, clegrog, 

serth, clogwynog 
Climacter, kli.mak'tur, Chmacteric, kli- 

niak.ter'ik n, pob saith mlynedd o 

einioes dyn. Grand climacteric, y 

drydedd flwyddyn a thrigain 
Climate, klfmat n, hinsawdd [iaith 
Climax, kl'i'maks n, gradd-deb, gradd- 
Climb, kli'm v, dringo, esgyn ; ymgodi 
Clime, kli'm n, gwlad, parthran: bin, 

Clinch, klintsh vt, cau; gwi-thblygu, 

gwrth-hoelio ; sicrhau; tynafaelu: 



ore ; läte, line, no, müte ; she, zh=.z azure ; thin, Tiiis ; j=dzh. COA 

Cling, kling (clung) vi, glynu, cydio. 

cynghafu, ymlynu 
Clinic, klin'ik n, dyn gorwedd'iog 
Clinical, klin'i.kal a, gorwedd'iog, claf 
Clink, klingk vi, tincian, tincio 
Clinquant, kling'kant n, brodiad: a, 

dysglaer, gwych 
Clip, klip vt, cneifio, brigdori, tocio. 

Clippings, cneifion; ciniach 
Clipper, klip'ur n, tociwr arian bathol ; 

math o long 
Cloak, klok n, mantell, cochl, hug, 
hugan, coban, casul: vt, mantellu; 
dirgelu, cuddio, celu 
Clock, klok n, awrlais, cloch, cloc 
Clockmaker, klok'mii.kur n, orleisydd, 
awrleisiwr [clocwaith 

Clockwork, klok'wfirk n, pwyswaith, 
Clod, klod n, tywarchen, priddell, mawnen 
Cloddy, klod'i a, tywarchog, priddellog 
Clodpate, klod'pat" Clodpole, klod'pol n, 

un pendew, hurtyn, taiogddyn 
Clog, klog n, attal. lludd, rhwystr ; pren- 
esgid, fíbllach ; llyffethar : t'£,gorlwytho, 
lluddias, rhwystro; llyfFetheirio 
Cloister, klois'tur n, mynachdy ; lleiandy ; 
rhodf'a golofnog, cyntedd colofnog : vt, 
cau i fyny mewn mynachlog 
Cloisteral, Môîs' a, mynachaidd, 
Cloke, klok. — Cloak [unigol 

Close, klos n, cae: a, cauedig, tyn; 
cyfagos, agos ; tawedog. Close-stool, 
troethlestr. Close-handed, llawgauad, 
crintach. Close-hauled, ar y gwynt 
Close, kloz v, cau; terfynu; dybenu; 

cyssylltu: n, terfyn; clo, diweddglo 

Closeness, klos'nes n, agosnvydd, nes- 

rwydd; tynder; anhaelder; tawedog- 

rwydd; durfingrwydd 

Closet, kloz'et n, cell, cuddigl, llogawd; 

llogell : vt. cau mewn cell ; cuddio 
Closure, klo'zhur n, cae; diweddglo 
Clot, klot n, tywarchen; tolchen o waed : 
I vi, tolchi, tolchenu, ceulo 
Cloth, kloth n, brethyn; lhain. Table- 
cloth, bwrdd-len; lhain bord 
Clothe, Moth {clad) vt, dilladu, 
gwisgo, trwsiadu. Well-clothed, Well- 
clad, trwsiadus, taclus 
Clothes, kloTHz np, dillad, 

np ]: 

Clothier, klo'THi.ur n, brethynwr, dill- 
edydd " [trwsiad 

Clothing, klo'THing n, dillad, gwisgiad, 

Clotty, klot'i a, tolchenog 

Cloud, Idûŵd n, cwmwl, nifwl: vt, cy- 
mylu; tywyllu, gorchuddio. Cloud- 
capped, â'i ben yn y cymylau 

Cloudbemes, klûŵd'ber.îs np, mwyar 

berwyn [claer 

Cloudless, kluwd'les a, digwmwl, eglur, 

Cloudy, klûŵd'î a, cymylog, tywyll; 

Clough, kluf n, dibyn, gallt, clegyr 
Clout, kluwt n, clwt, bril, bretyn, cad- 
ach: vt, clwtio; hoeho [aidd 

Clouterly, klûŵ'tûr.lî a, annhaclus ; llab- 
Clove, klov n, ewin garlleg ; saith pwys 

o wlan ; grawn per o'r India 
Cloven, klo'vn pp. — Cleave. Cloven- 
footed, fforchog ei ewin, ewinfforchog 
Clover, klo'vur n, meilhon. Clover- 
grass, meillion-wair 
Clown, kluwn n, drel, lleban, buach, 
drelyn, taiog, taiogyn; croesan, ffwl 
y iFair, digriftvas 
Clownish, kliiw'nish a, trwsgl, gwladaidd 
Clownishness, kluw'nish.nes n, gwlad- 

eiddrwydd, taiogrwydd 
Cloy, kloi vt, digoni, llenwi, arddigoni 
Cloyless, kloi'les a, nas gellir ei ddigoni 
Cloyment, kloi'ment n, digoniant, gwala, 

Uawndid, arddigoniant 
Club, klub n, cnwpa, pastwn; cym- 
deithas gydranol: v, pastynu; cyf- 
uno i dalu. Club-footed, troedgam, 
troedglwp. Club-headed, penfawr, 
pendew. Club-law, cyfraith arfau, 
nerth arfau. Club-room, ystafell cym- 
Cluck, kluk vi, clwcian, clochdarddain 
Clue, klii n, pellen, edefyn ; godreu hwyl 
Clump, klump n, cnwfF, clamp, cyff 
Clumps, klumps n, delff, lleban 
Clumsiness, klum'zi.Bes n, anneheu- 
nvydd [lledchwith 

Clumsy, klum'zi n, trwsgl, anfedrus, 
Clung, klung pt & pp. — Cling: a, 

gwystyn, celfain 
Cluster, klus'tur n, swp, sypyn, pwn, 

bagwy : v, cydymsypio, bagadu 
Clutch, klutsh n, crafanc, pawen ; craf- 
angiad: vt, crafangu, ysbachu [trwst 
Clutter, klut'ur n, dadwrdd, cynhwrf, 
Clyster, khs'tur n, chwistrell, rhefrolch 
Coacervate, ko.a.sur'vat vt, crugio 
Coach, kb'tsh n, cerbyd. Coach-box, 

cerbydgist. Coach-house, cerbytty 
Coachmaker, kotsh'ma.kur n, saer cer- 

Coachman, kotsh'man n, cerbydwr 
Coact, ko.akt' vi, cydweithredu, cyduno 
Coaction, ko.ak'shun n, cydweithrediad ; 
gorfod [weithredol 

Coactive, ko.ak'tiv a, cydweithiol, cyd- 

ÇOE path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Coadjutant, ko.aj'ii.tant a, cynnorthwyol 
Coadjutor, ko.a.jii'tur n, cynnorthwywr, 

cyfnerthwr, cydweithredwi- 
Coadjutress, ko.a.ju'tres, Coadjutrix, 
ko.a.jii'triks n, cynnorthwyes [uniad 
Coadunition,'un n, cyd- 
Coagent, ko.a'jent n, cydweithredwi-, 
cydweithiwr [ludio, cydio 

Coagment,'ment vt, cyttyru ; cyd- 
Coagulate,' v, ceulo, troi yn 
geulad [tolcheniad 

Coagulation, kb''shun n, ceulad, 
Coal, köl n, glöyn ; glo. Burning coals, 
marwor, marwor tanllyd. Anthracite 
or stone coal, glo caled. Bituminous 
or soft coal, glo rhinc, glo rhwym. 
Coal-pit, pwll glo, globwll. Coal- 
black, du iawn, du fel y glo 
Coalery, ko'lur.i n, gwaith glo, glowaith 
Coalesce, ko.a.les' vi, cydymuno, cyduno 
Coalescence, kÖ.â.les'ens n, cyduniad, 

Coalescent, kb'.a.les'ent a,cyfunol ; undwf 
Coahtion, ko.a.lish'un n, undeb, cyf- 

uniad, cydiad ; cynghreiriad 
Coaly, kö'lî a, fel glo ; yn cynnwys glo 
Coaptation, kb'.ap.tii'shun n, cyfaddas- 

iad, cymhwysiad 
Coarct, ko.arkt', Coarctate, ko.ark'tat 

vt, cyfyngu ; tynhau, gwasgu 

Coarse, ko'rs a, garw, bras, braisg; 

trwsgl; gwael [mhurdeb 

Coarseness, ko'rs'nes n, garwedd; am- 

Coast, kost n, arfordir, glan, goror, 

cyffin : vi, hwyho gyda'r tir 
Coat, kot n, cochl, coban, amwisg, pais- 
wisg, cot. Great coat, côb uchaf, 
hugan. Coat of arms, pais arfau, 
arf bais. Coat of mail, pais ddm% cad- 
bais,llurig [hudo 

Coax, koks vt, twyll-foddio ; gwenieithio, 
Cob, kob n, gwylan lwyd ; cybydd. Cob- 
horse, ceflyl byr cryf 
Cobalt, ko'bolt n, math o adwyn 
Cobble, kob'l vt, trwsio, clytio, bras- 
glytio, trysglglytio [brasglytiwi' 

Cobbler, kob'lur n, cyweiriwr esgidiau ; 
Cobcal, kob'kal n, math o esgid 
Cobiron, kob'i.urn n, brigwn, boged 
Cobnut, kob 'nut n, math o gneuen; 

chwareu bechgyn 
Cobswan, kob'swan n, yr alarch blaen 
Cobweb, kob'web n, gwe'r cor [lliwio 
Cochineal,' n, math o bryf 
Cochlear, kok'li.ur n, troell Archimedes 
Cochleary, kok'li.ur. î a, ar ddull troell, 
neu granc malwoden 

Cock, kok n, ceiliog; dwsel; mwdwl; 
gwalc: vt, gwalcio; codi, syth-godi; 
mwdylu, clo-drecio. Cock-brained, 
penchwiban. Cock-grass, dail troed 
y ceiliog. Cock-sure, cwbl sicr. Heath- 
cock, ceihog du [rosyn 
Cockade, ko.kad' n, cernbleth, het- 
Cockahoop, kok'a.hwp a, gorhoenus 
Cockatrice, kok'a.tris n, sai-ff ddy- 

Cockboat, kokTbot n, cwch Hong, bad 
Cockcrowing, kok'rö.ing n, caniad y 

ceiliog ; y plygain 
Cocker, kok'ur vt, cocru, anwesu, llochi 
Cockerel, kok'ur.el n, cyw ceiliog, 

Cocket, kok'et n, toll ysgrifen : a, bywiog 
Cockfighting, kok'fi'.ting n, ymladdfa 
ceiliogod [fuddugol 

Cockhorse, kok'hors ad, yn falch ; yn 
Cockle, kokl n, ller, gith, ydig, bulwg, 
lleren: v, crychu, tolcio, crebachu. 
Cockles, cocos, cocs, rhythion. Cockle- 
stairs, grisiau nydd-droellog 
Cockloft, kok'loft n, croglofft 
Cockmatch, kok'matsh n, ymladdfa 

Cockney, kok'ni n, un o Lundain 
Cockpit, kok 'pit n, twmpath ceiliogod ; 
ystafell y clwyfedig mewn Hong ryfel 
Cockroach, kok rötsh n, math o chwilen 
Cockscomb, koks'kom n, crib ceiliog; 
coegddyn [prydnawn; nos 

Cockshut, kok'shut, n, hwyr, ucher, 
Cockswain, kok'sn n, badlywydd 
Cocoa, koTio n, math o rawn neu graw- 
el; diodlyn o'r unrhyw. Cocoa-nut, 
math o gneuen o'r India 
Coctible, kok' a, hyferw, berwadwy 
Coction, kok'shun n, berwad 
Cod, kod n, cibyn, plisgyn; y penfras 
Coddle, kod 1 vt, benvi, goferwi, lledferwi 
Coddling, kod'ling n, math o afal berw- 
Code, kod n, llyfr; deddf-lyfr [ad\vy 
Codex, ko'deks n, deddf-lyfr egl-n^ysig 
Codicil, kod'i.sil n, ychwanegiad at 
ew^llys [effeithiad 

Coefficacy, ko.ef 'î.kä.sî n, cyfallu, cyd- 
Coefficiency,' n, cyfachos- 

iaeth, cydeífaiíh 
Coefficient,'ent a, cyweithiol 
Coemption, ko.em'shun n, ollbrj'niad 
Coequal, ko.i'kwul a, gogystal, gogyf- 
uwch, cydradd [deb 

Coequality, kö.î.kwol'ì.tî n, cydraddol- 
Coerce, ko.urs' vt, cymhell, gorfodi 
Coercion, ko.ur'shun n, cymhelliad 

ôrc; läte, line, no, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, this: j=dzh. COL 

Coercive, ko.ur'siv a, gorfodol 
Coessential, ko.e.sen'shal a, cydban- 

fodol [cydoed, unoed 

Coetaneous, kö.î.t;i r nî.us a, cyfoed, 
Coeternal, ko.i.tur'nal a, cyd-dra- 

gwyddol [a, cyfoed 

Coeval, ko.i'val », eyfoedydd,cyfoesydd: 
Coevous, k'J.i'vus a, cyfoed, cyfoes 
Coexist,'W, cydfod, cydhanfodi 
Coexistence,'tens n, cydfod, 

Coexistent,'tent a, cydhanfod- 
Coextend, ko.eks.tend vi, cyfledu [ol 
Coffee, kof'i n, coffi 
Coffer, kof'ur n, cist, coffor, trysorgist 
Coffin, kof 'in n, arch corff marw ; prenial, 

ysgrin : vt, dodi mewn arch 
Cog, kog v, hudo, siomi, twyllo, ffuantu . 

n, dant olwyn, cocus [grym, nerth 
Cogency, ko' n, dirni, effeithioldeb, 
Cogent, ko'jent a, grymus, effeithiol 
Cogitate, koj'Ltiit vi, meddylio, ystyried 
Cogitation, koj.i.ta'shun n, argynghyd, 
' myfyriad, myfyriaeth, ystyriaeth 
Cogitative, koj'i.ta.tiv a, meddylgar 
Cognate, kog'nat a, cyfathrachol, perth- 

ynasol, cydryw 
Cognation,'skun re,tras, carenydd 
Cognisee. kog.m.zi' n, derbyniwr dirwy 
Cognisor, kog'ni.zur n, gorchymmynwr, 

Cognition, kog.nish'un n, adnabydd- 

iaeth, gwybodaeth [i'w brofi 

Cognizable, kog' a, holadwy, 
Cognizance, kog'nLzans », gwybydd- 

iaeth, chwihad [enw 

Cognomen,'men n, cyfenw, llys- 
Cognominate, kog.nom'i.niit vt, cyfenwi, 

llysenwi [wybod, chwiliadwy 

Cognoscible, kog.nos'Lbl a, a ellir ei 
Cogue, kog n, llestryn pren 
Cohabit, ko.hab'it vi, cydfyw, cyd-drigo ; 

cydwelya [wr 

Cohabitant, ko.hab'i.tant n, cydannedd- 
Cohabitation, ltö.hab.î.tä'shun n, cyd- 

dyaeth, cyd-drigias 
Coheir, ko.OY n, cydetifedd 
Cohere, ko.hi'r' vi, ymlynu, cydlynu, 

cytuno [sondeb 

Coherence, ko.hiYens n, eydlyniad, cys- 
Coherent, ko.hi'r 'ent a, cydlynol; cytun; 

cysson [rwymiad, ymlyn 

Cohesion, ko.hi'zhun », eydlyniad, cyf- 
Cohesive,'siv a, cydlynol, glynol, 

gludiog [ffrwyno 

Cohibit, ko.hib'it vt, attal, lluddias, 
Cohobate, ko'ho.bat vt, ad-ddystyllio 

Cohort, ko'hort n, mintai o filwyr (500) 
Coif, kôîf n, moled, penwisg, cap 
Coigne, koin n, congl 
Coil, koil n, rhaff dorchedig ; torch : v, 

torchi rhaff; cylchddyrwyn ; ymdorchi 
Coin, kôîn n, arian bath^ mwnai: vt, 

bathu; ffugio; ffurfio [bathol 

Coinage, koi'naj n, bathiad; yr arian 
Coincide,'id' vi, cytuno; cydgyfar- 

fod; cyd-daro, cyfateb 
Coincidence,'si.dens n, cytundeb 
Coincident,'si.dent a, cyd-ddyg- 

wyddol; cydredol 
Coistril, kois'tril n, cachgi, annewryn; 

cudyll, curyll, hebog 
Coit, kôît n, coeten [iad, uniad 

Coition, ko.ish'un n, cyd-dueddiad, cyd- 
Cojoin, ko.joln' vt, uno, cytuno, cyfuno 
Coke, kok n, golosg, golosglo, marwor : 

v, troi yn olosg 
Colander, kul'an.dur n, hidl, gwagr, gogr 
Colation,'shun, Colature, ko'la- 

tshur n, hidliad [noden 

Colbertine, kol.bur.tin' n, math o ys- 
Cold, kold a, oer, annwydog, oerllyd; 

diawydd : n, oerni, oerfel ; annwyd, gor- 

mwyth. To catch cold, cael annwyd 
Coldish, kbTdish a, oeraidd, lied oer 
Coldness, kold'nes n, oerni, oerfel, oerder 
Colic, kol'ik n, bolwst, coluddwst 
Collapse, ko.laps' vi, cydsyrthio ; adfeilio 
Collar, kol'ur n, torch, gvrddfdoi'ch ; 

mynci; penffestin: vt, llindagu 
Collate,' vt, cymharu; chwilio; 

cyflëu, rhoddi [ystlys 

Collateral,' a, cyfochrol, cyf- 
Collation,'shun n, cymhariad ; cyf- 

lwyniad; gwledd [lwynwr 

Collator,'tur n, cymharwr; cyf- 
Colleague, ko.lig' n, cydswyddwr, cyd- 

was, cydweithredwr; cyfaill 
Collect, ko.lekt' v, casglu, cynnull, cryn- 

oi ; ymgasglu, ymgynnull 
Collect, kol'ekt n, gweddi fer 
Collection, ko.lek'shun n, casgl, casgliad 
Collective, ko.lek'tiv a, cryno^ casgliadol 
Collector, ko.lek'tur n, casglwi - ; tollwr, 

cyllidwr [go^y, clasgor 

College, kol'ej n, brawdoliaeth ; prif ys- 
Collegian,' n, aeîod o brif ys- 

goldy; ysgolwr [ysgoldy 

Collegiate, ko.lî'jî.ät «, perthynol i brif 
Collide, ko.l'fd' v, gwrthdaro, cyd-daro 
Collier, kol'yur n, glöwr; glolestr 
Colhery, kol'yur.i n, gwaith glo, pwll 

glo, glowaith [iad 

Colligation, kol.tga'shun n, cvds;lvm- 

COM path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, t<v=too, tvvk=took; 

Colliquate, kol'i.kwat v, toddi, cyd- 

doddi; meddalhau [cyd-darawiad 
Collision, ko.lizh'un n, gwrthdarawiad, 
Collocate, kol'o.kat vt, cyflëu, gosod, 

sefydlu [gosodiad 

Collocation, kol.o.ka'shun n, cyflead, 
Collocution, kol.o.ku'shun n, ymddydd- 

an, cyflafaredd 
Collogue, ko.log' vi, mwynlitkio, llithio 
Collop, kol'up n, golwyth 
Colloquial,' a, cydymddy- 

ddanol, gwerinol [nadledd 

Colloquy, kol'o.kwi n, cylafaredd, eyn- 
Collow, kol'o n, parddu, huddigl 
Colluctation,'shun n, cydym- 

drechiad [bradychu 

Collude, ko.lUcT vi, cydwneyd twyll, 
Collusion, ko.lii'zhun a, cyd-dwyll,hoced 
Collusive, ko.lii'siv a, cydifuantus, twyll- 

odrus, cydhocedus 
Colly, kol'i vt, pardduo: n, parddu 
Colon, ko'lun n, gorwahannod ( : ) ; y col- 

uddyn mawr 
Colonel, kur.nel n, milwriad 
Colonize, kol'o.niz vt, trefiannu, poblogi 
Colonnade, kol.o.nad' n, colofnedd, col- 

Colony, kol' n, trefedigion; trefedig- 

aeth, gwladychfa [fawr 

Colophonite, kol'o.fon.'it n, maen gwerth- 
Colophony, kol'o.fon.i n, ystor du, pyz 
Colorate, kul'ur.itt a, lliwiedig, goliwiol 
Colossus, ko.los'us n, delw fawr 
Colour, kul'ur n, lliw, eiliw; gwawr; 

ffug, rhith ; Human, baner : v, lliwio ; 

ymliwio, cochi, gwrido; ffugio 
Colourable, kul' a, golygus, hardd- 

deg; tebygol 
Colt, kbit n, ebol ; llwdn, fBlog. Colt's 

foot, Uysiau cam yr ebol [lomen 

Columbine, kol'um.bin n, troed y go- 
Columbary, kol'um.bur.i n, colomendy 
Column, kol'um n, colofn, cynnalbost, 

post, piler 
Coma, ko'ma n, cwsg, gorchwsg ; blew 

planigyn; pelydrau planed 
Comate, ko.mat' n, cydymaith, cyfaill 
Comate, kom'iit a, blewog, jielydrog 
Comatose, ko'ma.tos a, cysgiadol 
Comb, kSm n, crib ; ysgrafell : vt, cribo 
Combat, kum'bat n, trin, ymgyrch, ym- 

ryson, ornest, trafod: vt, ymkdd, 

gwrthsefyll [rhyswr 

Combatant, kum'ba.tant n, ornestwr, 
Combinate, kom'bi.niit «, dywedd'iol, 

sefydledig [deb, cydfwriad 

Combination,'shun n, cytun- 

Combine, kum'b'in' v, cydymgyssylltu ; 

cyssoddi, cyssylltu, cymmysgu 
Combustible, kum.bus' a, hylosg 
Combustion, kum.bus'tshun n, llosgiad 
Come, kum (came, come) vi. dyfod, 

dynesu. To come near, nesäu. To 

come to pass, dygwydd. dygwyddo 
Comedian, kum. î'duan n, digrifchVareu- 

ydd, cvmwawdydd [cymwawd 

Comedy, kom'i.di n, chwardd-draeth, 
Comeliness, kum'lLnes n, glendid, piyd- 

ferthwch, barddwch [hardd 

Comely, kum'li a, glân, gweddus, teg, 
Comet, kom'et n, seren gynffonog, seren 

wib [felusion 

Comfits, kum'fits np, ancwynion, sych- 
Comfort, kum'furt n, cysur ; hyfrydwc'a : 

vt, cysuro, dyddanu 
Comfortable, kum' a, cysurus, 

dyddanus; hyfryd [annyddan 

Comfortless, kum'furt.les a, digysu", 
Comic, kom'ik, Comical, kom'i.kal «, 

digrif, arabeddus, ysmala, ffeinig 
Comitia, ko.mish'a np, cymmanfaoedd 
Comitial, ko.mish'al a, cymmanfaol 
Comity, kom'i.ti n, moesgarwch 
Comma, kom'a n, rhagwahannod (,) 
Command, ku.mand' n, arch, archiad, 

gorchymmyn ; awdurdod, llywodraeth : 

vt, erchi, llywio, rheoli 
Commandant,' n, pen- 

llywydd, gwarchodlu 
Commander,'dur n, penaeth, 

penciwdod. Commander in chief, cad- 

lyw, penllywydd [chymmyn, arch 
Commandment, ku.mand'ment n, gor- 
Commark, ku.mark' n, cyffin, terfyn 

gwlad [defhydd 

Commaterial, kom.ft.ti'r' a, o'r un 
Commemorable, ku.mem' a, gwiw- 

gof [cadw coffa, cofio 

Commemorate, ku. mem'ö.rüt vt, coff äu, 
Commemoration, ku.mem.o.ra'shun n, 

coftadwriaeth ; cofwyl [wyn 

Commence, ku.meos' v, dechreu, cych- 
Commencement, ku.mens'ment n, dech- 

reuad, cychwyniad [mol 

Commend, ku.mend' vt, cyflwyno, can- 
Commendable,' a, eanmol- 

adwy. clodwiw [eglwysfudd 

Commendam,'dam n, gwag 
Commendation, kom.en.dii'shun n, can- 

moliaeth, clod [moliaethol 

Commendatory,'da.tur.i a, can- 
), cymmesuroldeb [cymmesurol 


ore; läte, l'íne, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, rais; j=dzh. COM 

Commensurate,'shii.riit vt, cym- 

mesuro, cyfartalu : a, cyfartal, cyfaddas 
Commensuration, shun n, 

Comment, kom'ent vi, sylwi, esbonio. 

eglurhau, arnodi: n, nod, sylwad. 

sylwnod, esboniad 
Commentary, kom.en.tur'i n, eglurhâd, 

agoriad, sylwad, esboniad 
Commentator, kom'en.ta.tur n, esbon- 

iwr, sylwedydd 
Commentitious, kom.en.tish'us a, dy- 

chymmygol, ffugiol [cyweithas 

Commerce, komurs n, tramidiaeth, 
Commercial, ku.mur'shal a, trafhidol, 

masnaehol [symmud trigias 

Commigrate, kom'i.grat vi, cydfudo, 
Commination,'shun n, bygytk- 

iad, bygyliad [iol 

Comminatory, ku.min'il.tur.i a, bygyth- 
Commingle, ku.ming'gl v, cymmysgu, 

cymhtìtho [urio 

Comminute, kom'i.nut vt, manfalu, mal- 
Comminution,'shun n, man- 

faliad, llychiad [iadwy 

Commiserable, ku.miz' a, tostur- 
Commiserate, ku.miz'ur.iit vt, tosturio, 

trugarhau [tostur, cydymdeimlad 
Commiseration, ku.miz.u.ra'shun n, 
Commissariat,'r' n, y swydd- 

wyr mewn byddin sydd yn edrych ar 

ol y bwyd a deihyddiau rhyfel, cad- 

ddarparw^ cad-ddh-prwy^vyr 
Commissary, kom'is.ur.i n, rhaglaw, 

dirprwywr, arswyddog 
Commission, ku.mish'un n, gorchym- 

myniad,negesiaeth, archiad; dirprwy, 

dirprwyaeth, arswyddogaeth ; gwneu- 

thuriad: v, awdurdodi, sw} r ddo 
Commissioner, ku.mish'un.ur n, dir- 

prwywr, dirprwyadur, negesydd 
Commissure, ku.mish'ur n, cymmal, 

gwniad, cysswllt 
Commit,' vt, gorchymmyn ; cyf- 

lawnu, gwneyd; traddodi; cyflwyno; 

b\vrw i [carchar-warant 

Commitment,'ment n, traddodiad ; 
Committee, ku'mit'irc, cyfeistedd, pwyll- 

gor. Members of a committee, cyf- 

Commix, ku.miks' v, cydgymmysgu, 

cymhlitho ; cydymgymmysgu 
Commixion, ku.mik'siiun n, cymmysgiad 
Commode, kn.mod' n, math o benẁisg 

benyw; troethstol 
Commodious,' a, cyflëus; 

cymhwys, cyfaddas, defnyddiol 

Comrnodiousness,' n, 
cymhwysder, helaethder, eangder 

Commodity, ku.mod'i.ti n, ced, lies, 
buddioldeb, elw ; nwyf, nwydd, daoedd 
masnaehol [is-lyngeswr 

Commodore, kom''r n, mor-raglaw, 

Common, kom'un n, tir cyffredin, cyttir : 
a, cyffredin ; gwael ; arferol, cynnefin : 
v, cydfwyta ; cydbori. Common law, 
y gyfraith draddodiadol. Common 
pleas, yr ail lŷs gwladol. Common- 
place, cyffredin, arferol. Common- 
place book, nodlyfr, coflyfr. Book 
of Common Prayer, Llyfr Gweddi 
Gyffredin [bori 

Commonage, kom'un.aj n, hawl i gyd- 

Conunonalty, kom' n, y werin, 
y cyffredin [cyffredinwr 

Commoner, kom'un.ur n, gwrengwr; 

Commonition, kom.o.nish'un n, rhy- 
budd, cynghor [edd; cyfraniad 

Commonness, kom' n, cyffredin- 

Commons, kom'unz n, cyfymborth; 
cyffrediniaid. — Common. House of 
Commons, Ty y Cyffredin 

Commonwealth, kom'un.welth n, gwlad- 
wriaeth; gweriniaeth 

Commorance, kom'o.rans n, annedd 

Commorant, kom'o.rant a, trigiannol 

Commot, ko.mut n, cwmmwd 

Commotion,'shun n, afionyddweh, 
cyffro, cyffroad, cjmhwrf, terfysg 

Commove, ku.mwv' vt, cyffroi, aflon- 
yddu, terfysgu 

Commune, ku.mun' vi, ymddyddan, 
chwedleua; cymmuno 

Communicable,' a, cyf- 
ranadwy [n, hygyrchedd 


Communicant, ku.mii'ni.kant n, cym- 
munwr; cyfranwr 

Communicate, ku.mti'm.kat v,cymmuno ; 
cyfranu ; hysbysu, mynegu 

Communication,'shun n, 
cyfranogiad, cydymddyddan ; rhydd- 
di-amwy ; ffordd, tramwyfa 

Communicative, ku.mü'ni.kä.tiv a, cyf- 
rangar, rhydd feddwl [cymmundeb 

Communion,'m.un n, cymmun, 

Commimity, ku.mü'nî.tî n, gweriniaeth, 
gwladwriaeth, y cyffredin 

Commutable, ku.mii' a, newidiadwy 

Commutation, kom.ii.ta'shun n, cyf- 
newidiaeth [ymaith gosp 

Commute, ku.miit' vt, cyfnewid ; prynu 

Compact, kom'pakt n, cytundeb, cyf- 
ammod, cynghrair 


COM path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, t\Vk=took; 

Compact, kum.pakt' a, cryno, taclus, 

cynnwys, cysbell, cymhen; . cadarn- 

gryf: v, cytuno; cyfuno; cyfammodi 
Compactness, kum.pakt'nes n, crynoder, 

cynnwysder; ffyrder, cadernid 
Compacture, kum.paktshur n, cyd- 

gyssylltiad, cysswllt [cyfddeseb 

Compages, kum.pä'jîz {p compages) n, 
Compagination, kum.paj ina shun n, 

cyfunedd, uniant [cyfaill, cydwr 

Companion, kum.pan'yun n, cydymaith, 
Company, kum' n^ cymdeithas, 

cymdaith; cymdeithion; cydgyfuniad 
Comparable, kora' a, cymhar- 

adwy ; i'w gystadlu, tebyg, cyffelyb 
Comparative, kum.par'a.tiv a, cymhar- 

iaethol, cymharol 
Compare,'r' n, cymhariaeth, 

cystadliad : vt, cymharu, cydraddu 
Comparison, kum.par' n, cymhar- 
iaeth, cyffelybiaeth 
Compart, kum.part' vt, parthu, rhanu 
Compartition, kom.par.tish'un », dos- 

barthiad, rhaniad, dosraniad 
Compartment, kum.part'ment, Com- 

partiment, kum.par'ti.ment n, rhan 
Compass, kum'pas n, cwmpas, cwm- 

pawd, cylch, amgylckedd ; onglyr : vt, 

amgylchu, cwmpasu; dwyni ben; cael 
Compasses, kum.pas'iz np, cwmpodau 
Compassion, kum.pashun n, tosturi, 

trugaredd, cydymdeimlad 
Compassionate, kum.pash' a, tost- 

unol, trugarog : vt, tosturio 
Compatibility, kom.pat.î.bil'î.tî n, cyd- 

weddoldeb [cydunol 

Compatible, kum.pat' a, cydweddol, 
Compatriot, kum.p'a'tri.ut n, cydwleid- 

iad, cydwladwr, cywladwr 
Compeer, kum.pi'r' n, cyfurddor, cyd- 

raddwr : v, cydraddio, cystadlu 
Compel, kum.pel' vt, cymhell, dirgy- 

mnell, gorfodi [cyfarchiad 

Compellation,'shun n, dull 
Compendious, kum.pen' a, cyn- 

nwysfawr, byr, cryno 
Compendium, kum.pen' n, cryn- 

odeb, talfyriad 
Compensate, kum.pen'sat, Compense, 

kum.pens' vt, talu, gwneuthur iawn, 

gwobrwyo; iawnu 
Compensation,'shun n, tâl, 

iawn, boddloniad; iawn-dâl, cyfar- 

bwysiad [gohirio 

Comperendinate, kom.pur.en'di.nat vt, 
Compete, kum.pit' vi, cydymgeisio, cyd- 

geisio; cystadlu, yragystadlu 

Competence, kom'pi.tens, Competency, 

kom' n, cyfraid, cyfaddas- 

rwydd, gweddeidd-ran; digoiiedd 
Competent, kom'pi.tent a, cymhwys, 

digonol, addas [gweddus 

Competible,' a, cydweddawl, 
Competition, kom.pi.tish'un n, cydgais, 

cyfynuyson, cystadleuaeth [geisiwr 
Competitor,'i.tur n, cydym- 
Compilation,'shun n, casgliad 
Compile, kum.pil' vt, casglu, cyfansoddi 
Complacency, kum.pla', Compla- 
cence, kum.plii'sens n, ymfoddloniad, 

addfwynder, ymhyfrydiad, cymmod- 

lonedd [cyfoddus, boddlawn 

Complacent, kum.pla'sent a, hynaws, 
Complain, kum.plan' vt, ackwyn, cwyno; 

beio, grwgnach [wr; hawlblaid 

Complaiuant, kum.pla'nant n, achwyn- 
Complaisance, kom.plii.zans' n, moes- 

ganvch, hynawsedd [boneddigaidd 
Complaisant, kom.pla.zant' a, hynaws, 
Complanate, kum.pla'nat, Complane, 

kum.plan' vt, llyfnhau 
Complement, kom'pli.ment n, cyflenwad, 

llawnrif [lenwol 

Complemental,'tal a, cyf- 
Complete, kum.plit' a, perffaith, hollol, 

cydol, cwbl, cyfan: vt, perfFeithio, 

cwblhau, cyflawnu 
Completeness, kum.plit'nes n, perffeith- 

rwydd, cyflawnder [perffeithiad 

Completion, kum.pli'shun n, cwblhâd, 
Completory, kompli.tur.i n, y weddi 

olaf [rys; cymhlyg 

Complex, kom'pleks a, amrywiog; dy- 
Complexion, kum.plek'shun «, hoen, 

gwedd, pryd, gwawr, gwynebliw 
Comphance, kum.pli'ans n, cydsyniad, 

ymroddiad [ufudd, hyblyg 

Compliant, kum.pli'ant a, cyds}miol, 
Complicate, kom'pli.kiit a, cymblyg, 

cymhleth; dyrys: vt, cymhlygu, 

cymmysgu; dyrysu 
Complication, kom.pli.ka'shun n, cy- 

mhlygiad, cymhhthiad 
Complice, kom'plis n, eyfranogwr 
Complicity, kom.phs'i.ti n, cyfranogaeth 
Compliment, kom'pli.ment n, moesair, 

cyiarchiad: v, moesgyfarch; trnthio 
Complimental,'tal a, moefe 

awg, moesgar [anerchol 

Complimentary, tur.î a, 
Compline, kom'plin n, y weddi olaf 
Complot, kom'plot n, cydfwriad, cyd- 

frad: v, cydlunio, cydi\vi - iadu 
Comply, kum.pli" vi, cydsvnio, ymroddi 

ôre; läte; Tine, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. 


Component, knm.pu'nent a, ansoddol, 

cyfansoddol [weddu 

Comport, kum.po'rt' v, cytuno; ym- 
Comport, kom'purt, Comportment, kum- 

pö rt'ment n, ymddygiad 
Comportable, kum.po'r' a, cy- 

ngweddol, gweddus [llonyddu, tawelu 
Compose, kum.poz' vt, cyfansoddi; 
Composedness, kum.po'zed.nes n, taw- 

elwch, arafwch, llonyddwch 
Composition, kom.po.zish'un n, cyfan- 

soddiad; cymmysgiad; cymmod 
Compositor, kum.pos'i.tur n, cyssodydd ; 

Compost, kom'pust, Composture, kum- 

pos'tshûr n, tail, gwrtaeth 
Compost,' vt, teilo, gwrteithio 

tawelwch [yfed, cyfeddach 

Compotation, kom.po.ta'shun n, cyd- 
Compound, koni'puwnd n, cyssawdd; 

gair cyfansawdd : a, cymmysg, cyfan- 

sawdd. Compound interest, adlog 
Compound, kum.puwnd' v, cymmysgu ; 

cyfrandalu [amgyffred 

Comprehend, kom.pri.hend' n, cynnwys ; 
Compreheusibility, kom.prî.hen.sî.bil'î.tí 

n, amgyffrediad, amgyfiredoldeb 
Comprehensible, kom.pri.hen' a, 

dirnad-w-y, amgyiFredadwy 
Comprehension, kom.pri.hen'shun n, am- 

gyfired, dirnadaeth 
Comprehensive, kom.pri.hen'siv a, cyr- 

haeddgar; cyimwysfawr 
Compress, kum.pres' vt, gwasgu, dir- 

wasgu, cydwasgu: n, gwasgdusw 

Compressible, kum.pres' a, cydwasg- 

adwy [iad, cyngwasg 

Compression, kum.presh'un n, cydwasg- 
Compressive, kum.pres'iv a, gwasgiadol 
Compressure, kum.presh'ur n, gwasg- 

iad, cydwasgiad [dealliad 

Comprisal,'i'zal n, cynnwysiad, 
Comprise, kum.pri'z' vt, amgyffred, cyn- 
nwys, dal [brofiad, arwiriant 
Comprobation,'shun n, cyd- 
Compromise, kom'pro.m'iz n, cyfadd- 

awd, cytundeb : vt, cyfaddaw, cylafar- 
Compt, komt a, hoew, sionc [eddu 

Comptrol, kon.trol'. — Control 
Compulsative, kum.pul'sa.tiv a, cymhell- 

iadol [mhelliadol, gorfodol 

Compulsatory, kum.pul'sâ.tm\î a, cy- 
Compulsion, kum.pul'shun n, dirdrais, 

dirgymhelliad, gori'od, gorfodaeth 
Compulsive, kum.pul'siv a, gorfodol 

Compulsory, kum.pul'sur.i a, gorfodol, 

Compunction, kum.pungk'shun n, dwys- 

bigiad ; edifeirwch ; cnoad cydwybod 
Compurgation,'shun n, tyst- 

iad dros arall 
Computable, kum.pu' a, cyfrifadwy 
Computant, kum.pii'tant n, cyfi-ifwr 
Computation, kom.pii.ta'shun n, c)-frif, 

cyrrffiad; amcan-gyfrif 
Compute, kum.put' vt, cyfiifo ; bwrw 

cyirif [fihvr 

Comrade, kom'rad n, cydymaith ; cyd- 
Con-, Co-, Cog-, Col-, Com-, Cor- px, o'r 

un ystyr â cy-, cyd-, cyf-, cyn-, cys- 
Con, kon vt, efrydu, myfyrio ; dirnad 
Concamerate, kon.kam' vt, mydu, 

cronglwydo [wyno 

Concatenate, kon.kat'i.nat vt, cydgad- 
Concatenation,'shun n, cyd- 

gadwyniad; rhes olynol 
Concause, kon.koz' n, cyfachos 
Concave, kong'kav a, cau, ceuol ; rhonca 
Concavity, kon.kav'i.ti n, ceuedd, ceudod 
Conceal,' vt, cuddio, celu, celcio, 

dirgelu [celadwy 

Concealable,' a, cuddiadwy, 
Concealment, kon.sil'ment n, celedigaeth ; 

cuddfa [addef 

Concede, kon.sid' vt, cysbeidio ; caniatäu, 
Conceit, kon.sit' n, tyb, coegdyb ; hunan- 

dyb, balchder : v,tybio; dychymmygu. 

Conceited, hunan-dybus, mympwyol 
Conceivable,' a,tebygol; am- 

gyflfredadwy, dirnadwy 
Conceive, kon.siv' v, amgyffred, deall, dir- 
nad ; tybied ; dychymmygu ; beichiogi 
Concent, kon.sent' n, cynghanedd, cys- 

sondeb, cyd sain 
Concentrate, kon.sen'trat vi,canolgasglu, 

cymherfeddu [gasgliad 

Concentration, kon. ä'shun n, canol- 
Concentre, kon.sen'tur v, cydgyfarfod 
Concentric, kon.sen'trik, Concentrical, 

kon.sen'tri.kal a, cymherfeddol 
Concentual, kon.sen' n, cynghan- 

eddol [dhnadadwy 

Conceptible, kon.sep' a, dealladwy, 
Conception, kon.sep'shun n, amgyffred, 

dirnadaeth; beichiogiad 
Concern, kon.siim' n, neges, gorchwyl, 

achos, trafferth, gofal ; dyddordeb ; cur, 

gofid : vt, perthynu, deiryd, trafferthu. 

To be concerned at, bod yn flin am. 

Concerning, am, yn achos, yng nghylch, 

mewn perthynas i [deb; gorchwyl 
Concernment, kon.surn'ment n, dyddor- 

CON path, fat, Gre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁks=took ; 

Concert, kon'sfirt n, cydgynghanedd, 

cyngherdd ; cydgynghor 
Concert, kon.surt' vt, cydlunio, cyd- 

drefnu, cydbwyso, cydgynllunio 
Concession, kon.sesh'un n, addefiad, 

caniatâd, goddefiad [goddefol 

Concessive,'iv a, caniataol, 
Conch, kongk n, cragen pysgodyn [ydd 
Conchologist, kong.kol'o.jist n, cregyn- 
Conchology, kong.kol'o.ji n, cregyniaeth 
Conciliate, kon.sil' vt, boddloni, dy- 

huddo, heddychu, cymmodi 
Conciliation, kon.sil.La'shun n, cym- 

modiad, heddychiad [dyhuddwr 

Conciliator, kon.sil'i.a.tur n, cymmodwr, 
Conciliatory, kon.sil'ya.tur.i a, cym- 

modol, dyhuddol [cydweddiad 

Concinnity, kon.sin'Lti n, dillynedd, 
Concinnous, kon.sin'us a, cryno, gwedd- 

us, destlus [fawr 

Concise, kon.s'is' a, byr, cryno, cynnwys- 
Conciseness, kon.s'is'nes n, byrder, cyn- 

nwysder, crynodeb 
Concision, kon.sizh'un n, cyd-doriad 
Concitation,'shun n, twrf, cy- 

nhyrfiad [floedd, banllef 

Conclamation,'shun n, cyd- 
Conclave, kong'klav n, cymmanfa yr 

isbabyddion; cyfarfod dirgel, cyfarfod 

dan glo 
Conclude, kon.kllid' v, diweddu, dybenu, 

cwblhau; penderfynu, bamu 
Conclusion, kon.klii' zhun n, diweddglo, 

cload, terfyniad; canljiiiad 
Conclusive, kon.klii'siv a, penderfynol, 

diymwad [cydgeulo 

Concoagulate,' vt, ceulo, 
Concoct, kon.kokt' vt, treulio yn y cylla ; 

berwi ; llunio, dyfeisio [cydferwad 
Concoction, kon.kok'shun n, treuhad ; 
Concomitance, kon.kom'i.taus n, cyd- 

fynediad, cyd-darawiad 
Concomitant, kon.kom'i.tant a, cydfod- 

awl, cydredol, cydfynedol: n, cyd- 

ymaith, cyd-deithiwr' 
Concord, kong'kord n, cydgord, cyfun- 

deb ; cyssonedd, cydweddiad 
Concord, kon.kord' vi, cydfod, cytuno, 

Concordance, kon.kor'dans n, cytun- 

iaeth ; mynegai, mynegeir, dangoseg 
Concordant, kon.kor'dant a, cŷtunol, 

unfeddwl, cysson, cydgordiol 
Concordate, kon.kor'dat n, cyfammod 
Concorporate, kon.kor'po.rat vt, cyd- 

gorffori cydgasgliad 

Concourse, kong'ko'rs n, tyrfa, cyrchfa, 

Concreate,' vt, cydgreu 
Concrete, kon.lmt' v, cyd-dyru, casglu 
Concrete, kong'krit a, cydgorflbredig : n, 

cymmrwd, morter 
Concretion, kon.kri'shun n, cydgorff- 

oriad [dra 

Concubinage, kon.kii'bi.naj n, putein- 
Concubine, kongTcu.b'in n, gordderch, 

cyffoden, putain, gordderchfun 
Conculcate, kon.kul'kat vt, sathru, sarnu 
Concupiscence, kon.kii'pis.ens n, chwant ; 

anlladrwydd [anllad 

Concupiscent, kon.kii'pis.ent a, trythyll, 
Concur, kon.kur' vi, cytuno, cydsynied 
Concurrence, kon.kur'ens n, cydrediad, 

cyduniad, cydsyniad [unol 

Concurrent, kon.kur'ent a, cydredol, cyd- 
Concussion, kon.kush'un n, ysgydwad, 

ysgytiad [cynhyrfiol 

Concussive, kon.kus'iv a, ysgytiol, 
Condemn, kon.dem' vt, euogfarnu, dy- 

farnu, collfarnu [damniol 

Condemnable, kon.dem' o, beius; 
Condemnation,'shun n, coll- 

farniad, collfarn, dyfarniad [farnol 
Condemnatory, kon.dem'na.tur.i a, coil- 
Condensate, kon.den'sat vt, cyd-dew- 

ychu, cyd-ddwyso 
Condensation, kon.den.sä'shun n, cyd- 

dewychiad, d'wysiad 
Condense, kon.dens' v, tewychu, tewhau, 

dwysäu : a, tew, dwys [edd 

Conder, kon'dur n, arweinydd pysgotwyr 
Condescend, kon.di.send' vi, ymostwng 
Condescension, kon.di.sen'shun n, ym- 

blygiad, iselfrydedd, hynawsedd, di- 

falchedd [iannol, rhyglyddol 

Condign, kon.di'n' a, dyledus, haedd- 
Condignity, kon.dig'm.ti n, gwiwdeb, 

rhyglyd'diant [cyffaith 

Condiment, kon'di.ment n, cyffeithiad; 
Condite, kon.d'i't' vt, cyffeithio ; halltu 
Condite, kon'd'it a, cyffeithiedig 
Condition,'un n, cyflwr, helynt, 

sefyllfa; ansawdd, tuedd; gradd; 

ammod : vi, ammodi 
Conditional,' a, ammodol, 

tan ammodau [modedig 

Conditionary,'un.ur.i a, am- 
Condole, kon.dbT v, cydalaru, cydgwyno, 

Condolement, kon.dbTment n, cydym- 

deimlad, cydgwyn [cydofidiad 

Condolence/'lens n, cydalaeth, 
Condonation,'shun n, madd- 

euad, maddeuant 


öre ; läte ; l'íne, no, müte ; she, zh=rz azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. CON 

Condone, kon.don' vt, maddeu, pardynu 
Condor, kon'dur n, aderyn tra mawr yn 

cartrefu yn America Ddeheuol 
Conduce, kon.diis' vi, cydarwain, cyd- 

dueddu; bod o les [cynnorthwyol 
Conducible, kon.du' a, llesiadol, 
Conducive, kon.dii'siv a,gwasanaethgar, 

gweinyddol [arweddiad 

Conduct, kon'dukt n, ymddygiad, ym- 
Conduct, kon.dukt' vt, ymarweddu ; ar- 

wain; trefhu [cyfarwyddwr 

Conduetor, kon.duk'tur n, arweinydd; 
Conduit, kun'dit n, dyfrlle, dyfr-bibell 
Cone, kön n, cyfan-gorff cyfddull â 

thorth siwgr, con ; hirgrwnell 
Coney, kci'm n, cwningen, ffiogen 
Confabulate, kon.fab'u.liit vi, siarad, 

chwedleua, cydymgornio 
Confabulation,'shun n, ym- 

ddyddan, siaradach 
Confect.kon.fekt' vi.cymmysgu. cyffeithio 
Confect, kon'fekt, Confection, kon.fek'- 

shun n, cyffaith; ancwyn [ffeithiwr 
Confectioner, kon.fek'shun.ur n, cy- 
Confectionery, kon.fek'shun.ur.l n, cy- 

ffeithiau, ancwyn, ammeuthyn 
Confectory, kon.fek'tur.i n, cyffeithdy 
Confederacy, kon.fed' n, cynghrair, 

cydfwriad, cyfundeb 
Confederate, kon.fed' n, cynghreir- 

iwr, cynghreiriad, cysswynwr : v, cy- 

nghreirio, cydfwriadu, cydbleidio: a, 

cydbleidiol, cynghreiriol 
Confederation, kon.fed.u.ra'shun n, 

cynghreiriad, cynghrair 
Confer, kon.fur' v, cynnadlu, ymgomio; 

anrhegu, cynnysgaethu ; cymharu 
Conference, kon'fur.ens n, cynnadledd, 

cydymddyddan [cydnabod 

Confess, kon.fes' v, cyffesu, cyfaddef, 
Confessary, kon.fes'ur.i n, cyfieswr, cyf- 

addefwr [cyffesiad. cyffes 

Confession, kon.fesh'un n, cyfaddefiad, 
Confessional, kon.fesh' n, cyffesfa, 

Configure, kon.fig'ur vt, cydffurfio, cyf- 

lunio [g° ror » yi^yi 

Confine, kon'fi'n n, Cyffin, terfyn, ffin, 
Confine, kon.f in' vt, cyffinio, gosod ter- 
fyn ; attal, carcharu, caethiwo ; cyfyngu 

ar: gwarchäu 
Confinement, kon.f 'in'ment n, attaliad; 

caethiwed, carchariad; carchar 
Confinity, kon.fin'i.ti n, cymmydogaeth 
Confinn, kon.furm' vt, sefydlu, cadarn- 

hau; awdurdodi; rhoddi bedydd esgob 
Confirmable, kon.fur' a, profadwy, 

arddangosadwy, sefydladwy 
Confirmation,'shun n, cad- 

arnhâd; bedydd esgob 
Confirmative, kon.fur'ma.tiv a, cyf- 

nerthol, cadarnhaol 
Confiscate, kon.fis'kat vt, attafaelu; 

chrwyo: a, attafaeliedig 
Confiscation, kon.fis.kä'shun n, attafael- 

iad, dirwyad, anrhaith [meuthyn 
Confiture, kon'fi.tshii'r n, ancwyn, ara- 
Confix, kon.fiks' t'í,sicrhau i lawr, cyssodi 
Conflagrant, kon.fla'grant a, goddeithiol, 

cydffiamiol [losgiad, tanllwyth 

Conflagration, kon.fla.gra'shun n, cyd- 
Confiation, kon.fla'shun n, cydchwyth- 

iad ; toddiad delid [ymdrech 

Conflict, kon'flikt n, ymladd, brwydr, 
Conflict, kon.fiikt' vi, ymdynu, ymryson, 

ymomest. Conflicting statements, 

gwrthddywediadau, croeshaeriadau 
Confluence, kon'flii.ens n, cydlif; tyrfa, 

cyrchfa; aber [cydredol 

Confluent, kon'flu.ent a, cy(Uifeiriol, 
Conflox, kon'fluks n, cydffrydiad ; cyd- 

gyrchiad [cydffurfio 

Conform, kon.f ôrm' v, cydymffurfio ; 
Conformable, kon.for' a, uiiffurf, 

cytûn, cyfatebol ; unol 
Conformation,'shun n, cyf- 

luniad, cydweddiad 
Conformist, kon.for'mist n, cydffurfiwr 
Conformity, kon.f ôr'mî.tî n, cydffurfiad, 

cyfaddasiad, cyfweddiad [cryfhâd 
Confortation, kon.f ôr.tä'shun »,nerthiad, 
Confound, kon.fuwnd' vt, cymmysgu; 

dyrysu; gwaradwyddo [frawdoliaeth 
Confraternity, kon.frâ.tûr'nî.tî n, cyd- 
Confront, kon.fVunt' v, gwynebu ; gwrtk- 

wynebu; cymharu; cyfarwynebu 
Confuse, kon.f iiz' vt, cymmysgu, dyrysu ; 

cywilyddio ; didrefnu, rhwystro 
Confusion, kon.f ii'zhuu n, annhrefh, ter- 

fysg; syndod; amryfusedd [adwy 
Confutable, kon.fii' a, gwrthbrof- 
Confutant, kon.fu'taut n, gwrthbrofwr 

Confessor, kon.fes'ur n, gwrandawydd 
Confidant, kon.f i.dant' n, cyfrinachwr, 

cyfaill mynwesol [cyfeilles 

Confidante,' n, cyfrinaches, 
Confide, kon.f 'id' v, hyderu, ymddiried 
Confidence, kon'fi.dens n, ymddiried, 

hyder; eonder [hyf 

Confident, kon'f î.dent a, hyderus ; eon, 
Confidential,'shal a, ym- 

ddiriedus, ffyddlawn, cyfrinachol 
Configuration, kon.fig.u.ra'shun n, cyf- 

luniad, cyfddulliad 

CON path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Confutation, kon.f u.tä'shun n, dad- 
bra wf, gwrthbrofiad, gwrthbrawf 
Confute, kon.f üt' v, dadbrofi, gwrth- 

brofi; dyrysu 
Conge, kon'ji n, moesblygiad; moes- 

genadiad: vt, moesblygu; ymado. 

Conge'-d'e'lire, köng'zhî.de.lîr', cenad i 

ddewis esgob 
Congeal, kon.jil' v, rhewi; tewyehu, 

ceulo [cydgeuladwy 

Congealable, kon.ji' a, hyrew 
Congelation,'shun n, rhewiad 

cyd-dewychiad [cydrywiol 

Congenerous, kon.jen' a, cydryw, 
Congenial, kon.ji' a, cydnaws, cyd- 

gynneddf, cytnaws 
Congeniality, kon.jî.nî.al'î.tî n, cyd 

rywiaeth, cyfnawsedd [darddiad 

Congeniture, " kon.jen'i.tshii'r n, cyd- 
Conger, kong'gur n, môr lysŵen, pen- 
doll [betheuacb 
Congeries, kon.ji'r'i.iz n, crag o amryw 
Congest, kon.jest' vt, crugio, pentyru; 

croni [gasgliad, croniad 

Congestion, kon.jes'tshun n, crawn- 
Congiary, kon'ji.ur.i n, rhodd i'r bobl 

Rhufeinig [rhewi 

Conglaeiate, kon.glii'shi.iit v, troi yn ia, 
Conglobate, kong'glo.bat vt, pellenu, 

pelenu [pelen, clobyn 

Conglobation, kong.glo.bli shun n, peHen, 
Conglobulate, kon.glob' vi, ym- 

Conglomerate, kon.glom' vt, pell- 
enu, sypio, crugio: a, pellenddull, 

pelenog : n, careg gymmysgedig 
Conglomeration, kon.glom.u.ra'shun n, 

pentyriad, crugiad, sypiad 
Conglutination, kon.glu.ti.nii'shun n, 

cydludiad, gludiad 
Congo, konggo, Congou, kong'gw n, 

math o de du lied dda 
Congratulate, kon.grat' vt, cyd- 

lawenhau ; llon-gyfarch 
Congratulation, kon.grat.iUii'shun n, 

cydlaw enychiad, llon-gyfarchiad 
Congratulatory, kon.grat'u.lli.tur.i a, 

llon-gyfarchiad ol 
Congi - ee, kon.gri' vi, eyduno, cydfvvriadu 
Congreet, kon.grit' vt, cydanerch, cyd- 

gyfarch [crynoi 

Congregate, kong'gri.gat v, ymgynnull, 
Congregation,'shun n, cyn- 

nulleidfa, tyrfa [eynnulleidiaol 

Congregational, kong.gri.gii/ a 
Congress, kong'gres n, cymmanfa ; evil 

henuriaeth; cydgyfarfod; ymgyrchfa 

Congressive, kon.gres'iv a, cydym- 

gyrchol, cyfarfodol 
Congrue, kon.grvv' vi, cyfuno 
Congruence, kong'gnv.ens, Congruity, 

kon.grw'i.ti n, cydnawseddiad, cysson- 

deb, cyfundeb, cyfaddasrwydd 
Congruent, kong'grw.ent, Congruous, 

kong' a, cyfaddas, cydred, 

cymhwys, cytunol 
Conic, kon'ik, Conical, kon'i.kal a, 

conol, bonbraff a blaenfain 
Conjectural, kon.jek'tshu.ral a, tebygol, 

dychymmygol, amcanadwy, tybiadwy 
Conjecture, kon.jek'tshur n, amcan, tyb, 

dychymmyg : v, tybio, dyfalu 
Conjoin, líon.jôîn' v, cyssylltu, cyd- 

nvymo, cyfuno, cydio [asol 

Conjugal, kon' a, dywedd'iol, priod- 
Conjugate, kon'ju.gat vt, cydieuo; 

treiglo berf, cyfymredu [ad; treigliad 
Conjugation,'shun n, eydieu- 
Conjunct, kon.jungkt' a, cyssylîtedig, 

cyfunedig [cyssylltiad 

Conjunction, kon.jungk'shun n, undeb; 
Conjunctive, kon.jungk'tiv a, cyssylltiol, 

eyfunol, cyflymadol 
Conjuncture, kon.jungk'tshur n, cyfnod, 

arfod; tre^h, ansawdd, amgylchiad 
Conjuration, kon.jii.ra'shun n, cyfrad; 

dewiniaeth, swyngyfaredd 
Conjure, kon.jiiV vt, tynghedu ; cydfradu 
Conjure, kun'jur vt, dewino, swyno, 

chwareu'r Haw ysgafn 
Connascence, ko.nas'ens n, cyfenidrwydd 
Connate, ko.nat' a, cyfenid, cydryw 
Connatural, ko.nat'shii.ral a, cydanian, 

greddfol, cydnaws; [cydio, uno 

Connect, ko.nekt' fi,cyssylltu, cyfrwymo, 
Connection, ko.nek'shun n. cyssyUtiad, 

cydiad; perthynas 
Connivance, ko.n'i'vans n, goddefiad; 

esgeulusiad [ddwyn 

Connive, ko.niV vi, ymoddef â, cyd- 
Connoisseur, kon.a.sur' n, beirniad, un 

cyfarwydd [ arddangosiad 

Connotation, kon.o.ta'shun n, cyfnodiad, 
Connote, ko.not' v, dynodi, arwyddo, ar- 

ddangos [priodasol 

Connubial, ko.nii' a, cydweddog, 
Conoid, ko'noid n, ffurf tebyg i gon, 

conaidd [siglo, symmud 

Conquassate, kon.kwas'at vt, ysgvryd, 
Conquer, kong'kwui- vi.gorchfygu, gores- 

gyn, treclm [fygadwy 

Conquerable, kong' a, goreh- 
Conqueror, kong'kwur.ur n, gorchfygwr, 

goresgynydd, gorestrynwr, goribdwr 


late, l'íne, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. CON 

Conquest, kong'kwest n, goruchafiaeth. 

buddugoliaeth [cydwaed 

Consanguineous, kon.sang.gmn yus a, 

Consanguinity, kon.sang.gwin'i.ti n, car- 

enydd, cydwadolaetk 
Conscience, kon'shens n, cydwybod 
Conscientious, kon.shi.en'shus a, cyd- 

wybodol, cywir, gonest, fFyddlawn 
Conscientiousness, kon.sln.en'shus.nes 

n, cydwybodoldeb, cydwybodolrwydd 
ConscionaWe, kon' a, cydwy- 

bodol, rhesymol [cydwybodus 

Conscious, kon'shus a, ymwybodol, 
Consciousness, kon'shus.nes n, yniwy- 

Conscript, kon'skript a, rhestredig 
Conscription, kon.skrip'shun n, rhestriad, 

eofrestriad [neillduo, urddo 

Consecrate, kon'si.krat vt, cyssegru; 
Consecration,'skun n, cys- 

segriad; urddiad [lyniadol 

Consectaneous, kon.sek.ta' a, can- 
Consectary, kon.sek'tur.i n, canlyniad, 

casgliad, cload 
Consecution, kon.sî.kü'shûn n, olyniad, 

dilyniad, ohant [olynol 

Consecutive, kon.sek'ii.tiv a, canlynol, 
Conseminate, kon.sem'i.nat vt, hau 

hadau cynunysg [bodd 

Consension, kon.sen'shun n, cydsyniad, 
Consent, kon.sent' vt, cydsynio, cytuno : 

n, cydspiiad, bodcl, caniatâd. Against 

one's consent, o'i anfodd 
Consentaneous, kon.sen.ta', Con- 
sentient, kon.sen'shent a, cydsyniol, 

cysson, unfryd, cytun, cydunol [pwys 
Consequence, kon'si.kwens n, canlyniad ; 
Consequent, kon'si.kwent a, arlynol, ar- 

lynioji, canlynol: n, arlyniad, dii'- 

Consequential,'skal a, can- 

lyniadol; o fawr bwys, pwysfawr; 

uchelfrydig [cyfaddasiad 

Consertion, kon.sur'shun n, cyfluniad, 
Conservancy, kon.sûr'van.sî n, cyrtiau 

a gedwir er diogelu pysgod yn afon 

Tafwys [wraeth 

Conservation, kon.sur.vli'shun n, cad- 
Conservative, kon.sur'va.tiv a, cadwr- 

iaethol, noddawl : n, ceidwadwr, cad- 

wriaethwr. gwrthwynebwr cyfnewid- 

iadau byrbwyll yn yr eglwys a'r 

Conservator, kon' n, ceidwad, 

noddwr [le, nawddle; Uysieufa 

Conservatory, kon.sur'va.tur.i n, maetk- 
Conserve, kon'surv n, cyffaith 

Conserve, kon.surv' vt, cadw, noddi, 
achlysur, amddiffynf'a ; cyffeithio 

Consider, kon.sid'ur v, ystyried, pwyllo ; 
meddylied, edrych ar, craffu ar 

Considerable, kon.sid' a, haeddol 
o ystyriaeth, cyfrifol ; mawr, pwysfawr 

Considerableness, kon.sid'ur. â. bl.nes n, 
cyfrifolder; mawrder [p w ylk>g 

Considerate, kon.sid' a, ystyriol, 

Considerateness, kon.sid' n, ys- 
tyrioldeb, pwylledd 

Consideration,'shun n, ys- 
tyriaeth, myfyriad; pwyll, dysbwyll; 
parch, bri ; iawn, tâl 

Consign, kon.s'in' vt, trosi, trosglwyddo 

Consignable,' a, trosiadwy 

Consignation,'shun n, trosiad, 
trosglwyddiad [iddo 

Consignee, kon.sî.nî' n, yr hwn y trosir 

Consignment, kon.s'in'ment n, da tros- 
glwyddedig [bod; cynnwys 

Consist, kon.sist' vi, setyll, cydsefyll; 

Consistence, kon.sis.tens, Consistency, 
kon.sis' n, cyssondeb, cydsafiad; 
tewedd, sylwedd, tewder 

Consistent, kon.sis'tent a, cysson, cyfun- 
fod, tewychol 

Consistorial,'r' a, gorsedd- 
faol, eglwyslysol [eglwyslys 

Consistory, kon.sis'tur.i n, cwrt yr esgob, 

Consociate,'shi'.at v, cydgyfeill- 
achu : n, cyfaelod, cydymaith 

Consolable, «, dyddanadvvy, 
cysuradwy [dyddanwch 

Consolation,'.la'shun n, cysur, 

Consolatory, kon.sol'a.tur.i a, cysurus, 
dyddanol, lion [sirioli 

Console, kon.sol' vt, cysuro, dyddanu, 

Consolidant, kon.sol'î.dant a, iachaol: 
n, eh iachaol 

Consolidate, kon.sol'i.dat v, cyssylltu, 
cyfrwymo ; cryf hau, ffyrf hau 

Consolidation, kon.sol.i.da'shun n, cyf- 
aniad; cryf had [syniad 

Consonance, kon'sb'.nans n, cydsain, cyd- 

Consonant, kon'so.nant a, cyssain; cys- 
son, cytûn : n, cydsain ; cydsyniad 

Consonous, kon'so.nus a, cydseiniol, 

Consort, kon'sort n, gwr neu wraig; 
cydwedd; cyfeill-long. Prince Con- 
sort, Tywysog Priod, Tywysog; Cyd- 
•sveddog ^[priocli 

Consort, kon.sort' y, ymgyfeillachu, 

Conspersion, kon.spur'shun n, taenehiad 

Conspicuity, kon.spi.ku'i.ti n, eglurdeb, 


CON path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut,t\v==too, tẁk=took 

Conspicuous, kon.spik' a, amlwg, 

hywel, hysbys, eglur ; banog [cydfrad 
Conspiracy, kon.spir' n, cydf'wriad, 
Conspirator, kon.spir'â.tûr n, cydfradwr, 

bradwr [fwriadu 

Conspire, kon.sp'i'r' v, bradfvrriadu, cyd- 
Constable, kun' n, heddgeidwad, 

heddwas [ffyddlondeb; parhâd 

Constancy, kon'stan.sî n, gwadahvch, 
Constant, kon'stant a, dianwadal, gwas- 

tadol; dyfal; ffyddlawn 
Constellation, kon.ste.lii'shun n, cydser 
Consternation,'skun», braw, 

dycliryn, syndod, arswyd 
Constipate, kon'sti.pat vt, rhwymo, tyn- 

hau, cyssychu [bolrwymiad 

Constipation, kon.stî.pä'shun n, tynhâd, 
Constituent, kon.stit'ii.ent a, elfenol, 

ansoddol; hanfodol: n, cyssail, elfen; 

etholydd, anfonwr [sodcli 

Constitute, kon'sti.tut vt, arosod, cyfan- 
Constitution, kon.stLtii'shun n, cyfan- 

soddiad ; ffurflywodraeth ; tymmer, 

ardymmer, naws, ansawdd 
Constitutional, kon.sti.tii' a, cyf- 

ansoddiadol, gwreiddiol ; cyfreitbJawn 
Constitutive, kon'sti.tii.tiv a, sefydladvry 
Constrain, kon.stran' vt, dirgymhell, 

gorfodi [advy 

Constrainable, kon.stra' a, cymbell- 
Constraint, kon.strant' n, cymkell, trais, 

dir, gorthrech [rwymiad 

Constriction, kon.strik'slmn n, cyd- 
Constringe, kon.strinj' vt, cydwasgu, 

tynrwymo [ iadol, bolrwymol 

Constringent, kon.strin'jent a, rhwym- 
Construct, kon.strukt' vt, ffui'fio, adeilo, 

adeiladu ; cyfansoddi 
Construction, "kon.struk'shun n, adeilad ; 

cyfansoddiad ; deongliad, ystyr; cys- 

trawiad [adaeth, cydosodiad 

Constructure, kon.struk'tshur n, adeil- 
Construe, kon'strwwi. deongli; cyfieitbu 
Constuprate, kon'stii.prat vt, treisio, di- 

forwyno, llathruddo 
Constupration, kon.stii.pra'shun n, treis- 

iad, llathruddiad, diforwyniad 
Consubstantial, kon.sub.stan'shal a,cyd- 

sylweddol [cydsylweddu 

Consubstantiate, kon.sub.stan' vt, 
Consuetude, kon'swi.tiid n, arferiad, 

defod [masnachol 

Consul, kon'sul n, uchelfaer; negesydd 
Consular, kon'su.Kir a, uchelf'aeronol 
Consulate, kon'sii.liit, Consulship, kon'- 

sul.ship n, ucheltaeroniaeth [resymu 
Consult, kon.sult' vt, ymgynghori, ym- 

Consultation, kon.sul.ta'shun n, yin- 

gynghoriad ; ystyriaeth 
Consumable, kon.sti' a, difrodad- 

\vy, difadwy, ysadwy 
Consume, kon'siim' v, dyfetha, treulio, 

difa, distrywio, ysu; afradloni; nychu, 

dyhoeni, edwi; llosgi; gwneyd defn- 

ydd o, defnyddio 
Consummate, kon.sum'at a, perffeith- 

iedig, cyflawn: v, gorphen, perffeithio 
Consummation,'shun n, cwbl- 

hâd, diweddiad 
Consumption, kon.sum'shun n. treuliad ; 

defhyddiad; darfodedigaeth, ysg}-fein- 

wst [darfbdedigol 

Consumptive, kon.sum'tiv a, nychlyd, 
Consumptiveness, kon.sum'tiv.nes n, 

Contabulate,' vt, llorio ag 

estyll, astellu, plancio [iad 

Contact, kon'takt n, cyffwrdd, eyffyrdd- 
Contagion, kon.ta'jun n, haint, heintnod 
Contagious, kon.ta'jus «,heintus, llygrol. 

A contagious disease, clefyd cael, haint 
Contain, kon.tan' vt, cynnwys, dal ; am- 

Contaminate, kon.tam'i.nat vt. halogi, 

llygru, diwyno: a,halogedig,llygredig 
Contamination,'shun n, 

halogedigaeth, llygriad [difri'o 

Contemn, kon.tem' vt, diystyru, dinnygu, 
Contemperate, kon.tem' vt, cyd- 

dj-mmeru [tymmer, anian 

Contemperament, kon.tem'pur.a.ment n, 
Contemplate, kon.tem'plat v, myfyrio, 

ymsynied, ystyried yn ddwys 
Contemplation, kon.tem.pla'shun n, 

myfyriad, myfyrdod, meddyliad 
Contemplative, kon.tem'pla.tiv «, my- 

fyrgar, meddylgar [ydd, myfyriwr 
Contemplator, kon'tem.pla.tur n, efryd- 
Contemporary, kon.tem'po.rur.i, Co- 

porary, ko.tem'po.rur.i n, cyfoeswT, 

cyfoedydd [oesi, cyfoesi 

Contemporize, kon.tem'po.ri'z vt, cyd- 
Contempt, kon.temt' n, dirmyg, diystyr- 

wch, anfri 
Contemptible, kon.tem' a, dirmyg- 

adwy, dinnygus, yn haeddu dirmyg 
Contemptuous, kon.tem' a, tra- 

häus, diystyrllyd, dirmygus, yn dir- 

mygu, uchelfalch 
Contemptuousness, kon.tem' 

n, diystyrwch, dirmyg 
Contend, kon.tend' v, amrafaelio, ym- 

dynu; ymdaeru; ymryson, cynlienu, 

ymwrial, ymladd, vmdrechu 

ore; llite, line, nö, mute; she, zh=z azike; thin, this; j=dzh. 


Content, kon.tent' n, boddlonrwydd : 

a, boddlawn; esmwyth; parod: vt, 

boddloni, rhyngu bodd. To be content, 

cytuno. Contented, boddlongar 
Contention, kon.ten'shun n, cynhen, ym- 

ryson, cecraeth, anghydfod; aidd 
Contentious, kon.ten'shus a, ymryson- 

gar, cecrus, cyndyn, amrafaelgar 
Contentiousness, kon.ten'shus.nes n, 

ymrysongarwch [anfoddlawn 

Conteutless, kon.tent'les a, anfoddog, 
Contentment, kon.tent'ment n, bodd- 

londeb, rhancbodd [cyfanswm 

Contents, kon.tents' np, cyimwysiad: 
Conterminous, kon.tur'mi.nus a, cyf- 

agos, cyffiniol [cynhen 

Contest, kon'test n, ymdrech, ymryson, 
Contest, kon.test' v, gwrthdaeru, ym- 

dynu, ymdrecku [annilys 

Contestable, kon.tes' a, dadleuadwy, 
Context, kon'tekst n, cyd-destvn, cyf- 

adnodau [mhleth 

Context, kon.tekst' a, cydweol, cy- 
Contexture, kon.teks'tshur n, cydwead, 

cymhlethiad [iad 

Contignation,'shun n, cledr- 
Contiguity, kon.tî.gü'î.tî n, cyfagos- 

rwydd, cyfnesafedd, agosrwydd 
Contiguous, kon.tig' a, cyfagos, 

cyngkyflwrdd, wrth eu gilydd 
Continence, kon'ti.nens, Continency, 

kon' n, diweirdeb, ymattaliad 
Continent, kon'ti.nent a, diwair, ymat- 

talgar, dihalog : n, cyfandir 
Continental, kon.ti.nen'tal a, cyfandirol 
Gontingence, kon.tin'jens, Contingency, 

kon.tin' n, damwain 
Contingent, kon.tin'jent n, dygwyddiad : 

dogn, cyfran : ffl,dygwyddol,damweiniol 
Continual, kon.tin' a, dibaid, gwas- 

tadol, didawl, parhäus [arosiad 

Continuance, kon.tin'ii.ans n, parhâd; 
Continuate, kon.tin' a, didor, dibaid, 

digyfrwng [estyniad, gohiriad 

Continuation, kon.tin.ii.a'shun n, parhâd, 
Continuator, kon.tin'ü.ä.tûr n, gores- 

tynydd, estynydd [estyn, hirio 

Continue, kon.tin'ii v, parhau, aros; 
Continuity, kon.ti.nii'i.ti n, parhausder, 

cydolrwydd, parliâd didor, gorestyniad 
Continuous, kon.tin 'ü.us a,parhäus, par- 
1 haol ; dibaid, diaros, didor 
Contort, kon.tort' vt, nydd-droi; dirdynu 
Contortion, kon.tor'shun n, nydd-droad 
Contour, kon.twV n, cylchlinell 
Contra- px, gwrth-, croes- [edig 

Contraband, kon' <?, gwahardd- 

Contract, kon'trakt n, ammod, cyfam- 

mod; cytundeb, ymgred 
Contract, kon.trakt' v, ammodi, cyfam- 

modi, cytuno; dywedd'fo, cy fad daw; 

bvrhau, cwtogi. To contract a debt, 

rhedeg i ddyled. To contract a habit, 

dysgu arfer [ammodadwy 

Contractible, kon.trak'tlbl a, byradwy ; 
Contractile, kon.trak'til a, crebachaidd 
Contraction, kon.trak'shun n, byrhâd, 

cwtogiad; crebachiad [cymmerwr 
Contractor, kon.trak'tur n, ammodwr; 
Contradict, kon.tra.dikt' vt, gwrthddy- 

wedyd, croesddadleu ; gwadu 

ddywediad, gwrtheiriad 
Contradictory, kon.tra.dik'tur.i a, croes, 

gwrthwynebol ; cecrus 
Contradistinct, kon.tra.dis.tingkt' a, 


n, gwrthddynodiant, gwrthwahaniad 
Contradistinguish, kon.tra.dis.ting'- 

gwish vt, gwrthwahanu 
Contramure, kon'tra.mii'r n, gwrthfur, 

gwrthglawdd [gwrthgyflead 

Contraposition, kon.tra.po.zish'un n, 
Contrariant, kon.tre'r'Lant a, croes, 

anghysson [wedd, gwrthdarawiad 
Contrariety, kon.tru.r'i'Lti n, gwrth- 
Contrariwise, kon'tru.ii.wiz ad, yn y 

gwrthwyneb, o'r tu arall, yn hytrach 
Contrary, kon'tru.ri a, gwrthwyneb, 

anghytunol. Contrary wind, gwrth- 

wynt. Contrary witness, gwrthdyst. 

On the contrary, i'r gwrthwyneb 
Contrast, kon'trast n, cyferbyniad [osod 
Contrast, kon.trast' v, cyferbyn, gwrth- 
Contravallation,'shun n, 

gwrthgaer [rhwystro 

Contravene, kon.tra.v'in' vt, gwrtkdrin ; 
Contravention, kon.trâ.yen'skun n, di- 

fuddiad, dieffeithiad [drethol 

Contributary, kon.trib'ii.tur.i n, cyd- 
Contribute, kon.trib'iit y,rboddi, cyfranu 
Contribution, kon.trî.bü'shun n, cyd- 

dahad, casghad [wyadwy 

Contributive, kon.trib'ii.tiv a, cynnorth- 
Contributor, kon.trib'u.tur n, cyfranwr, 

cyfroddwr ; gohebydd, cydysgrifenydd 
Contributory, kon.trib'ii.tur.i a, cyd- 

roddawl, cynnorthwyol [pruddnau 
Contristate, kon.tris'tat vt, tristäu, 
Contrite, kon'trit a,briwedig, cystuddiol, 

cystuddiedig, edifeiriol, edifarus 
Contrition, kon.trish'un », rhwbiad; 

edifeirwch, cvstudd calon 

COO path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, Orb, on, curve, cût, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Contrivance, kon.tri'vans n, dyfais, 

dychymmyg [trefnu 

Contrive, kon.triv' v, dyfeisio, llunio; 
Control, kon.troT n, rheolaeth, awdur- 

dod: vt, flrwyno, rheoli, cyfattal, 

goruchwylio [ffrwynadwy 

Controllable, kon.tro' a, attaliadwy, 
Controlment, kon.trol'ment n, attal- 

iaeth, rheolaeth 
Controversial, kon.tro.vur'shal a, dadl- 

euol, ymddadleuol [dadleuwr 

Controversialist, kon.tro.vur' n, 
Controversy, kon'trö.vûr.sî n, dadl, 

ymrafael, cynghaws [gwrthddywedyd 
Controvert, kon'tro.vurt vt, gwrthddadlu, 
Controvertible, kon.tro.vur' a, dadl- 

euadwy, ammhëus 
Controvertist, kon'tro.vur.tist n, dadl- 
euwr, cystadlwr [dyn, ystyfnig 
Contumacious, shus a, cyn- 
Contumacy, kon' n, gwrth- 

nysigrwydd [llibus, dirmygus 

Contumelious, kon.tü.mî'lî.us a, en- 
Contumely, kon'tii.mUi n, anfri, sarhâd. 

diystyrwch [pwyo 

Contuse, kon.tiiz' vt, briwio, dryltio. 
Contusion, kon.tii'zhun n, cymmriw: 

pwyad ; clais, briw, clwyf 
Conundrum, ko.nun'drum n, mwysair 

cellweirus [holiad 

Conusance, kon'ii.sans n, gwybyddiaeth. 
Convalescence,'ens n, gwell- 

iant, gwellâd [ar wellâd 

Convalescent,'ent a, gwellaol, 
Convenable,'na bl a, cydweddol, 

cymhwys [cydymgynnull 

Convene,' vt, galw yng nghyd, 
Convenience, kon.vî'nî.ens n, cyfleus- 

dra, cyfleusdod, odfa, egwyl 
Convenient,'ni.ent a, cyflëus ; cyf- 

addas; tymmorol 
Convent, kon'vent n, cyfaint, mynachlog 
Convent, kon.vent' v, gwysio, galw i farn 
Conventicle, kon.ven'ti.kl n, cyfarfod 

bychan [cyfammod; cymmanf'a 

Convention, kon.ven'shun n, cytundeb; 
Conventional, kon.ven' a, cym- 

manfaol ; cymdeithasol, moesddefodol 
Conventionality,'i.ti n. 

ffurfioldeb, moesddefod 
Conventual, kon.ven' n, mynach : 

a, mynachlogaidd [gyfeirio 

Converge, kon.vurj' #*,cyd-dueddu, eyd- 
Convergent, kon.vur'jent a, cydgyfeiriol 
Conversable, kon.vur' a, siaradwy; 

cyfeillgar [cynnefm 

Conversant, kon.vur'sant a, eyfarwydd 

Conversation,'shun n, ym- 

ddygiad; ymddyddan [eillachu 

Converse, kon.vurs' vi, siarad; ymgyf- 
Converse, kon'vurs a, gwrthwynebol, 

croes : n, y gwrthwyneb ; cyfeillach 
Conversion, kon.vur'shun n, tröedigaeth, 

dychweliad, proselytiaeth 
Convert, kon'vurt n, dychwelwr, dysgybl 
Convert, kon.vurt' vt, troi, dychwelyd; 

newid [newidiadwy 

Convertible, kon.vur' a, troadwy, 
Convex, kon'veks a, crwm, cynghrwm, 

amgrom : n, crwmach [ crvmedd 

Convexity, kon.vek'si.ti n, amgrymedd, 
Convey,' vt, cludo; cywain; trosi 
Conveyance,'ans n. trosglwydd, 

cyweiniad; trosi ad, aralliad [troswr 
Conveyancer,'an.sur n, arallydd, 
Convict, kon.vikt' vt, euogbrofi, euog- 

farnu, barnu yn euog 
Convict, kon'vikt n, collddyn, un wedi 

ei euogbrofi [argyhoeddiad 

Conviction, kon.vik'shun n, euogbrofiad; 
Convictive, kon.vik'tiv a, euogbrofol 
Convince, kon.vins' vt, argyhoeddi 
Convincement, kon.vins'ment n, argy- 
hoeddiad; sarhâd [adwy 
Convincible,' a, argyhoedd- 
Convive, kon.v'iv' v, gwledda; gwesta; 

difyru [cydymlonol 

Convivial, kon.viv'yal a, cydweddol, 
Convocate, kon'vo.kat vt, gwysio yng 

nghyd, cydalw, cydwysio 
Convocation, kon.vo.ka'shun n, cym- 

manfa eglwysig ; cydwys 
Convoke, kon.vok' vt, gwysio, cydwysio, 

cydalw [edig 

Convoluted, kon'vo.lii.ted a, ymdorch- 
Convolution, kon.vo.lii'shun n, cyd- 

amdoad, dirwyniad [nydd-droi 

Convolve, kon.volv' v, amdroi, dirwyn, 
Convolvolus, kon.vol'vo.lus re,cynghafog, 

tagwydd, taglys. Wild convolvolus, 

cwlwm y coed, clych y perthi 
Convoy, kon'voi n, canymdo ; amddiffyn 
Convoy, kon.voi' vt, canymdoi; noddi 

Uongau [ysgwyd 

Convulse, kon.vuls' vt, dirgrynu, dir- 
Convulsion, kon.vul'shun n, dirgryniad, 

dirgryd, dirdyniad 
Convulsive, kon.vul'siv a, dirgrynol 
Cony, ko'nl n, cwningen, fiiogen. Cony- 
warren, cwning-gaer 
Coo. kw vi, Ueisio i'el colomen 
Cook,kẁk w.cog, cogydd, ceginwr ; coges, 

ceginwraig: vt, arlwyo, trin bwyd. 

Cookshop, bwvtty, bwydle 

ôre; läte, line, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. COR 

Cookery, kwk'ur.i /i,cogyddiaeth, arlwy- 

aeth, ceginiaeth, bwyd-driniaeth 
Cool, kŵí v, oeri, Uygoeri, tawelu : a, 

oer, lledoer ; llariaidd, arafaidd 
Cooler, kwlur n, oeriedydd, llestr oeri 
Coolish, kw'hsh a, lledoer, go-oer, oer- 

aidd [arafwch 

Coolness, kwl'nes n, oerfelgarwch ; 
Coom, kwm n, huddygl 
Coomb, kwm n, mesur sych o bedwar 

pwysel [argau, cutio 

Coop, kwp n, adardy, cut ieir : vt, cau, 
Coopee, kŵ.pî' n, ysgogiad taplasol 
Cooper, kw'pur n, cylchwr, cwper, hwper 
Cooperage, kw'pur.aj n, cylchweithfa 
Co-operate, ko.op' vi, cydweithio 
Co-operation, ko.op.ur.a'shun n, cyd- 

weithiad, cydweithrediad 
Co-optation, ko.op.ta'shun n, cyfabwys- 

iad [cystadl 

Co-ordinate, kö.ôr'dî.nät a, cydradd, 
Coot, kwt n, corsiar, dyfriar 
Cop, kop n, coryn, copa ; brig, crib, cob 
Copal, ko'pal n, math o ystor 
Coparcenary, kö.pâr'sî.nur.î, Coparceny, 

kö.pâr'sî.nî, Copartnership, ko.part'- 

nûr.ship n, cydgyfranogaeth, cyd- 

fasnach [wr, cydranwr 

Copartner, ko.part'nur n, cydgyfranog- 
Copatriot,'tri.ut n, cydwladgarwr 
Cope, kop n, cochl; mwd, crib: v, 

mydu ; ymgystadlu, brwydro, ymwrio 
Copemican, kö.pûr'nî.kan a, perthynol 

i gyfundraith heulog Copernicus, Co- 

pernicaidd [aill 

Copesmate, kops'mat n, cydymaith, cyf- 
Copious, ko' a, helaeth, dibrin, 

llawn [digonedd 

Copiousness, ko' n, helaethder, 
Coppel, kop el n, math o dawddlestr 
Copper, kop'ur n, copr, efydd, elydr; 

pair, crochan. Copper-plate, argraff- 

laih. Copper-smith n, gof copr 
Copperas, kop' n, copras, du'r crydd 
Coppice, kop is, Copse, kops n, coed-n-ig ; 

glasgoed, prysgoed [ymrewyddu 

Copulate, kop' v, cydio, ymreaiu, 
Copulation,'shun n, cydiad. 

cydgnawd, ymread [sylltiol 

Copulative, kop' a, eydioh" cys- 
Copy, kop'i n, adysgrifen ; cynysgrifen, 

ai-lun, cynllun, eilun, copi : vt, adys- 

frifenu; efelychu, cynnelw. Copy- 
old, daliad tir wrth adysgrif rheol y 
llys. Copy-right, meddiant o lyfr, 
Copyist, kop' n, adysgrifemvr 

Coquet, ko.ket' v, rhithgaru, hoedena 
Coquetry, ko.ket'ri n, hoedenwaith 
Coquette, ko.ket' n, chwidwen, croesen, 

hoeden, rhithgares [cwrwgl 

Coracle, kor' n, corwg,'corwgl, cwrwg, 
Coral, kor'al n, gwylar, lluchochr ; tegan 

Coraline, kor' a, lluchochraidd 
Corant, ko.rant' n, math o ddawns fuan 
Corb, korb n, cawell, basged globwll 
Corban, kor'ban n, elusen-gawell ; rhodd, 

Corbel, kor'bel n, corbed, ysgwyddiad 
Cord, kord n, cord, cort, rheffyn, tennyn ; 

tant : vt, cortio, rheffynu ; cludeirio 
Cordage, kor'daj «,rhefrynwaith, rhaffiad 
Cordelier, kôr.dî.lî'r' n, mynach o urdd 

St. Francis 
Cordial, kor' n, meddyglyn; dy- 

ddanwch: a, diíîuant; caredig; ca- 

lonog, gwresog 
Cordiahty, kor.dî.al'î.tî n, caredigrwydd, 

serch; gwresogrwydd, calonogrwydd 
Cordon, kor'dong n, rhestr o geryg 
Cordwain, kord'wan, Cordovan, kor'do- 

van n, lledr Cordofa yn Yspaen 
Cordwainer, kord'wa.nur w, crydd 
Core, ko'r n, bywedyn, calon ; crawn 
Coriaceous, kö'r.î.ä'shus a, lledraidd 
Coriander, kö'r.î.an'dûr «, llysiau'r bara, 

brwysgedlys. Coriander of Rome, bul- 

wg Rhufain 
Corinthian, ko.rin' a, Corinthaidd. 

The Corinthian order, pedwaredd reol 

adeiladaeth, Corinthddull [yt, corcio 
Cork, kork n, core, corcyn, madarch: 
Cormorant, kôr'mö.rant n, mulfran, mor- 

fran; gloddestwr 
Com, korn n, yd, ydau, grawn yd,llafur; 

corn, oddf : vt, sychu, halltu, caledu â 

halen [werthwr yd 

Cornchandler, korn'tshand.lur n, ad- 
Cornel-tree, kor'nel.tri n, cwyros, cwyr- 

Cornelian,' — Carnehan 
Corneous, kor' a, comaidd, caled 
Corner, kor'nur n, congl, ongl, cornel; 

lloches, llechfa, dirgeììa, cilfach. Cor- 
ner-stone, conglfaen. Corner of the 

eye, cil y llygad 
Cornet, kor'net n, llumarnvr marchoglu ; 

udgomwr; math o udgorn 
Cometcy, ko' n, swydd llumanwr 
Cornice, kor'nis n, addurndalaith 
Cornicle, kor'ni.kl », cornyn, cornig, 

corn bach [corniog 

Cornigerous, kor.nij' a, cyrnig, 

COS path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Cornish, kor'nish a, Cerniwaidd. The 

Comish language, y Gerniwaeg [der 
Cornucopia, kôr.nü.kö'pî.â n, corn 11a wn- 
Cornute, kor.nut' vt, cycwalltu, diwrio 
Cornuto, kor.nii'to n, cornicyll 
Corny, kor'ni a, cornaidd ; grawnaidd 
Corollary, kor'ol.ur.i n, casgliad, can- 

lyniad, cload, penderfyniad 
Coronal, kor'ö.nal n, gwyrlen, coron- 

bleth: a, corynol [onol 

Coronary, kor'o.nur.i a, coronaidd, car- 
Coronation,'shun n, coroniad 
Coroner, kor'o.nur n, coronwr. Coron- 
er's jury, trengholwyr. Coroner's 

inquest, trengholiad 
Coronet, kor' n, coronig, talaith 
Corporal, kor'po.ral n, dengwriad : a, yn 

perthyn i'r corff, corfforol 
Corporality, kor.po.ral'i.ti n, corffolaeth 
Corporate, kor'po.rat a, corfforedig 
Corporation, kur.po.ra'skun n, corffor- 

aeth [â chorff ganddo 

Corporeal, kor.po'r' a, corffog, corffol, 
Corporeahst, kor.po'r' n, corff- 
ol wr [deb, corffeg 
Corporeity, kôr.pö.rî'î.tî n, defnyddiol- 
Corporif'y, kor.por' vt, corffori 
Corps, ko'r ( p corps, ko'rz) n, byddin- 

ran, catrawd 
Corpse, korps «,corff marw,burgyn, celan 
Corpulence, kGr'pii.lens n, corffogrwydd, 

tewdra [cnawdog 

Corpulent, kor'pii.lent a, corffog, tew, 
Corpuscle, kor'pus.kl n, mymryn, corffilyn 
Corpuscular, kor.pus'kii.lur «,mymrynol 
Corrade, ko.rad' vt. cydrwbio, cydgrafu 
Corradiation, ko.rii.di.a'shun n, cyd- 

lewyrchiad , cydbelydriad 
Correct, ko.rekt' a, cywir, manol, cyw- 

rain: vt, cospi, ceryddu; diwygio, 

cywiro, gwelläu 
Correction, ko.rek'shun n, diwygiad, 

cyweiriad; cerydd, cystwy 
Corrective, ko.rek'tiva,diwygiadol ; tym- 

merol : n, ardymmerydd, cy wehydd 
Correctness, ko.rekt'nes n, cywirdeb, 

Corrector, ko.rek'tur n, diwygiwr; cosp- 

wr; cystwy wr [Yspaen 

Corregidor, ko.rej'î,dôr n. uchynad yn 
Correlate, kor' n, gwrthberthynas 
Correlative, ko.rel'a.tiv a, cydberth- 

ynasol [gyhoeddiad 

Correptiou, ko.rep'shun n, cerydd, ar- 
Correspond, kor.i.spond' vi, cyfateb; 

gohebu [atebiad; gohebiaeth 

Correspondence, kor.î.spoa'dens n, cyf- 

Correspondent, kor.i.spon'dent a, cyf- 

atebol, addas : n, cyfatebwr, gohebydd 
Corridor, kor.i.dor' n, oriel o gwmpas ty, 

amrodfa [diwygiadwy 

Corrigible, kor' a, ceryddadwy; 
Corrival, ko.ri'val n, cydymgeisiwr 
Corrivation,'shun ?i, cydffrydiau, 

aber [cryfhaol 

Corroborant, ko.rob'o.rant a, cyfnerthol, 
Corroborate, ko.rob'o.rat vt, cyfnerthu, 

cadarnhau : a, sefydledig, sicr 
Corroborative, ko.rob'o.rii.tiv a, cyf- 

nerthol, cadarnhaol [cyfy&u 

Corrode, ko-rod' v, ysu, difa, amgnoi, 
Corrodent,'dent a, ysol, difaol 
Corrodible,' a, ysadwy 
Corrosion,'zhun n, amdraul, ysiad 
Corrosive,'siv a, ysol, cyfysol, di- 
faol : n, eli cyfysol [crebachu 
Corrugate, kor'ii.gat vt, ciychu, rhyeh/u, 
Corrupt, ko.rupt' a, llygredig, halogedig, 

pwdr,hadl; anonest: r,halogi, diwyno, 

pydru; gwobri [oldeb, hylygredd 
Corruptibility, ko.rup.tî.bil'î.tî n", llygr- 
Corruptible, ko.rup tî.bl a, llygradwy, 

pydradwy [crawn, gôr 

Corruption, ko.rup'shun n, llygredigaeth ; 
Corruptive, ko.rup'tiv a, llygrol, hylwgr 
Corruptness, ko.rupt'nes n, llygredd, 

halogrwydd ; anonestrwydd. 
Corsair,'r' n, morleidr 
Corse, kors n, celan, ysgerbwd, ab\vy 
Corselet, kors'let n, dwyfroneg 
Corset, kor'set », bron-gengl 
Cortes, kor'tez np, seneddwyr Yspaen 
Cortex, kor'teks n, rhisgl, rhisg 
Cortical, kor'ti.kal, Corticose, kor'ti.- 

kos a, rhiaglog, rhisglyd [fel rhisg 
Corticated, kor ti.ka.ted a, rhisglaidd, 
Coi-uscant, ko.rus'kant a, dysgleiriol 
Coruscate, ko.rus'kat vi, llewyrchu 
Corvette,' n, Hong rhyfel 
Corvine, kor'vin a, branaidd 
Corvizor, kor'vi'.zur n. crydd 
Cosey, ko'zi a, chwedíeugar 
Cosier, ko'zhi.ur n, bongleryn : o, tnvsgl 
Cosmetic, koz.met'ik a, tecaol, addurnol : 

n, meddyginiaeth a bair degwch pryd, 

tegolch, tlwsolch 
Cosmical, koz'mi.kal a, perthynol i'r 

byd ; yn codi neu fachlud gyda'r haul 
Cosmogony, koz.mog' n, cread, neu 

haniad y byd [ddarluniwr 

Cosmographer, koz.mog'ra.tur n, byd- 
Cosmography, koz.mog' n, byd- 

ddanuniad [bydyssawd 

Cosmolatry, koz.mol' n, addoliad y 

ôre; läte, line, nö, mute; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. COU 

Cosmopolitan, lcos.mö.pol'î.tan, Cosmo- 
polite, kos.mop'bMit n, dinasydd y byd 
Cossack, kos'ak n, milwr yn Rhwssia 
Cosset, kos'et n, oen llawfaeth 
Cossick, kos'ik a, alsoddol 
Cost, kost (pt & pp cost) n, traul, cost, 
pris; ais, eisen: vt, costio, bod yn 
werth. It cost me a shilling, mae yn 
sefyll i mi swllt 
Costal, kos'tal a, eisawl, eisenawl [masw 
Costard, kos'turd n, pen; math o afal 
Costive, kos'tiv a, bolrwym. rhwym 
Costiveness, kos'tiv.nes n, bolnvymiad 
Costless, kost'les a, digost, rhad 
Costliness, kost'li.nes n, gwerthfawr- 

Costly, kost'H a, gwerthfawr ; costfawr 
Costume, kos.tiim' n, dullwisgiad [twlc 
Cot, kot n, bwth, Uuest, caban, bwthyn, 
Cote, kot vt, gadael ar ol : n, corlan, Hoc 
Cotemporary, ko.tem'po.rur.i n, cyf- 

oedydd, cvfoesvdd : a, cyfoesol 
Coterie, ko.tur'i n, llon-gymmanfa, 
cymdeithas [ion merched 

Cotquean, kot'kwin n, ymyrwr â mater- 
Cottage, kot'aj n, bwth, cabandy, twlc 
Cottager, kot'a.jiir, Cotter, kot'ur, Cot- 
tier, kot'yur n, bwthynwr 
Cotton, kot'n n, cotwm, ceden 
Cottony, kot'n.i a. cotymaidd 
Couch, kfuvtsk n, glwtìifainc, trwl, gwâl, 
gorweddfainc : v, gorwedd , cynnwys ; 
tynu pelenau oddi ar lygaid ; annelu. 
To couch a spear, rhoi gwaewffon ar 
annel [onveiddiol 

Couchant, kuw'tshant a, yswatiol, tor- 
Couchee, kw'shi n, jonwehad nosawl 
Cough, kof ?i, peswch: v, pesychu. 

Hooping-cough, Chin-cough, y pas 
Could, kwd pt.— Can 
Coulter, kol'tur n, cwlltyr 
Council, kuwn'sil n, cynghor, eynghorfa 
Councillor, kuwn'sil.ur n, aelod cynghor 
Counsel, kuwn'sel n, cynghor ; dadleuwr, 

ejnghorvn- :vt, cjmghori; hyiforddi 
Counsellor, kûŵn'sel.ûr n, cynghorwr, 

cynghawsydd, dadleuwr 
Count, kuwnt n, iarll; cyfrif: v, rhifo, 

cyfrifo. Counting-house, cyfrif dy 
• Countenance, kuvvn'tlnans n, gwyneb, 
gwedd, gwynebpryd; nawdd, cefnog- 
iad: vt, noddi, cefnogi. Keep your 
countenance, na wridwch 
Counter, kuwn'tur n, ffug arian ; bwrdd 
cyfrif; uwchlais, uchalaw: a, croes, 
gwrth, gwrthAvyneb : ad, yn groes, yn 
«rbyn, yn y gwrth: px, gwrth- 

Counteract, kuwn.tur.akt' vt, gwrth- 

sefyll, gwrthweithredu [gwrthbwyso 
Counterbalance, kuwn.tur/bal'ans vt, 
Counterbalance, kû-\vn'tûr.bal.ans n, 

gwrthbwys, cydbwys [rwym 

Counterbond, kuwn' n, gwrth- 
Countercharge, kûŵn'tûr.tshârj n, 

gwrthgyhuddiad [attaliad; cerydd 
Countercheck, kuwu'tur.tshek n, gwrth- 
Counterfeit, kihvn' a, gau, ffugiol, 

ffuantus: vt, ffugio; dynwared: n, 

ffugbeth, rhith, twyll. Counterfeit 

money, arian drwg 
Countermand, kuwn.tur.mand' vt, 

gwrthorch)Tnmyn [gwrthgyrchu 

Countermarch, kûŴTi.tûr.mârtsh' vi, 
Countermarch, kuwn'tur .martsh n, 

Countermine, kuvvn'tur.min n, gwrth- 

glawdd : vt, dadymchwelyd 
Counterpane, kûŵn'tûr.pän n, teisban 
Counterpart, kûŵn'tûr.pârt n, gwi-thran 
Court erplea, hûŵn'tûr.plî n, gwrthddadl 
Counterplot, kuwn'tur. plot n, gwrthfrad 
Counterpoint, kûŵ-n'tûr.p6înt n, cy- 

nghanedd [bwyso: n, gwrthbwys 
Counterpoise, kûŵn'tûr.pGîz vt, gwrth- 
Counterscarp, kuwn'tur. skarp n, gwrth- 

glawdd [wyddo 

Countersign, kuwn'tur.s'm vt, Uawar- 
Countertide, kûŵn't€ii\t'íd n, gwrthlif 
Countervail, kûŵn.tûr.väl' ví,cyfartalu; 

cyfiawnu; cyferbynu 
Countervail, kûŵn'tûr.väl», cydbwysedd 
Countess, kuwn'tes n, iarlles 
Countless, kuwntles a, aneiiif, dirtf 
Countrified, kun'tri.f 'id a, gwladaidd 
Country, kun'tri n, gwlad; bro, goror, 

ardal ; tir : a, gwladaidd, gwledig 
Countrjonan, kun' n, gwladwr, 

dyn o'r wlad ; cydwladwr 
County, kuwn'ti n, sir, swydd, rhandir j 

iarllaeth: a, shyddol, perthynol i 

swydd [llamsach 

Coupee,' n, ysgogiad taplasol; 
Couple, kup'l n, par, dau, cwpl; magi: 

vt, cyssylltu, cymharu, cydieuo, priodi 
Couplet, kup'let n, pennill dwy fraich 
Courage, km-'aj n, dewrder, glewder, 

calondid, gwi-oldeb [dewr, calonog 
Courageous, ku.ra'jus a, gwrol, glew, 
Courageousness, ku.ra'jus.nes n, gwrol- 

deb, gwrhydri, dewredd, glewder 
Courant, kw.rant' n, math o daplas 
Courb, kw'rb vt, ymblygu, crymu, camu : 

a, cam [wr, cenad 

Courier, kwr'Lur n, brysgenad, rhedeg- 

CRA path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Course, ko'rs n, ystod, gyrfa ; rhedegfa ; 
cylch, chwyl; helynt, hynt; llwybr; 
haen, rhes: v, hela; rhedeg; erlyn, 
ymlid. Courses, misglwyf 
Courser, ko'r'sur n, rhedegfarch 
Court, ko'rt n, llys, brawdlys, neuadd; 
barnwr neu ynadon mewn llys ; bre- 
nindy ; teulu breninol ; cwrt ; cyntedd : 
vt, caru; addolwyn, erfyn. Bank- 
ruptcy Court, Torgedlys. Court 
of Arches, Llys yr Archau. Court 
of Common Pleas, Deflys. Court of Ex- 
chequer, Cyllidlys. Court of Queen's 
Bench, Llys Maine y Frenines. Small- 
debts Court, County Court, Manddy- 
ledlys. Court-leet, Llys Pentrefol. 
Court Martial, Cwrt Milwraidd. 
Court-hand, llawysgrifen a arferir i 
Courteous, ko'r'tshus a, moesog, caru- 
aidd, mwyn [deb, mwynder 

Courteousness, ko'r'tshus.nes n, tirion- 
Courtesan, kur.ti.zan' n, putain [edd 
Courtesy, kur'tlsi n, tirionfoes, hynaws- 
Courtesy, kurt'si n, glinostyngiad 
Courtier, ko'r'ti.ur n, gwr llys, llyswr; 
carwr [hyfoesedd 

Courtliness, ko'rt'li.nes n, moeswychedd, 
Courtly, ko'rtli, Courthke, ko'rt'l'ik a, 

moeswych; dillyn; gwenieithus 
Courtship, ko'rt'ship n, carwriaeth 
Cousin, kuz'n n, car; cefhdef (f cyf- 

nither). Second cousin, cyfyrder 
Cove, kov n, cil, cilfach, ebach, lloches ; 

llanc, llencyn 
Covenant, kuv'i.nant n, cyfammod, cy- 

nghrair: v, cyfammodi, cytuno 
Covenanter, kuv'Lnan.tur n, cyfammod- 

wr, ammodwr, rhagammodwr 

Cover, kuv'ur n, clawr, caead, croeg, 

gorchudd, to : vt, gorchuddio, c) r sgodi, 

toi [caead 

Covercle, kuv'ur.kl n, gorchudd, nulier, 

Coverlet, kuv'ur.let, Coverlid, kuv'ur.lid 

», huling, teisban, torsed, brecan 
Covert, kuv'urt n, gwasgawd, cuddlwyn, 

eudded, cuddfa: a, cudd, dirgel 
Covertness, kuv'urt.nes n, dirgelrwydd 
Coverture, kuv'ur.tshii'r n, cyfl^T gwraig 

dan nawdd ei gwr ; cysgod 
Covet, kuv'et vt, chwennychu, deisyfu 
Covetous, kuv'i.tus a, trachwantus, cy- 
byddlyd [ariangarweh 

Covetousness, kuv'i.tus.nes ?i,trachwant, 
Covey, kuv'i n, haid, nythlwyth o adar 
Covin, kuv'in n, cyd-dwyll, cydfrad 
Covinous, kuv'i.nus a, twyllodrua 

Cow, kûẁ n, buwch, buch ; bon : vt, di- 
galoni, pruddhau. A cow near calving, 
buwch ddowydd. A young cow, an- 
neirfuweh. Cow-wheat, y gliniogai. 
Cow-grass, buchlaswellt. Cow-herd, 
bugail, heusor, grëwr. Cow-house, 
bendy. Cow-blake, gleiad. Lady- 
cow, y fuwch gota 
Coward, kuw'urd n, anwr,llyfrgi, cachgi, 
annewryn [annewredd 

Cowardice, kuw'ur.dis n, llyfrdra, ofn, 
Cowardize, kûŵ'ûr.di*z vt, llyfrhau, di- 
galoni [aidd, llwfr 

Cowardly, kûŵ'ûrd.lîa, digalon, cachg'i- 
Cowbane, kuvv'ban n, cegid y dwfr 
Cower, kuw'ur vi, cwrian, cwrcydu 
Cowish, kuw'ish a, ofnus, llwfr, digalon 
Cowl, kûŵl n, cwcwll, cwfl. Cowl-staff, 
pawl, berllysg [yn, pefryn 

Coxcomb, koks'kom n, coegyn, ysgoeg- 
Coxcomical, koks.kom'i.kal a, coegyn- 
aidd, cymhen [aidd 

Coy, kôî a, mursenaidd, osgoilyd, gwyl- 
Coyness, koi'nes n, mursendod, gwyledd 
Cozen, kuz'n vt, twyllo, hudo, siomi 
Cozenage, kuz'n. äj n, twyll, dichell 
Crab, krab n, crane, morgranc ; afal sur, 

cogwrn. Crab-tree, afallen sur 
Crabbed, krab'ed a, sarig, anfoddog 
Crabbedness, krab'ed.nes n, surni; sar- 

igrwydd, anfoddlondeb; astrusi 

Crack, krak n, breg, agen, hollt; trwst; 

bost: v, hollti; crodidr} r stio ; broho. 

Crack-brained, penchwiban, penwan 

Cracker, krak'ur n, fflamyg ; gwagfost- 

iwr [lwgach 

Crackle, krak'l vt, clindarddach, ysgwr- 

Cracknel, krak'nel n, teisen galed 

Cradle, kra'dl n, cryd; cawell, alch: v, 

siglo cryd, crydsiglo 

Craft, kraft n, celf, crefft; ystryw, cyf- 

rwysder ; celfi pysgota ; Hong fechan 

Craftiness, kraf'ti.nes n, cyfrwysedd ' 

Craftsman, krafts'man n, celfyddwr, 

Crafty, kraft'ti a, cyfrwys, dichellgar 
Crag, krag n, craig, clegyr, clogwyn 
Cragginess, krag'i.nes n, garwder 
Craggy, krag'i a, ysgythrog, serth,garw 
Cram, kram v, gorlenwi, bol-lwytho 
Crambo, kram'bö«, rhosb, rhosbchwareu 
Cramp, kramp n, yr wrwst, cwlwm 
gwythi; creifyn: v, caethiwo: creff- 
ynu; dirwasgu: a, anhawdd, caled, 
rhwystrus. Cramp-iron, craff, creifyn, 
gafaelfach [wern, crygrys 

Cranberries, kran'ber.iz np, ceirios y 

ore; läte, line, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. CHI 

Crane, kran n, garan, crëyr, crychydd, 

cregyr; dyrwynlath, dyrwynydd 
Cranebill, kriin'bil n, mynawyd y bugail. 

Stinking-cranebill, llysiau'r llwynog 
Cranium, kra' n, penglog, iad 
Crank, krangk n, offeryn bachog ; dyr- 
wynlath : a, heinif, bywiog, iachus, cryf 
Crankle, krang'kl v, dolenu fel afon : n, 

crychiad; doleniad 
Crankness, krangk'nes n, bywiogrwydd 
Cranny, kran'i n, agen, hollt, agenig 
Crape, krap n, galarwe 
Crapulence, krap'u.lens n, afiechyd trwy 
anghymmedroldeb [meddw-glaf 

Crapulous, krap'ii.lus a, glwth, meddw, 
Crash, krash n, grem, grill, rhinc, tor- 

drwst : v, chwilfriwio, gremio 
Crasis, kra'sis », ardymmer, cymmysgedd 
Crassitude, kras'i.tud n, tewedd, praff- 
der, trymder [oediad 

destination,'shun re,gohiriad, 
Cratch, kratsh n, preseb; rhesel; cafh 

Crate, krat n, cawell i gario priddlestri 
Crater, kra'tur n, saf'n mynydd tanllyd ; 

twll; adwy 
Craunch, krantsh vt, rhygnu dannedd 
Cravat, kra.vat' n, math o wddf-liain 
Crave, krav vt, crefu, deisyf, chwennych 
Craven, kra'vn n, ceUiogyn digalon; 
llyfrwas, annewryn 
j Craw, kro n, crombil, cromil, cropa 
! Crawfish, kro'fish, Crayfish, kra fish n, 
ceimwch coch, ceimwch Mair [gripian 
| Crawl, krol vi, ymlusgo, cropian, ym- 
! Crayon, kra'un n, pwyntel sialc 

Craze, kraz vt, syfrdanu, gwallgofi 
j Craziness, kra'zi.nes n, methiant; am- 

mhwyll, gwallgofrwydd, penwendid 
| Crazy, kra'zi a, methedig, ysig ; penwan 
1 Creak, kink vi, grillian, gwichian, crecian 
j Cream, krim n, hufen : vi, hufenu 
I Creamy, kri'mi a, hufenog, hufenllyd 
! Crease, kris n, ol plygiad, crychiad : vt, 

crychiadu, peri crychiad 
Í Create, vt, creu, peru ; urddo 

Creation, kri.a' shun n, cread, creadigaeth 
! Creative, kri.a'tiv a, creadawl, creawl 
Creator, kri.a'tur n, crëwr, creawdwr, 

creawdydd, crëydd 
Creature, kri'tshur n, creadur; dynyn 
Crebritude, kreb'ri.tiid n, mynychdra 
Crebrous, kri'brus a, m)mych 
Credence, kri'dens n, cred, coel, flydd 
Credent, kri'dent a, credus, crediniol 
Credentials, kri.den'shalz n, credlythyr- 
au, llythyrau canmohaeth 

Credibility, kred.î.bil'î.tî, Credibleness, 
kred' n, crededd, coeledd, coel- 
edigaeth, tebygoliaeth [hygoel 

Credible, kred' a, credadwy, coeladwy, 
Credit, kred'it n, coel, cred ; cymmeriad, 
cyfrifiad, bri, parch, enw, ymddiried : 
vt, credu, coelio, ymddhied i [asol 
Creditable, kred' a, cyfrifol, urdd- 
Creditableness, kred' n, cym- 
meriad, bri [iwr, achretor 
Creditor, kred'i.tur n, gofynwr, coel- 
Credulity, krî.dü'lî.tî n, hygoeledd 
Credulous, kred'ii.lus a, coelgar, hygred, 
hawdd ganddo goelio [gkrwch 
Credulousness, kred'ii.lus.nes n, coel- 
Creed, krid n, pynciau fl'ydd, credo 
Creek, krik n, cilfach, crigyll, ebach : vi, 

gwichian, grilho 
C reeky, kri'ki a, cilfachog, bachog 
Creep, krip (crept) vi, ymlusgo, cropian, 
ymgreinio [neuad 

Cremation,'shun n, llosgiad, cyn- 
Cremor, kri'mor n, sylwedd hufenog 
Crenated, kri'na.ted a, bylchog, garw 
Crepitation, krep.i.ta'shun n, clindardd- 
Crept, krept pt & pp. — Creep [ach 

Crepuscule, kri.pus'kiil n, cyfnos, cyf- 
ddydd, cyflychwyr [dywyll 

Crepusculous, kri.pus'kii.lus a, llwyd- 
Crescent, kres'ent n, cyfnlloer, banner 

lleuad ; hanner cylch, cilgant 
Crescent, kres'ent, Crescive, kres'iv a, 

cynnyddol, tyfol 
Cress, kres n, berw, berwr, berwy. 

Water-cress, berw'r dwfr 
Cresset, kres'et n, tân-fwdwl, trybedd 
Crest, krest n, crib, cribyn, copa ; mwng ; 
helm gribog, arfau bonedd. Crest- 
fallen, digalon, isel 
Crested, kres'ted a, cribog, cobynog 
Crestless, kest'les a, diarfog, digrib; 
pen-isel [farm, marmog 

Cretaceous, kri.ta'shus a, sialcaidd, o 
Crevice, krev'is n, agen, hollt, rhigol 
Crew, krw n, cydforwyr, llongwyr, gwŷr 

Hong ; haid o ddyhirwyr : pt — Crow 
Crewel, krw'el n, edau fain o wlan 
Crib, krib n, preseb; rhesel; bwthyn: 

vt, darn-guddio, celcio; caethiwo 
Cribbage, krib'aj n, math o chwareu 
Cribble, krib'l n, gogr, gwagr tro 
Cribration, kri.bra'shun n, gogryniad 
Crick, krik n, grill, sythdod y gwddf 
Cricket, krik'et n, criciad, criciedyn, 

grilliedydd ; chwareu pel a chlwpa 
Cricoid, kri'koid a, cylchaidd, modrwy- 
Crier, kri'ur n, cri'wr, cyhoeddwr [aidd 

CRU path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵrrtoo, tẁk=took ; 

Crime, kr'im n, bai, trosedd, camwedd, 

pechod, euogrwydd [niwed 

Crimeless, kri'm'les a, dieuog, ditai, di- 
Criminal, krim'i.nal n, troseddwr, drwg- 

weithredwr : a, camweddus, beins 
Criminality, krim.î.nal'î.tî n, camwedd, 

euogrwydd [yn erbyn 

Criminate, krim'i.nat vt, cyhuddo, rhoi 
Crimination,'shun n, cyhudd- 

iad, achwyniad [og 

Criminatory, lmm'î.nä.tur.î a, cyhudd- 
Crimp, krimp a, crych ; crimpiol, brau, 

Crispin : v, crychu 
Crimple, krim'pl v, crychu, crimpio 
Crimson, krim zn n, coch dwfn, porphor 
Crinated, kr'i'na.ted a, gwalltiedig, 

gwalltlaes, â gwallt neu flew hir 
Crmcum, kring'kum n, ehwimp, creflyn 
Cringe, krinj vi, cynffoni, iseldruthio : 

n, truthblygiad, gwaseiddfoes 
Crinigerous, kri.nij, Crinose, kri"- 

nös a, gwalltog, blewog, garw 
Crinkle, kring'kl n, crych, plyg: v, 

crychu, rhychu, tolcio 
Crinohne, krin'o.lm n, defnydd a wneir 

o flew ceffyl, blew-we; peisgylch neu 

gylchbais *(o'r cyfryw) [der 

Crinosity, kri'.nos'i.ti n, gwalltedd, garw- 
Cripple, krip'l n, un cloff, efrydd, dyn 

baglog: vt, efryddu, cloffi 
Crisis, kri'sis (p crises, kri'siz) n, uch- 

der clefyd; cyfrwng o berygl neu 

fawr ddysgwyliad, dwys gwfrwng 
Crisp, krisp o, Crispin, sychgras: v, 

crispinio, sychgrasu ; crychu 
Crispation,'shun n, dwysgrasiad 
Crispness, krisp nes », svchgrasder 
Criterion, kri'.ti'r'i.un (p criteria, kr'i- 

tîr'î.â) n, prawf, maen prawf 
Critic, krit'ik n, beirniad, llenfeirniad, 

arholwr [enbyd 

Critical, krit'i.kal a, beirniadol, manwl; 
Criticalness, krit'i.kal.nes n, manyldeb, 

Criticism, krit'i.sizm n, beirniadaeth 

arholiad [manwl farnu ; beio 

Criticize, krit'i.s'iz v, beimiadu; arholi, 
Critique, kri.tik' », manwlsylwad 

Croak, kriik vi, crygleisio, grymial : n, 

cryglais llyffant neu frân 
Croceous, kru'skus a, saffyraidd, melyn 
Crochet, kro'she n, cromfach 
Crocitation, kros.i.ta'shun n, crygleisiad 

bran \yi, pardduo 

Crock, krok n, y parddu ar gefn crochan 
Crockery, krok'ur.i n, llestri pridd 

Crocodile, krok'o.dil n, afanc, addanc 
Crocus, kro'kus n, saffyr, saffrwm 
Croft, kroft n, cae byehan, erw, cadlas 
Croisado, kroi.sad' n, rhyfel y groes 
Croise, krois n, rhyfelwr y groes, pererin 
Crone, kron n, hen ddafad, hen wrach 
Crony, kro'ni n, cyfaill, c} r feilles 
Crook, krwk n, crwbach, crwbachiFon, 
ffon gnwpa. baglan; bugeilffon: v, 
cnvbachu, crymu ; gwyrdroi. Crook- 
backed, cefngrwm, gwai'gam 
Crooked, krwk'ed a, crwca ; gwyrdraws ; 
bachog [gwyrni, crymedd 

Crookedness, krwk'ed.nes n, camedd, 
Croop, krwp n, clefyd yn y gwddf, 

Crop, krop n, cnwd, adgen, ffrwyth, 
cynnyrch; cropa, cromil: vt, tocio, 
blaendori; difrigo, ysgythru; blaen- 
bori; cneifio; medi: a, cwta, cwtog. 
Crop-sick, claf trwy loddest 
Crosier, krb'zhur n, ffon' esgob, bugeil- 
ffon [baban 
Croslet, kros'let n, croesig; talaith 
Cross, kros n, croes, crog, crwys ; adfyd, 
bhnder, rhwystr : a, croes, traws ; an- 
ynad : v, croesi ; gwrthwynebu. Cross- 
bow, albrys, bwa croes. Cross-ex- 
amine, gwrth holi, croesholi. Cross- 
grained, trabluddus, anynad [adrwydd 
Crossness, kros'nes n, croesineb, anyn- 
Crosswise, kros'wiz ad, croeswedd, ar 
wedd groes, ar draws [ffwrch pren 
Crotch, krotsh n, bach; fforch neu 
Crotchet, krotsh'et », corfanig, penddu ; 
coegdyb [gwenieithio 
Crouch, kruwtsh vi, iselgrymu, ymblygu, 
Croup, krwp n, pedrain, tfolen, cloren 
Croupade, krw.pad' n, ucbel-lam ; naid 

dros y pen 
Crow, krö n, brân; trosol haiarn: vi 
{crew, crown), canu fel ceiliog ; ym- 
ffi-ostio. A flock of crows, naid o 
train, branes. Crow's foot, crafanc y 
frfm. Carrion-crow, breuan, cigfran. 
Young crows, branos 
Crowd, kruwd n, torf, tyrfa, tyndorf, 

lluaws : v, ymdyru ; ymwasgu 
Crowder, kruw'dur n, crythor, crythwr 
Crown, kruvVn n, coron, coronrwy; tal- 
aith; coronbleth; coryn, copa; coron, 
pum swllt, 5*. : vt, coroni ; addurno 
Crown, kron pp. — Crow 
Crucial, krw'shal a, croes, traws, croes- 
awl [ydio, poeni 

Cruciate, krŵ'shî.ät vt, arteithio, poen- 
Crucible, krw' n, tawddlestr 

öre ; late, l'íne, nö, miite ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. CUL 

Crucifix, krvv'si.fiks n, llun Crist ar y 

groes ; crog, crogwedd [hoeliad 

Crucifixion,'shun n, croes- 
Grucify, krw' vt, croeshoelio [addfed 
Crude, ki"ŵd a, llymrig, ammrwd : an- 
Crudeness, krwd'nes, Crudity, krŵ'dî.tî 

n, llymrigrwydd ; anaddfedrwydd 
Cruel, krw'el a, creulawn, ffyrnig, ciaidd, 

didosturi, dideimlad [eindra 

Cruelty, krw'el.ti n, ereulondeb, mil- 
Cruentous, kru'en.tus. Cruentale, krw'- 

en.tät a, creuled, gwaedlyd 
Cruet, krw'et n, costrelig 
Cruise, krwz n, gwylfordwyaeth ; cwpan, 

costrelan: vt, gwylfordwyo, gwib- 

fordwyo, gwibhwylio 
Cruiser, krw'zur n, gwiblong 
Crumb, krum n, mwydionyn; difyn, 

biiwsionyn; bywyn [malu 

Crumble, krum'bl v, briwsioni, briwioni, 
Crummy, krum'i a, mwydionog, by wynog 
Crump, krump a, cam, crwm, crwca 
Crumpet, krum'pet n, teisen fwyth 
Crumple, krum'pl v, crychu ; annhreihu : 

n, crych, crycniad [lleisio fel crëyr 
Crunk, krungk, Crunkle, krung'kl vi, 
Cruor, krw'ur n, gôr, gwyar [pystylwyn 
Crupper, krup'ur n, pedram, bontin, 
Crural, krw'r'al a, coesaidd, esgeuiol 
Crusade, krw.sad' », rhyfel y groes ; 

darn arian â chroes arno 
Cruse, krwz n, cwpan, costrelan 
Cruset, krw'zet ?i, tawddlestr gof aur 
Crush, krush n, gwasgiad, llethiad; 

dinystr: v, ysigo, malmio, dyfetha 
Crust, krust n, crawen ; crafen, cresten, 

cramen : v, crawen ; crestenu 
Crastacfcous, krus.tii'shus a, crawen- 

aidd ; cragenaidd, cragenog 
Crustiness, krus'ti.nes n, crawenog- 

rwydd; swri, sarigrwydd [sarig 

Crusty, krus'ti a, crawenog; afrywiog, 
Crutch, krutsh «, bagl, ffonfagl 
Crj-, kr'i n, bloedd, gwaedd, lief, dolef, 

cri : v, wylo, llefain, gwaeddi, cyhoeddi. 

To cry aloud, goralw, llefain yn groch 
Crier, kri'ur n, criwr, cyhoeddwr 
Crypt, kript n, cafell, cell dywell 
Cn'ptography, krip.tog' n, celys- 

grifen [iaith 

Cryptology, krip.tol'o.ji n, cehaith, nod- 
Crystal, kris'tal n, crisial, crisiant, 

gloew-wydr [tryloew 

Crystalline, kris' a, crisialaidd, 
Crystallization,'shun n, cris- 

ialiad [iannu 

Crystallize, kris.tal'i'z v, crisialu, cris- 

Cub, kub n, ceneu, cenaw; colwyn 
Cubation,'shun n, gorweddiad, 

gorphwysiad [gorweddol 

Cubatory, küT)â.tur.î a, lledorweddol , 
Cube, kub n, cub, cyfan-gorff chwe 

chyfochrol. Cube-root, tiysawdd ; try- 

Cubic, ku'bik, Cubical, kii'bi.kal a, 

chwechochrog, trifesur 
Cubit, kii'bit 11, cufydd, cyfelin (18 

modfedd) [drochi 

Cuckingstool, kuk'ing.stwl n, ystol 
Cuckold, kuk'uld n, cyrnicyll, gwanwr : 

vt, diwirio, godinebu 
Cuckoldom, kuk'ul.dum n, godinebiad; 

godineb [dirmygadwy 

Cuckoldy, kuk'ul.di a, salw, gorwael, 
Cuckoo, kwkw n, cog, cethlydd, cwcw; 

hurtyn. Cuckoo-pint, pidyn y gog. 

Cuckoo-spittle, poer y gog [len 

Cucquean,kẁk'wîn n, chwidwen, mwyg- 
Cucullate, ku.kul'at a, cwflaidd 
Cucumber, kii'cum.bur n, y chwerw- 

ddwfr, chwerwddyfrlys ; cucumer 
Cucurbit, ku'kur.bit n, math lestr 

Cud, kud n, cil boch; bwyd cilfoch. 

To chew the cud, cnoi'r cil ; myfyrio, 

Cuddle, kud'l v, llechu, yswatio ; cofl- 

eidio [Hong 

Cuddy, kud'i n, lie mangelloedd mewn 
Cudgel, kuj'el n, ffon, cwlbren, llach- 

bren, pastwn : vt, fibnodio, pastynu 
Cudweed, kud'wid n, Uysiau'r gynddar- 

edd ; yr adafeddog, llwyd y ffordd 
Cue, kii n, awgi-}on; diwedd, cynffbn; 

tymmer; gwthbren, ffon belre 
Cuff, kuf n, torch llawes ; dymod, cern- 

od : v, torchi ; dyrnodio, cernodio 
Cuirass, kwi'ras n, dwyfroneg, llurig 
Ciúrassier,' n, milwr llurigog 
Cuisse, kwis n, morddwyd-arfogaeth 
Culinary, Hi'lî.nur.î a, ceginaidd 
Cull, kul vt, cwlio, dewis, pigo 
Cullender, kul'en.dur n, hidl 
Culhon, kul'yun n, dyhiryn, adyn 
Cully, kul'i"», dyn a dwyllŵyd gan 

fenyw : vt, siomi, twyllo, hudo 
Culm', kulm n, math lo man, cwlwm 
Culminate, kul'mtnat vi, ucheddu, bod 

mewn entry ch [weddus 

Culpable, kul' a, beius, cylus, cam- 
Culprit, kul'prit n, drwgweithredwr 
Cultivate, kul'ti.vat vt, diwyllio, a- 

maethu, llafurio, gwrteithio ; meithrin, 



CUS path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Cultivation,'shun, Culture, 

kul'tshur n, amaethiad, diwylliant, 

gwellineb; addysgiad; coleddiad 
Culver, kul'vur n, colomen ; ysguthan 
Culverin, kul' n, cyflegr mawr 
Culvert, kul'vurt n, crymfa, ceuftbs 
Cumber, kum'bur vt, rhwystro, beicbio, 

gorlwytho [iad; trafferthiad 

Cumberance, kum'bur.ans n, afrwydd- 
Cumbersome, kum'bur.sum, Cumbrous, 

kum'brus a, lhvythfawr, rbwystrol; 

lied chwith ; gorthrwm 
Cumin, kum'in n, llysiau yr ehedydd 
Cumulate, kii' vt, crugio, pentyru, 

carneddu [pentyriad 

Cumulation,'shun n, casgliad. 
Cunctation, kungk.tii'shun n, oediad, 

Cuneal, kii', Cuneated, ku'ni.a.ted, 

Cuneiform,'i.form a, fel colpes, 

cynaidd, cyniol 
Cunning, kun'ing a, cyfnvys, call, di- 

chellgar, iselgraff; cywrain, medrus: 

cyfrwysder, dichell ; medr 
Cup, kup n, cwpan ; cib, cibyn : vt, cib- 

waedu. In bis cups, Cup-shot, meddw. 

Cup-bearer, heilyn, trulliad 
Cupboard, kub'o'rd n, llogawd, clogell, 

cwpan-gell, nester 
Cupel, kii'pel n, coeth-lestr. Cupel 

dust, Uwch i lanhau adwynau 
Cupid, kii'pid n, duw cariad [^trachwant 
Cupidity,'i.ti n, ananchwant, 
Cupola, kii' n, cromen [aidd 

Cupreous, kii' a, efyddaidd, copr- 
Cur, kur n, corgi, costog [adwy 

Curable, kii'r' a, meddygadwy, gM ell- 
Curableness, kii'r' n, iachaol- 
Curacy, kii'r' n, perigloriaeth [rwydd 
Curate, kii'r'at n, periglor, curad 
Curative, kii'r'a.tiv a, ìachaol, meddygol 
Curator, kii.ra'tur n, cyfeiriwr ; arolygydd 
Curb, kurb vt, ifrwyno, attal, cadw i 

mewn: n, genfa, attaliad; rhwystr 
Curd, kfu-d n, caul, ceulfran 
Curdle, kur'dl v, ceulo, ceuledu, cawsio 
Curdy, kur'di a, cawsog, ceuledawg 
Cure, kii'r n, iaehâd, gwellâd; periglor- 
iaeth: v, iachäu, meddyginiaethu ; 

halltu [iachaol 

Cureless, kii' r'les a, anfeddygiaethol, an- 
Curfew, kur'fii n, dyhuddgloch; tan- 

Curiosity,kü'r.î.os'î.tî«,manylwch ; cyvv- 

reinbeth. Curiosities, cywreinion 
Curious, kii'r' a, manol, cywrain, 

chwilfrydig; celfydd; tlws 

Curl, kurl n, crychgydyn; doleniad 

gwallt : v, crychu, modrwyo, dolenu 
Curlew, kur'lii n, j gylfinhir, chwiban- 

ogl y mynydd [bawddyn, cybydd 
Curmudgeon, kur.muj'un n, cerlyn, 
Currant, kur'ant n, rhyf, grawn Corinth. 

Currant-tree, rhyfwydden 
Cun-ency, kur' n, hydreigledd, 

rhwydd-rhediad, cylchrediad; arian 

neu werth derbyniol 
Current, kur'ent n, ffrwd, cerhynt, 

boewal: a, derbyniol, cymmeradwy, 

presennol. A current of air, awel 
Curricle, kur'i.kl n, cerbydan dwj' olwyn 
Currier, kur'i.ur n, lledn\ r r; ysgrafellwr 
Currish, kur'ish a, corgi'aidd, sarig 
Curry, kur'i vt, trin Iledr; ysgrafellu; 

cribo ; gweoieithio : n, cyfFaith o'r enw. 

CuiTy-comb, ysgrafell, crafell 
Curse, kurs n, melltith, rheg; blinder: 

v (curst), melltithio, rhegu ; gofidio 
Cursitor, kur'si.tur n, swycklwr yn llys 

cydwybod [ar ffrwst, buan 

Cursory, kilr'sur.i a, esgeulus, byrbwyll, 
Cursoriness, kur'sur.i.nes n, brys, cyf- 

lymedd, diofalwch 
Curst, kurstpt & pp. — Curse 
Curt, kurt a, byr, cwta [ogi 

Curtail, kur.tal' vt, byrhau, gofyru, cwt- 
Curtain, kur'tiin n, lien, croglen, caead- 

len. Curtain-lecture, gwely-wers gan 

Curtilage, kur'ti.laj n, cadlas, buarth 
Curvated, kur'va.ted a,cam, crwca, crwm 
CmTation,'shun n, crymiad, 

doleniad, camiad [ystum 

Curvature, kur'va.tshii'r n, camedd, dol- 
Curve, kurv v, camu, gwyro : n, cemi, 

crymder, crymedd, camedd, camder 
Curvet, kur 'vet n, naid, crychnaid, car- 
lam : vt, carlamu, neidio 
Curvilinear,'yur a, crymlin- 

ellaidd [crymiad 

Cumty, kûr'vî,tî n, camedd, gwyrni, 
Cushion, kwsh'un n, gobenydd, clustog 
Cusp, kusp n, cyrn y lloer ; blaen, pig 
Cuspidate, kus'pi.dat vt, blaenllvmu, 

pigfeinio, blaenfemio [fwyd 

Custard, kus'turd n, ceulfwyd, melus- 
Custodial,' a, cadwrol, ceid- 

wadol [carchar 

Custody, kus'to.di n, cadwraeth; dalfa, 
Custom, kus'tum n, defod, arfer, moes; 

masnach, cysmeriaeth; toll, arian 

porth, cyllyd, treth. Custom-house, 

tolldy, tollfa [arferedig 

Customable, kus' a, tolladwy; 

öre; liite, line, nö, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. DAM 

Customary, kus'tum.ur.i a, defodol, ar- 

ferol, cyffredin [meriad; masnachwr 

Customer, kus.tum'ur n, prynwr, cys- 

Custumary, kus'tii.mur.i n, llyfr cyf- 

reithiau a defodau 
Cut, kut (pt & pp cut) vt, tori (ag 
offeryn miniog); naddu; archolli; 
trychu; gwahanu: n, toriad, archoll, 
hriw; argrafflun, lhm; dyfrglawdd. 
To cut in pieces, dryllio, tori yn ddarn- 
au. To cut capers, carlamu. To cut 
teeth, cael daunedd. Cut-throat, 
llofrudd, bradwr, torgeg. Cut-purse, 
Cutaneous, kii.ta' a, croenaidd 
Cute, kiit a, call, cyfrwys [hysbys 

Cuth, kuth n, gwybodaeth, medr: a, 
Cuticle, kii'ti.kl n, croen, uchgroen 
Cuticular, kii.tik'ii.lur a, croenaidd 
Cutlass, kut'las n, bidog, cleddyf byr 
Cutler, kut'lur n, cyllellwr 
Cutlery, kut'lur.i n, offer awch 
Cutlet, kut'let n, darn tenau o gig 
Cutter, kut'ur ?i, Hong ysgafn ; torwr 
Cuttle-fish, kut' n, ysdifflog, mor- 

gyllell, bron alarch 
Cycle, si"kl n, cylch, cylchwy; cylchwyl 
Cycloid, si'kloid n, llun cylchol, ffurf 

Cyclopaedia, si.klö.pî'dî.â n, cylchgwy- 
bodaeth, cylch y celfyddydau, llyfr yn 
cynnwys pob math o wybodaeth, corff 
o wybodaeth, gwyddoniadur 
Cygnet, sig'net n, cyw alarch, alarchen 
Cylinder, sil'in.dûr n, rhol, trol; crwn- 
geuedd [crwn-geuol 

Cylindrical, si.lin'dn.kal a, rholaidd 
Cymar, sî.mâr' n, ysgwyddwisg 
Cymbal, sim'bal n, symbal 
Cymbiform, sim'bî.fôrm a, cychaidd 
Cynegeticks, s''iks np, helyddiaeth 

y gelfyddyd o ddysgu cŵn i hela 
Cynic, sin'ik n, dilynwr Diogenes 
chwyrnwr [sarig 

Cynic, sin'ik, Cynical, sin'i.kal a, c'iaidd, 
Cynorexy, sin' n, y rhaibglwyf 
Cynosure, s'i'nö.shü'r n, seren y gogledd, 

yr artli leiaf, seren y morwyr 
Cypress, s'i'pres n, cypreswydden, ffyll- 
wydden ; arwydd galar. Field cypress, 
troed y gath bah [ Gwener, putain 
Cyprian, sip'rî.an n, gwasanaethyddes 
Cyprus, sY'prus n, ysnoden Fair, brwynen 
Cyst, sist n, coden, crawn-goden 
Czar, zar n, ymherawdwr Rhwssia 
Czarina, za.ri'na n, ymherodres Rhwssia 


Dab, dab n, lleden y llaid, llythi'en; 

cnith : celfyddwr ; vt, ysgafn daro 
Dabble, dabl v, sicio ; tryboli ; ymyraeth 
Dabbler, dablûr n, ymdrybaeddwr ; 

gwanymyrwr, bwngler 
Dabchick, dab'tshik n, math o adar dwfr 
Da capo, dâ ka'po ad, eto, eilwaith 
Dace, däs n, brwyniad [hir, a dwy fer 
Dactyl, dak'til n, mesur o dair sill, un 
Dad, dad, Daddy, dad'î n, tad, tata 
Daddock, dad'uk n, pren gwyn, pren 

pwdr [cyfrwys, dyrus 

Daedal, dî'dal, Daîdalian, dî.dä'lî.an a, 
Daffodil, daf'ö.dil n, cenin y gwinwydd 
Daft, daft a, gorphwyllog ; meddw 
Dag, dag vt, blaen-gneifio ; dwbio, di- 

wyno. Dag-locks, blaen-gneifion 
Dagger, dag'ûr n, dagr, cleddyf byr; 

bidog (f). Double dagger, bér (J) 
Dahlia, dä'lî.â n, blodeuyn ysblenydd 
Daggle, dag'l v, diblo, budro, diwyno 
Daily, dä'lî a, beunyddiol, dyddiol : ad, 

beunydd, o ddydd i ddydd [dichlynedd 
Daintiness, dän'tî.nes n, moethusder; 
Dainty, dän'tî», dantaith, danteithfwyd, 

ammeuthyn: a, danteithiol, dichlyn 
Dairy, de r'î n, hafod, llaethdy, maerdy. 

Dairy-maid, llaethwraig. Dairy-man, 

hafodwr, hafotwr 
Daisy, dä'zî n, llygad y dydd, sensigl 
Daker, da'kur n, deg o rifedi. Daker- 

hen, creciar [doldir 

Dale, däl n, dyffryn, glyn, ystrad, dôl, 
Dalliance, dal'yans n, maldod, maswedd ; 

cudeb; oediad [talp 

Dallop, dal'up n, twff, cnwff, crynswth, 
Dally, dal'î vi, maldodi ; gohirio 
Dam, dam n, mam; arglawdd, cronfa : vt, 

argau, croni, llynio 
Damage, dam'aj n, niwed, colled; ad- 

dahad, iawn : v, colledu, gwaethu, ar- 

gyweddu, gwaethygu. Damag^e-fea- 

sant, niweidio anifail [adwy 

Damageable, dam'äj. â.bl a, gwaethyg- 
Damascene, dam'â.sîn a, Damascaidd: 

n. — Damson [a, blodeuwedd 

Damask, dam'ask n, lliain blodeuwedd : 
Damaskeen, dam'as.kin vt, brithosod 

haiam ag aur neu arian 
Damaskin, dam'as.kin n, cleddyf llydan 
Dame, däm n, meistres ; benyw 
Damn, dam v, dyfarnu; melltithio, rhegu 
Damnable, dam'nâ.bl a, barnadwy ; ys- 

geler, echryslawn, melltigol [aeth 
Damnation, dam.nä'shun n, barnedig- 

DEA path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, t\Vk=took; 

Damnatory, dam'ná.tur.í a, collfarnol 
Damnify, dam'nî.f 1 vt, colledu, niweidio 
Damp, damp a, llaith, tarthlyd. gwlyb: 

n. lleithder, gwlybnaws ; tarth, myg- 

darth; gwan-galondid : vt, lleithio, 

lledwlyehu ; llyfrhau, digaloni 
Dampish, dam'pish, Dampy, dam'pî a, 

lledlaith; prudd 
Damsel, dam'zel n, geneth, herlodes, 

llances, bun, morwyn, merch 
Damson, dam'zn n, eirynen ddu 
Dance, dans n, dawns, taplas ; v, taplasa, 

crychneidio, llemain. llamsachu. Dan- 
cing-master, dawnsddysgwr 
Dandelion, dan.dU'i'.un n, dant y Hew 
Dandiprat, dan'dî.prat n, coryn 
Dandle, dan'dl vt, dor lota, mwynfoddio 
Dandriff, dand'riff, Dandruff, dand'ruff 

n, marwdon, mardon, can [Daniaid 
Danegelt, dän'gelt n, treth a delid i'r 
Danger, dän'jûr n, perygl, pyd, enbyd- 

rwydd [ogel 

Dangerless, dän'jûr.les a, diberygl, di- 
Dangerous, dän'jû a, peryglus, en- 

bydus [bydrwydd, perygl 

Dangerousness, dänjû n, en- 
Dangle, dang'gl v, rhydd-grogi, hongian ; 

llusgo ar ol, ymganlyn, dilyn 
Dank, dangk a, gwlyb, llaith 
Dankish, dang'kish a, go wlyb, lledlaith 
Dapper, dap'ûr a, bach a bywiog, cryno 
Dapperling, dap'ûr.ling n, dynyn, coryn 
Dapple, dap'l a, amryliw, mknog, brith- 

liw. Dapple-gray,"brithlas, brithlwyd 
Dare, de'r (durst) r, beiddio, anturio 
Daring, dé'r'ing a, hyf, eon, rhyfygus, 

anturiol : n, eondra, hyfder 
Dark, dark a, tywyll, gwyll, caddugol; 

aneglur, anamlwg [caddugo 

Darken, dar'kn v, tywyllu, duo, nosi, 
Darkish, dar'kish a, go dywyll, llw} r d- 

dywyll. anoleu [magddu 

Darkness, dark'nes j^tj^'llwch, caddug ; 
Darksome, dark'sum a, tywyll, dilewyrch 
Darling, dár'ling a, anwyl, hoff, gorhoff, 

cu : n, anwylyd ; anwylddyn ; anwyles 
Darn, darn vt, darn-wnio, cyweirio 
Darnel, dâr'nel n, drewg, efre, eh*au 
Darrain, da.rän' vt, byddino i fmydr; 
Darrein, dar'än a, diweddaf [beiddio 
Dart, dârt n, picell, pilwrn, gafifach, 

saeth: v, picio, ymsaethu; picellu. 

Dart-fish, brwyniad 
Dash, dash ra.esgy d, tarawiad ; cymmysg ; 

llinell ( — ): v, taro, chwyrndaro ; 

malurio; cymmysgu; arwlychu, ys- 

wilio; synu; dilëu 

Dastard, das'tûrd a, anwr, cachgi, baw- 

ddjTi, cilgi, llyfrwas 
Dastardly, das'tûrd.lî a, anwraidd. llwfr 
Data, dä'tâ np. — Datum. 
Date, dät n. dyddiad; math o ffrwyth 
per: vt, dyddio, dyddnodi [ddyddio 
Dateless, dät'les a, annyddiedig, heb ei 
Dative, da'tiv a, rhoddedigol 
Datum, dä'tum (j) data) n, gwirionedd 

addefedig ; sylfaen ymadrodd 
Daub, dôb vt, dwbio; priddo, cleio; 

iro; truthio 
Daughter, dô'tûr n, merch. Daughter- 
in-law, merch yng nghyfi"aith, dawes, 
gwaudd. Step-daughter, llysferch 
Daunt, dânt vt, digaloni, brawychu, 

llwfi-hau; synu, peri ofn 
Dauntless, dânt'les a, calonog, hyf, di- 

ddychrvn, difraw, eofn 
Dauphin, dô'fin n. edlin coron Ffrainc 
Dauphiness, dô'fî.nes n, gwraig y Dau- 
Daw, do n. coiwan, cawci, palores [phin 
Dawdle, dô'dl vi, llercian, ofera 
Dawk, dok n, toriad: v, tori, asglodi 
Dawn, dôn n, gwawr, dychlais, gwawr- 
ddydd, cyfddydd, glasddydd, glasiad 
dydd : vi, gwawrio, dyddio, goleuo 
Day, dä n, diwrnod, dydd. dwthwn; 
goleu, goleuni. This day, heddyw. 
Every day, beunydd. Nest day, 
tranoeth. The day before yesterday, 
echdoe. The day after to-morrow, 
trenydd. Day-book, dyddlyfr. Day- 
break, toriad" dydd, gwawr. Day- 
labourer, dyddweithiwr. Day-light, 
goleu'r dydd, dydd wawl. Day's-man, 
dyddiwr," cylafareddwr, cyfi - yngwr. 
Day-spring, gwawr. Day-star, yseren 
ddydd; Gwener. Day-time, amser 
goleu'r dydd, y dydd. Day-work, 
gwaith wrth y dydd, dyddwaith [dallu 
Dazzle, daz'l v, gorddysgleirio, serenu, 
Dazzling, daz'ling a, llachar, gorddys- 
De-px, i lawr; oddiwrth, at- [glaer 
Deacon, di'kn n, diacon, dyweinydd 
Deaconess, di' n, d'iacones, dywein- 
yddes [ship n, di'aconiaeth 

Deaconry, ki'kn.ri, Deaconsbip, di'kn- 
Dead, ded a, marw; dif>*wyd; diflas; 
gwyw, g^wedig; trwm. Dead of 
night, canol nos [gwanhau 

Deaden, ded'n vt, marweiddio, lladd, 
Deadly, ded'lî a, marwol, angeuol, di- 

Deadness, ded'nes n, marweidd-dra 
Deaf, def a, byddar; trymglyw; diglyw. 
Deaf-mute, un mud a byddar 

Ore; läte, line, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. DEC 

Deafen, def'n vt, byddaru, syfrdanu 
Deafnes, def'nes n, byddardra, bydderi 
Deal, dîl n, rhan, eyfran : v (pt & pp 
dealt), cyfranu; masnachu, delio; 
ymdrin, trim A great deal, llawer, 
amledd, helaethder". Deahngs, ymar- 
feriad ; masnaeh ; triniaeth. Double- 
dealing, dauwynebedd. Deal-tree, 
ffawwydden, pinwydden 
Dealbation, dî.al.bä'shun n, gwynhud, 
cànad [rhanwr 

Dealer, dî'lûr n, cywerthydd, maeliwr, 
Dealt, delt pp — Deal [ymdeithiol 
Deambulatory, dî.am'bü.lä.tur.î a, gor- 
Dean, din n, "deon ; corflaenor 
Deanery, di'nur.i n, deoniaeth ; deondy 
Dear, di'r n, anwyl, en, hoff ; drud, prin. 
Dear-bought, wedi ei brynn yn ddrud. 
My dear, fy anwylyd, fy nghalon 
Dearness, di'r'nes n, anwyledd, cudeb; 

Dearth, darth n, prinder, drudaniaeth; 
newyn [malu 

Dearticulate, dî.âr.tih'ü.lät vt, dadgym- 
Death, deth n, angeu, dylaith, marwol- 
aeth, tranc, dien. Death-bed, gwely 
angeu. Death-like, llonydd, digyffro, 
tawel. Death-watch, ticbryf 
Deathless, deth'les a, anfarwol 
Deauration, dî.ô.rä'shun n, goreurad 
Debar, dî.bâr' vt, lluddias, llesteirio, 
cau allan [lwytho 

Debark, di.bark' v, tirio, glanio; dad- 
Debase, di.biis' vt, iselu; gwaethu; di- 
brisio, difr'io [iad, llygriad 

Debasement, dî.bäs'ment n, gwaethyg- 
Debatable, dî.bä'tâ.bl a, dadleuadwy 
Debate, dî.bät' v, ymresymu, dadleu, 

amrafaelio: n, dadl; ymryson 
Debauch, dî.bôtsh' v, wttresu, halogi, 
llygru; treisio, diforwyno: n, gor- 
modedd, rhysedd, ^vttres, gloddest 
Debauchee, deb.ö.shî' n, meddwyn, cyt- 

eddachwr, anlladfab, gloddestwr 
Debauchery, dî.bû'tshur.î ra, rhysedd- 
waith, bryntni [iad, llygriad 

Debauchment, dî.bôtsh'ment n, halog- 
Debel, dî.bel', Debellate, dî.bel'ät vt, 
goresgyn, gorchfygu [am ddyled 

Debenture, (Ìi.ben'shûr n, hawlysgrifen 
Debile, deb il a, gwan, eiddil, llesg 
Debihtate, dî.bü'î.tät vt, gwanychu, 
llesgäu [nychdod 

Debility, dî.bil'î.tî n, gwendid, llesgedd, 
Debris, dê'brí n, malurion creigiau 
Debonair, deb.ö.nê'r' a, moesgar ; hoenus 
Debt, det n, dyled, dyl; gofyn 

Debtor, det'ur n, dyledwr 

Deca-, Dec- px, deg 

Decade, dek'ad n, deg ; degaid ; degnos 

Decadence, di.kii'dens n, adfeiliad 

Decadist, dek'a.dist n, hanesydd deng- 

mlwyddol [ochrog 

Decagon, dek'a.gun n, darlun deng- 
Decalogue, dek'a.log n, y deg gorchym- 

myn, y dengair deddf [mudo, íîoi 
Decamp, di.kamp' vi, dadwersyllu ; 
Decampment, di.kamp'ment n, dadwer- 

syllia<l; mudiad, ifoad 
Decant, di.kant' vt, araf dywallt, tywallt 
Decanter, dî.kant'ûr n, gwallofydd; 

gwydrel [dibenu 

Decapitate, di.kap'i.tat vt, torfynyglu, 
Decapitation, di.kap.i.ta'shun n, diben- 

iad, torfynygliad 
Decay, dî.kä' n, adfeiliad, methiant, 

nychdod : vi, nychu, dihoem, gwanhau 
Decease, di.sîs' n, ymadawiad, trawiad : 

vi, marw, trengu, ymado 
Deceased, dî.sîst' a, trancedig, many, 

ymadawedig [hud 

Deceit, dî.sît' n, twyll, hoced, geudeb, 
Deceitful, dî.sît'fula, twyllodrus, ys- 

tryw-ddrwg, gau 
Deceitfulness, dî.sît'fnl.nes n, twyll, 

ffalsder, hudoliaeth [dwyll 

Deceivable,' a, dichellgar, hy- 
Deceivableness,' n, dichell, 

hydwylledd [hocedu 

Deceive, di.siv' vt, twyllo, siomi, hudo, 
December, dî.sem'bûr n, Rhagfyr, y mis 

du bach [iaeth 

Decemvirate, di.sem'vi.rat n, dengwr- 
Decency, dî'sen.sî n, gweddusrwydd, 

gweddeidd-dra, iawidbes, cymhwys- 

der, prydferthweh 
Decennial, dî.sen'yal a, dengmlwyddol 
Decent, di'sent a, gweddaidd, moesgar, 

pry dfer t h [ hudadwy 

Deceptible, dî.sep'tî.bl a, twylladwy, 
Deception, di.sepshun n, twyll, hud, 

siom; dichell [gar 

Deceptive, di.sep'tiv a, twyllodrus, siom- 
Deceptory, dî.sep'tur.î a, hudol 
Decerpt, di.sûrpt' a, didoledig, gwahanol 
Decerptible, dí.sûrp'tî.bla, gwahanadwy 
Decerption, dî.sûrp'shun n, gwahaniad, 

tyniad ymaith [iad, cynhen 

Decertation, dî.sûr.tä'shun n, ymryson- 
Decession, dî.sesh'un n, ymadawiad, 

gadawiad [gwrth-hudo 

Dechami, dî.tshârm' vt, gwrthswyno, 
Decide, dî.s'id' v, penderfynu 
Deciduous, dî.sid'ü.us a, syrthiadol 

DED path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, cfirve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Decimal, des'î.mal a, degawl, degymawl. 

Decimals, degiadau ; degiadaeth. Duo- 
decimals, dauarddegiadaeth 
Decimate, des'î.mät vt, degymu, degu 
Decimation, des.î.mä'shun n, degymiad, 

degiad [dynodi 

Decipher, dî.s'i'fûr vt, deongli, egluro, 
Decision, di.sizh'un n, barn, barniad; 

penderfyniad, diofryd 
Decisive,'siv a, terfynol, dybenol 
Decisiveness,'siv.nes n, terfynol- 

rwydd, penderfynolrwydd 
Deck, dek n, bwrdd Hong: vt, taclu, 

trwsio, addurno ; ymbincio [feio 

Declaim, di.klam' v, ymadroddi ; dwys- 
Declamation,'shun n ) areith- 

floedd, areithiad 
Declamatory, di.klam'a.tur.i a, croch- 

siaradol [gwiriadwy 

Declarable, di.kler' a, traethadwy. 
Declaration,'shun n, adrodd- 

iad, ardystiad [mynegol 

Declarative, di.klar'a.tiv a, hysbysol, 
Declaratory, dî.klar'â.tur.î a, dadganol 

cadarnhaol, adi-oddol 
Declare, di.kle'r' vt, mynegu, dadgan, 

adrodd, cyhoeddi; dangos, ardystio, 

gwirio; cyffesu 
Declension, di.klen'shun n, gogwyddiad 

adfeiliad, dirywiad ; treigliad 
Declinable, di.kl'i' a, hydreigl; 

gocheladwy [iad; graddbellder 

Declination, shun n, gogwydd- 
Dechnator, dek' n, offeryn at 

wneyd deial 
Decline, di.klin' «, darfodedigaeth, ys- 

gyfeinwst, adfeiliad : v, nychu, gwan- 

hau; gochelyd, gwrthod; gogwyddo; 

treiglo gair [wedd, llethr 

Declivity , di.kliv'i.ti ft, goriwaered, llech- 
Declivous, di.kl'i'vus a, Uethrog, serth 
Decoct, di.kokt' vt, berweddo, trwvtho. 

treulio [treuliadwy 

Decoctible, di.kok' a, berwadwy, 
Decoction, di.kok'shun f», benvad, dy 

i'erwad, mcddyglyn 
Decocture, di.kuk'tshur n, trwyth, isgell 
Decollate, di.kol'at vt, torfynyglu, tori 

pen [dibeniad 

Decollation, dck.o.lii'sbun n, pendoriad, 
Decompose, dt.kum.poV, Decompound, 

dî.lcum.pûẁnd' v, adgymmysgu, dad- 

RDBOddi ' [sawdd 

Decomposite, diJkum.pos'it a, adgyfim- 

Deoorate, dek'o.rat n. addurno. gwychu. 

harddn, trwsio [trweiad 

Decoration, dek.o.rii'shun n, addurniad 

Decorous, di.ko'rus n, gweddus, gwedd- 

aidd, prydferth, hawddgar 
Decorticate, dî.kôr'tî.kät vt, dirisglo 
Pecortication, dî.kôr.tî.kä'shun n, di- 

risgliad [harddweh 

Decorum, di.ko'rum n, gweddeidd-dra, 
Decoy, di.koi' vt, hudo, denu, Uithio; 

twyllo: n, hud, deniad; hudlyn. De- 
coy-duck, hudhwyad 
Decrease, di.kris' v, lleihau, treio, 

cilio: n, lleihâd, treiad; cil y lloer 
Decree, di.kri' v, deddfu; lluniaethu, 

arfaethu, gosod gorchymmyn : n, gor- 

chymmyn, deddf ; arfaeth f iad ; traul 
Decrement, dek'ri.ment n, lleüiâd, treul- 
Decrepit, di.krep'it a, methediir, cleir- 

iach. egwan, llesg [darddiad,crinelliad 
Decrepitation, di.krep.i.ta'shun n, clin- 
Decrepitude, di.krepi.tiid n, methiant, 

llesgedd [treiol J 

Decrescent, di.kres'ent a, lleihaol, ! 
Decretal, dî.lcrî'tal n, gosodiad ; deddfl 

lyfr y Pab: a, gorchymmynol, gosod- 

edigol [terfynol i 

Decretory, dek'rî.tur.î a, barnedigol; 
Decrial,'i'al n, difenwad, goganiad 
Decry, di.kri' vt, goganu, beio; difrio 
Decumbence, di.kum'bens n, gorweddiad 
Decumbent, dukum'bent a, gorweddol; 

isel [orweddiad 

Decumbiture, di.kum'bi.tshii'r n, claf- 
Decuple, dek' a, degplyg 
Decurion, dî.kü r'i.un n, dengwriad 
Decursion, di.kur'shun n, dylitiant, rhed- 

iad [byrhâd 

Decurtation, di.kur.ta'shun n, cwtogiadj 
Decussate, di.kus'at vt, croesi, cynghroesi 
Decussation, di.ku.sii'shun n, cy- 

nirhrocsiad [sarhau 

Dedecoros, di.dek'o.rus " a, gwarad- 

wyddUB [dannedd 

Dcdentition, di.den.tisli'un n, colliad 
Dedicate, ded'i.kat vt, cyssegru, cyf- 

flwyno, priodoli [cj'flwjTiiad 

in, ded.i.ka'slmn n, cýssegriadj 

Dedicatory, ded'i.kii.tur.i «, anrhegol, 

cyflwynol. Epistle dedicatory, ll\-thyr 

cyflwyn [road 

Dedition,'un n, ymroddiad, ym- 
Deduce, di.düs' vt, casglu 
Dedncement, di.diis'inent n, casgliad 
Deducible, dî.dü'sî.bl a. casgladwy 
Deduct, di.dukt' vt, tvuu allan, erthynu 
Deduction, di.duk'snun », casghadj 

erthyniad, tyniad allan [erthynol 
Deductive, di.duk'tiv a, casgliadol, 

ore ; läte, line, nö, miite ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. DEG 

Deed, did n, gweitbred, gorchestwaitb; 

gwaith, gorchwyl, flaith; ammod- 

ysgrif [segur 

Deedless, didles a, diweithred ; swrth, 
Deem, dim vt, tybied, meddwl, meddyho, 

barnu, cyfrif, ystyried 
Deemster, dim'stur n, barnwr ym Manw 
Deep, dip a, dwfn, dofh, gorddwfn: n, 

dyfnder, eigion, anoddyfn, affwys. 

Deep-mouthed, erochleisiol. Deep- 
musing, prudd, trist, meddylgar. 

Deep sleep, trymgwsg. Deep sorrow, 

tristwch mawr, gofid blin 
Deepen, di'pn v, dyfnhau, trymhau 
Deepness, dip'nes n, dyfnder, dyfhedd 
Deer, di'r (pdeer) n, danas,ewig, hydd; 

carw, eilion [harddu; dilëu 

Deface, dî.fäs' vt, hacru, gwrthuno, an- 
Defacement, d'i.fiis'ment n, afluniad, an- 

ferthiad; dilead [byrdra 

Defailance, dî.fä'lans n, meth, diffyg, 
Defalcate, di.fal'kat vt, blaendori ; cwtogi 
Defalcation, di.fal.ka'shun n, brigdoriad ; 

collgyfrif [cabl, gogan 

Defamation, def.â.mä'shun n, difenwad, 
Defamatory, di.fam'tur.i a, athrodus, 

enllibus, aneiriol [cablu 

Defame, dî.fäm' vt, absenu, athrodi, 
Defatigate, dî.fat'î.gät vt, blino 
Defatigation, dî.fat.î.gä'shun n, Uudd- 

ediad, blinder [daliad 

Default, dî.fôlt' n, diffyg, gwall; pall- 
Defeasance,'zans n, dirymiad; dad- 

Defeasible,' a, diddymadwy 
Defeat,' n, gorchfygiad; maedd- 

iad ; curfa : vt, gorchfygu, gorthrechu, 

dymchwelyd; dirymu 
Defeature, dî.f î'tshûr n, gwedd-newidiad 
Defecate, def'i.kat vt, diwaddodi, puro, 

teru [iad, puredigaeth 

Defecation, def.i.kii'shun n, diwaddod- 
Defect, di.fekt' n, byrdra, diftyg. coll, 

gwall, meth [mherfíaith 

Defectible, di.fekt' a, diffygiol, am- 
Defection, di.fek'shun n, g^Tthgihad 
Defective, di.fek'tiv a, gwallus, beius, 

anafus, cloff, byr [gwallusrwydd 

Defectiveness, di.fek'tiv .nes n, byrdra, 
Defence, di.fens' n, amddifiyn, diffyn, 

amnawdd, cysgod. City of defence, 

dinas gadarn. Self-defence, ymddi- 

ifyniad [amddiffyn 

Defenceless, di.fens'les a, dinodded, di- 
Defend, dî.fend' vt, amddifiyn, diffyn, 

diogelu, noddi, difreidio. To defend 

one's self, ymddiffyn 

Defendant, di.fen'dant n, diffynwr, diffyn- 

blaid [ achubadwy 

Defensible, dî.fen'sî.bl a, diffynadwy, 
Defensive, di.fen'siv a, amddiffynol 
Defer,' v, oedi, gohirio"; cyfeirio 

at, ymröi [ostyngiad 

Deference, def'ur.ens n, parch, bri; ym- 
Deferent, def'ur.ent n, dygiedydd, dyg- 

wr, cludydd [her, aws 

Defiance,'ans n, beiddiad, heriad, 
Deficiency, dî.fish'en.sî n, difiyg, byrdra, 

eisieu, yn eisieu 
Deficient,'ent a, diffygiol, byr, 

anorphen [rwydd 

Deficit, defi.sit n, diffyg, ammherffeith- 
Defile,'l' n, culffordd, llwybr, coeg- 

lwybr : vt, halogi, diwyno, diforwyno 
Defilement, di.fiVment n, halogedi^aeth, 

llygriad [deifiniadwy 

Definable, dî.fî'nâ.bl a, darluniadwy, 
Define,' vt, penodi, deffinio; am- 

lygu, darlunio [sicr 

Definite, def'i.nit a, penodol, pendant, 
Definiteness, def'i.nit.nes n, penodoldeb, 

sicrwydd [beniad 

Definition, def.i.nish'un n, defimiad, dos- 
Definitive, di.fin'i.tiv a, penodol, ter- 

fynol, pendant; eglur 
Deflagrable, deflâ.grâ.bl a, llosgadwy 
Deflagrate, def lâ.grät vt, tanio 
Deflagration, def.lâ.grä'shun n, llosgiad 
Deflect, di.flekt' v, gwyrgamu, cam- 

lwybro, troi heibio [wyrad 

Deflection, di.flek'shun ra,gwyrad, traws- 
Defloration, dî.flö.rä'shun n, treisiad, 

diforwyniad; dewisiad [diflodeuo 
Deflour, dî.flûŵ'r' vt, treisio, llathruddo, 
Defluous, a, Uifiannaidd, syrth- 

iannaidd [syrthiad gwallt 

Defluvium, di.flii' n, cwympiad, 
Defluxion, di.fluk'shun n, lhfiad, Uifiant, 

dyferwst [aflanhâd 

Defcedation, def.î.dä'shun n, halogiad, 
Deforcement, dî.f ô'rs'ment n, traisattal- 

aeth [hagru 

Deform, dî.fôrm' vt, anffurfio, gwrthuno, 
Deformity, dî.fôr'mî.tî n, anferthwch, 

gwrthuni, afluneiddrwydd 
Defraud, dî.frôd' vt, twyllo, camgolledu ; 

siomi, hocedu [gost 

Defray, dî.frä' vt, talu, dwyn traul neu 
Deft, deft a, prydferth, hardd, deheu 
Defunct, di.fungkt' a,marw [marwolaeth 
Defnnction, di.fungk'shun n, tranc, 
Defy," vt, beiddio, herio; dirmygu 
Degeneracy, dî.jen'ur.ä.sî n, dirywiad; 



DEL path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Degenerate, dî.jen'ur.ät vt, dirywio, af- 

rywiogi : a, dirywiol, llygredig, afryw 
Degenerateness, dî.jen'ur.üt.nes re, di- 

rywiaeth, llygriad [diffaith, gwael 
Degenerous, dî.jen' a, dirywiog, 
Deglutinate, dî.glü'tî.nät vi, diludio 
Deglutition, deg.lii.tish'un re, llynciad, 

llwnc [iad, diraddiad 

Degradation, deg.râ.dä'shun re, difrein- 
Degrade, dî.gräd' vt, diraddu, diurddo, 

difreinio, iselu 
Degree, dî.grî' re, gradd, urdd; mesur, 

By degrees, yn raddol, yn araf 
Degustation, dî.gus.tä'shun re, blasiad, 

archwaethiad [galoni 

Dehort, dî.hôrt' vt, gwrthgynghori, di- 
Dehortation, dî.hôr.tä'shun re, gwrth- 

gynghor [hoeliad 

Deicide, dí'î.sid re, duwladdiad, y croes- 
Deifìcation, dî.î.fî.kä'shnn re, dwyfoliad 
Deity, dî'î.fî vt, duwioli, dwyfoli, gwneyd 

yn dduw [wiw gan 

Deign, dän v, teilyngu, caniatäu, bod yn 
Deintegrate, dî.in'tî.grät vt, lleihau 
Deism, di'izm re, duwiaeth ; anghristiaeth 
Deist, dî'ist re, anrTyddiwr, duwgredydd 
Deistical, dî.is'tî.cal a, rhydd-dybiol, 

Deity, dî'î.tî re, duwdod, duwdeb; Duw 
Deject, di.jekt' vt, digaloni, llwfrhau, 

tristiiu [galondid, ymollyngiad 

Dejection, di.jekshun n, trymfryd, di- 
Dejecture, di.jek'tshur n, ysgartb, torn 
Dejeration, dej.u.rä'slnm n, dwysdyniad 
Delactation, di.lak.ta'shun n, dilaethiad, 

Delapse, di.laps' vi, llithro i lawr 
Delate, dî.lät vt, dwyn, dygyd, cludo; 

cyhuddo [cyhuddiad 

Delation, dî.lä'shun n, trosglwyddiad, 
Delay, dî.lii' n, oed, aros, attreg, godrig, 

gonir : v, addoedi, gohirio ; aros 
Dele, dí'lî vt (gorcbymmynol), dilea 
Delectable, dUek' a, hyfrydlawn, 

dymunol, maws 
Delectableness, di.lek' n, hy- 

frydwch, tirionwch [dywenydd 

Delectation, di.lek.ta'shun n, ffawg, 
Delegacy, del'î.gä.sî n, dirpnvyaeth 
Delegate, del'î.gät vt, anfon yn genad ; 

rhoi mewn swydd: n, cenad, dirprwy, 

rhaglaw [swyddogaeth 

Delegation, del.î.gä'shun n, dirprwyad, 
Delete, dî.lit' vt, dili : u 
Deleterious, dî.lî.tî'r'í.us a, gwenwynig, 

niweidiol, dinystriol, marwol 
Deletion, dí.lî'shuu n, dilead, dinystriad 

Delf, delf n, cleddiwig, cloddfa; llestri 
pridd [prawf, cynnyg 

Delibation, dî.lî.bä'shun n, chwaethiad ; 
Deliberate, dî.lib'ur.ät v, arystyried, 
pwyso, petruso: a, pwyllog; dwys- 
ryfyrgar [ogrwydd 

Deliberateness, dî.lib'ur.ät.nes n, pwyll- 
Deliberation, dî.lib.u.rä'shun n, ystyr- 
iaeth, dysbwjll [pwyllus 

Deliberative, di.lib'ur.a.tiv a, ystyriol, 
Delicacy, del' n, manylwch, c)-n- 
nilwch; moesgarwcli; meindra; am- 
meuthyn. Delicacies, danteithion 
Delicate, del'i.kat a, moethus, cynnil 
Delicateness, del'i.kat.nes n, manylder; 
tynerwch [moethus; per 

Delicious, dî.lish'us a, danteithiol, 
Deliciousness, di.bsh'us.nes n, pereidd- 
dra ^ [i fyny 

Deligation, del.î.gä'shun n, rhwymiad 
Delight, dî.l'it' n, hyfrydvrch, dywenydd; 
boddhâd : ví,difyru ;ymlioffi ; ymserchu 
Delightful, dUi't'i'ul a, dyddan, hyfryd- 
lawn [lonedd 
Delightfulness, dî.lît'ful.nes n, hyriyd- 
Delineate, dî.lin'î.ät vt, arlunio, Uunio 
Delineation, dî.lin.î.ä'shun n, llun, ffurf, 
brasluniad [beiusrwydd 
Delinquency, di.hng' n, bai; 
Dehnquent, di.Ung'kwent n, troseddwr, 
camweddwr [dadlaith 
Deliquate, del'i.kwat v, toddi; ymdoddi; 
Dehquation, dela.kwii'shun n, toddiad, 
ymdoddiad [dylliad, llesmeiriad 
Deliquium, di.lik' n, poethddys- 
Delirious, dî.hr'î.us n, pensyfrdan ; gor- 
phwyllus [gwallgof, collbwyll 
Delirium, dî.lir'î.um n, penysgafnder, 
Deliver, di.liv'ur vt, traddodi; gwaredu, 
rhyddhau. To dehver one's self, ym- 
waredu, dianc. To deliver a speech, 
traethu ymadrodd, areithio. To b» 
delivered, esgor 
Deliverance, di.liv'ur.ans n, achubiaeth, 
gollyngdod, ymwared, rhyddhâd ; vm- 
adroddiad [esgorfa; traddodiad 
Delivery, dî.liv'ur.î n, rhyddhâd; tymp,! 
Dell, del n, glvn, pant, dyffiyn, cwm 
Delta, del'ta re, D Groeg (^); tir yng 

nghanol aber 
Deltoid, del'tôîd a, tebyg i ddelta. 
Deltoid muscle, uu o gyhyrau yr 
j'sgw^^dd [hudadwy 

Deludable, dî.lü'dâ.bl a, twylladwy, 
Delude, dî.lüd' vt, twyllo, hudo, llitluo 
Deluge, del'iij n, dvlif, diluw, gorlif. Uif- 
einant ; vt, iyliro, Éfeirio, gorlifo 

ore ; late, l'íne, nö, miite ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, this ; 



Delusion, dUii'zhun n, twyll, siom_ 
hudohaeth [a, twyllodrus 

Delusive, dUii'siv, Delusory, dî.lü'sur.î 
Delve, delv n, íFos, clawdd, twll. pwll, 
pydew: v, cloddio, palu, agor, chwilio 
Demagogue, dem'â.gog n, blaenor ym- 

bleidiaeth, corn y gynhen 
Demand, dî.mand n, goiyniad, holiad. 

arch, galwad : vt, gofyn, holi, ceisio 
Demandant, dî.man'dant n, gofynydd, 

hawlblaid, hawlwr 
Demean, dî.mîn' vt, ymddwyn, ymar- 
weddu; dibrisio [ymddygiad 

Demeanour, dî.mî'nûr n, ymarweddiad, 
Dementate,'tät a, gwallgofus, 
ynfyd [bwyll, marwerydd 

Dementation, dî.men.tä'shun n, coil- 
Demerit, dî.mer'it n, anhaeddiant, dryg- 
edd [suddiant 

Demersion, dî.mûr'shun n, suddiad, 
Demesne, dî.mîn' n, treftadaeth, tir- 

iogaeth; maerdref 

Demi- px, hanner [hanner duw 

Demigod, dem'î.god n, lled-dduw, 

Demigrate, dem'î.grät vi, mudo 

Demilance, dem'Uaas n, bér, rhaidd 

Demise, di.m'iz' n, marwolaeth, ym- 

adawiad: v, cymmynu, rhoi mewn 

ewyllys [gorgiychyn 

Demisemiquaver, dem.î.sem.î.kwä'vûr n, 

Demission, dî.rnish'un n, iseliad, diradd- 

Demit, dî.mit' v, darostwng, iselu [iad 

Democracy, di.mok' n, gweriniaeth 

Democrat, dem'ö.krat, Democratist, di- 

mok'ra.tist n, gweriniaethwr [aidd 

Democratic, dem.o.krat'ik a, gwerin- 

Demolish, dî.mol'ish vt, dymchwelyd, 

distrywio [dadymchweliad 

demolition, dem.ö.lish'un n, dinystriad, 

îemon, dî'mun n, cythraul, ysbryd 

drwg, ellyll [thraul ynddo 

Demoniac, dî.mö'nî.ah n, un â chy- 

)emoniacal, dem.o.n'i'a.kal a, cythreulig 

)emonology, dem.on.ol'ö.jî n, cythreul- 

: draeth [profi 

Demonstrate, dî.mon'strät vt, arddangos, 

Demonstration, dem.on.strä'shun n 

! arddangosiad, cglurhád, prawf 

demonstrative, di.mon'stra.tiv a, ar- 

ddangosiadol, eglurol 
Demoi'aiization,'shun n, 
anfoesoliad [Ujg™ 

demoralize, di.mor'al.iz vt, anfoesoli; 
temulcent, dî.mul'sent a, esmwythaol, 
meddalhaol, llinarol 
pemur, dì.mûr' n, petrusder, attreg ; oed- 
ol: v, petruso; gwrthddadlu; oedi 

Demure, dî.mü'r' a, yswil, rhithyswil, 

mursenaidd [gwepddifrii'wch 

Demureness, dî.mü'r'nes n, yswilder, 
Demurrage, dî.mur'äj n, dogn am attal 

llongau [cynghaws 

Demurrer, dî.mur'ûr n, attaliad mewn 
Demy, dî.mì" n, papyr 22J modfedd o 

hyd, a 18 modfedd o led 
Den, den n, ogof, ffau, gwâl, lloches 
Denary, den'ur.î a, deg ; yn cynnwys deg 
Denegation, den.î.gä'shun n, gwadiad, 

nacâd, nad [hywad 

Deniable, dî.n'í'â.bl a, gwadadwy, 
Denial, dî.n'i'al n, gwad, gwadiad ; neg- 

yddiad, nacâd, nag 
Denigrate, den'î.grät vt, duo, ardduo 
Denizen, den'i.zn n, dinesydd, bwrdais : 

vt, breinio, rhyddfreinio [enwi, galw 
Denominate, dî.nom'î.nät vt, enwi, cyf- 
Denomination, dî.nom.î.nä'shun n, enw, 

enwad, cyfenwad [ydd 

Denominator, dî.nom'î.nä.tûr n, enwed- 
Denotation, dî.nö.tä'shun n, penodiad, 

dynodiad [hynodi 

Denote, dî.nöt' vt, arwyddo, darnodi, 
Denounce, dî.nûŵns' vt, argyhuddo, 

arddadgan [ythiad 

Denouncement, dî.nûŵns'ment n, byg- 
Dense, dens a, tew, dwysedig; durfing 
Density, den'sî.tî ti, tewychder, cynnwys- 

edd; durfingdra 
Dent, dent n, bwlch, tolc, rhigol, rhint: 

vt, gylfu, bylchu, rhigoli 
Dental, den'tal a, deintiol, danneddol. 

Dentals, deintohon 
Denticulated, den.tik' a, deint- 

iog [neddiad, deintiad 

Denticulation,'shun n, dan- 
Dentifrice, den'tî.fris n, deintlwch 
Dentist, den'tist n, deintydd 
Dentition, den.tish'un n, deintiad [iad 
Denudation, den.ü.dä'shun n, dynoeth- 
Denude, dî.nûd' vt, noetlii, dihatru 
Denunciate, dî.nun'shî.ät vt, argyhuddo, 

arddadgan [ddadganiad 

Denunciation, dî.nun.sî.ä'sliun n, ar- 
Deny, dî.n'í' vt, gwadu, dad-ddywedyd ; 

gommedd, pallu 
Deodand, dî'ö.dand n, duwinrodd, dirwy, 

diofrydbeth [rhwyddhau ffordd 

Deoppilate, dî.op'î.lät vt, digaregu, 
Deosculate, di.os' vt, cusanu 
Depaint, dî.pänt' vt, arlunio, darnodi 
Depart, dî.pârt' vi, ymadael, cefnu ar ; 

ymwahanu: n, ymadawiad 
Department, dî.pârt'ment n, lie, dybarth, 
v dosbarth, swydd 


DES path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rìne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, t\v=rtoo, tvYk=took; 

Departure, dî.pâr'tshûr n, ymadawiad 
Depasture, dî.pas'tshûr vi, pori, porf iiu 
Depauperate, dî.pô'pur.ät vt, tlodi, llym- 

nan; andwyo 
Depectible, di.pek' a, glndiog. gwydn. 

toeslyd [hoeddladrad 

Depeculation, di.pek.ii.lii'shun n, cy- 
Depend, dî.pend' vi, ymddibynu; hy- 

deru, gorphwys [dibynol 

Dependant, di.p"en'dant a, ymddibynol. 
Dependence, dî.pen'dens n. dibyniad. 

ymorphwysiad, goglud, hyder, ym- 

ddiried; atteg 
Dependent, dî.pen'dent n, ymddibynydd 
Deperdition, dî.pûr.dlsh'un *, coll, cyfr- 

Dephlegm, dì.flem', Dephlegmate, di- 

neg'mät vt, dilysnafeddu 
Depict, di.pikt' vt, darlunio, darliwio 
Depilation, dep.î.lä'shun n, diwalltiad, 

Depilatory, dî.pil'â.tur.î a, moelnawsol 
Depilous, dep'i.lus a, moel, diflew, di- 

wallt [lenwad 

Depletion, dî.plí'shun n, gwaghikl, dad- 
Deplorable, d'í.plö'r'á.bl a, gaìarus. trist 
Deplorableness, dî.plö'r'â.bí.nes n, traeni. 

gresynder, gresyndod [galaru 

Deplore, dì.piô'r' vt, tosturio, golidio, 
üeplumation, dcp.lü.mä'shun n, dibluad 
Deplume, di.pliim' vt, dibluo; pluo 
Deponent, dî.pö'nent n, tyst ar lw, ar- 

dyst, tyngedydd [difrodi 

Depopulate, dì.pop'ü.lät vt, diboblogi; 
Depopulation, dî.pop.ü.lä'shun n, difrod- 

iad, anghyfanneddiad 
Deport, dî.pö'rt' r^ymddwvn, bncheddu : 

n, ymddygiad [iaeth, deoliad 

Deportation, dî.pö'r.tä'shun n, alltud- 
Deportmcnt, dî.pö'rt'ment n, ymddygiad 
Depose, dî.pöY vt, tystio ar lw, tyngu ; 

diswyddo, diraddio 
Deposit, di.poz'it n, adneu, gwystl, 

cÿngwystl ; gwaelodion : vt, dodii lawr ; 

gwystlo; tystio 
Depositary, di.poz'i.tur.i n, gwystl- 

ddaliwr, Haw gadw 
Deposition, dep.O.zish'un n, tystiad ar 

hv; difreiniad [sorfe, yatordy 

Depository, di.poz'i.tur.i n, cronfa, try- 
Depot, de.pö' n, cronfa, ystoi _ 

sorfa [gwaetbygiad, diwyniad 

Depravation, dcp.ra.vii'slmn n. Uygriad, 
Depra 1 gru, halogi 

Depravi giom 

e. dep'ii.kiit rt, gwrthymbil, 

gwrthcrfyn. gweddi'o rhag 

Deprecation, dep.ri.ka'shun a, archan, 

gwrthymbiliad, gwrtherfyniad 
Depreciate, di.prî'shi.ät vt, difri'o, iselu, 

byebann [glyfio 

Depredate, dep'rî.dät vt, preiddîo, ys- 
Depredation, dep.rî.dä'shun n. difrodiad, 

anrbeitbiad [dadguddio 

Deprehend, dep.ri.hend' vt, dadenhuddo, 
Deprehension. dep.ri.hen'shun n, dad- 

guddiad [iselu 

Depress, dî.pres' vt, arlethu, gostwng, 
Depression, di.presh un n, pwysiant; 

goriseliad; iselder 
Depressor, dî.pres'ûr n, gorthrymwr; 

un o gyhyrau y üygad [diraddiad 
Deprivation, dep.ri.vii'shnn n, difuddiant, 
Deprive,'iv' vt, difeddu; diraddu 
Depth, depth a, dyfnder, dyfnedd 
Depucelate, dî.pü'sì.lät vt, diforwyno 
Depulsion, di.pul'shun n, ymlidiad 

ymaith, gyriad ymaith 
Depurate, dep'ü.rät a, pur, glân: vt, 

puro, coethi [coethiad 

Depuration, dep.ii.rii'shun n, pmiad. 
Deputation, dep.ü.tii'shun n, eenadwr- 

iaeth; dirprwywyr; penodi dirprwy 
Depute, dî.püt' vt, anion dirprwy: rhoi 

swydd i un [cenadwr 

Deputy, dep'ü.tî n. dirprwywr, rbaglaw, 
Deracinate, dî.ras'î.nät vt, diwreiddio 
Deraign, dî.rän' vt, prof] ; cyfiawnhau 
Derange, dî.ränj' vt, annbrefnu, an- 

hwylio. Deranged, maes o'i bwyll 
Derangement, di.ränj 'im-nt n. annhrefh; 

annbrefiiiad : gwallgofnvydd 
Dereliction, der.i.lik'shun n, gadawiad, 

ymwrthodiad ; esgeulusiad 
Deride, di.r'id' vt, gwatwar, gwawdio 
Derision, di.rizh'un n, gwatwar, gwawd 
Derisive, di.r'i'siv a, gwatwarus 
Derivable, dîjfvâ.bl a, tarddadwy, deill- 

iadwy [cyrchiad, deilliad 

Derivation, der.i.vli'shun n, tarddiad, 
Derivative, di.riv'a.tiv a, tarddedig, 

deilliol, nanedig: n. tarddair 

i.r'iv' v, cyrclni; olrheinio; 

tarddu, hanu. deillio [ol, diweddaf 
Dernier, dàr'ni.ûr (der'nî.ê) a, olafunig- 
Derogat' i inygu.bychanu; 

toko: a, gwaethygiedig, niweidiedig 
Derogati tun », lleihaa 

Derogatory, dî.rog'â.tur.î a, antnol. 

i h Tyrcaidd 
Descant, des'kant »/traethia"d ; 
ton • [byncio, traeth» 

t, di.skant' vi, ardraethu, ar- 

ore; läte, l'íne, nö, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, this; j=dzh.. 


d, dî.send' vi, disgyn, ymostwng ; 

hanu [hiliogaeth 

Descendant, di.sen'dant n, hil, eppil. 
Descendent, di.sen'dent a, disgynol, han- 

iadol [diraddiad 

Descension, dî.sen'shun n, disgyniad, 
Descent, dî.sent' n, disgynfa; goriwaer- 

ed; rhnthr; ach. Of high descent. 

boneddig. Of low descent, lledryw 
Describe, dî.scri'b' vt, darlunio, arddangos 
Description, di.skrip'shun n, darluniad. 

darnodiad, arddulliad; eilnn, delw, 

dull, bath [cyflawn 

Descriptive, di.skrip.tiv a, darluniadol; 
Descry, di.skri' vt, canfod, dimad, digelu 
Desecrate, des'i.kriit vt, digyssegru, hal- 

ogi [iad, halogiad 

Desecration, des.i.kra'shun n, digyssegr- 
Desert, di.zurt' n, haeddiant, gobryn, 

rhyglvdd : v, gadael ; encilio ; gwrth- 

od; ffoi 
Desert, dez'urt n, anialwch, diffeiihwch 

a, anghyfannedd, diffaith : anial 
Desertion, di.zur'shun n, euciliad, ffoad 

Deseriless. di.zurt 'les a, divrerth, diles 
Deserve, di.zurv' vt, haeddu, teilyngu 
Desiccate, di.sik'iit v, dysychu, agerddu 
Desiccative, di.sik'ii.tiv a, dysychol 
Desiderata, dî.sid.u.rä 'tâ. — Desideratum 
Desiderate, dî.sid'ur.ät vt, chwennychu 
Desideratum, dî.sid.u.rä'tûm (p desid- 
erata) n, peth dymunol 
Design, de.s'in' n, arfaetb, amcan, bwr- 

iad; cynllun, arfel: vt, arfaethu, ar- 

ofyn ; cynllunio. A designing person, 

un dichellgar [dynodi 

Designate, 5es'ig.nät vt, nodi allan, 
Designation, des.ig.nä'shun n, llunieith- 

iad; dynodiant 
Designative, des' a, arwyddhaol : 

darluniadol [iad 

Designment, dì.s'ín'ment n, dyfais, bwr- 

ice, des'i.nens n, terfyn, clo, cload 

Desirable, a, dymunol, hy- 

fryd, c 
Desire, di.ziV n, dymuniad, erfyniad: 

chwant, hiraeth: vt, clrwennych, 

ewyllysio ; bod â chwant arno ; erchi. 

goiyn, deisyf; blysio, hiraethu am. 

I desire no more, digon yw genyf 
Desirous, dLziVus a, ch 

us '" [heiBio 

dî.sist' vi, ymattal, peidio, rhoi 
. paid 
>k n, darllenfa; areithfa; osg- 

Desolate, des'ö.lät a, anrheithiedig ; 

anghyfannedd; amddifad: vt, an- 

rheithio, difteithio, difrodi 
Desolation, des.ö.lä'shun n, anghyfan- 

nedd-dra; difrodiad, difrod 
Despair, dî.spê'r' n, anobaith: vi, ano- 

beithio; gwan-galoni 
Despatch, dî.spatsh' n, brys, dyfrys, 

brysgenadwri : vt, brysio ; anfon ; gor- 

phen, dybenu [ysgelerddyn 

Desperado, des.pu.rä'dö n, diriedwas, 
Desperate, des'pur.ät a, diobaith; byr- 

bwyll, ftyrnig [wylltedd 

Desperateness, des'pur.ät.nes n, gor- 
Desperation, des.pu.rii'shun n, anobaith ; 

gorwylltiad [salw, gorwael 

Despicable, des' a, dirrnygadwy; 
Despicablenes, des' n, dielw- 

igrwydd [difribl 

Despisable, dî.spi"za.b] n, salw, dielwig, 
Despise, dtspiz' vt, dirmygu, diystyru 
Despite, di.spi't' vt, sarhau, ammharchu, 

trallodi ; n, dirmyg, diystyi*wch ; cas, 

sarhàd, maiais 
Despiteful, dî.spît'fẁl a, trahäus, dy- 

gasog; sarhäu s [dygasedd 

Despitefulness, dî.sp'it'fẁl.nes n, trahâ, 
Despoil, di. spoil' vt, anrheithio. ysbeilio 
Despoliation, dî.spö.lî.ä'shun ' n, an- 

rheithiad, difuddiad [galoni 

Despond, dî.spond' vi, anobeithio, gwan- 
Despondency, dî.spon'den.sî n, digalon- 

did, gwanobaith [digalon 

Despondent, dî.spon'dent a, diobaith, 
Desponsate, dî.spon'sät vt, dyweddi'o 
Despot, des'put n, archdeyrn ; gorthrym- 

wr, gormeswr "" [iaethol 

Despotic,'ik a, tra-arglwydd- 
Despotism, des'po.tizm n, tra-awdur- 

dod, teyrniaeth unbenaethol 
Despumate, dî.spü'mät vi, diewynu, 

puro _ [iad; swyf 

Despumation, dî.spü.mä'shun n, diewyn- 
Dessert, de.zurt' n, hail o ffi-wythau 
Destination, des.tî.nä'shun n, amcan, 

lluniaethiad, pen taith [fryd u 

Destine, des'tin vt, penu; bwriadu; ded- 

Destiny, des'tî.nî n, tynged, tyngedfen 

Destitute, des'tî.tüt a, anghenlis, am- 

amdlawd, mewn eisieu, heb, 

di-. Destitute of friends, digeraint 

Destitution, des.tî.tü'shun n, angen, 

Ü, angenoctyd [lladd 

Destroy, dî.strôî vt, distrywio, dyfetha; 

Destructible, di.struk' a, dinystr- 

adwy [colledigaeth 

Destruction, di.struk'shun n, distryw, 

DEW path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Destructive, di.struk'tiv a, dinystriol, 

difrodol [dirfawr 

Desudation, des.ü.dä'shun n, chwysiad 
Desuetude, des'wî.tüd n, anghynnefin- 

dra [ammherthynol 

Desultory, des'ul.tur.î a, ansefydlog, 
Desume, dî.süm' vt, cymmeryd oddi 

wrth, benthyca [anfon 

Detach, di.tatsh' vt, neillduo ; gwahan- 
Detachment, dî.tatsh'nient n, gwahan- 

lu, gwahanrif [iad 

Detail, di'tiil n, adroddiad manol, adnod- 
Detail, dî.täl' vt, adrodd yn fanol 
Detain, dî.tän' vt, dal, attal, caethiwo 
Detainder, dî.tän'dûr n, ysgrifen i attal 

mewn carchar [dal 

Detect, di.tekt' vt, dadguddio, diargelu, 
Detection, di.tek'shun n, dynoethiad, 

daliad [taliad 

Detention, dî.ten'shun n, carcbariad, at- 
Deter, dî.tûr' vt, rhwystro ; brawychu 
Deterge, dî.tûrj' vt, glansychu, glanhau, 

carthu [lanbaol, glanbarol 

Detergent, dî.tûr'jent a, glanhaol, clwyf- 
Deteriorate, dî.tî'r'î.ö.rät v, gwaethygu 
Determent, dî.tûr'ment n, rhwystr, lludd 
Determinable, dî.tûr'mî.nâ.bl a, terfyn- 

Determinate, dî.tûr'mî.nät v, terfynu; 

sefydlu, gosod : a, penderfynedig 
Determination, dî.tûr.mî.nä'shun n, pen- 

derfyniad; dìofryd [derfynol 

Determinative, dî.tûr'mî.nä.tiv a, pen- 
Determine, dî.tûr'min v, terfynu, pen- 

derfynu, penodi; bwriadu, llwyr-fwr- 

iadu; ymroi 
Detersion, dî.tûr'shun n, glanbâd archoll 
Detersive, di.tur'siv a, clwyflanhaol. 

glanhaol [Hwyr gasiiu 

Detest, dî.test' vt, ffieiddio, casäu, 
Detestable, dî.tes'tâ.bl a, ffiaidd ; adgas. 

dygas [gasrwydd, ffieidd-dra 

Detestableness, dî.tes'tâ.bl.nes n, ad- 
Detestation, dî.tes.tä'shun n, ffieiddiad, 

casineb [freinio 

Dethrone, di.thrön vt, diorseddu; di- 
Dethronement, dî.thrön'ment n, di'or- 

seddiad [erliyn camatt;di\vr 

Detinue, det'î.nü n, cwyn cyfraith yn 
Detonate, det'ö.nät v, swnio fel taran 
Detort, dî.tôrt' vt, gwyrdroi, gwyro 
Detract, di.trakt' vt, bychanu; athrodi, 

enlhbo, absenu [absen, absenw 

Detraction, di.trak'shun n, enllib. athrod, 
Detractor, di.trak'tur n, athrodwr, difr'i- 

wr [hortiol 

Detractory, di.trak'tur.i a, enllibus, 

Detriment, det.rî'ment n, colled, niwed, 

argywedd [colledus 

Detrimental,'tal a, niweidiol, 
Detrition, dî.trish'un n, treuliad 
Detritus, dî.ti-î'tus n, man falurion a 

olcbir i lawr gan afonydd ; llifwaddod 
Detrude, dî.trŵd' vt, gwthio i la-nr, iselu 
Detrusion, di.trw'zhun n, gwthiad i lawr 
Deuce, diis n, carden deulygad; y fall, 

y diawl, y diafol 
Deuterogamy, dü.tu.rog'â.mî«,ailbriodas 
Deuteronomy, dü.tu.ron'ö.mî n, Deuter- 

onomium; eilddeddf 
Deuteroscopy, dii.tu.ros'ko.pi n, ail- 

amcan, ail fwriad 
Devastate, dev'as.tat vt. diffeithio, difi'odi 
Devastation,'shuu n, difrodiad, 

diffeithiad [amlygu; dadblygu 

Develop, di.vel'up vt, dynoethi, egluro, . 
Devexity, dî.vek'sî.tî n, gwyredd, llethr- 

edd ; llethr [gwibio, gadael ftbrdd 
Deviate, di' vi, gwyro, ymgrwydro, 
Deviation, dî.vî.ä'snun n, gwyrad; 

trawsgiliad [dyfeiswaith 

Device, di.v'is' n, dyfais, dychymmyg, 
Devil, dev'l n, diawl, diafol, hen was, 

hen lane ; cythraul, andras : vt, gor- 

boethi â phubyr. Devil's-fish, mor- 

Devilish, dev'l.ish a, diawlaidd, diefiig 
Devilkin, dev'l.kin n, dieflyn 
Devious, di' a, diarfFordd. gwyrog, 

Devise, di.v'iz' vt, dyfeisio, dylunio; 

dychymmygu ; cymmynu : n, cym- 

myniad; ewyllys [gymmyneg 

Devisee, dev.i.zi' n, derbyniwr trwy 
Devitable, dev' a, gocheladwy 
Devoid, di.void' a, gwag, llwyr wag, 

amddifad [gwasanaeth 

Devoir, dev.war' n, parchddangosiad ; 
Devolution,'shun n, disgyniad, 

symmudiad [ syr th io 

Devolve, di.volv' vi, disgpi, treiglo, 
Devoration, dev.o.ra'shun n, ysiad, 

llynciad [diofrydu 

Devote, ui.vUt' vt, cyssegru, cyflwyno; 
Devotee, dev.o.ti' n, ymgyfiwynwrj 

coelgrefyddwr [hewyd 

Devotion, di.vo'shun n, duwiolder; dy- 
Devotional, di.vo' a, crefyddus, 

crefyddol, ymroddol [difa 

Devour, di.vfuv'r' vt, gwancio, traflyncu, 
Devout, dî.vûŵt' a, duwiol; crefyddol 
Devoutness, dî.vûŵt'nes n, crefyddol- 

deb, duwiolfryd 
Dew, dii 11, gwhth; arien: vt, gwlithio 

; late, line, no, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. DIG 

Dewberry, dü'ber.ì n, math o fwyaren 
Dewdrop, dii'drop n, gwlithyn 
Dewlap, dii'lap n, tagell [arienog 

Dewy, dü'ì a, gwlithog, gwhthlawn, 
Dexter, dek'stur «, deheu [usrwydd 
Dexterity, d ek.ster'i.ti n, deheuder, medr- 
Dexterous, dek' a, deheu, hylaw, 

raedrus, hyfedr, celfydd 
Dey, dä n, prif lywydd Algiers 
Dia- px, trwy, try- [dyfrlif 

Diabetes, d'í.â.bî'tîz n, trwythlif, trochlif, 
Diabolic, di'.a.bol'ik, Diabolical, d'i.â- 

bol'i.kal a, dieflig, diawlaidd 
Diachylon, di'.ak'Uun n, math o eli 
Diaconal, di'.ak'o.nal a, diaconol 
Diacope, di'.ak'o.pi n, rkyngsang ; math 

o bysgod ; cysswllt yr iad 
Diacoustics, d'i.a.kuws'tiks np, seinydd- 

iaeth [coronbleth 

Diadem, d'i'â.dem n, coron; talaith. 
Diaeresis, d'í.er'î.sis (p diaereses, d''i- 

siz) n, dydoleg, dydolnod (••) 
Diagnostic, d''tik n, arwydd- 

brawf, argoelnod, arwyddnod 
Diagonal, di'.ag'ö.nal n, croeslinell o 

gongl i gongl : a, goleddf, croes 
Diagram, dí'â.gram n, dyfais arddang- 

osyddol, argrafflun [luniad 

Diagraph, d'í'â.graf n, cynllun, dar- 
Dial, d'i'al ẁ, deial, amserrÿneg 
Dialect, di'a.lekt n, tafodiaith, priod- 

iaith, cangeniaith ; geirwedd [ol 

Dialectical, d'f.a.lek'ti.kal a, rhesymeg- 
Dialing, d'i'al .ing n, deiahaeth 
Dialogue, d'i'â.log », cydymddyddan 
Diameter, d''î.tûr n, tryfesur 
Diametrical, di.a.met'ri.kal a, tryfesurol, 

Diamond, d'i'â.mund n, diemwnt, ada- 
mant ; math o argrafflythyren 
Diapason, d''zun n, cyfan-gerdd 
Diapente, di'.â.pen.tî n, math o fedd- 

yginiaeth yn cynnwys pum sylwedd 

gwahanol [euwe 

Diaper, di'â.pûr n, lliain caerog , blod- 
Diaphanous, d'í.af 'â.nus a, tryloew, gloew 
Diaphoretic, di''ik a, ch\vysbair 
Diaphragm, d'i'â.fram n, y llengig 
Diarrhoea, dî.â.rî'â n, j dolur rhydd, 

Diarj', d'i'ur.î n, dyddlyfr, dyddiadur 
Diastole, dî.as'tö.lî n, estyniad; ym- 

lediad y galon 
Diatonic, d'i.a.ton'ik a ,trydonol [v, planu 
Dibble, dib'l n, planbren, haiarn planu : 
Dice, dis np. — Die [canol 

Dichotomy, di',kot'ö.mî n, rhaniad yn y 

Dicker, dik'ur n, deg 

Dictate, dik'tat v, ymadroddi ; addysgu, 

penodi: n, cyfarwyddyd; rheolroddiad 
Dictator, dik.ta'tur n, pen rheolwr, 

archwr [dik'ta.tur.i a, meistrolaidd 
Dictatorial,'r', Dictatory, 
Dictatorship, dik.ta'tur.ship n, pen- 

rheolaeth [iad 

Diction, dik'shun w,ieithwedd; ymrodd- 
Dictionary, dik'shun.ur.i n, geiriadur, 
Did, did ^>i. — Do [geirlyfr 

Didactic, dJ.dak'tik a, addysgiadol, 

addysgedigol, eirchiol ; athrawiaethol 
Didapper, did ap.ûr n, tindroed fechan 
Diddle, did'l vi, honcian ; twyllo 
Die, d'i (p dice) n, ftristyn, ffrist: n 

{p dies), bath, nodbeiriant : vi, marw, 

trengi, difibdd. Dying, yn marw; 

marwolaeth, tranc. Dice-box, frristial, 

ftnstiol. To throw dice, ffristialu 
Diet, d'i'et n, ymborth, lluniaeth penodol; 

eisteddfod tywysogion 
Differ, dif 'ûr vi, amry wio ; anghytuno 
Difference, dif'ur.ens n, gwahaniaeth; 

amrafael [hanol; amgen 

Different, dif'ur.ent a, amrywiol, gwa- 
Difficile, dif'î.sil, DifBcult, dif'i.kult a, 

anhawdd, caled, rhwystrus, cyfyng 
Difficulty, dif 'i.kul.ti n, dyryswch, caledi, 

astrusi, cyfyngdra [ddiried 

Diffide,'d' vi, gwan-gredu, anym- 
Diffidence, dif'î.dens n, an\middiried, 

anhyder [petrusgar 

Diffident, dif'î.dent a, anghoelgar; 
Diffluence, dif 'lü.ens n, hyhfedd, amlinad 
Difform, di.fôrm' a, anghyflun 
Diffranchisement, di.fran'tshiz.ment n, 

difreiniad [amdaenu, tywallt 

Diffuse, di.fiiz' vt, taenu, lledwasgaru, 
Diffuse, di.fiis' a, anghryno; helaeth 
Diffusible, dif.ii' a, gwasgaradwy, 

taenadwy [taeniad 

Diffusion, di.fii'zhun n, gwasgariad, 
Diffusive, di.f u'siv a, helaeth daenedig, 

helaeth, ymledol [edd 

Diffusiveness, di.fii'siv.nes n, gwasgar- 
Dig, dig (pt Skpp dug) v, cloddio, ceibio, 

palu [addfedu 

Digest, dî.jest' v, iawndrefnu; treulio; 
Digest, d'i'jest n, crynodeb o ddeddfau 

gwladol [trefnadwy 

Digestible, dî.jes'tî.bl a, treuhadwy, 
Digestion, dî.jes'tshun n, treuliad ; cyd- 

doddiad [treulbar 

Digestive, di.jes'tiv a, a bar dreuliad, 
Dight, di't vt, trwsio, addurno: a, 



DIR path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut. tvV=too, t\Yk=took; 

Digit, dij'it n, lied bys, | modfedd; 

unigrif, sef a fo is law deg ; deuddegfed 

ran o dryfesur yr liaul neu'r lloer 
Digital, dij'î.tal a. perthynol i'r bysedd 
Digitalis, äij.î.tä'lis n, bysedd y c\'vn 
Digitated, cüj'î.tä.ted a, byseddol 
Digladiation, dî.glad.î.ä'shun n, ym- 

Dignification,'shun n, urdd- 

asiad, dyrchafiad [asu 

Dignify, dig'ni.f l vt, anrhydeddu, urdd- 
Dignitary, dig'nî.tur.î n, eglwyswr 

urddasol [bri, addurniant 

Dignity, dig'nî.tì n, bonedd; urddas, 
Digraph, di'graf n, deugraff ; dwy lyth- 

yren ag un sain 
Digress, dî.gres' vi, gwyro, gadaol. oflgoi 
Digression, dî.gresh'un n, dywaniad; 

osgoad, gwyrad 
Digressive, di.gres'iv «, ymhelaethol 
Dijudicate, di'.ju'di.kut vi, bamu rhwng, 

cylafareddu [eddiad 

Dijudication, d'í.jii.dî. kit/shun n, cylafar- 
Dike, di'k n, clawdd, libs; argae 
Dilacerate, d'í.las'ur.ät vt, dryllio, 

llarpio, rhwygo [iad, darniad 

Dilaceration, di.las.u rii'shun ?i, rhwyg- 
Dilaniate, di'.lan'i.iit vt, cigyddio, dryfiio 

darnio [iad, drylüad 

Dilaniation, di.lan.î.ä'shun n, distryw- 
Dilapidate, dî.lap'î.dät v, adfeilio, ym- 

syrthio [iad, adfeiliad 

Dilapidation, dî.lap.î.dä'sbun n, difur- 
Dilatable, d'i.lä'tâ.bl a, Uedadwy, ym- 

ledol [laethu ar 

Dilate, dî.l'át' v, ymhelaethu, lledu ; he- 
Dilatoriness, dil'â.tur.î.nes n, hwyrfryd- 

igrwydd, diogrwydd 
Dilatory, dil'â.tur.î a, oedgar, hwyr- 

frydig, gohiriog, diog 
Dilemma, d'í.lem'â n, astrasi, cyfyngder 

bob tu ; anhawsder ; rheswm dwybig 
Diligence, dil'î.jens n, diwydrwydd, dy- 

falwch diflin, eorth 

Diligent, dil'î.jent a, diwyd, ystig, 
Dill, dil n, ffenigl, llysiau 'r gwewyr 
Dilucid, d'i.lii'sid a,eglur, gloew, tryloew 
Dilucidate, dî.lü'sî.dät vt, egluro* am- 

lygu, goleuo 
Diluent, dil'ii.ent n, teneuydd 
Dilute, dî.lüt' vt, teneuhau ; cymmysgu 

â dwfr; gwanhau: a, tencu, gwan 
Dilution, dí.lü'shun n, teneuhâd, gwan- 

hâd, tymmeriad 
Diluvial, dUii' a, dylifol, llifeiriol 
Diluvium, di.lii' n, gwaelodion ar 

01 llif, llifwaddod 

Dim. dim a, tywyll,pẁl, anoleu; gwan: 

vt, tywyllu, cymylu [ioli 

Dimension, dî.men'shun n, mesur, maint- 
Diminish, di.min'ish v,lleihau, bychanu; 

treio, eilio 
Diminution, dim.î.nü'shun n, toliant, 

lleihâd, bychaniad, treiad, prinhâd 
Diminutive, di.min'ii.tiv a, byclianig, 

lleiedigol: n, byehanigair, eiddilair 
Diminutiveness, di.min'u.tiv.nes n, 

bychander, eiddilwch 
Dimissory. dim'i.sur.î a, gollyngol 
Dimity, dim'î.tî n, math o gotwm main 
Dimness, dim'nes n, pylni. tywyllni 
Dimple, dim'plw, pannwl, bochdwll, pant 
Din, din n, dyar,twrdd, dadwrdd, trwst: 

vt. syfrdanu, byddaru 
Dine, din vi, ciniawa, bwyta ciniaw. 

Dining-room, ciniawfa, ciniawgell 
Dinetical,'Lkal a, cylehdroawl, 

Ding, ding v, taro ; trystio, rhuo ; syfr- 
danu : n, dyrnod, dwrn-gnith, tarawiad 
Dingle, ding gl n, cwm, glyn, dyffryn 
Dingy, din'jî a, tywyll ; budr,brwnt, aflan 
Dinner, din'ûr n, ciniaw 
Dint, dint n, ergyd, ol; grym, nerth, 

aweh: vt, tyllu, pantio, nodi [rifiad 
Dinumerarion,' dí.nü.mu.rä'shun n, un- 
Diocesan, d'i.os'i.zan n, esgob : a, esgob- 
Diocese, di" o.sîs n, esgobaeth [aethol 
Dioptrical, d'i.op'tri.kal rt, pelldremiol 
Dioptrics, di.op'triks n, pelldmniaeth 
Dip, dip v, trocni ; gwlychn; braschwilio 
Diphthong, dip'thong n, deusain 
Diploma, di.plö'mâ n, graddlythyr, 

Dipsas, dip'sas n, math o sarff 
Diptote, dip'töt n, enw deudreigl 
Diptych, dip'tik n. cofrestr o ferthyron 
Dire. di"r a. arswydus. eciiry>lawn 
Direct, di.rekt' n, cyfeirnod: a. uniawn- 

gyrch, uniawn, dioed : vt, cyfarwyddo, 

addysgu; cyf'eirio 
Direction, di.rek'shun n, hyfforddiad, 

tywy.siad, trefniad; arch; gorchym- 

myn; cyfeiriad [wysol 

Directive, dî.rek'tiv a, hyfforddiadol, ty- 
Directness. di.rekt'nes n, unionder, cypì 

eirioldeb [llywydd 

Director, di.rek'tur n, cyfarwyddwr; 
Directorial,'r' a. cyfarwydd*- 

ol; addvsgol [iadur: rheol 

Directory," di.rek'tur.i a, cyfarwydd- 
Directress, di.rek'tres n, hyfforddes 
Direful, d'í'r'fẁl a, echryslawn, erchyll 
Direness, d'i'r'nes n, echryslonedd 

ore ; läte, line, nö, müte ; she, zh=.z azure ; thin, Tiris ; j=dzh. 


Direption, d'i.rep'shun n, anrheithiad, 

trais [S an 

Dirge, dnrj n, galarnad, marwnad, galar- 

Dirk, durk n, math o gleddyf byr, bidog 

Dirt, dûrt n, baw, torn, llaca, llaid 

Dirtiness, dûr'tî.nes n, bryntni, budredd 

Dirty, dfìr'tî a, budr, brwnt, swga, 

bawaidd, afian: vt, diwyno, budreddu, 

lleidio. A dirty woman, bronten 

Diruption, d'i.rup'shun », ymdoriad, ym- 

Dis-, ììi-, Dif- px, yn arwyddo nacâd, 

dadwneutburiad, neu wahaniad 
Disability, dis.â.bil'î.tî n, anallu, gwen- 
Disable, diz.a'bl vt, analluogi [did 

Disabuse, dis.a.biiz' vt, didwyllo, iawnu 
Disaccomodation, dis.a.kom.ö.dä'skun n, 

Disaccord, dis.a.kord' vt, anghytuno 
Disacknowledge, dis.ak.nol'ej vt, anaddef, 

Disadvantage,'täj n, colled, 
• anfantais, afies : v, colledu, drygu 
Disadvantageous,'jus a, 
anghyfìëus [d'yeithro 

Disaffect, dis.a.fekt' v, peri anghariad, 
Disa flection, dis.a.fek'shun n, anserch, 
anfoddlonedd [brofiad, gwad 

Disaffirmance, dis.a.fûr'mans n, gwrth- 
Disafforest, dis.a.for'est vt, digoedwigo 
Disagree, dis.ä.grî vi, anghytuno 
Disagreement, dis.a.grfment n, amra- 
fael, anghytundeb, anghydweddiad, 
anghydfod [nyddlawn 

Disalliege, dis.a.lij' vi, myned yn an- 
Disallow, dis.a.lûŵ' vt, anghymmerad- 
. wyo, gwrthod 

Disanchor, diz.ang'kur vt, diangori 
Disanimate,'i.mat vt, digaloni; 
dieneidio, lladd [dirymu 

Disannul, dis.a.nul' vt, dilëu, diddymu, 
Disappear, dis.a.pî'r' vi, diflanu, llifanu 
Disappoint, dis.a.pôînt vt, siomi, seith- 
ugio, twyllo [siomiant 

Disappointment, dis.a.pôînt'ment n, 
Disapprove, dis.a.prwv vt, anghymmer- 

adwyo, gwrthod 

Disarm, diz.arm' vt, dadarfogi, diarfu, 

diarfogi [anseiydlu 

Disarrange, dis.a.ranj' vt, dadrestru, 

Disarray, dis.a.rä' n, adwisg; terfysg, 

aimhrefn: vt, dadwisgo; annhreihu 
Disaster,'tur a, anhap, trychineb, 
dryglam [anftbdus 

Disastrous,'trus a, trycbinebus, 
Disavow, dis.a.vuw' vt, diarddelwi 
Disavowal, dis.â.vûŵ'al n, gwad, nag 

Disband,' vt, difyddino; goll- 

wng ymaith ; gwasgaru 
Disbark, dis.bark' vt, dadlwytho, glanio 
Disbelief, dis.bî.lîf ' n, anghoel, anffydd- 
iad [anghoelio 

Disbelieve,' vt, anghredu, 
Disbench, dis.bentsh' vt, dieisteddfodi 
Disbranch, dis.brantsh' vt, digangenu, 
digeincio [lwytho 

Disburden, dis.bùr'dn vt, difeichio, dad- 
Disburse, dis.bûrs' vt, gwario, treulio, 
talu arian [talad; cost 

Disbursement, dis.bûrs'ment n, traul, 
Discalceate, dis.kal' vt, diesgidio 
Discandy, dis.kan'di vi, toddi, dadleithio 
Discard, dis.kard' vt, diswyddo, diar- 
Discamate, dis.kar'nat a, dignawd [ddel 
Disceptatiou, dis.ep.tä'shmi n, dadl ; ym- 
resymiad [gwahaniaethu 

Discern, di.zurn' vt, canfod, dirnad, 
Discernible, di.zur' a, amlwg, deall- 
adwy [dirnadaeth 

Discernment, di.zurn'ment n, craffder, 
Discerptible, dlsûrp'tî.bl a, gwahanadwy 
Discharge, dis.tskarj' v, gollwng, rhydd- 
hau; talu; cyflawnu; ymarllwys; di- 
lwytho; diswyddo; saethu, ergydio: 
rc,gollyngdod; talnod; taliad;'ergyd 
Disciuct, di.singkt' a, llaes, rhydd, llac 
Discind, disind' vt, gwahanu, rhanu, 
darnio [dylynwr 

Disciple, dLs'i'pl n, dysgybl, ysgolhaig, 
Disciplinable, dis'î.plin.â.bl a, athrylith- 

gar, llywodraethus 
Disciplinarian, dis.î.plî.nê'r'î.an n, dysg- 
ybl wr; carwr trefn [dysgyblaidd 
Disciplinary, dis'î.plimur.î «/trefhus; 
Discipline, dis'î.plin n, dysgyblaeth; 
rheolaeth: vt, dysgyblu, addysgu 
iawndrefnu; hyíForddi; ceryddu 
Disclaim, dis.kliim' vt, diarddel, diar- 
ddelwi, gwadu, gwrthod [amlygu 
Disclose, dis.kloz' vt, dynoethi, digelu, 
Disclosure, dis.klu'shur n, dynoethiad, 
dadguddiad [liwio 
Discolour, dis.kul'iir vt, diliwio, dryg- 
Discomfit, dis.kum'fit vt, gorchfygu, 
dymchwelyd [fygiad 
Discomfiture, dis.kum'f î.tshü'r n, gorch- 
Discomfort, dis.kum'furt vt, tristäu, 
gofidio, angkysuro, aflonyddu: », 
anghysur, tristwch, gofid, aflonydd- 
wch [anghanmol 
Discommend, dis.ku.mend' vi, beio, 
Discommendable,' a, 
beius, ceryddus [lonyddu 
Discommode, dis,ku.möd' vt, blino, af- 

DIS path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Discommodious,' a, 

anghyflëus [annhrefnu 

Discompose, dis.kum.poz' vt, aflonyddu 
Discomposure, dis.kum.po'zhur n, an- 

nhrefniad ; cynhwrf, aflonyddwch 
Disconcert, dis.kon.surt' vt, siomi, ter- 

fysgu. cyffroi [anghydffurfiad 

Disconformity, dis.kon.fûr'mî.tî n, 
Discongruity, dis.hon.grẁ'î.tî n, anghys- 

sondeb, anghydweddiad 
Disconsolate, dis.kon' a, prndd, 

anghysuras [foddlonrwydd 

Discontent, dis.kon.tent' n, tristyd, an- 
Discontented, dis.con.ten'ted a, anfodd- 

og, anesmwyth [anfoddlondeb 

Discontentment, dis.kon.tent'ment n, 
Discontinuance, dis.kon.tin'ii.ans n, am- 

mbarhrid, peidiant, dysbeidiad, toliant 
Discontinue, dis.con.tin'ü v, peidio, di- 

barhau; attal 
Discontinuity, dis.kon.tî.nü'î.tî n, di- 

barhâd; anghyfander 
Discord, dis'kord' n, anghydgord ; gwrth 

sain [anghydgerdd 

Discordance, dis.kor.dans n, anundeb, 
Discordant, dis.kGr'dant a, angbyw 

anghysson, anghywair [gynghori 
Discounsel, dis.kuwn'sel vt, gwrth- 
Discount, dis.kuwnt' vt, erthynu, tynu 

allan [tavrlgyfrif 

Discount, disTcûŵnt n, erthyniad, toliad, 
Discountenance, dis.kûŵn'tî.nans vt, 

anghefnogi [galoni 

Discourage, dis.kur'aj vt, llwfrbau, di- 
Discouragement, dis.kur'aj .ment n, di- 

galondid, anghefnogiad 
Discourse, dis.ko'rs' n, ymddyddan, 

traetbawd: vi, ymresymu; traethu; 

areithio. Introductory discourse, rhag- 

draeth [anfoesgar 

Disco arteous, dis.koVtshus a, anfwyii, 
Discourtesy, dis.kûr'tî.sî », anfwyn- 

Discous, dis'kus a, fel dysgl, fel coeten 
Discover, dis.kuv'ur vt, dadguddio, dar- 

ganfod, digeln, canf'od 
Discoverable, dis.kuv' a, dir- 

nadwy, olrbeinadwy 
Discovery, dis.kuv'ur.i n, dadguddiad, 

dadenhuddiad, darganfyddiad 
Discredit,'it n, gwaradwydd, 

anghlod, drygair: vt, anghoèlio; 

gwaradwyddo [pwyllog 

Discreet, dis.krit' a, call, synwyrol; 
Discrepance, dis.krep'ans, Discrepancy, 

dis'krep' ra,anghydfod [barthedig 
Discrete, dis.krit' a, gwahanedig ; dos- 

Discretion, dis.kresb'un n, dysbwyll, 
calüneb, pwyll ; synwyr. At discre- 
tion, heb ammodau 
Discretionary, dis.kresh'un.ur.i a, di- 

gyfyngol, diammodol 
Discretive, dis.kri'tiv a, dosbarthus 
Discriminable, dis.krim' a, gwa- 
hanadwy [baniaetbu, dynodi 

Discriminate, dis.krim'i.nat v, gwa- 
Discrimination,'sbun », 

gwabaniaetbiad ; dynodiad 
Discriminons, dis.krirn'i.nus a, enbydus 
Discubitory, dis.kü'bî.tur.î a, "lled- 
orweddleol [orweddiad 

Discumbency, dis.kum' n, lled- 
Discumber, dis.kum'bur vt, diddyrysu; 
dadrwystro [amrediad 

Diẅcursion, dis.kur'sbun n, anwribiad, 
Discursive, dis.kur'siv a, amredol, gwib- 

iog, crwydrol, ammherthynol 
Discursory, dis.kur'sur.i a, rhesymiadol 
Discus, dis'kus n, tafl-lecb, coeten 
Discuss, dis.kus' vt, bob, cbwilio, trin ; 
eglurhau; chwaln [ymchwiliad 

Discussion, dis.kush'un n, arhobad, 
Discutient, dis.ku'sbent a, gwrthweith- 

iol : n, meddyginiaeth wrthweithiol 
Disdain, dis.dän' a, dirmyg, ffieiddiad; 
trahâ; ysgorn; v, diystyru; ffieiddio; 
ysgornio [diystyrllyd 

Disdainful, dis.dän'fẁl o, ffroenucbel, 
Disease, diz.iz' n, clefyd, dolur, clwyf, 
afiecbyd; anesmwytbder, poen: vt, 
aflonyddu, poeni [poenedig 

Diseased, diz.izd' a, claf, afiacbus; 
Disedged, diz.ejd' a, diíìn, diawcb, pŵl 
Disembark, dis.em.bark' v, tirio, glanio, 
dadlwytho [ddyrysu, dadrwystro 

Disembarrass,'as vt, "dad- 
Disembitter, dis.em.bitur vt, melusu, 
dadcbwerwi [edig 

Disembodied, dis.em.bod'îd a, anghorfT- 
Disembogue, dis.em.bög' v, ymarllwys; 
aberu [dad-ddyrysu 

Disembroil, dis.em.brôîl' vt, difeicbio, 
Disenable, dis.en.ä'bl vi, analluogi ; an- 
addasu [dadswyno 

Disencbant, dis.en.tsbant' vt, dadreibio, 
Disencumber, dis.en.kum'bur vt, dad- 
rwystro, difeichio 
Disengage, dis.en.gäj' vt, golhvng; di- 
ddyrysu; rbyddbau [urddasu 
Disennoble, dis.e.nö'bl vt, diraddu, di- 
Disentangle, dis.en.tang'gl vt, dad- 
ddyrysu ; rhyddhau [gwaredu 
Disenthral, dis.en.thróT vt, rhyddhao, 
Disentlirone, dis.en.thron' vt, diorseddu. 

ore; late, line, nö, miit-e; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. DIS 

Disentrance, dis.en.trans' vt, deffroi o 

lewyg a [ysgar 

Disespouse,' vt, gwahanu, 
Disesteem,îm' n, dibarchiad, 

anfri : vt, difr'io, dibarchu, bychanu 
Disfavour, dis.f ii'vur n, anghymmeriad : 

vt, anghefhogi ; anhoffi 
Disfiguration, dis.fig.ü.rä'shun n, an- 

ffurfedigaeth [harddu; hagru 

Disfigure, dis.fig'ûr vt, anffurfio; an- 
Disfiguremcnt, dis.fig ur.ment n, hylliad, 

annurfiad [ diiud dio 

Disfranchise, dis.fran'tshiz vt, difreinio; 
Disfurnish, dis.fûr'nish vt, diosg, dy- 

noethi _ [diosg 

Disgarnish, dis.gâr'nish vt, diaddurno, 
Disglorify, dis.glöYî.fî vt, darostwng, 

iselu, diogoneddu 
Disgorge, dis.gôrj' v, arllwys, chwydu, 

yniarllwys, dadlyncu 
Disgrace, dis.gräs' vt, gwarthruddo ; 

gwaradwyddo: n, gwaradwydd; sar- 

hâd, cywilydd; dianrhydedd 
Disgraceful, dis.gräs'fẁl a, cywilyddus, 

ammharchus, gwarthus [anfwyn 

Disgracious, dis.grä'shus a, angharedig, 
Disguise,'z' n, lledrith, ffuant; 

twyllwisg: v, ymddyeithrio, ffuantu, 

ffugio, gwedd-ddullio, lledrithio. Dis- 
guised in liquor, meddw 
Disgust, dis.gust' n, diflasrwydd ; ffieidd- 

rwydd : vt, diflasu, anfoddhau 
Disgustful, dis.gust'fẁl a, diflas, ffiaidd, 

adgas, cas ; ffinion, ffinionllyd 
Dish, dish n, dysgl, ysgudell; dysglaid 
Dishabile, dis.â.bil' n, borewisg, anwisg 
Dishabit, dis.hab'it vt, bwrw o gartref 
Disharmony, dis.hâr'mö.nî n, anghys- 

sondeb [gwangaloni 

Dishearten, dis.hâr'tn vt, di-aLmi, 
Dishevel, di.shev'el vt, dyrysu gwallt 
Dishonest, diz.on'est a, anffyddlawn, an- 

onest, anghywir, twyHodrus 
Dishonesty, diz.on'est.i n, anonestrwydd, 

anghyfiawnder ; anniweirdeb 
Dishonour, diz.on'ur n, dianrhydedd, 

ammraint; gwarth: vi,dianrhydeddu, 

gwaradwyddo ; diforwyno 
Dishorn, dis.hôrn' vt, digornio 
Disincarcerate,' vt, 

rhyddhau, digarcharu 
Disinclination,'shun n, an- 

nhueddiad ; gwrthwynebiad 
Disincline, dis.m.kli'n' vt, annlmeddu 
Disincorporate,ôr'pö.rät vt, di- 

gorftbri, gwahanu [wch 

Disingenuity,î.nü'î.tî n, annhi 

Disingenuous, jen' a, hocedus, 

dichellgar ; annheg, anonest 
Disinherit,'it vt, didreftadu, 

Disinter,ûr' vt, dadgladdu 
Disinterested,'tur.est.ed a, an- 

hunanol ; diduedd, teg 
Disinterestedness,'tur.est.ed.nes n, 

dihunanedd, tegwch [uno, ysgar 

Disjoin, disjoin' vt, dadgyssylltu, dad- 
Disjoint, disjoint' vt, daderymmalu 
Disjudication, disju.di.ka'skun n, pen- 

derfyniad [sylltiad 

Disjunction, disjungk'shun n, dadgys- 
Disjunctive, disjungk'tiv a, dadgys- 

sylltiadol: n, gwahaniedydd. Dis- 
junctive conjunction, cyssylltiad gwa- 

Disk, disk n, gwyneb gweledig yr haul, y 

lleuad, neu'r ser; coeten, tafl-lech 
Dislike, dis.l'ik' n, anhoffedd, ffieiddiad, 

casâd : vt, anhoffi, angharu, casäu 
Disliken, dis.l'i'kn vt, anghyifelybu, 

Dislimb, dis.lim' vt, diaelodi, dryllio 
Dislocate, dis'lo.kat vt, dadgyrnmalu 
Dislocation, dis.lo.ka'shun n, dadgvm- 

mahad [tarfu 

Dislodge, dis.loj' vt, dilochesu, didyo, 
Disloyal, dis.loi'al a, anffyddlawn, 

anghywir; gwrthfreiniol 
Dismal, diz'mal a, cethin, erchyll, 

echryslawn ; hyll ; galarus, gresynol ; 

tywyll; ansiriol, chwith. À dismal 

moan, oerlef [hyllder, chwithrwvdd 
Dismalness, diz'mal.nes n, erchyllder, 
Dismantle,'tl vt, difurio; difan- 

tellu, diosg 
Dismask, dis.mask' vt, digelu, dihatru 
Dismast, dis.mast' vt, tori hwylbren, 

Dismay, dis.mä' n, braw, ofn, dychryn, 

arswyd : vt, brawychu, ofni, digaloni 
Disme, dim n, degwm [darnio 

Dismember, dis.mem'bûr vt, diaelodi, 
Dismiss, dis.mis' vt, diswyddo; goll- 

wng ymaith ; rhyddhau 
Dismissal, dis.mis'al, Dismission, dis- 

mish'un n, diswyddiad, gollyngdod; 

anfoniad ymaith ; rhyddhâd [wystlo 
Dismortgage, dis.môr'gäj vt, dadar- 
Dismount, dis.mûŵnt' v, disgyn, dyfod 

i lawr ; taflu i lawr, dadymchwelyd ; 

didrwyllo cyflegr [dod 

Disobedience, dis.ö.bî'dî.ens n, anufudd- 
Disobedient, dis.ö.bî'dî.ent a, anhydyn, 

gwrthnysig, amfudd, anhywedd 

DIS path, fat, êre, met, mâ-ríne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, tẁk=took; 

Disobey, dis.ö.bii' vt, anul'uddhau, tros- 

eddu [digio;drygu 

Disoblige, dis.ö.blij' vt, anfoddhau; 
Disorder, diz.or'dur n, annhrefn, ter- 

fysg; afiechyd: vt, annhrefnu; an- 

bwylio [penrydd, didrefn 

Disorderly, diz.or' a, afreolus; 
Disordinate, diz.or'di.nat a, afreolaidd. 

anghymmedrol [weirio 

Disorganize, diz.Or''z vt, dadgy- 
Disown, diz.on' vt, gwadu, gwrthod, 

diarddel, diarddelwi [amledu 

Dispand, dis.pand' t;£.lledu allan, taenu, 
Dispansion, dis.pan'sbun n, amlediad, 

ymlediad [bycíianu, difri'o 

Disparage, dis.par'iij vt, ammharchu, 
Disparagement, dis.par'äj.ment n, anfri, 

gwartb, gogan, dirmyg 
Disparate, dis'pâ.rät a, angbyfartal 
Disparity, dis.par'î.tí n, anghyfartalwcb 
Dispart, dis.pârt' vt, rbanu. gwahanu 
Dispassion, dis.pasb'un n, diddignvydd, 

llarieidd-dra [pwyllus 

Dispassionate, dis.pasb'nn.ät a, arafaidd, 
Dispel, dis.pel' vt, chwalu, gwasgaru 
Dispensable, dis.pen'sâ.bl a, gwariadwy. 

treubadwy [meddygdy 

Dispensary, dis.pen'sur.î n, cyfferdy; 
Dispensation, dis.pen.sii'shun n, goruch- 

wyliad, trefniad; goddefiad, esgusod- 

iad; tnvydded [lyfr 

Dispensatory, dis.pen'sâ.tur.î n, cytf'er- 
Dispensc, dis.pens' v, rbanu ; gweinyddu ; 

Dispeople, dis.pî'pl vt, dibobb, difrodi 
Disperge, dis.pûij' vt, taenellu, taenu 
Disperse, dis.pûrs' v, gwasgaru, chwalu. 

taenu, hau [gwasgariad 

Dispersion, dis.pûr'sbun n, gwasgarawd, 
Dispirit, dis.pir'it vt, digaloni, amvroli. 

lhvfrhau [le, symmud 

Displace, dis.pläs' vt, anghyfleu ; troi o 
Displaeency. dis.plä'8en.sî n, aufoddlon- 

edd; anfoesedd [blanu 

Displant, dis.plant' vt, diwreiddio, dad- 
Displantation, dis.plan.ta'shuij n, di- 

wreiddiad, dadblaniad 
Display, dis.plä' n, dadblygiad, arddan- 

gosiad : vt, gosod allan, amlygu, taenu 

ar led. To display a banner, dyrchafu 

baner [adgas 

Displeasant, dis.plez'ant a, anhyfryd. 
Displease, dis.pliz' vt, anfoddio, digio, 

dirlasu. To be displeased, digio, son 
Displeasure, dis.plezb'ur n, anfodd, sor- 

iant, digter [gyda fchwrf 

Displode, dis.plöd' vt, golhvng allan 

Displosion, dis.plo'zhun n, traisrutbriad 
Dispoil, dis.pôil' vt, anrbeitbio, ysbeilio 
Disport, dis pö'rt' n, difyrwch : v. dit'yru I 

chwareu; anlladu [rbeoliad; aralliai 
Disposal, dis.po'zal n, trefniad, triniad 
Dispose, dis.puz' vt, tueddu; addasu 

trefnu, dosbarthu ; cyflè'u; defnyddio 

To dispose of, gwerthu ; rhoddi : cae ' 

gwared o. To be disposed to, bod â' 

fiyd ar, clywed ar ei galon. To b« 

disposed of, ar wertb. i'w werthu 
Disposition, dis.po.zish'un n, trefniad 

dosbarthiad; llywiad; gog^yvddiad' 

cymhwysiad, tuedd, hwyl, tymmer' 

ansawdd, aniaetb, greddf 
Dispossess, dis.pu.zes' vt, difeddiannu * 

difeddu [moladiflj 

Dispraisable, dis.pra' a, anghaiM 
Dispraise, dis.praz n, angblod. anfoliant , 

anair: vt, anfoli, goganu, beio ; cablu! 
Dispread, dis.pred' vt, taenu ar led. Lied- 1 

aenu [ collec ' 

Disprofit,'it n, afles, anfudd! 
Disproof, dis.prŵf' n, gwrthbrawf 
Disproportion, dis . prö . pô ' r ' shun n , 

anghymmesuriaeth, anghyfartaledd 

anghymmedroldeb : vt, angbydranu i 

anghymmesuro ; angbyfartalu 
Dispri )] lortionable, dis.prö.pö'r'shun.â.bl. ; 

Disproportionate, dis.prö.pô'r'sbun.äl 

a, anghydran, angbyfatebol 
Disprovable, dis.prw' a, gwrthbrof- 

adwy [brofi! 

Disprove, dis.prwv' vt, dadbrofi. gwrth-: 
Dispunishable, dis . pun ' ish . á . bl a.\ 

Dispurse, dis.pûrs' vt, gwastraffu, treulic' 
Disputable, dis.pii' tâ.ble a, dadleuadw» 

ammbëus [ re.-ymwr 

Disputant, dis.pii 'tant n, dadleuwr, ym- 
Disputation, dis.pü.tä'shun n, dadleuad, 

Disputatious, dis.pü.tä'shus, Disputa-I 

tive, dis.pii'ta.tiv a, dadleugar, cecr- 

aidd, ymrysongar. croes 

. dis .put' n, dadl, ymryson, ara-i 

rafael : v, ymbyncio, dadleu, ymryson;, 

gwrthwy nebu [ 1 >vnciwr ' 

Disputer, dis.pü'tûr n, dadleuv r. yin- 
Disqualify, dis.kwol' vt, a 

anghymhwyso [ trallodi ' 

Disipiict,'i'et vt, aflonyddn, blino, 
Disquiet, dis.kwi"et, Disquietude, dis- 

kw'i'i.tiid 11, anesmwytbder, aflonydè- 

web. anorpbwysdra ; cynhwrf, bbndefc 
Disquisition, dis.kwi.zish'un n, arboliad, 

ymchwiliad, dadleuol 


)re ; late, line, nö, miite ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, Tiris ; j=dzh. 


Disregard, dis.rî.gârd' n, diystyrwch, 

anfri'ad: vt, diystyru, bychanu 
Disregardful. dis.rì'gârd'fẁl a, esgeu- 

lus ; dirmyglawn 
Disrelish, dis.rel'ishre, diflasdod ; ffieidd- 

rwydd : vt, diflasu ; anhoffi 
fasreputable, dis.rep'ü.tä.bl a, anghlod- 

fawr, dibarch 
Disrepute, dis.rî.pût', Disreputation, dis- 

rep.ü.tä'shun n, anfri : vt, ammharchu 
Disrespect, dis.ri.spekt' n, ammharch, 

drygfoes ["gar, dibarch 

Disrespectful, dis.ri.spekt 'fwl a, anfoes- 
Disrobe, dis.röb' vt, dadwisgo, diosg, 

Disruption, dis.rup'shun n, ymdoriad, 

ymrwygiad ; gwahaniad 
Bissatisfy, di.sat' vt, anfoddio, an- 

foddloui [chwilio 

Dissect, di.sekt' vt, difynu, manwl- 
Dissection, di.sek'shun n, difyniad; di- 
. fyniaeth 

Disseize, di.siz' vt, difeddiannu, difeddu 
Disseizee, dis.i.z'i' n, un difeddiannedig 
Disseizin,'zin n, difeddiad, trais- 

Disseizor,'zur n, difeddiannwr 
Dissemblance, di.sem'blans n, annheb- 

Dissemble, di.sern'bl vt, ffugio, lledrithio ; 

argelu. Dissembling, dauwynebog, 

rhagrithiol [ar led, lledu 

I Disseminate, di.sem'î.nät vt, hau, taenu 
Dissemination, di.sem.î.nä'shun n, heu- 
l ad, taeniad 

Pissension, di.sen'shun n, anghydsyniad 
| Dissensious, di.sen'shus a, cynhenus 
I Dissent, di.sent'rc,anghytundeb ; anghyd- 
I syniad, ymneillduad, neillduad: vi, 
I anghytuno, anghydsynio ; ymwahanu, 

I ymneillduo ; gwrthdybio. Dissenting- 
l| chapel, ty cwrdd ymneillduwyr 

■ Dissentaneous, dis.en.tä nlus a, anghyt- 
> unol 

' Dissenter, di.sen'tur n, ymneillduwr 
^Dissentient, di.sen'shent a, anghydsyn- 

II iol : n, ymneilldüydd, nacäwr 
'Dissertation, dis.ûr.tä'shun n, traith; 

■ ymresymiad [àrygú 
' Disserve, di.surv' vt, aflesu, niweidio, 

Disservice, di.sur'vis n, anghymmwynas 
• Dissever, di.sev'fir vt, dadgyssylltu, dy- 

; Dissidence, dis'i.dens n, anghytundeb 
; Dissilition, dis.i.lish'un n, ymdoriad 
: Dissimilar, di.sim'ì.lûr a, annhebyg, am- 

ryfal, amryfeilryw, anghyffelyb 

Dissimulation, di.sim.ü.lä'shun n, rhag- 

rith, ffugiad, lledrithiant 
Dissipable, dis'î a, gwasgaradwy 
Dissipate, dis'ì.pät vt, chwalu, gwasgaru, 

afradloni, gwastraffu 
Dissipation, dis.î.pä'shun n, gwasgar- 

iad ; gwastraff, afradlondeb 
Dissociate, di.sö'shî.ät vt, digyfeillio, di- 

gyfieuo [gwahaniad 

Dissociation, di.sö.shî.ä'shun n, ysgariad, 
Dissolute, dis'ö.lüt a, penrydd, afrad- 

lawn, diffaith [oferedd 

Dissoluteness, dis'ö.lüt.nes n, penryddid, 
Dissolution, dis.ö.lü'shun n, ymddattod- 

iad, toddiad, ymdoddiad ; marwolaeth ; 

gollyngiad ; diddymiad, dadgorfforiad 
Dissolvable, di.zol', Dissoluble, dis'- 

ö.lü.bl a, dattodadwy, dadmeradyvy 
Dissolve, di.zolv' v, toddi, dadleithio, 

ymollwng; dattod; digorffori, dad- 

gorftbri, dadgyssylltu; diweddu. To 

dissolve parliament, gollwng ymaith 

y senedd [dadleithydd 

Dissolvent, di.zol'vent n, dadmerydd, 
Dissonance, dis'ö.nans n, anghydseiniad 
Dissonant, dis'ö.nant n, anghydsain, 

anghysson [gwrthannog 

Dissuade, di.swäd' vt, gwrtìbgymheil, 
Dissuasion, di.swä'shun n, gwrthgynghor 
Dissyllable, di.sil'â.bl n, o ddwy 

sill, dwysill 
Distaff, dis'taf n, cogail, cogeilyn 
Distain, dis.tän' vt, ystaenio, gohwio 
Distance, dis'tans n, pellder, pelldra; 

cyfrwng : vt, pelläu, gadael ar ol. A 

great distance, hirbell 
Distant, dis'tant a, pell, pellenig, anghys- 

bell. Not distant, nid ym mhell 
Distaste, dis.täst' n, diflasrwydd: vt, 

diflasu; casäu; alaru [ad gas 

Distasteful, dis.täst'fẁl a, ffiaidd, ditlas, 
Distemper, dis.tem'pur n, gwst, anhwyl, 

saldra : vt, annhymmeru ; annhrefnu 
Distemperate, dis.tem'pur.ät a, anghym- 

medrol [annhymmerusrwydd 

Distemperature, dis.tem'pur.ä.tshu r n, 
Distend, dis.tend' vt, arledu, arlydanu, 

lledu, eangu [eamriad 

Distention, dis.ten'shun n, arlediad, 
Distich, dis'tik n, pennill dwy fraich; 

eywydd deuair 
Distil, dis.til' v, distyllio; dyhidlo 
Distillation, dis.ti.lä'shun n, distylliad, 

defnyniad [distylldy 

Distillery, dis.til'ur.î n, distyllyddiaeth, 
Distinct, dis.tingkt' a, eglur, amlwg; 

gwahannodol; croew 


DIV path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Distinction, dis.tingk'shun n, gwahan- 

iacth; rhagoriaeth [iaethol 

Distinctive, dis.tingk'tiv n, gwahan- 
Distinctness, dis.tingkt'nes n, eglurder, 

manwl nodiad, amlygrwydd 
Distinguish, dis.ting'gwistí », gwahan- 

iaethu, dosbarthu, dynodi; hynodi; 

enwogi [gwahanadwy 

Distinguishable, dis.ting'gwish. â. bl a, 
Distort, dis.tôrt' vt, gwyrgamu, cam- 

ystumio [croesdroad 

Distortion, dis.tôr'shun n, camystum, 
Distract, dis.trakt' vt, aflonyddu, blino ; 

gwallgofi. Distracted, ynfyd, gwall- 

gof, gwallgofus 
Distraction, dis.trak'shun n, annhrefn; 

gwallbwyll, gorphwylliad 
Distrain, dis.trän' vt, gafaelu, attafaelu 
Distrainal)le, dis.trä'nâ.bl a ,attafaeladwy 
Distraint, dis.tränt' n, attafael. attafeiliad 
Distream, dis.trim' vi, lhfo, dylifo, ffrydio 
Distress, dis.tres' n, cyfyngder, ing, bhn- 

der, trallod, adfyd, helbul ; attafaeliad : 

vt, arwasgu, gorthryrnu, blino, cys- 

tuddio, trallodi 
Distressful, dis.tres'fẁl a, gofidus, ad- 

fydus, gorthrymderus, helbulus, blin 
Distribute, dis.trib'iit vt, rhanu, dos- 
barthu ; cyfranu, cvfleu 
Distribution, dis.trì.bü'shun n, rhaniad ; 

cyflead; iawndrefniad ; dosbartbiad 
Distributive, dis.trib'ii.tiv a, cyfraned- 

igol: haelionus [ardal 

District, dis'trikt ?i, tiriogaeth ; rhandir. 
Distrust,' n, anhyder, anym- 

dcUried: vt, anymddiried, drwgdybio 
Distrustful, ust'fẁl a, drwgdybus: 

pryderus [thruddo; terfysgu 

Disturb, dis.tûrb' vt, aflonyddu, cy- 
Disturbance, dis.tûr'bans n, terfysg, 

cynhwrf, cyffro, aflonyddwch, cytkrudd 
Disuniform, dis.ü'nî.fôrm a, anunffurf. 

anunwedd [gariad 

Disunion, dis.ü'nî.un n, anghydfod; ys- 
Disunite, dis.ü.n'it' v, gwahanu, ysgaru, 

daduno _ [oliaeth 

Disunity, dis.ü'nî.tî n, anundeb, anun- 
Disusage, dis.u'zaj, Disuse, dis.üs' n, 

anghvnnefindra, anarferiad 
Disuse, dis.iiz' vt, anarferu, diarferu 
Devaluation, dis.val.ii.a'shun n, dibris- 

iad, sarhâd 
Disvalue, dis.val'ii «i,dirmygu.bychanu 
Disvouch, dis.vuwtsh' vt, gwrthbrofi. 

anwirio, gwadu 
Ditch, ditsh n, clawdd, flbs, camlas : v. 

cloddio. Diteh-dock, tafol Mair 

Ditcher, ditsh'ùr n. cloddiwr, ffosiwr ) 
Dithyramb, dith'î.ramb n, gwin-gerdd 
Ditto, dit'ö ad, eto, yr un, yr un peth 
Ditty, dit'î n, can, canig. A sorrowfu 

ditty, cwyn-gerdd [trwythba 

Diuretic, di'.u.ret'ik a. troethbad 
Diurnal, di'.ûr'nal n, dyddlyfr: a. dydd< 

iol, beunyddiol [rwyd«| 

Diuturnity, dî.ü.tûr'nî.tî n, parhaus 
Divan, di.van' n, y prif gyne 

Nhwrei [hanrani 

Divaricate, d'i.var'i.kat w,fforchi s 
Divarication, di.var.i.ka'skun n, li'orch '■ 

ogiad; ymraniad 
Dive, d'iv vi, ymsuddo, dwfndreiddic 

olrhain. Diving-bell, snddgloch 
Diver, di'vur n, ymsuddiwr; dwfh; 

dreiddiwr [lledwyr. 

Diverge, di.vurj' vi, ymbelläu, osgoi 
Divergent, di.vur'jent a, ymbellaol 

osgoawl [Havre 

Divers, di'Vurz n, amryw, amryfal. anil' 
Diverse, d'i'vurs a, gwahanol; annhebyj, 
Diversification,'shun n\ 

amrywiad, tryfrithiad [hanredij 

Diversify, di.vur'si.f'i vt, amrywio; gwa ! 
Diversion, di.vur'shun n, difyrwch, ad ' 

loniad ; gwjrad ; troad o'r neilldu 
Diversity, dí.vûr'sî,tî n, amryfeiliant! 

amrywiaeth [difyru, llonj 

Divert, di.vurt' vt, troi o'r neilldu I 
Divertive, di.vur'tiv a. difyrus, difyrg* 
Divertisernent, di.vur'tiz.ment n, diryr! 

wch, adloniad 
Divest, di.vest' vt, dibatru, diosg, di; 

feddiannu [difuddiatj 

Divesture, di.ves'tshur n, d 
Dividable, di.v'i', Dividant, di.v'i' 

dant «, rhanadwy 
Divide,'d' v, cyfranu; dosbarthu' 

gwahanu [talgyfraij 

Dividend, dividend n, rhan, rbandwyj 
Divider,'dur n, rhanwr, dosbarthwi 
Dividual, df.vij' a, rhanedig, dos- 

Divination,'shun n, dewiniaeth 
Divine, di.v'in' n, duwinydd, dewinydd ■ 

a, duwiol, duwinyddol, dewin: V 

dewhio, darogan ; dyfalu 
Diviner, di.v'i'nur n, dewin, daroganwr 
Divinity,'i.ti n, duwdod; duwin- 1 

Divisibility, di.viz.i.bil'i.ti n, hyranedd 
Divisible, di.viz' a, rhanadwy 
Division, di.vizh'un n, rhan, cyfran 

rhaniad ; cyfraniaeth ; ymraniad. Sigi ( 

of division (—), cyfraneb, cvfrannod 

ôre; läte, line, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. DON 

Divisor, dî.Yi"zûr re, cyfranydd. lhan- 
dydd [ysgariaeth ; llythyr ysgar 
Divorce,'rs' vt, ysgar, gwahanu : re, 
Divorcement, di.vo'rs'ment re, ysgariad 
Divulgate, di.vul'gat, Divulge, dtvulj' 

vt, cyhoeddi, dadgelu [dattodiad 

Divulsion, di.vul'shun re, dadgyssylltiad, 
Dizen, d'i'zn vt, taclu, addurno, gwychu 
Dizzard, diz'urd re, ifol, cadafael, hurth- 
f gen, hurtyn [madrondod 

Dizziness, diz'i.nes re, penysgafnder, 
Dizzy, diz'i a, pensyfrdan, difeddwl 
Do, dvv (did, done) v, gwneuthur, 

gwneyd, gwnelyd. I have done, yr 

wyf wedi dybenu. How do you do ? 

sut yr ydych chwi? That will do, 

gwna hwna y tro. Do not, peidiwch â, 

Do I? a ydwyf fi? To do well, 
j llwvddo. Doings, gweithredoedd ; 

trafferth ; ystwr. Did I, thou, he, &c ? 

a ddarfu i mi, i ti, iddo ? 
[Docible, dos', Docile, dos'il a, hydrin, 

hyddysg, hydyn [fiyd; gwaredd 

Docility, dö.sil'î.tî re, hyddysgedd, eorth- 
Dock, dok re. llongborth ; cloren march 

tafol : vt, tori. Dock-leaf, dail tafol. 

Sour dock, surain y maes. Dock- 
yard, llongorsaf 
Docket, Doquet, dok'et re, hyfforddnod, 

Doctor, dok'tdr n, cadeirdraw, dysg- 

awdwr, athraw, doethawr 
Doctrinal, dok'tri.nal a, athrawiaethol 
Doctrine, dok'trin a, athrawiaeth, athron- 

ddysg [ysgrifenbrawf 

icument, dok'ii.ment n, addysgiad; 
:umental.'tal a, hyffbrdd- 

iadol; ardystíol [ochrog 

lecagon, do.dek'a.gun n, dull deuddeg 
' ;e, doj v, traws-ddadleu, cecru, 
dö n, ewig [geirdroi 

dof vt, dadwisgo, dihatru ; gohirio 
dog re, ci; cian: vt, dirgel-olrhain. 
»g-briar, mieri ]\Iair, rhôs Mair. 

Dog-cheap, rhy isel-bi'is. Dog-days, 
\ dyddiau'r cvvn. Dog-fish, morgi, 
) penci, ci coeg. Dog-kennel, cynhordy, 
\ ty cvvn. Dog-sleep, ffuant-gwsg, 
: cwsg ci. Dog-star, seren y ci 
•Doge, dòj re, perdlywydd Venis gynt 
fogged, dog'ed a, ysudnig ; ciaidd, sarig 
Doggedness, dog'ed.nes re, ystyfnig- 

rwydd; cieidd-dra. anhynawsedd 

)ogger, dog ur re, ysgoren, Hong fechan 

^oggerel, dog'm-.el a, gorwael, salw. 

anghelfydd, crach : re, pryddest wael 

neu afreolaidd 


Doggish, dog'ish a, ciaidd, brathlyd 
Dogma, dog'mâ re, egwyddor sefydledig ; 

pwnc athrawiaethol 
Dogmatical, dog.mat'i.kal a, hunan- 

gryf, cyndyn [ddysg 

Dogmatism, dog'ma.tizm re, meistrol- 
Dogmatist, dogmâ.tist re, awduriaeth- 

wr; dysgawdwr pendant [sicr-haeru 
Dogmatize, dog'ma.t'iz vi, awduriaethu; 
Doily, dôí'lî re, math o liain 
Doit, doit re, darn o arian 
Dole, döl re, cyfran, dogn; cwynfan, 

alaeth : vt, cyfranu, rhanu 
Doleful, dòTíŵl, Dolesome, döl'sum a, 

galaras, trymllyd [rwydd, nadedd 
Dolefulness, dòTfẁl.nes re, alaethus- 
Doll, dol re, delwan plentyn 
Dollar, dol'm- re, darn arian gwerth yng 

nghylch 4s. 6c. 
Dolor, dö'lûr re, gofid; poen; galar, 

alaeth * [neu ofid 

Dolorific, dol.ö.rif 'ik a, yn achosi poen 
Dolorous, dol'ö.rus a, alaethus ; galarus ; 

Dolphin, dol'fin re, môr-hwch, dolfiyn 
Dolt, dolt re, dehf, penbwl, hurthgen 
Doltish, döl'tish a, delflaidd, hm-t, pen- 

Domain, dö.män' re, treftadaeth, etifedd- 

iaeth, tir meddiant ; arglwyddiaeth 
Dome, döm re, cromen, tŵ bwaog 
Domestic, do.mes'tik a, tyaidd, teulu- 

aidd, cartrefol: re, teulu was, gwas, 

gweinydd [cartref 

Domicil, dom'î.sil re, anneddle, trigfa, 
Dominant, dom'î.nant a, yn llywodr- 

aethu, â'r Uywodraeth ganddo, yn 

rheoli; arglwyddiaethol : re, y pum- 

nod (mewn cerddoriaeth) 
Dominate, dom'î.nät v, gorthrechu, dar- 

ostwng ; arglwwddiaethu 
Domination, dom.î.nä'shun, re, rheohad, 

arglwyddiaeth [arglwyddiaethu 

Domineer, dom.î.nî'r' v, rhwystro, tra- 
Dominical, do.min'i.kal a, perthynol i'r 

Arglwydd. Dominical-letter, llyth- 

yren y Sul [Dominic 

Dominican, db'.min'i.kan a, o urdd 
Dominion, dö.min'yun re, Uywodraeth, 

arglwyddiaeth, rheolaeth, awdmdod 
Domino, dom'î.nö re, cwcwll mynach 
Don, don re, enwad uchelwr yn vr 

Hispaeu [doni'id 

Donation, dö.nä'shun re, rhodd, amheg ; 
Donative, don'a.tiv re, rhodd; rhodd 

ddigyfrwng : a,rhoddedig,rhoddiannol 
Done, dun^>. — Do. 


DRA path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Donee, dö.nì' n, derbyniwr rhodd 
Donor, dö'nfìr re, anrhegwr, rhoddwr 
Doodle, dŵ'dl re, diogyn; oferwr, hurtyn 
Doom, dŵm re, dedfryd, barn, brawd: 
vt, barnu, dyfarnu, collfarnu. Doom's- 
day, dydd y farn, dydd brawd. 
Doom's-day book, cofrestr o etifedd- 
iaetbau a wnaethpwyd ar arch Gwilym 
I. Doom's-man, barnwr 
Door, dô'r, re, drws, dor; porth. Door- 
frame, attegwisg drws. Door-keeper. 
drysor, porthor. Door-post, gorsin, 
gorsing, post drws. Upper door-post, 
capan drws, gwarddrws 
Doree, dö'rä re, yr eurgefn. Gelwir yn 

gyffredin John Doree (jaune dore') 
Doric, dor'ik a, Doraidd 
Dormant, dôr'mant a, yn cysgu; tan 
gudd, o'r golwg. Dormant tree, prií' 
drawst, swmer drws 
Dormer, dôr'mûr re, fFenestr yn nen ty 
Dormitive, dor'mi'tiv n, meddyginiaeth 
cwsgbar [hundy; hunfa y meirw 

Dormitory, dôr'nu.tur.i re, ystafell gysgu. 
Dormouse, dôr'múŵs re, pathew 
Dorn, dôrn re, math o bysgodyn 
Dorp, dôrp re, pentref, eordref 
Dorsal, dôr'sal a, cefnol 
Dorser, dôr'sûr re, cefn-gawell, baner 
Dose, dös re, dogn : vt, dogni 
Dot, dot re, man, nod: v, mànu, nodi 
Dotage, dö'täj re, penweudid, lledfryd- 

edd, gwallgof 
Dotal, dö'tal a, gwaddolog 
Dotard, dö 'turd, Doter, dö'tûr re, tra- 

sercbwr ; un penwan 
Dote, dot vi, gorhoffi, ffblserchu; ynfydu 
Dottard, dotfird re, coeden a docir yn 


Double, dub'l a, dyblyg, deublyg, dan- 

ddyblyg: », pfygu, dyblygu, deu- 

blygu; rhedeg a gw ■■ihredeg : re, plyg 

dyblygiad, dill ; cymmaint avail 

Double-meaning, mwysder [par 

Doublet, dub'let re, math o \ 

Doubloon, dub.hvn' re, bath Hispaen- 

aidd (£3 4 5 .) 
Doubt, duvvt v, ammheu, petruso. rhuso : 

mmhea, ammhi i 
Doubtful, dûŵt'rẁl a,ammheuol, annilys, 
usol [ddiammheu 

Doubtless, dùŵt'les ad 

ir, dŵ.sûr' re, gwobr; budrwobr 

•'. dö'î a, toeslyd, fel toes [trochi 

ul: v, cernodio; 

Dove, duv re, colomen. Stock-dove 

cuddan, ysguthan. Ring-dove, ys- 

guthan gadwynog. Turtle-dove 

tartar, colomen Fair. Dove-cot! 

colomendy [niwec 

Dovelike, duvT'ik a, colomenaidd, di- 
Dovetail, duv'tiil n, math o gysswj 

mewn gwaith coed : vt, cyssylltu 
Dowable, dûŵ'â.bl a, gwaddoladwy 
Dowager, dûẁ'ä.jûr re, gwraig weddw! 

Queen dowager, brenines waddolog 
Dowdy, dûŵ'dì re, benyw annhaclus e 

Dowel, dûŵ'el re, hoelbren, ebillen 
Dower, dûŵ'ûr, Dowery, dûŵ'ur.î re 

gwaddol, cynnysgaeth, agweddi 
Dowerless, diuv'ur.les «, digynny-'gaetl 
Dowlas, dûŵ'las re, math o liain cryf I 
Down, dûŵn re, manblu, pan, piucar. 

goflew, plu'r gweunydd ; gwastadedd 

rhos : ad, i lawr, i waered, obry, tua' 

llawr. Downs, noethdir, gwastattir 
Downcast, duwn'kast a, prudd, digalon 

crymedig [dinyst 

Downfall, dûŵn'fol re, cwymp, 
Downhill, dûŵn'hil re, gwaer 

waered, llethr. lleehwedd 
Downright, dûŵn'rit a, noeth, amlwg 

didwyll. gonest, pendant 
Downward, dûŵn'wûi-d a, tua'r Uawr 
Downward, dûŵn'wûrd, Downward? 

duwn'wurdz ad, i lawr, i waered, tua; 

i waered [esmwyti! 

Downy, dûŵ'nî a, pluaidd, manbluog : 
Dowse, dùŵs re, cernod, dyrnod, boni 

clust: vt, cernodio [ wer 

Doxology,doks.ol'ö.jî re, mawlgan,mawl 
Doxy, dok'si re, cyfioden. putam, dyhire" 
Doze, doz vi, huno, lledgysgu, hepian. 

re, cwsg yspafn, gogwsg, ainrant-hun 1 
Dozen, duz'n », deuddeg, dwsin 
Doziness, do'zi.nes re, cysgadrwydd| 

syrthni [aid] 

Dozy, dözî a, cysglyd, syfrdan, manr 
Drab, drab a, llwydwyn.-'re, budrogen 
Drachm, dram re, wythfed van o wns^- , 
Drachma, drak'ma n, hen ddarn aria 

werlh wyth ceiniog g 

Draff, draf re, soeg, gweisgion. golchiow 
Draffy, draf 'i «, soeglyd, gwaddodly™ 
Draft, draft re. > » 'if; ba« 

ifach: lj 

drag'net re, lias 

ôre; läte, line, nö, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. DRO 

JDragon, drag'un n, draig. Snap-dragon, 

fcrwyn y llo. Dragon-fly, gwas y 

neidr [dirgymliell, gorfodi 

Dragoon, drâ.gwn' n. marchfilwr: vt, 
Drain, driin n, dyfrffos, soch: v, dy- 

hyspyddu, sychu, cwtera 
tDraina'ole, drä'nâ.bl a, dyhyspyddadwy 
'Drainage, drä'näj n, dyhỳspyddiaeth 
.Drake, drak n, ceiliog hwyad, adiad 
(Dram, dram n, traflwnc o wirod; wyth- 

fed ran o wns 
Drama, dram'â n, chwareu dynwaredol 
Dramatic, dra.mat'ik a, chwarëyddol 
Dramatist, dram'â.tist n, awdwr chwa- 
Drank , drangk pt. — Drink [ reuwaith 
Drape, driip v, gwneyd brethyn 
Draper, drä 'pûr n, brethyn wr ; llieiniwr 
Drapery, drä'pûr.î n, brethyniaeth. 

brethynan; llieinian [iol 

Drastic, dras'tik a, cryf, nerthol, effeitk- 
Draugh, draf n, golchion, soeg, sorod 
Draught, draft n, traflwnc, llymaid; 

llyiiciad; arloesdy, geudy; tyn, tyn- 

iad, tynfa: arlun, cynllun; bras- 

gynllun; cynysgrif; gwahanlu. 

Draught-horse, march tynu 
Draughts, drafts, ?i, math o chwareu 
Draw, drö (drew, drawn) v, tynu, llusgo ; 

arwain ; llunio, lhneílu. Draw near, 

agosäu, nesäu 
Drawback, dro'bak n, ad-dal, ad-daliad 
Drawbridge, drô'brij n, ysgrogell 
Drawers, drorz np, llodrau. Chest of 
( drawers, llogellgist [darluniad 

Drawing, drô'ing n, tyniad ; arlun, llun, 
)rawl, drôl v, llusgo geiriau, trwm- 
)rawn, drôn^. — Draw [siarad 

Dray, drä n, car, car hir, car trol 
)rayman, drä'man n, cariwr, gyrwrtrol 
wazel, di-az'l n, budrogen, dyhiren 
)read, dred n, ofn, arswyd, braw, dych- 
t ryn : a. ofnadwy, arswydus, dychryn- 

11yd : vt, ofni " ' [irad 

Dreadful, dred'íẁl a, erchyll, echryslawn, 
Mreadless, dred'les a, dioih, diarswyd, 

difraw, eon [« ? breuddwyd 

pream, dri'm (dreamt) v. breuddwydio: 
^■Unless^drim'les n, difreuddwyd 
Drear, dri'r, Dreary, drî'r'î a, hvll. 
. erchyll. eehrysol [dra 

Weariness, dri'r'i.nes n, tywyllni, hyll- 
Dredge, drej n. rhwyd llymeirch ; cym- 
i 1: vt. treillio; blodio bw 
io. Dredging-box, blawdflwch, 
• A'g'i rt.gwaddodlvd [gwehilion 
i>regs. dregz np, gwaddod, gwaelodion; 

Drench, drentsh n. meddyglyn i farch : 

vt, mwydo; trwytho; trochi 
Dress, dres n, gwisg, gwisgiad, dillad, 
trwsiad; addurniad : v, gwisgo, 
dilladu; addurno, trwsio, trin; gwr- 
teithio; cyweirio, cyffeithio. Well- 
dressed, trwsiadus 
Dresser, dres'ûr n, ceginfwrdd ; gwisgwr 
Dressy, dres'î a, gwisgwych 
Drew, drŵ pt. — Draw 
Dribble, drib'l v, defnynu ; dyboeri 
Dribblet, driblet n, manddyled 
Drier, drî'ûr n, sychydd : a, sychach 
Drift, drift n, amcan, nwyd, tuedd; 
lluchfa ; cluder ; croeslwybr : v, lluchio, 
lluwchio; gyru 
Drill, dril n, trwydden, ebill, trul ; cor- 
nant; epa: vt, treulio; dysgu milwyr; 
Drink, dringk n, diod, llyn, gwirod: v 
(drank, drunk), yfed; traflyncu; ym- 
ddiodi. Sour drink, chwiblen [yfed 
Drinkable, drmg' a, yfadwy, i'w 
Drip, drip n, dyferiad: vi, dyferu, 
defnynu. Dripping, toddion, dyferion. 
Dripping-pan, padell y toddion 
Drive, dr'iv (drove, driven) v, gyru, 
gwthio, ymlid. Driven snow, mân ôd 
Drivel, driv'l n, glafoerion, ymboer; 
ynfydyn : vi, ymboeri ; ynfydu 
riveller, driv'l.iir n, glafoerwr; un pen- 
wan, ynfydyn 
Driver, dri'Vur n, gyrwr, gyriedydd 
Drizzle, driz'l vi, defnynu, gwlith- 
wlawio. Drizzling weather, lleith-hin 
Drizzly, driz'li a, manddefnynog, 

Droil, drôîl vi, araf weithio : n, diogyn 
Droll, drol n, ysgentyn, digrifwas: a, 

digrif, cellweirus, ysmala 
Drollery, drö'lur.î n, arabedd, cymwedd 
Dromedary, drum'î.dur.î in, math o 
gammarch [diogyn 

Drone, drön n, begegyr, bychygyr; 
Dronish, drö'nish a, dìog, cysgîyd 
Droop, drŵp vi, dihoeni, llipäu, methu 
Drop, drop n, dyferyn, dafn, defhyn; 
clusttlysyn: "v, dyferu, defnynu; 
Droplet, drop'let a, detnyn [syrthio 

Dropsical, drop'sî.fcal «,"dyfrglwyfus 
Dropsy, drop'sî n, dyfrglwyf 
Dropwort, drop'wûrt n. crogedyf, crog- 
edeu [sinidr 

Dross, dros n, sorod, sothach; gorferw; 
Drossy, dros'î a, sothachlyd, ammhur 
Drought, drûẁt, Drouth, drûŵth n, 
sychder, gwres; syched 



DUN path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîue, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵrrtoo, tẁk=took; 

Droughty, drûŵ'tî a, sych-hinog, tesog, 

sycnedig [mintai : pt. — Drive 

Drove, drov n, gyr, deadell, cenfaint, 

Drover, dro'vur n, porthmon, gyrwr, 

gyriedydd [trochi 

Drown, drûŵn 0, boddi, suddo, soddi, 

Drowning, drûŵ'ning n, bawdd, boddiad. 

Drowning-place, boddfa [syrthni 

Drowsiness , druw'zi.nes n, cysgadrwydd, 

Drowsy, druvv'zi a, cysglyd, marwaidd 

Drub, drub n, ffonod, Uach, dyrnod, 

Uab : vt, llabio, llachio, dulio, ffustio 
Drudge, druj n, cystogwr, cystegwr; 
cystoges: vi, gwneyd gwaith gwael, 
c'ystogi [waith, cwst 

Drudgery, druj'ur.î n, caledwaith, budr- 
Drug, drug n, cyffyr meddygol ; gwael- 
Drugget, drug'et n, math lawrlen [beth 
Druggist, drug'ist n, cyfferiwr 
Druid, drŵ'id n, derwydd 
Druidical,'i.kal a, derwyddol 
Druidism, drŵ'íd.ism n, derwyddiaeth, 

Drum, drum n, tabwrdd, rhuglen: v, 
tabyrddu. Drum-major, prifdabyrdd- 
wr. Drum-stick, tabyrddffou 
Drummer, drum'ûr n, tabyrddwr 
Drunk, drungk a, meddw, brwysg : pp. 
— Drink [brwysgyn, diotwr 

Drunkard, drung'kurd n, meddwyn, 
Drunken, drung'kn a, meddw, brwysg 
Drunkenness, drung'kn. es n, meddw- 

dod, brwysgedd 
Dry, dr'f a, sych (/ sech), hysp (/ 
hesp), sychlyd, sychedig; eras: v, 
syenu; crasu; dyhyspyddu. Dry- 
eyed, llygadsych; dideimlad. Dry 
land, sychdir, tir sych. Dry-salter, 
cighalltwr. Diy-shod, troedsych 
Dryness, dri'nes n, sychder, crasder 
Dual, dü'al a, deuol, perthjmol i ddau 
Duality, dü.al'î.tî n, deuad 
Dub, dub vt. urddo, urddasu, dyrchafu 
Dubious, dü'bî.us a, ammhëus, petrus, 
annilys [ansicr 

Dubitable, dü'bî.tâ.bl a, ammheuadwy, 
Dubitation, dü.bì.tä'shun n, ammheu- 
aeth, petrusder [iol 

Ducal, dii'kal a, perthynol i ddiig, dug- 
Ducape, du.kiip' m, math sidanwe 
Ducat, duk'at n, bath tramor, gwerth 

yn arian. tua 3s. 4c; yn aur, 9s. 4c. 
Duchess, dutsh'es n, duges [iaeth 

Duchy, dutsh'i «., tiriogaeth dug, dug- 
Duck, duk n, hwyad, hwyaden: v, 
troclii, ymsuddo, taflu dan ddwfr. 
Ducking-stool, ystôl drochi 

Duckling, duk'hng n, hwyad ieuanc 
Duckweed, duk'wid n, bwyd yr hwyad, 

v gyflafan, llinos y dwfr 
Duct, dukt?i.pibell;ffordd,llwybr [blyg 
Ductile, duk'til n, hydyn, ystwyth, hy- 
Ductility, duk.til'i.ti n. ystwythdi - a 
Dudgeon, duj'unw, bidogan; drygnwyd.l 

Hid, dig 
Due, dü n, dyled ; haeddiant ; iawn j 

eiddo: a, dyledus, dyladwy; iawn: 

da; addas [dau 

Duel, dii'el n, ornest, ymladdiad rhwng 
Duellist, dii'el .ist n, ornestwr 
Duenna, dü'en.â n, hen lywyddts, hyn- 

afwraig [deulaií 

Duet, dü.et', Duetto, dü.et'ö », car 
Dug, dug «, teth; diden, did, bron; 

pt & pp. — Dig 
Duke, diik n, dug 
Dukedom, diik'dum n, dugiaeth 
Dulcet, dul'set a, melus, hyfryd, per 

chweg [eiddiad, melusiac 

Dulcification,'shun n, per- 
Dulcify, dul'sî.f 1, Dulcorate, dul'ko.rai 

v, melusu, pereiddio 
Dulcimer, dul'sî.mûr n, dwsmel ' 
Dull, dul a, hurt, syfrdan, synwyrbwl 

marwaidd, swrth ; diflas ; diawch, pŵl 

ditìin : v, hurtio, syfrdanu ; pylu , 

DulÌard, dul'ûrd n, penbwl. hurtyn, delf 
Dulness. dul'nes n, hurtrwydd; pylni 

tywyllni [aeth caethioi 

Dulocracy, dii.lok' ?i, goruchreol-j 
Duly, dü'lî ad, yn ddyladwy, yn addas I 
Dumb, dum a, mud, anafar; dystawl 

tawelog. A dumb person, mudan I 
Dumbness, dmn'nes n, aflafaredd, mud- 1 

Dumfound, dum'fûŵnd, Dumfounderl 

dum'fûŴTi.dûr vt, dystewi, dyrysu I 
Dumous, dii'mus a, llawn perthi, mierl 

i'og [gosarijl 

Dumpish, dum'pish a, dystawddigfi 
Dumpling, dumpling n, rholen, poteDi 
Dumps, dumps n, ysmigw.^t [torpell 
Dun, dun a, gwineuddu, llwyd-ddu : fll 

ceisbwl: vt, dirgymhell, mynychofyil 

dyled. Dun-bee, Dun-fly,clyryn llwyd H 

cacynen y meirch 
Dunce, duns n, brebwl, delff, penbwl I 
Duncery, dun'sur.î n, huitrwydd 
Dung, dung n, torn, baw, tail, biswaill 

ebod: v, teilo, tomi, bisweilio; gwrl 

teithio, ebodi [cardial 

Dungeon, dmi'jun n, daiardy, dym-gellB 
Dunghill, dung'hil n, tomen dail 

öre ; late, line, nö, müte ; she, zh=iz azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. EAR 

Dungy, dung'î a, teilog, tomlyd ; budr, 

aflan [ddegiaeth 

Duodecimals, du.o.des'i.malz np, deu- 
Duodecimo, dü.ö.des'ì.mö (12mo) a, deu- 

ddegplyg, 12plyg 
Duoglot, dü'ö.glot a, dwyieithog 
Dupe, diip n, dyn hydwyll, symlyn, 

gwirionyn : vt, twyllo, siomddenu 
Duple, dii'pl a, deublyg, dyblyg 
Duplex, dii'pleks a, dyblyg, cytansawdd 
Duplicate, dü'plî.kät n, adysgrifen, ad- 

lythyr : a, deublygol, dyblyg 
Duplication, dii.pli.ka'shun n, deublyg- 

iad; adluniad [iaeth, dyblygedd 

Duplicature, dii'pli.ka'tshu r n, deublyg - 
Duplicity, dü.plis'î.tî n, dyblygrwydd; 

deuwynebedd, dichell 
Durable, dü' r'â.bl a, parhäus, parhaol 

safadwy, dalus, cryf 
Durability, dü'r.â.bil'î.tî n, parhausder 
Durance, dii'r'ans n, carchariad, caeth- 

iwed, dalfa 
Duration, dü.rä'shun n, parhâd; arosiad 
Dure, dii'r vi, parhau, aros, sefyll, dal 
Dureless, dii'r les a, dibara, darfodedig 
Duress, dii'r 'es n, carchariad ; traisddal- 

iad, caethiwed 
During, dii'r'ing pr, yn parhau, tra 

parhao, cyd ag, hyd, tra [well 

f Durity, du r'î.tî n, calerlrwydd, caled- 
pDui'st, durst _pi. — Dare [y nos 

| Dusk, dusk n, cyfhos, cyflychwyr, gwyll 

I Duskiness, dus'ki.nes n, tjvryllm, gwyll 
Duskish, dus'kish, Dusky, dus'ki a, go- 
dywyll, lled-dywyll 
., Dust, "dust n, llwch, pylor; meilon; 
I ifylor : v, llychwino, llychiannu 
î Dusty, dus'tî a, llychlyd, Uychwin 
Dutch, dutsh a, Isalmaen The Dutch 
I language, yr Isalmaeneg. Dutch- 
l myrtle, mordywydd 
f Duteous, dü'tshus, Dutiful, dü'tî.fẁl a, 
I ufudd, gostyngedig [wch; ufudd-dod 
.Dutif'ulness, dü'tî.fẁl.nes «, dyledgar- 
Duty, dii'ti n, dyled, dyledswydd; gwas- 
K anaeth; cyllid, toll" teyrnged, treth. 
5 On duty, pig nghyflawniad ei swydd 
îDuumrirate,'vi.rat n, lly wodraeth 

■Dwarf, dwarf n, cor, còryn (f coren, 

cores), nar; pegor: a. còraidd 
Dwarfish, dwâr'fish a, còraidd, naraidd 
•Dwell, dwel {dwelt) vi, anneddu, trigo, 
'■ trigiannu : aros ; ymhelaethu. Dwell- 
\ ing, Dwelüng-place, annedd, anneddle, 
I anneddfa, trigfa, preswylfod, preswyl- 
fk, ty, cartref 

Dwelt, dwelt pt &pp. — Dwell [gwywo 
Dwindle, dwin'dl vi, dyhoeni, gwanhau, 
Dye, di' n, lhw, gne: vt, lliwio, Uiwo. 

Dye-house, lliwdy. Dyeing, yn lliwio. 

Dyer's weed, banadlos, euríiinadl 
Dyer, dî'ûr n, lliwydd, lliwiwr 
Dynasty, din'as.tî n, Uin o freninoedd ; 

teyrnach; rheolaeth [ansawdd corff 
Dyscracy, dis' n, anhawnt, drwg 
Dysentery, dis'en.tur.î n, clefyd y gwaed 
Dysnomy, dis'nö.mî n, anghyfraith; 

drwglywiad [n, byr olwg 

Dysopsia, dis.op'shî.â, Dysopsy, dis.op'sî 
Dyspepsia, dis.pep'shî.â, Dyspepsy, dis- 

pep'si it,gwalldreuliad ; annhreuliad 
Dyspeptic, dis.pep'tik a, â gwalldreuhad 

arno : n, un gwan ei gylla 
Dysphagia, dis.fa'gî.ân.anhawsder cnoi 
Dysphonia, dis.fö'nî.â, Dysphony, dis'- 

fö.nî n, attal dywediad [anadl 

Dyspnoea, disp.nî'â n, difFyg anadl, byr 
Dysuria, dis.ü'r'i.â, Dysury, dis'ü.rî n, 

y tostedd, attal dwfr, dwfr-attaliad 


Each, îtsh a, pob, pob un. Each 
other, y naill y Hall, eu gilydd. On 
each side, o'r ddeutu, ar bob ochr 

Eager, î'gûr a, taer, awyddus ; awchus ; 
gwancus; haerllug [chwant 

Eagerness, î'gûr.nes n, awydd; dir- 

Eagle, i"gl 11, eryr (yeryres). Eagle- 
eyed, llygadlym, Uygadgraff. Eagle- 
stone, eryrai, eryrfaen 

Eaglet, i'glet n, eryran, cyw eryr 

Ear, î'r n, clust, ysgyfani; twysen; 
dolen: v, twysenu, hedeg ; hadu. To 
give ear, ymwrando. About one's 
ears, am ei ben. Having ears, clust- 
iog. Within ear-shot, yng nghyrhaedd 
y glust, mewn clyw. Ear-ring, clust- 
tlws, clustfodrwy. By the ears, pen- 
ben [og milwrol 

Earl, ûrl n, iarll. Earl-marshal, swydd- 

Earldom, ûrl'dum n, iarllaeth 

Earless, i'r'les a, diglust, heb glust 

Earliness, ûr'lî.nes n, cynnarweh, boreu- 
edd [cyn: ad, yn fore 

Early, ûr'lî a, cynnar; prydlawn; bore; 

Earn, urn vt, ennill, elwa 

Earnest, ûr'nest a, difrif, prysur; diwyd, 
taer : n, era, ernes, gwystl. In earn- 
est, o ddifrif, yn brysur 

Earnestness, ûr'nest.nes n, dyfalwch, 
awyddfryd, taerineb, difrifweh 

EDI path, fat, Ore, met, mfi-rine, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tẃ-=too, tẁk=took ; 

Earth, ûrth n, daiar, tir, pridd; y llawr; 
daiaren: r, priddo, claddu; daiaru; 
ymddaiarn. Earth-born, ganedig o'r 
pridd. Fuller's earth, priddgalch. 
Earth-worm, abwyden (p abwyd), 
amwydyn ' fpriddlyd, priddin 

Earthen, "ûr'thn a, or pridd, priddol, 
Earthenware, ûr'tlm.wë'r n, llestri pridd 
Earthliness, ùrth'lî.nes n, daiaroldeb 
Earthling, ûrth'ling n, bydolddyn 
Earthly^ûrthlî a, daiarol, bydol 
Earthquake, urth'kwak n, daiargryn, 
daiargryd, daiar gryn [ammhur 

Earthy, ûr'thî a, dâiaraidd, priddlyd; 
Earwig, i'r'wig n, pryf y glnst 
Ease, îz n, gorphwysdra, llonyddwch, 
esmwythdra; rhwyddineb: vt, es- 
mwytho; llinaru; rhwyddhan, haws- 
äu ; cysuro. At ease, esmwyth amo, 
mewn hawddfyd, tawel, difraw. With 
ease, yn hawdd, yn esmwyth. To give 
ease, esmwythäu. Chapel of ease, 
capel anwes 
Easel, i'zl n, attegwydd arlywydd 
Easement, îz'ment'«, esmwythâd, ys- 

Easily, î'zUî ad, yn hawdd, yn esmwyth. 

Easily pleased, diddig, hyfodd 
Easiness, í 'zi.nes n, rhwydd-deb, rhwydd- 
ineb, hwylusder ; hynawsedd 
East, îst n, dwyrain, codiad haul 
Easter, îs'tûr n, gwyl y Pasc, y Pasc 
Easterly, îs'tûr.lì a, dwyreiniol: ad, 

tua*r dwyrain 
Eastern, is turn a, dwyreiniol 
Eastward, îst'wûrd ad, tua'r dwyrain 
Easy, î'zî a, hawdd, esmwyth, rhwydd ; 
hynaws; meddal. Of easy temper, 
hynaws, araf, dyoddefgar 
Eat, it (pt ate, eat; pp eaten, i'tn) 
vt, bwyta, ymborthi ; difa, treulio, ysu. 
Eating-house, bwytty 
Eat, etpi, bwytaodd. — Eat 
Eatable, i'tâ.bl a, bwytadwy: n, bwyd 
Eater, i'tiir n, lnvytiiwr; dyn ghvth 
Eaves, ivz vp, bargod, bondo [fargod 
Ea^fldrop, ivz'drop vi, clustfcinio dan 
Eavesdropper, ivz'drop.iir n, gwrandäwi 

chwcdlcu ; clepiwr 
Ebb, eb n, trai, adlif. mordrai, ertrai 

dysdyll: OT, treio, adlito ; llcihau 
Ebionite, eb'yun.'it n, canlynwr Ebion. 
yr bwa a wrthyd bob Efengyl ond 
i'iildo Matthew 
Ebon, < b'un, Ebony, eh'un.i », math 

bren du cated o'r India [edd 

Ebriety, í.bri'i.tî n, meddwdod. brwysg- 

Ebriosity, î.brî.os'î.tî n, ymroddiad i 

feddwdod [crychias; cynhwrf 

Ebullition, eb.u.lish'un n, gorferwad, 

Eccentric, ek.sen'trik a, gwyrog, yn . 

cilio oddi wrth y canolbwynt ; afreol- 

aidd; ammhwyllog; pengam 

Eccentricity, ek.sen.tris'i.ti n, gwyrog- 

rwydd ; gwallgofrwydd 

Ecclesiastes,'tiz n, Uyfr y 

Pregethwr [g wr eglwysig 

Ecclesiastic,'tik n, eglwyswr, 

Ecclesiastical, e.klî.zî.as'tî.kal o, eg- 

lwysaidd, eglwysig 

Eckinated, Lki'na.ted a, dreiniog, 

gwrychog [ddraenog 

Echinus, e.k'i'nus n, draenog; y mor- 

Echo, ek'o n, adsain, dadsain, adlef, 

careg ateb: v, adseinio, dadseinio, 

adleisio [lygiad, eglnrhâa 

Eclaircissement, e.kle'r sis.mong «, am- 

Eclat, a.klo', e.kla' n, dysgleirdeb; clod, 

urdduniant [i ddewia 

Eclectic, ek.lek'tik a. dewisol ; â bawl 

Echpse, i.klips' n, diffyg; cil, cwmwl: 

v, peri diffyg ; cymylu, tywyllu 
Ecliptic, i.klip tik n, cylch y ditfygion 
Eclogue, eklog n, bugeilgerdd 
Economical, ek.o.nom'i.kal a, teulii- 

wriaethol ; cynnil ; diwastraff 
Economist, i.kon'o.mist n, cynnilwr; 

iawndrefnwr [cynniloj 

Economize, ukon'o.mi'z v, trefhyddao 
Economy, i.kon'o.mi n, teulüyddlaeth; 

cynnildeb ; cyfundrefn 
Ecstasy, ek' », perlewyg, gorawen | 
Ecstatic, ek.stat'ik a, perlesmeiriol, per- J 


Ectype, ek'tip », adysgrifen ; arlun 

Edacity, î.das'î.tî n, gwanc, glythni 

Edder, ed'ûr n, cauad penclawdd 

Eddy, ed'i n, cylchdroad dwfr neu wynt; I 

gwrthlif: a, cylchdroawl; chwyrad 

droawl [dyfrglwyfhal 

Edematous, î.dem'â.tus o, chwyddediàj 

Edentated, î.den'tâ.ted a, diddannedd j 

Edge, ej n, min; awch; ymyl, cw« 

ochr, goror: v, minio, awchu, hogi;| 

cilio ymaith. To set the teeth on 

edge, peri'r ddeincod. Edged tools,» 

offerynau awch, celfi min. _A two-» 

edged sword, cleddyf deufiniog. To; 

take oflfthe edge, diawchu 

B, ej'les a, pŵl, difin, diawch 
Edgewise, cj'w'iz ad, tua'r min 
Edible, î'dî.bl a, bwytadwy, a ellir ei 

fwyta [hoeddiadfi 

Edict, i'dikt «, deddf gyhoedd, ey- 

ore ; läte, line, nö, müte ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j==dzh. EJ A 

Edification, ed.î.fî.kä'shun n, adeilad- 

aeth; addysgiad [waith 

Edifice, ed'î.fis"?î, adail, adeilad, adeil- 
Edify, ed'î.fî vt, adeiladu, addysgu _ 
Edilê, î'd'íl n, enw swyddog Rhufeinig 
Edit, ed'it vt, darparu gwaith i'r wasg 
Edition, î.dish'un n, argraifiad 
Editor, ed'î.tûr n, golygydd 
Editorial, ed.î.tö'r'î.al a, arolygol 
Educate, ej'ii.kat vt, meithrin ; addysgu, 

dysgu, hyfforddi 
Education/ej.u.ka'shun n, dysg, addysg, 

addysgiad [dangos 

Educe, î.düs' vt, dwyn neu dynu allan, 
Eduction, i.duk'shun n, dygiad allan, 

amlygiad [iad, pereiddiad 

Edulcoration, i.dul.ko.ra shun n, melus- 
Eel, îl n, llysŵen (p llysŵod) 
Effable, ef 'â.bl a, hydraeth, traethadwy, 

hyson [dilëu 

Efface, e.fäs' vt, dinystro, diddymu; 
Effect, e.fekt' n, effaith, canlyniad ; lies, 

budd ; ystyr, amcan, dyben, perwyl : vt, 

effeithio, achosi ; arlwyddo ; dwyn i ben ; 

digoni; cyflawnu, cwblhau. Effects, 

da, daoed'd, eiddo, meddiannau 
Effectible, e.fek' a, efteithiadwy, 

gwneuthuradwy, dichonadwy 
Effective, e.fek'tiv a, effeithiol ; galluog, 

grymus [difudd 

Effectless, e.fekt'les a, dieffaith, dhym, 
Effector, e.fek'tur n, effeithiwr, achosydd 
Effectual, e.fek' a, effeithiol, gorol, 

achosol ; digonol [ achosi, dwyn i ben 
Effectuate, e.fek' vt, effeithio. 
Effectuation, e.fek.tshii.a'shun n, eff- 

eithiolaeth [dra, mwythusder 

Effeminacy, e.fem'î.nä.sî n, maswedd- 
Effeminate, e.fem'î.nät a, merchaidd. 

benywaidd : ri.masweddu.gwreigeiddio 
Effervesce, ef.ûiwes' vi, dyferwi, ym- 
• gynhyrfu [yrngynhyrfiad 

Effervescence, ef.ur.ves'ens n, dyt'erwiad, 
•Effete,' a, methianllyd, gwanllyd 
Efficacious, ef.i.ka'shus a, effeithiol 
'Efficacy, ef' n, effeithioldeb 
Eflicience,'ens n, effeithiad, achos- 
' iad; grym [nerthog 

Efficient,'ent a, effeithiol, achosol, 
Effigy, ef'î.jî n, llun, eilun, delw, dy- 

luniad [tarddiad 

Efflorescence, ef.lö.res'ens n, blodeuad; 
Efflorescent, ef.lö.res'ent a, blodeuog, 

blodeuwedd [tarddiad 

Effluence, ef'lü.ens n, dylifiad, dulliad, 
Effluent, ef'lü.ent a, dyhlbl, ffrydiol, 

Effluvium, e.flii ' (_p effluvia, e.flü'- 
vî.â) n, drygsawr, chwyshedion, 
chwysdarth, aroglhedion, sawrhed- 
ion, mws 
Efflux, ef luks ?^, ffrydiad, dylifiad, rhed- 
iad. [gwthio 

Effbrce,'rs' vt, dirio, dirgymhell; 
Effort, ef'ûrt n, dyrawr, cais, hwp, 
hypynt, ymdrech, egni. To make an 
effort, cynnyg ; ymdrechu, ymegni'o 
Effbssion, eibsh'un n, cloddiad, paliad 
Effrontery, e.frun'tur.î n, digywilydd- 
dra, anfoes [llewyrehiad 

Effulgence, e.ful'jens n, arddysgleirdeb ; 
Effulgent, e.ful'jent a, gloew, dysglaer; 
llewyrchus [colli 

Effuse, e.f iiz' v, ty wallt ar led ; gollwng ; 
Effusion, e.f ii'zhun n, tywalltiad 
Eft, eft n, geneugoeg, budrchwilen 
Egestion, î.jes'tshun n, carthiad y corff 
Egg, eg n, wy : vt, cyffroi, annog, cy- 
mhell, symbylu, gwthio, gyru, cyn- 
hyrfu. Addled egg, wy clwc, clwc- 
wy. Egg-shell, phsgyn wy, cibyn 
wy. Nest-egg, wy addawd 
Eglantine, eg'lan.ti'n n, mieri Mair, 
dyrysi'en ber. Eglantine berries, 
egroes. Wild eglantine, rhos y cŵn 
Egotism, eg'o.tizm n, myfi'aeth, hunan- 
oliaeth [ganmolydd 

Egotist, eg'ö.tist n, myfi'wr, hunan- 
Egotistical, eg.o.tis'ti.kal a, hunanfalch 
Egotize, eg'o.tiz vi, m}-fio, hunanfoli 
Egregious, î.grî'jî.us a, nodedig, hynod; 
gwrthun [rwydd, aruthredd 

Egregiousness, î.grî'jî.us.nes n, hjmod- 
Egress, i'gres, Egression, î.gresh'un n, 

mynediad allan, ymadawiad, allanfa 
Egret, î'gret n, aderyn y bwn 
Egriot, î'grî.ut n, math o surianen 
Egyptian, Ijip'shan n, Aiphtwr, Aipht- 
iwr : a, Aiphtaidd. Egyptian type, 
argrafflj'thp-enau Aiphtaidd. Egyp- 
tians, Aiphtiaid, Aiphtaid, Aiphtwyr 
Eh, a i, ow ! och fi ! ha ! 
Eight, ät a & n, wyth, 8 [ar bymtheg 
Eighteen, ä.tîn' a & n, deunaw, trí (f tair) 
Eighteenth, ä.tînth' a, deunawfed, 18fed 
Eighth, ätth a, wytlifed, 8fed 
Eightieth, ä'tî.eth a, pedwar-ugeinfed 
Eighty, ä'tî a & n, pedwar ugain, 80 
Eigne, ä'nî a, cyntafanedig 
Eisel, î'sel n, gwinegr, aesel ; surbeth 
Either, í'thûi* a, uu o'r ddau, y naill 

neu'r Hall : c, naill ai 
Ejaculate, i.jak' v, saethu, ergydio ; 
saethweddi'o; gwaeddi 

ELO path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, t\vk=took; 

Ejaculation, i.jak.iUii'shun n, gwaedd, 
saethweddi; ergydiad [diragfyfyr 

Ejaculatory, Ljak' a. saethol; 

Eject, i.jekt' vt, bwrw allan, taflu alias ; 
didyo [didyad 

Election, i.jek.shun n, bwriad allan; 

Ejectment. î jekt'ment re, ysgrifen didvad 

Eke, ik vt, estyn allan; cyrlemvi : ad. 
hefyd, heb law hyn. ym mliellach, 
gyda hyny, yn yr un modd 

Elaborate, î.lab'ö.riit a, eywrain, manwl ; 
llafurfawr: vt, llafurio, ymboeni [allan 

Elance, Mans' vt, bwrw allan, sacthu 

Elaphine, el'â.fin a, perthyiiol i'r carw 

Elapse, î. laps' vi, myned heibio, dianc, 
ymlitbro, ffoi 

Elastic, Mas'tik a, gwrtkneidiol ; twythol, 
ystwyth : n, ysnoden ystwyth 

Elasticity, î.las.tis'î.tî n, ystwythder 

Elate, î.lät' a, dyrchafedig, uchelfrydig, 
penuchel : vt, dyrchafu, balchio 

Elation, î.lä'shun re, ymfalcb'iad, ym- 

Elbow, el'bij re, penelin, elin; plyg; ongl. 
Elbow-chair, cadair ddwyfraich. El- 
bow-room, lie i droi ; rhyddid 

Elder, el'dûr re, henuriad, henadu 

hynafgwr; ysgawen : a, hŷn, hynaeh 
heneiddiach: cd. — Old. Dwarf elder, 
ysgaw Mair 

Elderly, el'dûr.lî a, henaidd, oedranus 
Eldership, el'dûr.ship re, henaduriaeth 
Eldest, el'dest o, hynaf, heneiddiaf, 
henaf: sd. — Old [mawr, marchalan 
Elecampane, el.tkam.pan' re, clafrllys 
Elect, i.lekt' vt, ethol. dewis: a, ethol- 
edig, detholedig. The elect, yr ethol- 
edigion [edigaeth 

Election, i.lek'shun re, etholiad; ethol- 
Elective, i.lek'tiv a, etholiadol, dewis- 
iadol. Elective franchise, etholfraint 
Elector, i.lek'tdr re, etholwr, dewisydd 
Electoral. î.lek'tö.ral a, etholyddol 
Electorate, i.lek'to.rat re, ardal etholydd ; 
etholyddiacth [elydr 

Electre, i.lek'tiir n, gwefr, ystorcoeth; 
Electric, i.lek'trik o, trydanol, gwefr- 
eiddiol, gwefrol. Electric. fluid, lluch- 
iasan. Electric telegraph, gwefr- 
Electrical, i.lek.tri'kal a, trydanol 
Electrician, l.lek.trish'an n. trydanwr 
Electricity, i.lek.tris'i.ti re, trydaniaeth 
Electrify, i.lok'tri.f 1 vt, trydanu. Elec- 
trifying machine, peiriant trydanol 
Electuary, I.lekislui.ur.i n. cyffaitb; 
gymmysgedd tew 

Eleemosynary, el.i.moz'i.nur.i a, elusena] 
Elegance, el'i.gans re, dillni, tlysni, pryd- 

ferthwch [wyc'h: byawdl 

Elegant, el'î.gant c, dillynaidd, gori 
Elegiac, el.i.j'i'ak a, alaethol, galarnadol 
Elegiaet, el.i.j'i'ast, Elegist, el'î.jist re, 

ysgrifenydd marwnadau 
Elegy, el'i.iî re, marwnad, galarnad 
Element, eì'î.ment re. elfen; egwyddor 
Elemental,'tal, Elementary, el- 

í.men'tnr.î a, elfenol, elfýddol; eg- 

wyddorol; dechreuol, gwreiddiol 
Elench, i.lengk' re. dadl gyfrwys 
Elephant, el'î.fant re. elephant, cawrfil 
Elephantine, el.î.fan'tin a, cawrfilaidd 
Elevate, el'i.vat vt, dyrchafu, urddasu; 

lloni î a, dyrchafedig, uchel 
Elevation,'shun re, dyrchafiad. 
Eleven, i.lev'n a&n, un-ar-ddeg [uchder 
Eleventh, i.lev'nth a, unfed-ar-ddeg, 
Elf. elf (elves) re, ellyll. anysbryd, 

diafol. Elf-lock, cudvn yr ellvll 
Elfin, el'fin. Elfish, el'fish '«. ellýllaidd 
Elicit, i.lis'it vt, dwyn i oleuni, eglurhau 
Elicitation, î.lis.î.tä'shun re, eglurhâd 

trwy weithred [geirdrychu 

Elide, î.l'íd' vt, chwilfriwio, diny>trio: 
Eligibility, el.î.jî.bil'î.tî a, dewisoldeb. 

dymunoldeb, rhagoriaeth [munol 

Eligible, el'î.jî.bl a, dewisiadwy; dy- 
Eliminate, í.lim'î.nät vt, gollwng yD 

rhydd, rhyddhau [gwrthodiad 

Elimination, î.lim.î.nä'shun re, deoliad: 
Elinguid, î.ling'gwid a, mud, dilafar, 

ariafar [wahaniad 

Eliquation, el.î.kwä'shun 7?. tawdd- 
Elision, i.lizh'un n, toriad ymaith. Mark] 

of elision, or apostrophe (' ), sillgolL 
Elite, é.lit' vp, dewisohon [tolncd] 

Elixation,'shun re, araf-ferwad , 
Elixir, Uik'sur n, sylweddlyn ; meddyw 
Elk, elk n, math o garw mawr [lyn 
Ell, el n, llatlien a phedwaran 
Ellipsis, e.lip'si.s (ellipses, e.lip'siz) »,' 

dull hirgrwn; ditfyg, agen 
Elliptical, e.lip'ti.kal a, hirgiynol; 

dirlygiol; annnluniol 
Elm. elm n, lhvyf, Uwyfan, claswydden. 

Witch-elm, Uwyfanen ly&ddail 
Elocution, el.ii.ku'shun n, ft'raethoneg, 

parabledd ; areithyddiaeth 
Elodes, i.lii'diz n, clnvysglefyd 
Elongate, í.long'gät vt, hwyhau, estyn; 

dychwelyd [hwyhiul. peDM 

Elongation". Llong.gä'shun n, estyniad. 
Elope, î.löp' vi, dianc, encilio; ffoi neu 

redeg i bant vn ddirgel 


ôre; läte, l'íne, nö, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, Tins; j=dzh. EMI 

Elopement, Uöp'ment n, enciliad, ffoad 

diangiad, ymadawiad 
Elops, i'lops ra,math o bysgodyn ; morneidr 
Eloquence, el'o.kwens n, hyawdledd. 

ffraethineb [hyawdl 

Eloquent, el'o.kwent a, parablus, fi'raeth, 
Else, els a, all, arall : ad, os amgen, pe 

amgen, onid e, oni bai hyny 
Elsewhere, els'whe'r ad, mewn He arall 
Elucidate, î.lü 'sî.dät ví,eglurhau,amlygu 
Elucidation, Uü.sî.dä'shun n, eglurhâd 
Elucidator, î.lü'sî.dä.tûr n, eglurhäwr 
Elucubration, î.lü.hü.brä'shun n, nos- 

gyfansoddiad [ochel 

Elude, î.lüd' vt, gochelyd, cyfrwys- 
Eludible, î.lü'dî.bl a, gocheladwy 
Elumbated, i.Ium'bii.ted a, gwan yn yr 

arenau [ystryw 

Elusion,'zimn n, e^yfrwys ocheliad, 
Elusive, Uii'siv, Elusory, î.lü'sur.î a, 

gochelus, hocedus 
EÍute, i.lüt', Elutriate, î.lü'trî.ät vt, 

golchi janaith, glanhau, puro; hidlo 
Eluxate, Uuk'sat vt, dadgymmalu 
Elver, el'vur n, man lysŵen 
Elves, elvz np. — Elf [hyfrydlawn 

Elysian, i.lizh'yan a, paradwysaidd, 
Elysium, Llizh'yum n, hyfryd-ddolydd 
Emaciate, î.mä 'shî.ät t', teneuo, culhau, 

curio; gwastio [ffrydiol 

Emanaut, em'â.nant a, deilliol, tarddiol, 
Emanate, em'â.nât vi, deilho, dylifo, 

tarddu [tarddiad 

Emanation, em.á.nä'shun n, deilliad, 
Emanative, em' a, deilliol 
Emancipate, î.man'sî.pät vt, breinio, 

digaethu, rhyddliau, gollwng yn rhydd 
Emancipation, î.man.sî.pä'shun «,rhydd- 

freiniad; gwarediad [anwrio 

í Emasculate, i.mas' vt, dysbaddu, 
.Emasculation,'shun n, an- 

riad, anwrywiad, dysbaddiad [sypio 
Embale, em.bäl' vt, cydrwymo, cyd- 
Embalm, em.bâm' vt, perarogli, per 

eneinio [hwylh 

Embargo, em.bâr'gö n, gwaharddiad : 
Embark, em.bark' v. myned neu osod ar 

Jong; hwylio; ymrwvmo 
Embarkation,'shun n, ar- 

hwyliad, cychwyniad [dyrysu 

Embarrass,'as vt, rhwystro, 
Embarrassment,'as.ment n, cyf- 

yng-gynghor [diraddu 

Embase, em.bäs' vi, llygru, gwaethu, 
Embassador, em.bas'â.dfìr, Embassy, 

em'bas.î n, cenadwriaeth, cenadwri, 

cenadaeth,— Ambassador 

Embattle, em.bat'l vi, byddino, llueddu 
Embay, em.bä' vt, llochi, cornelu, cil- 

fachu; trochi [harddu, gwycho 

Embellish, em.bel'ish vt, addurno, 
Embellishment, em.bel'ish.ment n, 

addurn, hardd wisgiad, gwychiad 
Embers, em'burz np, marwor, marwydos, 

lludw, ulw. Ember-days, Dyddiau'r 

Lludw. Ember-week, Wythnos y 

Embezzle, em.bez'l vt, celcio, darn- 

guddio, dwyn y peth a roddwyd dan 

ymddiried iddo [guddiad, afradiad 
Embezzlement, em.bez'l.ment n, darn- 
Emblaze, em.bbiz', Emblazon, em.bla'zn 

vt, addurno; llunio arfau bonedd 
Emblem, em'blem n, arwyddlun 
Emblematical, em.bli.mat'i.kal a, ar- 

wyddlunol, arwyddol [llafurdir, cnwd 
Emblements, em'bli.ments np, ftrwyth 
Embody, em.bod'î vt, corffori 
Embolden, ein.bòTdn vt, hyfhau, eoni, 

calonogi [gorymddwyn 

Embolism, em'bo.hzm n, dysoddiad, y 
Emboss, em.bos' vt, boglynu ; amgau 
Embow, em.bö' vt, crymu, bwäu; mydu 
Embowel, em.bûŵ'el vt, tynu perfedd, 

Embrace, em.bräs' vt, cofleidio, breich- 

eidio: n, cofleidiad, gwasgiad 
Embrasure, em.bra'zhur n, saethdwll 
Embrocate, em'bro.kat vt, twymolchi, 

twymrwbio, twymfwydo 
Embrocation, em.bro.kii, 'shun n, twym- 

fwydiad, golchdrwvth [brodio 

Embroider, em.bròî'dûr ri,brwydweithio. 
Embroidery, em.brôî'dur.î n, brodiad, 

brwydwaith [aflonyddu 

Embroil, em.brôü' vt, ennyn terfysg, 
Embryo, em'brî.ö"?i, cynflurf, milrith, 

llysrith, anelwig ddefnydd, gwaed 

cyndelwad; peth anorphen [diwygiad 
Emendation, em.en.dä'shun n, gwellâd 
Emendator, em'en.dä.tûr n, gwelläwr, 

diwygiwr [gwerddem 

Emerald, em'ur.ald n, gwyrddfaen, 
Emerge, î.mûrj' vi, deillio 
Emergency, î.mûr'jen.sî n, deilliad ; dir- 

dro, dirni, diffyg 
Emergent, î.mûr'jent a, deilliol 
Emerods, em'ur.odz n, clwyf y march- 

ogion, lledewigwst 
Emersion, î.mûr'slmn n, dadsuddiant 
Emeiy, em'ur.î n, mŵn yncynnwys clai, 

callestr, a haiarn [a, cyfogol 

Emetic, Lmet'ik n, cyfogydd, carthlyn: 
Emication, em.Lka'shun n, gwreichiant 

ENO path, fat, Ore, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, tẁk=rtook; 

Emigrant, em'i.grant n, ymfudwr, ym- 

giliwr: a, crwydrol. mudol [mudo 
Emigrate, em'î.griit vi, symmud trigias, 
Emigration, om.i.grii'shun n, ymfudiad 
Eminence, em'î.nens n, rhagoriaeth. 

hynodedd. enwogrwydd ; uchedd, ar- 

ucheledd ; copa, pen 
Eminent, em'î.nent a, uchel, enwog, 

hynod, ardderchog 
Emissary, em'i.sur.î n, cenadwr; cel- 

genad, ysb'nvr [ftvriad allan 

Emission, i.mish'un n, anibniad neu 
Emit, î.mit' vt, rhoddi neu fwrw allan 
Emmet, em'et n, morgrugyn 
Emmew, e.mii' vt, cau i inewn, argau 
Emolliency, î.mol'yen.sî n, mwvthedd. 

meddaledd ftynsrol 

Emollient, î.mol'yent a, meddalhaol, 
Emollition, em.o.ìish'un n, tyneriad, 

ystwythiad [elw, ennill 

Emolument, î.mol'ü.ment n, budd, ced, 
Emotion, î.mö'shun n, cyffroad, ysgog- 

iad, cynhyrfiad 
Empeople, cm.pî'pl vt, pobli, poblogi 
Emperor, em'pur.ûr n, ymherawdwr, 

amherawdwr, unben, archdeyrn 
Emphasis, em'fa.sis (p emphases, em'- 

f a.siz) n, pwyslais, dirlais 
Emphatic, em.iat'ik, Emphatical, em- 

fat'i.kal a, arnodol, arl>enodol, tra- 

phwysig; grymus, nerthol 
Emphysematous, em.fî.sì'mâ.tus a, 

Empire, em'p'fr n, ymherodraeth 
Empiric, em.pir'ik n, coeçfeddyg, crach- 

feddyg [craclifeddygol 

Empirical, em.pir'i.kal a, coegfeddygol, 
Empiricism, em.pir'Lsizm n, crach- 

feddygiaeth [dwbio 

Emplaster, em.plas'tûr vt, plastrin. 
Emplastic, em.plas'tik a, glynol, eli'ol, 

glydiog [huddo 

Emplead, em.plîd' v, arddadleu; cy- 
Employ, em.plof rt, rhoi gwaitib i: 

gorchwylhau; arferu, defnyddio. To 

employ one's time, treuho ei amser 
Employ, em.plôî', Employment, em- 

ploi'mcnt n.gorchwyl, galwad.gwaith ; 

gwaaanaeth, galwedigaeth. swydd : 

aefhyddiad [cyflogwr 

Employer, em.plóTûrn, rhoddwrgẁ&ith; 
Empoison, em.pôfsn vt, gwenwvno 
Emporium, em.p6Yt.nm ?», pnf-fiurch- 
Empress, em'pres ft. ymherodree [uadt'a 
Emprizu,'i// /i, iinturiacth 
Emptiness, em'ttjiea h, gvagder, gor- 

wagrdd, OOegeéd 

Emption, em'shnn n, pryniad ; rhyddhâd 
Empty, em'tî a, gwag, gorwag, coeg : v, 

arllwys, gwaghau; dyspyddu: di- 

fuddio; aberu [wybrol, nefolaidd 

Empyreal, em.pir' a, uchwybrenol, 
Empyrean, em.pi.ri'an n, nef y nefoedd: 

a, uchwybrenol, wybrol, nefolaidd 
Empyrosis, em.pî.rö'sis n, goddaith. cyd- 
Emu, í'mù' », estrys y deheu [losgiad 
Emulate, em'ü.lät vt, cydorchestu ; cen- 

figenu; efelychu [cydymdrech 

Emulation, em.ü.lä'shun n, cydymgais, 
Emulator, em.ü.lä'tûr n, cydymgeisiwr 
Emulgeut, î.mul'jent a, dyhyspyddol, 

sugnol ftrechgeisiol 

Emulous, em'ii.lus a, awyddus i ragori ; 
Emulsion, î.mul'shun n, meddyglaeth 
En-, Em-, Im- px, ynarwyddo gwneu- 

thuriad; am- 
Enable, en.ä'bl vt, nerthu, galluogi 
Enact, en.akt' vt, deddfu, sefydlu, gosod 
Enallage, î.nal'à.jí n, newidiad <reiriau 
Enambush,'bẁsh vt, cynflwyn 
Enamel,'el vt, arliwio, amliwio, 

calchu : n, arliw, amliwiad 
Enamour,'ûr vt, ennyn oariad 
Enarration, en.a.rä'shun n, mynegia^J 

adroddiad [caethiwol 

Encage, en.kaj' vt, cau i fyny, argaufl 
Encamp,' v, gwersyllu 
Encampment,'raent n, gwersyUjj 

gwersyllt llucstty [beichiogj 

Enceinte, ôn.sânt' a, dan ei gofal,! 
Encephalgia,'jî.â n, doluryn y' 

pen [cynrji 

Enchaie, en.tshiif vt, llidio, cynhyrfu. 
Enchain, en'tshiin' vt, cadwyno, tidoj 

rhwynio [hudo, serch * 

Enchant, en.tahant'ri,swyno,cyfareddUyl 
Enchanter, en.tshan'tûrn, swynwr, hud- 

olwi [fdd, hndoliaeth! 

Enchantment, en.tshant'ment », cyfar-I 
Enchantress, en.tshan'tres n, dewine% 

hndoles I mewn aur, gordlyüj 

Enchase, en.tshäs vt, gosod tlysai 
Encircle, en.sur'kl vt, cvlcbynu, am-1 

gylchn [yn, modrwyig 

Encirclet, en.sur'klet' ». cylchig, cylch-1 
Enclitic, en.klit'ik n, gair ymlyn 
Encloister, en.kloi'stur vt, cau mewni 

mynachty [cylchya»! 

Enclose, en.kloz' vt, amgau, gwarchäu, 
Enclosnre, en.klo'zhur n, cae, cadlas. 

cenfaes, caeadle [molydd 

Encomiast, en.ko'mi.ast n, gwawdvdd, 
Encomium, en.ko' (encomia, en- 

ko'ini.A) 7i, clod, molawd, arwyrain 

Br»; late, Erie, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. ENG 

Encompass, en.kum'pas vt, cwrapasu, 

amgylchu [amgylchyniad 

Encompassment, en.kum'pas.ment n, 
Encore, ong.koV ad, eto, unwaith eto : 

vt, galw am fyned dros yr un gân 

Encounter, en.kûŵn'tûr n, ymgyrch 

gwrthdrin, brwydr : ri,cyfarfod; ym- 

Fadd; gwrthwynebu ; brwydro 
Encourage, en.kur'aj vt, cefhogi, calon- 

ogi, gwroli 
Encouragement, en.kur'aj .ment n, an- 

nogaeth, eefnoctyd ; calondid 
Encroach, en.krotsh' vi, cyfyngu, gor- 

mesu; traisfeddiannu 
Encroachment, en.krotsh'ment n, gor- 

mes, trawsymwthiad [beichio 

Encumber, erukum'bur vt, gonwytho, 
Encumbrance, en.kum'brans n, arludd, 

rhwystr, baich, arlwyth. An encum- 
brance on an estate, dyled ar dir 
Encyclical, en.sik' a, cylchaidd 
Encyclopasdia,ö.pî'dî.â n, cylch 

y celfyddydau, corff o wybodaeth neu 

addysg, gwyddoniadur 
End, end n, diwedd, terfyn, pen; dyben; 

amcan, bwriad: v, gorphen, terfynu, 

cwblhau, diweddu. To the end that, 

er mwyn, fel. Never ending, diderfyn 
Endamage, en.dam'äj vt, niweidio, coll- 

edu, aflesu [turio 

Endanger, en.dan'jûr vt, peryghx, an- 
Endangerment, en.dän'jûr.ment n, en- 

bydrwydd, perygl 
Endear, en.dî'r' vt, anwylhau, anwylo 
Endearment, en.di'r'ment n, anwylder, 

carueiddwch, anwylhâd 
Endeavour,'ûr n, cais, egni, ym- 

drech, llafur: v, egnio, ymegn'io, ym- 

drechu, ymgeLsio, ceisio 
Endemial, en.dî'mî.al, Endemic, en- 

dem'ik a, perthynol i ryw wlad, lie, 

neu genedl ; lleol 
Endenize, en.den'iz, Endenizen, en.den'- 

tzn vt, rhyddhau, breinio 
Endive, en'div n, ysgall y meirch 
Endless, end'les a, diddiwedd, diderfyn, 

didranc, annherfynol 
Endorse, en.dôrs' vt, arysgrifenu 
Endorsement, en.dôrs'ment n, arysgrif 
Endow, en.dûŵ' vt, gwaddoli, cynnys- 

gaethu; donio 
Endowment, en.dûŵ'ment n, gwaddol. 

arddawn, dawn, rhodd; gwaddoliad, 

doniad, rboddiad 
Endue, en.dii' vt, donio; cynnysgaethu 
Endurable, en.dü a, goddefadwy 

Endurance, en.dü'r'ans n, parhâd, go- 

ddefiant [aros 

Endm-e, en.dii'r' v, parhau; goddef, ym- 

Endwise, end'wi'z ad, gerfydd ei ben, ar 

ei ben 
Enema, î.nî'mâ (enemata, î.nî'mâ.tâ) n, 

chwystrell, rhefrolch ; chwystrellbib 
Enemy, en'î.mî n, gelyn, gwrthwyneb- 

wr; andras 
Energetic, en.ur.jet'ik a, grymus, nerth- 
ol, effeithiol [bywiogi 

Energize, en'iir.j'iz vt, grymuso, nerthu ; 
Energy, en'ûr.jî n, grym, gallu, yni, 
nerth [dinerthu, gwanhau 

Enervate, i.niir'vat, Enerve, i.nurv' vt, 
Enervation, en.ûiwä'shun n, llesgâd, 

llethiad, dinerthiad 
Enfeeble, en.fî'bl vt, gwanhau, llesgäu, 
eiddilo [iant 

Enfeoff, en.fef vt, gosod mewn medd- 
Enfeoffment, en.fef'ment n, gosodiad 
mewn meddiant [wyno 

Enfetter, en.fet'ûr vt, llyffetheirio, cad- 
Enfilade, ôn.f î.lad' n, cydres, cydresiad : 

vt, cydresu; saethu'ar draws cydres 
Enforce, en.f ô'rs' vt, rhoi mewn grym a 
gweithrediad ; cyfnerthu, grymuso ; 
dirgymhell, dirio, gorfodi 
Enforcement, en.fö'rs'ment n, gorfodiad 
Enfranchise, en.fran'tshiz vt, breinioli; 
rhyddhau [breiniad; rhyddhful 

Enfranchisement, en.fran'tshiz.ment ?i, 
Engage, en.gäj' v, ammodi; rhwymo, 
ymrwymo; ymgyduno, addaw ; denu; 
ymosod ar ; ymladd, brwydro. To en- 
gage one's affections, ennill ei serch 
Engagement, en.gäj'ment n, cytundeb; 
rhwymedigaeth ; ymrwymiad, ammod ; 
gorchwyl; brwydr, cad [yddu 

Engarrison, en.gar'î.sn vt, gwarchlii- 
Engender, en.jen dm* vt, epilio, cenedlu; 

magu ; achosi, peri 
Engine, en'jin n, peiriant ; ofteryn. Fire- 
engine, diffbddyr,dwfrbeiriant. Steam- 
engine, agerbeiriant 
Engineer, en.jî.nî'r' n, peiriannydd 
Enginery, en'jin. rî n, peiriannau, peirian- 
waith; magnelau [wregysu 

Engird, en.gûrd' vt, amrwymo, am- 
EngUsh, ing'glish a, Seisonig, Seisnig; 
Lloegraidd : n, math o argrafflythyren. 
Enghsh language, Seisoneg, Seisneg, 
Seisonaeg, Saesonaeg. To translate 
into English, Seisnigo. Englishman, 
(p Sais, pobl Llosgr), English cheese, 
caws Lloegr, ©Hj lÊnglíSÎ), Uyth- 
yren ddu 


ENT path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rine, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, t\Vk=took; 

Englut, en.glut' vt, ymrythu, gorlenwi ; 

glythu; gwancio 
Engorge, en.gôrj' vt, bolrythu, llyncu 
Engraft, en.grai't' vt, impio 
Engrail, en.gräl' vt, ymylfylchu 
Engrain, en.grän' vt, dwfnliwio, adliwio 
Engrave, en.grav' vt, cerfio, crifellu, ys- 

gythru [ydd 

Engraver, en.gra'vur n, cerfiwr, crified- 
Engraving, en.gra'ving n, cerfiad, ys- 

gythriad; darlun [feddiannu 

Engross, en.grös' vt, ysgrifenu; llwyr- 
Engrossing, en.grö'sing n, ysgrifeniad ; 

rhagbryniad [hau; codi 

Enhance, en.hans' vt, ychwanegu ; mwy- 
Enhancement, en.hans'ment n, mwyhâd. 

ychwanegiad; codiad [dychymmyg 
Enigma, î.nig'mâ n, dammeg, cymmyg, 
Enigmatical, i.nig.mat'i.kal a, aneglur, 

dammegol [cyfarwyddo 

Enjoin, enjoin' vt, gorchymmyn, erchi ; 
Enjoy, en .jôî' vt, meddu, mwynhau, ym- 

hyfrydu yn. To enjoy one's self, bod 

wrth ei fodd, ymfwynhau 
Enjoyment, en.jôí'ment n, mwyniant, 

meddiant, amwes [cynneu 

Enkindle, en.kin'dl vt, ennyn, ennynu, 
Enlarge, en.lârj' vt, ychwanegu; eangu, 

helaethu, ymhelaethu; rhyddhau 
Enlargement, en.lârj'ment n, helaethiad; 

gollyngdod, rhyddhâd 
Enlighten, en.l'í'tn vt, goleuo; egluro 
imlink, en.lingk' vt, cadwyno, tido 
Enlist, en.list' v, rhestru, ymrestru 
Enliven, en.l'i'vn vt, adfywio, bywiogi, 

bywiocäu; sirioli [bywhâd 

Enlivening, en.l'i' n, bywiocâd, 
Enmesh, en.mesh' vt, rhwydo, maglu 
Enmity, en'mi.tî n, gelyniaeth, dygas- 

edd, casineb, chwevwfustledd 
Ennoble, e.nö'bl vt, urddasu, ardderch- 

ogi, urddo [iad, uchraddiad 

Ennoblement, e.nö'bl.ment n, urddas- 
Ennui, ôn.wî' n, lludded, blinder 
Emulation, î.nö.dä'shun n, dattodiad, 

dadglymiad [gelerder; dirfaint 

Enormity, î.nôr'mî.tî n, anfadrwydd, ys- 
Enormous, î.nôr'mus a, anfadlawn, ys- 

gelcr ; dirfawr, dros fesur, difesur ; an- 

Avedd, anferth 
Enough, î.nuf' n, digon, digonedd, 

gwala: a& ad, digon. Large enough, 

digon mawr, digon o faint. To give 

one enough, digoni, llenwi, boddloni 
Enrage. en.raj' vt, gwylltio, cynddeii 

iogi, Ittdio [wyllt 

Enraged, en,rajd' «, Uidiog, gwyllt, gor- 

Enrapture, en.rap'tshûr v. gorluni, gor- 

foddbau [londer, perlewyg 

Enravishment, en . ravish. men t n, gor- 
Enrich, en.ritsh' vt, cyfoethogi; brasiiu 
Enring, en.ring' vt, cylchynu, modrwyo 
Enrobe, en.röb' vt, dilladu; harddwisgo, 

arwisgo [rolio 

Enrol, en.röl' vt, cofrestru, coflyfru; am- 
Enrolment, en.röl'ment n, cofrestriad, 
Enroot, en.rŵt' vt, gwreiddio [rhcstriad 
Ens, enz n, bod, hanfod, bodohaeth [llun 
Ensample, en.sam'pl n, enghraitft, cyn- 
Ensanguine, en.sang'gwin vt, llychwino 

â gwaed [gelu 

Ensconce, en.skons' vt, amgloddio, dio- 
Enseam, en.sîm' vt, cydwnio, gwni'o i 

fyny [noddi 

Enshield, en.shîld' vt, gorthoi, amddinyn, 
Enshrine, en.shrin' vt, coffri ; creirgadw 
Ensign, en'si'n n, Human, bauer; llum- 

anwr, banierydd 
Enslave, en.slav' vt, caethiwo, caethu 
Enslavement, en.slav'ment n, caethiwed, 

caethiant [byddaglu, rhwydo 

Ensnare, en.snê'r' vt, maglu, bachellu, 
Ensnarer, en.snê'r 'ur n, byddaL'lwr, 

maglwr [dichellgar 

Ensnaring, en.sne'r'ing a, bachellgar; 
Ensteep, en.stîp' vt, mwydo, sicio, sicioni 
Ensue, en.sü' vi, dilyn, canlyn, arganlym 

dyfod ar ol 
Ensuing, en.sii'ing a, canlynol, nesaf 
Ensure, en.shŵ'r' vt, diogelu, sicrhau 
Entablature,'lá.tshü'r, Entable- 
ment, en.tii'bl.ment n, capan colofn 
Entail, en.täl' n, rhwymiad anaralladwy 

ar etifeddion : vt, sicrhau etifeddiaeth 

fel nas gellir ei haralln ; anarallu 
Entame, en.täm' vt, dofi, hyweddu 
Entangle, en.tang'gl vt, dyrysu, maglu, 

rhwydo, clymu, nidro 
Enter, en'tûr v, myned neu ddyfod i 

nicwn; ysgrifenu mewn; cyehwyn. 

To enter into a bond, ymrwymo. To 

enter into conversation, dechreu ym- 

ddyddan. To enter into covenant, amJ 

modi, cytuno. To enter into serried 

cyflogi, ymgyflogi i 
Enterology, en.tu.rol'u.ji n, coluddiaeth 
Enterpanance, en'tûr.pâr.lans n, cyf- 

lafaredd, cylafaredd 
Enterprise, en'tû n, arfeiddiad, an- 

tnnaeth: vt, anturio, arfeiddio 
Entertain, en.tûr.tän' rf,llettyo, gwestu; 

difyru, lloni, dyddanu 
Entertaining, en.tûr.tä'ning a, dyddan, 

difvrus ; croesawgar 


ore; late, line, nö, müte; she, zh=z iizure; thin, this: j=dzh. 


Entertainment, en.tûr.tän'ment n, lletty- 

ad; cynnaliaeth ; gwledd; difyrwch, 

chwareu [chafu 

! Enthrone, en.thrön' vt, gorseddu; dyr- 
Enthusiasm, en.thii'zi.azm n, penboeth- 
Í der; gwynfydiaeth, brwdfrydedd 
Enthusiast, en.tlui'zi.ast n, gwylltym- 

dorwr; gwynfydwr, eoegdybiwr 
j Enthusiastic,'tik a, brwd- 

frydus; penboeth [ammherflaith 

Enthymeme, en'thî.mîm n, cyfreswm 
Entice, en.t'is' vt, hudo, denu, llithio 
Enticement, en.t'is'ment n, llithiad, hud- 

ohaeth, deniad 
Entire, en.ti'V a, cyfa, cyfan, cyflawn, 

cyfan-gwbl, hollol, llvvyr 
Entitle, en.t'i'tl vt, enwi, rhoi enwad; 

rhoi bawl [aeth 

Entity, en'tî.tî n, hanfod, bod; hanfod- 
Entoil. en.tôîl' vt, dyrysu, maglu; ym- 

rwystro [bedd, daiaru 

Entomb, en.tẃm' vt, claddu, dodi mewn 
Entomology, en.tö.mol'ö.jî n, trychbryf- 

draeth [fedd, ymysgaroedd 

Entrails, en'tralz np, coluddion, per- 
Entrance, en'trans n, mynediad i mewn ; 

drws; porth; eychwyniad; derbyniad 
Entrance, en.trans' vi,rhoi mewn llewyg 
Entrap, en.trap' vt, maglu, dal mewn 

magi, bachellu, rhwydo ; dyrysu 
Entreat, en.trît' v, atolygu, deisyfu, ym- 

hŵedd, ymbil, erfyn, dymuno 
Entreaty, en.trî'tî n, erfyniad, ymbiliad, 

gweddi [coelio 

Entrust,' vt, ymddiried, hyderu; 
Entry, en'trî n, cyntor, cyntedd, porth ; 

mynediad i mewn; meddiant, gor- 

esgyn ; cofhodiad, llyfriad ; mewniad 
! Entwine, en.twi'n' v, cyfrodeddu, am- 

droi, cordeddu [hinonaidd 

Enubilous, î.nü'bî.lus a, digwmwl, teg, 
Enucleate, î.nü'Mî.ät vt, dignewullu; 

Enumerate, î.nü'mur.ät vt, cyfrif. rhifo 
Enumeration, î.nü.mu.rä'shun n, cyf- 
\ rifiad, rhifiad 

Enunciate, î.nun'shí.ät vt, dadgan, ad- 
I rodd, hysbysu, llef'aru, cynanu 
Enunciation, î.nun.shî.ä'shun n, ad- 
' roddiad, hysbysiad, cynaniad [amlenu 
Envelop, en.vel'up vt, cuddio, enhuddo, 
Envelope, en'vidop n, gorchudd ; amlen, 
^ llythyrglawr; gorthöydd 
Envenom, en.ven'um vt, gwenwjmo 
Enviable, en' a, cenfigenadwy 
Envier, en'vi.ur n, cenfigeinvr 
; Envious, en' a, cenfigenus, dygas 

Environ, en.v'i'r'un vt, amgylchu; am- 

wi-egysu; gwarchäu 
Environs, en.v'i'r'unz np, amgvlchoedd, 

y wlad o amgylch jjnegeswr 

Envoy, en'voi n, cenadwr, cenad, herodr, 
Envy, en'vi n, cenfigen : vt, cenfigenu 
Enwomb, en.wŵm' vt, firwy thloni ; cudd- 
io, celu [amdoi 
Enwrap, en.rap' vt, amblygu, amwisgo, 
Epact, i'pakt n, y gwahaniaeth (un di- 

wrnod ar ddeg) rbwng y flv^ddyn 

heulaidd a'r un leuadol 
Epaulet, ep'ô.let n, ysgwydd-addurn 
Epaulment, î.pôl'ment n, ystlyswaith, 

amd dirTynfa [ forol 

Epenetic,'ik a, canmolawl, clod- 
Epenthesis, î.pen'thî.sis n, chwanegiad 

llythyren yng nghanol gair 
Ephemera, î.fem'ur.â np, ciHon neu 

bryfed un dydd ; cryd diwrnod 
Ephemeral, î.fem'ur.aì a, dyddiol 
Ephemeris, î.fem' n, dyddlyfr y 

Ephemerist, î.fem' n, serolygydd 
Ephialtes,'tlz n, yr hunllef, yr 

hunllewyg [ w isg 

Ephod, ef 'ud n, ysgwyddliain, ysgwydd- 
Epi-, E])-,px, ar 
Epic, ep'ik a, hanesiol, arwraidd: n, 

pryddest hanesiol, cerdd arwraidd 
Epicede, ep'i.sîd, Epicedium, ep.î.sî'dî.um 

n, galargan, marwnad 
Epicene, ep'î.sîn a, deurywiol, deuryw 
Epicm-e, ep'i.ku'r n, glythyn, ancwynai, 

moethyn, glwth 
Epicurean, ep.Lkii.ri'an a, blysig, moeth- 

gar, glwth [blysigrwydd 

Epicurism, ep'i.kii'r.izm n, glythineb, 
Epidemic, ep.i.dem'ik n, haint Hynol, 

haint llyn, haint glynol neu ymdaenol 
Epidemic, ep.i.dem'ik, Epidemical, ep.î- 

dem'i.kal a, cyfiredin, ymdaenol, llŷn, 

llynol [groen 

Epidermis, ep.î.dûr'mis n, y rhwyd- 
Epigastric, ep.i.gas'trik n, perthynol i'r 

rhan uchaf o'r bol 
Epiglottis, e.pî.glot'is n, ardafod 
Epigram, ep'i.gram n, englyn, pennill 
Epigrammatic, ep.i.gra.mat'ik a, eng- 

lynaidd ; digriflym, sylweddlawn 
Epigrammatist, ep.î.gram'â.tist n, eng- 

lynydd, englynwr [lech 

Epigraph, ep'i.graf n, argraff, argraft- 
Epiíepsy, ep î.lep.sì n, yr haint dygwydd, 

llesmeirglwyf [i'r haint dygwydd 
Epileptic, ep.i.lep'tik a, darostyngedig 
Epilogue, ep'i.log n, diweddglo. olaraeth 

ERA path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, t\vk=took; 

Epiphany, î.pif'á.nî re, yr ystwyll 

Episcopacy, î.pis'kö.pä.sî re, esgobaeth ; 

esgobyddiaeth [gobaidd 

Episcopal, i.pis'ko.pal a, esgobol, es- 
Episcopalian, î.pis.kö.pä'lî.an re, esgob- 

aethwr, esgobydd [swydd esgob 

Episcopate, Lpis'ko.pat re, esgobaeth, 
Episcopy, î.pis'kö.pî re, arolygiaeth; 

Episode, ep'î.söd re, adgan, ystlysgan 
Epispastic, ep.i.spas'tik a, "tyniadol, 

pothellbar, sugnol : re, chwydalen 
Epistle, î.pis'l re, Uythyr, epistol 
Epistolary, î.pis'tö.lur.î a, llythyraidd, 

llythyrol, epistolaidd 
Epitaph, ep'î.taf re, beddargraff, beddlith 
Epithalammm, î.pith.â.lä 'mî.um re, 

priodasgerdd, cerdd briodas 
Epithem, ep'î.them re, golch, golchiad 
Epithet, ep î.tbet re, addasair, enw dodi, 

gairdodi; cylymair [fyriad, crynoad 
Epitome, î.pit'ö.mî re, crynodeb, tal- 
Epitomist, î.ijit'ö.mist re, crynöwr 
Epitomize, i.pit'o.mi'z vt, crynoi, talfyru 
Epoch, ep'uk re, cyff cyfrif, amsernod 
Epode, ep'öd re, trydydd pennill cerdd 
Epopee, ep.ü.pî' re, cerdd arwraidd 
Epulary, ep'ü.lur.î a, gloddestol 
Epulation, ep.ii.lii'shun re, gwledd, cyf- 

eddach; llonder [gloddest 

Epulotic, ep.ii.lot'ik a. chvyfiachaol 
Equability, ek.wâ.bil'î.tî re, cymhwys- 

dra, cyfartaledd [gwastad 

Equable, ek' a. cyfartal, cymhwys, 
Equal, i'kwul a, cyfartal, cystal, cystadl. 

cydradd, cyd- : re, un cydradd, cyd- 

raddolwr: vt, cystadhi. cydraddu. 

cymmeintio, bod yr un faint ag. Of 

equal breadtb, height, length, weight, 

cyfled, cyfuwch, cyhýd. cydbwys 
Equality, i.kwol'i.ti re, cydwastadrwydd, 

cydraddoldeb. Sign of equality (=), 

eyfartaleb '[taliad 

Equalization, î.k\vul.î.zü'shun re. cyfar- 
Equalize, i'kwul.Yz vt, eyfartalu," cy- 

Equanimity, î.kwâ.nim'î.tî re, cymmedr- 

oldeb, tawelfryd [boddlawn 

Equanimous, i.kwan'i.mus a, tawel, 
Equation, i.kwa'shun re, cyfartaliad, 
^ cymmedriad [canolgvlch 

Equator, î.hwä'tûr w, y cyhydedd, y 
Equatorial, ek.wfi.tu'r' a, cyhydeddol 
Equerry, ek'wur.i re, marchwr," gwas- 

trawd [unidasol 

Equestrian, i.kwes' re, marchogol ; 

Equiangular, ek.wî.ang'gü.lûr a. cy fungi 
Equierural, ek.wi.krvVr'al a, cyfystlys, 

cynghoesol [un pelldec 

Equidistant, ek.wi.dis'tant o, cydbell, o'r 
Equiform, ek'wl form a, cyflun, gogyf- , 

lun [edd 

Equiformity, ek.vri.for'nii.ti re, cyflun* 
Equilateral, ek.%vî.lat' a, cyfochrog 
Equilibriate, ek.wi.lib' vt, cydbwyai 
Equilibrium, ek.wî.lib'rî.um re, cyd- ] 

bwysedd, cydbwysiad, cydbwys 
Equinal,'i'nal a, perthynol i'r ceffyl 

marchol [reidiol. oyfreidiol 

Equinecessary, ek.wi.nes'e.sur.i a, cyd- 
Equinoctial, ek.wi.nok'shal a, cyhyd- 
eddol. The equinoctial line, cyhyd- 

edd, cylch y cyhydedd, cyhydlin 
Equinox, ek'wi.noks re, cyhydedd dydd 

a nos, cyhydnos. Vernal equinox, 

alban eili'r, Mawrth 21fed. Autumnal 

equinox, alban elfed, Medi 21fed 
Equmumerant, ek.wi.nii'mur.ant a, cyd- 

rifol [seirchio 

Equip, î.twip' vt, taclu, offeru, trecio. 
Equipage, ek'wi.paj re, taclau, tree. 

seirch [treciad, seirchiad 

Equipment, i.kwip'ment re, taeliad 
Equipoise, ek'wî.pôîz re, cydbwysedd 
Equipollency, eLwî.pol'en.sî ' re, eyf- 

alluedd, cydnerth [cyfrymuf 

Equipollent, ek.wi.pol'ent a, cydnerthol 
Equiponderance, ek.wi.pon'dur.ans » 

cydbwysedd [cydbwyj 

Equiponderant, ek.wi.pon'dur.ant a 
Equiponderate, ek.wi.pon' vt, cyd- 

bwyso [cyfiawn, eyinhwy: 

Equitable, ek' a, iawn, uniasvn 
Equity, ek'wt.ti n, eyfiawnder, uniondeb 

cywirdeb. Court of equity, llys cyd 

wybqd [edd, cywerti 

Equivalence, i.kwiv'a.lens re. cyfwerth] 
Equivalent, i.kwiv'a.lent re, cydwerM 

cywerthydd: a, cywerthol, cyfwertnoj 
Equivocal, i.kwiv'ij.kal a, amwys, ami 

mhSus, mwys 
Equivocate, i.kwiv'ii.kat v/, nwyseiricj 

deueirio; dywedyd cehvydd 
Equivocation, i.kwiv.o.ka'shun n. mwysl 

eiriad, amwysedd ; celwydd [einwl 
Equivocator, i.kwiv o.kii.tur n, nydd* 
Equivoke, Equivoque, ek'wi.vok n,geirj 

dro, mwysair. mwysdro 
Era. î'r'â ». cyÍBF cyfrif, prifnod amseiî 

amsergyff, amsernod 
Eradiation, î.rä.dî.ä'shun re, pelydriat 

gwreichioniad [dadwreiddi 

Eradicate, i.rad'i.kat vt, diwreidd» 

ôre; läte, line, no, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, this; j=dzh. EST 

Eradication, i.rad.i.ka'shun n, dad- 

wreiddiad; dinystriad 
Erase, î.räs' vt, dilëu, crafu ymaith ; difa 
Erasement, î.räs'ment n, dilead ; dif âd 
Ere, ê'r pr, cyn. Ere long, cyn bo hir. 

Ere now, cyn hyn. Ere while, yn 

ddiweddar, gynneu fach 
Erect, i.rekt' a. syth (/seth), uniawn- 

syth; uniawn: vt, adeiladu, codi, 

sythu, sythgodi [sythgodiad 

Erection, i.rek'shun n, adeiladiad; 
Erectness, i.rekt'nes n, uniawnsafiad, 
Eremite, er'î.mì't n, meudwy [sytkder 
Eremitical,'i.kal a, meudwyol 
Ergo, ûr'gö c, am hyny, gan hyny, 

herwydd pa ham 
Eringo, î.ring'gö ra,celyn y mor, boglynon 
Eristic, i.ris'tik a, dadleuol 
Ermine, ûr'min n, pali, cath hali ; croen 

manflewog y gath bali [groen cath bali 
Ermined, ûr'mind a, mewn dillad 
Erode, î.röd' vt, amgnoi, ysu, difa, rhydu 
Erogation, er.ö.gä'shun n, rhoddiad 
Erosion,'zhun n, ysiad, amgnoad 
Err, ûr vi, ymgrwydro, gwibio, diar- 

fforddi; camsynied, cyfeiliorni; cam- 

wneuthur; dotio 
Errand, er'and n, neges, cenadwri, herod- 

raeth. Errand-boy, negeswas 
Errant, er'ant a, crwydraidd, gwibiog 
Errantry, er'ant.rî n, cr\Yydredigaeth 
En-ata, e.rä'tâ np. — Erratum 
Erratic, e.rat'ik a, crwydraidd. Er- 
ratic stars, ser gwibiog 
Erratum, e.rä'tum (errata) n, bai, gwall 

mewn ysgrifeniad neu argraffiad 
Erroneous, e.rö'nî.us a, cyfeiliornus, 

amryfus, beius, gwallus, gau 
Erroneousness, e.rö'nî.us.nes n, geu- 

olrwydd, bai, beiusrwydd 
Error, er'ûr ?i, cyfeiliornad ; geugred; 

bai, camgymmeriad, amryfusedd 
Erse, ûrs n & a, Gaeleg 
Erst, ûrst ad, gynt, cyn hyn 
Erubescence, er.ü.bes'ens n, gwrid- 

gochiad; ymwiidiad [ehio 

Eructate, i.ruk'tiit vi, darlyncu, byth- 
Bructation, i.ruk.ta'shun n, darlynciad; 

bytheiriad [heigaidd 

Erudite, er'ii.di't a, dysgedig, ysgol- 
Erudition, er.ü.dish'un n, dysgeidiaeth, 

ysgolheigdod, dysg 
Eruginous, î.rŵ'jí.nus a, efyddaidd 
Eruption, î.rup'shun n, ball, crugdardd ; 

chwyrndarddiad, rhutluiad allan, tor- 

iad allan [ruthrol 

Eruptive, i.rup'tiv a, ymdorol; ym- 

Erysipelas, er.î.sip'î.las n, tan iddwf 
Escalade, es.ka.lad' n, murddringiad 
Escapade, es.ka.pad' n, carlam, crych- 

lam, crychnaid ; bai 
Escape, es.kap' v, dianc, cilio, ffoi; 

gochelyd; diangfa, ymwared, ffoad 
Escargatoire,' n, nyth«- 

lwyth o falwod 
Eschalot, esh.â.lot' n, math o wenwyn 
Eschar, es'kar n, craith 
Escharotic, es.ka.rot'ik a, llosgol, ysol, 

difaol [arddelwi 

Escheat, es.tshît' n, diarddelwad : v, di- 
Escheator, es.tshî'tûr n, dirwywr 
Eschew, es.tshü' vt, gochel, cilio rhag, 

ffoi, ymochel [mhorth 

Escort, es'kort n, canymdo, porth, cy- 
Escort, es.kort' vt, canymdoi, noddi 
Escritoir, es.kri.twar' n, ysgrifen-gist 
Esculent, es'ku.lent a, bwytadwy: n, 

bwyd [Yspaen 

Escurial, es.kii'r' n, llys brenin 
Escutcheon, i.skut'shmi n, arfgwnsallt, 

pais arfau, arf bais 
Esox, i'soks n, y penhwyad [ganghenog 
Espalier, es.pal'yûr n, coeden wastad- 
Especial, î.spesh'al a, arbcnig; neill- 

duol; enwedigol; prif, penaf ; priodol 
Especially, î.spesh'al.î ad, yn enwedig, 

yn benodol, yn anad dim [ysbYad 

Espial, î.spi'al n, sylwad, ardremiad; 
Espier, î.spî'ûr n, ysb'iwr [iaeth 

P^spionage, es'pî.ö.näj n, gwyliedydd- 
Espousal, i.spuw'zal a, dyvvedd'iol, pri- 

odasol: n, dyweddi'ad, priodas 
Espouse, i.spuwz' vt, dywedd'io ; priodi : 

noddi [gwylio 

Espy, î.spi" v, selu, canfod, ysbi'o, syllu; 
Esquire, LskwiY n, yswain, cludydd 

arfau [traethawd, byrdraeth 

äsay, es'ä n, cais; prawf, cynbrawf; 
Essay, e.sä' vt, gwneyd prawf neu gais, 

ymgeisio [odydd 

Essayist, es'ä.ist n, traethodwr, traeth- 
Essence, es'ens n, anian, sylwedd, cyn- 

ry w ; hanfod ; perarogl : vt, perarogli 
Essential, e.sen'shal a, hanfodol, syl- 

weddol, anhebgorol: n, bod, hanfod, 

hanfodaeth. Essentials, pethau an- 
hebgorol, anhebgoi-olion 
Essoin, e.sGîn' ?», asswyn, esgusawd 
Establish, î.stab'lish vt, sefydlu, gosod, 

cadarnhau [awduredig 

Established, i.stab'lisht a, sefydledig; 
Establishment, î.stab'lish.ment n, sef- 

ydliad ; cyfnertliiad. The establish- 
ment, vr eglwys sefydledig 

EVA path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tvV=too, tẁk=took; 

Estate, í.stät' n, etii'eddiaeth, treftad- 

aeth ; golud ; cyflwr, ansawdd. Man's 

estate, oedran gwr, cyflawn oedran 
Esteem, î.stîm' n, cymmeriad, cyfrifiad, 

bri, parch: vt, parchu, dyfr'io; cyfrif; 

prisio, gwerthfawrogi [gwerthfawr 
Esteemable, es'tî.mâ.bl a, hybarch; 
Esthetics, es.thet'iks np, deinofyddiaeth 
Estimable, es'tî.mâ.bl a, gwerthfawr, 

hybarch, parchus 
Estimate, es'tî.mät vt, prisio; cyfrif: 

n, prisiad, cyfrif, gosod pris ar 
Estimation, es.tí.mä'shun n, parch, 

cymmeriad ; cyfrifiad 
Estival, es'ti.val a, hafaidd, hafol 
Estivate, es'ti.viit' vi, treulio'r haf 
Estrade, es.trad' n, ystrad, gwastadle, 

dyffiyn [pelläu 

Estrange, î.stränj' vt, estroni, dyeithrio; 
Estrangement, î'.stränj'ment n, estron- 

iad, dyeithriad ; pellàd 
Estray, í.strä' n, anifail crwydr, crwydr- 

yn : vi, crwydro 
Estreat, î.strît' n, adysgrifen 
Estuary, es'tshü.ur.î n, caincfor, culfor 
Estuate, es'tshü.ät vi, berwi, tarddellu, 

ehwyddo [chwyddiad 

Estuation, es.tshü.ä'shun n, berwad, 
Esurient, i.zii'r'i.ent a, newynog 
Esurine, ez'ii.ri'n a, ysol, difaol 
Etcli, etsh vt, darlunio â surai 
Etching, etsh'ing n, math o gerfiadaeth, 

Eternal. î.túr'nal a, tragwyddol," tra- 

gywyddol, bythol, annherfynol 
Eternalize, i.tur'nal.i'z, Eternize, î.tûr'- 

niz vt, tragwyddoli, bytholi, anfarwoli 
Eternally, í.tíir'nal.î ad. byth, byth 

bythoedd, yn oes oesoedd, yn dragy- 

wyddol, yn dragywydd [olcìeb 

Eternity, î.tûr'ní.tî n, byth, tragwydd- 
Etesian, i.ti'zhan a, blvnyddol, amserol 
Ether, î'thûr n, uwcnawyr, awyr bur, 

uwchwybr; nyfel [pur 

Ethereal, i.thî'r'î.al a, awvrol, wybrenol : 
Ethic, eth'ik, Ethical, eth'i.kal a, moesol, 

moesaidd [athroniaeth 

Ethics, eth'iks np, moesaddysg, moes- 
Ethnic, eth'nik a, cenedlig: n, pagan, 

cenedlddyn, ethnig [cenedldraeth 
Ethnology, eth.nol'ö.jî n, cenedlddysg, 
Ethology, î.thol'ü.jî n, moesogaeth.moes- 

draethawd [ddefod 

Etiquette, et'i.ket n, arfer, defod, ar- 
Etui, et.wi' n, offerwain 
Etymological, et.î.mö.loj'î.kal a, cyf- 

lachol, cyfachol, tadogaethol 

Etymologicon,'i.kon n> 

gwreiddeiriadur, cyneiriadur, cyn- 

eirlyfr [iachydd 

Etymologist, et.î.mol'ö.jist n, cyf- 
Etymology, et.î.mol'ö.jî n, geiryddiaeth, 

cyfiachyddiaeth, geirdarddiad. cynach 
Etymon, êt'î.mon n, gwreiddair. cvnair, 
Eu- px, da [tadogair 

Eucharist, ii'ka.rist n, cymmun; coffa 

diolchus [munol; diolchus 

Eucharistical, ü.kâ.ns'tî.kal a, cym- 
Euchology, ii.kol'o.ji n, ffurf o weddi'au 
Eucrasy, ii' n, ardymmer iachus 

y corff [sudd y corff 

Euchymy, ii'ki.mi n, ardymmer iachus, 
Eulogist, ü'lö.jist n, molwr, eanmolwr 
Eulogy, ü'lü.ji n, clodair. molawd 
Eunuch, ii'nuk n, dysbaidd ; ystafellydl 
Eunuchate, u vt, dysbaddu 
Eupathy, ü'pâ.thî n, teimlad da 
Eupepsy, ü.pep'sî n, cydfenvad neu 

dreuliad da 
Euphonical, ii.fon'i.kal a, perseiniol 
Euphony, ü'fö.nì n, pereiddsain, er- 

ddygan [ogleddwynt 

Euroclydon, ii.rok'li.dun n, dwyrein- 
Europe, ü'r'üp n, Ewropa, Ewrop 
European, ur.ö.pi'an a, Ewropaidd: », 

Euros, ii'r'us n, dwyreinwynt [weddiad 
Eurythmy. ü'rith.mi n. iawndref'n. cyd- 
Eutaxy. ii' n, trefn sefydledig 
Eutha'nasy, ii'than.a.zi n, marwolaeth 

Eutrophy, ü'trö.fî n, iawnfaethiad 
Evacuate, i.vak' r, arloesi, gwaghau, 

dyspyddu; gadael [arloe^iad 

Evacuation, i.vak.ii.ii'shun », gwaghâd, 
Evade, i.viid' vt, cilio, gochelyd; nnvys- 

eirio [ad 

Evagation, î.vâ.gä'shun »,gwib ; crwydd 
E vacillation,'shun n, tyniad, 

dadweiniad [difant 

Evanescencti, ev.a.nes'ens n, diilanedd; 
Evanescent, ev.a.nes'ent a, dirlanol, 

difanol, dedwinol, darfodol [aidd 

Evangelical,'i.kal a, efengyl- 
Evangelism, i.van'jel.izm n. efeiigyl- 

iaeth [efengyles 

Evangelist, i.van' n, efen-yhvr; 
Evangelize, i.van'jel.i'z vt, efengylu 
Evanid, i.van'id a, gwanaidd, diflanol, 

diflanus [auweddu 

Evaporate, î.vap'ö.rät v, mygdarthu, 
Evaporation, i.vap.o.rii'shun n, myg- 

darthiad [mwyseiriad 

Evasion,'zhun n. cvfrwys ochehad, 

öre; läte, l'íne, nö, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. EXA 

Evasive, i.vii'siv o, gochelus, cyfrwys 

Eve, iv n, min nos, noswyl, nos o flaen 

gwyl. On the eve of departure, ar 

iynediad, ar fin mynediad 

Even, i'vn a, gwastad, cydwastad, gwas- 

tadlyfn ; llyfn ; cyfartal, gogymmaint ; 

tawel: ad, hyd yn oed; yn ddiau, 

sef; yn yr un modd. To he even 

with a person, talu'r pwyth i un. To 

make even, gwastatäu, gwastadu 

Evening, i', Even, i'vn n, pryd- 

nawn, min nos, yr hwyr, ucher, ech- 

wydd, godechwydd, diwedd - dyad, 

diwedydd. Evening - prayer, pryd- 

nawnol weddi, gosper [dra; tawel wch 

Evenness, î' n, cyiartaledd, llyfn- 

Event, i.vent' n, dygwyddiad; canlyn- 

iad, diwedd. At all events, beth bynag 

Eventerate, i.ven'tur.iit vt, rhwygo neu 

agor y bol [pwysig 

Eventful, i.vent'fvvl a, dwysganlyniadol. 

Eventide, i'vn.t'id n, ueherddaw, pryd- 

• nawn [yllio; chwilio alìan 

Eventuate, i.ven'tUat vt, nithio, gwynt- 

Eventual, i.ven'tshiual a, dygwyddol; 


Ever, ev'ur ad, bob amser, yn wastad, 

erioed, byth, yn dragywydd. For 

ever and ever, byth bythoedd, yn oes 


Evergreen, ev'ur.grin a, bythddeiliog, 

bythwyrdd: n, pren neu lysieuyn 

bythwyrdd [didranc; oesol: n, byth 

| Everlasting, ev.ur.las'ting a, tragwyddol, 


Everlastingness, ev.ur.las'ting.nes n, 

byth, tragwyddolrwydd, bytholrwydd 

Everlastingly, ev.ur.las'ting.K ad, yn 

[ dragywydd, byth [bythfodol 

Everliving, ev.ur.liv'ing a, anfarwol, 

Evermore,'r' ad, yn ddidawl, 

yn ddidranc, yn oes oesoedd 
Eversion, i.vur'shun n, dadymchweliad 
Evert, i.vurt' vt, dyinchwelyd; didrefnu 
Every, ev'ur.i a, pob. Every other day, 
ì bob ail ddydd 
Everybody, ev'ur.i.bod.i n, pawb, pob 
dyn, pob un [pobpeth 

Everything, ev'ur.i.thing n, pob peth, 
Everywhere, ev'ur.i.whe'r ad, ym mhob 
! lie. ym mhob man * [olrhain 

Evestigate, î.ves'tî.gät vt, chwilio allan, 
Evict, i.vikt' vt, diteddiannu, difeddu 
Eviction, i.vik'shun n, prawf ; dyfarniad 
Endence, ev'i.dens n, tyst, tystiolaeth; 

eglurder : vt, tystio, profi ; amlygu 
Evident, ev'i.dent a, amlwg, goleu, eglur 

Evil, i'vl (worse, worst) a, drwg, blin, 

drygionus, anfad: n, drwg, diygioni, 

niwed, aflwydd, anffawd; abred. 

King's evil, clefyd y brenin, manwyn. 

Evil-doer, drwgweithredwr, drygddyn 
Evilness, i'vl.nes n, drygioni 
Evince, i.vins' vt, arddangos; profi 
Evincible,' a, arddangosadwy 
Eviration, ev.i.rii'shun n, anwrywiàd, 

anwriad; dysbaddiad 
Eviscerate, i.vis' vt, diberfeddu 
Evitable, ev' a, gocheladwy 
Evitate, ev'i.tat vt, gochel, cilio rhag, 

dianc rhag [gwysiad o 

Evocation, ev.o.kii'shun n, galwad allan, 
Evoke, i.vok' vt, galw ar, ymbil, gwysio 
Evolation,'shun n, ehediad ym- 

aith [troellysgogiad 

Evolution,'shun n, dadblygiad; 
Evolve, i.volv' v, dadblygu, "egori; 

treiglo; rhoddi allan; ymagor 
Evulgate, i.vul'gat vt, cyhoeddi 
Evulsion, i.vul'shun n, tyniad allan, di- 

Ewe, ü n, dafad; mamog. A young 

ewe, hespin, dafadan. An ewe with 

young, mamogiad 
Ewer, ü'ûr n, dyfrlestr, ystên 
Es-, E-, Ef- px, allan, o 
Exacerbation,'shun «,gerw- 

inder, uchder clefyd 
Exact, eg.zakt' a, manwl, cywraint, 

cryno; llym; cywir: vt, mynu, dn- 

geisio, trawsfynu, gormesu 
Exaction, eg . zak ' shun n, cribddail, 

gorthrymdreth, gormes 
Exactness, eg.zakt'nes n, cywirdeb, 

cywreinrwydd, manyldra [trymhau 
Exaggerate, eg.zaj' vt, mwyhau, 
Exaggeration, eg.zaj.u.ra'shun n, ych- 

wanegiad, helaethiad, mwynhâd 
Exalt, eg.zolt' vt, mawrhau, mawrvgu, 

dyrchafu [dyrchafiad 

Exaltation, eg.zol.ta'shun n, arwyrain; 
Examination, eg.zam.lna'shun n, ym- 

holiad, chwiliad, ymofyniad, profiad; 

prawf [profi, chwilio 

Examine, eg.zam'in vt, holi, arholi, 
Examiner, eg.zam'in.ur n, holydd, ar- 

holwr, chwiliwr [llun 

Example, eg.zam'pl n, enghraifft, cyn- 
Exanimate, eg.zan'i.mat a, dienaid, di- 

fywyd, diysbryd: vt, dieneidio; di- 

galoni [iad; digalondid 

Exanimation,'shun n, treng- 
Exarch, eks'ark n, rhaglaw, llywydd; 



EXI path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut. t\v=too, tẃk=took; 

Exarchate, eks'fir.kat n, rhaglawiaeth 
Exasperate, eg.zas'pur.iit vt, cyffroi, 

chwerjsvi, llidio, cythruddo [ddigiad 
Exasperation, eg.zas.pu.rii'shun n, gor- 
Exauetorate, eg.zok'to.rat vt, difuddio o 

blwyf [troednoeth 

Excalceated, eks.kal' a, diesgid. 
Excandescence, eks.kan.des'ens n, poeth- 

ni, gwres; gwylltincb 
Excarnate, eks'kar.nat, Excarnificate. 

eks.kar.nif'i.kat vt, dignawdio; cig- 

yddio [cloddio 

Excavate, eks'ka.viit vt, cafnu, ceudyllu. 
Excavation, eks.ka.vii'shun n, tirdoriad, 

tirgloddiad [myned tu hwnt i 

Exceed, ek.sîd' vt, rhagori, blaenori, 
Exceeding,'ding a, yn rhagori; 

rhagorol ; dirfawr iawn [ben 

Exceedingly,' ad, tra, dros 
Excel, ek.sel'v, blaenori, rhagori ; trechu 
Excellence, ek'sel.ens n, rhagoriaeth. 

ardderchogrwydd, godidogrwydd, en- 

wogrwydd; urddas 
Excellent, ek'sel.ent a, rhagorol; od; 

godidog; gwiw; ardderchog 
Except, ek.sept' pr, eithr, oddi eithr. 

ond, onid, namyn, heb law, oddi gerth : 

c, oddi eithr; oni, onid, oni bai; pe 

na, os na, pe nad, os nad: v, eithro, 

llysu, gadael allan ; gwrthddadleu 
Exception, ek. sen 'shun n, eithriad, 

eithrad, gwrthddadl, nam, ardroad 
Exceptionable, ek.sep' a, eithr- 

adwy, gwrthodadwy 
Exceptious, ek.sep'shus a, hyfeiol, cecrus 
Exceptive, ek.sep tiva,llysiannol, eithriol 
Excern, ek.surn vt, hidìo allan, gwasgu 

allan [lloffiad; detholiad 

Excerption, ek.surp'shun n, pigiad, 
Excess,' n, gormodedd, anghym- 

medroldeb, rhysedd 
Excessive,'iv a, gormodol, rhy, 

dirfawr. Excessively large, tra mawr 
Exchange, eks.tshiinj' n, newidwriactli, 

cyfnewitty : vt, cyfnewid, newid 
Exchequer, eks.tshek'ur n, sylltty, y 

trysorlys; argedlys [adwy 

Excisable, ek.s'i' a, tolladwy, treth- 
Excise, ek.s'iz' n, toll, cyllid, treth: vt, 

gosod toll. Exciseman, tollydd, cyll- 

idwr [myn; dinystriad 

Excision, ek.sizh'un n, trychiad, cym- 
Excite, ek.sit'^cynhyrfu, annog, cyffroi 
Excitement, ek.sit'ment n, cyffroad. an- 

nogaeth, annosiad, cynhyrriad 
Exclaim, eks.kliim' vt, crochlefain, 

gwaeddi, bloeddio; wfftio 

Exclamation,'shun n, ban- 

llef, cri ; rhyfeddeb. Note of exclama- 
tion, rhyfeddnod ( ! ) [leisiol 
Exclamatory, eks.klam'a.tur.i a, croch- 
Exclude, eks.kliid' vt, cau allan, bwrw 

allan ; gwrthod, gwahardd 
Exclusion, eks.klii'zhun n, gwrthodiad. 

llysiant [duol, didol 

Exclusive, eks.klii'siv a, Uysiannol. neill- 
Excogitate, eks.koj'i.tat vt, dyfeirio; 

cael allan [dychymmyg 

Excogitation, eks.koj.i.ta'shun n, dyfais, 
Excommunicate, eKs.ku.mii'ni.ka't vt, 

esgymmuno [shun n, esgymmundod 
Excommunication, eks . ku . mii . ni . kii'- 
Excoriate, eks.ko'r' vt, digroeni, 

blingo, dirisglo; pilio [iad 

Excoriation, eks.ko r.î ä'shunra. digroen- 
Excorticate, eks.kor'ti.kiit vt, dirisglo 
Excrete, eks'krit vt, hochi, hochboeri 
Excrement, eks'kri.ment ?i,ysgarth. torn 
Excremental,'tal a, ysgarth- 

ol, tomol [atwf, oddi', hwrwg 

Excrescence, eks.kres'ens n, gorthwfiad, 
Excretion, eks.kri'shun n, ysgarthiad, 

ymgarthiad [krftur.i a, arloesol 

Excretive, eks.kri'tiv, Excretory, eks- 
Excruciate, eks.krw' vt, arteithio, 

dirboeni [gusodi 

Exculpate, eks.kul'plit vt, difeio, es- 
Exeulpation,'shun ?i, difeiad, 

digyhuddiad, esgus [daith; gwibiad 
Excursion, eks.kur'shun n, gwibym- 
Excursive, eks.kur'siv a, gwibdeithiol 
Excusable, eks.kii' a, esgusadwy, 

maddeuadwy [diheurol 

Excusatory, eks.kii'za.tur.i a, esgusol, 
Excuse, eks.kiis' n, esgus, esgusawd, 

diheurad. Without excuse, diesgus 
Excuse, eks.kiiz' vt, esgusodi; diheuro 
Execrable, eks' a, adgas, mellt- 

igedig, ysgeler [ffieiddio 

Execrate, eks'i.krat vt, melltithio, rhegu, 
Execration, eks.i.kra'shun n, melltith, 

rhegfa, rheg ; ffieiddiad 
Execute, eks'i.kiit vt, cyflawnu, cwblhau ; 

dienyddio. To execute judgement 

gwneuthur barn 
Execution, eks.j.kii'shun n, cyflawniad, 

dienyddiad [dienyddwr 

Executioner, eks.i.ku'shur^ur n, crogwr: 
Executive, eks.ek'ii.tiv a, gweithred- 

iadol; llywiol [weinydd 

Executor, eks.ek'ii.tur n, cymmyn- 
Executrix, eks.ek'u.triks «, cymmyn- 1 

weinyddes [ iad J 

Exigesis, eks.i.ji'sis n, eglurhâd, esoon-f- 1 

ore; liite, line, nö, mute; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. EXP 

Exegetical, eks.î.jetfî.kal a, eglurhaol 
Exemplar, eg.zem'plur re,enghraifft, cyn- 

llun, deongliad [enghreifftiol 

Exemplary, eg'zem.plur.i a, dilymviw. 
Exemplification, eg.zrm.pli.f i.kii'shun re, 

arddangosiad, cynddefwad; eglurhâd 
Exemplify, eg.zem' vt, egluro, ad- 
\ ysgrifenu, dangos 

•Exempt, eg.zemt'ri, rhyddhau, dirwymo, 
j esgusodi: a, rhydd, esgusodol 
Exemption, eg.zem'shun re, trwydded. 
f rhyddfraint 

Exenterate, eks.en' vt, diberfeddu 
Exequies, eks'i.kwiz re, arwyliant, arwyl 
lExercent, eg.zur'sent a, arferiaethol, yn 

ymarfer â 
lExercise, eks'ur.s'iz re, ymarferiad, gor- 

chwyl, gwaith, llafur, golafur; ym- 
I arial, ymysgwyd; ymdrechwaith ; 

dognwaith : v, arfern, ymarfer, profi, 
i trin [arferiad 

Exercitation,'shun re, ym- 
Exert, eg.zurt' vt, ymegn'io, ymdrechn. 

ymorchestu. To exert an influence 

on, efleithio ar [egni'ad, ymdrech 

Exertion, eg.zur'shun re, ymroddiad, ym- 
Exesion, eg.zi'zhun re, bwytâd trwodd, 

treiddiad [ferwad, crychias 

Exestuation, eg.zes.tshu.a'shun re, go- 
Exfoliate, vi, deilio allan; 

delltenu, pilio 
Exhalation,'shun re, myg- 
i| darthiad; ager, tawch [darthu 

Exhale, eg.zal' v, anadlu allan; myg- 
Exhaust, eg.zost' vt, gwaghau, gwan- 
1 hau; dyhyspyddu [gwanhâd 

Exhaustion, eg.zos'tshun re, gwaghâd, 
•Exhaustless, eg.zost'les a, anhyspydd- 
1 adwy, anhyspydd, didrai 
Exhibit, eg.zib'it vt, dangos, darlunio, 
;. gosod alian, darddangos, arddangos 
Exhibition, eg.zi.bish'un re, arddangos- 
i iad; heiddwobr i ysgolheigion 
Exhibitioner, eg.zi.bish'un.ur re, ysgol- 

haig, gwobrwyedig [bywiogi 

Exhilarate, eg.zil' vt, Horn, sirioli, 
Exhort, eg.zort' vt, cynghori, annog, 

cymhell [annogaeth; rhybudd 

Exhortation, eks.hor.ta'shun re, cynghor, 
Exhortative, eg.zor'ta.tiv, Exhortatory, 

eg.zor'ta.tur.i a, annogaethol 
Exhumation,'shun re, sym- 
; mud iad o'r bedd, dadgladdiad 
Exigence, eks'i.jens n, angen, gofyniad; 
, achos [henrhaid; dirach'os 

Exigent, eks'i.jent re, dirangen; ang- 
Exiguous, eg.zig' a, bychan, eiddil 

Exile, eks'i'l re, alltud ; alltudes ; alltud- 

aeth, alltudedd, henvriaeth, deoliad: 

vi, alltudo, alfrvladu, deol, difroi 
Exilement, eg.ziTment re, alltudaeth 
Exility, eg.zil'i.ti re, eiddihvch, meinder 
Exinanition, eg.zin.a.nisn'un re, gwag- 

hâd; diddymiad [bod yn fyw 

Exist, eg.zist' vi, bod, hanfodi, byw, 
Existence, eg.zis'tens re, bod, bodoliaeth, 

hanfod [mewn bod 

Existent, eg.zis'tent a, bodol, hanfodol, 
Exit, eks'it re, mynediad allan; yma- 

dawiad; marwoìaeth. He made his 

exit, aeth allan [ymadawiad 

Exodus, eks'o.dus, Exody, eks'o.di re, 
Exogenous, eks.oj'i.nus a, elltyfol, es- 

tyfol; alltwf _ " [tyflys 

Exogens, eks'b'.jenz np, estyfion, es- 
Exomphalos, eg.zom'fa.lus re, bogeil- 

rwyg, toriad llengig 
Exonerate, eg.zon' vt, esmwythäu, 

difeichio [iad, dadlwythiad 

Exoneration, eg.zon.u.ra'shun re, difeich- 
Exoptable, eg.zop' a, dymunol 
Exorable, eks' a, cymmodadwy, 

hyblyg, hynaws [medroldeb 

Exorbitance, eg.zorTn.tans re, anghym- 
Exorbitant, eg.zor'bi.tant a, anwedd, 

gormodol. Exorbitant price, crogbrys 
Exorbitate, eg.zor'bi.tat vi, drawswyro, 

diarfforddi [eddu 

Exorcise, eks''z vt, tyngedu, cyfar- 
Exorcism, eks'or.sizm re, swyngyfaredd, 

tyngediaeth [swynwr 

Exorcist, eks'or.sist re, tyngedydd, 
Exordium, eg.zor' re, rhagdraeth, 

rhagymadrodd, rhaglith [addurniad 
Exornation,'shun re, addurn; 
Exortive, eg.zor'tiv a, dwyreiniol, cyfodol 
Exosseous, eg.zosh'us a, diesgyrn 
Exotic, eg.zot'ik a, dyeithrol, estronol, 

pellenig : re, peth tramor 
Expand, eks.pand' v, taenu, lledu ; ym- 

ledu, ymagor ; darledu ; dadblygu 
Expanse, eks.pans' re, eangder; ymlediad 
Expansion, eks.pan'shun re, taeniad, taen, 

eangiad, Uediad, chwyddiant 
Expansive, eks.pan'siv a, ymdaenol, vm- 

ledol [ymledu 

Expatiate, eks.pä'shî.ät vi, ymhelaethu , 
Expatriate,' vt, allwladu, 

alltudio, difroi 
Expatriot, eks.pä'trî,ut re, anghywleid- 

iad; alltud [ediych am 

Expect, eks.pekt' vt, dysgwyl, aros, 
Expectancy, eks.pek' re, dysgwyl- 

iad ; etifeddiaeth ddysgwyliedig 

EXP path, fat, ere, mot, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, tẁk=took; 

Expectant, eks.pek'tant a, dysgwylgar : 

n, dysgwyliwr [iad; ymarosiad 

Expectation, eks.pek.tii'shun n, dysgwyl- 
Expectorant, eks.pek'to.rant a, poer- 

Expectorate, eks.pek'to.rat vt, poeri, 

peswchboeri [peswchboeriad 

Expectoration,'shun n, 
Expedience, eks.pi'di.ens n, cyfaddas- 

rwydd, cymhwysder ; lies 
Expedient, ek.s.pi'di.ent a, addas, cy- 

mhwys, cyílëus; llesol: n, dyfais, 

ffordd addas 
Expedite, eks'pi.dit vt, dirwystro. 

rhwyddhau, prysuro: a, rhwyddol. 

parod, ebrwydd 
Expedition,'un n, prysuriad, 

cyrlyrnedd, brys ; kynt filwraidd, cad- 

gyrch, ymgyrchiad [cyflym, esgud 
Expeditious,'us a, ebrwydd, 
Expel, eks.pel' vt, bwrw allan, gyru 

ymaith, tarfu [gwario, treulio 

Expend, eks.pend' vt, difa, afradu; 
Expenditure, elcs.pen'dî.tshü'r n, traul, 

cost; treuliad 
Expense, eks.pens' n, traul, cost 
Expenseless, eks.pens'les a, didraul. 

digost; rhad [costus; drud 

Expensive, eks.pen'siv a, treulfawr, 
Experience, eks.pi'r'i.ens n, prawf, 

profiad ; hirbrawf, ymbrawf, ymarfer- 

iad; eyfarwyddyd : vt, profi; teimlo, 

ymbrofi [cyfa rwydd 

Experienced, eks.pi'r'i.enst a, profedig ; 
Experiment, eks.per'i.ment n, prawf; 

cais, cynnyg : vi, gwneuthur prawf 
Experimental,'tal a, prof- 

iadol [hyddysg, medrus, bylaw 

Expert, eks.purt' a, cyfarwydd, hyfedr, 
Expertness, eks.purt 'lies ?i, deheurwydd, 

deheuedd, medrusrwydd [dileadwy 
Expiable, eks' a, maddeuadwy. 
Expiate, eks' vt, gwneyd iawn; dy- 

huddo [mod; iawniad 

Expiation, eks.pUi'shun n, iawn; cym- 
Expiatory, eks pî.â.tur.î a, dyhuddol, 

Expiration, eks.pi.rii'shun n, anadliad 

allan; ymadawiad; terfyniad 
Expire, eks.pi'r' v, anadlu allan; trengu, 

darfod, diweddu [«'igor 

Explain, oks.pllin' vt egluro, deongli, 
Explanation,'snun n, eglur- 

hful, amlygiad, deongliad 
Explanatory, eks. plan â.tur.î a, eglur- 

baol, amfygiadol [diangenrhaid 

Expletive, eks'pli.tiv n, gair llanw, gair 

Expletory, eks'pll.tur.i a, cyflenwol, yn 

llenwi [deongladwy 

Explicable, eks' a, egluradwy, 
Explicate, eks'pli.kiit vt, dadblygu. 

dattod, egluro 
Explication, eks.pli.kii'shun n, dad- 

blygiad, deongliad [agoriadol 

Explicative, eks'pli.ka.tiv a, eglurhaol 
Explicator, eks'pli.ka.tur n. eglurhäwr 
Explicit, eks.pbs'it a, amlwg, eglur 

penodol, manwl 
Explode, eks.plod' v, ffrwydro; hwtio 

gwrtbod yn ddirmygus. The theorj 

is exploded, mae'r dyb wedi ei dadbrof 
Exploit, eks.plult' n, gorchest, gwrol- 

waith, gorcnestwaith 
Exploration, eks.plo.rii'shun n, fforiad 

chwiliad allan [fforio, olrhai) 

Explore, eks.plo'r' vt, chwilio allan 
Explosion, eks.plo'zhun n, ffrwydriad 

ysgortiad; ergyd [ruthrc 

Explosive, eks.plo'siv a, ysgortiol, tan 
Export, eks'po'rt n, nwydd tramoredig 
Export, eks.po'rt' vt, anfon allan, tros 

glwyddo, allgludo [iad, mordrosia 
Exportation, eks.po'r.ta shun n, tramot 
Expose, eks.poz' vt, amlygu, dynoeth 

dangos allan; gwaradwyddo; perygl 
Exposition, eks.po.zish'un n, agoriad, eg 

lurhâd, deongliad; seíÿllfa [arnodyd 
Expositor, eks.poz'i.tfir n, deonglm 
Expostulate, eks.pos'tshu.liit vi, jm 

liwied, ymddadleu, ymresymu 
Expostulation, eks.pos.tshu.lii'shun i 

ymresymiad [ymliwaid 

Expostulatory, eks.pos'tshü.lâ.tur.î i 
Exposure, eks.po'zkur n, dynoethiai 

gwaradwyddiad [deong 

Expound, eks.pihvnd' vt, egluro, egoi 
Expounder, eks.pihvn'dur n, dconglyd 

lladmerydd, eglurhiiwr 
Express, eks.pres' vt, mynegu, dywedy 

adrodd; dadgan, traethu; darluni 

gwasgu allan, gwryfio: a, penodt 

eglur, hvsbysol. gwir: «, brysgenad 
Expressible, eks.pres' a, traethadw; 

Expression, eks.presh'un n, gair, yn 

adrodd, dywediad; dull ymadrod» 

gwasgiad allan. Expression of com 

tenance, dull gwynebpryd 
Expressive, eks.pres'iv a, mynegol; d«< 

luniadol; dwysddywedol, grymw 

Expressly, eks.pres'li ad, wrth ei en» 

yn benodol, yn eglur [dadganii 

Expressure, eks.presh'ûr «, myneg' 

ôre; läte, line nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. EXT 

Exprobrate, eks'prö.brät vt, edliw, ym- 

hw, dannod i, wrTtio 
Exprobration,'shun n, ed- 

liwiant, dannodiaeth, cyhuddiad dir- 

mygus [trosi 

Expropriate,'pri.iit vt, arallu; 
pacpugn, eks.piin' vt, gorthrechu, gorch- 

tygu, goresgyn ; tarfu 
pxpugnable, eks.pug' a, goresgyn- 

adwy, ennilladwy [fygiad, trechiad 
.Expugnation, shun n, gorch- 
■ Expugner, eks.pii'niir n, gorthrechwr 
Expulsion, eks.pul'shun n, tarfiad ; troad 

neu fwriad allan, gyriad ymaith 
Expulsive, eks.pul'siv a, a yro allan 
Expunction, eks.pungk'shun n, dilead, 

tyniad ymaith [allan 

Expunge, eks.punj' vt, dilëu; croesi 
Expurgate, eks.pur gät vt, carthu ; puro, 
i glanbau [puredigaeth 

Expurgation,'shun ra,glanhâd, 
Expurgatory, eks.pur 'gâ.tur.î a, ys- 

gar t hoi, glanwei thiol 
Exquisite, eks'kwi.zit a, rkagorol, od 

iaeth, godidog, dethol; perffaith, eithaf 
Exquisiteuess, eks'kwi.zit.nes n, man- 
i ylrwydd, cywreinrwydd, destlusrwydd 
Exsanguious, ek.sang' a, diwaed 
Exsibilate, ek.sib' vt, hysio neu 

hwtio ymaith 
Exsiceant, ek.sik'ant a, sychaidd 
Exsiccate, ek.sik'at vt, sychu, dysychu 
Exsuccous, ek.suk'us a, sychlyd, disudd 
Exsuction, ek.suk'shun n, sugniad allan 
Exsudation, ek.sii.da'shun n, chwysiad, 
Exsude, ek.siid' v, chwysu [dyhidlad 
Exsuscitate, ek.sus'i.tat vt,dihxmo, cyfl'roi 
Extancy, eks' n, bodoldeb 
Extant, eks'tant a, yn bod, mewn bod, 
|Extasy, eks' — Ecstasy [i'w gael 
Extemporaneous, eks . tem . pö . rä'nî . us, 
r Extemporary, eks.tem'po.rur.i a, di- 
| ragfyfyr, disyfyd 

Extempore, eks.tem'po.ri ad, heb iyfyr- 
; dod, yn ddifyfyr, yn ddiattreg 
lExtemporize, eks.tem'po.r'iz vi, llafaru 

yn ddiragfyfyr [eangu, arledu 

Extend, eks.tend' v, estyn, cyrhaedd, 
Extensible, eks.ten' a, estynadwy, 
j lledadwy [lediad, eangiad 

Extension, eks.ten'shun n, estyniad, ar- 
iExtensive, exs.ten'siv a, eang, helaeth, 

maith [haeddiad, eangder 

Extensiveness, eks.ten'siv.nes n, amgyr- 
•Extent, eks.tent' n, cyrhaedd, helaeth- 
^ der, maint [gafnhau 

Extenuate, eks.ten' vt, Ueihau, ys- 

Extenuation, eks.ten.ii.a'shun n, lleihâd ; 

esgusodiad, goguddiad 
Exterior, eks.ti'r'i.ur a, allanol, oddi 

allan, o faes : n, tu faes, ymddangosiad 

Exterminate, eks.tur'mi.nat vt, llwyr 

ddyfetha, divvreiddio [wreiddiad 

Extennination,'shun n, di- 
External, eks.tur'nal o, nesaf allan, 

allanol, o'r tu allan 
Externals, ex.tur'nalz np, allanohon 
Extersion, eks.tur'shun n, dilead, rhwb- 

iad ymaith 
Extil, eks.til' vi, dyhidlo neu ddysdyllu o 
Extillation, eks.ti.La'shun n, dyhidliad 
Extinct, eks.tingkt a, diffoddedig ; wedi 

darfod, difanedig 
Extinction, eks.tingk'shun n, diflfoddiad; 

llwyr ddyfethiad ; dilead 
Extinguish, eks.ting'gwish vt, difFodd; 

diddymu, dilëu; llwyr ddifa 
Extinguishable, eks.ting' a, 

diffoddadwy [ffoddvr 

Extinguisher, eks.ting'gwish.ur n, di- 
Extirpate, ex.tur'pat vt, diwreiddio ; di- 

nystrio [iad; distrywiad 

Extirpation,'shun n, diwreidd- 
Extol, eks.tol' vt, mawrygu, dyrchafu, 

arwyrain, canmol, clodfori [ddeilaidd 
Extorsive, eks.tor'siv o, treisiol, crib- 
Extort, eks.tort' vt, cribddeilio, edwica, 

gwasgu [gorthrymiant 

Extortion, eks.tor'shun n, cribddail, 
Extortionate, eks.tor' a, treisiol 
Extortioner, eks.tor'shun.ur n, cribddeil- 

iwr, gorthrymwr, gormeswr 
Extra- px, allan o, tu hwnt i 
Extract, eks.trakt' vt, dethol, gwasgu, 

tynu neu bigo allan 
Extract, eks'trakt n, detholiad, dewis- 

ran, sylweddran. Extracts, pigion, 

dewision, dyfyniadau 
Extraction, eks.trak'shun ?i,tyniad allan ; 

gwelygordd, bonedd, cyfF. Of low 

extraction, lledryw. Of high extrac- 
tion, diledryw, boneddig 
Extractor, eks.trak'tur n, tyniedydd 
Extrajudicial,'al a, allan 

o reol cyfraith, afreolaidd 
Extramission, eks.tra.mish'un n, anfon- 

iad allan [bydol 

Extramundane, eks.tra.mun'dan a, tra- 
Extraneous, eks.tra' a, estronaidd, 

arallaidd, allanol, diberthynas, am- 

mherthynol, dyeithr 
Extraordinary, eks.trôr'dî.nur.î a,hynod, 

anghyüredin, od, odiaeth, anarferol 

FAC path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Extraparochial, eks.trâ.pà.rü'kî.al a,am- 

mhlwyfol, allan o'r plwyf 
Extravagance, eks.trav'a.gans n. afrad, 

gwastraff, gormodedd, difrodaeth, af- 

radlonedd; afresymoldeb 
Extravagant, eks.travTi.gant a, gormod, 

gwastraffus, difrodus, didrefn, afres- 

ymol; afradlawn, treulgar, treulfawr 
Extravagate, eks.trav'a.gat vi, ynfyd- 

siarad, ffladru [o'i briod lestr 

Extravasated, eks.trav' a, allan 
Extravenate, eks . trâ . vî 'nät a, wedi 

tarddu o'r gwytk'ienau [allan 

Extraversion, eks.tra.vur'shun n, tafliad 
Extreme, eks.trim' n, eitkafedd, terfyn, 

ynod pellaf : a, eithaf, pellaf, diweddaf; 

dirfawr, rhyfawr, gor-, tra-. Extreme 

heaviness, trathrymder. Extreme age, 

gorhenaint [ddirfawr, tra, gor- 

Extremely, eks.trim li ad, dros ben, yn 
Extremity, eks.trem'i.ti n, pen pellaf, 

eithaf, cwr eithaf, cyfyngder, gwasgfa ; 

enbydrwydd [ddyrysu; dadfaglu 
Extricate, eks'tri.kat vt, rhyddhau ; di- 
Extrication, eks.tri.ka'shun n, diddyrys- 

iad, dirwydiad [allanol 

Extrinsic, eks.trin'sik a, ammhriodol, 
Extrude, eks.trwd' vt, gwthio ymaith ; 

bwrw allan [ymaith 

Extrusion, eks.trw'shun n, gwthiad 
Extuberance, eks.tii'bur.ans n, oddf, 

hwnvg, twddf [chwyddiad 

Extumescence, eks.tu.mes'ens »,cb wydd, 
Exuberance, eg.zii'bur.ans n, arddigon- 

edd; gordyfiant [gormodol 

Exuberant, eg.zii'bur.ant a, rhylawn, 
Exuberate, eg.zu' vi, gorlenwi, 

gorlifo, rhylenwi 
Exuccous, eic.suk'us. — Exsuccous 
Exude, ek.siid'. — Exsude 
Exulcerate, eg . zul' vi, gwelib, 

Uynori [i'ad, crawniad 

Exulceration, shun n, gwel- 
Exult, eg.zult' vi, gorfoleddu, llawen- 

ychu, ymffrostio 
Exultation, eg.zul.ta'shun n, gorfoledd, 

gorhoen, ymorfoleddiad, ymfl'rost 
Exundation, eks.mi.dii'shun n, gorllif, 

Exuperance, ek.sii'pur.ans n, traph^vys 
Exustion, eg.zus'tsnun n, Uosgiad, try- 

1« .SLTl.l'l 

Exuviae, eg.zii' vî.î njp, crwyn a fwrir 

f^yas, i'as n, hebog ìeuanc 

Eye, i" n, llygad; golwg, trem, gwekd; 
blagnryn; rliwylí; nytiiaidogoed ieir: 
of, llygadu, tremio, edrych, gvvylio. 

Eye-ball, camvyll y llygad. Eye- 
brow, ael y llygad. Eye-drop, deigryn. 
Eye - glass, drychwydr Eye - lash, 

brow, ael y llygad. Eye-drop, deigryn. 
Eye - glass, drychwydr Eye - lash, 
blew yr amrant. Eye-lid, ainrant, 

caead llygad. Eye-service, golwg- 
wasanaeth. Eye-shot, cipolwg, trem- 
yn. Eye-sight, golwg. Eye-sore, 
peth cas i'r golwg. Eye-string, g'iau'r 
llygad. Black-eyed, Uygad-ddu, 
llygeittu. Blear-eyed, Uygadwlyb. 
Blue-eyed, llygadlas. Evil-eyed, eidd- 
igus. Goggle-eyed, llygadfawr. Moon- 
eyed, cibddall. One-eyed, unllygeidiog. 
Squint-eyed, llygadgam.llygad-draws. 
Wall-eyed, llygadfiith. To cast sheep's 
eyes, edrych ar \vyr: ar un 
Eyeless, Y'les a, dilygad, dall 
Eyelet, Y'let, Eyelet-hole, 'i'let.hül n, olp, 

olpai, twll olpai 
Eyeot, i"ot n, ynysan, ynysig [cylchlys 
Eyre, ê'r n, Dys barnwr ymdeithiol, 
Eyry, í'r'î n, nythle adar ysglyfgar 

Fabaceous, f â.bä'shus a, o natur ffaen. 


Fable, f ii'bl n, ffugchwedl, rhith banes. 

dammeg, ffugeb; ifalsedd: v, ffug- 

lunio, ffugio, chwedlu [waith, cydwt 

Fabric, fii'brik n, adail, adeilad, adeil- 

Fabricate, fab'ri.kat vt, adeilo; llunio. 

ffui-fio, gwneuthur ; llyfelu ; ffugio 
Fabrication, fab.ri.ka'shun n, adeilad- 

iad, gwneuthuriad ; anwiredd 
Fabulist, fab'ii.list n, chwedlydd, dam- 

megwr, chwedleuydd 
Fabulous, fab'ii.lus a, dychymmygol 
ffugiol, disail [rwydi 

Fabulousness, fab'ii.lus.nes n, ffugidJ 
Facade. í'â.säd' n, gwyneb adeiliad 
Fate, fas 11, gwyneb, gwynebpryd, arfl 
wyneb : v, wynebu, gwynebu, gwrth f j 
wynebu. Bare-faced, digywilyddiH 
Double-faced, deuwynebog, rhagrithH 
iol. Pale-face, wyneblwyd, piglafj I 
gweblas. Shame-faced, cywilyddnaH 
A wry face, gwep. Facing a persorftl 
gyferbyn ag un. To make facetH 
Facet, fas'et n, arwyneb bychan 
Facetious, f a.sî'shus a, cellweirus, arai*j 
arabeddus, digrif [edd, digrifwcH 
Facetiouanesa, fà.si'shus.nes n, arailj 
Facial, fä'shal a, gwynebol. Faciill 
angle, ongl a ffiu-fir gan linellau o I 
clust i'r genau, ac o'r genau i'r take I 

öre; läte, line, nö, mute; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. FAL 

Facile, fas'il a, hawdd, rhwydd, hyblyg. 

hydyn [rwyddo 

Facilitate, f â.sil'î.tät vt, rhwyddhau, hy- 
Facihty, f â.sil'î.tî n, hwylusdod, rhwydd- 

ineb, rhwydded [fad, diried 

Facinorous, fâ.sin'ö.rus a, ysgeler, an- 
Fact, fakt n, gweithred ; ffaith. In fact, 

mewn gwirionedd 
Faction, fak'shnn n, plaid, ymblaid, ter- 

fysgblaid [bleidgar 

Factious, fak'shus a, terfysgus, ym- 
Factitious, fak.tish'us a, gwneuthuredig 
Factor, fak'tur n, goruchwylydd, dir- 

pnvy, rhyngfaelydd [dros arall 

Factorage, fak'tur.aj n, marchnadaeth 
Factorship, fak'tur.ship n, goruchwyl- 

iaeth, marchnadaeth dros arall 
Factory, fak'tur.i n, gweithfa; trigle 

neu gymdeithas masnachwyr dir- 

prwyol [gwaith 

Factotum,'tum n, gwas pob 
Faculty, fak'ul.ti n, medr, galluedd, 

braint ; cynneddf ; y gymdeithas fedd- 

ygol, y meddygon 
fecundity, fa.kun'dtti «, hyawdledd, 

firaethineb [siarad 

Faddle, fad'l vi, ofera, ffwdanu, ofer- 
Fade, fäd v, edwi, difanu, diflanu, di- 

hoeni; gwywo. Apt to fade, diflan- 
; adwy. Never-fading, anniflanol 
Fady, í a'dî a, dhian, gwywedig, edwin 
iFseces, fi'siz n, ysgarthion 
Fag, fag v, baeddu, euro ; ymflino, llesg- 
: äu. Fag-end, gobed brethyn, y pen 

Fagot, fag'ut n, ffagod, ifasgell, cedysen, 

cidysen : vt, ffagodi, cydrwymo, cidysio 
!Fail. tal vi, ffaelu, methu, dirrygio, pallu; 
r tori i fyny. Never-failing, diball 
Failure, fä'lü'r n, ffaeliad, methiant, pall, 
i gwalliad, diifyg, bai ; toriad 
,'Fain, fan a, awyddus, chwannog, ewyll- 
; ysgar: ad, jn chwannog, tan orfod. 
> 1 fain would, chwennychwn, da fyddai 
' genyf, dymunwn 

Famt, fänt a, egwan, methedig, llwfr; 
■ aneglur: vi, llesmeirio, llewygu; 
' llesgäu [1yd 

Faintish, f iin'tish a, gwanllyd, gwanych- 
,?aintness, f änt'nes n, gwendid, Uesgedd, 

nychdod; llyfi-der, llyfrdra 
dainty, f än'tî a, llesmeiriol, llwfr, egwan 
7 air, fê'r n, ifair; y rhyw fenywaidd: 

a, teg, glân, prydferth, telaid, mwyn- 
1 aidd; gloew, claer; cyfiawn, didwyll. 

Fair or foul, teg neu annheg 
paring, fê'r'ing n, ífeh-yn. rhòdd o ffair 

Fairness, fê'r'nes n, tegweh, glendid; 

uniondeb, cyfiawnder 
Fairy, f ê'r'î n, ellyll, anysbryd : a, per- 
thynol i'r tylwyth teg. Fairies, y 
tylwyth teg, bendith eu mamau 
Faith, f äth n, ffydd, crediniaeth, cred, 
coel; hyder, ymddiried; ffyddlondeb. 
To break one's faith, tori ei air 
Faithful, fäth'fẁl a, ffyddlawn, cywir, 
didwyll. The faithful, y ffyddloniaid, 
y credinwyr 
Faithfulnes, fäth'fẁl.nes n, ffyddlondeb, 
cywirdeb [ffyddlawn 

Faithless, fäth'les a, diffydd, digred ; an- 
Fake, f ak n, torch rhaff, un tro ar raff 
Fakir, f ii'kur n, plaid o grefyddwyr pen- 
boeth yn y dwyrain [bachog 

Falcated, fal'ka.ted a, crymanaidd; 
Falcation, fal.ka'shun n, gwyrni, crym- 
edd [crwmgleddyf 

Falchion, fôl'tshun n, cryman-gledd, 
Falciform, fal'sî.fôrm a, bachog, crwm, 

Falcon, f o'kn n, math o hebog, curyll 
Falconer, f o'kn.ur n, hebogydd 
Falconet, fal' n, cyflegr bychan 
Falconry, f o'kn.ri n, hebogyddiaeth 
Faldstool, f ôld'stŵl n, mainc a ddefn- 

yddir i goroni 
Fall, f 61 (fell, fallen) vi,cwympo, syrthio ; 
tramgwyddo; dygwyddo: n, cwymp, 
cwympiad, codwm; disgyniad, syrth- 
iad; dygwydd, syrth; dinystr. To 
fall in with, cyfarfod. To fall out, 
dygwydd; ymryson, cwympo maes. 
To fall back, cilio yn ol, enciho. Fall- 
ing sickness, yr haint dygwydd 
Fallacious, fa.lä'shus a, twyllodrus, 
twyllgar, fFugiol [iaeth 

Fallacy, faí'â.sî n, twyll, hoced, hudol- 
Fallen, föi'n pp. — Fall [gwendid 

Fallibility, fal.î.bil'î.tî n, hydwylledd, 
Fallible, fal'î.bl a, hyball, hysiom, hyfeth 
Fallopian, fa.lö'pî.an a, Fallopiaidd 
Fallow, fal'ö n, braenar, adwydd: v, 
braenaru: a, hyddliw, gwyneugoch: 
braenarliw. Fallow-deer, danys, gafr 
danys, danas, hydd 
False, fôls a, anwir, ffugiol, gau, cel- 
wyddog, twyllodrus. A false oath, 
geulw, anudon, llw anudon 
Falsehood, fôls'hẁd, Falsity, f ôl'sî.tî n, 

ffalsedd, geudeb, anwiredd, celwydd 

Falsifier, fôTsî.fî.ûr, n, ffugiwr, geu- 

eiriwr, celwyddwr j]gwrthbrofi 

Falsify, fôl'sì.fi v, ffugio;. llygru; 

Falter, f ôl'tûr vi, petrffto ; bloesgi, methr 


FAS path, fat, ére, met, mâ-rîne, pin, Orb, on, curve, cnt, tvv=too, tẁk=took; 

Faltering, f ó n, bloesgni 
Fame, fiim n, bri, clod, enwogrwydd, 

enw ; gair, son, chwedl, newydd 
Famed, fämd a, enwog, clodfawr, hyglod 
Fameless, fäm'les a, anenwog, anhynod 
Familiar, fâ.mil'yfìr a, cyfeillgar, cyf- 

eillaidd; adnabyddus; tenluaidd: n, 

cyfaill, cydnabod. Familiar spirit, 

ysbryd dewiniaeth 
Familiarity, fâ.mil.î.arì.tî n, cydna- 

byddiaeth; cyfeillach; cynnefindra 
Familiarize, f'yur.Tz vt, cynnefmo 

ymgynnefino [ach 

Family, fam'î.lî n, tenlu; cenedlaetb. 
Famine, f'am'in n, newyn, difFyg ymbortl: 
Famish, fam'ish v, newynu; marw o 

newyn [hyglod, nodedig 

Famous, fä'mus a, clodfawr, enwog, 
Fan, fan n, gwyntyll, nithlen: vt. 

gwyntyllio, pnro, nithio 
Fanatic, f a.nat'ik n, penboethiad ; cref- 

yddwr penboeth [gwallgofus 

Fanatical, fa.nat'i.kal a, penboeth. 
Fanaticism, fa.nat'i.sizm n, penboeth- 

ni, gwallbwyll [iedig 

Fancied, fan'sid a, dychymmygol, ffug- 
Fanciful, fan'sî.fẁl a, dychymmygus, 

coelgar, ffoldybus [pwyaeth 

Fancifulness, fan'si.fvvl.nes n, mym- 
Fancy, fan'sî n, dychymmyg, darfelydd ; 

oferdyb, mympwy, llettyb; hoft'edd: 

serch, v, dychymmygu, tybio; serchu 
Fandango, fan.dang'gö n, math o daplas 
Fane, fan n, teml, addoldy, eglwys, llan 
Fanfaron, fan'f â.run ?i, bygylwr, gwag- 

ymffrostiwr [hocsach, ffrost 

Fanfaronade, fan.fâ.rö.näd' n, rhodres, 
Fang, fang n, ysgythr ; crafanc, ewin 
Fanged, fangd a, ysgythrog 
Fangled, fang'gld a, coegfFurfiedig, 

ffugiedig [grafanc 

Fangless, fangles a, diysgythr, di- 
Fannel, fan'el, Fanon, fan'un n, ys 

gwyddrwyll offeiriad 
Fantastic, fan.tas'tik, Fantastical, fan- 

tas'ti.kal a, ffoldybus, coegfalch. 

penchwiban ; mympwyol, anwadal 
Fantasticalness, fan.tas'ti.kal.nes n, an- 

wadalwch, penchwibandod 
Fantasy, fan'tâ.sî n, mympwy, oferdyb 
Far, far (farther, further; farthest 

furthest) a, pell, pellenig, anghys- 

bell; hirbell: ad, ym ndiell, pell, 

By far, o lawer. He is not far 

off, nid yw efe ym mhell. As far, cy- 

belled. Thus far. hyd yma. Far 

better, llawer gweíl, gwell o lawer 

Farce, f ârs n, coegchwareu ; esgusbeth, 

lliw o beth [digrifol 

Farcical, far'si.kal a, coegchwareuol ; 
Farcy, f âr'sî n, y clefri mawr, gwahan- 

glwyf y meirch. Water farcy, y 

clefri dyfrllyd 
Fardel, fâr'del n, sypyn [erw 

Fardingdeal, fâr'ding.dîl n, chwarter 
Fare, fe'r n, lluniaeth, bwyd; ymborth; 

cludlog : vi, bod, byw ; ymborthi 
Farewell, f é'r.wel' i, bydd wych, yn iach : 

», cyfarchiad ymadawol, caniad yn 

iach. To bid farewell, canu yn iach 
Farinaceous, far.î.nä'shus a, blodwy, 

blodiog, blawdog, blawdaidd 
Farm, farm n, tyddyn, syddyn, fferm: 

vt, amaethu; llafurio'r tir [ fferm wr 
Farmer, f âr'mûr n, amaethydd, hwsmon, 
Farmost, f ár'möst n, eithaf, pellaf 
Farness, f âr'nes n, pellder, pelledd 
Farraginous, fa.raj'î.nus a. cymmysg 
Fan - ago, fa.rä'gö n, cymmysgedd 
Farrier, far'ì.ûr n, meddyg meirch; 

pedolwr [iadaeth 

Faniery, far'î.ur.î n, meirch feddyg- 
Farrow, far'ö v, bwrw perchyll, dyfod s 

pherchyll: n, torllwyll. A sow in 

farrow, hwch dorog. A farrow cow, 

Farther, fâr'THÛr a, pellach: ad, ym 

mhellach ; eto, hefyd : cd. — Far 
Farthest, fâr'THest a, pellaf, eithaf 

eithafig; sd. — Far 
Farthing, far'THing n, ffyrlling, ffyr- 

ling. A penny three farthings, dwj 

ond ffyrlling/ Sixpence farthing 

chwech a ffyrlling [peisgylci 

Farthingale, f âr'THÌng.gäl n, cylchbais 
Fasces, fas'iz n, ysgub o wiail a ddygi( 

o flaen hen lywiawdwyr Rhufain 
Fascia, fash'â n, addurn dalaith 
Fasciated, fash'î.ä.ted a, rhwymedig í 

gwiail [rhwynuai 

Fasciation, fash.î.'á'shun n, cyfrwymiacl 
Fascicular, fa.sik'ii.lur a, rhwymjmol 
Fascinate, fas'î.nät vt. rheibio, hud( 

swyno [dyniad, llithia 

Fascination, fas.î.nä'shun n, llygac 
Fascine, f ä.sîn' n, ffagoden, cidysen 
Fasinous, fas'î.nus a, rheibiol, swynol 
Fashion, fash'un n, dull, gwedd, dull 

wedd, ffurf, ffunud, llun; flfordr 

modd ; arfer, defod : vt, ffurfio, lluni* 

agweddu. In this fashion, fel hyi 

To fashion alike, cydlunio 
Fashionable, fash'un. â. bl a, dullwiv 

dillynaidd ; moddgar, harddfoes 

ore; läte, line, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. FEA 

Fast, fast n, ympryd, dirwest, cythlwng : 

vi, ymprydio, dirwestu, ymattal: a, 

tyn, sicr, diysgog, diogel, safadwy; 

buan, cyflym, clau, ffest, chwai: ad, 

yn dyn ; yn fuan. Fast-asleep, mewn 

trymgwsg. Fast-day, dydd ympryd. 

To play fast and loose, chwareur ffon 

ddwybig [gafaelu, rhwymo 

Fasten, fas'n v, sicrhau; cadamhau; 

Fastidious, fas.tid'yus a, cymhenfalch, 

ffroenuchel [hausdei 

Fastidiousness, fas.tid'yus.nes n, tra- 

Fastigium, fas.tij'î.um n, talog, talfa 

Fastness, fast'nes n, sadrwydd; diogelfa; 

sicrhad. [uchel, balch 

Fastuous, fas' a, trahäus, ffroen- 

Fat, fat n, brasder ; mehin ; gwer ; blon- 

eg : a, bras, tew ; nrwythiawn ; gwerog, 

blonegog. To grow fat, tewhau, 

brasäu. To make tat. pesgii, brasäu. 

Fat-witted, penbylaidd, synwyrbwl 

Fatal, fä'tal a, tyngedfenol; "angeuol, 

marwol [iaeth 

Fatalism, fa'tal.izm n, tyngedfenydd- 

Fatahst, f ä' n, tyngedfenydd 

Fatality, fâ.tal'î.tî n, angeuolrwydd ; 

tyngedfen [anochel 

Fatally, fä'tal.î ad, yn angeuol; yn 

Fate, fixt n, tynged; anffawd, aflwydd, 

dinystr, dyrraith; dedfryd 
Fated, fä'ted a, arfaethedig, rhaglun- 
iedig. Ill-fated, anffodiog 
l| Father, f â'THÛr n, tad : vt, tadu, tadogi, 
B mabwysiadu [tadogaeth 

: Fatherhood, f â'THÛr.hẁd n, tadaeth, 
:î Fatherless, fâ'THÛr.les a, didad, am- 
i)J ddifad [tad, yn dadol 

Fatherly, fâ'THÛr.lî a, tadol: ad, fel 
'Fathom, faxH'um n, gwrhyd, chwech 
1 troedfedd : vt, gwrhydio ; plymio ; am- 
gyflred [annirnadwy 

. Fathomless, faTH'um.les a, diwaelod ; 
-Fatidical, fa.tid'i.kal a, tyngedfynegol, 
: prophwydol [euol 

Fatiferous, fa.tif' a, marwol, ang- 
' Fatigue, fâ. tig' n, lludded, blmder: vt, 
Í peri lludded, blino, lluddedu 
Fading, fat'ling n, anifail pasgedig 
Fatness, fat'nes n, tewder, brasder; 
frrw-vthlondeb [tewychu 

Fatten, fat'n v, tewhau, pesgu. brasäu, 
Fatuity, fâ.tû'î.tî n, fiblineb, hurtrwydd 
Fatuous, fat' a, deltiaidd, ynfyd 
Faucet, to'set n, dwsel 
Fault, f'òlt «, bai; trosedd ; amryfusedd, 
cvvl ; anaf. To commit a fault, tros- 
eddu. To find fault, beio, bwrw bai 

Faultiness, fúTtì.nes n, beiusrwydd; 

drygedd [nam. perffaith 

Faultless, fôlt'les a, difai, diddrwg ; di- 
Faulty, fôl'tî a, beius, ar fai, o le, cylus, 

anaddas, gwallog, amryfus 
Faun, fôn n, duw gwledig, gwyddan 
Fauna, fô'nâ np, anifeihaid ardal 
Fa\ullous, fa.vil'us a, lludŵaidd 
Favour, f a'vur n, hoifedd, serch, cym- 

meriad, ewyllys da, hawddgarwch, 

cymmwynas, ffafr; ysnoden rodd: vt, 

hoffi, cymmwynasu, ffafrio; derbyn 

wyneb. Ill-fa vomed, hagr, anferth. 

Well-favoured, prydweddol 
Favourable, f a' a, hynaws ; fFafr- 

iol, cymmwynasol 
Favourableness, f a' n, tirion- 

deb, rhadlondeb [cefnogwr 

Favourer, fä'\air.ûr «, hoffwr, noddwr. 
Favourite, f a' a, cu, hoff: n, hoff- 

ddyn, anwylyd 
Fawn, ion n, elain, rhydain, carw ieuanc : 

vi, llydnu; truthio, gwenieitho 
Fay, fä n, ellyll, anysbryd: v, cyssylltu 
Feaberry, f î'ber.î n, eirynen Mair, grwys- 

wydden [aeth 

Fealty, f î'al.ti n, ffÿddlondeb , gwiriog- 
Fear, f î'r n, ofn, arswyd, braw, dychryn ; 

arynaig ; v, ofni, dychrynu, arswydo. 

To put in fear, brawychu, peri ofn ar. 

Without fear, diofn, by, dewr 
Fearful, fî'r'fẁl a, ofnus, brawychus; 

ofnadwy, dychrynllyd, arswydus 
Fearfulness, fî'r'fẁl.nes n, ofnusrwydd ; 

llyfrdra ; echryslonrwydd 
Fearless, fî'r'les a, diofn, dibryder, di- 

arswyd, difraw, dewr, calonog 
Fearlessness, fî'r'les.nes n, eonder, di- 

ofhusrwydd, dewrder [hawsedd 

Feasibility, fî.zî.bil'î.tî n, hywmeledd, 
Feasible, fi'zi'bl a, hawdd ei wneyd; 

dichonadwy, posibl 
Feast, fist n, gwledd ; cyfeddach ; gwyl : 

v, gwledda ; gloddesta, wttresu. Wed- 
ding-feast, neithior. Feast-rite, defod 

gwledd. A solemn feast, uchelwyl, 

arwyl, prif wyl, cylchwyl 
Feaster, fis'tCir n, gwleddwr ; wttreswr, 

bolerwr [gwledda 

Feasting, fîs'ting n, cyfeddach: v, yn 
Feat, fit n, camp, gorchest, ldiagorgamp 
Feather, feTH'ûr n, plüyn, plufyn, pluen, 

plufen (j) plu, pluf ) : vt, pluo; dibluo; 

addurno â phlnf. Feathered fowls, 

ehediaid, adar asgellog. Feather-bed, 

gwely plu. Feather-dresser, plufwr, 



FEO path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Featherless, feTH'ûr.les a, diblu 
Featly, fît'lî a, deheuig, hyfedr, tlws 
Featness, ftt'nes n, destledd, deheuder 
Feature, f î'tshur n, gwynebpryd, gwedd- 

nod, gweddnodiad, golygwedd 
Feaze, fîz vt, dattroi, dadblethu 
Febrific, fî.brif 'ik a, crydbar 
Febrifuge, feb'rî.füj n, meddygiaeth 

wrthgrydol: a, gwrthgrydol, tarf- 

grydol [crydol 

Febrile, feb'ril a, crydbar, twymynol, 
February, feb'rŵ.ur.î n, Cbwefror [aetb 
Februation, feb.rŵ.ä'shun n, huredig- 
Feculence, fek'ii.lens n, gwaddodlyd- 

rwydd; gwaddod, gwaelodion 
Feculent, fek'ii.lent a, gwaddodlyd 
Fecund, fek'und a, ffrwythlawn, tor- 

eithiog, ffaeth, cynnyrchiol 
Fecundate, fek'un.diit vt, ffrwythloni 
Fecundity, f i.kun'di.ti n, ffrwythlondeb ; 
Fed , fed pt & pp. — Feed [ toraeth 

Fedary, fed'ur.î, Federary, fed'ur.ur.i n, 

cyfranogwr [modol 

Federal, fed' a, cyfammodol, am- 
Fee, f î n, gwobr, tâl, cyflog : vt, cyflogi ; 

gwobrwyo ; llwgr wobrwyo. Fee farm, 

tir cydnabod. Fee simple, bawl rydd. 

Fee-tail, hawl ammodol 
Feeble, fi'bl a, gwan, egwan, eiddil, 

llesg. To make feeble, to wax feeble, 

to grow feeble, gwanhau, llesgäu 
Feebleness, fî'bl.nes n, gwendid, eiddil- 

wch, Uesgedd, egwander 
Feed, fid (fed) v, porthi, bwydo ; tewbau, 

pesgu ; ysbori : n, ebran, ceircbddogn ; 

porthiant [bwytäwr 

Feeder, f î'dûr n, porthydd ; maetbydd ; 
Feel, fîl (felt) v, teimlo, clywed; profi; 

ymdeimlo [iad 

Feeling, f i'Hng n, teimlad ; profiad ; syn- 
Feet, fit np, traed. — Foot 
Feign, fan v, dychymmygu; ffuantu. 

ymrithio [rhithioí 

Feigned, fänd a, gau, fiFugiol, tfuantus, 
Feint, fänt n, rhith, lledrith, lliw: a, 

gau, gwag, ffugiol, ftals 
Felicitate, fî.lis'î.tät vt, llwyddiannu, 

dedwyddo ; dymuno ^vyddiant, llon- 

gyfarcb [ddymumant 

Felicitation, fî.lis.î.tä'shun n, llwydd- 
Febcity, fî.lis'î.tî n, dedwyddwcb, ded- 

wyddyd, gwynfyd, llwydd 
Feline, f î'1'ín a, cathaidd, fel cath 
Fell, fel a, creulawn, gwaedlyd, fiy-rnig : 

n, croen, bling-groen: vt, tori i lawr, 

taro i lawr; cymmynu: pt. — Fall 
Feller, fel'ûr n, cymmynwr, taflwr coed 

Felbnonger, fel'mung.gûr n, crwynwr, 

crwynfaelwr, crwynwertbwr 
Fello, fel'ö n, cameg, cylch olwyn 
Fellow, fel'ö n, cyfaill, cydymaith, cy- 
mhar, cydradd, cydwr/brodor; cyd-: 
vt, cymharu, cyfieuo; cyffelybu. Fel- 
low-creature, cydgreadur. Fellow- 
feeling, cyd-deimlad. Fellow-soldier, 
cydtilwr. A wicked fellow, dybiiyn. 
A little fellow, dynyn 
Fellowship, fel'ö.ship n, cymdeithas, 

cydgyfeillach, cyfranogaeth 
Fellwort, fel'wurt «, chwerwlys 
Felly, feí'î ad, yn fiyrnig, yn'greulawn : 

n, cylch olwyn, cameg, eamog 
Felo de se, f Uö.dî.sî' n, hunanleiddiad 
Felon, fel'un n, lleidi - , cyflafanwr, drwg 
weithredwr, drygweithredwr ; bystwn, 
gwrllys: a, ffyrnig [radol; ysgelef 
Felonious, f î.lö nî.us o, cyflafanol, llad- 
Felony, fel'un.î n, cyflafan, lladrad 
Felt, felt n, brethyn llawban, brethyf 

hetiau : vt, llawbanu : pp. — Feel 
Feltre, fel'tûr n, dwyfroneg 
Felucca, f i.luk'a n, bad â chwech rhwyf 
Female, fî'mäl a, benywaidd, benywol: 
n, benyw, dynes, merch, bun, gwraig 
Femecovert, fîm.cö.YÛrt' n, gwraig briod 
Femesole, f im.sòT n, benyw weddw 
Feminahty, fem.î.nal'î.tî n, benyweidd- 

Feminine, fem'i.nin a, henyvraida 
Femorol, fem'ö.ral a, morddwydol 
Fen, fen n, corsdir, cors, gwaen wleb. 
morfa. Fen-berries, ceirios y waen 
Fen- cricket, rhinc y tes. Fen-duck 
Fence, fens v, cau, caeru, amgau, am 
gaeru, argau; arnddifiyn; chwarei 
diffyn ar cleddyf: n, gwrych, clawddj 
cae, pawlgae; diogelfa. A fence<jt 
city, dinas gadarn, dinas gaerog 
Fencible, fensî.bl a, amdditfynadwy 

diffynadwy: n, amddiirynwr 
Fencing, fen'sing n, cleddyf}'ddiaeth | 
Fend, fend v, cadw draw; dadleu 

gwrthresymu [wyilgy^K 

Fender, fen'dûr n, gwalc aelwyd, ael 
Fenestral, f i.nes'tral a, ffenestrol [erlloj i 
Feneration, fen.u.rä'shun n, ocr,ocraetw 
Fenugreek, fen'ii.grtk n, y grogwyran U 
Fennel, fen'el », iFenigl 
Fenny, fen'î o, corsog, corslyd [danara 
Feodal, f ü'däl a, gwriogaethol ; a ddahf ' 
Feodary, f ü'dur.î n, deiliad dan wriog : 
FeoflF, M vt, rhoi llwyr feddiant [aetj j 
Feoffee,' n, meddiannydd cyflawn 

öre ; läte, line, nö, miite ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. FIB 

Feoffor, fef'ûr n, rhoddwr mewn medd- 

Feoffment, fef'ment n, llawn feddiant 
Feracious, fî.rä'shus a, firwythlawn, 

cnydiol, cnydfawr, toreithiog 
Feracity, fî.ras'î.tî n, ffrwythlonedd 
Feral, f i'r'al a, alaethus, gaíarus ; raarwol 
Feriation, f ì'r.î.ä'shun n, cadwad gwyl 
Ferine, fî'r'in a, gwylltfilaidd, anwar, 

ffyrnig [nigrwydd 

Ferineness, f i.ri'nes, Ferity, fer ì.tî n,&yr- 
Ferment, fûr'ment n, eples, berem, 

ymwaith; cynhwrf 
Ferment, f ûr.ment' v, gweithio ; eplesu. 

lefeinio, burymu ; bragodi 
Fermentation, f ûä'shun n, ym- 

weithiad, ymferwad, ymgynhyrfiad ; 

ymlefeiniad [lefeiniol 

Fermentative,'ta.tiv a, eplesol, 
Fern, fûrn n, rhedynen (p rhedyn) 
Ferny, fûr'nî a, rhedynog, rhedynaidd 
Ferocious, f î.rö'shus a, ffyrnig, gorwyllt, 

creulawn [creulonedd 

Ferocity, fî.ros'î.tî n, mileinrwydd, 
Ferreous, fer'î.us a, haiarnaidd, o haiarn 
Ferret, fer'et n, ieugen, ffured: vt, 

ohhain, hela, ffuredu; chwilio allan 
Femage, fer'î.äj n, porthlog, porthdal 
Ferruginous, fe.rŵ'jî.nus a,"haiarnaidd 
Ferrule, fer'il n, amdorch, amgarn: vt, 

amgarnu, amdorchi 
Ferry, f'er.î n, porth, porthfa, ceuhalfa : 
. v, croesi'r borth, trosglwyddo. Ferry- 
boat, ceubal, ysgraff, trosghvyddfad. 
! Ferry-man, porth'was, ysgraffwr 
Fertile, fur 'til a, ffrwythlawn, cnydfawr, 

ffaeth, toreithiog, cynnp-chiol 
•■ Fertility, fur.til'i.ti n, ffrwythlondeb 
1 Fertihze, f ur'ti.l'iz vt, ffrwythloni 

■ Ferula, fer'ŵ.lâ n, crafell i gui*o Haw 

■ Fervency, f ur', Ferventness, f ûr'- 

vent.nes n, gwresogrwydd, awyddfryd, 
; taerni, taerineb [tanbaid; taer 

Fervent, fur'vent a, brwd, gwresog, 
Fervescent, fur.ves'ent a, poethol, 
i twymnol [g\vresog 

■Fervid, fur'vid a, brwdfrydus, poeth; 
- Fervour ,'f ur'vur n, gwresogrwydd ; taer- 
ineb, brwdfrydedd 
.Fescue, fes'kii n, cyfehbin, dangosbin 
Fessitude, fes'î.tüd n, Uudded, blinder 
Festal, fes'tal a, gwleddol, lion, gor- 
' hoenus [braenu 

Fester, fes'tur vi, crawnu, gori, madru, 
'Festinate, fes'tî.nät a, buan, ffrystiog, 
1 brysgar [iad, ffrwst, ffrystiad 

Festination, fes.tî.nä'shun n, brys, brys- 

Festival, fes'ti.val n, gwyl, gwledd; 
dydd gwyl : a, gwleddol. High fes- 
tival, uchel wyl. Principal festival, 
prif wyl, gwyl arbenig [hoenus 

Festive, fes'tiv a, gwleddol, gwestfaol, 
Festivity, fes.tiv'i.ti n, llawenydd, di- 
fyrwch; gwledd [flodau 

Festoon, fes.tŵn' n, addurnbleth o 
Festucous, fes'tii.kus a, o wellt, gwelltog 
Fetal, f î'tal a, milrithol 
Fetch, fetsh vt, cyrchu, ceisio, hoi; 
dwyn, cywain, cludo; cyrhaeddyd; 
dwyn pris: n, ystryw; dichelldro; 
ystranc. Far-fetched, annaturiol, 
maes o le [ brwnt 

Fetid, fet'id a, drewllyd ; adgas, Ifiaicld, 
Fetidness, fet'id.nes n, drewi, drewsawr, 
drtîwdod, drygsawr [lawn 

Fetiferous, f i.tif' a, hilig, ffrwyth- 
Fetish, f i'tish n, eilun Indiaidd 
Fetlock, fet'lok n, egwyd, swrn, mwydle, 

cudyn ; deilw, meilwn 
Fetor, fì'tôr n, drygsawr, gwynt cas 
Fetter, f'et'ûr n, ílyffethar, hual, gefyn, 
burvf y : vt, llyffetheiro, hualu, troedogi 
Fettle, fet'l vi. simera, ofera; gwag 
daclu [ydd, gwaed cyn delwad 

Fetus, f î'tus 11, milrith, anelwig ddefn- 
Feud, f iid ra, dygasedd ; cynhen, ymiyson 
Feudal, f ii'dal a, gwriogaethol 
Feudatory, fü'dâ.tur.î a, deiliaid dan 

Fever, fi'vur n, cryd, twymyn, lluch- 
eden, poethgryd; teithion. Inter- 
mittent fever, cryd dysbeidiol. A 
continual fever, cryd diddysbaid. In- 
flammatory fever, y cryd poeth. 
Nervous fever, twymyn nychlyd. 
Putrid or Typhus fever, twymyn 
fraenol. Scarlet fever, eirosglwyf, 
twymyn goch. Yellow fever, twym 
yn felen [amranwen 

Feverfew, ffvur.fu n, llysiau'r fam, 
Feverish, fi'vur.ish a, crydol, poeth 
Few, f ü a, ychydig, bychydig ; anaml, 
In few words, mewn byr eiriau. There 
are but a few of them, nid oes nemawr 
o honynt [bychandra 

Fewness, f ti'nes n, anamledd, anamlder, 
Fiat, ff'at n, y gair Bydded, gorchym- 

myn, deddf ; gosodiad 
Fib, fib n, ffug, geudeb, anwiredd, cel- 
wydd : vi,dywedyd celwydd, celwyddu, 
celwyddo, ffugio 
Fibre, f'i'bûr n, man edefyn (p man 

edafedd, man wraidd) 
Fibrous, f Y'brus a, manwreiddiog 

FIN path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cnt, tŵ=too, t\Vk=took; 

Fickle, fik'l a, anwastad, anwadal, an- 

safadwy, ysgoew, oriog, gwammal 
Fickleness, fik'l.nes n, anwastadrwydd, 

gwammaldra, anwadalwch 
Fictile, fik'til a, o bridd, cleiog, priddin 
Fiction, fik'shun n, ffugchwedl, flugiad ; 

anwiredd, celwydd [us a, ffhgiol 

Fictious, fik'shus, Fictitious, fik.tish'- 
Fiddle, fid'l n, crwth: vi, crythorio. 

Fiddle-faddle, coegwaith, oferedd. 

Fiddle-stick, bwa crwth, ffiloryn. 

Fiddle-string, tant crwth. Scotch 

fiddle, y crafu 
Fiddler, fid'liir n, crythor, ffilor 
Fidelity, fî.del'î.tî n, ifyddlondeb, cy- 

wirdeb. uniondeb 
Fidget, fij'et vi, ofer hela, ffwdanu; 

sygogi : n, ffwdan ; un ifwdanllyd 
Fidgety, fij'et.î a, aflonydd, anesmwyth 
Fiducial, fî.dü'shal a, ymddiriedus, 

ffyddiadol [olwr: a, hyderus 

Fiduciary, fî.dü'shur.î », ymddiried- 
Fie, fi i,flfei! ffi! hach! 
Fief, f if n, maenor gwriogaethol 
Field, fild n, cae, maes, maesan; cad- 

faes, cadfa. Field-book, llyfr tir- 

fesurwr. To take the field," myned 

allan i ryfel, meio. The field of 

blood, maes y gwaed, erw'r gwaed 
Fieldfare, fíld'fê'r n, socan eira, socan 

lwyd, caseg y ddryghin 
Fiend, find n, cythraul, diafl, ellyll, dera 
Fiendlike, find'lik a, dieflyg, ellyllaidd 
Fierce, f i'rs a, fiyrnig, gerwin, gorwyllt, 

creulawn. To grow fierce, cynddeir- 

iogi [cynddeiriogrwydd, cieidd-dra 
Fierceness, fi'rs'nes n, fiyrnigrwydd. 
Fiery, fi'Yi a, tanllyd, tanbaid, o dan 

poeth, eirias 
Fife, f 'if n, pib feinllais, chwibanogl 
Fifer, f î'fûr n, pibydd, chwibanydd 
Fifteen, fif.tin' a & n, pymtheg, 15 
Fifteenth, fif.tînth' a, pymthegfed, lôfed 
Fifth, fifth a, pummed, ómed [50fed 
Fiftieth, fif 'tî.eth a, degfed a deugain, 
Fifty, fif'ti a & n, banner cant, deg a 

deugain, 50 
Fig, fig n, ifigysen (p ffigys). Fig- 
tree, ffigysbren, ffigyswydden 
Fight, fit {ptSkjip fought) r, ymladd, 

ymwrio, ymbaffio; rhyfela: n, ym- 

laddfa, brwydr, cad, aer 
Figment, fig'ment n, ffug chwedl, ffug 

ddyfais, dychymmyg 
Figulate, fig'ü.lät a, priddgleiog. priddin 
Figurability, fig.ü.râ.bil'î.tî n. hylnnedd 
Fignrable. tìg'ü.râ.bl a, lluniadwy , hylun 

Figural, fig'ü.ral, Figurate, fig'ü.rät a, 

darluniadol [llnniad 

Figuration, fig.ü.rä'shun n, fturfiad, 

Figurative, fig'ii.ra.tiv a, cysgodol; 

arddangosol; ail-ystyriaethol ; traws- 

fudol; allegol 

Figure, fig'ûr n, Hun, dull, ffurf. ifnnud, 

ystum, gwedd, agwedd, Uunwedd; 

ftugr, flugryn; eilun, delw; rhith, 

cyffelybiaeth, alleg, aralledd, troell- 

ymadrodd; rbifnod. rhifeb: v, llunio, 

llunweddu, fiurfio ; rhifnodi ; cysgodi. 

Figure-head, addurn yn fiiureg Hong. 

To cut a mean figure, bod â go 1 

wael arno. bod yn wael ei ddrych 

Figwort, fig'wûrt n, gornerth [wreiddiol 

Filaceous, fî.lä'shus a, edafeddog. man- 

Filacer, fil'â.sûr n, swyddog cyfreithiol 

Filament, fil'â.ment n, man edefyn; 

Filbert, fil'bûrt n, cneuen y gerddi 
Filch, filtsh vt, chwiwo, chwiwbig(v 

chwiwladrata, ysgipio 
File, f'il n, durlif;* rhes; rhestr; llinyn: 
v, dnrlifo; rhencio; llinynu. File- 
cutter, gof durlifiau. File-dust, blawd 
durlif, durlifion [edig, melynlwyd 
Filemot, fil'i.mot n, llyw dalen wyw- 
Filial, fil'yal a, mabol, mabaidd 
Filiation, fil.î.ä'shun n, mabwysiad 
Fihgree, fil'î.grî n, gwaith edafog a) 

aur neu arian 

Fill, fil v, Uenwi, diwallu, digoni ; cyfnrio 

», llonaid, gwala, digon, digonedd 

To take one's fill, ymlenwi, ymddigon 

Fillet, fil'et n, ysnoden, ífunen, rhwym- 

yn; eirion-gylch ; morddwyd-ddryll 

"vt, rhwymo ;" adduni-gylchu 

Fillibeg, fil'i.beg n, gwisg yn yr Alban 

math o bais fechan 
Fillip, fil'ip n, cnipws, cnocell: v, rho< 

cnipws neu gnocell, cnipysu 
Filly, fil'i n, eboles, ffilog 
Film, film, n, pilen, pihonen, cronen ! 
Filmy, fil'mi a, pilenog, croenynaidd 
Filter, fil'tur n, hydlydd : v, hidlo, glan 
hidlo [tor 

Filth, filth n, bryntni, budredd; bawi 
Filthiness, fil'thi.nes n, bryntni, bndr 
eddi, aflendid [rfiaidd, afla : 

Filthy, fil'thi a, brwnt, bawlyd. bud 
Filtration, fil.trii'shun n, hidlad 
Fimbriate, fim'brî.ät vt, ymylweithio | 
Fin, fin n, aden neu asgell pysgodyn J 
Final, f Y'nal a. diweddaf. terfsTiol 
Finale-, fî.nâ'lê ?i, diwedd cerdd [fyn< 
Finally, f'i'nal.i ad. o'r diwedd. yn dei 

; liite, Vine, nö, mute; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. FIT 

Finance, fî.nans' n, ardreth y deyrnas 
Financial, fî.nan'shal a, ardrethol 
Financier,î'r' n, trysorydd, gol- 
ygydd y sylltty ; cyllid-ddamcanydd 
Finch, finish n, pine, pincyn, pila, telor 
Find, find (j)t & pp found) vt, cael; 
deall. To find fault, beio. How do 
you find yourself? sut yr ydych chwi ? 
Fine, fin a, main, manwl; man; pur, 
coeth, têr; tlws, pine, lluniaidd, 
gwych, teg, hardd : n, dirwy, camlwrw, 
ftbrffed: vt, dirwyo; coethi, puro, 
glanburo. Fine-spun, cywreiniol. 
• Fining-house, coethdy, terdy. Fining- 
pot, tawddlestr, coethlestr. In fine, 
yn olaf, yn y diwedd [fanwl 

Finely, f i'n'li ad, yn wych, yn dlws ; yn 
( Fineness, f i"nes n, meinder ; purder ; 
gwychder [häwr 

i Finer, f 'i'nftr n, purwr, coethwr, glan- 
Finery, f'i'nur.î n, gwychder, harddwisg ; 
j coelhftwrn, coethefail [dichell 

, Finesse, fî.nes' n, ystryw, ystranc, 
. Knew, fin'ii n, braenllwydni 
Finger, fing'gur n, bys {p bysedd) : vt, 
bysio, bysdeimlo; ymdrafod. Fore- 
| finger, bys blaen, mynegfys. Middle- 
finger, hirfys, canolfys. Ring-finger, 
bys y fodrwy. Little-finger, bys bach. 
|- Light-fingered, Long-fingered, llad- 
f ronaidd. Finger-post, mynegbost. 
i Having fingers, bysog, byseddog 
; Finical, fin'i.kal a, cymhenifol, coeg- 
.' ynaidd, pine [rwydd 

Finicalness, fin'i.kal.nes n, coegeneidd- 
• Finis, fi'nis n, diwedd, terfyn 
. Finish, fin'ish v, diweddu, gorphen, 
| cwblhau, cwpla ; perfleithio : n, cwbl- 
:- had; perffeitniad [benwr 

Finisher, fin'ish.ûr n, gorphenwr, dy- 
» Finite, fi'n'it a, terfynol, mesurol, 
í meidrol [meidroldeb 

Finiteness, fi'n'it.nes n, terfynoldeb, 
Finless, fin'les a, diesgyll, diedyn 
Finny, fin'î a, adeiniog fel pysg 
: Fir, fûr n, íFeinidwydden, tfynidwydden, 
< fiawwydden, pin 

'Fire, fi'r n, tan; ufel; goddaith, tan- 
i llwyth: v, tanio; goddeithio; ufelu. 
il Fire-arms, arfau tan. Fire-brand, pen- 
ji tewyn, tewyn ; ffaglydd. Fire-damp, 
tanchwa, tanfa. Fire-drake, aw] r r- 
dan. Fire-engine, diffoddyr. Fire- 
fly, math o löen. Fire-proof, tan- 
brawf. Fire-wood, tanwydd, coed tân. 
St. Anthony's fire, tan iddwf. To set 
i on fire, to set fire to, tanio, gosod ar dun 

Fireman, f i''r'man n, tanddifoddwr 
Fireside, f l'r's'id n, aelwyd, simdde ; tenlu 
Firing, fi'r'ing n, cynnud, tanwydd; 

taniad; goddeithiad 
Firk, furk vt, fflangellu, cystwyo 
Firkin, f ur'kin n, llestr o naw galwyn 
Firm, fûrm a, cadarn, dianwadal, di- 
ysgog, safadwy, sad, cryf, flyrf : », 
enwau, cydfasnachwyr : vt, cadarn- 
hau, sefydlu, cryf hau, flyrf hau 
Firmament, fûr'mâ.ment n, ffurfafen, 
awyren, entry ch [wybrenol 

Firmamental, fûi*.mâ.men'tal a, awyrol, 
Firmness, f ûrm'nes n, cademid, cryf der, 

disigledd, diysgogrwydd, flyrfder 

First, fûrst a, unfed, cyntaf; blaenaf; 

prif, penaf; cyn-: ad, yn gyntaf. 

First-born, cyntafanedig, cynblentyn. 

First-fruit, blaenflrwyth. First-milk, 

cynllaeth, cynlaeth : sd. — Fore [anedig 

Firstling, fârst'ling n, anifail cyntaf- 

Fiscal, fis'kal a, perthynol i gyllid y 

deyrnas, cyllidol 
Fish, fish n, pysg, pysgodyn : v, pysgota ; 
treillio, rhwydo. Fish-garth, Fish- 
wear, cored. Fish-market, marchnad 
bysgod. Fish-pond, pysgodlyn. Fish- 
spawn, grawn pysgod. Cod-fish, 
penfi-as. Cray-fish, ceimweh coch. 
Dog-fish, penci. Flat-fish, lleden, 
llyth'ien. Needle-fish, mornodwydd. 
Saw-fish, morlif. Sword-fish, cledd- 
bysg \_n, pysgotwr, pysgod wr 

Fisher, fish'ur, Fisherman, fish û 
Fishery, fish'ur.î n, pysgodfa, pysgodle 
Fishing, fish'ing n, pysgota. Fishing- 
rod, gwialen bysgota, genwair [pysgod 
Fishmonger, fish'mung.gûr n, gwerthwr 
Fishy, fish'î a, pysgodol, pysgodaidd 
Fissile, fis'il «,hoiltachvy ; hyhollt [agenu 
Fissure, fish'ûr n, hollt, agen: vt, hollti, 
Fist, fist n, dwrn. Close-fisted, arian- 
gar, cybyddol, cynnil, Uawgauad [oiyn 
Fistula, fis'tshü.là n, pibglwyf, piblyn- 
Fistulous, fis'tshii.lus a, pibellog; pib- 
glwyfus [ladd â dyrnau 

Fisty, fis'tî n, dymol. Fisty-cuff, ym- 
Fit, fit n, Hewyg, gloes; cyrch y cryd, 
chwiw : a,addas, cymhw}'s,cymmesm*, 
cyfladd, gweddus, rhesymol, uniawn : 
v, cyfaddasu, cyttaro; cyfateb, cyd- 
weddu; darparu, parotoi; cywenio. 
To fit out, trwsio 
Fitch, fitsh, Fitchet, fit'shet n, flwlbart, 
gwichyll, gAvichydd, gwichyn [llygod 
Fitches, fit'shiz n, gwygbys, pys y 
Fitful, fit'fẁl a, anwadal, gwammal 

FLA path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Fitness, fit'nes »,addasrwydd, cymhwys- 
Fitting, fit'ing a, cyfaddas, addas [der 
Fitz, fits n, mab, ab, ap 
Five, f'iv a & n, pump, pum, 5 
Fivefold, fiVfold. o.pumdybh'g, pumplyg 
Five?, f'ivz np, chwareu pel humog; 

afiechyd ar feirch 
Fix, fiks v, sicrbau, sefydlu, gosod, 

caledu;ymsefydlu; ymgaledu [wadal 
Fixed, fikst a, sefydledig, sicr, dian- 
Fixedness, fik'sed.nes n, diysgogrwydd 
Fixidity, fik.sid'i.ti, Fixity, fik'si.ti n, 

Fixture, fiks'tshur n, dodrefn angbyffro 
Fizgig, fiz'gig n, tryfer morwyr 
Fizz, fiz, Fizzle, fiz'l vi, si'o 
Flabbiness, flab'î.nes n, lliprynrwydd, 

meddalwch [llibin, llac 

Flabby, flab'î a, llipa, meddal, masw, 
Flaccid, flak'sid a, nychlyd, llibin, llipa ; 

gwyw [twythder 

Flaccidity, flak.sid'i.ti n, llipryndod ; ys- 
Flag, flag n, Human, baniar, penwn 

llechfaen, fflag; hesgen: vt, lleehu 

llipäu, llesgäu, diffygio. Flag-ship 

llumanlong. Flag-staff, llumanbren 
Flagellant, flaj'e.lant n, dilynwr y meu- 

dwy Rainer, yr hwn a ddaliai fod 

fflangelliad mor rhinweddol a bedydd 

neu'r cymmun; fflangellwr, ffrewyll- 

ydd [io, ffonodic 

Flagellate, flaj 'le.ät v£,fflangelìu, ffrewyll- 
Flagellation, naj.e.lä'shun n, fflangelliad 
Flageolet, flaj'ö.let n, pibell, chwibanogl 
Flagginess, flag'î.nes n, lliprynrwydd, 

llacrwydd [diflas 

Flaggy, flag'î a, llipa, llibin, ymollyngol ; 
Flagitious, flâ.jish'us a, anfad, drwg, 

ysgeler [wch, anfadrwvdd 

Flagitiousness, flâ.jish'us.nes n, dyhir- 
Flagon, flag'un n, cwpan grothog, costrel 
Flagrancy, flä'gran.sì n, fflamiad; hy- 

nodrwydd ; ysgelerder,gwarthusrwydd 
Flagrant, flagrant a, gwresog, brwd, 

llachar, fflamiol; hynod; cyhoedd; 

gwarthus, ysgeler 
Flail, rial n, ffust. Flail-handle, troed 

ffust. Flail-yard, gwial ffust 
Flake, flak n, tafell, 'ffiochen, clwyden; 

gwanaf : vi, fflochenu 
Flaky, fla'ki a, clwydenog, fflochenog 
Flam, flam n, chwedl, celwydd, siom: 

î?£,siomi,twyllo ; chwedla [canwyll byg 
Flambeau, flam'bö n. carthganwyll, 
Flame, fläm n, fflam, ffagl, gwenfflam: 

vi, fflamio. ffaglu ; ennyn [gynt 

Flamen, flä'men n, offeiriad paganaidd 

Flamingo, flâ.ming'gö n, aderyn â gwddf 

a choesau hir rffagliad 

Flammation, fla.mä'shun n, fflamiad, ! 
Flammeous, flam'yus a, fflamaidd 
Flammiferous, fla.mif' a, fflam- 

ddwyn [ boer I 

Flammivomous, fla.miv'o.mns a, fflam- 
Flamy, flä'mî a, fflamllyd, fflamiog 
Flank, flangk n, tenewyn; adeinlu, Î 

ystlyslu: v, ymylu. Flank- work, ] 

Flannel, flan'el n, gwlanen 
Flap, flap n, palfod ; llipddarn. gwerchyr ; I 

cantel: v, palfodio; lliprynu. îhe^ 

flaps, afiechyd ar weflau meirch 
Flapdragon, flap'drag.un n, math o. 

Flare, flê'r v, difa; gwanoleuo; serenu | 
Flash, flash n, llucheden, mellten, fflachjl 

fflamiad, mellteniad; gwagfostiad: v.\ 

melltenu, lluchedenu, fflachio [diflas 
Flashy, flash'i a, disylwedd, bostgarl 
Flask, flask n, costrel, fflasc; pylortìwctí 
Flasket, flas'ket n, cawell, basged 
Flat, flat a, gwynebwastad, gwastadl 

llyfn, lleddf; diflas: n, beisle, traeth-1 

ell. To lay flat, rhoi yn ei orwedd I 

To lie flat, gorwedd yn ei hyd 
Flatfish, flat'fish n, lledan 
Flatness, flat'nes n, gwastadrwydd ; di- 1 

flasrwydd [eiddio. pyli 

Flatten, fiat'n v, gwastatäu; marw-l 
Flatter, flat'ur vt, gwenieithio, truthio 1 
Flatterer, flat'ur.ûr n, gwenieithwr, 

truthiwr, truthfolwr [glafriatl 

Flattery, flat'ur.î n, gweniaith, truths 
Flattish, flat'ish, a, lledwastad; lled-i 

ddiflas, difla-saidd 
Flatulence, flat'ii.lens, Flatulency, flat' m 

ü.len.sî n, gwyntchwydd, gwynt yn jl 

cylla, bolwynt, gwyntogrwydd 
Flatulent, flat'ii.lent a, gwyntchwyddol' 

gwyntog. bolwyntog [ei wynei' 

Flatwise, flat'wi'z ad, ar ei wastad, a; 
Flaunt, flânt vi, ymrodresu, coegymfc 

drwsio : n, balchdro ; ymlediad 
Flavorous, fla' a, blasus, sawrus ( 

aroglber [aro£ 

Flavour, fla'vur n, archwaeth, bias, sawi , 
Flavous, fla'vus a, melyn 
Flaw, flô n, agen, gagen, fflaw, holll 

rhwyg,breg,bradwy; bai,diffyg,gwal ; 

metíi^ vt, fflawio, agenu, hollti, rhwygm 
Flawy, flô'î a, agenog, ffla-vviog; gwallu 
Flax, flaks n, lhn. Flax-comb, heislar ' 

Flax-dresser, lhnwr. Flax-raisei; 

codwr lhn 


öre; läte, line, nö, mute; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. FLO 

Flaxen, flak'sn «, o lin, llinaidd. Flaxen 
hair, gwallt goleu, gwallt melynwyn 

Flay, flä vt, pilio, digroeni, blingo 

Flea, fit n, chwanen (p chwain): v, 
chweina. Flea-bite, brath chwanen; 
mymryn. Flea-bitten, wedi ei frathu 
gan y chwain ; manog ; gorwael 

Fleabane, fli'biin n, ammhrydlwyd 

Fleak, flik n, cudyn, edefyn 

Fleam, Aim n, fflaim 

Fleawort, flî'wûrt n, llysiau'r lludw 

Fleck, flek, Flecker, flek'ur vt, manu, 

Fled, fled pt & pp.— Flee [plu 

Fledge, flej vt, pluenu, magu plu, rhoi 
Fledged, flejd a, pluenog, pluog, llawn 

Fledgeling, flej 'ling n, cyw pluog [pluf 
Flee, fli (pt & pp fled) vi, ffoi, cilio, 

dianc [cneifio; ysbeilio 

Fleece, flis n, cnu, cnuf, cnaif: vt, 
Fleecy, flî'sî a, cnuog, gwlanog 
Fleer, fli'r n, gwawd: v, gwatwor, 

Fleer, fli ur n, ffbadur [gar 

Fleering, fli'r 'ing a, gwatwarus, gwawd- 
Fleet, flit n, llynges, Uyngfintai; 

crigyll : a, cyflym, buan, buandroed 

vi, diflanu, cyflymu 
Fleeting, fli'ting a, diflanedig, yn myned 

heibio, prysurol. Fleeting-dish, ysgal 

hufen, ffiol deneu 
iFleetness, flit'nes n, buander, cyflymder 
'Flesh, flesh n, cig, cigfwyd, cnawd: 
i cyhyr: vt, annog; caledu; gorlenwi, 
> Flesh-brush, croen-ysgrafell, croen- 
I wrychell. Flesh-colour, cigliw ; gwyn- 
; goch. Flesh-fly, cyhyryn. Flesh-fork, 

cigwain. Flesh-hook, cigfach. Proud 
1 flesh, cig marw 
Fleshiness, flesh'î.nes n, cigogrwydd, 

ciglydrwydd, cnodigrwydd 
Fleshless, flesh 'les a, dignawd; teneu 
Fleshliness, flesh'li.nes n, cnawdolrwydd 
Fleshly, flesh'lî a, cnawdol : cnawdwyllt 
Fleshmonger, tìesh'mung.gûr n, cigydd, 

cigwerthwr; Uatai 
: Fleshy, flesh'i a, cigog, cnawdog, tew 
Fletch, fletsh vt, pluo fel saeth 
.Fletcher, flet'shûr n, saer saethau: 
, paledrydd [dagrau 

Fletiferous, flî.tif' a, yn achosi 
Flew, flii n, gweflau bytheuad : pt. — Fly 
Flewed, fliid a, gweflog, llaeswefl 
Flexibility,'i.'ti n, hyblygrwydd, 

hyblygedd, ystwythder 
Flexible, flek' a, hyblyg, ystwyth, 
plygadwy; hydro; hydri'n, ystumgar 

Flexion, flek'shun, Flexure, flek'shur n' 

plygiad, troad, ystumiad; camedd, 

cemi [camedig 

Flexuous, flek' a, cam, ystumiol, 
Flicker, flik'ur vi, ysgwyd adenydd 
Flier, fli'ûr n, ehedydd ; ffoadur ; ciliwr 
Flight, flit n, hedfa; encil, ffoad. Flight 

of steps, rhes o risiau. To put to 

flight, gyru ar ffo [gwyllt 

Flighty, fl'i'tî a, ansefydlog; ysgafn, 
Flimsy, flim'zi a, masw, gwan, gwael; 

distadl [ymollwng 

Flinch, flintsh vi, olgilio; ymlacüu, 
Fling, fling (ôí & pp flung) vt, taflu, 

bwrw, ergydio, lluchio : n, tafliad,ergyd 
Flint, flint" n, callestr, callestren, edit, 

careg dân. Flint-hearted, dideimlad. 

Skin-flint, cybydd, cerlyn 
Flinty, flin'tî a, callestrol, celltaidd 
Flip, flip n, math o ddiod gymmysg 
Flippancy, flip'an.sî n, llafar sionc, gor- 

ffraethder [sionc 

Flippant, flip'ant a, ffraeth, tafodrydd; 
Flirt, flurt n, ysbonc ; hoeden, mwyglen : 

v, taflu gwawd ; sioncneidio ; chwyfio 

gwynt; anwadalu; hoedena 
Fhrtation, flûr.tä'shun n, sioncysgogiad, 

mursendod [flanu 

Flit, flit vi, symmud ; hedeg heibio ; di- 
Flitch, flitsh n, hannerob, hannereg, 

ystlys mochyn 
Flitter, flit'ûr n, dernyn cremog. All 

to flitters, yn yfflon, yn chwilfriw. 

Fhtter-mouse, ystlum 
Float, flöt v, nofio, ysgafn nofio, noflo ar 

wyneb : n, cludair ; lhf, llifiant, dylif 
Flock, flok n, deadell, praidd ; llu ; haid ; 

mmtai,tyrfa; casnach, cneifion gwlan : 

vi, cyd-dyru, cydymgasglu, ymdyi-u 
Flog, flog vt, fflangellu, ffrewyllio; 

cystwyo, ffonodio 
Flood, flud n, llif, llifddwfr, llifeiriant, 

ffrydlif, rhyferthwy; cefnllif, dylif; 

Uanw, gorllanw: vt, llifo; gorlifo, 

lhfeirio, dyfru. Flood-gate, dyfrddor, 

bala llyn. Flood-mark, ol grym llif 
Flook, flwk n, gafaelfach angor. — Fluke 
Floor, flo'r n, llawr: v, llorio; llechlorio. 

Floor-cloth, Uawrlen, llorlen 
Floral, flö'r'al a, blodeuaidd 
Floret, flö'r'et n, bloden 
Florid, flor'id a, blodeuog, godidog, 

harddwych; tirf, ireiddlawn; gwrid- 

goch, gwridog [llysni; tirfder 

Flondness, flor'id.nes n, gwridgochder ; 
Floriferous, flö.rif' a, biodeufag, 

a ddwg flodau 


FOL path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, t\vk=took; 

Florin, florin n, darn arian o wertk dau 

swllt, ffl wring 
Florist, flor'ist 11, blodeuwr, blodeuydd 
Flosculous, flos'kii.lus a, blodeuog 
Floss, flos n, manblu 
Flota, flö'tâ, Flotilla, flö.til'â n, llynges 

Yspaenaidd [eu gyru hyd y môr 

Flotson, flot'sun n, nwyddau yn cael 
Flounce, flûŵns n, addurn ymyì gwisg, 

sider: e, sideru; ymdaflu, ymddigio 
Flounder, flûŵn'dûr vi, ymluchio ; ym- 

soddi: n, lledan, lleden, llythi'en 
Flour, flûŵ'r n, blawd, peillied, peillion, 

paill : vt, blodio 
Flourish, flur'ish n, blodeuwaith ; blaen- 

gerdd, rhagchwareu; gwagfost, ym- 

ffrost : v, blodeuo ; addurno : llwyddo, 

ffynu, rhagchwareu; ffrostio, gwag- 

fostio; ysgwyd [llwyddiannus 

Flourishing, flur' n, blodeuad: a, 
Flout, flûwt v, gwawdio : n, gwawd 
Flow, flö vi, dylifo; tarddu, deillio; 

rhedeg: n, llif, ffrwd, llanw; rhediad, 

llifiant. To flow again, adlifo. To 

flow back, gwrthlifo. To flow out, 

Uifo allan, tarddu. A flow of spirits. 

llawndid o ysbryd 
Flower, flûŵ'ûr n, blodeuyn, blodyn, 

blaendardd: vi, blodeuo, gwulho. 

Flowers, gwull. Flower-de-luce, 

camined, elestr 
Floweret, flûŵ' »,bloden, blodionyn 

(p blodionos) [lawn 

Flowery, flûŵ'nr.î a, blodeuog. bloden- 
Flown. flönpp. — Fly [safadwy 

Fluctuant, fluk'tshii.ant a, an wasted, an- 
Fluctuate, fluk'tshii.iit vi, bwhwman. 

anwadalu [l°g; petrusol 

Fluctuating, fluk'tshli.a.ting a, ansefyd- 
Fluctuation. fluk.tshu.a'shun n, an- 

wadalwch; ysgogiad, uewidiad; ym- 

doniad [pibell, simdden 

Flue, flii 11, manbluf, manflew, pan: 
Fluency, flü'en.sî n, rhugledd, hyawdl- 

edd, ffraethder parablus, rhugl 

Fluent, flii'ent a. hyawdl, ffraeth, 
'Fluid, flii'id n, aw, gwy, llifnodd. gwlvb- 

wr: rt,hylif, ffiydiol, rhedegog, lliflan- 

naidd [rwydd 

Fluidity, flü.id'î.tî n, hylifedd, ftrydiol- 
Fluke, flak n, adfach. gafaelfach angor; 

lleden, lledan, llythi'en (/> llythi) 
Flummery, flum'ur.î n, llymry, uwd 

sucan, inwdran. Flummery-stuff, 

bwyd sucan 
Flung, flung j)t & pp. — Fling [ffwdan 
Flurry, flur'i n, chwa o wynt; ffrwst, 

Flush, flush a. iawn; gorlawn; balch: 

n, gwridhw; gwrid; haflug, amledd: 

v, gwridgocbi, cochi; gorlenwi, gorlotf 

Fluster, fíus'tûr n, cynhwrf, terfysg, 

ffwdan: p, annhrefnu; ffwdanu 
Flute, fliit n, pibell, chwihanogl; rhych:! 

vt, rhychu, rhigoli 
Fluted, 'tìü'ted a, rhychog, rhigolog 
Flutter, flut'ûr v, ymhedfan, ymchwyf- 
ian ; ymddyrysu, ymderfysgu, ffwdanu : 
n, ysgydwad adenydd ; curiad y galon: 
cyffroad, ffwdan 
Flux, fluks n, llif, dylif; gwaedlif; 
llifeiriad; dolurrhvdd.ybib, darymred 
Fluxibility, fluk.sî.bilì.tî n, hylifedd^ 
Fluxion, fluk'shun n, darlifiad, rhediad 

ffiwdiad, llifiad 
Fly. fli' n, gwybed)m, cylionyn, ednogyn 
clvrvn. cleren: vi (flew, flown), ehed- 
fg. eìiedfan ; ffoi ; ymhollti. Fly-blows 
cnwyth y cyhon. To let fly, saethu 
ergydio. Dragon-fly, gwas y neidr 
gwaell neidr, chwildarw. Spanish- 
flies, cyhon paradwys [hedegog 
Flying, fl'i'ing n, ehediad; ffoad; a 
Foal, f ül n, ebol (/ eboles), llwdn: v 

llydnu, bwrw ebol. In foal, cyfebol 

Foam, f öm n, ewyn, ysgai, swyf, burym 

berem; dystrych: vi, malu ewyn 

bwrw ewyn, ewynu ; glafoeri 

Foamy, fö'mî a, ewynog, ewynllyd 

Fob, fob n, coden oriawr: vt, siomi 

twyllo, dichellu ; llogellu 
Focus, fo'kus (p foci, fö'.s'í) n, cynnuU 

fan pelydrau ; aelwyd, ffoc 
Fodder, fodur n, porthiant, gogor: vt 

porthi, ebranu, gogorio 
Foe,fö»,gelyn, casddyn, gwrthwynebw 
Foetus, fi'tus n, anelwig ddefnydd, mil 

rith. gwaed cyn delwad, ebruad 
Fog, fog n, niwl, tarth, cad dug; adlad< 
Fogage, fog'äj n, myngwellt. porta sech 
Foggy, fog'î a, niwlog; godywyll 
Foible, fôî'bl n, gwendid, y man gwan 
Foil, foil vt, cilwthio, maeddu, gorch 
fygu: n, gorfychiad; prawfgledd 
gwrthlun [gwanu, brathi 

Foin, foîn n, ysgŵd, ysgûth. gw<ân: t 
Foison, foi'znn, helaethrwydd. digoned' 
Foist, foist rt, ffugddodi, ffugosod 
Fold, fold n, cail, corlan; ffald, lloc 
plvg, dyblvgiad: v, corlanu, ffaldio 
plygu, dyblygu. A hundred-folc 
canplyg. Easily folded, hyblyg 
Foliage, fö'li.äj n, dail; deilfryg, deil 
iant [dr K 

Foliate, fü'lî.ät a, deiliog; v, daj 


ôre; läte, line, nö, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, this; j=dzh. FOR 

Foliation, fö.lî.ä'shun n, daleniad: 

I blodenddail 

Folio, fü'lî.ö 11, dalen lawn: a, unplyg. 

llawnddalen, dalenlawn [ion 

:Folk, fok, Folks, foks np, pobl, dyn- 
iFolklore, f ok'lo'r n, lien y werin 
Follicle, fol'i.kl n, hadgoden ; cibyn 
Follow, fol'Ö v, canlyn, dilyn; erlyn, 
j erlid, ymlid 

Follower, fol'ö.ûr n, canlynwr [ffolineb 
Folly, íbl'î 11, ynfydrwydd, ffoledd. 
Foment, fö.ment' vt, cynhesu, twym- 

dwyro; twymolchi; achlesu; magu. 
| cemogi. To foment a quarrel, ehwythu 
| marwor anghydfod [olchiad 

Fomentation, fö.men.tä'shun, n, twym- 
ÍFond, fond a, hoff, maldodus; ysmala; 
} ffol [lota 

Fondle, fon'dl vt, gorhoffi, lloehi, dor- 
Fondling, fond'ling »,anwylyd, hoffddyn ; 
j maldod [faldodus; yn ffol 

Fondly, fond'li ad, yn anwesog; yn 
Fondness, fond'nes n, gorhoffedd, cudeb 
(Font, font n, bedyddfaen, bedyddfan 
'Fontanel, fon'tâ.nel n, agen yn y siol 
iFood, f\vd n, bwyd, ymborth, maeth, 
j Uuniaeth [lluniaeth 

■oodful, fŵd'fẁl a, maethlawn, llawn 
Poodless, fŵdles a, difwyd 
(Fool, fvvl n, ynfyd-ddyn, ffwl, ffolwas, 

hurtyn: v, siomi, twyllo; ofera, 
,; afradu. To make a fool of, siomi. 
■ twyllo [g^egi 

'Foolery, fŵ'lur.î n, ffoledd; fiiloreg, 
Foolish, fŵ'lish a, ffol, annoeth, ynfyd, 
i anghall [annoethineb 

Foolishness, fŵ'hsh.nes n, ffolineb, 
Foolscap, fwlz'kap n, math o bapyr 17 
j fodfedd o hyd a 13^ o led [ion 

Fooltrap, fŵl'trap n, magi i ddal ynfyd; 
Foot, fvvt (feet) n, troed, ped, pedd- 
; troedfedd : v, troedio, pedestru, sathru, 
' cerdded. Four-footed, pedwarcarnol, 

pedwartroediog. Light-footed, gwisgi, 
; ysgafndroed. Nimble-footed, buan- 
1 droed. Splay-footed, troedgall. Sure- 
1 footed, diasgendraed. Web-footed, 

cyfan-droed. Bare-foot, troednoeth. 
j To set on foot, gosod ar droed, rhoi 
, dechreuad i beth. 

Football, fvvt'bol n, pel droed [bren 

Footbridge, fẁt'brij n, pont droed, pont- 
Footing. tvvt'ing «,cerddediad ; pedestrig, 

He troed ; ymsefydliad ; sefyllfa, cyflwr , 
; ammod 

Footman, fẁt'man n, pedestrydd, gwr 
; traed. Running-footman, rhedegwas 

Footpad, fvvt'pad n, lleidr traed, lleidr 

pen ffordd [ffordd 

Footpath, fẁt'pâth ??,llwybr troed, troed- 
Footpost, fẁt'pöst n, traedredegwr 
Footstep, fẁt'step n, ol troed, arlwybr; 

cam, camre 
Footstool, fẁt'stŵl n, troedfainc, lleithig 
Fop, fop n, ysgoegyn, mursyn, coegyn 
Foppery, fop'ur.'i n, mursendod, balchder 
Foppish, fop'ish a, coegynaidd, coegwych 
Foppishness, fbp'ish.nes n, coegffoledd; 

coegddull, coegwychder 
For, for pr, tros, yn lie, rhag, er, o blegid : 

c, canys, o blegid, o herwydd, gan, 

am, o blaid, o achos, o ethryb 
Forage, for'äj n, gogor, ebran, porth- 

iant : v, casglu porthiant ; anrheithio 
Foraminous, fö.ram'î.nus a, tyUog 
Forasmuch,' c, yn gvm- 

maint, gan, o herwydd, am 
Forbear, fôr.bê'r' (pt forbore, fôr.bö'r'; 

pp forborne, fôr.bô'rn') v, ymattal, 

peidio; goddef, cyd-ddwyn 
Forbearance, fôr.bê'r'ans n, dyoddef- 

garwch, ymaros 
Forbid, for .bid' {pt forbade, fôr.bad'; 

pp forbidden, fô'n) v, gwahardd, 

gommedd. God forbid, na ato Duw 
Force, fö'rs n, grym, gallu, nerth, egni, 

dirni ; trais, gorthrech,gorfod ; byddin, 

llu, milwyr: v, dirgymhell; gwthio; 

goresgyn [diallu 

Forceless, fo'rsles a, dirym, dinerth, 
Forceps, for'seps n, gefail llawfeddyg 
Forcible, fö'r'sî.bl a, cadarn, grymus, 

nei-thol [rhydio, beisio, croesi 

Ford, fô'rd n, rhyd, rhydle, bais: vt, 
Fore, fô'r (former; foremost, fh-st) a, 

blaen, blaenaf: ad, ym mlaen: px, 

cyn-, rhag-, blaen- 
Foreappoint, f ö'r.a.pôînt' vt, rhagbenodi 
Forebode, fö'r.böd vt, darogan, rhag- 

Forecast, fo'r.kast' (pt & pp forecast) 

v, rhagddarbod, rhaglunio 
Forecast, f o'r'kast n, rhagddyfais, rhag- 

wehad [hong 

Forecastle, fo'r'kas.l n, ffiureg, blaen 
Forechoose, fo'r.tshwz' (pt forechose, 

f ô'r.tshös' ; pp forechosen, fo'r.tsho'zn) 

vt, rhagddewis 
Foredeck, fij'r'dek n, arfwrdd blaen 

Hong [rhagbenu 

Foredoom, f o'r.dvvm' vt, rhagarfaethu, 
Forefather, fô'r'fâ.THÛr n, hynaf, cyndad 
Forefend, fô'r.fend' vt, rhagddiogelu : 

troi heibio ; rhwystro 


FOR path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took 

Forego, fô'r.gö' {pt forewent, fö'r.went'; 

pp foregone, f ö'r.gon') vt, rhoi i fyny ; 

rhagfyned ; gollwng gafael 
Forehead, for'ed n, tal, talcen 
Foreign, for'in a, estronol, tramor, 

pellenig [dyeithriad, tramoryn 

Foreigner, for'in.ûr n, alltud, estron, 
Forejudge, f ö'r.juj' vt, rhagfarnu 
Foreknow, fò'r.nö' (pt foreknew, fö'r.nü'; 

pp foreknown, f ô'r.nön) vt, rhagwybod ; 

rliagddeall [bodaeth 

Foreknowledge, fö'r.nol'ej n, rhagwy- 
Foreland, f o'r'land n, penryn, peutir 
Forelay, f ô'r.lä' vt, eynllwyn, rhagodi 
Forelock, fo'r'lok n, taldrwck, cudyn 

talcen. Take time by the forelock, 

brysio, achub yr adeg 
Foreman, fö'r'man n, blaenor; hy- 

fforddwr [grybwylledig 

Foremen tioned, fô''shund a, rhag- 
Foremost, fô'r'möst a, blaenaf : ad, ym 

mlaenaf: sd. — Fore [anterth 

Forenoon, fö'r'nŵn n, bore, rhagnawn, 
Forensic, f'sik a, cyfreithiol 
Foreordain, fö'r.ôr.dän' vt, rhagdrefnu, 

rhagarfaethu [blaen 

Forepart, fö'r'pârt n, rhag flaen, pen 
Forerun, fö'' {pt foreran, pp fore- 
run) vt, blaenredeg, rhagredeg 
Forerunner, fö' ur n, rhagrlaenydd, 

rhagredwr [blaenhwyl 

Foresail, fö'r'säl n, hwyl flaen llong, 
Foresee, fö'r.sî' (foresaw, foreseen) vt, 

rhagweled; rhagwybod 
Foreshow, fô'r.shö' vt, rhagddangos; 

darogan [welediad 

Foresight, fö'r's'ít n, rhagolwg, rhag- 
Foreskin, f o'r'skin n, blaen-groen 
Forest, for'est n, coedwig, fforest, g^'igfa, 

celh : vt, fforestu, gwigio 
Forestall, f ö'r.stôl' vt, rhagbrynu, ed^ca, 

rhagystrancu [fforestwr 

Forester, for'es.tûr n, ceidwad coedwig, 
Foretaste, f ö'r'täst n, blaenbrawf, rhag- 

flas [chwaethu 

Foretaste, fò'r.täst' vt, rhagbrofi, cyn- 
Foretell, f o' {pt & pp foretold) vt, 

rhagfynegu, darogan [cynbwyll 

Forethought, fö'r'thôt n, rhagfwriad, 
Foretoken, fo'r' n, rhagarwydd, 

argoel [argoelio 

Foretoken, fo''kn vt, rhagarwyddo, 
Forewarn, fô'r.wôrn' vt, rhagrybuddio 
Forfeit, f or'fit n, camlwrw, dirwy ; colled ; 

penyd: vt, fforffedu, fforffetio, colli, 

talu camlwrw [fforffetiad 

Forfeiture, fôr'fî.tshü'r n, collediad, 

i'orfex, f or'feks n, gwellaif 
Forficula, f ôr.fik'ü.lâ n, pryf y glust 
Forge, fö'rj n, ffwrnweithdy, morth- 

wylfa; ffwrn; gefail: vt, morthwylio; 

ffugio, ffugfathu, ffuglmho 
Forger, fô'r'jûr n, ffugluniwr, ffugiwr 
Forgery, fö'r'jur.î n, ffugiad; ffug- 

ysgrifeniad ; twyllfathiad 
Forget, for .get' {pt forgot, fô'; 

pp forgotten, f'n) vt, ebargofio, 

anghofio, gollwng yn anghof 
Forgetful, f ôr.get'fwl a, anghofus, gwan 

ei gof [ebargofiad 

Forgetfulness, f ôr.get'fẁl.nes n, anghof, 
Forgive, for.giv' {pt forgave, for.gav'; 

pp forgiven, for.giv'n) vt, maddeui; 

rhyddhau. Ready to forgive, maddeu- 

gar [gollyngdod 

Forgiveness, for.giv'nes n, maddeuant, 
Fork, fork n, fforch, pigfforch; cigwain. 

Tuning-fork, cyweirfforch 
Forked, f ork'd a, fforchog 
Forlorn, fôr.lôrn' a, diymgeledd, di- 

gyfaill, amddifad, truan ; gwrthodedig, 

colled ig, diobaith. Forlorn-hope, ta- 

maid angau, myntai a osodir ar 

orchwyl tra enbydus 
Forlornness, f ôr.lôr.nes n, amddifedi 
Form, form n, ffurf, dull, agwedd ; modd, 

trefn, ystum; gwâl ysgyfarnog: vt, 

ffurfio, llunio, ystumio 
Form, fö'rm n, mainc, gorseddfa 
Formal, for'mal a, ffurfiol; rheolaidd, 

trefnus ; ffuifgar [iolwr, arddefodwi 
Formalist, for' n, un ffurfiol, ffurf- 
Formality, fôr.mal'î.tî n, ffurfioldeb : . 

trefnusrwydd, arddefod, urddfoes 
Formalize, f or''z v, ffurfio ; ffurfoli 
Formation, f ôr.mä'shun n, ffui-fiad, llui 

iad, ardumiad [iadw_ 

Formative, for'ma.tiv a,ffurfiadw}', Hun- 
Former, fôr'mûr n, ffurfiwr, lluniwr 

lluniedydd: a, cynt, blaenorol: cd.—' 

Formerly, f ôr'mûr.lî ad, gynt, cyn hyn 

er ys talm, er ys llawer dydd 
Formic, f or'mik a, morgrugaidd 
Formidable, fôr'mì.dâ'bl a, arswydus 

brawychus, ofhadwy 
Formless, f ôrm'les a, dilun, aflunaidd 
Formula, f ôr'mü.lâ n, ffurf-reol, ffurf 
Formulary, fôr'inü.lur.î n, ffurflyfr 

rheol [inebi; 

Fornicate, f or'm.kiit vi, puteinio, god' : . 
Fornication,'shun n, puteindra 

anniweirdeb [gordderchw 

Fornicator, fôr'nî.kä.tûr n, puteiniwi 

ôre ; läte, line, no, miite ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. FOX 

Fornicatress, for'ni.ka.tres n, putain, 
> anlladferch, gordderckwraig 
Forsake, for.sak' (pt forsook, for.swk'; 
pp forsaken,'kn) vt, gadael, 
gadn, ymadael â 
'Forsooth, f ôr.sŵth' ad, yn wir, yn ddiau 
Forswear, fôr.swê'r' (pt forswore, pp 
i forsworn) v, anudoni, tyngu anudon 
Fort, f ö'rt n, caer, eastell, amddiffynfa 
Forte, f ôr'tê n, lleisiad llawn-gryf 
Forted, fö'r'ted a, caerog, castehog 
Forth, forth ad, allan, ym mlaen, rhag 
[ Haw, i maes. To set forth, cychwyn ; 
i gosod allan. To bring forth, dwyn allan 
Forthcoming, f o'rth.kum'ing a, parod i 
Í ymddangos [rhag blaen 

(Forthright, fö'rth'rit ad, yn nniawn, 
Forthwith, fu rth.with' ad, yn ddiattreg, 
í yn ddioed, ar y gair 
'Fortieth, f ôr'tî.ettí a, deugeinfed, 40fed 
Fortification,'shun n, am- 
ti dditrynfa, amgaer [caeru, amgaeru 
Fortify, f ôr'tî.f i" vt, eadamhau, cryf hau ; 
lortilage, fö'r'tî.läj, Fortlet, fö'rt'let n, 
I castellyn 

fortitude, f ôr'tî.tüd n, gwroldeb, calon- 
I did, mawrfrydedd, glewder ; cadeniid, 
i grym. dewrder [nos 

: I Fortnight, f ôrt'n'it rc,pythefnos,pymtheg- 
iartress, fôr'tres n, amdcbffynfa, caer, 
J! cader; eastell [dygwyddol 

fortuitous, fôr.tü'î.tus a, damweiniol, 
•Fortuity, f ôr.tü'î.tî n, damchwaen, dy- 
[ gwyddiad, hap, damwain 
fortunate, fôr'tshü.nät a, fiyniannus, 
[ hylwydd, ffodiog, Uwyddiannus, ffodus 
Fortune, fôr'tshün n, tyngedfen; hap, 
i damwain; ffawd, fiyniant; gwaddol; 
I cynnysgaeth. Fortune-hunter, gwa- 
i ddolgeisiwr. Fortune-teller, adroddwr 

tesni, Jarllenwr tesni, tesni'wr 
Forty, f ûr 'ti a&. n, deugain, dau ugain,40 
Forum, fo'r'um (p fora, f ö'r'â) n, areithle, 

Forward, íor'wûrd a, eon, eofn, hyfaidd; 
awyddus; cynnar: ad, ym mlaen, 
rbagddo: vt, anfon ym mlaen; hy- 
j rwyddo; hwylusu, cyfarwyddo, pry- 
I suro. From this time forward, o hyn 
, allan 

forwardness, fôr'wûrd.nes n, parod- 
rwydd, awyddfrydedd ; digywilydd- 
L dra ; cynnarweh 
forwards, for'wurdz ad, ym mlaen, yny 

blaen, rhag blaen, rbagddo, rhago 
\)ss, fos rc, fibs, clawdd [fyny, mwnol 
,'ossil, fos'il n, mwn: a, a gloddir i 

Fossilist, fos'î.list n, casglwr mwnau 

Foster, fos'tûr vt,magu, maethu, meith- 
rin; annog, cefhogi. Foster-father, 
tad maeth. Foster-brother, brawd 
maeth, brawd unfron 

Fosterage, fos'tur.äj n, meithriniad, 
maethiad, arffedogaeth 

Fought, íôtpt &pp. — Fight 

Foul, fûŵl a, aflan, brwnt, budr, ffiaidd; 
ammhur; annheg, anonest; afiach: 
vt, diwyno, budreddu. Foul rope, 
rhafF ddyryslyd. Foul wind, gwynt 
croes. To run foul of, gwrthdaro, 
rhedeg ar draws 

Foulness, f ûŵl'nes n, bryntni, budreddi, 
brynti; gwrthuni; annhegweh 

Found, fûŵnd vt, seiho, sylfaenu, sef- 
ydlu, gosod sail, berthogi; bwrw: 
pi & pp. — Find 

Foundation, fûŵn.dä'shun n, sail, syl- 
fan, gwaelod. Foundation-stone, syl- 
faen, careg sylfan 

Founder, f ûẁn'dûr n, seihwr, sylfaenwr ; 
sefydlwr; bwriwr, toddydd: v, suddo, 
dryllio, ymddrylho ; cloffi 

Foundery, fûŵn'dur.î, Foundry, f ûŵn'- 
drî n, tawdd-dy, tawddle 

Foundling, fû\Ỳndling n, plentyn cael, 
plentyn diarddel 

Fount, fûŵnt, Fountain, fûŵn'tän n, 
ffynnon, ffynnonell. Fount of types, 
nifer cyfrdro o argrafflythyrenau, 
Fountain-head, llygad y fiynnon 

Fountful, f ûŵnt'fẁl a, llawn flynnonau 

Four, f ö'r a & n, pedwar (/* pedair), 4. 
Four-cornered, pedronglog. Four- 
fold, pedwarplyg; ar ei bedwerydd. 
Four-score, pedwar ugain 

Fourbe, f \Vrb n, dichellwr, twyllwr 

Fourchy, f ŵ'r'shî n, fforch, pigfForch 

Fourteen, f ô'r.tîn' a Sen, pedwar ar ddeg 

Fourteenth, fö'r.tînth' a, pedwerydd ar 
ddeg, 14ydd [edd): n, pëdeiran 

Fourth, fo'rth a, pedwerydd (ý"pedwar- 

Fowl, fûŵl n, aderyn, edn, ehedyn, 
ehediad: vi, adara, saethu adar. 
Water-fowl, adar y dwfr, adar cyfan- 
droed. Fowling-piece, adarddryll, 
dryll adara 

Fowler, f ûŵ'lûr n, adarwr 

Fox, foks n, cadno, Uwynog, gwyddgi. 
Bitch-fox, cadnöes, llwynoges, llwyn- 
ogast. Fox-case, croen-llwynog. Fox- 
chase, helfa llwynog. Fox-hunter, 
heliwr llwynog 

Foxglove, foks'gluv n, bysedd y cŵn, 
bysedd ellyUon, bysedd cochion 

FRE path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Foxlike, foksTik a, cadnoaidd, llwyn- 

ogaidd [ffyddlonileb 

Foy, fôî n, gwledd gychwyn; fiydd, 
Fracas, fra.ka' a, ymryson, cecraeth 
Fract, frakt vt, tori, darnio, trawsdori 
Fraction, frak'shun n, toriad, rhwygiad; 

twnrif, dam o rif 
Fractional, frak' a, twnrifol 
Fractious, frak'shus a, ceintachlyd, 

cecrus, croes [ineb, ceintachrwydd 
Fraetiousness, frak'shus. aes n, eroes- 
Fracture, frak'tshur n, toriad, gorthor- 

iant; bwleh: vt, tori, dryllio 
Fragile, fraj'il a, brau, breuol, hydor 
Fragility, frá.jil'í.tí n, breuder, breuolder 
Fragment, frag'ment n, dryll, darn, 

cetyn, cilcyn, biwionyn, briwsionyn 
Fragmentary, frag'men.tur.î a, o fan 

ddarnau [ n, peraroglaidd 

Fragrance, frä'grans, Fragrancy, frä'- 
Fragrant, fragrant a, peraroglus 
Frail, fräl a, brau, gwan; anwadal; 

hyfeth, hygwymp, darostyngedig i 

wendidau : n, basged frwyn ; brwyri 
Frailty, fräl'tî n, breuolder, breuoledd, 

breuder; gwendid, llesgedd 
Frame, friim n, fifurf, ansawdd, agwedd, 

trefn; cyfansoddiad, adeilad, cyd- 

osodiad, cyd-drefniad, swydd, Uwyf, 

attegwydd, gwalc, ystram: vt, ffurfio. 

llunio, cyfansoddi, cyd-drefnu; dy- 

feisio; ymgylchu [werth deg ceiniog 
Franc, frangk «, darn arian Ffrengig o 
Franchise, fran'tshiz ?i, braint, ethol- 

fraint, rhyddfraint: vi,breinio,rhydd- 

han [Francis 

Franciscan, fran.sis'kan a, o urdd St. 
Frangible, fran'jî.bl a, hydor, breuol, 

brau, toradwy 
Frank, frangk n, Ffrencyn; rhyddhâd 

Uythyr: a, ifranc, b^-iog; rhwydd- 

galon, hael ; didwyll : vt, rhyddfreinio 
Frankalmoigne, frang.kal.moin' n, elus- 

endir, cardottir 
Frankincense, frang'kin.sens n, thus 
Frankly, frangk'li ad, yn rhydd, o fodd, 

yn rhwydd [claufrydedd 

Frankness, frangk'nes n, rhydd-der, 
Frantic, fran'tik a, gwallgofus, gorwyllt, 

ynfyd, llerth [gwallgof 

Franticness, fran'tik.nes n, gorphwyll, 
Fraternal, frâ.túr'nal a, brawdol, brawd- 

gar [brodoriaeth 

Fraternity, frâ.tûr'nî.tî n, brawduliaeth, 
Fraternization, fi-at.ûr.nî.zä'shun n, bro- 

doriad, brawdoliad [brodori 

Fraternize, fratur.niz vi, brawdoli, 

Fratricide, frat'rî.s'íd n, brawdladdiad; 
brawdleiddiad [ystryw 

Fraud, frôd n, twyll, hocedwaith, siom, 
Fraudless, frôd'les a, didwyll 
Fraudulence, frô'dü.lens, Fraudulency, ' 
fi'ô'dü.len.sî n, die-bell, twyll, hoced- 
iaeth [fvvl a, twyllodrus 

Fraudulent, frf/dii.lent, Fraudful, frôd'- 
Frauglit, frot a, llwythog, llawn: 
llwyth. Fraught with danger, per- 
yglus, llawn perygl, enbydus 
Fray, frä n, ymryson; ymgiprys, ym-, 
laddfa: v, ymdreilio, ymrwbio ; dych- 
rynu [mympwy : vt, britho 

Freak, frik n, chwidr-dro, ysmal-dro, 
Freakish, fri'kish o, penchwiban, penwan 
Freakishness, fri'kish.nes n, penwendid, 
penchwidredd [ fan 

Freckle, frek'l n, brych, brychyn, brych- 
Freckled, frek'ld a, brychedig, brychlyd 
Freckliness, frek'li.nes n, brychni 
Freckly, fi-ek'lî a, brychlyd 
Free, fri a, rhydd, breiniôl ; hael, parod 
rhwydd, eon, hy: vt, rhyddhau 
breinio, breinioli. To set free," rhydd- 
hau, gollwng yn rhydd 
Freebooter, frî'b\v.tûr n, ysbeiliwr, ys- 
glyfaethwr [rhydc 

Freeborn, friTjorn a, wedi ei eni yi 
Freedom, frî'dum n, rhyddid, rhydd-did 

braint, dinasfraint 
Freehold, friliold n, rhydd-ddaliad 

rhyddfeddiant : a, diardreth, rhydd 

Freeholder, frî'höld.ûr n, rhydd-ddeil 

iad, uehelwr [hae 

Freely, frî'lî ad, yn rhydd, yn rhodd, yi 

Freeman, fri'man n, dinesydd, bwrdar 

gwr rhydd 
Freeness, fri'nes n, rhwydd-deb, haeled- 
Freestone, frí'stön n, careg nadd, 

o dywodfaen [dybiw 

Freethinker, fri'tking'kur n, rhydd 
Freeze, friz (froze, frozen) v, rhew 
fteru, oergeulo (vt, llwytho lion 

Freight, frät n, llwyth Hong; bur llona 
French, frentsh a, Ffrengig. Fren<» 

öre ; late, line, no, müte ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. FRO 

Frequented, fn.kwen'ted a, mynyckedig, 

Frescade, fres.kad' ??., cysgodfa [arliwiad 
Fresco, fres'ko n, cysgod, oerawel; îr- 
Fresh, fresh a, newydd, crai, cri ; ffres, 
croew, gwyrf ; bywiog ; gwridog, tirf ; 
go-oer : n, Hit*, lîifeiriant [creio 

Freshen, fresh'n v, croewi; bywiogi; 
Freshlet, fresh'let n, llyn o ddwfr croew 
Freshness, fresh 'nes ra,croewder, newydd- 
1 der; bywiogrwydd 
Fret, fret v, rhuglo, rhwbio; digio, 
bhno, chwerwi : n, cythrudd, soriant ; 
[ treuliad [digofus 

(Fretful, fret'fvvl a, anfoddog, anynad, 
Fretfulness, fret'fẁl.nes n, ffromder, 
drygnawsedd [rhwyll 

Fretwork, fret'wurk n, rhwyllwaith, 
Friable, frî'â.bl a, hyfriw, briwsionllyd 
fear, fri'ùr n, mynach, erefyddfrawd 
Friarlike, fr'i'ur.lik a, mynachaidd 
"" iary, frîur.î n, mynachlog, mynachdy 
ibb'le, frib'l n, ffrityn, ffriiyn, eiddilyn : 
vi, ffritian, oferchwareu, ofera 
icassee,' n, manfwyd[rhwtiad 
iction, frik'shun n, rhathiad, rhwbiad, 
May, fr'i'dä n, dydd Gwener. Good 
Friday, dydd Gwener y Croglith 
riend, trend n, cyfaill, cydymaith, car ; 
cyfeilles. To make friends, cymmodi, 
adgy i amodi ; ymgymmodi [ amddifad 
riendless, frend'les a, digyfaill, diborth, 
'riendliness, frend'lî.nes n, cyfeillgar- 
wch, caredigrwydd, hynawsedd 
'riendly, frend'lî a, cyfeillgar, caredig, 
caruaidd, hynaws 

iendship, frend'ship n, cyfeillach; 
caredigrwydd, anwylyd 
ieze, Frize, friz n, brethyn tewban; 
addumdalaith pen colofn 
igate. frig 'at n, Hong rhyfel ysgafn 
ight, fri't », arswyd, echryn, ofn, braw, 
. ' orn, dychryn : vt, arswydo, dychrynu 
Frighten, fri'tn vt, brawychu, dychrynu, 

peri ofn ar, arswydo 
Frightful, frit'fWl a, dychiynllyd, hagr, 
f erchyll, anferth, ofnadwy, arswydus 
'•"rigid, frij'ida,oer, rhewllyd; marwaidd, 
; egwan. Frigid zone, riiewgylch 
''rigidity, fi-î.jid'î.tî n, oemi, flerdod, 

fferdra; marweidd-dra; gwendid 
. *rigorific, fn.go.rif'ik a, oeriadol 
'rill, fril v, crynu: n, crychddill, ffril 

frinj n, sider, ymylwe, amaerwy: 

!'ii"o, .-itrachu, sidtru 
ripp rer, frip'ur.ûr n, gwerthwr hen 
Í ddillad; bragaldiwr; oferwr 

Frippery, frìp'ur.î n, gwerthle hen 

bethau; hen ddillad; baldordd, gwag- 

siarad : a, gwael, dirmygus 
Friseur, fri.zur' n, gwallttrwsiwr 
Frisk, frisk n, crychnaid, rhont: vi, 

crychneidio, crychlamu, rhonta 
Frisket, fris'ket n, llen-gylch, haiarn- 

gylch argraffwasg [rhontus 

Frisky, fris'ki a, chwareugar, nwyfus, 
Frit, frit n, lludw i wneyd gwydr 
Frith, frith n, cyfyngfor, cainc o for 
Fritìnancy, frit'î.nan.sî n, ysgrech, crech 
Fritter, frit'ur n, cremogen, mioden, 

crammwythen: vt, manddryllio. To 

fritter away, lleihau, gwastraffu 
Frivohty, frî.vol'î.tî n, gorwaeledd, 

coegedd, ffolineb, oferedd [disylwedd 
Frivolous, friv'o.lus a, dibwys, gorwag, 
Frizz, friz, Frizzle, friz'l vt, crychu, 
Fro, frö ad, yn ol [modrwyo 

Frock, frok n, twyg, hugan, arwisg 
Frog, frog n, Uyffant melyn, fí'roga; 

bywyn cam ceffyl. Frog-spawn, 

griíft, griifyll, penbyliaid 
Froise, froiz n, cremog, crammwyth 
Frohc, frol'ik n, gwammalwch, cellweir- 

gamp : a, chwareugar : vi, masweddu, 

prancio, chwareu 
Frolicsome, frol'ik.sum a, gorhoenus, 

afieithus, chwareugar; difyr 
From, from pr, o, oddi, o wrth, oddi wrth 
Front, frunt n, tal, taken; gwyneb, tu 

blaen ; blaen : v, gwynebu 
Frontal, fron'tal n, takddurn; talaith: 

a, perthynol i'r taken. Frontal bone, 

asgwra y taken [cyffiniol 

Frontier, iron'tí'r n, cyfíìn, terfyn: a, 
Frontiniac, fron.tin.yak' n, math o win 

Ffrengig [addurn, wyneblun 

Frontispiece, fron'tis.pîs n, 'wyneb- 
Frontless/frunt'les a, talgryf, haerllug 
Frontlet, front'let n, talaith, rhactal 
Frost, frost n, rhew. Frost-bitten, 

deifiedig gan rew. Hoar-fii-ost, barug, 

Frosty, fros'tî a, rhewlyd, rhewllyd 
Froth, froth n, ewyn, ewyngant, bur)mi, 

broch : vi, ewynu. To skim off froth, 

dicwynu [gafnder, gwagder 

Frothiness, froth'î.nes n, ewynedd; ys- 
Frothy, froth'i a, ewynog; disylwedd, 

gwag [_vt, crychu 

Frounce, frûŵns n, annhrefn; dafaden: 
Froward, frö'wûrd a, cyndyn, anhydyn, 

anhywaith, ystyfiaig [rwydd 

Frowardnesí-, fio'wiird.nes n, cyndyn- 
Frower, frö'ûr n, delltgvllell, holltvdd 

FUM path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Frown, í'rûŵn n, cuch, cuwch, gwg, 

cilwg : vi, cuckio, cuwclúo, gygu 
Frowning, frûŵ'ning a, çuchiog, digus, 

cilygus [drewllyd; tywyll 

Frowzy, fruw'zi, Frowy, frûŵ'î a, mws, 
Froze, frb'z pt. — Freeze 
Frozen, froznop. — Freeze [iol, cnydiol 
Fructiferous, fruk.tif ' a, cynnyrch- 
Fructify, fruk'ti.f'i v, cnydio; ffrwyth- 

iannu, ffrwythloni " [ffrwythlawn 
Fructuous, fruk' a, cnydfawr, 
Frugal, frŵ'gal a, cynnil, ymarbedus; 

anhael [falwch 

Frugality, frŵ.gal'î.tî n, cynnildeb; dy- 
Frugiferous, frvv.jif' a, cnydiol, 

ffrwythol, ffrwythddwyn [aeron 

Frugiverous, frw.jiv' a, yn bwyta 
Fruit, frvvt n, ffrwyth, cnwd, cynnyrcb ; 

toraeth; aeron. Fruit-bearing, yn 

dwyn ffrwyth, cnydiol. Fruit-tree, 

pren ffrwythau [ydd 

Fruitage, frŵ'täj n, ffrwythau, ffrwyth- 
Fruiterer, frŵ'tur.ûr n, aeronwertbydd 
Fruitery, frŵ'tur.î n, ffrwythfa; aeron- 

Fruitful, frŵt'fẁl a, ffrwythlawn, cnyd- 

fawr, toreithiog ; ffaeth 
Fruitfulness, frŵt'fẁl.nes n, ffmythlon- 

deb, ffrwythlonedd [meddiant 

Fruition, "^frŵ.ish'un n, mwyniant, 
Fruitive, frvv'i.tiv a, mwynhaol, medd- 

Fruitless, frŵt'les a, ofer, seithug, dues, 

difudd, anfuddiol ; diffrwyth 
Frumentaceous, frŵ.men.tä'shus «, o 

yd ; tebyg i yd 
Frumentarious, frŵ.men.tê'r'î.us a, ydol 
Frumenty, frŵ'men.tî n, cawl gwenith 
Frump, frump n, cellwair, gwawd: vt, 

gwawdio, gwatwar 
Frosh, finish n, bywyn earn ceffyl: vt, 

tori, ysigo, malurio 
Frustrable, frus'trâ.bl a, siomiadwy 
Frustrate, frus'trät vt, seitbugo, siomi; 

diddymu: a, ofer, difudd, diles 
Frustraneous, frus.trä'nî.us a, seithug, 

ofer, afiesol [siomiant 

Frustration, frus.trä'shun n, seithugiad. 
Frustrative, frus'tra.tiv a, seitbugiol, 

Frustrum, frus'trum n, dernyn toredig 
Frutescent, n-ŵ.tes'ent a, manwyddog 
Fiy, fr'i n, grawn pysgod; pysghaig; 

manbysg: vt, crasbobi, ffri'o. Frying- 
pan, padell ffrio 
Fub, fub vt, b\n-vt heibio, oedi ; siomi 
Fucate, fu'kat a, rhithliwiedig 

Fucus, f ii'kus n, golchliw, arliw ; mor- 

lysieuyn [feddwi; cyfeddwogi 

Fuddle, fud'l vi, ymyfed, diota, ym- 
Fuddled, fud'ld a, meddw, brwysg 
Fuddler, fud'lûr n, meddwyn 
Fudge, fuj 11, ffug, ffugbeth, ffugwaith 
Fuel, fü'e'í n, tanwydd, cynnud/tanwent 
Fugacious, f shus a, hedegol, ffoad- 

urus, diflanol 
Fugacity, f ü.gas'î.tî n, ffoadusrwydd 
Fugitive, fii'ji.tiv 11, ffoadui-, enciliwi': 

a, ffoadurus, ffoawl, crwydrus, hyffo; 

ysgafn, difyfyr, hedegol 
Fugue, fiig 11, canred mewncerdd [atteg 
Fulciment, ful'sî.ment n, cynnalbost, 
Fulcrum, ful'krum n, gwifnvym 
Fulfil, fẁl.fil' vt, cyflawnu, dybenu, 

gorphen, cwblhau 
Fulfilment, fẁi.fil'ment n, cwblhâd 
Fulgency, ful'jen.sî n, dysgleirdeb, 

gloewder [gloew 

Fulgent, ful'jent a, dysglaer, llachar 
Fuliginous, fü.hj'î.nus a, huddyglyd: 
Fulimart, f ülî.mârt n, ffwlbart [myglyd 
Full, fvvl a, llawn, cyfiawn ; cyfan ; per- 

ffaith: n, llonaid: vt, panu. Full oi 

sorrow, gofidus. Full moon, cyfan- 

lloer, llawn lloer 
Fuller, fẁl'ûr n, panwr, golchydd 

Fullers earth, gogarth, priddy panwi 
Fullery, fẁl'ur.î n, pandy, melinbanu 
Fulling, íŵl'ing n, pan, panfa, paniad 
Fully, fẁl'î ad, yn gyfan, yn hollol, yi 

gwbl, yn llawn, yn gyflawn [bygylui 
Fulminant, ful'mî.nant a, taranllyd 
Fulminate, ful'mî.nät v, taranu ; bwgwtl 
Fulmination, fiú.mî.nä'shun n, t? 

iad; bygythiad [bygythio 

Fulminatory, ful'mî.nä.tur.î a, taranol 
Fullness, fẁl'nes n, llawnder, cyflawnder 

gwala [brwnt; trutlifwyi 

Fulsome, ful'sum a, chwydlyd, fliaidd 
Fulsomeness, ful'sum.nes n, bryntn; 

ífiéiddrwydd; gorfwynder 
Fulvid, ful'vid a, melyngoch, rhuddfeljl 
Fumado, fü.mä'dö n, pysgodyn cow 

pysgodyn mygiedig 
Fumble, fum'bl v, llawweitbio, tri 

öre ; late, line, no, unite ; she, zh=.z iizure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. GAB 

Fumitory, fü'mî.tur.î n, cwd y mwg, 
1 pwff y mwg. Hedge-fumitory, mwg 
Fumy, fü'mî a, mygdarthiol [y perthi 
Fun, fun n, digrifwch, ysbleddach, cell- 
I wair, difyrwch [ddawnsio 

Funambnlate, fii.nam' vi, rhaff- 
Funambulist, fü.nam'bü.hst n, rhaff- 
r ddawnsiwr [igaeth 

Function, fungk'shun n, swydd, galwed- 
f swydd, swyddog 
Fund, fund n, cyff, arian-gyff, trysorfa 
Fundament, fun'dâ.ment «, yr eistedd- 
| fod, y cyfeistedd, y rhefr, y cwthr 
Fundamental, fun.dâ.men'taí a, sylfaen- 
i ol; gwreiddiol, hanfodol; arbenig; 
(I prif, penaf : n, gwreiddbwnc, egwyddor 
Funeral, n, angladd, cladded- 
i igaeth; arwyl 

Funereal, fü.nî'r'î.al a, angladdol; ga- 
! larus, trist, çresynol; tywyll 
Fungous, fung'gus a, ma'darchaidd, ys- 
I byngaidd; masw 

JFungus, fung'gus (fungi, fun'ji") n 
! meddalgig; madarch, bwyd ellyllon 
j callod, ffvvng, bwyd y boda 
[Funicular, f u.nik'ii.lur a, mân-edefynog 
.Funk, fuugk n, drewdawch, tagfwg : vi, 
|| di-ewi trwy ofn ; llwfreiddio [ffumer 
iFunnel, fun'el n, ffynel, twmffed, pibell, 
Funny, fun'î a, digrifol, arabeddus, 
■ ysmala, cellweirus 
( Fur, fûr n, man flew, pan, ffwrwr; cen: 
\ vt, panu : cenu ; crestenu 
Furacity, f ü.ras.î.tî n, lladraeth 
Furbelow, fûr'bî.lö n, sider, amaerwy 
Furbish, fuYbish vt, gloewi, caboli, 
i Uathru, trwsio [trwsiwr 

•?urbisher, fûr'bish.ûr n, llugenydd; 
?urcate, fur'kat a, fforchog 
furcation, f ur'ka.shun n, ftbrehogrwydd 
furious, fur' a, cynddeiriog, ffyrnig 
•?uriousness, f û'r'ì.us.nes n, cynddar$dd, 
^ fiyrnigrwydd, cynddeiriogrwydd 
j^url, furl vt, cryckio, plygu, cymhlygu 
furlong, fur'loiig n, ystaden, wythfed 
| ran milltir [milwr 

garlough, fûrlö n, ysgrifen ymabsenniad 
uirmenty, fûr'men.tî n, cawl gwenith 
"urnace, fûr'niis n, ffwrn, fiwrnais, ffoc; 
I odyn, cyl, cylyn; creisier 
"urn'ish, fur'nish vt, dodrefnu; diwallu, 

digoni; cynnal, cynnysgaeddu, dar- 
I paru, arlwyo [parwr 

' urmsher, fûr'nish.ûr n, diwallwr, dar- 
• urniture, f ûr'nî.tshü'r n, dodrefn , llestri, 

taelau,trec,celfi,offer, ari'au : uddumiu 

Furrier, fur'i.ur n, gwerthwr pan,panydd 
Furrow, fur'ö n, cwys, rhych; rhigol; 

ffos, ffynegl: vt, cwyso, rhychu; 
Furry, fur'î a, panog ; cenog [flyneglu 
Further, fûr'THÛr a, pellach: ad, ym 

mhellach, eto, hefyd, heb law hyn; 

mwy : vt, rhwyddhau, hyrwyddo, dwyn 

ym mlaen : cd. — Far 
Furtherance,fùr'THur.ansn,rhwyddhâd r 

cynnorthwyad, dygiad ym mlaen 
Furthermore, fûr'THÛr.mö'r ad, ym 

mhellach, heb law hyn, hefyd 
Furthermost, fûr'THÛr.müst, Furthest, 

f ûr'THest, pellaf, eithaf, olaf : sd. — Far 
Furtive, f ur'tiv a, lladradol 
Furuncle, fur'ung.kl n, llynoryn 
Fury, f ü'r'î n, cynddaredd, fiyrnigrwydd,. 

gorphwyll ; cythreules. Furies, plant 

y fall, cethyrn, cythreuliaid 
Furze, f firz n, eithin, aith 
Furzy, f ur'zi a, eithinog 
Fuse, fiiz v, todcli; ymdoddi 
Fusee, Fusil, f ii.zi' n, dryll ysgafn 
Fusible, f ii' a, toddadwy, hydawdd 
Fusilier, fii.zUiY n, milwr yn cario 

dryll ysgafn 
Fusion, fü zuun n, toddiad, dadleithiad 
Fuss, fas n, ffwdan, dadwrdd, gwag 

helynt, ffrwst 
Fust, fust n, paladr colofn 
Fustian, fus'tshan n, math o frethyn; 

iaith chwyddedig, chwyddiaith 
Fustic, fus'tik n, math o bren lhwio 
Fustilarian, fus.tî.lê'r'î.an n, bawddyn 
Fustiness, fus'tî.nes n, drewiant ; mysni 
Fusty, fus'ti a, llwyd ; drewllyd ; mws 
Futile, fü'til a, gwag, coeg, siaradus; 

diles _ ^ ^ [ffladredd 

Futility, fü.til'î.tî n, gwagedd, oferedd; 
Future, f ü'tshûr a, dyfodol, dyfodadwy, i 

ddyfod: n, yr amser i ddyfod. For 

the future, o hyn allan [fod, dyfodiant 
Futurity, f ü.tü'r'î.tî n, yr amser i ddy- 
Fuzz, fuz n, lluwchion: vi, lluwchio; 

dadwau. Fuzz-ball, cwd y mwg 
Fy, Fie, f î i, ffei ! ffi ! hach ! wfft ! 


Gab, gab, Gabble, gab'l vi, clebran, 
bragawthan: n, gwagsiarad, bal- 
dorcld, debar [mantell werddonig 
Gabardine, gab.ûr.dîn' n, bugeilwisg, 
Gabel, gä'beì^, treth, ardreth 
Gabion, gä'bî.un n, cawell llawn o bridd 
Gabionade, gä.bî.un.äd' n, amddiffyn- 
waith o gevvvll llawn o bridd 

GAO path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, t\Vk=took; 

Gable, gä'bl re, talcen ty 

Gaby, gä'bî re, hurtyn, delff, clwpa 

Gad, gad re, llafh o aur; crifell: vi, 

crwydro, gwibio, rhodiena. Gad-fly, 

cacynen y meirch 
Gaelic, gii'lik re, Gaeleg 
Gaff, gar re, math o fach pysgota 
Gaffer, gaf'ûr re, hen wr; uchlafuriwr, 

uchweithiwr [bardyn 

Gaffle, gaf'l re, gaflach; tynfach; ys- 
Gag, gag re, safn-glo : vt, cau y safn 
Gage, giij re, gwystl, arwystl, adneu : vt, 

gwystlo, arwystlo. Green gage, eirynen 

wen (p eiryn gwyn) 
Gaggle, gag'l vi. — Cackle 
Gaiety, ga"i.tî re, gorhoen, llonder, 

hoewder, llonwychder [11a wen 

Gaily, gä'lî ad, yn hoew-wych; yn 
Gain, gan re, elw, budd, ced, mael, 

mantais: v, elwa, ennill, manteisio, 

cyrhaedd [haeddadwy 

Gainable, gä'nâ.bl a, ennilladwy; cyr- 
Gainfiú, gän'fẁl a, ennillfawr, buddfawr, 

cedlawn [dielw 

Gainless, ganles a, difudd, diennill, 
Gainsay, gän'sä (pt & pp gainsaid, 

gän'sed) vt, gwrthddywedyd, ammheu 
Gait, gät n, rhodiad ; agweddfoes 
Gaiter, gä'tûr re, brocsen, amgoes, coes- 
Gala, gala re, prif wyl [am, socas 

Galaxy, gal' re, y llwybr llaethog, 

eirianrod, Caer Gwydion, galaeth, keol 

y gwynt ; cynnulliad gorwych 
Gale, gäl re, awel, chwa ; buelyn, adfwl 
Galeated, gal'î.ä.ted a, helniog 
Gall, gol re, bustl, geri; dygasedd, 

chwerwfustledd ; oddfyn neu gneuen 

yn tyfu ar dderwen : v, digroeni, dolurio. 

poeni. Gall-stones, ceryg yn y bledren. 

Gall-bladder, coden y bustl 
Gallant, gal'ant a, gwrol, dewrwych 
Gallant, ga.lant' re, cariad-ddyn, gor- 

dderchwr: a, careugar [dewrder 

Gallantness, gal'ant.nes re, gwrolder, 
Gallantry, oal'ant.ri re, dewredd ; gwych- 

der; nwyfneges; aulladrwydd 
Galleas, gal'yas n, math o rwyfiong 
Galleon, ga'lyun n, llong Yspaenaidd 
Gallery, gal'ur.î n, oriei, uchlawr 
Galley, gal'î re, rhwyfloqg; offeryn 

argraffydd. Galley-foist, math o gwch 

neu fad mawr [ddawns, corelw 

Galliard, gal'yûrd re, hoewddyn; Ham- 
Gallic, gal'ik a, Ffiren [aidd 
Gallican, gal'i.kan a. Ffrengig, Ffraine- 
Gallicisni, gaj'î.sizm n, llafardduU 


Galligaskins, gal.i.gas'kinz np, uch- 

lodrau, rhyddglos 
Gallimaufry, gal' re, cymmysg- 

fwyd, cymmysgedd 
Gallinule, gal'î.nül re, corsiar 
Galliot, gal'yut re, llong ysgafn 
Gallipot, gal'î.pot re, blwch enaint 
Gallon, gal'un re, galwyn, galwynaid, 

pedwar chwart 
Galloon, ga.lŵn' re, ysnoden gref 
Gallop, gal'up re, carlam, gwilhobain: 

vi, carlamu, gwilhobain 
Gallow, gal'ö vt, dychi*ynu, brawychiu 

Gallow-glass, hen droedfilwr Iwerddon 
Galloway, gal'ö.wä re, crynfarch [dyoddef 
Gallows, gal'us n, crogbren, pren 
Galvanic, gal.van'ik a, trydanol 
Galvanism, gal'va.nizm re, trydaniaeth 

fferyllaidd, neu hob rwbiad 
Gambado, gam.bä'do re, math o fotasen 
Gamble, gam'bl vi, chwareu am arian 
Gambler, gam'blúr n, twyllchwareuydd. 
Gamboge, gam.bŵj' re, math o sudd 

llysieuaidd o hw inelyn 
Gambol, gam'bul re, chwydawiaeth, 

crychnaid, pranc :t'i,crychlamu,rhonta 
Gambrel, gam'brel re, coes ol march: vt, 

clymu wrth y goes 
Game, gam re, chwareu, chware, camp; 

asgafaeth, helwriaeth: vi, chwareu, 

campio; gwawdio, cellwair. Game- 
cock, ceiliog ymladd. Game-keeper, 

ceidwad helwriaeth. Gaming-house, 

chwareudy ; chwiredfan. Game-leg, 

coes glymedig, coes gam 
Gamesome.gäm sum a,chwarëus ;nwyfus 
Gamester, gäm'stûr re, chwaivydd 
Gammer, gam'ûr n, hen fenyw 
Gammon, gam'un re, cnuch mochyn 
Gamut, gam'ut re, seinradd, graddeg, 

egwyddor cerddoriaeth [wydd 

Gander, gan'dûr re, ceiliogwydd, clac- 
Gang, gang re, mintai, torf, haid: vi, 

hyntio, myned 
Ganghon, gang'glî.un re. chwydd y giau 
Gangrel, ganggrel n. Ueban, llabwst 
Gangrene, gang 'grin re, madredd, cig 

marw, bra-ui-ud: c. magu cig drwg 
Gangrenous, gang'gri.nus" a, braenedig, 

mallus, madreddog 
Gangway, gang'wä re, rhodfa ar long 
Gannet, gan'et re, gwylan lwyd, hucan 
Gantlet, gaat'let, Gantelope/gantlöp », 

dyrnfoî, gwialgosp 
Ganza, gan'za re. math o ŵydd wyllt 
Gaol, jäi a. carchar 
Gaoler, jä'lûr re, ceidwad carchar 

ore; lät«?, l'íne no, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. GEM 

Gap, gap n, bwlch, adwy ; agen, agendor 
Gape, gap vi, dylyfu gen; agenu, ym- 

agor ; llygadrythu 
Garb, garb n, gwisg, trwsiad, arddull 
Garbage, gâr'bäj n, syrth, ysgarthion; 

tripa [difryehu 

Garble, gâr'bl vt, darnbigo, dethol; 
parboil, gíìr'bíìîl n, cynhwrf, ymgripys, 

terfysg, cyffroad 
Garden, gtir'dn n, gardd: v, garddu. 

Kitchen-garden, arbawr, ceginardd 
Gardening, gâr' n, garddwriaeth 
- Gare, gê'r n, gwlan garw; ceden 
Garfish, gâr'fish n, y mornodwydd, y 

cornbig [ceglyn 

Gargarism, gar'gar.izm ?i, golcn safh, 
Garget, garget n, math o haint ar 

anifeiliaid [», gwddfolch 

Gargle, gâr'gl vt, golchi'r safh a'r gwddf : 
Gargol, gâr'gul n, haint ar foch 
Garish, gê'r'ish a, hoewych, coegwych, 

nwyrlawen [talaith 

Garland, gâr'land n, coronbleth, gwyrlen, 
•Garhek, gar'lik n, garlleg, eraf y gerddi. 
' Chive garlic, cibellys. Wild garlic, 
» troed yr asen [gwisg, achre 

'Garment, gâr'ment n, dilledyn, twyg, 
Garner, gâr'nûr n, ysgubor, ydle, ydlofft, 

ytty : vt, ysguhorio, ystorio, ydgellu 
■arnet, ear net n, maen rhudd gwerth- 

favr, rhuddem, gwenithfaen 
Garnish, gâr'nish vt, addurno, harddu, 

trwsiadu: n, addum 
Garniture, gâr'nî.tshü'r n, addnrniad 
■arret, gar'et n, nenlofft, uchystafell, 

uchlofft, nenawr; taflawd 

r,'r' n, a fo byw mewn 

nchlofTt, nenorydd 
Gar.i. on, gar'î.sn n, gwarehawdlu, mu- 
ff wrfa;gwersyu.gv,'ersyllf'a: pi,gwarch- 
I liiyddu, gosod llu i warehod, amddifFyn 
jGarrou. gar'un n, corfarch, crynfarch 
Garrote, ga.röt' vt, llindagu 
Garrulity, ga.rŵ'lî.tî n, dywedgarwck ; 

baldordd, siaradgarwch [us 

Barrulous, gar'ü.lus a, tafodrydd, siarad- 
Garter, gâr'tûr n, gardas, gardys: v, 

gardasu. Garter king - at - arms, 

arwyddfardd y gardys. Knight of 

the garter, marchog y gardys aur 
Garth, garth n, cored bysgota; clos 
Gas, gas a, nwy ; Uosgnwy 
■Gasconade, gas.ko.nad' n, bocsach, coeg- 
: folach, brol: vi, brolio, gwagfoslio 
Gash, gash n, archoll, dyrhdoriad: vt, 
" archolli, hacio, trychu [glos 

Gaskins, gas'kinz np } uchlodrau, rhydd- 

Gasp, gasp n, tyniad anadl; chwyth» 

firm: vi, tynu anadl mewn lludded; 

dyheu; hiraethu 
Gate, gät n, porth, talddrws, llidiart, 

clwyd. Gate-house, cynhordy, porth- 

dy, tolldy. Gate-keeper, porthor; 

drysor. Turnpike-gate, tollborth 
Gather, gaTH'ûr v, casglu, cynnull, 

crynoi, pentyru; crawnu, gori; tew- 

ychu ; plygu : n, plygiad, casgliad 
Gaud, god n, coegaddurn; tegan 
Gaudiness, gô'dî.nes n, coegwyehder, 

gorwychder, ceinedd 
Gaudy, gô'dî a, coegwych, gorwych, 

hoewffbl, fflawnt : n, gwyl, gwledd 
Gauge, gäj n, cyfartalai; mesurai; 

mesur : vt, mesuro, fFonfesuro ; cyfar- 

talu [ydd, cyllidwr, tollwr 

Ganger, gä'jûr n, mesurydd, ffbnfesur- 
Gaunt, gânt a, cul, achul, culfain, teneu 
Gauntlet, gânt'let n, dyrnfol, maneg ddur 
Gaul, gôl n, Ffrainc ; Ffrancwr [niwlwe 
Gauze, goz n, teneuwe o lin neu sidan, 
Gave, gav pt. — Give 
Gavel, gav'el n, treth, teyrnged ; ardreth. 

Gavel-kind, rhaniad tir yn gyfartal 

rhwng meibion 
Gaveloc, gav'Llok n, trosol kaiam 
Gavot, ga.vot' n, ton fywiog; chwai- 

Gawk, gok, Gawky, gô'kî n, yslebog, 

yslebryn, hurtyn, clwpa [barilau 

Gawn, gôn n, baril. Gawn-tree, trestl 
Gay, gä a, gwych, dillyn, fHawnt ; hoen- 
Gayety, gä v î.tî. — Gaiety [us, dyddan 
Gaze, gaz n, sylhad ; ardrem ; hylldrem : 

vi, syllu, ardremio, llygachythu. Gaz- 

ing-stock, gwawdgyfÌF 
Gazelle, ga.zel' »,gatrewig [methdalwyr 
Gazette, ga.zet' n, new} r ddiadur ; rhestr 
Gazetteer, gaz.e.tiV n, llyfr daiaryddol 
Gear, gî'r n, cer, sekch, tree, taclau, 

trefnau, tresi, ofter, trwsiad 
Geese, gis np. — Goose 
Gelable, a, ceuladwy, hygaul 
Gelatine, jel'a.tîn n, glydgculed, ceuled 
Gelatinous, jî.lat'î.nus a, ceuledig 
Geld, geld vt, dysbaddu; cyweirio: n, 

treth. Gelded bull, adfwl, attarw. 

A gelding (horse), march dysbaidd, 

Gelid, jel'id a, fFerllyd, rhewedig, oer 
Gem, jem n, glain, gem, em, tlws; cyn- 

iiagurra [blygiad, adblygedd 

Gemination, jem.î.nä'shun n, ad-ddy- 
Gemini, jem'' n, arwydd y Gefeilliaid 
Geminous, jem'î.nus a, dyblyg 

GER path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Gemmary, jem'ur.î, Gemmy, jem'î a, 

Gender, jen'dûr n, rhyw, ystlen; math 

v, cenedlu, epilio, hilio ; magu. Neuter 

gender, y canolryw [ofyddol 

Genealogical jî.nî.;l.loj'î.kala,achol,ach- 
Genealogist, jî.nî.al'ö.jist n, ackwr, 

achofydd, hanesydd achau 
Genealogy, jî.nî.al'ö.jî n, ach, cenedl, 

llinach; achyddiaeth; bonedd 
Genera, jen'ur.â np. — Genus 
General, jen' a, cyftredin, mynych. 

cyffredinol : n, cadflaenor, llueddwr 
Generalissimo,'i.mb' n, pen- 

ciwdod, catteyrn [rwydd 

Generality, jen.u.ral'î.tî n, cyffredinol- 
Generalization,'shun n, 

dosbarthiad, rhestriad 
Generalize, jen' vt, dosbarthu 
Generally, jen'î ad, yn gyffredin. 

yn gyflxedinol, yn fynychaf, gan 

mwyaf, yn amlaf _ [iaeth 

Generalness, jen' n, cyflredin- 
Generalship, jen' n, cadflaenor- 

iaeth ; medr lliiyddol [magu 

Generate, jen'ur.ät vt, cenedlu, epilio; 
Generation, jen.u.rä'shun n, cenedliad, 

hiliad ; cenedlaeth, hiliogaetb ; gened- 

igaeth; oes 
Generative, jen'ur.a.tiv a, hiliol, epiliol 
Generic, ji.ner'ik, Generical, ii.ner'i.kal 

a, rhywogaethol [tirionwch 

Generosity, jen.u.ros'î.tî n, haelioni; 
Generous, jen' «, hael, haelionus; 

rhyddfrydig, rhwyddgalon, llawagor, 

boneddigaidd ; rhywiog 
Genesis, jen'î.sis n, cenedliad; llyfr 

cenedliad [math o wcnci 

Genet, jen'et n, math o farch cyflym; 
Genial, jî'nî.al a, genedigol, naturiol, 

hiliogaethol ; rhywiol, rhywiog; Hon, 

Genialness, jî'nî.al.nes n, rhywiogrwydd 
Geniculate, ji.nik'ii.liit a, cylymog, 
Genii, jî'ní.i* np. — Genius [clymog 

Genio, jí'nî.ö n, dyn o feddwl neillduol 
Genital, jen'i.tal a, cenedlol, hiliol 
Genitals, jen'i.talz np, rhanau cenedliad 
Geniting, jen'i.ting n, afal cynnar 
Genitive, jen'i.tiv a, hiliol, tarddiadol. 

Genitive case, achos meddiannol 
Genius, jî'nî.us n, ysbryd da neu ddrwg 

(jj genii); athrylith, anian, awen, 

anian-duedd; dyn athrylithfawr {]) 

Genteel, jen.til' a, moesog, gweddeidd- 

dlws, boneddigaidd 

Genteelness, jen.til'nes n, boneddig- 

eiddrwydd [lya 

Gentian, jen'shan n, crwynllys, chwerw- 
Gentianella, jen.shan.el'â n, math o 
Gentil, jen'til n, math o hebog [lysieuyn 
Gentile, jen't'il n, cenedlddyn, ethnig: 

a, cenedlig [wch 

Gentilesse, jen.tî.les' n, moes, moesgar- 
Gentiliz'm, jen'ti.Uzm n, eilunaddoliaeth. 

paganiaeth [uchekaddi 

Gentility, jen.til'î.tî n, boneddigaethi 
Gentle, jen'tl a, boneddig; tirion, rhad- 

lawn, mwynaidd, esmwyth ; gwâr, dof 

araf: ?? l cynronyn; hebog [ boned dwi 
Gentleman, jen' n, gwr boneddig 
Gentleness, jen'tl.nes n, addiVynder; 

Gentlewoman, jen' (gentle- 
women, jen'tl.wim.en) n, gwraig fon- 

eddig, boneddiges 
Gently, jent'li ad, yn dirion, 301 addfwyn 

gan b'wyll, yn araf [maw: 

Gentry, jen'tri np, boneddigion; gwŷ 
Genuflection, jen.ii.flek'shun n, plygiai 

y glin [dilwgr; cynnwyno 

Genuine, jen' a, pur, digymmya 
Genuineness, jen' n, purde 

Genus, ji'nus (genera) n, math, rhyw 

ogaeth, tylwyth, teulu 
Geoda3sia,ji.ö.di'zhâ n, wynebfesuria< 
Geographer, jî.og'râ.fúr n, daiaryddw 

Geographical, ji.o.graf'i.kal a, dai 

yddol, daiarddarhmiol 
Geography, jî.og'ra.fî n, daiaryddiaetl 

daiarddar'luniad [draith, daiare 

Geology, jî.ol'ö.jî n, daiarddysg, daiai 
Geomancy, jí'ö.man.sî n, daiargoel 
Geometer, jî.om'î.tûr, Geometrician, \ 

om.î.trísh'an n, daiarfesurydd, meidj 

ofydd [egol, meidrofydd» 

Geometrical, ji.o.met'ri.kal a, mesui 
Geometry, jî.om'î.trî n, mesnreg, daiai 

fesuriaeth, meidrofyddiaeth 
Geoponic, ji.o.pon'ik a, amaethyddol 
Geoponics, ji.o.pon'iks np, garddwriai '" 

amaethyddiaeth [yddiaeth, llaftr 
Georgic, ji.or'jik n, pryddest ar ama 
Geranium, jî.rä'nî.um n, math i 

euyn [blaguryn, impyn, egin 

Germ, jûrm, Germen, jûr'men n, bragi 
German, jûr'man n, Allman: a, 1 

manaidd ; cyfnesaf \ unwaed. Brotl 

german, brawd undad unfam. Coui 

german, cefnder unwaed. Ger 

Ocean, y Môr Tawch 


öre; läte, l'íne, no, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, this; j=dzh. GLA 

Germander, jûr'man.dûr n, derwen 

Caersalem [braguro 

Germinate, jûr'mî.nat vi, blaguro, egino, 
Germination, jûr.mî.nä'shun n, blaen- 

darddiad. blaendwf [iadol, cyfrediad 
Gerund, jer'und n, sylweddair cyfran- 
Gest, jest ?i, arddangosiad, gweithred 
Gestation, jes.tä'shun n, dygiad yn y 

groth, cyfebriad 
Gesticulate, jes.tik' vi, ystumio 
Gesticulation, jes.tik.iUii'shun n, ys- 

tumiad [ystum 

Gesture, jes'tshur n y agwedd, arddull, 
Get, get (pt & pp got) v, cael, caffael; 

ceisio; darparu; ennill; myned, dy- 

fod. To get up, codi, cyfodi. To get 

down, disgyn, dyfod i lawr. To get 

a foal, cyfebru [tyrmant: «, diwerth 
Gewgaw, gü'gô n, coegbeth ; tegan ; ys- 
Ghastliness, gast'li.nes n, hyllrwydd, 

erchylldod; truanwedd, gwelwedd 
Ghastly, gast'lî a, ellyllaidd, erchyll 
' irad, girad, cethin, gwelw, hyll [iedig 
Gherkin, gur'kin n, cueumer gylfeitli- 
Ghost, göst, n, ysbryd; ellyll, bwbach, 

bwgan, gwyll. Holy Ghost, Ysbryd 

Glân. To give up the ghost, marw 
Ghostly, göst'lî a, ysbrydol ; ellyllaidd 
Giant, j'i'ant n, cawr 
Giantess, n, cawres 
Gibber, gib'ûr vi, íFregodi, baldorddi 
Gibberish, gib'ur.ish n, fireg, ffregawd, 

baldordd, gwagedd, gwagsiarad 
Gibbet, jib'et n, crogbren, crogAyydd, 

pren clyoddef : vt, crogosod, crogi 
Gibbosity, gi.bos'ì.tî, Gibbousness, gib'- 

us.nes n, crwmddull, crymedd 
Gibbous, gib'us a, crymaidd, cefn-grwn 
Gibe, jib n, gwawd, gwatwar : v,goganu, 
I* gwawdio [hwyaden 

Giblets, jib'lets n, syrth gwŷdd neu 
Giddiness, gid'i.nes n, penddaredd, 

madrondod, pendro; anofaledd 
Giddy, gid'î a, syfrdan, penchwibi 

anwadal, diofal, anofalus, byrbwyll 
\ Gift, gift n, rhodd, dawn, anrheg, gwobr 
jl Gifted, gifted a, doniol, dawnus 
) Gig, gig n, cerbydan ; trodegan 
\ Gigantic, ji'.gan'tik, Giantlike, j'f'ant- 
ii Vik a, cawraidd, dirfawr [chwerthin 
Giggle, gig'] vi, cilchwerthin, ffol- 
{ Giglot, gig'lot n, mwyglen, coegen, 
1 trythyìles, cyifoden, hoeden 

Gild, gild (gilt) vt, euro, goreuro 
•■ Gilder, gil'dur n, goreurwr, eurwr 
f Gill, gil n, cyffoden, cymmones, putain 

tagell, crogen 

Gill, jil ?i, pedwaran peint ; dail eidral, 

eidclew'r ddaiar 
Gillyflower, jil'î.flûŵ.ûr n, blodeuyn 

Gorphenaf, llysieu'r Haw 
Gilt, giltjrf 8c 2W.— Gild 
Gilthead, gilt'hed n, eurben, banwes 
Gimbal, jhn'bal n, modrwy ddyblyg 
Gimcrack, jim'krak n, tegan, ffril, ffrilyn 
Gimlet, gim'let n, ebillen, trwyddew 
Gimp, gimp n, eirionwe o sidan 
Gin, jin w,magl, croglath, ami el, byddagl ; 

Ginger, jin 'jûr n, poethwraidd tramor 
Gingerbread, jin j fir .bred n, bara perflas 
Gingerly, jin'jûr.lî ad, yn araf, yn 
esmwyth [dannedd 

Gingival, jin'ji.val a, perthynol i gig y 
Gingle, jing'gl n, tine, tincian, rhinc: 

v,tincio, cyd-dincio, tincian 
Ginnet, jin'et n, ceffyl bach cyflym, 
Ginshop, jin'shop n, gwirotty [corfarch 
Gip, jip vt, tynu perfedd ysgadan 
Gipsy, jip'sî n, ci"wydryn, crwydriad 
Giraffe, zhi.raf n, cawrlewpard [mawr 
Girandole, zhi'r'an.dol n, canw}dlbren 
Gird, gûrd (girt) vt, amwregysu, 
gwregysu, gwisgo ; cenglu ; gwatwar : 
n, pang, poen 
Girder, gdr dfir ?^,gwregysdrawst, llogail 
Girdle, gûr'dl n, gwregys, rhwymyn, 
cengl ; plane ; sidydd. Girdle-cake= 
Girl, gurl n, geneth, bachgenes, herlodes, 

llances, hocrell. A Httle girl, croten 
Girlish, gûr'lish a, geneth aidd, plentyn- 
Girrock, gir'uk n, mornodwydd [aidd 
Girt, gûrtj9í &pp. — Gird 
Girth, gurth n, cengl; cylchfesur, 
cwmpas: «=Gird [sylwedd 

Gist, jist 11, prif bwnc mewn dadl, ergyd, 
Give, giv (pt gave, gov; pp given, 
giv'n) v, rhoddi, anrhegu, donio ; ym- 
roddi. To give way, cilio. To give 
advice, cynghori. To give offence, 
anfoddhau. To give in, rhoddi i fyny. 
To give battle, brv.ydro, ymladd. To 
give over, peidio â. Given to laugh- 
ing, chwerthingar. Given to drink- 
ing, diodgar, yfedgar, llymeidgar 
Giver, giv'ur n, rhoddwr, doniwr, deon, 
cyfranwr [afu glas 

Gizzard, giz'urd n, glasog, glasgylla, 
Glacial, gíä'shal a,iäidd, rhewllyd [yn ia 
Glaciate, glä'shî.ät vi, ceulo, rhewi, troi 
Glaciation, glä.shî.ä'shun n, troad ynia, 
Glacier, glas'yûr n, iäen [rhewiad 

Glacis, glâ.sîs' n, llethrglawdd 

GLU path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=rtook ; 

Glad, glad a, llawen, lion, siriol, hoenus. 

I am glad, mae yn dda genyf 
Gladden, glad'n v, Uoni, llawenhau, 

cysuro ; ymlawenhau, ymloni 
Glade, gläd n. goleufwlch, llanerch 
Gladiator, glad'î.ä.tûr n, cleddyfwr, 
ymladdwr, ornestwr Ehufeinig [edd 
Gladness, glad'nes n, llawenydd, gorfol- 
Gladsome, glad'sum a, dyddanus, difyr, 

lion, llawen, siriol, hoenus 
Glair, glê'r n, gwyn wy ; math o waew- 

ffon : vt, arddwbio â gwyn wy 
Glance, glans n, cipolwg, tremyn ; pel- 
edryn: v, ciledrych, taflu cipolwg; 
ysgafn-gyiFwrdd ; pelydru 
Gland, gland n, chwaren, cilchwyrn 
Glandage, glan'däj n, porthiant ar fes 
Glanders, glan'dfirs np, clwy yr ysgyfaint, 
clwy'r chwarenau [meslawn 

Glandiferous, glan.dif' a, mesog, 
Glandular, gían'dü.lûr a, chwarenog 
Glandulosity, glan.dü.los'î.tî n, chwa- 

Glare, glê'r n, gorddysgleirder, arddys- 
glaerder: v, arwynygio, serenu, dys- 
gleirio, gorddysgleirio 
Glass, glas n, gwydr; gwydryn; gwydr- 
aid, gwydrynaid [tryloew 

Glassy, glas'î a, o wydr, gwydraidd; 
Glaucous, glo'kus a, gwyrddlwyd 
Glave, glav n, cleddyf llydan 
Glaze, glaz vt, gwydro ; caboli, llathru, 

arliwio : n, bernais 
Glazier, gla'zhur n, gwydrwr, gwydrydd 
Gleam, glîm n, llachar, llygeidyn, pel- 

ydryn : vi, tywynu, pelydru, lluchio 
Glean, glîn v, lloffa, casglu lloffion 
Gleaner, glî'nùr n, lloäẃr; casglwr 
Glebe, glib n, clasdir, tir eglwys; ty- 
Glede, gìíd n, barcutan [warchen 

Glee, gîî ?i, llonder, llawenydd, gorawen 
Gleek, glik n, cynghanedd; cerddor; 

gwawd : vi, cellwair ; gvwaw dio 
Gleen,î glîn vi, poethdywynu, llewyrcln 
Gleet, glît n, hadred, hadlif ; dyfrlif 
Gleety, glî'tî «, crawnaidd; hadlifaidd 
Glen, glen n, glyn, cwm, dyifryn 
Glene, glin n, twll y llygad 
Glib, glib a, llyfn, yslip," llithrig, hylithr 
GUbness, glib'nes n, llyfnedd; parod- 
rwydd, yslipan [life 

Glide, glid vi, ymlithro, ymlusgo; llyfn- 
Glimmer, glimûr vi, godywynu, gwan- 
lewyrchu [cipolwg: vt, ciledrych 
Ghmpse, glimps n. golewyrch ; lledolwg, 
Glisten, glis'n, Glister, glis'tûr vi, claer- 
lewyrchu, gorddysgleirio, echdywynu 

Glitter, glit'úr r/.dy^leirio, tywynu, ser- j 

enu : n, gorddysgleirdeb 
Gloat, glut vi, trawsedrych, llygadrythu 
Globe, glöb », cronen, cronell, pel, pellen 1 
Globose, glö.bös', Globous, glü'bus, j 

Globular, glob'ü.lûr, Globulous, glob'- I 

ii.lus a, cronellog, crwn, cyfrgrwn, 

amgrwn [grymedd j 

Globosity, glö.bos'î.tî n, cronelliad, am- J 
Globule, glob'iil n, crynyn ; defnyn 
Glomerate, glom'ur.'át vt, cronellu, pell- 9 

enu : a, cronelledig 
Gloom, glŵm, Glooininess, glŵ'mî.nes \ 

n, caddug, tywyllni, gwyll; gorbrudd- j 

der, trymder meddwì [gorbrudd | 

Gloomy, glŵ'mî a, caddugol, cyrnylog; I 
Glorification, glô'r.î.fî.hä'shun n, go- ] 

gonoddiad, dygiad i ogoniant 
Glorify, glô'r'î.fí vi, gogoneddu ; clodfori, I 

mawrygu, moliannu [dderchog ; 

Glorious, glö'r'î.us a, gogoneddus; ar- I 
Glory, glô'r'î n, gogoniant; godidog- I 

rwydd; clod, bri, mawl, molawd; an- I 

rhydedd; urddas: vi, ymogoneddu, _ 

ymifrostio; bostio; gorfoleddu 
Gloss, glos n, wynebhw, dysgleirdeb I 

arwynebol; cgluriad, agoriad; rhith- I 

ddeongliad: vi, arlathru, caboh; de- I 

ongli, eglurhau 
Glossalgia, glo.sal'jî.â n, poen yn y tafod 1 
Glossary, glos'ur.î n, geirddeonglydd; 9 

geireglureg, esboniadur, geirlyfryn 
Glossiness, glos'î.nes n, llathreithrwydd 1 
Glossographer, glo.sog'râ.fûr, Glossolo- 1 

gist, glo.sol'b.jist n, geirddeonglwr 
Glossography, glo.sog râ.f î n, geirdde- j 

Glossy, glos'î a, claerlyfn, llathr, dysglaer J 
Glottis, glot'is n, beudagfwlch 
Glout, gìuŵttf, edrych yn guchiog, gygu I 
Glove, gluv n, maneg, a ml aw, dyrnfol j 
Glover, gluv'ur n, menygwr, dyrnfolyddl 
Glow, gib" vi, twymwrido; gwyniasu,! 

ymboethi: n, twymwrid; poethias,;} 

eirias. Glow-worm, y gyfarwydd, 1 

Gloze, gloz vi, gwenieithio ; wynebliwio J 
Glue, glii n, glud, ysgrawhng, syth : vt, j 

gludio, ysgrawhngo; asio. Glue-j 

boiler, gludiwr. Glue-pot, gludlestr 1 
Gluey, glü'í a. gludiog, hylud, g^wdn I 
Glueyness, glü'î.nes n, gludrwydd,'» 

gludiogrwydd, gwyd 
Glivm, glum «, anhylon, diserch, sarig '■ 1 
Glut, glut vi, gorlenwi, arddigoni,! 

gwancio, glythu, glythinebu: n, gox- | 

modedd, arddigonedd 


ore; läte, l'íne, nö, müte; she, z 

Gluten, glu'ten n, glud llysieuol 
Glutinous, glü'tî.nus a, gludiog, 

grawlingaidd [rythwr, rhemmwth 
Glutton, glut'n n, glwth, gewai, bol- 
Gluttonize, glut'n.'iz vi, ymrythu, glythu 
Gluttonous, glut' a, bolrwth, rheibus 
Gluttony, glut'n.î n, glythineb, bolryth- 
ni, glytlmi, gwanc [chwyrnu 

Gnar, nâr, Gnarl, nârl vi, grymial. 
Gnarled, nârld a, cylyrnog, cygnog; garw 
Gnash, nash v, rhincian; ysgyrnygu [yn 
Gnat, nat n, gwybedyn, ednogyn, cylion- 
Gnaw, no v, cnoi, deintio; amgnoi; difa, 
Gnoff, nof n, cybydd, crinwas [ysu 

Gnome, nöm n, ysbryd dychyinmygol yn 

trigo yng nghanol y ddaiar 
Gnomon, nö'mun n, mynegfys, bys deial 
Gnomonies, no.mon'iks np, y gelf o ddei- 
alu [yn y ganrif gyntaf 

Gnostics, nos'tiks np, plaid o grefyddwyr 
Gnu nii n, math o garw 
Go, go* (went, gone) vi, myned, cychwyn 
cerdded, rhodio. To go back, cly- 
chwelyd. To go with, cydfyned â. 
To let go, gollwng ymaith, gadael yn 
rhydd. To go well with, bod yn 
Hwyddiannus. A go-between, cyf- 
ryngwr. To go beyond, twyllo, siomi 
Goad, göd n, garthon, swmbwl, irai, 
ierthi : vt, symbylu, pigo ; gyru, anno; 
poal. göl n, gâl, cyrchnod 
Goat, got n, gafr, cidws, Hill. Goat- 
herd, bugail geifr. Goat-sucker, 
troellwr (aderyn). Gelded goat, kyir. 
He-goat, bwch gafr. She-goat, gafr 

i cazure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. GOR 

fenyw, lhllen. Young goat,"~efyrmg 
Goatish, gö'tish a, gafraidd, fei bwch 
• gafr; mws; trythyll [safhaid 

Gob, gob, Gobbet, gob'et n, tamaid, 
Gobble, gob'l v, cegu, bochlwytho, traf- 
lyncu, ceglyncu [mail 

Gobblet, gob'let n, fSol, cwpan, gwn. 
Goblin, gob'lin n, ellyll, gŵyll 
Goby, gö'bî n, hud, siom, twyll, rhithdro 
God, god n, Duw, Duw Celi, Naf, Ner, 
Ion, lor: vt, dwyfoli, duwioh, addoli. 
God-father, alltraw, tad bedydd. God- 
mother, mam bedydd, alltrawes. God- 
son, mab bedydd 
Goddess, god'es n, duwies [duwiaeth 
Godhead, god'hed n, duwdod, duwdeb. 
Godless, god'les a, didduw, annuwiol 
Godlike, god'lVk a, duwiaidd, dwyfol 
Godliness, god'lî.nes n, duwioldeb, dwyf- 
H older [yddol 

ijodly, god'li a, duwiol, dwyfol, cref- 
Sodward, god'wûrd ad, tuag at Dduw 

Godwit, god'wit n, aderyn hirgoes. Com- 
mon godwit, chwiogen y mynydd 
Goggle, gog'l vi, liawnrythu, edrych yn 
llygadgam. Goggle-eyed, llygadfawr 
Gold, gold n, aur. Gold-beater, aur- 
ddalenwr. Gold-finer, eurydd, purwr 
aur, aurgoethydd 
Golden, g'òl'dn a, euraid, euraidd, eurin 
Goldfinch, göld'fintsh n, telor, eurbinc, 
peneuryn [aur 

Goldsmith, göld'smith n, eurych, gof 
Golf, golf n, math o chwareu â phel a 
Gome, göm n, cymmysg iraid [phastwn 
Gondola, gon'dö.lâ n, math o gwch 
Gondolier, gon.dö.lî'r' n, ysgraffwr, 
Gone, gonpp. — Go [badwr 

Gonfalon, gon'fâ.lon n, Human, baner 
Gong, gong n, math o symbal 
Gonorrhoea, gon.ö.rî'â n, hadred, hadhf 
Good, gẁd (better, best) a, da, daionus, 
mad; llesol, buddiol: n, da, daioni, 
budd, lies, mad, Had. Goods, nwydd- 
au. Household goods, dodrefn. Good- 
bye, yn iach. Good-natured, hynaws. 
As good, cystal. A good way off, ym 
mheU, encyd o ffordd. A good while, 
encyd o amser, cetyn o amser. As 
good as his word, cystal a'i air 
Goodliness, gẁd'lî.nes n, tegwch, pryd- 
ferthwch [cain 

Goodly, gẁd'lî a, hardd, teg, prydferth, 
Goodness, gẁd'nes n, daioni, tostmi, 
madedd. Have the goodness to, bydd- 
wch gystal a, atolwg 
Goosander, gŵ'san.dûr », math o ŵydd 
Goose, gŵs (geese), n, gŵydd. Wild 
geese, eleys. Wild goose chase, ym- 
drech ffol ac ofer. Goose-pen, ffronc 
gwyddau, cut gwyddau 
Gooseberry, gwz'ber.i n, eirynen Mair, 
grwysen. Gooseberry-bush, eur- 
ddrainen. Gooseberry-fool, grwys- 
fwyd [potenog 

GorbeUied, gôr'bel.îd a, ccstog, boh-wth, 
Gordian, gôr'dî.an a, dyrus, rhwystrus 
Gore, gô'r n, gor, gwyar, gwaedgrawn ; 

cwysed : vt, cornio ; gori 
Gorge, gôrj n, corn gwddf, corn pori, 
sefnig : v, gorlenwi, dyslyncu, gwancio 
Gorgeous, gôr'jus a, hoew-wych, claer- 
wych, gorwych, mawrwych [der 

Gorgeousness, gôr'jus.nes n, gorwych- 
Gorget, gôr'jet n, broneg, brondor, dwy- 

froneg, mynyglwisg 
Gorgon, gôr'gun n, anghenfil, hyllyn 
Gormandize, gor'man.d'iz vi, bobrythu, 
gorfwyta, glythmebu, glythu 

GRA path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=rtook ; 

Gorse, gôrs ra, eithyn, aith 
Gory, gô'r'î a, gorllyd, gw; 
Goshawk, gos'hok ra, cuddonwalch 

gwalch mawr 
Gosling, goz'ling w. gwyddan, cyw gŵydd 
Gospel, gos'pei ft, efengyl, newydd da 
Gossamer, gos'â.mûr ft, gosymerth, 

Gossip, gos'ip ft, chwedlai, clepwraig, 

clecai ; clap, clec : vi, clecian, clepian. 
Got, got pt 8c])p. — Get [ehwedleua 
Gothic, goth'ik a, Gothaidd, henddull- 

iog. Gothic type, llythyrenau 

Gouge, gŵj ra, gaing gau, cyu llwy 
Gourd, gö'rd ra, math o gostrel ; cicaion 
Gourdy, gô'r'dî a, â choesau chwyddedi:: 
Gout, gûŵt ra, cyinmalwst. Gout-weed, 

llysiaur gymmalwst [anllyfh 

Gouty, gûŵ'tî a, troedwstog; cnyciog. 
Govern, guv'urn v, llywodraethu, rheoli. 

llywio' [hydryn, rheoladwy 

Governable, guv' a, hylyw, 
Governance, guVur.nans ra, llywodraeth, 

llywodri, llywiedigacth 
Governante, guv'ur.nant, Governess, 

guv'ur.nes ra, llywiodres, athrawes 
Government, guv'urn.ment ra, llyw- 
odraeth, llywyddiaeth, gwledwch 
Governor, guv'ur.uur ra, llywydd, Uyw- 

odraethwr, llywiawdwr, rheolwr 
Gown, gûŵn ra, gẃn, ysgin, hug, twyg. 

Gowns-men, ysginogion, gynogion 
Gowned, gûŵnd a, gynog, ysginog 
Grabble, grab'l vi, palfalu, chwilota 
Grace, gräs ra, gras, rhad, Had, rhadlon- 

edd; ced, caredigrwydd ; bendith 

gweddusrwydd : vt, nrddasu; pryd- 

ierthu, addurno. Graces, grasusau, 

rhadau; taleidion; moesdduwiesau, 

y tair chwaer delediw [cain, teg 

Graceful, gräs'fẁl a, prydferth, telaid, 
Gracefulness, gräs'fẁl.nes ra, harddwch, 

gweddusder [ anfa d 

Graceless, grasles a, diras, aurasol, 
Gracile, gras'il a, main, eiddil 
Gracious, grä'shus a, graslawn, grasol, 

rhad lawn, trugarog, tirion [rwydd 
Graciousness, grä'shus.nes ft, graslon- 
Gradation, grâ.dä'shun ft, graddiad, 

gradd, esgyniad 
Gradatory, grad'â.tur.î ft, rhes o risiau 
Grade, gräd ft, gradd. Of low grade. 

Gradient, grä'dî.ent a, graddfynedol : 

«, gi'add esgyniad, llethredd 
Gradual, graj' a, graddol 

Graduate, graj'ü.ät ft, graddolwr. gradd- f 

og, graddor, urddog : v, graddio 1 

graddoli, graddogi [aeth, graddiantl 
Graduation, graj.ü.a'shun n, graddedig-1 
Graff, graf, Graft, graft ft, imp, impyn i 

vt, impio. Grafting-stock, coettrych 1 

To cleft-graft, holltimpio 
Grain, grän ft, gronyn ; temig ; mymryn . 

yden ; graen, grân. Grain of wood 

llin, llinon. Cross-grained, afrywiogl 

Grains (brewer's), soeg 
Grallatores, gral.â.tö Viz np, rhydyddioD } 

hirgoesion, adar coe c hir 
Grallic, gral'ik a, tudfachog, â choesaii 

hirion, hirgoes. coeshir 
Gramineal, grâ.min'yal, Graminou.'l 

gram'î.nus, Graminaceous, gram.í.nä' f 

shus a, glaswelltog 
Graminivorous, gram.i.niv' - 

b wy ta glaswellt ; i du 

Grammar, gram'ûr ft, gramadeg, ieith 
Grammarian. gra.mê'r'î.an ??, gramadeg 

ydd, ieithydd [madegt 

Grammatical, gra.mat'i.kal a. gri 
Grammatist, gram'â.tist ft, crach ra 

Grampus, gram'pus n, mor-hwch, morf 
Granary, gran'ur.î ra, ystordy yd, ydl» 

ydlofft, heiniardy 
Grand, grand a,mawrwych, mawreddu 

prif, arbenig, uchel, dyrchafedig, r 

dderchog, godidog 
Grandam, gran'dam ft. nain; hen feny 
Grandchilcî, grand'tsh'ild ft, ẁyr 
Grand-daughter, gran'dô.tûr ft, 1 

Great grand-daughter, gorwyres 
Grandee, gran.di' ft, pendelig, uchelwr 
Grandeur, gran'jûr ft, inawrwychde 

rhwysg, rhialtwch 
Grandfather, grand'fâ.THÛr, Grandsir 

grand's'i'r ft, taid, tad cu, henda< 

Great grandfather, hendaid. Gr€ 

grandfather's father, gorhendaid 
Grandiloquence, gran.dil'o.kwens 

chwvddiaith Í 

Grandiloquent, gran.dil'o.kwent, Grai 

diloquous, gran.diro.kwus a, chwyd< 

edig, chwyddieithog 
Grandmother, grand'muTH.ûr ft, nai 

mam gu. Great grandmother, heui 

nain, gorhenfam. Great grandmothr 

mother, gorhennain 
Grandson, grand'sun ft, ẃyr. Gre 1 

grandson, gorwyr. Grandchflc 

grandson, goresgynydd 
Grange, gränj ra, maerdy, hafotty ; yd] 
Graniferous, grâ.nif'urus «,grawndd r 




ore; lute, line, nö, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. GKE 

Granite, gran'it n, gronynfaen, ithfaen 

Granitic, gra.nit'ik a, ithfeinig [arrawn 

Granivorous, gra.niv'o.rus a, yn byw 

Grant, grant n, rhoddiad, anrheg; go- 

ddefiad; cenad, caniatM: vt, rhoddi, 

cenadu; addef, cyfaddef; caniatäu 

Grantee, gran.tî' ?j,derbyniwr, derbynydd 

Grantor, gran.tor' », rhoddwr, caniatäwr 

Grannlary, gran'ü.lur.î a, gronynol, 

graianol Ly nu 

Granulate, gran'ü.lät vt, graianu, gron- 

Granulation, gran.ü.lä'shun n, gronyn- 

iad, graianiad 
Granule, gran'iil n, gronyn, graianen 
Granulosity, gran.ü.los'î.tî n, graiander 
Granulous, gran'ti.lus a, graianol, gron- 

ynrg, gronynol 
Grape, griip n, gwinronyn {p grawn 
gwin, gwinrawn). Grape-shot, math 
o beleni cyflegr [cywraint, manwl 
Graphic, graf ik a, argraffol, darluniadol ; 
Grapnel, grap'nel n, gafaeliach, angoryn 
Grapple, grap'l v, bachu, bachgydio; 
crabinio ; cydymgydio : n, gafaeliach 
ÍGrapy, grä'pî a, llawn gwinrawn 
Grasp, grasp v, gafaelu, tynafaelu, 
crafangu: n, crafangaid, dyrnaid; 
dwrnwasgiad. gafaeliad; afflau, gafael 
Grass, gras n, glaswellt, gwelltglas, 
porfii, gwellt. Latter-grass, aethwellt, 
adladd Blade of grass, blewyn glas. 
Eeed-grass, cawn. Scm-vy - grass, 
llysiau'r llwy. Hound-grass, glas- 
wellt y cŵn. Cock's-foot grass, dant 
y ci [rhedyn 

Grasshopper, gras'hop.ûr n, ceìliog y 
Grassy, gras'î a, glaswelltog, porfaog, 

Grate, grät n, alch ; gradell : v, rathellu, 

rhygnu; goficüo, anfoddhau 
Grateful, grät'fẁl a, diolchgar; boddus, 
i derbyniol, blasus 
Gratefulness, grät'fẁl.nes n, diolchgar- 
Grater, grä'tûr n, rhathell, crafell [wch 
gratification, grat.î.f i.kii.shun n, bodd- 

hâd, boddloniad ; taliad ; digoniad 
Gratify, grat'i.f 'i vt, boddloni, boddliau 
Grating, grii'ting a, garw, anhyfryd, 
llym : n, alchwaith ; eiswaith ; cledriad 
Gratis, grii'tis ad, am ddim, yn rhad, 
yn rhodd [iolwch 

Gratitude, grat'ì.tüd n, diolchgarwch, 
Gratuitous, grâ.tü'î.tus a, anrhegol; 

rhad; gwirfoddol; dibrawf 
Gratuity, grâ.tü'î.tì n, rhodd, 

cydnabyddiad [llon-gyfarcli 

Gratulate, grat'ü.lät vt, cjŵrctí gwell. 

Gratulation, grat.ü.lä'shun n, cyd- 

lawenhâd, hawddammawr, llwydd- 

anerchiad [ol, cyfarchiadol 

Gratulatory, grat'ü.lä.tur.î «, anerch- 

Grave, grav a, difrif, dwys, sobr: go- 

dywyfl : n, bedd, beddrod : v {graven), 

cerfio, crifellu; crafu. Grave-clothes, 

amdo. Grave-stone, careg bedd, 

beddfaen, beddlech 

Gravel, grav'el n, graian, marian, gro; 

grut ; graianwst : vt, graianu 
Gravelly, grav'el.i a, graianog, graian- 
Graven, gra'vnjjp. — Grave fllyd 

Graveness, grav'nes n, difrifoldeb, dwj T s- 
der, sobrwydd [crifell 

Graver, gräSuìr n, cerfiwr; cŷn cerfio, 
Gravidity, grâ.vid'î.tí n, beichiogrwydd 
Grantate, grav'i.tat vi, dysgyrchu, dym- 

gyrchu, creiddio 
Gravitation, grav'i.ta.shun n, dysgyrch- 

iad, dymgyrchiad, creiddiad 
Gravity, grav'i.ti n, gobwysiad; difrif- 

wch. Centre of gravity, craidd 
Gravy, grii'vi «, sudd cig, imodd cig tew 
Gray* grä a, llwyd, bìawr, llwydwyn. 
Gray-beard, henddyn, henwr. Black- 
ish " gray, raven gray, llwyd-ddu, 
dulwyd. Gray mare, caseg las 
Grayish, graish a, Uedlwyd, golwyd, 
llwydaidd. Grayish blue, llwydlas. 
Grayish white, llwydwyn 
Grayling, grii'lmg n, teimbysg, gwyniad 
Graze, graz », pori, porfau, porfelu; 

gogyffwrdd, cyffhwrdd yn ysgafn 
Grazier, gra'zhur n, porfäwr, porthwr 

anifeihaid, porthmon 
Grease, gris n, ir, iraid, saim, mehin 
Grease, griz vt, iro, seimio, ireidio 
Greasiness, gri'zi.nes n, seimlydrwydd ; 
brasder [llythnig 

Greasy, gri'zi a, seimlyd, ireidlyd; 
Great, grät a, mawr, mawreddus ; cyf- 
rinachol. As great, cymmaint. How 
great soever, pa faint bynag. In- 
finitely great, anfeidrol o faint. To 
make great, mawrhau, mawrygu. A 
great swelling, gorchwydd 
Greatness, grav'nes n, maintioh, maint ; 
mawTedd; mawrwychedd, rhwysg, 
Greave, griv n, coesam, coesarf, botas 
Grebe, grib n, tindroed [Groegwr 

Grecian, gri'shan a, Groegaidd: n, 
Grecism, gri'sizm n, Groegeiddiaeth 
Greediness, grî'dî.nes, Greed, grid n, 
ainc, awydd, trachwant, gwanc, rhaib, 
bolrythni, bohythi 


GRO path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, t\Vk=took; 

Greedy, gri'di a. chwannog, awchus, 
rheibus, trachwantus, gwancus, bob 
rwth [Groegwi 

Greek, grfk n, Groeg; Groegaeg; 
Green, grin a, gwyrdd; llysieuol; gwir- 
ion. Green cheese, caws newydd. 
Greenfinch, llinos werdd. Green 
gage, ehynen werdd. Green grass, 
glaswellt. Green horn, gwirionyn. 
Green-house, llysieudy. Green sick- 
ness, y glasglwyf. Greens, bresych 
cawl. Green trees, glasgoed. Bluish 
green, gwyrddlas. Sea-green, morliw, 
The green-eyed monster, eiddigedd 
Greenish, gri'nish a, gwyrddaidd, lled- 

wyrdd. Greenish blue, gwyi-ddlas 
Green ness,gri'nes 7i,g\vyrddedd,gwyrdd- 

lesni; irder; anaddfedrwydd 
Greet, grit vt, anerch, llwyddanerch. 
cyfarch [anerchiad 

Greeting, grî'ting n, anerch, cyfarch. 
Gregarious, grî.gê'r'î.us a, deadellog, 
Grenade, grî.niid' n, tanbelen [minteiog 
Grenadier, gren.â.dîY n, talfilwr: tan- 
Grew, gr\vpt. — Grow [belenydd 
Grey, grä a. — Gray 
Greyhound, grä'húẁnd n, milgi, hyddgi, 

Greyhound-bitch, milast 
Grice, gri's np, grisiau 
Griddle, grid'l », greidell, gradell. Grid- 
dle-cake, bara plane 
Grideliu, gríd'î.lin a, symmudliw, gwyn- 
goch [greidyll 

Gridiron, grid'i.ûm n, alch, greidell. 
Grief, grit"?*, gofid, tristwch, dolur, trym- 
der, tristyd, cystudd, blinder, alaeth, 
galar [sarhad; cwyn 

Grievance, gri'vans n, gofid, gormes, 
Grieve, griv v, gofidio, dolurio, tristäu : 

galaru, hiraethu 
Grievous, gri'vus a, tnvm, gorthrwm, 
gofidus, poenus, blin, trallodus, galaru» 
Grievousness, gri'vus.nes », trymder; 

- ild. blinder [groffi 

Griffin, grif'in, Griffon, grif'un ?^, gruff, 

i'j; n, corlysŵeri; ysgentyn 
Grill, gril vt, rho tio ar alch * [alch 
Grillade, grLläd' n, bwyd rhostiedig ar 
Grim, grim a. cuchiog, gerwin, hyll 
Grimace, grî.mäs' ?i, mingamiaa, hyll- 
drem. To make a grimace, mingamu, 
Grimalkin, gri.maVkin n. hen gath 
Grime, grim n, parddu; budreddi, haw. 

llaid: vt, budreddu, pardduo, dwbio 
Grimness, grim'nes n, cuchiogrwydd, 
gerwindeb, hyllder, hylldra 

Grin, grin vi. ysgyrnygu; coegchwerth- 

in : n, dysgyrniad, esgyrnygiad 
Grind, grind (ground) v, main, chwil- 
friwio; breianu, llifo; gorthrymu. To 
grind on a grind-stone, llifo. To grind 
the teeth, rhincian y dannedd. Grind- 
stone, hogfaen, breuanllif, maenllif 
Grinder, gr'in'dûr n, malwr, llifiannwr 

cilddant. Grinders, dannedd malu 
Grindery, grin'du.ri n, offer crydd 
Grinning, grin'ing a, dysgyrnoì 
Gripe, grip n, crafangiad ; tynwasgiad 
crafanc: vt, crafangu; tynwasgu 
cribddeilio; cnoi. Gripes, cnofa, bol- 
gnofa, bolwst, gwaew 
Grisamber,'bûr n, gwefr 
Grise, gri's n, porchellyn 
Grisette, gri.zet' n, merch, geneth 
Griskin, gris'kin n, glain cefn mochyn 
Grisly, griz'li a, erchyll, hyll, fiyrnig 
^ ofnadwy [arfae! 

Grist, grist n, mâl, maliad ; yd i'w falu 
Gristle, gris'l n, madruddyn, mwythan 
The gristle between the nostrils, teis- 
ban y ddwyffroen [jno| 

Gristly, gris'lî a, madruddog, madrudd 
Grit, grit n, grut, graianlwcn, grutfaen 
Grittìness, grit'i.nes n, graianogrwydd 
grutnaws [grutio 

Gritty, grit'î a, graianllyd, tywodlyd 
Grizzled, griz'ld «, llwyd, "dulwyd 
^ llwydwyn, broc, brogla 
Groan, grön n, och, erthwch, griddfan 
cwyn: vi, ochneidio, ochain, griddfan { 
tnchan, erthychain 
Groat, grot n, pedair ceiniog 
Grocer, grö'sûr n, perlysieuwr. i 

nwyddwr. Green grocer, bresychwr 
Grocery, gro'sur.î n, per; 
Grog, grog n, gwirod a dwfr 
Grogram, grng'ram n, math o sida» 
cyfrodeddwe [yr artfed, gwery» 

Groin, groin n, cesail morddwyd, cylci 
Groom, grŵm «, marchwas, gwastraid 
rhigol, rhych, ceurigol 
vt, rhigo, rhigolL rhyehu 

. palfalu, palf'u. ymbalfali 
ii> a, tew, bras; braisg; i^wrth 
un; ammhur; hurtbwl: n, cyfanrif 
denddeg dwsin. In the gross, yn ( 
grynswth, y cyfan drwyddo. To mab 
gross, brasäu 
<k. grijs'bik n, y gylfinbraff 
Gro.-sness, grüs'nes n, tewedd; ammhur 
edd [addurnge! 

Grot, grot, Grotto, grot'ö n, ogowj 
Grotesijue, gro'tesk a, digrifddull 

öre; läte, l'íne, nö, mute; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. GUL 

Ground, grûŵnd n, llawr, daiar; sail, 
sylfaen; gwaelod; testyn, cynddefn- 
ydd: vt, seiho, sylfaenu; sefydlu: pt 
& pp. — Grind. Ground-colour, cyn- 
lliw. Ground-work, sail, gosail. To 
gain ground, cryfhau, cynnyddu. 
Grounds, seiliau; gwaddodion 
Groundless,grûŵnd les a, disail, direswm 
Groundling, grûŵnd'ling 11, pysgodyn a 

driga yng ngwaelod dwfr 
Groundsel, grûŵnd'sel n, hiniog, gosail 
Group, grwp n, twr, crug, lluaws, swp : 

vt, cydosod 

Grouse, gruvvs n, ceiliog du, ceiliog y 

mynydd [breisgion 

Grouts" grûŵts np, rhynion, rhynflawd, 

Grove, griiv n, llwyn, cell, celli. gwigfa 

Grovel, grov'l vi, ymlusgo ; ymfaweiddio 

Grow, gro (_/>i grew, pp grown) v, 

tyfu, prifio ; chwanegu ; codi. To grow 

bold, ymhyf hau. To grow day, dydd- 

hau. To grow fat, tewhau. To grow 

old, heneiddio. To grow worse, gwaeth- 

ygu. To grow together, cyttyfu 

Growl, grûŵl vi, chwyrnu, grymial, 

grwgnach, rhochi, conach 
Grown, gfònpp. — Grow 
Growth, gröth n, twf, tyfiant, tyfiad, 
i cynnydd ; cyiuiyrch, adgen 
Grub, grub n, corbryf; cynronyn: v, 

diwreiddio, dadwreiddio ; chwynu 

Grabble, grub'l v, yrabalfalu ; ymgribo 

Grudge, gruj n, dygasedd, cenfigen, 

lhd, bet : v, gwarafun, grwgnach. To 

owe a grudge, dal gwg, dal bet, cadw 

lhd, dwyn malais 

JGruel, gru'el n, cawl, grual, isgell. 

; Barley-gruel, heiddgawl. Water- 

j gruel, cawl dwfr, dyi'rgawl 

(Gruff, gruf, Grum, gram a, sarig, di- 

. 1 serch, garw [fwynder 

' pruffness, gruf 'nes n, sarigra ydd ; an- 

fSrumble, grum'bl vi, grwgnach, conach, 

\ i tuchan, grymial " [ceulwaed 

J3rume, grŵm n, gwaed tolchenog; 

' ptrumous. grŵ'mus a. íolcìn.-nog, ceulog 

i wrrunt, grunt n, rhoch, grydwst: vi, 

\ I rhochi, rhochain, erthrychain fel moch 

; jrunter, grun'tûr n, rhochwr ; math o 

IPÿsg ^ [edd 

. Snyphosis, gr'i.fö'sis n, clefyd yr ewin- 

Bnaiacum, gwa'ya.kum n, math o goed 

; tramor [môr adar 

îuano, gü.â'nö n, adardom, ysgarthion 

. n.tî', Guaranty, gar'an- 

gwarantydd, mechniydd ; mach, 

piechni : vt, ateb dros ; mechn'io 

Guard, gârd n, gwyliadwriaeth ; gochel- 
iad; gwyhwr; gwarchodlu, gos- 
gorddlu : v, cadw, amddifFyn, diogelu, 
gwarchadw; gwylied, gwartu. Fire- 
guard, cylch aelwyd. Life-guards, 
gosgordd y frenines. Bear-guard, 
olfyddin. Van-guard, blaenfyddin 
Guardian, gâr'dî.an n, gwarcheidwad, 
arffedogwr, gwarchodydd, ymgeledd- 
wr, noddwr, golygwr : a, gwarcheid- 
wadol. Board of Guardians, bwrdd 
gwarcheidwaid [ cheidwadaeth 

Guardianship, gâr'dî.an.ship n, gwar- 
Guardless, gârd'les a, diwyliadwriaeth, 

diofal, penrydd ; dinodded 
Gubernation, gü.bûr.nä'shun n, rheol- 

aeth, gofal 
Gudgeon, guj'un n, gwyniad; symlyn 
Guerdon, gûr'dun n, gwobr, gwobrwy, 

tâl, iawn 
Guess, ges n, amcan, dyfaliad, tybiaeth, 
dychymmyg : v, dyfalu, bwrw amcan, 
lled-dybio, dj'chymmygu 
Guest, gest n, gwestai, gwestwr, osb. 

Guests, gwahoddedigion 
Guggle, gug'l vi, bwi-lymu, boglymu 
Guidage, g'i'däj n, gwobr hyfforddwr 
Guidance, g'i'dans n, hyflbrddiad, ar- 

weiniad, tywysiad, cyfarwyddiad 
Guide, gi'd n, hyfforddwr, cyfarwyddwr, 
cyfeiriadur: vt, cyfarwyddo, tywys, 
Guideless, g'id'les a, dihyfforddiad 
Guidon, g'i'dun n, llumanwr, banerydd; 

llmnan, baner 
Guild, gild n, cymdeithas, brawdoliaeth, 
corfforiaeth ; dirwy, treth, ardreth. 
Guild-hall, bwrdeisdy, llys y dref 
Guile. g"il»,twyU, dichell, hoced, ystryw 
Guileful, giTíẁl a, hocedus, dichellgar 
Guilefulness, giTfẁl.nes n, twyllgarwck 
Guileless, gi'les a, didwyll, annichellgar 
Guilhotine, gil.yö.tín' n, peiriant i dori 
pen cyfiafanwr, peiriant dienyddol, 
torben : vt, tori pen 
Guilt, gilt n, euogrwydd; bai, pechod 
Guiltiness, gil'tî.nes n, euogrwydd 
Guiltless, gilt 'les a, dieuog, difai, di- 
Guilty, gil'tî «, euog, beius [bechod 
Guinea, gin'î n, gwíad yn Affriea; darn 

aur o werth un swllt ar hugain 
Guise, gi'z n, modd, dull, sut, Hun, 
gwedd, rhith; defod, arfer; gwisgiad 
Guitar, gî.târ' n, math o offeryn cerdd 
Gulch, gultsh n, bolei*wr, ymrythwr, 

; traiiyncwi- 
Gmes, giil? a, rhudd, coeh, rhuddgoch 

HAC path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, tẁk=took; 

Gulf, gulf n, morgaint, margerwyn; 

cadduglyn, llynclyn ; gagendor 
Gulfy, gul'fi a, llynclynog 
Gull, gul n, gwylan ; gwirionyn, symlyn : 

vt, twyllo, hudo, siomi, hocedu 
Gullet, gul'et n, sefnig, corn pori, corn y 

gwddf, breuant, cegen [gwiriondeb 
Gullibility, gul.î.bil'î.tî n, hygoeledd. 
Gully, guí'î vi, cegleisio, gorlyncu: n. 

math o ffos. Gully-hole, ffosdwll 
Gulosity, gü.los'î.tî'n, gwanc, rhaib, 

glythi, glythedd, glythineb 
Gulp, gulp n, trarlwnc. darlwnc, cegiad: 

vt, traflyncu, darlyncu, cegu 
Gum, gum n, glud. gwyddlud, mol : vt, 

sythu, gludio, glud-ddwbio. Gums, 

gorchfannau, cig y daimedd. Gum- 
boil, Uynoryn yng nglng y dannedd 
Gummy, gum'î a, gludiog ; molog 
Gun, gun n, gwn, cyflegr, diyll tanio. 

Great gun, cyflegr "mawr, magnel 
Gunnel, Gunwale, gun'el n, trawst llong 
Gunner, gun'ûr n, gynwr, cyflegrwr 
Gunnery, gun'ur.i n, gynyddiaeth 
Gunpowder, gun'pûŵ.dûr n, pylor gwn, 

Gunshot, gun'shot n, ei-gyd gwn 
Gunsmith, gun'smith n, gof gynau. 

Gunstock, gun'stok n, bon gwn 
Gurge, gurj n, llynclyn, pwll tro 
Gurgion, gur'jun n, blawd garw 
Gurgle, gur'gl vi, bwrlymu [pengernyn 
Gurnet, gurnet, Gurnard, gurnard n. 
Gush, gush n, ffrwd, gorlif; llifeiriad: 

vi, ffrydio ; llifeirio, pistyllio 
Gusset, gus'et n, cwysed, llain, dernyn 
Gust, gust n, awel, chwa, hyrddwynt; 

chwaeth, bias [blasiad 

Gustation, gus.tä'shun n, archwaethiad, 
Gustatory, gus'tâ.tur.î a. arehwaethol 
Gustful, "gust'fẁl a, archwaethus, blasus 
Gusto, gus'tö n, sawr, chwaeth, bias 
Gusty, gus'tî a. ehwaol. ystormus, awelog 
Gut, gut n, perfeddyn, eoluddyn, mon- 

oehen: vt, diberfeddu, tynu perfedd, 

Guts, perfedd, coludd, ymysgaroedd 
Gutter, gut'ûr n, ffos, dyfrglawdd, cwter, 

rhewyn: v, ffosi, cwteru 
Guttle,"gut'l v, cegu, ymddyfoli, bolera, 

glytliinebu. traflyncu; Uvncu 
Guttler, gut'lûr n, bolerai, bolrvthwr 
Guttural, gut' a, cegaidd. garw- 

seiniol, sefnigol. Gutterals, sefnigol- 
Guy, g'i n, dyrwynraff llong [ion 

Guzzle, guz'l vi, ymyfed, cofftio, bol- 

ìythu, traflyncu," glythinebu 

Guzzler, guz'lur n, traflyncwr. cofftiwr, 
glwth^ [ysgolwr 

Gymnasiarch, jim.nä'zhî.ârk n, pen- 
Gymnasium,' n, ymdrech- 

le, gorchestfa, campfa 

Gymnastic, jim.nas'tik a, gorches 

noethymdrechol. Gymnastics, ym- 

drechwaith; gwrolgarnpau [iasol 

Gymnotus, jim.nö'tus a. llysŵen luch- 

Gynecocracy, jin.i.kok' n. llywodr- 

aeth y bais, llywodraeth benywod 
Gypsum, gip'sum n, glyfaen [cylchdroad 
Gyration, jî.rä'shun n, ehwildroad, 
Gyre, j'i'r n, cylchwy; chwildro: vt, 
chwildroi [ddewiniaeth 

Gyromancy, j'i'r'ö.man.sî n, math o 
Gyve, j'iv n, gefyn, hual, llyffetkar 

Ha, hâ i, ha ! och ! 

Haak, hak n, y cegddu. — Hake 

Habeas-corpns.'pus n. gwŷs 

neu lythyr dyfn i ddwyn carcharor 

i'r frawdle 
Haberdasher, hab'ûr.dash.ûr n, gwerth- 

wr nwyddau man, mannwyddwr 
Haberdashery, hab.ûr.dash'ûr.î n, man- 

nwyddau [ei halltu a'i sychu 

Haberdine, hab'ûr.din n, penfras wedi 
Habergeon, hab'ur.jun n, dwyfroneg, 

brondor, llurig 
Habihment, hâ.bil'î.ment n, dillad, trws- 

iad, gwisg [mhwyso 

Habilitate. hâ.bil'î.tät vt, addasu, cy- 
Hability, há.bil'i.tî n— Abihty 
Habit, hab'it n. cyflwr, ansawd ; defod, 

arfer; greddf, tuedd; agwedd, dull, 

moes; gwisg, gwisgiad; acen: vt, 

gwisgo, dilladu, trwsiadu 
Habitable, hab'î.tâ.bl a, preswyhadwy 
Habitant, hab'î.tant n, trigwr, cyfan- 

neddwr, preswylydd. preswyhwr 
Habitation, hab.i.tii'shun n. trigfan, trig- 
fa, annedd. cartref, preswylfa 
Habitual, hâ.bit'shü.al a, arferol, de~ 

fodol; cysson; ansoddol [ymarferl 
Habituate, hâ.bit'shü.ät vt, cynnefino,» 
Habitude, hab'i.tiid n, greddfduedd:! 

ymarfer, cynnefindra; perthyuas 
Habnab, hab'nab ad, yn rjrbwyD 
Hack, hak v, hacio, tori ; hurio allan I 
Hack, hak, Hackney, hak'ni n, yr hynalj 

logir neu a arferir yn fynych. Hack-l| 

horse, ceffyl llog, llogfarch. Hack- II 

servant, gwas i bawb. Hackney- 1 

coach, cerbvd llos; 


öre; läte, l'íne, nö, müte; she, zh=z iiziire; thin, thìs; j=dzh. HAN 

Hackle, hak'l n, heisyllt, crib llin, heis- 

Ian : vt, eribo, heislanu 
Had, had^ji & pp. — Have [forbysg 

Haddock, had'uk n, corbenfras, math o 
Hades, hii'diz n, cartref ysbrydion yra- 

adawedig; uffem 
Haemorrhoids, hem'or.oidz np, clwyf y 

marchogion, lledewigwst 
Haft, haft n, earn, said, coes, dwrn: vt, 

carnio, gosod cam neu ddwrn 
Hag, hag n, gwiddanes, hen wrach. 

hudoles: vt, aflonyddu, poeni, blino. 

Hag-ridden, a fiinir gan yr hunllef 
Haggard, hag'ûrd a, gwrthun; truan. 

cul; gwyllt: n, gweirlan, ydlan 
Kaggis, hag'is n, selsigen o friwgig 
Haggish, hag'ish a, gwiddanaidd, hagr, 

hyll, gwrachaidd 
Haggle, hag'l vi, gwrthundori ; edwica 
Hagiocracy, ha.ji.ok' n, llywodr- 

aeth offeiriadol 
Kagiographer, hä.jî.og'râ.fur n, ysgrif- 

enydd sanctaidd ' [au'r saint 

■agiology, hä.jî.ol'ö.jì n, hanes bywyd- 
Hail, häl 11, cenllysg, cesair : i, groesaw ! 

henffych well: vi, bwrw cenllysg, 

ceseirio; cyfarchalw. Hail-stone, ces- 

eiryn. careg genllysg 
Haily, hä'lî a, cenllysgog, ceseiriog 
Hair, her n, gwallt, briger; blew. 

A single hair, blewyn. Hair-brained, 

penffol, penchwiban. Hair-breadth, 

lied blewyn. Hair-cloth, earthen rawn. 
I Horse-hair, rhawn. Eed-haired, pen- 

goch, gwalltgoch 
Hairiness, he'r'î.nes n. blewogrwydd 
■tirless, hé'r'les a, moel, diflew; penfoel 
Hairy, hê'r'î a, blewog, gwalltog, garw 
Hake, hiik n, y cegddn [ffon 

'Hallierd, hal'bûrd n. ffonfwyell, gM-aew- 
| Halberdier, hal.bûr.dî'r' n, ffonfwyeUwr 
, Halcyon, hal'shun a, tawel, teg: n, 

math o aderyn, pipden y dwfi-. Hal- 
[ cyon days, y saith niwmod cyn a 
I gwedi Alban Arthan; dyddian clod- 
[ fawr 

•Hale, liiil a, iach, iachus, cryf; pybyr: 
! vt, llusgo, llurgnnio, dirdyriu 
Half, hâf ( p halves) n, hanner, hannereg : 
i vt, tori neu rami yn hanner, hanneru. 

Half-bred, cymmysgryw, lledryw. 

Half-dead, hanner marw, adfyw. 

Half-moon, hanner lleuad. Half- 
naked, hanner noeth. Half-pike, 
Î gwaewffon fer. Half-seas-over, hanner 
i meddw, brwysg. Half-witted, hanner 

call. Half-way, ar banner ffordd 

Halfpeimy, hä'pen.î (p halfpence, hä'- 

pens) n, dimai. Three halfpence, 
ceiniog a dimai. Seventeen pence 

halfpenny, deunaw ond dimai. Have 

you halfpence ? Oes genych ddimeiau ? 
Halfpennyworth, hä ' pen . î . wûrth n, 

gwerth dimai, dimeiwerth 
Halibut, hal'i.but n, lleden y môr 
Hall, hoi n, llys; neuadd; dadleudy; 

eisteddlys. Town hall, llys y dref 
Hallage, hôl'äj n, toll marclmatty 
Hallelujah, hal.i.lii'ya vi, molwch yr 

Arglwydd : n, mawlgan, mawlwers 
Halloo, ha.hv' v, bloeddio, gawri: n t 

bloedd, gwaedd ; dolef 
Hallow, hal'ö vt, cyssegru, sancteiddio 
Hallowed, hal'ö.ed a, sancteiddiedig, 

bendigedig, cyssegredig, cyssegrlan y 

glwys [camsymad; gwallgofrwydd 
Hallucination, ha.lü.sî.nä'shun n, gwall, 
Halm, hum n, called, gwellt, cyrs 
Halo, hii'lö n, gnòtai, cylch oddeutu'r 

haul neu'r planedau 
Halse, Hawse, hôs n, rhaffdwll llong 
Halser, Hawser, hô'sûr n, tynraff at 

lusgo llong 
Halt, holt n, cloffni, heciad; gor- 

phwysiad : a, cloff : vi, hecian, cloffi ; 

sefyll, aros 
Halter, hóTtûr n, cebystr, penrheffyn; 

tennyn, cortyn, corden : vt, cebystru ; 

Halve, hav vt, hanneru, deubarthu 
Halves, havz np. — Half [maerdy 

Ham, ham n, ffolen, morddwyd ; y gar ; 
Hamated, hä'mâ.ted a, â bachau yn'ddo 
Hame, häm ra, mynci [pentref, cordref 
Hamlet, ham'let n, maesdref, rhandir; 
Hammer, ham'ûr n, morthwyl; gordd: 

v, morthwylio; pwyo. The yellow 

hammer, meryn yr eithin [wely 

Hammock, ham'uk n, gwely crog, crog- 
Hamper, ham'pûr n, cawell, fflasg : vt, 

dyrysu, rhwystro, maglu. A small 

hamper, caAvellan 
Hamstring, ham'string n, llinyn y gar : 

vt, tori llinyn y gar [balleglys 

Hanaper, han'â.pûr n, sylltty, trysorfa, 
Hand, hand n, Haw; lledìlaw, dyrnfedd, 

pedair modfedd: v, estyn; arwain 

gerfydd y Haw ; trosglwyddo ; traddodi. 

Hand-breadth, dyrnfedd, lied Haw. 

Hand-cuff, llawdorch, llyffethar.gefyri. 

Hand-maid, llawforwyn. Hand-mill, 

hreuan, llawfelin. At hand, ger llaw, 

yn agos. Hand in hand. Haw yn Haw, 

Oil' hand, ar unwaith, macs o law, yn 

HAR path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, twk=took; 

ddioed. To get the upper hand, 

gorthrechu. Even-handed, cyfiawn. 

One-handed, unllaw. Open-handed, 

llawagored, hael, haehonus 
Handful, hand'fẁl n, dyrnaid, llaweth, 

Hon aid Haw; crafangaid [yd, crefft 
Handicraft, han'di.kraft n, llawgelfydd- 
Handicraftsman, han' n, 

llawgelfyddydwr, llawweithiwr 
Handiness, han'di.nes n, deheurwydd, 

hylawder, parodrwydd 
Handiwork, han'di.wurk n, llawwaith, 

gorchwvl [llawfoled, llawliain 

Handkerchief, hang'kur.tskif n, cadach, 
Handle, han'dl n, earn, said; coes; 

troed; dolen, clust, dwrn, dyrnddol: 

vt, llofi, dylofi, darllofi ; trin ; teimlo 
Handsel, hand'sel n, goseb, honsel 
Handsome, hand'sum a, hardd, glân, 

tlws, prydferth, teg, telaid, gweddus, 

gweddaidd, golygus; hael 
Handsomeness, hand'sum.nes n, teleid- 

rwydd, tegweh, prydferthweh, hardd- 

wch, gweddeidd-dra [trosol 

Handspike, hand'spik n, trosolbren, 
Handwriting, hand'r'i.ting n, llawysgrif, 

Handy, han'di a, bylaw, deheuig, parod, 

medrus. Handy-dandy, minddu man- 

ddel [ymddibynu 

Hang, hang {hung) v, crogi; dibynu; 
Hanger, hung'úr n, bidog, cleddyf byr. 

Hanger-on, truthymlynwr, dibynydd 
Hanging, hang'ing n, croglen, caeadlen 
Hangman, hang'man n, crogwr, dien- 

yddiwr [cenglu edau 

Hank, hangk n, cengl; cloffrwym: vi, 
Hanker, hang'kur vi, chwantu, blysio. 

To hanker after, hiraethu am 
Hansel, han'sel n, goseb, honsel, calenig 
Hap, hap n, hap, damwain, damchwaen 

vi, hapio, dygwyddo, dygwydd 
Hapless, hap'les a, anhapus, anffodiog 
Haply, hap'li ad, o ddamwain. ysgatfydd, 

ef allai, nid hwyracli, hwyrach 
Happen, bap'n vi, damweinio, cymmeryd 

lie. dygwyddo. dygwydd 
Happiness, hap'i.ncs n, dedwyddweh, 

dedwyddyd, hapasrwydd, gwyufyd, 

gwynfydedigrwydd ; liawd 
Happy, hap'î a, dedwydd, gwynfydedig, 

gwyn ei fyd 
Harangue, 'hâ.rang' n, araeth, axawd; 

chwedl hir: v, areithio; hirchwedl sua 
Harass, har'as vt, aflonyddu, dyrysu, 

blino; anrheithio [bìai i 

Harbinger, hár'bin.jûr n, rhagredegwr, 

Harbour, hâr'bûr n, porthladd. Hong, 
borth; angorfa; Hetty: v, llettyajj 
croesawu, arfolli; llochesu; noddi 
Harbourage, hâr'bur.äj n, Hetty, üochéi 
Harbourless, hâr'bûr.les a, diborth; di-J 

nodded, diloches, diamgeledd 
Hard, hard a, caled, durfin, durfing. tyn | 
cynnU, crintach; annhyner: ad, yi 
agos. Hard by, ger, ger Haw. Hare 
of hearing, trwm ei glywed. Hard- 2 
hearted, creulawn. calon-galed. Hart \ 
to learn, anhawdd. Hard-mouthed, Í I 
phen anhydyn. Hard- ware, nwyddao 
haiarn, durdwyddau, durgelfi 
Hardiness, hâr'dî.nes, Hardihood, hâr'-l 
dî.hẁd n, eonder, hyfder, gwroldeb I. 
dewredd; haerllugrwydd 
Hardish, hâr'dish a, gogaled, Ued galedl 
Hardly, hârd'lî ad, yn galed ; yn an j 
hawdd ; yn orthrymus, prin, braidd I 
Hardness, hârd'nes n, caledwch; an 
hawsder [gorthrymde 

Hardship, hârd'ship n, caledu, cam 
Hardy, hâr'dî a, caled, cadarn, cryf ; by 
calonog, hyfaidd, dewr, eofh. " Fool 
hardy, rhyfygus, ynfyd-ddewr 
Hare, hê'r n, ysgyfarnog, ceinach, cat! 
eithin: vt, brawychu; aflonyddu 
Hare-beUs, cloch " yr eos. Hare 
brained, penchwiban, anwadal, bralo^ 
Hare-hearted, ohms, digalon. Hare' 
foot, meillion cedenog. Hare-Kj 
bylchfin, gwefus fylchog. Hare-pip» 
yslepan, magi. Buck-hare, ysgyfarno 
wryw. Doe-hare, ysgyfarnog fenyf 
Harem, he'r'em n, ty'r gwragedd neu 

gordderchadon yn y Dwyrain 
Hariolation, hé'r.î.ü.lä'shun n, dewinia 
Hark, hark i, hai ! ho ! gwrando ! clywP 

vi. gwrando. elnstfeinio 
Harlequin, har'li.kin n, ysgentyn, digrill 
was [dyhiren, hure 

Harlot, hâr'lut n,. putain, mwyglew 
Harlotry, hâr'lut.rî n. puteiudra, godine 
Harm, harm n, niwed, dnvg; sarhâí 

colled; cam: vt, niweidio, drygu 

Harmful, bârm'fẁl a, niweidiol.dryglaVH 

Harmless, hârm'les a, dinivved, diddrw/i 

diadwyth [rwydi 

Harmlessness, hârm'les.nes n, diniwek 

Harmonic, har.mon'ik, Harmoniou 

hâr.mö'nî.us a, cynghaneddol, c] 

nghanol, cydseiniol 

Harmonics, har.mon'iks up, eynghai 

Harinoniousness. hiir.mö'nî.us.ues 
cydseiniolrwvdd, cyssoudra 

ore; late, line, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, this; j=dzh. HAY 

Harmonist, hâr'mö.nist re, cynghan- 

eddwr, cerddor 
Harmonize, har'mo.n'iz p, eynghanu, 
. cynghaneddu, cydseinio, cyssom 
Harmony, hâr'mö.nî re, cynghanedd, 
■ peroriâeth; eyssondeb 
Harness, hâr'nes re, harnais, cêr, seirch, 
i- tree; arfogaeth, rhyfelwisg: vt, har- 

• neisio, seirchio ; arfogi. Harness- 
maker, harneisiwr 

Harp, harp re, telyn: vi, telynorio, 

• telynori, chwaren ar y delyn 
Harper, hâr'pûr, Harpist, hâr'pist re, 

teivnor, telynwr \_vt, tryferu 

Harpoun, hâr.pŵn' n, tryfer morfeirch : 
Harpooner, Hâr.pŵ'nûr, Harpooneer, 

har.pŵ.nfr' n, tryferwr, tryfeiydd 
Harpsichord, harp'si.kord re, math o 

ofleryn cerdd 
Harpy, hâr'pî re, aderyn aflan; rheib- 

ddyn, cribddeiliwr. White-headed 
' harpy, eath y wern, y penwyn [butain 
Harridan, har'î.dan re, hen butain, cam 
Harrier, har'î.ûr re, helgi, ceinachgi; 

• bwneath, bod y gwerni. Hen-harrier, 
| hebog llwydlas 

(Harrow, har'ö re, og, oged : vt, llyfhu, 

ogi. To harrow up the feelings, 
I aflonyddu, dwysbigo'r teimladau 
Harsh, "harsh a, garw, afrywiog, llym, 

sarig [sarigrwydd 

Harshness, hârsh'nes re, gerwindeb, 
Hart, hârt re, hydd, carw; eilon; elain 
Hartshorn, hârts'hôrn re, corn yr hydd 
Harvest, harvest re, cynauaf: vt, cyn- 
| euafa, eywain. Harvest-home, cyn- 

euafwled'd. Harvest-lord, blaenor y 
| fed el. Harvest-moon, cyneuafloer 
Has, haz vt. — Have [friwo cig 

Hash, hash n, briwgig: vt, briwo. man- 
Haslet, has'let, Harslet, hârs'let re, 
| syrth mochyn, perfedd mochyn 
5asp. hasp re, cloig, cloigyn, hespen: 
L vt, cloigynu, hespenu 
Hassock, has'uk re, hesor, clustog benlin 
3ast, hast vt. — Have 
.îaste. häst re, brys, ffrwst, prysurdeb : 
,- v, brysio, prysuro, dyfrysio. In haste, 

ar frys. ^lake haste, brysiweh 
fasten, hä'sn v, brysio, prysuro 
lastiness, hä'stì.nes re, ffwdan, byr- 

bwylldra [tfrwythau cynnar 

lastings, ha'stingz np, pys cynnar; 
lasty. hä'stî a, brysiol, frrystiol, buan, 

brysgar; byrbwyll, nawswyllt, an- 

ystyriol. Hasty-pudding, gwyuod, 


Hat, hat re, het ; heulrod, capan. Hat- 
band, Uinyn het, rhwymyn het 
Hatch, hatsh re, deoriad, nj'thlwyth, haid 
o gywion; gwarddrws: v, deori; 
dyfeisio, llunio 
Hatchel, hat'shel re, heisyllt, heislan, 

crib, llin : vt, cribo, heislanu 
Hatchet, hat'shet re, bwyell, cymmynai. 

A cut with a hatchet, bwyeílawd 

Hatchment, hatsh'ment re, marwgwn- 

sallt [glawrddorau llong 

Hatchway, hatsh'wä re, fFordd dros 

Hate, hät vt, casäu, íSeiddio: re, cas, 

casineb, dygasedd. I hate, cas genyf 

Hateful, hät'fẁl a, cas, adgas, dygas, 

ffiaidd ^ [dygasedd 

Hatefulness, hät'fẁl.nes re, dygasrwydd, 

Hatred, hä'tred re, cas, casineb, dygasedd 

Hatter, hat'ûr re, hetwr, hetiwr 

Hattock, hat'uk re. ysgub o yd ; cogwrn 

Haughtiness, hô'tî.nes re,balchder, trahâ, 

balchedd [nì-oenuchel, trahäus, uchel 

Haughty, ho'tî a, balch, uchelfrydig, 

Haiü, hôl vt, tynu, dirdynu, llusgo 

Haum, horn re, callod, gwellt, cyrs [clun 

Haunch, hântsh re, morddwyd, tfolen, 

Haunt, hânt re, cyrchfa, cynniweirfa, 

cyrchle: vt, cynniwair, mynych- 

gyrchu; aflonyddu [mefysen 

Hautboy, hö'bôî re, rhibib, telgorn; 

Hauteur, hö.tûr' re, balchder, trahausder 

Have, hav (had) vt, cael, meddu, medd- 

iannu; dwyn. I have, mae genyf, 

mae i mi. I have (thou hast, he has) 

been, yr wyf (yr wyt, y mae) wedi 

bod. To have mercy, cymmeryd tru- 

garedd, trugarhau [aber, cilfach 

Haven, ha'vn re, porthladd, llongborth, 

Havoc, hav'ok re, difrod, anrhaith, hafog : 

vt, difrodi, hafogi, amheithio 
Haw, hô re, pilen ar lygad ceffyl ; grawn 

y ddraenen wen, cyrafol y moch 
Hawk, hok re, hebog, gwalch, cudyll, 
curyll : v, heboga ; hochboeri ; gwica. 
Hawk's beard, Uysiau'r gwalch. Spar- 
row-hawk, cudyll coch. Hawk-weed, 
llysiau yr hebog 
Hawker, ho'kur re, hebogydd; gwicäwr, 
gwicwr, edwicwr [draenen wen 

Hawthorn, hô'thôrn re, ysbyddaden, 
Hay, hä re, gwair, gweirweÜt, gwyran. 
Hay-cock, mwdwl gwair. Hay -field, 
gweirglawdd, cae gwair. Hay-loft, 
taflod wair. Hay-maker, cyweiriwr 
gwair. Hay-rick, das wair. Hay- 
yard, hay-guard, hay-garth,, or hag- 
gard, ydlan, gweirlan 


HEB path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rine, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Hazard, haz'urd n, enbydrwydd, perygl ; 
antur; damwain; hap: vt, anturio, 
pydio, peryglu, arberyglu, enbydu. 
Hap-hazard, damwain noeth [yglus 
Hazardous, haz'ur.dus a, enbydus, per- 
Haze, haz n, niwl, tarth, tawch 
Hazel, ha'zl n, collen : a, gwineu goleu, 
fel collen. Hazel-grove, collwyn, coll- 
wydd, celh, celliwig, llwyn cyll 
Haziness, ha'zi.nes n, niwlognvydd 
Hazy, ha'zi a, niwlog, godywyll 
He, "hi pn, efe, ef, e ; efo, fo, o. He also, 

yntau. He-goat, bwch gafr 

Head, hed n, pen; copa; clopa, clop; 

taken; blaen; blaenor, penaeth: vi, 

blaenori, llywio ; dybenu. Head-band, 

penrwymyn. Head-borough, maer 

bwrdeisdref. Head-covering, diddos- 

ben. Head-land, penarth, pentir, 

penryn; talar. Head-piece, helm, 

penffestin ; deall. Light-headed, pen- 

ysgafh, syfrdan, ehud. Thick-headed, 

hurt, pendew, pengam. Forepart of 

the head, iad. Side of the head, cern. 

Top of the head, coryn. To make 

head against, gwrthsefyll, llwyddo yn 


Headache, hed'ak n, dolur neu gur pen 

Headily, hed'î.lî ad, chwidrwyllt 

Headiness, hed'î.nes n, ehudrwydd; 

cryfder diod 
Headless, hed'les a, diben, heb ben 
Headlong, hed'long ad, pendramwnwgl 
a, chwymwyllt, byrbwyll, flromfol; 
serth [blaenoriaeth 

Headsliip, hed'ship n, penaduriaeth. 
Headstrong, hed'strong a, anhywedd. 
cyndyn [brwysgaidd 

Heady, hed'i a, ehud, byrbwyll; cryf, 
Heal, nil v, iachäu, meddyginiaethu 
Health, helth n, iechyd", pwynt. In 
health, iach, yn iach. Your health, 
iechyd da i chwi 
Healthful, helth'fvvl, Healthy, hel'thî a, 
iach, iachusol [rwydd 

Healthrulness, helth'fẁl.nes n, iachus- 
Heap, hip n, crug, twr, pentwr, carnedd, 
twmpath : ri,crugio, pentyru,cludeirio 
Hear, hi'r (pt & pp heard, húrd) v, 
cly wed.erglywed ; gwrando ; clywed son 
Hearer, hì'r'ûr n, clywedydd.gwrandäwr 
Hearing, hi'r'ing n, clyw, clybod, clyw- 
edigaeth; gwrandawiad; achlust, 
gosteg [clustfeinio 

Hearken, har'kn v, gwrandaw, andaw, 
Hearsay, hî'r'sä n, son, swn, siarad, gair 
Hearse, hurs n, elor feirch, elorgerbyd 

Heart, hârt n, calon; canol; rhuddin 
madruddyn pren. Heart-ache, dolua 
calon, trallod. Heart-burn, ingloes, 
llosg cylla. Heart's ease, y feidio^ 
drilliw, y blodau ofergaru. Heart] 
felt, teimledig yn y gydwybod. Heart j 
rending, torcalonus. Heart-strings j 
gewynau'r galon. Broken-heart, ealo3| 
doredig. Broken-hearted, calonfrrw 
wedi torieigalon. Faint-hearted, llwfi 1 
llesg. False-hearted, twyllodrus, an 1 
ffyddlawn. Great-hearted, mawrfryd 
ig, dewr. Hollow-hearted, rhagrithio '][ 
Light-hearted, llawen, hoenus. OpeDJ 
hearted, calon rwydd, hael. TrutJ 
hearted, pur, ffyddlawn. Of little hear i 
gwan ei galou. To learn by hear 1 
dysgu ar ei dafod 
Heartburn, hârt'bûrn n, llosg cylla 
Hearten, hâr'tn vi, calonogi, cefnogi 
Hearth, hârth n, aelwyd [ s i r i c j| 

Heartiness, hâr'tî.nes », diffuantrwyd( a 

calonogrwydd, yni, dyfalwch 

Heartless, hârt'les a, digalon, diysbry ij 

annewr [gwresog, diffuail 

Hearty, hâr'tî a, calon og; iachujj 

Heat, hit n, gwres, brydaniaeth; poetìl 

der, twymdra; cynhesrwydd; ial 

angerdd; rhedfa, gvrfa; v, twymul 

twymo, poethi ; cynhesu; yindwyml 

Heath, híth, Heatier, hî'thûr, heTH'l 

n, grug, myncog ; grugos ; rhos. Heat j 

berries, gruglys, grygon. Heathtjl 

bell, blodau'r grug 

Heathen, hi'THn n, cenedlddyn, ethnil 

pagan: a, cenedlig, digred 
Heathenish, hi'THnash a, cenedlig, »1 
gred, paganaidd [anghr 

Heathenism, hi'THn.izm n, paganiaei 
Heathy, hi'thi a, grugog 
Heave, hiv v, codi; chwyddo; dyhej 

n. dyrchafael; codiad 
Heaven, hev'n n, nef [nefolrwy 

Heaveuliness, hev' n, nefold 
Heavenly, hev' a, nefolaidd, nefol 
Heaviness, hev'i.nes n, tryinder, tri 

wch, gorthrymder; pwys 

Heavy, hev'i o, trwm, pwysfawr, dw* 

pwysig; cysglyd; hwyrdrwm; tr. 

athrwm,athrist. Heavy-laden, llwy 

og, trymlwythog. Top-heavy, p 

drwm; meddw 

Hebdomad, heb'dö.mad n, wythnos _ 

Hebdomadal, heb.dom'â.dal, Hebdor 

dary, heb.dom'â.dur.i a, wythnosol 

Hebetate, heb'î.tät vt, hurtio, p; 



ore; late, line, no, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. HEN 

Hebetude, heb'î.tüd n, pylni, hurtrwydd 
Hebraism, hfbra.izm n, priod-ddull 

Hebraist, hî'brä.ist, Hebrewist, hr*brw- 
ist, Hebrician, hî.brish'an n, Hebrëwr 
Hebrew, hî'brŵ n, Hebrëwr: a, Hebrëig, 
Hebreaidd. Hebrew language,Hebräeg 
Hecatomb, hek'a.tom »,aberth cananifail 
Hectic, hek'tik a, gwastadol, dibaid 
Hectolitre, hek'tö.lî.tûr n, mesur Ffreng- 
ig, yn cynnwys 22.009668 o alwyni, 
neu 2.7512085 o bwyseli Prydeinig 
Hector, hek'tur n, bygylwr, ymffrostiwr : 
v, bygylu, bwgwth, bygweh, bocsachu 
Hederaceous, hed.u.rä'shus, Hederal, 

hed' a, eiddewog 
Hedge, hej n, gwrych, gwydding, perth, 
clawdd : v, cau, bidio, cloddio. Hedg- 
ing-bill, cryman cau, gwyddlif 
Hedgehog, hej 'hog n, draenog, ballog, 
armell. Sea-hedgehog, morddraenog 
Hedger, hej'ûr n, caewr, gwrychwr [cae 
Hedgerow, hej'rö n, gwydding, gwyddi, 
Heed, hid «, gofal, pwyll, gwrandawiad, 
ystyriaeth, goeheliad: v, ystyried, 
pwyllo, ymgadw [gwagelog 

Heedful, hîd'fẁl a, gofalus, gochelgar, 
Heedfuluess, hîd'fwLnes n, ymogeliad, 

Heedless, hîd'íes a, anochelgar, "diofal. 
Heel, hîl », sawdl, ffal, tap : v, sodh ; 
gogwyddo, taplasu £m, tepyn 

Heelpiece, hi l'pîs v, tapio, trwsio sawdl: 
Heft, heft «.—Haft [etiaid 

Hegira, hei'î.râ n, cyffcyfrif y Mahom- 
Heifer,hef ûr n, anner, treisiad ; meinoles 
Heigho, hi 'hö **, hoho! haiho! 
Height, hit n, uchder, uchelder 
Heighten, hi'tn vt, uchelu, dyrchafu, 

codi yn uwch ; mwyhau 
Heinous, hä'nus a, echryslawn, anfad, 

ysgeler, cyflafanaidd, gwaedfawr 
Heinousness, hä'nus.nes n, erchylldra, 

drygedd, ysgelerder 
Heir, ê'r n, etifedd, treftadog; edlin. 
Joint-heir, eydetifedd. Heir-apparent, 
edlin, edling 
i Heiress, ê'r'es n, etifeddes, treftadoges 
Heirless, ê'r'les a, dietifedd 
r Heirship, ê'r'ship ra, treftadogaeth 
Heliacal, hU'i'a.kal a, heulaidd, yn 
gadael neu yn dyfod i mewn i oleuni 
yr haul [droellog 

.. Hehcal, hel'i.kal a, nydd-dröedig, nydd- 
• Heliocentric, hî.lî.ö.sen'trik a, gweledig 
: o'r haul [haul 

Heliolatry, hî.lî.ola.trî «, addoliad yr 

Helioscope, hî'lî.ö.sköp n, heulddrych 
Heliotrope, hî'lî.ö.tröp n, blodeuyn yr 

haul; gwaedfaen 
Helix, hel'iks n, llinell nydd-droellog 
Hell, hei », uflfern, alis, afagddu, annwfh, 
annwn. Hell-black, erchyllddu. Hell- 
born, dieflig. Hell-cat, hen wrach 
Hellebore, heî'î.bö'r n, pelydr Yspaen 
Helhsh, hel'ish a, uffernol, uffernig 
Hellishness, hel'ish.nes n, ufFernohwydd 
Helm, helm n, Hyw; helm, penawr 
Helmet, hel'met n, helm, penwisg dur, 
penffestin [haint y chwys 

Helodes, hi.lo'diz n, cryd chwyslyd, 
Helot, hel'ut n, caethwas Spartaidd 
Helotism, hel'ut.ism n, caethwasanaeth, 

caethwasaeth, caethrawd, caetliiwed 

Help, help n, porth, cynnorthwy; ym- 

geledd: v, cymhorth, cynnorthwyo, 

cyfnerthu, helpio. So help me God 

(in oaths), fel yr atebaf i Dduw 

Helpful, help'fẁl a, cynnorthwyol, ym- 

geleddgar [nodded, diymgeledd 

Helpless, help'les a, digjonhorth, di- 

Heîpmate, help'mät n, cydymaith, cyfaill 

Helterskelter, hel.tur.skel'tur ad, didrefn 

Helve, helv n, coes bwyell, troed, earn 

Helvetic,'ik a, perthynol i'r 

Hem, hem », hem, gwrym, gwald, haech : 

vt, hemio, gwrymio ; amgylchynu 
Hematoid, hî'mâ.tôîd a, gwaedlyd 
Hematosis, hî.mâ.tö'sis n, gwaedlif 
Hemi- px, hanner 
Hemiplegy, hem'Lplej.î n, parlys lleol, 

parlys mewn un hanner o'r corff 
Hemisphere, hem'Lsfî'r n, hannergrwn, 
arddryeh [crwn 

Hemispherical, hem.i.sfer'i.kal a, hanner 
Hemistich, hem'Lstik n, hanner Llinell 
Hemlock, hem'lok n, cegyd, cegyr. 

Water-hemlock, brelwg 
Hemorrhage, hem'or.äj n, gwaedlif 

tarddelliad gwaed 
Hemorrhoids, hem'or.oidz np, clwyf y 

marchogion, lledewigwst 
Hemp, hemp n, cywarch. Fimble-hemp, 
cywarch benyw [warch, carthol 

Hempen, hem'pn a, cywarchog, o gy- 
Hen, hen n, iâr, giâr, dicen. Hen- 
pecked, tan gnwc gwraig. Heath-hen, 
iâr y mynydd. Moor-hen, cotiar, 
corsiar [llewyg yr iâr 

Henbane, hen'bän n, ffa'r moch, y bela, 
Henchman, hentsh'man n, gwas, dilynwr 
Hence, hens ad, oddi yma, odd yma : i, 
vmaith ! fiwrdd ! 


HET path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Henceforth, hens'fo'rth, Henceforward, 

hens.fôr'wûrd ad, bellach, rhag Haw, 

mwyach, o hyn allan 
Hend, hend vt, gafaelu, dal ; amgylchynu 
Hepatical, hi.pat'i.kal a, afuol, afuaidd 
Hepatitis, hep.â.ti'tis n, ennynfa yr afu 
Heptagon, hep'tâ.gun n, dull seithochr 
Heptagonal, hep.tag'ö.nal a, seithochrol 
Heptangular, hep.tang'gü.lûr a, seith- 

onglog [iaeth 

Heptarchy, hep' n, seithlywydd- 
Her, hur pn, ei ; hi. Hers, eiddi. Her 

also, hithau 
Herald, her'ald n, achydd, achwr, ach- 

ofydd; cyhoeddwr; herodr: vt, cy- 

hoeddi; herodri. Herald king at 

arms, brenin pen beirdd 
Heraldic, hî.ral dik a, herodrig 
Heraldry, her 'aid. rî n, achyddiaeth, 

achofyddiaeth, arwyddfarddoniaeth, 

Herb, hûrb n, llysieuyn, glaswelltyn 
Herbaceous, hûr.bä'shus a, llysieuaidd, 

llysieuol ; llysieugar 
Herbage, hûr'bäj n, porfa, tir porfa, 

llysiau; degwm porfa; rhyddid i gyd- 

bori. Fresh herbage, irwellt 
Herbal, hur^al ra, llysieulyfr 
Herbalist, hûr' n, Uysieuydd 
Herbivorous, hûr.biv'ö.nis a, yn bwyta 

llysiau, llysfwyta 
Herby, hûr'bî a, llysieulyd, llawn o lysiau 
Herculean, hur.kii' a, cawraidd, 

gorchestol, arwrol 
Hercides, hur'kii.liz n, Ercwlf, Ercwl 
Herd, hard n, gyr; mintai, cenfaint, 

gre, deadell : v, cydymdyru, deadellu 
Herdsman, hurdz'man n, bugail, grëwr, 

deadellwr, buelydd, bugeilwr 
Here, hî'r ad, yma, yn y lie hwn, yn y 

fan yma, yn y fan hon; dyma, llvrna. 

Here he is, dyma fe [yma 

Hereabouts, hî'r'â.bûŵts ad, o ddeutu 
Hereafter, hî''tûr ad, wedi hyn, ar 

ol hyn, o hyn allan, rhag llaw: n,j 

byd i ddyfod, y byd a ddaw 
Hereat, hî'' ad, ar hyn, wrth hyn 
Hereby, hî'r.bî' ad, wrt£ hyn 
Hereditable, hî.red'í.tâ.bl, Heritable, 

her'í.tâ.bl a, etifeddadwy 
Hereditament, her.î.dit'â.ment n, da 

etifeddol [ trefta dol 

Hereditary, hî.red'ì.tur.î a, etifeddol, 
Herefrom, hiV.from' ad, oddi yma 
Herein, hî'', Heremto, hî''tŵ ad, 

yn hyn ; yma ; i hyn 
Hereof, hi'r.of ad, o hyn; ei 

Hereon, hî'r.on', Hereupon, hi'r.up.on'l 

ad, ar hyn [gred, archwrthgredwr I 
Heresiarch, her'î.sî.ârk n, blaenòr geu- [ 
Heresy, her'î.sî n, geugred, gwrthgred, ; 

geugrcfydd, geulith, camgred, geu- J 

fiÿdd, cyfeiliornad, geuathrawiaeth I 
Heretic, her'i.tik n, geugrefyddwr, cam- { 

gredwr, geuffyddiwr, geugredwr 
Heretical, ni.ret'i.kal a, geugrefyddol J 

geuftyddiol, cyfeiliornus 
Hereto, hi'r.tŵ', Hereunto, hi''ad | 

i hyn, at hyn, wrth hyn ; hyd 5'n hyr I 
Heretofore, hí'r.tŵ.fö'r' ad, gyiit, cvr 

hyn, o'r blaen [hyr 

Herewith, hi'r.with' ad, gyda hyn, eft 
Heriot, her'i.ut n, ebediw [tadaetl 

Heritage, her'i.täj n, etifeddiaeth, tref 
Hermaphrodite, hûr.maf'rö.dît n, deu 

rywyn ; ceiliogiar : a, deurywiol 
Hi-rmaphroditical,'i.kal a 

deurywiol, deurvw 
Hermetic, hur.met'ik, Hermetical, hur 

met'i.kal a, fferyllaidd [elai; 

Hermit, hur'mit n, meudwy, didryfvij 
Hermitage, hûr'mî.täj n, meudAvyfoc 

meuctwyfan [dldry 

Hermitical,'i.kal a, meudwyo 
Hernia, hûr'ní.â n, rhwyg; bolystyr 

torgest, toriad llengig [dewiy 

Hero, hi'r'ö n, anvr, gwron, gwrolddyi 
Heroic,'ik, Heroical,'i.kf 

a, gwronaidd, mawrfrydig, tragwro 

arwrol. Heroic verse, mesur deg troe 
Heroine, her'ö.in n, arwraig, arwres 
Heroism, her'o.izm n, arwredd, arwi 

iaeth, gwroliaeth, dewredd, gwi-oniaet 
Heron, her'un n, creyr, crychydd 
Heronry, her'un.rí n, crëyrfa [iddv 
Herpes, hûi-'píz n, tarddwraint; tâ 
Herring, her'ing n, penwag, ysgadenyx 
Herself, hûr.self' pn, hi ei hunan, 

hunan [mheuaeth, oedia 

Hesitancy, hez' n, petrusder, an 
Hesitate, hez'i.tat vi, petruso, gohiri' 

oedi; ammlieu; geirdagu 
Hesitation, hez.i.ta'shun n, pestrusde 

geirdagiad ; ammheuaeth. Witho» 

hesitation, dibetrus 
Hesperian, hes.pî'r'î.an a, gorllewinol 
Heteroclite, het'ur.o.kli't n, sylweddai 

peth, neu ddyn afreolaidd : a, afrec 

aidd. Heteroclites, amrydreigliaid 
Heteroclitical, het.ur.o.klit'i.kal a, afr 

olus, gwyrol [iol, geu 

Heterodox,' het'ur.o.doks a, gwrthdy: 
Heterodoxy, het' n, all&Tj 

geuddysg, geuffydd, geuathrawiaetl 

ôre; läte, line, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, this; j=dzh. HIR 

Heterogeneal, het.ur.ö.jî'nî.al, Hetero- 
geneous, het.ur.ö.jî'nî.us a, allryw, 
amryfeilryw, brithryw 
Hetnian, het'man n, llywydd [mynu 
Hew, hii (hewn) vt, naddu, tori, cym- 
Hewn, hiin pp. — Hew 
Hexagon, hek'sa.gun n, chwechochr 
Hexagonal, keg.zag'u.nal a, chwech- 

oehrol, chwechongl, chwechonglog 
Hexameter, heg.zam'i.tur n, chwebanog, 

mesur chwetroed 
Hey, hli, Heyday, hä'dä i, ha ! wi ! oi ! 
oian! oio! haio! hai! [ffosp 

Hiation, hi.ä'shun n, dylyfiad gên; agen, 
Hiatus, h'í.ä'tus n, agen, gagendor, gagen 
Hibernal, h'í.bûr'nal a, gauafol, gauafaidd 
Hibernate, h'i'bûr.nät vi, gauafu 
Hibernation, h'i.bûr.nä'.shun n, gauafiad 
Hibernian, hî.bûr'nî.ân n, Gwyddyl, 
Gwyddel: a, Gwyddelig, Iwerddomg 
Hiccup, Hiccough, hik'up n, ig, yr ig : 

v, igian, eigian 
Hickwall, hik'wol, Hickway, hik'wa n, 
caseg y ddryghin, delor y derw, cym- 
mynwr y coed 
Hide, hid (pt hid; pp hidden, hid'n 
hid) v, cuddio, celcio, celu, dirgelu: 
n, croen, cen, bling-groen. Mesur am- 
I mhenodol o dir, o 60 i 120 erw. Hide- 
[ and-seek, migymguddiad, chwareu 
f chwiw. Hide-bound, croenrwym 
t Hideous, hid'yus a, hyll, erchyll, echrys- 
[ lawn, hyllgrych (yhyllgrech) 
i Hie, h'i vi, orysio, prysuro, ffrystio. 
[ Hying, yn prysuro ; prysuriad 
! Hierarch, hi'Lrark n, penadur eglwysig 
Hierarchy, hî'î.râr.ltî ?^, llywodraeth 
t eglwysig; alsantaeth 
f Hieroglyph, hi'î.rö.glif, Hieroglyphic, 
Í hi''ik n, nod arwyddol, ar- 
I wyddlun. Hieroglyphics, batheiriau 
; Hieroglyphical, h'i.î.rö.glif'î.kal a, bath- 
* einiol, arwyddol, arwyddluniol 
Higgle, hig'l vi, edwica, tynfasnachu 
Higgledy-piggledy, hig'l.dî.pig'l.dî ad, 
t yn drapnlith, yn ddidreth 
' High, hi a, uchel, ban, banog, tal ; balch ; 
drud; llawn; croch; mawr. High- 
flown, uchelfalch. High-mettled, 
Î ffroenuchel. High-minded, uchel- 
frydig. High road, y ffordd fawr, cefh- 
ffordd. High sea, cefnfor. High- 
spirited, calonog, hy. Ten feet high, 
r deg troedfedd o uchder. As high, 
' cyfuwch. It is high time, mae yn 
- llawn bryd. To set on high, dyrchafu. 
From on high, oddi uchod 

Highland, hi'land n, ban, ucheldir, 

Highlander, h'i'lan.dûr n, mynyddwr 
Highly, hi 'H ad, yn fawr ; yn falch ; yn 
uchel. Highly-seasoned, poeth i'r 
chwaeth [blaenaf 

Highmost, hi'möst a, uchaf; cyntaf, 
Highness, hi'nes n, uchder, uwchder, 
uchelder, uchelradd. His Royal High- 
ness, ei Uchelder Breninol [lanw 
Highwater, hi'wô.tûr n, gorllanw, gor- 
Highway,hi"wä »,ffordd fawr, prif-flfordd 
Highwayman, hi'wä.man n, lleidr pen 
ftbrdd [usrwydd, hyfrydwch 
Hilarity, hî.lar'î.tî n, Uawenydd, hoen- 
Hilary, hil'ur.î n, yn agos i \vyl Hilary 
(Ionawr 13). Hilary-term, un o dym- 
morau'r gyfraith, yn dechreu yn ^ 
Hilding, hil'ding n, bawddyn, cachgi 
Hill, hil rc,bryn, moel, cefn, garth, trum. 
Ant-hill, myrdwyn, mordwyn [path 
Hillock, hil'uk n, bryncyn, pone, twm- 
Hilly, hil'î a, mynyddig, bryniog 
Hilt, hilt n, cam cleddyf [also, yntau 
Him, him pn, ef, efe, fe, e, efo, fo, o. Him 
Himself, him.self ' pn, ei hun, ei hunan. 
He is beside himself, mae efe allan o'i 
bwyll [taiog: a, ol 
Hind, hind n, ewig; llafurwas, gwas, 
Hinder, hîn'dûr a, ol 
Hinder, hin'dûr v, rhwystro, attal, 

rhagod, lluddias, llesteirio 
Hinderance, hin'dur.ans, Hindrance, 

hin'drans n, rhwystr, llestair, lludd 
Hindermost, hîn'dûr.most, Hindmost, 

hind'most a, olaf, diweddaf ; bonol 
Hinge, hinj n, colyn drws, colfach: «, 

colfachu ; dibynu, ymddibynu 
Hint, hint n, amnaid, awgrym, arwydd : 

vt, amneidio, crybwyll, crybwyllo 

Hip, hip n, clun, pen ucnaf y glun; 

duegwst, praddglwyf; ogfaen; ffrwyth 

marchfien, egroesen : vt, llaesu cym- 

mal pen y glun. Hip-shot, wedi ysigo 

pen y glun, clunlaes [pruddglwyfus 

Hippish, hip'ish a, isel o ysbryd, trist, 

Hippishness, hip'ish.nes n, clefyd y 

ddueg, pruddglwyf ; iselder ysbryd 

Hippocentaur, hip.ö.sen'tôr n, math o 

anghenfil, dynfarch [dychymmygol 

Hippogriff, hip'ö.grif n, march asgellog 

Hippopotamus, hip.ö.pot'â.mus n, yr 

afonfarch, behemoth yr Ysgrythyr 
Hire, h'i'r n, cyfiog, hur, Hog: vt, 
cyflogi, hurio, llogi [hurwas 

Hireling, hi'r'ling n, gwas cyflog; 

HOL path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, twk=took ; 

Hirsute, hûr.süt' a, blewog, cedenog; 
His, hiz pn, eiddo ef, ei eiddo, ei [garw 
Hiss, his n, chwithrwd, chwythlais, ~ 

hwt: v, chwythleisio, si'o, hwtio 
Hist, hist i, ust ! tewch ! taw ! 
Historian, his.tö'r'î.an n, hanesydd, ys- 

tor'iawr [tor'iol 

Historical, his.tor'i.kal a, hanesol, ys- 
Historify, his.tor'î.fî vt, hanesu, adrodd 
Historiographer, his.tö.rî.ög'râ.fûr n, 

hanesydd; brudai [yddiaeth 

Historiography ,his.tö.rí.og'râ.fîn,hanes- 
History, his'tur.î n, banes, brud, ystori; 

edrybod, hanesyddiaeth. Natural 

history, mildraeth 
Histrionic, his.tri.on'ik a, chwarëyddol 
Hit, hit (pt & pp hit) n, ergyd, taraw- 

iad; damwain: v, taro, cyffwrdd; 

dygwyddo [cwlwm; gafaelfach 

Hitch, hitsh v, gafaelu, bachu: 
Hitchel, hit'shel n, heisyllt 
Hithe, hiTH n, porthladd bychan [yma 
Hither, hixH'ur ad, yma, hyd yma, tuag 
Hithermost, hÌTH'ûr.möst a, nesaf yma 
Hitherto, hÌTH'ûr.tŵ ad, hyd yma", hyd 

yn hyn, hyd hyn 
Hitherward, hÌTH'ûr.wôrd ad, tuag yma 
Hive, hi'v », cwch gwenyn, bodrydaf: v, 

cychu, llestru gwenyn 
Ho, hö i, ho ! hai ! clyw ! clywch ! 
Hoar, hö'r a, llwyd, llwydwyn, blawr. 

Hoar-frost, llw} r drew, barug, arien 
Hoard, hö'rd n, cuddfa, cuddgrug; 

cronfa: v, casglu, tyru, croni [llwydni 
Hoariness, hö'r'î.nes », llwydedd; pen- 
Hoarse, hö'rs a, cryg, cryglyd. To 

grow hoarse, crygu, myned yn gryg 
Hoarseness, hö'rs'nes n, crygni, crygi, 

crygiant [penllwj r d 

Hoary, hö'r'î a, llwyd, blawr, arienog; 
Hoax, hoks n, twyll, hoced, siom: vt, 

twyllo, siomi, hudo 
Hob, hob n, pentan, pentanfaen 
Hobble, hob'l n, herciad; dyryswch, 

magl,trallod : vi, hercian, cloffgerdded 
Hobby, hob'î n, corfach ; math o hebog ; 

hurtyn ; anwylbeth, hoffbeth 
Hobgoblin, hob'gob.lin n, ellyll, anys- 

bryd, bygwydd, bo, bygel nos 
Hobnail, hob'näl n, hoel glopa 
Hock, hok n, coesg\-n, gar, coesddarn 

blaen o gig mocbyn ; math o win 
Hock, hok, Hockle, hok'l vt, tori gewyn 

Hocus-pocUs (hoc est corpus, hwn yw'r 

corff), ho.kus.po'kus n, hud, hud a 

fiug, hoced, twyll 

Hod, hod n, cafh cymmrwd, hawc 
Hodíul, hod'fẁl n, hawcaid 
Hoddy, hod'i a, cryf, iachus 
Hodgepodge, hoj'poj, Hotchpotch, hotsh' 

potsh n, cymmysgedd didrefh, cybolfa, 

cawldeb [heddyw 

Hodiernal, hö.dî.ùr'nal a, perthynol i 
Hodman,hod'man n,cymmrydwr,hawcwr 
Hoe, ho* n, chwynogl, caib, cribyn-gaib : 

vt, chwynogli, cribyn-geibio 
Hog, hog n, mocbyn, llwdn hwch, twrch, 

Hog's lard, bloneg. Hog-cot, Hog- 
sty, cwt, twlc mochyn 
Hoggerell, hog'ur.el n, hespwrn, hespin 
Hoggish, hog'ish a, mochaidd; drelaidd 
Hoggishness, hog'ish.nes », mocheidd- 

dra, mochyneidd-dra 
Hogherd, hog'hûrd n, ceidwad moch 
Hogo, hö 'gö n, drewiant, drewdod 
Hogshead^hogz'hed n, myddi, baril fawr; 

54 galwyn o ddiod neu gwrw 
Hoiden, hôî'dn n, hoiden, hobi 
Hoist, hoist vt, codi y dyrchafu 
Hoity-toity, hôî.tî.tôî'tî i, hai, haio, ha 
Hold, hold n, gafael, dalfa; amddiffynfa; 

lloches; ceudod Hong: v {pt held, 

held : pp held, hoiden, hol'dn), dal ; 

gafael; attal; cadw: i, dal! aros! 

paid! To lay hold of, ymaflyd yn. 

To hold one's peace, tewi, tewi â son 
Holdfast, hijld'f'ast n, gafaelfach, dalbrei 
Hole, höln, twll, bwt; ffau 
Holidam, hol'i.dam n, sancteiddfam 
Holiday, Holyday, hol'î.dä n, dydd gwy 
Holiness, hö'lì.nes n, sancteiddrwydd 
Holloa, Hollo, ho.lö' i, hai! cl; 

gwrandaw! vi galw, gwaeddi: 

gwaedd, galwad 
Hollow, hol'5 », ceule, ccudwll, 

ceued: a, cau, cafnog, ceuol; 

waelod: v, ceuo, cafnu: ad, hoi 

trwyadl. Hollow sound, clone, rh< 
Hollowness, hol'ö.nes n, ceuedd, ceud< 
Holly, hol'î n, celynen, pren ceb 

Holly-grove, celynog, celjTillwyn 
Hollyhock, hol'i.hok n, hocys bendig) 
Holm, holm n, prinwydden, y ddei 

fythddeiliog, .^lasdonen ; maran, i 

ian, marianedd, ynys mewn afon 

Holocaust, hol'o.kost n, llosgabi 

poethoifrwm [■ 

Holpen, hol'pn a, cynnorthwyedig : 
Holster, hoTstûr n, gwain llawddryll 
Holy, hö 'lî a, sanctaidd, glân, cyssr 

edig. The holy of holies, cyssegr sai 



öre ; läte, line, nö, miite ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. HOR 

Homage, hom'iij n, ymostyngiad, addol- 

iad, gwriogaeth [warogaeth 

Homager, hom'ä.jûr n, deiliad dan 
Home, höm n,cartref, tref, trigfa,haddef : 

ad, adref, i dref ; at y pwnc. At 

home, gartref. Home thrust, gwth 

hyd adref. Home-spun, cartrefig, a 

wnaed gartref; diaddurn [rwydd 
Homeliness, höm'lî.nes n, cartrefeidd- 
Homely, höm'lì a,cartrefaidd ; gwladaidd 
Homer, hö'mûr n, mesur Hebreaidd o 

gylch tri pheint 
Homestead, höm'sted n, cartrefle [adref 
Homeward, höm'wûrd ad, adref, tuag 
Homicide, hom'î.s'id n, Ueiddiad dyn, 

llofrudd,llawrudd ; llofruddiaeth, dyn- 

laddiad, galanas [wriaeth 

Homilectics, hom.i.lek'tiks np, pregeth- 
Homily, hom'î.lî n, byrdraetn, byr- 

draethawd, pregeth fer [g a ^t 

Hommoc, hom'uk n, bryncyn, garth. 
Homocentric,'trik a, cy- 
• mherfeddol, cynghraidd 
Homoeopathy, hö.mî.op'â.thî n, y gel- 

fyddyd o iachäu â dognau o anfeidrol 

fychander [rywiog, cyfunrhyw 

Homogeneous, hö.mö.jî'nî.us a, cyd- 
Homogeneousness, hö.mö.jî'nî.us.nes n, 

cydrywiaeth, unrhywiaeth 
Homologous, hö.mol'ö.gus a,gogymmedr, 

gogyfartal, cyffelyb [ammhëus 

Homonymous, hö.mon'î.mus a, mwys. 
Homophonous, hö.mof'ö.nus a, unsain. 

gogydsain [unseinedd 

Homophony, hö.mof'ö.nî n, cydseinedd, 
Homotonous, hö.mot'ö.nus a, unwedd 
Hone, hön n, hogfaen, ellynfaen, hogalen : 

vt, hogi, llymu ar hogfaen 
Honest, on'est a, cyfiawn, cywir, di- 

dwyll, gonest, addwyn, uniawn 
Honesty, on'es.tî n, uniondeb, addwyn- 

der, gonestrwydd, cyvsiredd, cywirdeb 
Honey, hun'î n, mêl. Honey-bag, cwd 
; y mel, cylla gwenyn. Honey-comb, 

dil mêl, crwybr. Honey-dew, mel- 

; wlith, melgawod. Honey-moon, mis 

; yr afaeth, mis cyntaf ar ol priodi. 

, Honey-mouthed, mwyndafod 

Honeysuckle, bun'i.suk.l n, gwyddfid, 

g\\yddwydd, blodau'r mêl 
Honeywort, hun'î.wûi't n, llysiau'r mêl 
Honied, hun'id a, llawn mêl, melus 
Honorary, on'ö.rur.î a, mygedol ; anwobr- 

wyedig, heb ei dalu ; ambydeddus 
Honorihcabihtudinity, on.o.rif.i.ka.bil.i- 

tü.din'î.tî n, anrhydeddusrwydd (y 

gair hwyaf yn yr iaith Seisnig) 

Honour, on'ur n, anrhydedd, bn, parch, 
enw, ardduniant, urddas, ermyg, ed- 
myg : vt, anrhydeddu, parchu. With- 
out honour, dibarch, dianrhydedd 
Honourable, on'ur. â.bl a, anrhydeddus, 
parchus. Right Honourable, Gwir An- 
rhydeddus [rhydeddusrwydd 

Honourableness, on'ûr.â.bl.nes n, an- 
Hood, hẁd n, cwfl, cwcwll, penguwch 
Hoodivink, hwd'wingk vt, mwgydu, gor- 
Hoof, hŵf n, earn, ewingarn [chuddio 
Hoofed, hŵ-ft a, carniog, carnol. Hoofed 

animals, carnolion 
Hoofless, hŵfles a, digarn 
Hook, hwk n, bach, bechyn : v, bachu, 
bachellu, dyfachu, dal. Bill-hook, 
glaif. Fish-hook, bach pysgota. 
Pruning-hook, gwyddhf. Reaping- 
hook, cryman. By hook or by crook, 
rhyw ffordd neu gilydd. Hook and 
eye, bach a llygad, bach a dolen 
Hookah, hw'ka n, math o bib hir 
Hoop, hŵp n, cylch, cylchyn, cant : vt, 
cylchu, cantio. Hooping-cough, y pas 
Hoot, hŵt v, hwtian, hwtio 
Hop, hop n, gonaid, hwp, dylam, hec, 
here, 11am untroed: v, llemain, hec- 
ian; hopysu. Hop, skip, and jump, 
hwp a cham a naid 
Hope, hop n, gobaith, goglud, hyder : v, 
gobeithio, hyderu, ymddiried. Hope- 
deserted, diobaith. Forlorn hope, 
tamaid angeu 
Hopeful, höp'fẁl a, gobeithiol ; golygus 
Hopefulness, höp'fẁl.nes n, gobeithiol- 
rwydd [dihyder 

Hopeless, höp'les a, diobaith, anobeithiol, 
Hopelessness, höp'les.nes n, anobaith 
Hopper, hop'ûr n, hopran melin ; basged 
Hopple, hop'l vt, cydrwymo'r traed 
Hops, hops np, llewyg y blaidd, hopys 
Horal, hö'r'al, Horary, hö'r'ur.î a, awrol, 

oriol, perthynol i oriau 
Horde, hô'rd n, tyhvyth, torf, mintai 
Horehound, hö'r'hûẁnd n, morddanadl. 
White horehound, llwyd y cwn [wel 
Horizon, ho.r'i'zun n, terfÿngylch, gor- 
Horizontal, hor.i.zon'tal a, gwastad; 

terfyngylchol ; gorweddol, llorwedd 
Horn, horn n, corn. Horn-book, llyfr 
corn. Hunting-horn, helgorn. Inner 
horn, mab gorn. Without horns, 
moel, digorn. Green horn, gwirionyn 
Hornblende, hôrn'blend n, math o gareg 
Horned, hôrn'ed a, corniog, cyrnig 
Hornet, hor'net n, cacynen y meirch, 
chwüiores, gwenynen y meirch 

HOW path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Hornpipe, hôrn'píp re, math o daplas 
Horny, horn'î a, coraaitid, cyrnaidd 
Horologe, hor'ö.loj re, awrfynegydd 
Horology, bor'ö.lö.jî re, awroniaeth 
Horometry, hö.rom'î.trî re, awrfesuriaeth 
Horoscope, hor o.sköp re, cyd-dremiad 
y planedau [dychrynllyd 

Horrent, hor'ent a, gwrychog, garw; 
Horrible, hor'î.bl a, erchyll, ofhadwy, 
hyll, dychrynllyd, echryslawn, echrys 
Horribleness, hor'î.bl.nes re, echryslon- 
edd, ercbylldra [anferth 

Horrid, hor'id a, erchyll, echrydus, 
Horrific, ho.rif'ik a, dychrynllyd, ar- 

swydus, brawychua, yn peri ofn 

Horrisonous, ho.ris'ö.nus a, erehyll- 

seiniol [erchylldod 

Horror, hor.ûrre, arswyd, dychryn, braw, 

Horse, hôrs re, march ; ceflyl : vt, rhoi ar 

farch ; marchogaeth. Horse-block, 

careg farch, esgynfaen. Horse-breaker, 

torwr meirch. Horse-cloth, hws, 

cefnlhain. Horse-dealer, porthmon 

meirch. Horse-fly, cacynen y meirch. 

Horse-laugh, erechwen. Horse-race, 

marchred, marchredegfa. Horse-shoe, 

Eidol ceflyl. Horse-trappings, seirch. 
ntire horse, march. Hobby-horse, 
ceflyl pren. Pack-horse, pynfarch. 
Race-horse, rhedfarch, rhedegfarch. 
Stalking-horse, ceflyl brethyn. War- 
horse, cadfarch, rhyfelfarch. On horse- 
back, ar gefn ceflyl, yn marchocäu, yn 
marchgäu, yn marchäu 

Horseman, hGrs'man re, marchwr, gwr 
march, marchog [wriaeth 

Horsemanship, hôrs'man.ship re, march- 

Hortation, hôr.tä'shun re, annogaeth, 

Hortative, hor'ta.tiv, Hortatory, hôr'tâ- 
tur.î a, annogaethol, rhybuddiol 

Horticulture, hor'ti.kul.tshur re, gardd- 
wriaeth [gardd 

Hortulan, hôr'tü.lan a, garddol, fel 

Hosanna, ho.zan'a n, gair Hebräeg yn 
arwyddo " Achub, atolwg " 

Hose, hoz (p hose, hoz, hosen, ho'zn) 
n, hosan 

Hosier, ho'zhur re, hosanydd, hosaneuwr 

Hospitable, hos'pí.tâ.bl a, llettygar, 

Hospital, hos'pî.tal re, ysbytty, clafdy 

Hospitality, nos.pî.taí'î.tí n, llettygar- 
wch, ysbyd, haelioni 

Host, host re, llu, byddin; llettywr; 
tafarnwr ; aberth yr offeren [ddyn 

Hostage, hos'täj re, mach, gwystl, gwystl- 

Hostess, hös'tes re, llettywraig; tafarn- 
wraig [rhyfelgar 

Hostile, hos'til a, gelyniaethus, gelynol ; 
Hostility, hos.til'î.tî re, gwrthryn, gelyn- 
iaeth, gelynolrwydd ; rhyfel ; casineb 
Hostler, os'íûr re, marehwas, ostler 
Hostel, hüs'tel. Hostelry, h'ds'tel.ri. Host- 
ry.hös'trîre, marchdy cyflredin=Hotel 
Hot, hot, a, twym, gwresog, brwd, poeth. 
Hot-brained, penboeth, ffroehwyllt. 
Hot-headed, penboeth, fiyrnig, gor- 1 
wyllt. Burning hot, poeth angerddol. ] 
Red hot, gwynias, yn dân coch 
Hotbed, hot'bed re. gwely brwd [ostl. 
Hotel, hö.teJ' re, Hetty cyflredin, gwestty, ( 
Hothouse, hot'hûẁs re, "twymdy 
Hotspur, hot'spúr », dyn nwydwyllt 
Hottentot, hot'en.tot re, brodor Penryn 

Gobaith Da; dyn gwyllt 
Hough, hok re, gar: vt, tori llinyn y gat 
Hound, hûŵnd re, bytheuad, huad. 
huadgi, helgi. Blood-hound, gwaedgi. 
Hound-bitch, bytheuades. Hound-) 
fish, y pysg picwd, penci. Hound -tree 
pysgwyddeu [awrwydryr 

Hour,ûw'rre,awr. Hour-glass, awrwydr 
Hourly, ûŵYlî ad, bob awr: a, oriol 
House, hûŵs (p houses, huw'ziz) ». 
ty. House-warming, gwledd cynhes- 
iad ty. Dwelling-house, ty annedd: 
trigfan. Pest-house, heintty. Play- 
house, chwareudy. Public-house 
tafam. Summer dwelling-house 
hafod, hafotty. Mean paltry houses} 
House, huvvz v, Uettya, dwyn i dy, tyo Í 
Housebreaker, huws'bra.kur re, tydorwi 
Housebreaking, huws'bra.king re, ty, 
doriad [ty; tyai 

Household, hûŵs'höld re, teulu, tylwyth' 
Householder, hûŵs'höl.dûr re, gwr ty 
perch en ty [teuliiyddev 

Housekeeper, huws'ki.pur re, perchen ty 
Houseless, hûŵs'les a, diannedd, di 

öre; läte, line, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. HUR 

However, huw.ev'ur, Howsoever, hûẁ 

so.ev'ur ad, pa fodd hynag, beth 

bynag ; er hyny, enllai 
Howitzer, huw'it.zur n, math o gyflegr 
Howl, hûŵl, Howling, hûẁ'ling n, ud, 

udiad, udfa; oernad, drygnad 
Howl, hûŵl vi, udo, udain; oernadu 
Howlet, hûŵlet n. dylluan ieuanc 
Hox, hoks vt, tori llinyn y gar 
Hoy, hôî n, math o long fechan 
Hubbub, hub'ub n, gwag derfysg, da- 

dwrdd, godwrdd, iwbwb [bras 

Huckaback, huk'a.bak n, math o liain 
Buckle, huk'l n, gafael y glun. Huckle- 
- backed, cefngrwm. Huckle-bone, 

asgwrn y glun ■ [wr 

Huckster, huk'stur n, edwicwr, adwerth- 
Huddle, hud'l vt, brysdyru ; brysguddio : 

n, cymmysgfa 
Hue, hii 11, ÌÌiw, eiliw, gwawr, gwedd, 

gne, gorne; gwaedd, iwbwb. Hue- 
and-cry, gwaedd ac ymlid 
Huff, hiif n, anfoddlonedd, soriant; 

sarhâd: v, senu; sardio, bygylu [falch 
Huffish, huf'ish a, anniddig; trahaus- 
Hug, hug vt, cofleidio, breicheidio: n, 

cofleidiad, breicheidiad 
Huge, hiij a, dirfawr, enfawr, erfawr, 

aruthrol, amrosgo, anferthol [fawredd 
, Hugeness, hiij'nes n, aruthredd, gor- 
| Huguenots, hü'gî.nuts, hüg'nö n, llysenw 
i ar y Protestaniaid Caltinaidd yn 
I Ffrainc 

t Hulk, luUk n, coriF Hong, cyff llestr 
Hull, hul n, corff Hong; cibyn, plisgyn 

• Hully, hul'i a, cibynog, plisgog, eisinog 

\ Hum, hum n, si gwenyn, si ; sibrwd : 
| v, mwngial, mudleisio, mwinial 
Human, hii'man a, dynol, dyniadol. 
\ Human nature, dynoliant, dynoliaeth 
i Humane, hü.män' a, hynaws, tirion, 
'? tyner, dyngarol [madegydd 

1 Humanist, hii' n, ieithydd, gra- 
. Humanity,'i.ti n, dynoliaeth, 
i dyngarwch [eiddio 

Humanize, hii'man.iz vt, dynoli, gwar- 
, Humble, um'bl a, difalch, gostyngedig, 
iselfrydig, ufudd, ufyll; gwael, isel, 
tlawd : vt, iselu, darostwng, gostwng. 
; Humble-bee, gwenynen wyllt. To 

humble one's self, ymostwng 
Humbles, np. — Umbles [twyllo 

Humbug, hum'bug n, twyll, twyllwr : vt. 
Humdrum, hum'drum a, pendrwm: n, 

• delff ' [lleithio 
Humectate, hii.mek'tat vt, gM'lychu, 
Humeral, hii' a, ysgwyddoi 

Humid, hii'mid a, gwlyb, llaith, 
dyfrllyd, gwlyborllyd, gwlybyrog 

Humidity, hü.mid'î.tî n, gwlybrwydd, 
gwlybaniaeth, lleithder 

Humiiic, hii.mif'ik a, lleithbar, gwlyb- 
yrog [iselu 

Humiliate, hü.mil'î.ät vt, darostwng, 

Humiliation, î.ä'shun n, isehad, 
darostyngiad, gostyngiad; ymostyng- 
iad, yinddarostyngiad 

Humility, hü.mil'î.tí n, iselfrydedd, gos- 
tyngeiddrwydd , difalchedd 

Hummingbird, hum'ing.bûrd n, math o 
aderyn bach 

Humour, ü'mûrt'í, boddhau, mwyndrin: 
n, irnaws, sudd, llyn, gorlif; tuedd, 
tymmer, hwyl, mympwy; arabedd, 
cellwair, digrifwch. Good-humoured, 
hynaws, addfwyn. Ill-humoured, an- 
fwyn, sarig 

Humourist, ü' n, gwammalddpi 

Humourous, ü' a, penchwiban, 
gwammal; digrif, hoenus, cellweirus, 
ysmala; irnawsaidd, llynorol 

Humoursome, ü'mûr.sum a, gwjnuog, 
anfoddog, anniddig, anynad, diyg- 
naws, anwadal 

Hump, hump n, cr^Tnach. Hump-back, 
cefn crwm. Hump-backed, cefngrwm, 
crwca, cefngam 

Hunch, huntsh n, penelinawd, crwmach : 
vt, penelino; dyrnodio. Hunch- 
backed, ysgwyddgam, cefngrwm 

Hundred, hun'dred n, cantref: a & n, 
cant, 100. Hundred times, canwaith 

Hundredth, hun'dredth a, canted, lOOfed 

Hung, hung j)t & pp. — Hang 

Hunger, hung'gur n, newyn, chwant 
bwyd : v, newynu, dwyn newyn, bod â 
chwant bwyd arno 

Hungriness, hung'gri.nes n, newyndod 

Hungry, hung'grî a, â chwant bwyd ar, 
newynog, gwancus ]]was 

Hunks, hunks n, cerlyn, cybydd, crin- 

Hunt, hunt 11, helyddiaeth ; helta, hela ; 
haid o helg\vn: v, hela, hely, hel, 
helcyd ; asgafaethu ; erlyn, ymlid, er- 
lid; olrhain [farch 

Hunter, hun'tûr n, heliwr; helgi; hel- 

Hunting, hun'ting n, helwriaeth ; helfa 

Huntress, hun'tres n, helyddes, helwraig 

Huntsman, hunts'man n, helwr, heliwr, 
cynydd [helwriaethol 

Huntsmanship, hunts'man.ship n, medr 

Hurden, hûr'dn n, math o liain bras 

Hurdle, hûr'dl n, clwyd, clwyden, llid- 
iart, pleiden : vt, clwydo, gwialglwydo 

HYP path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cnt, tẁ=too, tẁk=took; 

Hurds, hurdz np, breision llin 
Hurl, bûrl v, taflu, ergydio, chwyrnellu, 
chwyrndaflu: n, cbwyrndafliad, ergyd 
Hurlbat, hûrl'bât n, maneg ddyraodio 
Hurlwind, hûrl'wind n, trowynt, corwynt 
Hurly, hûr'lî n, trwst. Hurly-burly, 

cynhwrf, terfysg, ffwndwr 
Hurrab, hẁ.râ' i, hwra ! 
Hurricane, hur'i.kan n, gyrwynt, rhuthr- 
wynt, tymmestl, hyrddwynt, corwynt 
Hurrier, bur'i.ûr n, rfrystiwr, ystunwr 
Hurry, hur'i n, ffrwst, brys, tiwdan, trull : 

v, prysuro, brysio, ystuno, ftẁdanu 
Hurst, hurst n, coed, gwig, coedwig 
Hurt, hurt n, niwed, afles, drwg ; anafod : 
vt (pt & pp hurt), niweidio, colledu ; 
gwneyd dolur i, dolurio ; drygu 
Hurtful, hurt'fẁl a, niweidiol, anafol 
Hurtle, hur'tl vt, hergydio, gwrthdaro. 

Hurtle-berries, llus duon bach 

Hurtless, hûrt'les a, didthwg, diniwed 

Husband, huz'band n, gwr priod, gwr, 

priod: vt, iawndrefhu; amacthu. 

Ship's husband, dirprwywr perchen- 

ogion Hong [gweddw 

Husbandless, huz'band.les a, heb wr, 

Husbandman, huz' n, arddwr, 

amaethydd, llafurwr 
Husbandry, huz'band.ri n, llafuriaeth, 
arddwriaeth, amaethyddiaeth ; cyn- 
Hush, hush i, ust! taw! ystaw! v, 
dystewi, gostegu; dyhuddo. Hush- 
money, arian taw, cyflog tewi 
Husk, husk re,phsgyn, usyn, eisinyn, cib, 

cibyn, coden, mesglyn 
Husky, hus'ki a, usog, eisinog, cibog 
Hussar, hw.zar' n, math o farchfilwr 
Hussy, huz'i n, dyhiren, maden, cecren 
Hustings, hus'tingz np, esgynlawr,taflod 

Hustle, hus'l vt, cydysgwyd, ysgytian 
Huswife, huz'wif n, teuliiyddes. — House- 
wife [cut 
Hut, hut n, bwth, lluestty, twlc, ffronc, 
Hutch, hutsh n, ydgist; cist, cwningen 
Hux, huks vi, pysgota penhwyaid âbach 
Huzza, hw.zfi n, bloedd, bloddest, ban- 

llef: vi, bloeddio: i, hwra! 

Hyacinth, hi'â.sinth n, math o faen 

gwerthfawr; cenin y brain. Wild 

hyacinth, glas y llwyn, botasen y gog, 

cenin y brain 

Hyades, h'i'a.diz, Hyads, h'i'adz np, y 

pum seren siriol (ym mhen Arwydd y 

Tarw) [aidd, tryloew 

Hyaline, hî'à.lin a, gwydraidd, crisial- 

Hybrid, h'i'brid n, milyn neu lysieuyn j 

cymmysgryw: a, cymmysgryw 
Hydra, hi'dra n, iFugsarff amlben a ladd- > 

wyd gan Ercwlf ; cydrif o ser deheuol í 
Hydragogue, hî'drâ.gog n, meddygia- | 

iaeth i garthu y lliflynoedd 
Hydraulic, h'i.dro'lik a, awellaidd 
Hydraulics, hi'.dro'liks np, awelliaeth $ 
Hydrocele, h'i'drö.sîl n, dyfrglwyf y gaill , 
Hydrocephalus, hî.drü.sef'â.lus n, dyfr- 
glwyf yn y pen 
Hydrogen, h'f'drö.jen n, ulai 
Hydrographer, hî.drog'râ.fûr n, mor-fr 

ddarluniwr [ ddarluniad I 

Hydrography, h'i.drog'râ.fî n, mor-J 
Hydrology, hi.drol'ö.jî n, dyfrdraeth 
Hydromancy, hî'drö.man.sî n, dyfrogan. 

dyfrgoel [ddwfr; 

Hydromel, hi'drö.mel n, medd, mel-fe 
Hydrometer, h'i.drom'î.tûr n, dyfr-i 

fesurydd, dyfrbwysai 
Hydropathist* h'í.drup'â.thist n, gwlyb- i 

yrydd, meddyg sy'n gwella â dwfr oej : 
Hydropathy, hî.drop'ä.thì n, dyfrfedd-I 

Hydrophobia, hî.drö.f ö 'bî.â n, y gyn-4 

ddaredd [dyfrol 

Hydropical, h'i.drop'i.kal a, dyfrglwyfusr 
Hydropsy, hî'drop.sî n, dyfrglwyf 
Hydrostatics, hi'.dro.stat'iks n, dyfrl 

'bwysiant, awsatìaeth [glwyf y iroi 
Hydrothorax, hi'.dro.tho'r'aks n, dyfrl 
Hydrotic, hi'.drot'ik n, meddyginiaeth | 

s} r mmud ymaith ddwfr neu lysnafed< | 
Hydrous, h'i'drus a, dyfrol 
Hyemal, h'i.i'mal a, gauafaidd, gauafol !' 
Hyena, hi.í'nâ n, u'dtil, udflaidd 
Hygeian, hi'.ji'an a, iechydol 
Hygiene, hi'.jî'în n, iechyd; ffordd I 

gadw iechyd 
Hygrometer, hî.grom'î.tûr, HygroscopiÉ 

h'i'gro.skop n, offeryn i fesur lleithdel 

yr awyr [y bilen forwymw 

Hymen, hi'men n, duw priodas; priodas, 
Hymeneal, h''i'al, Hymenean, hi»'an a, priodasol : n, priodasgerd 
Hymn, him n, emyn, cathl, mawlgerdòB 

v, canu mawl, dyganu, eniynu 
Hymnist, him'nist n, emynydd, hymn* 
Hymnology, him.noí'ö.jî n, casghad m 

Hyper- px, yn arwyddo gormodaeth _ S 
Hyperbole, h'i.pür'bö.lî n, gormodiaii 

Hyperbohcal, hi'.pur.bori.kal n, anV 

ben gwir, tu hwnt i'r gwir, gormodo 
Hyperbolize, h'i.pur'bo.liz v, mwyhau ■ 

ore ; läte, line, nö, müte ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; jrrdzh. IDO 

Hyperborean, h'í.pûr.bö'r'î.an a, uch 

ogleddig, gogleddol : n, gogleddwr 
Hypercritic, hi'.pur.krit'ik n, beirniad 

rhy fanwl [feirniadaeth 

Hypercriticism, h'i.pur.krit'i.sizra n, gor- 
Hyphen, h'i'fen n, cyssylltnod, cyplys- 

nod, anorphennod (-) [cwsgbar 

Hypnotic, hip.not'ik n, meddyginiaeth 
Hypo- px, tan- 
Hypochondria, hip.o.kon'dri.a n, clefyd 

y ddueg, gwyntglwyf ; iselder ysbryd, 

Hypochondriac, hip.o.kon'dri.ak a, claf 

or ddueg, pruddglwyfus : n, un 

pruddglwyfus [rith, ffug 

Hypocrisy, kî.pok'rî.sî n, rhagrith, lied 
Hypocrite, hip'o.krit n, rkagrithiwr 

ffuantwr [ruthiol, ffuantus 

Hypocritical, hip.o.krit'i.kal a, rhag- 
Hypostasis, hî.pos'tâ.sis n, hanfodoldeb, 
. personoldeb [fodol; sylweddol 

Hypostatical, hip.o.stat'i.kal a, han- 
Hypothesis, hî.poth'ì.sis (hypotheses, 

hi.poth'i.siz) n, amcansail, Uettyb, 

tybiad, amcandyb [tybseiliedig 

Hypothetical, hip.o.thet'Lkal a, tybiol, 
Hyrax, h'i'r'aks n, cwningen y creigiau 
Hyson, h'i'sun n, math o de gwyrdd 
Hyssop, his'up n, isop 
Hysteric, his.ter'ik, Hysterical, hís.ter'- 
,. i.kal a, mamwstaidd, mamystog, dir- 
' grynol. Hysteric ball, llewyg belen 
■Hysterics, his.ter'iks np, y famwst, 
[ clefyd y fam [y groth 

Hysterotomy, his.tî.rot'ö.mî n, difyniad 
Hystrix, his'triks n, balasc, draenog 


I, î pn, mi, myfi ; i. I also, minnau 
Iambic,'bik n, math o fydraeth, yn 
) cynnwys sill fer a hir bob yn ail 
Iambus, i'.am'bus n, corfan talgrwn 
:Ibex, Y'beks n, math o afar wyllt 
Ibis, Y 'bis n, aderyn Aiphtaidd 
Ice, 'is n, ia; caenrew [Pharaoh 

Ichneumon,'mun n, Uygoden 
Ichnographer, ik.nog'ra.fur n, seilddar- 
> luniwr [adail 

.fchnography, ik.nog' n, cjoillun 
Ichor, 'i'kor n, cornwydlif, sudd y corff 
Ichorous, Y' a, noddlifol, dyfrllyd 
•Ichthyolite, ik'thi.o.l'it ?i, pysgodyn wedi 

ei droi yn gareg 
'tchthyologist, ik.thi.ol'o.jist n, pysgydd 
Ichthyology, ik.thi.ol'o.j'i n, pysgỳdd- 


Ichthyosis, ik.thi.o'sis n, pysg-groen 
Icicle, i'si.kl n, cloyn ia, clock ia 
Iciness, 'i'sî.nes n, iäeth, iäedd; oerder 
Icon, i'kun n, cywirlun, llun, darlun, 

delw [doriad 

Iconoclasm, i'.kon'o.klazm n, delw- 
Iconoclast, i'.kon'o.klast n, delwdorwr 
Iconolater, 'i.ko.nol'a.tur n, eilunaddolwr, 

delwaddolwr [ochrog 

Icosahedral, i''dral a, ugain- 
Icosahedron, ''drun n, corff 

ugainochrog cyfartal 
Icteric, ik.ter'ik a, claf o'r cryd melyn 
Icterus, ik'ti.rus n, j clefyd melyn 
Icy, 'i'sî a, llawn ia, rhewllyd, iäidd 
Idea, 'i.dî'â ?i, meddylddrych, meddylrith, 

dychymmyg, amgyffi-ed, cyffred, tyb, 

delwad peth yn y meddwl 
Ideal, i'.di al a, dychymmygol, tybiol 
Idealism, l.di'al.izm n, ansylweddiaeth, 

meddylddrychiaeth, cred y rhai a 

haerant nad oes sylwedd corfforol 
Identic, i'.den'tik, Identical, Y.den'ti.kal 

a, yr un, unrhywiol, hwnw ei hun 
Identify, 'i.den'tî.fî vt, profi mai efe ei 

hunan yw, profi unrhywdeb, hunan- 

iaethu [deb, hunaniaeth 

Identity, î.den'tî.tî «,unrhy wdeb, hunan- 
Ides, Ydz np, enw a roddid gynt ar am- 

ryw o ddyddiau'r flwyddyn ; sef y lofed 

o Fawrth, Mai, Gorphenaf, a Hydref, 

a'r 13ydd o'r misoedd ereill 
Idiocy, id'yö.sî, Idiotcy, id'yut.sî n, 

gwallgofr^-ydd, ynfydrwydd 
Idiom, id'yum n, priod-ddull iaith, 

ieithwedd, ebddull, llafarwedd 
Idiosyncrasy, id.yo.sin' n, tym- 

mer priodol, priod-ddull meddwl 
Idiot, id'yut n, ffol geni, ynfydyn ; un 

soeg, hurtyn, gwirionyn [iaith 

Idioticon, id.i.ot'i.kuu n, geiriadur un- 
Idiotism, id'yo.tizm n, gwallgof ; ynfyd- 
rwydd ; priod-ddull iaith, ebddull 
Idle, i"dl a, diog, segur, dioglyd ; diwaith, 

gwag, coeg : vi, diogi, segura, ofera 
Idleness, 'i'dl.nes n, diogi, segurdod 
Idler, i'd'lfir n, diogyn, segurwr, segur- 

ddyn, seguryn, diogddyn 
Idol, 'i'dul n, delw, eilun, eilundduw 
Idolater, 'i.dol'â.tûr n, delwaddolwi - , 

eilunaddolwr, geuaddolwr 
Idolatrize, i'.dol a.tri'z vi, delwaddoli 
Idolatrous, ì.dol'â.trus a, eilunaddolgar 
Idolatry, 'i.dol'a.tri, Idolizm, i'do.lizm n, 

eilunaddoliaeth [addoli 

Idohze, i'do.l'iz vt, gorhoffi, gorbarchu, 
Idoneous, î.dö'nî.us a, addas, cymhwys 

IMA path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cnt, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Idyl, 'í'dil n, bugeilgerdd; can fer, eanig 
If, if c, os, od, o, pe, ped, pes. If not, os 

ni, os na, onid, onid e 
Igneous, ig' o.tanllyd, tanol, llachar 
Ignis fatuus, ig'nis fat'ü.us (]) ignes 
fatui, ig'niz fat'U.Y) n, llewyrn, mall- 
dan, ellylldan, tanwedd, tanwy 
Ignite, ig.n'it' v, ennyn, tanio, cynneu 
Ignitible, ig.n'í'tî.bl a, llosgadwy, eyn- 

neuol, ennynol, fflamadwy 

Ignition, ig.nish'un w, tandawd,emryniad 

Ignivomous, ig.niv'o.mus a, yn owrw 

allan dân, tanboerol [salw 

Ignoble, ig.nö'bl a, anenwog; gwael. 

Ignominious, ig.nö.min'yus a, gwarthus, 

cywilyddus, gwaradwyddus [gwartb 

Ignominy, ig'nö.miii.î n, gwaradwydd: 

Ignoramus, ig.nò.rä'mus n, dyn anwy- 

bodus, hurthgen. penbwl [annysg 

Ignorance, ig'nö.rans n, anwybodaeth. 

Ignorant, ig'nö.rant a, anwybodus, an- 

neallus, anhyddysg, anhyfedr, diwybod 

Ignore, ig.nô'r' vt, gwrthod, gwadu; 

dilè'u ; íiùiii anwybodaeth o beth 
II- px, di-, an-, heb 
Iliac, il 'yak a, coluddaidd, coluddol, 

Iliac passion, ymbleth y coluddion 
Iliad, il yad«,cerdd anvraidd gan Homer 
111, il (worse, worst ) a, drwg; claf, sal, 
salw, afiach, drwg ei hwyl, anhwylus ; 
beius: ad, yn ddrwg: n, drwg, niwed, 
anhap, adtyd, trueni. Ill-advised, 
disynwyr, drygbwyll, haerllug. Ill- 
affected, drygnawsus. Ill-bred, an- 
foesog, anfoesgar. Ill- contrived, 
afluniaidd, anghryno, annliaclus. 111- 
fated, arlwyddiannus. Ill-looking, 
salw, cas ei olwg. Ill-manners, an- 
foes. Ill-natured, drwg-anwydus, 
anfoddog. Ill-sorted, anghymhar, 
anghydwedd. Ill-starred, anfFodus, 
anhapus. Ill-timed, allan o amser, 
anamserol. Ill-will, dygasedd, ewyll- 
ys drwg. As ill, cynddrwg. Ill at 
ease, claf; anesmwyth [mherffaith 
Illaborate, i.lab'ö.rät a, dilafur; am 
Illacerate, i.las'ur.ät, Illaeerable, i.las' 

ur.â.bl a, anliyrwyg, anrhwygadwy 
Illachrymable, " i.hik' a, di- 

ddagrau. diddeigr 
Illapse, i.laps' n, arlithrad ; rhuthrad 
Illaqueate, i.lak'wi.iit vt, maglu; dyry 
Illation, i.lä'shun n, casgliad. canlyniad 
Illative, il'a.tiv a, canlyniadol, casgl- 

iadol, casgledigol 
Illaudable, i.lô'dâ.bl a, anghanmoladwy 
anhyfawl, anhyglod 

Illegal, i . li ' gal a, anghyfreithlawn, i 

anghyfreithiol [londeb 

Illegality, il.î.galì.tî n, anghyfreith- f 
Illegibility, i.lej.î.bil'î ti n, annarllenol- 

rwydd, aneglurdeb 
Illegible, i.lej' a, annarllenadwy 
Illegitimacy,'í.mä.sî n, basdardd- 

iaeth ; anghyfreithlondeb 
Illegitimate, iì.î.jit'ì.mät a, basdardd- 

aidd; anghyfreithlawn 
Illeviable, i.lev' a, anghasgladwy 
Illiberal, i.lib' a, anhael, bawaidd 1 

crintach, anhyged ; anfoneddigaidd I 
Illiberality, i.lib.u.ral'î.tî n, anhaelderl 

crintachrwydd ; anfoneddigrwydd ; an- 

syberwyd [nhe£ 

Illicit, i.lis'it a, anghyfreithlawn, an- 
Illighten, i.lî'tn vt, goleuo. — Enlighten 
Illimitable,' a, annherfyn- 

adwy. annherfynol, diderfyn 
Illiterate, i.lit'ur.ät a, diddysg, an 

llythrenog, annysgedig 
Illness, il'nes n, afiechyd, clefyd, an 

hwyldeb. anhwyl; bai; drygioni 
Illogical, i.loj'i.kal a, anadlol, afres 

ymegol [gwawdi 

Illude, i.liid' vt, twyllo, siomi, cellwaS 
Illume, i.lüm', Illumine, i.lii'min, Illu 

minate, i.lü'mî.nät vt, goleuo, eglur 

hau, llewyrchu, llewycbu; harddu 
Illumination, i.lü.mî.nä'shun n, goleu 

ad, llewyrcbiad, claeroleuad ; canwyll 

iad; egiuriad [iaet 

Illusion, i.lii'zhun n, twyll, hud, hudol 
Illusive, i.lii'siv, Illusory, i.lü'sur.î t 

hudol, lledrithiog, siomgar, ffab 

twyllodrus. gau, hudoliaethus 
Illustrate, i.lus'trät vt, gloewi, egln. 

amlygu, goleuo ; darlunio 
Illustration,ä 'shun n, eglurhai 

agoriad, ainlygiad; darlun 
Illustrative, i.lus'tra.tiv a, eglurh» 

agoriadol [enwog, godidi 

Illustrious, i.lus' a, arddercho 
Image, im'äj n, delw, eilun. llun, darln 

rhith, cyffelybiaeth, arddull; tyb: l 

llunio. 'darfelyddu, tybied. Imag 

worship, eilunaddoliaeth [iael 

Imagery, im'ä.jur.î n, delwant, aria 
Imaginable, î.maj'i.nâ.bl a,dychvmm" 

adwy [ol, ' 

Imaginary, î.maj'î.nur.î a, dychyi 
Imagination, î.maj.î.nä 'shun 

chymmyg, meddwl, tyb, amg; 

darfelydd, dnnacüad 
Imagine, î.maj'in v, dychymmygu, I 
Iman. î'man n, offeiriad Mahometaid< 

öre; läte, line, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. 


Imbank, im.bangk vt, amgloddio, am- 

gau [rym, egwan; penwan 

Imbecile, im.bî.sîl a, gwan, diallu, di- 

Imbecility, im.bî.sil'î.tî n, eiddilwch, 

gwendid, penwendid 
Imbibe,'b' vt, sugno, derbyn, llyncu 
Imbitter, im.bit'ûr vt, chwerwi 
Imbody, im.bod'i vt, corifori, cynnwys 
Imbolden, im.bol'du vt, hyfhau, èoni; 

calonogi, cefhogi 
Imbosom, im.bwz'um vt, mynwesu 
Imbound, im.bûŵnd' vt, amgau 
Imbow,' vt, bwäu, mydu 
Imbower, im.bûŵ'ûr vt, gwyddwasgodi, 
gwyddguddio [doriad ceuol 

Imbrication, im.bri.ka 'shun n, bwleh- 
Imbrue, im.brŵ' vt, trochi, gwlyehu, 
mwydo [anifeilhau 

Imbrute, ŵt' vt, anifeilyddio. 
Imbue, im.bü' vt, tryliwio; egwyddori 
Imburse, im.bûrs' vt, dwyn cost ; edryd 

arian dyledus, ad-dalu 
Imbursement. im bûrs'ment n, cost, traul 
Imitable, im'î.tâ.bl a, dylynadwy, dyn- 
waredadwy, efelychadwy [ychol 

Imitary, im'î.tur.î a, dynwaredol, efel- 
Imitate, im'î.tät vt, dynwared, efelychu, 
arddullio [efelychiad 

I Imitation, im'î.tä'shun n, tebygiad, 
limitative, im'i.ta.tiv a, arddulliog. 
i| eili'yddog [waredydd 

.[imitator, im'î.tii.tûr n, efelychwr, dyn- 
;|lmmaculate, i.mak' a, (íifrycheuíyd, 
.{ ' dianaf, difai, pur, glân " [adwy 

i Immalleable, i.mal'yâ.bl a, anfwrthwyí- 
; [Immanacle,'a.kl vt, llyffetheirio 
■Immane, i.män' a, dirfawr, creulawn 
(Immanent, im'â.nent a, mewnol, priod 
|. ol, hanfodol, naturiol [anamlwg 

,Immanifest,'î.fest a, aneglur, 
Immanity,'î.tî n, creulonedd, 
ù cieidd-dra [flanedig 

Immareessible. im.â'î.bl a, anni- 
Immartial, i.mâr'shal a, anfilwraidd 
Immask, i.mask' vt, mygydu 
Immaterial, im.â.tî'r'î.al a, anghorfforol 
5 ansylweddol, annefhyddiol ; dibwys 
; ii disylwedd, diwerth 
Immaterialism, im.a.ti'r' n 
i anghorifolaeth, ansylweddoliaeth 
Immateriality, im.â.tî'r.î.al'î.tî n 

anghorfforoldeb ; annefhyddioldeb 
Immature, im.â.tü'r' a, anaddied, am- 
• mhrydlawn [rwydà 

Immaturity, im.â.tü'r'î.tî n, anaddfed- 
Immeasurable, i.mezh' a, an- 
fesurol, difesur, anfeidrol 

Immediacy, i.mî'dî.ä.sî n, annibyndod 
Immediate, i.mî'dî.ät a, digyfrwng; 

diattreg, dioed, uniongyrchol, diaros 
Immedicable,' o, anfedd- 

yginiaethol, aniachaol 
Immemorable, i.mem'ö.ríì.bl a, anhygof 
Immemorial, im.î.mö'r'î.al a, dros ben 

oof; hen, anghofadwy [dirfawr 

Immense, i.mens' a, anfeidrol, tramawr, 
Immensity,'sî.tî n, anfeidroldeb 
Immensurable,'shü.râ.bl a, an- 

fesurol, anfeidrol, difesur 
Immerge, i.mûrj' v, suddo, trochi 
Immerit, i.mer'it n, annheilyngdod, 
Immerse, im'ûrs vt, trochi [anwiwdeb 
Immersion, i.mûr'shun n, trochiad 
Immethodical, im.i.thod'i.kal a, an- 

nhrefnus, didrefn, direol 
Imminence, im'i.nens n, agosrwydd 
Imminent, im'i.nent a, yrnwng, cyfagos, 

agos, bygythiol, yn crogi uwch ben 
Imminutíon, im.î.nü'shun n, lleihâd, 

bychaniad [adwy 

Immiscible, i.mis'î.bl a, anghymmysg- 
Immission, i.mish'un n, tafiiad i mewn 
Immit,' vt, tafíu i mewn 
Immix, i.miks, Immingle, i.ming'gl vt, 

cymmysgu [adwy 

Immixable, i.miks' a, anghymmysg- 
Immobility, im.ö.bil'î.tî n, ansymmud- 

oldeb, anghyffröedigaeth, diysgog- 

rwydd, disigledd, diymmodrwydd 
Immoderate, i.mod'ur.ät ö.anghymmed- 

rol, anghvmmesur, anweddol 
Immoderatêness, i.mod'ur.iit.nes, Im- 
moderation, i.mod.ur.ä'shun n, gor- 

modedd, anghymmedroldeb 
Immodest, i.mod'est a, anweddol, an- 

niwair, digywilydd, anllad 
Immodesty, i.mod'es.tî n, anweddeidd- 

dra, anweddusrwydd, anniweirdeb 
Immolate, im'ö.lät vt, aberthu, offrymu 
Immolation, im.ö.lä'shun n, aberthiad, 

offrymiad [eddol 

Immoral, i.mor'al a, anfoesol, anfuch- 
Immorahty, im.ö.ral'î.tî n, anfoesoldeb 
Immortal, i.môr'tal a, anfarwol, didranc 
Immortahty, im.ôr.tal'î.tî n. anfarwol- 

deb [oli, anfarwoli 

Immortalize, i.mor'tal.'iz vt, tragwydd- 
Immovable,' a, diysgog,_ _di- 


digyffro; cadarn 
Immunity, i.mü'nî.tî n, breiniolaeth, 

trwydded, rhyddid 
Immure, i.mü'r' vt, caethiwo, amgaeru 
Immusical,'zi.kal a, angherddgar 

IMP path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, twdc=took; 

Immutability, i.mü.tâ.bil'ì.tî n, dian- 

wadalwch, anghyfnewidioldeb 
Immutable, i.mü'tâ.bl a, anghyfnewid- 

iol, digyfnewid, sicr 

Imp, imp n, imp, impyn; dieflyn, mab 

y fall: vt, impio; helaethu; estyn, 

hwyhau [wasgu 

Impact, im.pakt' vt, gyru yn agos, taer 

Impaint, im.pänt' vt, arliwio, darlun- 

liwio [niweidio 

Impair, im.peV v, lleihau; gwaethygu, 

Impale, im.päl' vt, argäu, pawlgäu, 

pawlwanu [ pawlwania d 

Impalement, im.päl'ment n, argaead, 

Impalm, im.pâm' vt, llawafaelu 

Impalpable, im.pal'pâ.bl a, annheim- 

ladwy; man, tra man 
Impalsy, im.pol'zi vt, taro â'r parlys 
Impannel, im.pan'el vt, tyngu rheithwyr 
Imparadise, im.par'â.di's vt, rhoi mewn 

gwynfyd, paradwyso 
Imparity, im.par'î.tí n, anghyfartaledd 
Imparlance, im.pâr'lans n, cynnadledd, 
cyflafaredd, oedgais [rhoddi 

Impart, im.pârt' vt, cyfranu, cyfroddi, 
Impartance, im.pâr'tans n, cyfraniad 
Impartial, im.pâr'shal a, diduedd, am- 
mbleidgar, teg, cyfiawn, didderbyn 
wyneb [mhleidgarwch 

Impartiality, im.pâr.shal'î.tî a, am- 
Impartible, îm.pár tî.bl a, cyfranadwy 
Impartment, inupârt'ment n, cvfraniad. 
rnoddiad [anbydraidd 

Impassable, im.pas'â.bl a, anhyffordd, 
Impassible, im.pas'Lbl, Impassive, im- 
pas'iv a, anbyboen [mhoeniad 

Impassibility, im.pas.î.bil'î.tî n, am- 
Impassion, im.pasb'un vt, ennynu 
Impatience, im.pä'shens n, anamynedd 
Impatient, im.pä'sbent a, diamynedd, 
anamyneddgar, anoddefgar, anym- 
aröus, dib'K'yll, awchus, gwyllt 
Impatronize,'tro.n'iz vt, rhoddi 
mewn meddiant o fywioliaetb eglwysig 
Impawn, im.pôn' vt, arwystlo, gwystlo 
Impeach, im.pitsh vt, cyhuddo, achwyn 

ar, argyhuddo, dwyn cwyn yn erbyn 
Impeachment, im.pitsh'ment n, cyhudd, 
cyhuddgwyn, cyhudded, achwyn ; at- 
talfa [ hybechedd 

ImpeccabiUty, im.pek'a.bil.i.ti n, an- 
Impeccable, im.pek' o, anhybech, 
dibechod [lluddias, lluddio 

Impede,' vt, attal, rhwystro, 
Impediment, im.ped'î.ment n, attalfa, 
rhwystr, lludd, goludd, attal. Impe- 
diment in ones speech, attal dywedyd 

Impel, im.pel' vt, cymhell, annog, gyru, 

hyrddio, gwthio ym mlaen 
Impellent, im.pel'ent a, dirgymhellol 
Impend, im.pend' vi, crogi uwch ben 
Impendent, im.pen'dent, Impending, 

im.pen'ding a, yn crogi uwch ben, 

bygythiol, agos, ger Haw, ar ddyfod 
Impenetrability, im.pen.î.trâ.bil'î.tî n, 

annhreiddadrwydd, anhydreiddedd 
Impenetrable, im.pen'í.trâ.bl a, an- 

nhreiddiadwy, anhydraidd 
Impenitence, im.pen'i.tens n, anedi- 

feirwch, calongaledwch [diedifar 

Impenitent, im.pen'î.tent a, anedifeiriol, 
Impennous, im.pen'us a, diedyn, dies- 

gyll. anadeiniog 
Imperate, im'pur.ät a, gwirfoddol 
Imperative, im.per'a.tiv a, gorchym- 

mynol, archedigol 
Imperceivable,', Imper- 
ceptible, im.pûr.sep'tî.bl a, anwel- 

adwy, annirnadwy, anhysyn, anhywel 
Imperfect, im.piir'fekt a, ammherftaith, 

diifygiol, anghyfan, anorphenol 
Imperfection, im.pur.fek'snun n, am- 

mherffeithrwydd, diffyg, gwall, bai, 

meth, ffael, anaf [iedig, didwll 

Imperforate, im.pür'f ö.rät a, annhreidd- 
Imperial, im.pî'r' a, amherodrol, 

ymherodrol [awdrydd 

Imperialist, im.pî'r'î n, amher- 
Imperious, im.pí'r'î.us a, meistrolgar, 

trahäus, tra awdurdodaidd 
Imperiousness, im.pî'r'î.us.nes n, ar- 

Imperishable, im.per'ish.â.bl a, di- 

ddarfod, didranc [o 1 

Impersonal, im.piir' a. ammherson- 
Imperspicuous, im.pur.spik' a, an- 

amlwg, aneglur [narbw^lladwy 

Impersuasible, im.pur.swa' a, an- 
Impertinence, im.pûr'tî.nens n, diberth- 

ynasedd; coeghyfder; trawsymwthiad 
Impertinent, im.pûr'tî.nent a, ammher- 

thynasol; ymyrgar; coegffol, haer- 

Hug; ymwthiol, digywilydd 
Imperturbable, im . pûr . tûr ' bâ . bl a, 

anghyŵoadwy, tawel, llonydd, dystaw 
Impervious, im.pûr'^.us a, annhry- 

wanadwy, anhydraidd, anhygyrch 
Impetrate. im'pî.trät vt. cael trwy erfyn 
Impetuosity, ìü.os'î.tî n, t.""- 

beidrwydd, angerdd, fiyrnigrwydd 
Impetuous,' a, egni'ol. gor- 

wyllt, poethlyd, ffromwyllt, ffyrnig, 

Impetus, im'pî.tus n, egni, rhuthr, " 

ore; läte, line, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. IMP 

Impiety, im.p'i'î.tî n, annuwioldeb, dryg- 

ioni [arwystlo 

Impignorate, im.pig'nö.rät vt, gwystlo, 
Impinge, im.pinj vi, tori yn erbyn, 

gwrthdaro [tewhau. brasäu 

Impinguate,'gwat vt, pesgi, 
Impious, im'pî.us a, annuwiol, anfad, 

anwir, diras, rhyfygus 
Impish, im'pish a, impaidd, dieflig 
ImplacabiUty, im.pla.ka.bil'i.ti n, an- 

nyhuddiant, angnymmodlonedd 
Implacable, im.pla' a, anghym- 

modlawn, anfaddeugar [planu 

Implant, im.plant' vt, impio ; gwareiddio ; 
Implausible, im.plo' a, anweddol, 

annhebygol, afresymol, anolygus, 

gwrthun [gwyno 

Implead, im.plîd' vt, argyhuddo; hawl- 
Implement, im'pli.ment n, trecyn, offer- 

yn, peiriant, arf (p cêr, tree, offer, 

celfi, peiriannau; arfau; dodrefn) 
Impletion, im.plî'shun n, Uenwad 
Implex, im'pleks a, eymhlethedig, dyrus 
Implicate, im'pli.kat vt, cymhlethu; 

cydgynnwys. Implicated, cyfranog 
ImpUcation, im.pli.kii'shun n, cydym- 

bleth; cydgasgliad; dirganlyniad 
Implicit, im.plis'it a, cuddgasgliadol, 

canhmol; dibynol ar arall, diym- 

chwihad, cymhleth 
Implicitly, im.plis'it.lî ad, o ganlyniad 
Implore, im.ploV vt, atolygu, ymbil, 

erfyn, erchi, ymhŵedd 
Implumous, im.plii'mus a, diblu 
Imply, im.pli" vt, cynnwys; dal allan 

arwyddo, arw) r ddociiu 
Impoison, im.poi'zn vt, gwenwyno 
Impolicy, im.pol'î.sî n, anghallineb, an- 
i noethedd, annoethineb, ffoledd 
Impolite, im.pö.lit' a, anfoesog, difoes 
;Impolitic, im.pol'i.tik a, anghyfrwys, 
t anghali, annoeth 

•Imponderable, im.pon'dur.â.bl a, am- 
! mhwysig, dibwys. Imponderables, 
; sylweddau ammhwysig; sef, gwres, 
: goleuni, a thrydaniaeth 
Imponderous, im.pon' a, dibwys, 
í ammhwysig, na ellir ei bwyso 
Imporosity, im.pö.ros'î.tî n, d 

dürfingrw}-dd [annhyllog 

Imporous, im.pö'r'us a, durfing, didwll, 
Import, im'pôrt n, cynnwysiad, llawn- 

ystyr, arwj'ddocad ; defnydd 
Import, im.pôrt' vt, arwyddo; cynnwys 
Import, im.pö'rt' vt, dwyn neu dros- 

glwyddo i mewn, adgludo, dadfori 
Imports, im'pö'rts np, dadforion 

Importance, im.pôr.tans' n, pwysig- 

rwydd, pwys, dwysder, canlyniad 

mawr; cymnwysiad, ystyr; grym 
Important, im.pôr'tant a, pwysfawr, 

pwysig, dirfawr; dwysganlyniadol 
Importation, im.pô'r.tä'shun n, dygiad i 

mewn o wledydd tramor, adgludiad, 

Importer, im.pö'r'tûr n, trosglwyddydd i 

mewn, dadforiwr [worth 

Importless, im.pôrt'les a, dibwys, di- 
Importunate, im.pôr'tshü.nät a, taer, 

deisyfgar, ymbilgar, cethrus 
Importune, im.pôr.tün' vt, dyfal geisio, 

taer erfyn, erfyn, ymhŵedd, cethru 
Importunity, im.pôr.tü'nî.tî n, taerni, 

taeredd, taergais; haerllugrwydd 
Imposable, im.po' a, ai'ddodadwy 
Impose, im.poz vt, gosod ar, trethu. To 

impose upon, twyllo 
Imposer, im.po'zur a, arddodwr ; twyllwr 
Imposition, im.po.zish'un n, arddodiad r 

gosodiad; ardrethiad; gormes; siom, 

twyll, hoced. Imposition of hands, 

arddodiad dwylaw 
Impossibility, im.pos.î.bil'î.ti n, anallu, 

analluoldeb, annichonolrwydd 
Impossible, im.pos'î.bl a, analluadwy, 

annichonadwy, anhyall 
Impost, im'pöst n, toll, treth, ardreth, 

cylhd [ori, casglu 

Imposthumate, im.pos'tshü.mät v, llyn- 
Imposthume, im.pos'tshiime n, Uynoryn, 

llynor, addwyd, gorgasgliad, cornwyd 
Impostor, im.pos'tûr n, twyllwr, hudwr ; 

siomwr [twyll 

Imposture, im.pos'tshûr n, hudoliaeth, 
Impotence, im'pö.tens, Impotency, im'- 

pö.ten.sî n, annalluedd, annerth, di- 

alluedd, gwendid, analluogrwydd 
Impotent, im'pö.tent a, analluog, di- 

rym, diner th; heb allu ymreain 
Impound, im.pûŵnd' vt, gwarchäu, 

Impoverish, im.pov'ur.ish vt, tlodi, di- 

gyfoethogi; llymhau, diffrwytho, 

gwaghau [llymhâd 

Impoverishment, im.pov'ur.ish.ment n, 
Impower, im.pûŵ'ûr vt, galluogi 
Impracticability, im.prak.tî.kâ.bil'î.tî n, 

annichonoldeb, anarferolrwydd 
Impracticable, im.prak' a, an- 

wneuthuradwy, anhywnel, anarfer- 

adwy [rhegu, melltithio 

Imprecate, im'pri.kat vt, deisyfu drwg, 
Imprecation, im.pri.ka'shun n, rheg, 

rhegiad, melltithiad 


INA path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Imprecatory, im'pri.kli.tur.i a, drwg 

erfyniol, melltithiol 
Imprecision, im.prî.sish'un re, anfynyl- 

rwydcl [nät vt, beichiogi, ffrwythloni 
Impregn, im.prîn',, Impregnate, im.preg'- 
Impregnable, im.preg' a, cadarn, 

anoresgynadwy [tarn 

Imprejudfcate, im.prî.iü'dî.kät a, dirag- 
Impress, im'pres re, argraff, gwasg nod 
Impress, im.pres' vt, argraffu, nodi; 

dirgymhell, argymbell 
Impressible, im.pres' a, argraffadwy 
Impression, im.presb'un re, argraffiad; 

argraff, nod, ol [cyffröus 

Impressive, im.pres'iv a, argraffiadol. 
Impressment, iin.pres'ment re, dirgy- 

mbelliad [xad 

Impressure, im.presh'ûr re, gwasg-graff- 
Imprimis, im.pri'mis ad, yn y lie cyntaf 
Imprint, im'print re, argraffnod; enw 

yr argraliydd 
Imprint, hmprint' vt, argraffu 
Imprison, im.priz'n vt, carcbaru 
Imprisonment, im.priz'n.ment re, car- 

chariad [nhebygolrwydd 

Improbability, im.prob.â.bil'î.tî re, an- 
Improbable, im.prob'â.bl a, annhebygol 
Improbate, im prö. bät vt, gwrthod, 

Improbation, im.prö.bä'sbun n, llysiant, 

gwrthodiad , angbymmeradwyaeth 
Improbity, im.prob'î.tî n, anonestrwydd, 

angbywn-deb, anuniondeb [iannu 

Improliricate, im.prö.lif 'i.kat vt, flfwyth- 
Impromptu, im.promp'tii a, difyfyr, di- 

ragfytÿr, byrfyfyr : ad, yn ddifyfp- 
Improper, im.prop'ûr a, angbymbwys, 

anaddas, anghyfaddas, ainmhriodol ; 

anweddus [neillduoli 

Impropriate, im.prö'prî.ät vt, priodoli, 
Impropriation, im.prò.prî.ä'shun ra,priod- 

oliad; by%violiaeth neu diroedd eg- 

lwysig yn mvylaw gwr lleyg 
Impropriator, im.prö'prî.ä.tur n, gwr 

lleyg ym meddiannu tiroedd eglwysig 
Impropriety, im.prö.pri'î.tî n, ammbri- 

odolder, anghymhwysder 
Improsperous, im.pros' a, anffyn- 

iaunus, arlwyddiannus, dilwydd 
Improvable, im.pnv' «,diwygiadwy, 

gwelladwy [diwygio, diwyllio 

Improve, im.prwv' v, gwelliiu, gwella, 
Improvement, im.prwv'ment n, diwyg- 

iad, gwelliant, gwellâd [bodaeth 

Improvidence, im.prov'i.dens n, annar- 
Iraprovideut, im.prov'i.dent a, annar- 

bodus ; diragddarbod, diddarpar 

Imprudence, im.prŵ'dens n, annoeth- 

ineb, anghallineb, ffoledd, drygbwyll 
Imprudent, 'ím.prŵ'dent a, anghall, 

anhybwyll [dra 

Impudence, im'pii.dens re, digywilydd- 
Impuuent, im'pii.dent a, haerllug, di- 

gvwilydd [ymosod ar 

Impugn, im.piin' vt, gwrtbwynebu, 
Impuissance, im.pü'i.sans re, annertb, 

gwendid, llesgedd 
Impulse, im'puls n, gwthiad, cynhyrfiad, 

cymhelliad. diriad, cyffroad [^yrawd 
Impulsion, im.pul'sbun re, ffwyrad, 
Impulsive, im.pul'siv a, dirgymhellol 
Impunity, im.pü'nî.tî re, angheryddj 

anghosp. With impunity, heb gosp 
Impure, im.pii'r' a, ammhur, brwnt, 

budr, aflan, anghoeth, halogedig 
Impurity, im.pur'ì.tî re, ammhuredd, 

aliendid, budreddi, bryntni 
ímpurple, im.pûr'pl vt, glasgochi 
Imputable, im.pü tâ.bl, Imputative, im- 

pii'ta.tiv a, cyMfadwy ; cyfrifol 
Imputation, im.pü.tä'shun re, cyfrifiad 
Impute, im.piit vt, cyfrif i; priodoli; 

gosod yn erbyn, bwrw ar 
Imputrescible, im.pü.tres'î.bl 

llygradwy, ammhydradwy 
In, in pr &px, yn, mewn, o fewn. In 

that, am, o herwydd, o achos 
In-, Ig-, I1-, Im-, Ir-^c, di-, an-, heb 
Inability, in.â.bil'î.tì re, anallu, gwendid 
Inabstinence, in.ab'stî.nens re, diym- 

arbediad, anymattaliad 
Inaccessible, a, anhygyrch 
Inaccuracy, in.ak' re, anghywir- 

deb, anfanylrwydd ; camsyniad 
Inaccurate, in.ak'ii.rat a, angbywir 
Inaction, in.ak'shun n, anwaith ; seguryd, 

diogi, segurdod, syrthni 
Inactive, in.ak'tiv a, anweitbgar, diog, 

anfywiog, dioglyd, swrth, diegni 
Inactivity, in.ak.tiv'i.ti n, diogi, syrthni, 

gorpbwysdra, seguryd 
Inadequate,'i.kwat a, anghyfaddas, 

anghyfartal, anghyfatebol, diffygiol 
Inadmissible,' a, annerbyi 

iadwy, annerbyniol 
Inadvertence,'tens re, ansyl* 

ansyniad, anystyriaeth, diofalwch 
Inadvertent,'tent a, ansyni 

anofalus, anystyriol [adw 

Inalienable, in.ä'lî.en.â.bl a, anaral' 
Inalimental,î.men'tal a, difaeth 
Inamissible, in.â.mis'î.bl a, anhygoll 
Inamorato,ö.rä'tö re, carwr, care 
Inane, in.än' a, gwag, diddefnydd, ofer 

ôre; lüt>.', line, nö, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, mis; j=dzh. INC 

Inangular, in.ang'gii.lur a, anonglog 
Inanimate, ì.mät a, difywyd, anfyw, 
dienaid, manv [ioldeb.anfywiogrwydd 
Inanimation,î'mä.shan », anfyw- 
Inanition, in.â.nish'un, Inanity,'- 
î.tî n, gwagder [anflys 

Inappetence, in.ap'î.tens n, anchwant. 
Inapplicable, in.ap' a, anghy- 

mhwysiadol, anghy&ddasol 
Inapplication, in.ap.h.ka'shun n, an- 
ymroddiad [anaddas 

Inapposite, in.ap'o.zit a, anghyfaddas, 
Inapt, in. apt' a. anghymnwys 
Inarable.'â.bl a. aivarddadwy 
Inarticulate, in.âr.tik'ü.lät a, anghroew, 
aneglur [aneglurdeb 

Inarticulation,'shun n, 
Inartificial, in.âr.tí.fish'al a, anghelf- 

ydd, angbxefffcwraidd ; naturiol 
Inattention. in.a,ten'shun n, anwran- 

dawiad, diofalwch, esgenlusdod 
Inattentive, in.a.ten'tiv a, diofal, es- 

'geulus, anystyriol, disylw 
Inaudible, in.ô'dî.bl a, anhyglyw, disain 
Inaugurate, in.ô'gü.rät vt, urddfreinio, 
urddedigo, cyssegrn, gosod mewn 
swydd [iad, urddeiniad, cyssegriad 
Inauguration, iu.o.gü.rä'shun n, urdd- 
Inaurate, în.ô'rät vt, goreuro 
«auspicious, in.ôs.pish'us a, anffodus, 
K drwgargoelus, anffodiog, trwstan 
■being, in'bî.ing n, anwahanolrwydd 
Inborn, in'bôrn a, cynhenid, mewnol 
Inbred, inured a, greddfol, naturiol 
Incalculable, in.kal' a, anghyf- 
lifadwy [iad 

fccalescence, in.ka.les'ens n, gwresog- 
Incandescence, in.kan.des'ens n, gwyn 

iasiad, gwynboethni 
Incandescent, in.kan.des'ent a, gwyn- 
\ boeth, gwynias [gan, cyfareddgan 
: Incantation, in.kan.ta shun n, swyn- 
Incapability, in.kä.pâ.bil'î.tî n, anallu, 
I " anaddasnvydd [anaddas 

•Incapable, in.ka' a, analluog, 
Incapacious, in.ka.pii'shus a, anhelaeth, 
J aneang, cyfyng [asu, anallu ogi 

Incapacitate, in.ka.pas'i.tat vt, anadd- 
Incapacity, in.ka.pas'i.ti n, analluedd; 
. anghyinhwysder, anfedr [caethiwo 
Incarcerate, in.kar' vt, carcharu, 
Incarn, in.karn' vt, cnawdio; cnawdoli 
Incarnadine, in.kar'na.din a, cighw, 

rhuddgoch : vt, cochhwio 
Incarnate, in.kar'nat a. cnawdol 
Incarnation, in.kar.nii'shun n, cnawd- 
oliaeth, cnawdiad, ymgnawdoliad 

Incarnative, in.kar'na.tiv a, cnawdbar 
Incase, in.kas' vt, amwisgo, gweinio 
Incautious, in.ko'shus a, anochelgar, 
anofalus, dibwyll [ceuog, ceuol 

Incavated, ing' a, cafhog, 
Incendiary, in.sen'dî.ur.î n, ffaglydd, 
rfleimiad; terfysgydd [darth 

Incense, in'sens n, arogldarth, myg- 
Incense, in.sens' vt, digio, cyflroi, llidio 
Incensement, in.sens'ment n, digter 
Incension, in.sen'shun n, cynneuad, 

ennyniad, taniad; fHamiad 
Incensor, in.sen'sûr », cyffröwr, ennynwr 
Incensory, in.sen'sur.î n, llestr arogl- 
darth, thuser 
Incentive, in.sen'tiv n, cynhyrfiad, an- 

nogiad : a, annogol, cynhyrfiol 
Inception, in.sep'shun n, dechreuad 
Incertitude, in.sûr'tî.tüd n, ansicrwydd, 
ammheuaeth, annilysrwydd [didawl 
Incessant,'ant a, dibaid, didor, 
Incest, in'sest n, llosgach, ymlosgach 
Incestuous,' a, euog o 

Inch, intsh n, modfedd, lied bawd 
Inchipin, in'tshî.pin n, herwth hydd 
Inchoate, ing' vt, dechreu [dechreu 
Inchoation, in.ko.a'sbun n, dechreuad, 
Inchoative, ing'ko.a.tiva, dechreuedigol 
Incident, in'sî.dent, Incidence, in'si.dens 
n, damwain, dygwyddiad, hap, dam- 
chwaen, dychwaen 
Incident, in'si.dent, Incidental, in.sî- 
den'tal a, danrweiniol, dygwyddiadol 
Incinerate, in.sin'ur.ät vt, llosgi yn ulw 
Incipient, in.sip'yent a, dechreuol 
Incircumspection, in.sur.kum.spek'shun 

n, diamwelediad, anghallineb 
Incise,'z' vt, tori, parthu, trychu 
Incision, in.sizh'un, Incisure, in.sizh'ur 

n, haciad, toriad, trychiad 
Incisor,'sûr n, blaenddant 
Incite, in.s'it' vt, annog, cyftroi, cynhyrfu 
Incitement, in.s'ft'ment, Incitation, in.sî- 

tä'shun n, annogiad, cynhyrfiad 

Incivility,'i.ti n, anfoesgarweh, 

anfoes, anfwyneidd- dra [io 

Inclasp, in.klasp' vt, tynafaelu, cofleid- 

Inclemency, in.klem' n, afrywiog- 

rwj'dd, garwder, gei^vindeb; creulon- 

edd; oerder; annhymmoreiddrwydd ■ 

Inclement, in.klem'ent a, genvin, ganv, 

afrysviog, annhymmoraidd 
Inclinable, in.kl'i' a, tueddol, parod 
Inclination,'shun n, tueddiad, 
tuedd, tueddfryd, gogwyddiad, lled- 
awydd; ewyllys 


INC path, fat, ere, met, mâ-ríne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, tẁk=took; 

Incline, in.kli'n' v, tueddu, gogwyddo, 

lleddfu. To be inclined, clywed ar ei 

galon, fod yn chwannog i 
Inclip, in.klip' vt, amgau, cau i mewn 
Inclose, in.kloz' vt, cau i mewn, am- 

gylchu, amgylchynu [edig 

Inclosure, in.klo'zhur n, cae, maes cau- 
Incloud, in.kluwd' vt, tywyllu, cymylu 
Include, in.kliid' vt, cau i mewn, 

Inclusion, in.klii'zhun n, cynnwysiad 
Inclusive, in.klii'siv a, cynnwysedig, 

cyfrifedig [angheuladwy 

Incoagulable, in . ko . ag ' ü . lâ . bl a 
Incogitancy, in.koj' n, anfeddyl- 

garwch [gar 

Incogitative, in.koj'i.ta.tiv a, anfeddyl- 
Incognito, in.kog', Incog, in.kog' 

ad, anadnabyddus, dirgel, dan gel 
Incoherence, in.ko.hi'r'ens, Incoherency. 

in . ko . hi'r ' en . si n, anghydlyniad, 

anghyssondeb, anghytundeb 
Incoherent, in.ko.hi'r'ent a, anghysson, 

anghytunol, anghydweddol 
Incolumity,'mi.ti n, diogelwch 
Incombustible, in.kum.bus' a, an- 

hylosg, anllosgadwy [cyllid 

Income, ing'kum n, derbyniadau, rhent, 

a, anghymmesuradwy 
Incommensurate,'shii.rat a, 

anghyieidrol, anghymmesur 
Incommiscible, in.ku.mis' a, anfysg- 

adwy, anghymmysgadwy 
Incommode, in.ku.mod' vt, rhwystro, 

peri anghyfleusdra, blino [anghyflè'us 
Incommodious, in . ku . mö dî . us a, 
Incommunicable,' a, 

anghyfranadwy ; annhraethadwy 
Incommunicative, in.ku.mü'nî.kä.tiv c, 

anghyfi-anol ; taw, tawedog 
Incommutable, in.ku.mii' a, anghyf- 

newidiadwy , anghy fnewidiol 
Incompact, in.kum.pakt' a, anghryno 
Incompactness, in . kum . pakt ' nes in, 

Incomparable, in . kom ' pur . â . bl a, 

anghymharol, digyffelyb, digymhar, 
. digynnyg, digystal, rhagorol 
Licompassionate, in.kum.pash' a, 

annhrugarog, annhosturiol 
Incompatibility, in.kum.pat.i bil'î.tí n, 

anghydweddiad, gwrthwynebrwydd 
Incompatible, in.kum.pat' a, anghyd- 
weddol, anghydwedd 
Incompetence, in.kom'pi.tens n, anghy- 

mhwysdcr, anghyfaddasrwydd 

Incompetent, in.kom'pi.tent a, anaddas, 

annigonol, anghyfaddas 
Incomplete, in.kum.plit' a, anghyfan, 

anghwbl, ammherffaith, anghyflawn 
Incomplex, in.kum.pleks' a, anghy- 

mhlyg [syniol | 

Incomphable,'i' a, anghyd- 
Incomposite, in.kum.poz'it a, digymmysg . 
Incomprehensibility, 1 

bil'í.tî n, anamgyíîrediad 
Incomprehensible, in.kom.pri.hen' I 

a, anamsyftredadwy, annealladwy, an- 

nirnadwy, anhydyb [», anamgyffred 2 
Incomprehension, in.kom.pri.hen'shun J 
Incompressible, in . kum . pres ' î . bl a, ] 

anghydwaigadwy, anghyfyngadwy 
Incomputable, in.kum.pu tâ.bl a, anghyf- 

rifadwy, aneirif [adwy 3 

Inconcealable,' a, anghel- j| 
Inconceivable,', Inconcep- 8 

tible, in.kon.sep' a, annirnadwy, I 

annealladw}', anhydyb 
Inconcinnity, in.kon.sin'i.ti n, annhrefn- \ 

usrwydd [lyniadol 1 

Inconcludentjin.kon.klu'dent a, anghan- I 
Inconclusive, in.kon.klu siv a, annyben- | 

ol, anorphenol 
Inconcoct, in.kon.kokt' a, annhreul- Î 

iedig, anaddfed [annhreuliantj 

Inconcoction, in . kon . kok ' shun n, i 
Inconcurrence, in.kon.kur'ens n, anghy- 

tuniad [red 

Inconcurring, in.kon.kur'ing a, anghyd-| 
Inconcussible, in.kon.kus' a, an- J 

Incondite, in.kon'dit a, aflathraidd,'| 

anghydwedd, annhrefnus, trwsgl 
Incongealable, in.kon.ji' a, angheul-4 

ad^, anhyrew 
Incongruity, in.kon.grw'i.ti, Incongru-1 

ence, in.kong'grw.ens n, anghysson- 1 

deb, anghy dwedcüad, gwrthwyneb- 

rwydd, anghytundeb 
Incongruous, in.kong' a, angkys-l 

son, anghydwedd, anghytûn 
Inconsciousness, inJvon'snus.nes n, an-i 

ymwybyddiaeth [anghanlynoi '} 

Inconsequent, in . kon ' sî . kwent « 
Inconsiderable, inion.sid'ur.â.bl a\ 

anghyfrifol, bychan, dibwys 
Inconsiderableness, in.kon.sid' 

n, anghyl'rifoldeb, bychander 
Inconsiderate, in.kon.sid' «, anys- 

tyriol, byrbwyll, diofal, disylw 
Inconsiderateness, in.kon.sid'ur.iit.nes 

Inconsideration, in.kon.sid.u.i ä 'shui 

n, anvstvriaeth. bvrbwvlldra 

öre; läte, line, nö, mute; she, zh=z azure; thin, this; j=dzh. INC 


weddiad, anghytundeb, anghyssondeb 
Inconsistent, in.kon.sis'tent a, anghyd- 

weddol, anghysson, anghytûn 
Inconsolable, «,annyddan- 

adwy, anghysuradwy 
Inconsonancy, in . kon ' sö . nan . sî n 

anghynghanedd , anghyssondeb 
Inconsonant, in.kon'so.nant a, anghyd- 

lais, anghyflafar [hywel, anamlwg 
Inconspicuous, in.kon.spik' a, an- 
Inconstancy, in.kon' n, anwadal- 

wch, anfryddlondeb 
Inconstant, in.kon'stant a, ansefyd__ , 

Inconsumable, mâ.bl a, annif- 
Inconsummate, in.kon.sum'at a, am- 

mherffaith, anghyflawn [anfyfyrgar 
Incontemplative, in.kon.tem pla.tiv a, 
Incontestable, in.kon.tes' a, 

nadleuadwy; diammheuol 
Incontiguous, in.kon.tig'ii.usa, anghyff- 

wrdd, anghydol, anghyfagos 
Incontinence, in.kou'ti.nens n, anni- 

weirdeb, anlladrwydd ; godineb 
Incontinent, in.kon'tî.nent a, anniwair, 

anymattalus, trythyll, anllad, go- 

dinöbus [adwy, anattaliadvvy 

Incontrollable, in.kon.tro 'lâ.bl a, afreol- 
Incontrovertible, in.kon.tro.vur' a, 

anymchweladwy, annadleuadwy 
Inconvenience, in . kon . vî ' nî . ens 

anghyfleusdra [addas, anghyflëus 
Inconvenient,'m.ent a, an- 
Inconversable, in.kon.vur' a, di- 

ymddyd dan, anymadrodd us, anhyfwyn 
Inconvertible, in.kon.vur' a, an- 

hydro, annhroadwy, annychweladwy 
Inconvexity, in.kon.vek'si.ti n, anghrym- 

der, anghrymedd 
Inconvincible,' a, anar- 

gyhoeddadwy [cyfuno, uno 

Incorporate, in.kor'pö.rät v, corffori, 
Incorporation, in.kor.po.ra'shun n, cyd- 

gorfforiad, corfîbriad 
Incorporeal, in.lcôr.pö'r'î.al, Incorporal, 

in.kor'po.ral, Incorporate, in.kor'po- 

rät a, anghorffol, digorff; ysbrydol 
Incorporeity, in.kôr.pö.rî'î.tî n, anghorff- 

Incorrect, in . ko . rekt' a, anghywir, 

gwallus. Incorrect diction, cameiriad 
Incorrectness, in.ko.rekt'nes n, anghy- 

wirdeb [iadwy 

Incorrigible, in.kor' a, anniwyg- 
Incorrupt, in.ko.rupt' a, anllygredig, 

dilwgr, pur, glân, purlan 

Incorruptibility, in.ko.rup.tî.bil'î.tî n, 

anllygradwyaeth, anllygredigaeth 
Incorruptible, in.ko.rup' a, an- 

llygradwy, ammhydradwy 
Incorruption, in.ko.rup'shun 11, anllygr- 
edigaeth [llygredd 
Incorruptness, in . ko . rupt'nes n, an- 
Incrassate, in.kras'iit i v i,tewhau, te^vychu 
Incrassation,'shun n, tewhâd, 

tewychiad [iaeth i dewhau 

Incrassative, in.kras'a.tiv n, meddyg- 
Increase, ing'kris n, cynnydd, imvyhad, 

prifiant, cynnyrch, chwanegiad, tyf- 

iant, twf, eangiad 
Increase, in.kris' v, cynnyddu, tyfu, 

cynnyrchu, prifio, chwanegu, mwyhau, 

estyn, arledu, eangu 
Increate, ing'krLiit a, digrëedig 
Incredibility,'i.ti n, an- 

hygoeledd [hygred 

Incredible,' a, anhygoel, an- 
Incredulity, in.kri.dii'li.ti n, anghred- 

iniaeth, anghoelgarwch 
Incredulous, "'ii.lus a, anghred- 

iniol, anghoelgar, anhygred 
Incremable, in.kri' a, anhylosg 
Increment, ing'kri.ment n, cynnydd, 

cynnyrch [<lio, senu 

Increpate, ing'kri.pat vt, ceryddu, dwr- 
Increpation,'shun n, seniad; 

ceryddiad, sen [mwyhaol 

Increscent, hukres'ent a, cynnyddol, 
Incriminate, in.krim'i.nat vt, cyhuddo, 

euogi, cydeuogi [caenu 

Incrust, in.krust' vt, crestenu, crawenu, 
Incrustation, in.krus.ta'shun n, erestiad, 

craweniad [eistedd ar wyau 

Incubate, ing'kii.biit vi, deor, deorain; 
Incubation,'shun n, deoriad 
Incubus, ing'kii.bus n, hunllef 
Inculcate, in.kul'kat vt, hyfforddi; 

mynych rybuddio, addysgu 
Inculcation, in.kul.ka'shun n, addysg- 

iad, hyftbrddiad 
Inculpable, in.kul' a, difeius, difai 
Incult, in.kult' n, anniwylliedig, didrin- 

iaeth, diwrtaeth 
Incumbency, in.kum' n, meddiant 

fywioliaeth eglwysig, perigloriaeth ; 

rhwymedigaeth, dyledswydd 
Incumbent, in.kum'bent 11, perchenog 

bywioliaeth eghvysig, periglor: a ? 

perthynol i , yn gorphwys ar, dyladwy, 

dyledus [dyfod dan, haeddu 

Incur, in.kur' vt, rhedeg i, tynu arno, 
Incurable, in.kii'r' a, anwelladwy, 

anfeddyginiaethol, anaele 

IND path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, t\Yk=took; 

Incurious, in.kii'r'Lus a, anfamvl. an- 

ymofyngar [rhuthriad 

Incursion, in.kur'shun n, ymgyrch, 
Incurvate, in.kur'vat vt, plygu, camu, 

crymu [plygiad 

Incurvation,'shnn n. crymiad. 
Incurvity, in.kur'vi.ti n, camder, cemi. 

gwymi, crymiad, crymder 
Indagate, in'dâ.gät vt, chwilio, olrhain 
Indagation, in.dâ.gä'shun n, ehwiliad. 

olrheiniad [arholwr 

Indagator, in'dâ.gä.tûr n, arwiHwr, 
Indart, in.dârt' vt. picellu i, picio i 
Indebted, in.det'ed a, mewn dyled, 

dyledus; rhwymedig [dra 

Indecency, in.dî'sen.sî n, anweddeidd- 
Indecent, in.di'sent a, amveddaidd, an- 

weddus, diaddwyn, anhardd 
Indeciduous, in.dî.sid'ü.us a, annhy- 

walltiol [derfyniad 

Indecision, in.di.sizh'un n, ammhen- 
Indecisive,'siv a, ammhender- 

fynol [nhreigliadwy 

Indeclinable, in . dî . kl'i'nii . bl a, an- 
Indecorous, in.di.ko'r'us a, anweddus. 

anweddaidd, gwrtliun, anaddwyn 
Indecorum, in.di.ko'r'um n, anweddus- 

der. anharddwch, anweddeidd-dra 
Indeed, in. did' ad, yn wjr, yn ddiau, 

yn ddios, mewn gwirionedd" yn sicr 
Indefatigability, in.dî.fat.î.gâ.bil'î.tî n, 

diflinder, difiinedd, glewder 
Indefatigable, in.dî.fat'i.gâ.bl a, diflin, 

dyfal, anhyflin, diludded, glew 
Indefeasible,' a, anniddym- 

adwy, anniddymol 
Indefectibility, ìn.dî.felí.tî.bil'î.tî n, an- 

hyballedd, anniffygrwydd 
Indefectible, in.di.iek' a, anbyball, 

anniffygiadwy, diball 
Indefensible, in.dí.fen'sî.bl a, anyin- 

ddiffynadwy, anniffynadwy 
Indefinable, in.dì.fi'nâ.bi a, anneffiniad- 

wy, annarluniadwy, annysgrifiadwy 
Indefinite, in.def'î.nit a, ammhenodol, 

Indefiniteness, in.def 'î.nit.nes n, an- 

nherfynedigaeth, annherfynoldeb 
Indeliberate, in.dî.lib'ur.ät a, byrbwyll, 

diragfwriad, ammlnvyllog 
Indelible, in.del' a, annileadwy 
Indelicacy, in.del' n, annestledd, 

annillynedd, anfoesganvch 
Indelicate, in.del'i.kiit a, annestlus, an- 

nhyner; anfoesgar; anghoeth 
Indemnification, in.dem.nî.f î.ltä'shurc n, 

digollediad, diogeliad rhag colled 

Indemnity, in.dem'ni.f'i vt, digolledu, > 

sicrhau, diogelu 
Indemnity, in.dem'nî.tî n, digollediad; j 

diogeliad. Act of indemnity, gweith- 

red ebargofiad • [mhrofadwy J 

Indemonstrable, in.dî.mon'strû.bl a, am- ] 
Indent, in.dent' v, minfylchu, bylchu; I 

ammodi, ymrwymo: n, bwlch 
Indentation, in.den.tä'shun n, bylchiad : ' 
Indenture, in.den'tshur n, bylchiad, ij 

bylchdoriad ; cyfammod 
Independence, in.di.pen'dens n, anni- 

byniaeth, anymddibyniaeth 
Independent, in.di.pen'dent a, annibyn- 

ol : n, annibynwr, anymddibymvr 
Indescribable, in.di.skri' a, annys- 
grifiadwy, ami brae thadvy, annarlun- 
Indesert, in.di.zurt' n, annheilyngdod 
Indesinent, in.des'i.nent a, dibaid 
Indestructible, in.di.struk' a, an- 

nyfethadwy, diddinystriadwy 
Indeterminable, in.dî.tûr'rni.nâ.bl a, an- 

Indeterminate, in.dí.tûr'mî.nät a, an- 

sefydlog, ammhenodol, annherfynedig, 

annherfynol [fryd 

Indevotion, in.di.vo'shun n, annuwiol- 
Indevout, in.di.vuwt' a, anaddolgar 
Index, in'deks n, dangoseg, mynegaij 

mynegres; mynegfys: n (p indices, 

in'di.siz), mesur alsoddol 
Indexterity, in.deks.ter'i.ti n, anneheu- 

der, anneheuedd, anneheurwydd 
Indicant, in'di.kant a, mynegol, amlygol 
Indicate, in'di.kat vt, dangos, mynegu, 

hysbysu, arnodi [arwydd, nod 

Indication, in.di.kii'shun n, dao 
indicative, in'di.kii.tiv a, dan^ 

arwyddol; m}megol [niynegol 

Indicative, in.dik'a.tiv a, (y modd) 
Indict, in.d'it' vt, achwyn ar, cyhuddo 
Indictable, in.d'i'tâ.bl a, cyhuddadwy 
Indiction, in.dik'shun n, cyhuddwys; 

cylch o amser yn cynnwys iô mlyuedd 
Indictment, in.di't'ment n, cyhudd, cy- 

huddgwyn; ysgrif cyhuddiad 
Indifference, in.dif'ur.êns «, diofahvch, 

annhueddgarwch, difaterwch, oerfel- 

garwch, anofaledd 
Indifferent, in.difur.ent «, anofalus, 

diofal; annhueddgar; diawydd; 

ychydig bwys; canolig : diddrwg didda 
Indigence, in'di.jens n, angenoctyd, tlodi, 

eisieu, angen 
ndigene, m'dî.jîn n, priodor [cynenid 
Indigenous, in.dij'i.nus a, gcnedigol, 


ore; rate, line, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. 


Indigent, in'di.jent a, angenus, tlawd. 

rheidus [nhreuliedig 

Indigested, in.dî.jes'ted a, didrefn; an- 
Indigestible, in.dljes'tî.bl a, anhydraul 
Indigestion, in.di.jos'tshun ft, diffyg 

traul bwyd, annhreuliad, gwalldreul- 

iad. malldraul [brofi 

Indigitate, in.dij'î.tät vt, bysnodi, eglur- 
Indign, in.d'in' a, annheilwng, anwiw 
Indignant, in.dig'nant a, digllawn 
Indignation, in.dig.nä 'shun n, dig, Hid, 

digofaint, soriant, digllonedd, bar 
Indignity, in.dig'nî.tî ft, ammharch, 

sarhad, anfri [India: a, dulas 

Indigo, in'di.gö ft, lliw glas, glas yr 
Indiligent, in.dil'î.jent a, annyfal, diog, 

anniwyd, segurìíyd 
Indirect, in.di.rekt' a,, angkyfeiriol, 

gwyrgyrchol ; annheg, anuniongyrchol 
Indirectness, in.di.rekt'nes ft, anghyf- 

eiriolrwydd ; anunionrwydd 
Indiscernible, in.di.zur' a, anhywel, 

anweledig, anamlwg 
Indiscerptible, in.di.sûrp'tî.bl a, an- 

hydor, annrylliadwy 
Indiscreet, in.dis.krit' a, ansynwyrol, 

anghall, annoeth, drygbwyll 
Indiscretion, in.dis.kresh'un n, anghall- 

ineb, ffolineb [wahan, didrefn 

Indiscriminate, in.dis.krim'i.nat «, di- 
Indiscrimination, in.dis.krim.Lna'skun 

ft, anwahaniaeth, diwahaniaeth 
Indispensable, in.dis.pen' a, an- 

hebgorol, anhebgor [garadwy 

Indispersible, in.dis.pûr'sî.bl a, anwas- 
tndispose, in.dis.poz vt, anaddasu; an- 

nhueddu, anhwylo 
Indisposed, in.dis.pozd' a, annhueddol; 

anhwylus, afiachus, lledglaf 
Indisposition, in.dis.po.zish'un ?i, anhwyl, 

annhuedd, afiechyd 
Indisputable, in.dis'pü.tâ.bl a, diddadl, 

annadleuadwy, diammheuol 
Indissolubility, in.dis.ö.l ü.bil'î.t î «, an- 

Indissoluble, in.dis'ö.lü.bl, Indissolv- 

able, in.di.zol' o, anhydawdd, an- 

nhoddadwy, annattodadwy 
Indissolvent, in.di.zol'vent «, annattodol 
Indistinct, in.dis.tingkt' a, anegiur, an- 

hyglyw, anamlwg 
Indistinction, in.dis.tingk'shun, Indis- 
tinctness, in.dis.tingkt'nes n, aneglur- 

der, anamlygrwydd 
Indistinguishable, in.dis.ting'gwish.â.bl 

a, diwahan, anwahanol [wch 

Indisturbanc«, in.dis.tûr'bans n, tawel- 

Indite, in.dít' vt, eyfansoddi, ysgrifenu 
Individual, in.di.vij' a, diwahan; 

neillduol: ft, un, un dyn, un neillduol, 

unigolyn [f'odaeth neillduol 

Individuality, in.di.vij.u.ari.ti ft, han- 
Individually, in.di.vij' ad, bob yn 

un_ _ [hybarthedd 

Indivisibility, in.dî.viz.î.bil î.tî a, an- 
Indivisible, in.di.viz' a, anhyran, 

anhybarth, anrhanadwy 
Inducible, in.dos', Indocile, in.dos'il 

a, anhyddysg, annysgadwy, anhydrin, 

anhywaith [rwydd 

Indocility, in.dö.sil'î.tî n, anhyddysg- 
Indoctrinate, in.dok'tri.nat vt, athraw- 

iaethu, dysgu, addysgu 
Indolence, in'dö.lens ft, segurvd, syrthni, 

diogi, segurdod, annyfalwch 
Indolent, in'dö.lent a, swrth, dioglyd, 

esgeulus, annyfal [àdwy 

Indomitable, in.dom'î.tâ.bl a, annof- 
Indorse, in.dôrs' vt, arysgrifenu, cefn- 

ysgrifenu [grif 

Indorsee, in.dôr.sî' ft, derbyniwr arys- 
Indraught, in'draft n, ffrydle, mynedfa i 

mewn [trwytho 

Indrench, in.drentsh' vt, mwydo ; trochi, 
Indubious, in.dü'bî.us, Indubitable, in- 

dü'bî.tâ.bl a, ammhetrus, diammheu- 
ol, diau, dios, dilys [denu; cymhell 
Induce, in.düs' vt, tueddu, darbwyllo; 
Inducement, in.diis'ment n, annogaeth 
Induct, in.dukt' vt, arwain i mewn; 

gosod mewn meddiant o eglwys, rhoi 

Induction, in.duk'shun n, gosodiad mewn 

meddiant, dygiad i mewn, rhoddiad 

goresgyn; tynwyddyd, casgliad [iadol 
Inductive, in.duk'tiv a, arweiniol ; casgl- 
Indue, in.dü' vt, cynnysgaethu, donio 
Indulge, in.dulj' v, boddhau, mwyth- 

fbddio. llochi, maldio, cocri, anwesu; 

Indulgence, in.dul'jens ft, anwes, lloch- 

iad. cyd-ddysiad : tynerwch, hynawa- 

edd ; maddeuant-lythyr y Pab 
Indulgent, in.dul'jent a, anwesgar, tyner 
Indult, in.dult', Indulto, in.dul'tö ft, 

braint, trwydded 
Indurate, in'dü.rät v, caledu, haiarmi 
Induration, in.dü.rä'shun n, caledwch 
Indure, in.diiV v, parhau, ymaros; dy- 

Industrial, in.dus'trî.al a, gweithiol 
Industrious, in.dus'trims <i,diwyd, Uafur- 

us, dyfal, gweithgar [falwch 

Industry, in'dus.trî n, diwydrwydd, dy- 

INF path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took 
Inebriate, in.í'brî.ät vt, meddwi, brwysgö 

Inebriation, in.í.brî.ii'shun, Inebriety, 

in.î.bri'î.tî n. meddwdod [diolygedig 
Inedited, in.ed'î.ted a, anghyhoeddedig, 
Ineffable, in.ef'â.bl a, anhydraeth, an- 

nhraethol, anhyson, annhraethadwy 
Ineffective, in.e.fek'tiv, Ineffectual, in- 

e.fek' a, aneffeithiol, dieffaith; 

aflesol [dirym, dinerth, dirinwedd 
Inefficacious, in.ef.i.ka'shus a, egwan, 
Inefficacy, in.ef' n, aneffeithiol- 

deb, gwendid [analluedd 

Inefficiency,'en.sî n, anallu 
Inefficient, in.e.fisli'ent a, analluog, di- 
effaith [ystẃyth 
Inelastic, in.Uas'tik a, anhydwyth, an- 
Inelegance, in.el'î.gans n, annblysni, an- 

nillynder, anwychder 
Inelegant, in.el'i.gant a, anghymhen. 

annhlws, amnihrydferth [haeddwiw 
Ineligible, in.el'î.jî.bl a, annewisiol, an- 
Ineloquent, in.el'o.kwent a, anffraetb, 

anhyawdl [efrydiol, diles, difudd 

Inept, in.ept' a, anaddas, ffol, ofer, an- 
Ineptitude, in.ep'tî.tüd rc,anaddasrwydd ; 

ffoledd [artaledd 

Inequality, in.î.kwol'î.tî n, anghyf- 
Inequipollent, in.ek.wi. polenta, anghyf- 

rymus [iawn 

Inequitable, in.ek' a, anghyf- 
Inequivalve, in.ek'wi.valv a, achragenau 

anghyfartal [wreiddiol 

Ineradicable, in.i.rad' a, annad- 
Inergetic, in.ur.jet'ik a, hwyrdrwm, 

anfywiog, marwaidd [adwy 

Inerrable,'â.bl a, anghyfeiliorn- 
Inert, in.ûrt' a, swrth, anfywiog, diegni 
Inertia, in.ûr'sbâ n, anegni; syrthni 
Inertness, in.ûrt'nes n, anfywiogrwydd, 

syrthni, diogi 
Inestimable,'tî.mâ.bl a, anhywerth 

ammbrisiadwy [aneglur, anhywel 
Inevident, in.ev'i.dent a, anamlwg, 
Inevitable, in.ev' a, anocheladwy 
Inexcitable, in.ek.s'i' a, anghyffro 
Inexcusable, in.eks.kii' a, diesgus, 

Inexhalable,älâ.bl a, dian- 

weddadwy [ e ^ig 

Inexhausted,'ted a, annyspydd- 
Inexbaustible, in eg.zos' a, diddar- 

fod; annyspyddadwy 
Inexistence,i'tens n, anfbdolaeth 
Inexistent,'tent a, dihanfod, 

Inexorable, in.eks' a, annyhudd- 

adwy, anghymmodlawn, diysgog 

Inexpansible, in.eks.pan' a, an- 
nbaenol [asrwydd 

Inexpedience, in.eks.pi'di.ens n, anadd- 

Inexpedient, in.eks.pi'di.ent a, anghyf- 
addas ; anghyflëus ; anfuddiol, aflesol 

Inexpeditious, in.eks.pi.disb'us a, an- 

Inexperience, in.eks.pî'r'î.ens n, an- 

ymarf eriaeth , ammhrofiad 
Inexpert, in.eks.purt' a, anghyfarwydd, 

anfedrus, anhylaw [adwy, annileadwy 
Inexpiable, in.eks' a, aniawn- 
Inexplicable, in.eks' a, annat- 

todol, anegluradwy 
Inexplicit, in.eks.plis'it a, aneglur, ty- 

wyll [nbraethadwy 

Inexpressible, in.eks.pres' a, an- 
Inexpugnable, in.eks.pug' a, anor- 

esgynadwy [tyniad \ 

Inextension, in.eks.ten'shun n, anys- I 
Inextinguishable, in.eks.ting' | 

a, anniifoddadwy 
Inextricable, in.eks' a, anattod- I 

adwy, annadrysadwy, anesgorol, dyrys 
Ineye, in.i" vi, llvgadimpio, impio 
Infallibility, in.fal.î.bil î.tî n, anffaeled- Ì 

igrwydd, anhydwylledd, anfethiant, 

anghyfeiliornad [ball 

Infallible, in.fal'î.bl a, anffaeledig, anhy- j 
Inf'ame, in.f äm' vt, enllibo, difrîo, athrodi ] 
Infamous, in'fâ.mus a, gwaradwyddus, 

gwarthus, cywilyddus [enllib, gwarth 
Infamy, in'fâ.mî n, anair, gwaradwydd, 
Infancy, in'fan.sî n, mabandod, mebyd, j 

maboed. From his infancy, o'i faban- • 

dod, er yn blentyn 
Infant, in'fant n, maban, baban, mebai ; 

mebyn, dyn bach; yn ol cyfraith . 

Lloegr, un dan 21 mlwydd oed 
Infanta,'tâ n, enwawd ar dywys- 

ogesau Portugal ac Yspaen 
Infanticide,'tî.sîd 11, babanladd- j 

iad, mabanladdiad 
Infantile, in'fan.til, Infantine, in'fan.tin • 

a, babanaidd, mabanaidd, plentynakld ' 
Infantry, in'fan.tri », milwyr traed, ' 

traedfilwyr, pedyd, peddyd 
Infatuate, in.fat'shü.ät vt, ynfydu, pen- 

wanu, gorphwyllo ; llygad-dynu, rhei- . 

bio : a, penwan, ynfyd 
Infatuation, in.fat.'shü.ä'sbun re, ynfyd- 

iad, ammhwylliad; ammbwyllineb, 

penwendid, ynfýdrwydd [adwy 

Infeasible.' a, anwneuthur- 
Infect, in.fekt' vt, llynu, adwytho, heintio, 

gwenwyno; llygru, halogi [gb' n0 ' 
Infection, in.fek'shuh «, llwgr, haint 

5re; läte, line, no, mute; she, zh=z azure; thin, thk; j=dzh. INF 

Infectious, in.fek'shus a, heintus, ad- 

wythig, heintddwyn, heintiol 
Infecund, in.fek'und a, anffrwythlawn, 

diffaetk [londeb, di'ftaetlider 

Infeeundity, in.f i.kun'di.ti n, anffrwyth- 
Infelicity, in.f ì.lis'ì.tî n, annedwyddwch 
Infer, in.fûr' vt, casglu, tynu easgliad 
Inference, in'far.ens n, casgliad 
Inferior, in.f î'r'i'.ûr a. is, iselach, gwael- 

ach ; llai : «, isafiad, israddwr 
•Inferiority, in.fî'r.î.or'ì.tî n, israddiad, 

isgyflwr, gwaelder, iseledd, isder 
Infernal, in.fûr'nal a, uffernol, dieflig 
Inferrible, in.fer'î.bl a, easgliadwy 
Infertile, in.f ûr'til a, anffrwythlawn, di- 

ffaeth [londeb 

Infertility, in.fûr.til'î.tî n, anffrwyth- 
Infest, in.fest' vt, aflonyddu, blino 
Infective, in.fes'tiy a, anllon, dilon, aflon 
Infidel, in'fî.del n. anghredadyn, an- 

ffyddiwr. anghivdiniwr, diffydd: a. 

anghrediniol, digred 
Infidelity, in.f î.del'î.ti ra, anghrediniaeth, 

anffyddiaeth ; anffyddlondeb 
Infinite, in'fî.nit a, anfeidrol, aneirif, 

annherfynol; afrifed, dirif, diderfyn 
Infiniteness, in'f i.nit.nes, Infinitude, in- 

fin'î.tüd, Infinity, in.fin'i.ti n, anfeidr- 

oldeb, annherfynoldeb, afiifoldeb 
Infinitiye, in.fin'i.tiv a, annherfynadwy. 

Infinitive mood, modd annherfynol 
Infirm, in.fûrm' a, egwan, gwan, claf, 

methianllyd, llesg, dhierth, dirym, 

cymhercyn : vt, gwanhau, Uesgäu 
Infirmary, in.fûr'mur.î n, ysbytty, clafdy 
Infirmity, in.fûr'mî.tì n, gwendid, llesg- 

edd; afiechyd, clefyd ; meth, methiant 
Infirmness, in.furm'nes n, eiddilwch, 

llesgedd, gwendid 
! Infix, in.fiks' vt, gyru i mewn; sicrhau 
; Inflame, in.fläm'"v, ennyn, flamio ; cyff- 

roi, llidio. Inflamed, llidus 
! Inflammability, in.flam.a.bil'í.tî n. fflam- 

lydrwydd, liylusgrwydd [ychadwy 
Inflammable, in.flam' a,hylosg, fflam- 
Inflammation, in.fla.mli'shun n, fliameg, 

brydaniaeth; eunynfa, tandde, llosgfa 
, Inflammatory, in.flam'â.tûr.î a, fflam- 

egol; cyffrüus 
i Inflate, in.flät' vt, chwyddo, balch'fo 
Inflation, in.flä'shun n, chwyddiad: 

gwyntchwydd, gwyntognv-ydd 

• Inflect, in.flekt' vt, plygu ; treiglo, troi. 

newid, amrywio, amrywioli 

• Inflection, in.flek'shun n, plygiad i 

mewn ; croesog^yddiad ; newidiad, cy- 
weiriad; treighad 

Inflexibility, n, anys- 

twythder, anhyblygedd, diblygedd 
Inflexible, in.flek'sLbl a, anhyblyg, an- 

ystwyth, anystumgar; diysgog 
Inflict, in.flikt' vt, rhoddi cosp, cospi 
Infliction, in.flik'shun n, cosproddiad, 

cospedigaeth [iadol 

Inflictiye, in.flik'tiv a, cospedigol, cosp- 
Influence, in'flii.ens n, effeithioldeb, dy- 

lanwad; rhinwedd: vt, dylanwadu; 

cynhyrfu, annog [dylifol 

Influent, in.flii'ent a, yn llifo i mewn, 
Influential, in.flü.en'shal a, dylanwadol, 

cynhyrfol, cymhellol, annogol 
Influenza, in.flii.en'za n, annwydhaint, 

annwydwst, haint annwyd 
Influx, in'fluks n, dylifiad, ymlanwad, 

rhediad i mewn, ymlifad [amblygu 
Infold, in.f old' vt, dyblygu; amwisgo, 
Infohate, in.fö'lî.ät vt, deiliannu, deiho, 
Inforce,'rs. — Enforce [dalenu 

Inform, in.fôrm' v, hysbysu, addysgu, 

cyfarwyddo, adrodd, mynegu. To in- 
form upon, achwyn ar, cyhuddo 
Informal, in.f ôr'mal a, afi-eolaidd, afre- 

olus [cyhuddwr 

Informant, in.fôr'mant n, mynegwr; 
Information, in.fôr.mä'shun n, hysbys- 

rwydd, hysbysiaeth, hanes; addysg; 

achwyniad, cyliuddiad 
Informer, in.fôr'mûr n, hysbyswr; cy- 
- huddwr, achwynwr [swýd 

Informidable, in.fôr'mî.dâ.bl a, diar- 
Informity, in.fôr'mî.tî n, aflunieidd-dra; 

annhrefn [dori 

Infract, in.frakt' vt, tori, dryllio; man- 
Infraction, in.frak'shun n, toriad 
Infralapsarian, in.frâ'r'î.an a, ar 

ol cwymp Adda : n, tan-gwympiedydd 
Inframundane, in.frâ.mun'dän a, isfydol 
Infrangible, in.fran' a, annhoradwy, 

anhyfriw [anfynychder 

Infrequency, in.fri' n, anamledd, 
Infrequent, m.fri'kwent a, anaml, an- 

fynych, anarferol [rhewi 

Infrigidate, in.frij'i.dät vt, oeri, fferu, 
Infringe, in.frinj' vt, tori, troseddu 
Infringement, in.frinj 'ment n, toriad, 

trawsdoriad, troseddiad [lawn. 

Infructuose, in.fruk'tshu.os a, anffrwyth- 
Infrugiferous, in.frvv.jif' a, di- 

firwyth, heb ddwyn flrwyth 
Infucate, in.f ii'kat vt, arliwio 
Infumate, in.fü'mät vt, mwgsychu 
Infuriate, in.fur'î.ät a, cynddeiriog- 

wyllt, gorwyllt, ffyrnig, llidiog 
Infuscate, in.fus'kat vt, duo, pvgdduo 

INJ path, at, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, Orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Infuse, in.fuz' vt, tywallt i mewn 

mwydo, trwytho, sicio 
Infusible, in.fii' a, annhoddadwy 
Infusion, in.f u'zhun n, tywyl!tiad,mwyd- 

iad; mwydlyn, isgell, dyferwad 
Infusive, in.iu'siv a, trwythol, mwydol 
Ingelable, in.jel'â.bl a, angheuladwy 
Ingeminate, in.jem'î.nät vt, dyblu, ail- 

adrodd, ailddywedyd [iad 

Ingemination, in.jem.î.nä'shun n, dybl- 
Ingenerate, in.jen'ur.ät, Ingenerated, in- 

jen'ur.ii.ted, Ingenite, in.jen'it a, na- 

turiol, cyncnid, greddfol 
Ingenious, in.ji' a, athrylithgar, 

cywrain, eelfyddgar, dyfeisgar 
Ingenuity, in.ji.nü'i.tí n, cywreinrwydd. 

cywreindeb, athrylith, celfyddgarweh 
Ingenuous, in.jen' a, didwyll, teg, 

rhydd, rhwydd, annichellgar 
Ingenuousness, in.jen' nes a, di- 

ffuantrwydd, tegwch, didwylledd 
Ingest, in.jest' vt, tatiu i'r cylla 
Inglorious, in.glö'r'í.us a, anghlodfawr, 

anenwog, dianrhydedd, gwarthus, di- 

glod, dinnygus [neu arian 

Ingot, ing'gut n, clamp, neu dalp o aur 
Ingraft, imgiaft' vt, impiu, dwmsefydlu 
Ingrain, in.grän' vt, dwfnosod 
Ingrato, ing'grät n, anniolchyn, dyn di- 

ddiolch : a, annVolchgar, diddiolch 
Ingratiate, in.grä'shî.ät vt, ennill bodd 

da, ymlusgo i gymmeriad [garwch 
Ingraütude, in.grat'i.tüd n, ann'iolch- 
Ingredient, in.gri'di.ent n, cyftyr, defn- 

ydd, cymmysgran 
Ingress, ing'gres n, dyfodiad i mewn 
Ingression, in.gresh'un n, mynediad i 

mewn; porth 
Inguinal, ing'gwi.nal a, arffedol [llyncu 
Ingulf, in .gulf vt, sugno i lynclyn; 
Ingurgitate". in.gûr'ji.tiit v, rheiblyncu 
Ingustable, in.gus'tà.bl a, anarch waah- 

adwy, diflas 
Inhabile, m.hab'il a, anfedrus 
Inhabit, in.hab'it v, cartrefu, cyfanneddu, 

trigo, preswylio [cyfanneddu 

Inhabitable, in.hab'î.tâ.bl a, trigiannol. 
Inhabitant, in.hab'i.tant n, trigiannydd. 

oyfanneddwr, preswyliwr, carLrefwr, 

gwladychydd. Inhabitants of the same 

place, cyd-drigolion 
Inhale, in.häT vt, tynu i mewn gyda'r 

anadl, anadlu i mewn 
Inharmonious, in. hâr.mö'nî.us a, 

anghynghaneddol [feirch 

Inhearse, in.hûrs' vt, amgau mewn elor 
Inhere,'r' vi, dwfn yiniynu, glynu 

Inherence, in.hi'r'eus n, glyniad, ym- 

lyniad [lynol 

Inherent, in.hi'r'ent a, cynhenid; dyfh- 
Inherit, in.her'it vt, etifeddu; médd- 

iannu, perchenogi [etifeddol 

Inheritable, in.her'î.tâ.bl a, treftadol, 
Inheritance, in.her'î.tans n, etifeddiaeth. 

Paternal inheritance, treftadaeth 
Inheritor, in.her'î.tûr n, etifedd 
Inheritress, in.her'i.tres, Inheritrix, in- 

her'i.triks n, etifeddes [lyniad 

Inhesion, in.hi'zhun n, greddfiad, ym- 
Inhibit, in.hib'it vt, gwahardd, gwarafun, 

lluddias [iad, attaliad 

Inhibition, in.hî.bish'un n, gwahardd- 
Inhospitable, in.hos'pî.tâ.bl a, anlletty- 

gar, anghroesawgar [anllettygarwch 
Inhospitableness. in.hos'pî.tâ.bl.nes n, 
Inhuman, in.hii'man a, annynol, creu- 

lawn, dideimlad, didrugaredd 
Inhumane, in.hü.män' a, anhynaẁs, 

annhyner, annhirion, annyngar 
Inhumanity, in hü.man'ì.tí n, creulon- 

deb, cieidd-dra, annhiriondeb 
Inhumate, in.hii'mat, Inhume, in. hum' 

vt, claddu, daiaru [wynebus 

Inimical,'i.kal a, gelynol, gwrth- 
Inimitable,'î.tâ.bl a, anefelych- 

adwy, digyflfelyb, rhagorol 
Iniquitous, in.ik'wi.tus a, drygionus, 

anghyfiawn, traws, pechadurus 
Iniquity, in.ik'wi.ti n, drygioni, anwir- 

edd,camwedd, anghyfiawnder, trosedd 
Initial, in.ish'al a. dechreuol, egwyddor- 

ol. Initial letters, dechreuolion 
Initiate, in.ish'î.ät vt, egwyddori; der- 

byn i mewn ; dechreu 
Initiation,'shun n, cychwyn 

iad, egwyddoriad, gosodiad mewn 

swydd * [iadol 

initiatory, in.ish'yâ.tur.î a, egwyddor- 
Inject, in.jekt' vt, chwistrellu i, taflu i 

mewn [ mewn 

Injection, in.jek'shun n. chwistrelliad i 
Injudieable, in.jli' a. anfarnadwy 
Injudicial, in.jü.diÿh'al a, anghyfreitW 

iol [ansynwyrol, annoeth 

Injudicious,'us a, difarn, 
Injunction, in.jungk'shun n, gorchym- 

myn, arch, archiad; gwaharddiad; 

gwahardd eb [gwneyd cam i 

Injure, injur ri.niweidio. colledu, diygu, 
Injurious, in.jii'r' a, niweidiol, cam- 

wcddus, sarhäus, traws 
Injuriousness, in.jü'r' n, niweid- 

ioldeb, camweddusrwydd [colled 

Injury, in'jur.i n, cam, sarhâd, niwed, 

öre ; liíte, lîne, nö, müte ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. INS 

Injustice, in.jus'tis n, anghyfniwnder, 

cam, camwri [grifenlyn 

Ink, ingk ra, du, inc, du ysgrifenu, ys- 
Inkhorn, ingTcôrn n, corn du, dugorn 
Inkle, ing'kl n, llinynwe gul [arwydd 
Inkling, ingk'ling ?i, awgrym, amnaid, 
Inky, ing'ki «, duog 
Inland, in'land a, diarfor, canoldirog: 

n, canoldir [gyfcaitJi 

Inlaw, in.lô' vt, dwyn dan nawdd y 
Inlay, in.lä' (pt & pp inlaid, in.läd') 

vt, hrithaddurno, brithosod 
Inlet, in'let n, ffiydle, adwy, mynedfa i. 

Sea-inlet, morgilfach, angorfa 
Inly, in'H a. mewnol, tufewnol [cyttywr 
Inmate, in'mät n, llettywr, gwesttai, 
Inmost, inmost a, nesaf i mewn, dyfnaf 
Inn, in n, tafarn, tafarndy, ostl, lletty, 

gwestty, gwestfa, gwestle. Inns of 

Court, ysgoldai cyfreithwyr [ol 

Innate, i.nat' a,cynhenid. naturiol, mewn- 
•!e, i.nav' a, anfordwy- 
. difordwyol 
Inner, in'ûr a, tufewnol, nes i mewn 
Innermost, in'ûr.möst a, nesaf i mewn 
Innerve, i.nurv' vt, cryfhau 
linings, in'ingz np, tiroedd a ennillwyd 

o'r m.Gr [tywr 

;Innkeeper, inTdp.ûr n, tafarnwr, gwest- 
Innocenee, in o.sens n, diniweidrwydd 
fcnocent, in'ö.sent a, diniwed, gwirion, 
I dieuog, glân, diddrwg, difai, pur: n, 
I un diniwed; gwirionyn. Innocents' 
K Day, Gwyl y Gwirioniaid 
■nocuous, i.nok' a, diniwed, di- 
Iddrwg, diberygl 

Innominate, i.nom'ì.nät a, dienw [defod 
Innovate, in o.vat v, newyddu, newid 
Innovation, in.o.vii'shun n, dygiad defod 

tewydd i mewn, defodnewidiad 
Innovator, in'u.vii.tur n, newyddiwr, 
;' newidiwr, defodnewidiwr 
[Innoxious, i.nok'sbus a, diddrwg, di- 
; niwed [awgrym 

i Innuendo, in.ü.en'dò' n, lledarwydd, 
[enumerable, i.nü'mur.â.bl a, aneirif, 
r afrifed, dirif, dirifedi 
Jnnutritious, in.ü.trish'us a, anfaethlawn 
Inobservable, in.ob.zur' a, annod- 
[ adwy, anhynod, anweladwy 
Inoculate, in.ok'u.Uit vt, impio ; llygad- 
\ impio, bywyllu , gosod y frecli wen 
Inoculation,'shun n, Uygad- 

impiad; ffordd o roddi y frech wen 
Inodorous, in.ö'dö.rus a, diargol, an- 

sawrus [ddrwg, didraingwydd 

Inoffensive, in.o.fen'siv a, diniwed, di- 

Inofficial,'al a, answyddol 
Inofficious,'us a, anymyrgar 
Inopinate, in.op'î.niit a, annysgwvliedig 
Inopportune, in.op'ôr.tün a, ammhryd- 

lawn, anamserol, anghyflëus 
Inoppressive, in.o.pres'iv a, anorthrymol 
Inordinate, in.ôr'dî.nät a. anghynhes, 

afreolus, anweddol, gormodus. In- 
ordinate desire, trachwant 
Inorganic, in.or.gan'ik a, anermigol, 

ammheiriannol, anghyfluniol, anar- 

dumig [cyssylltu 

Inosculate, in.os' v, cyfuno, uno, 
Inosculation,'skun a, cusan 
Inquest, ing'kwest n, chwiiiad, rheith- 

holiad, holiad, rheithbrawf. Coroner's 

inquest, trengholiad [der, afionyddwch 
Inquietude,'f'i.tud n, anesmwyth- 
Inquinate, ing'kwLnat vt, halogi, llygru 
Inquination,'shun w, halogiad 
Inquire, in.kwi'Y v, ymofyn, holi, gofyn 
Inquiry,'i'r'i n, ymoíÿniad, holiad 
Inquisition, in.kwi.zish'un n, chwiiiad; 

chwil-lys [holgar 

Inquisitive, in.kwiz'i.tiv a, ymotyngar, 
Inquisitor, in.kwiz'i.tur n, chwiliedydd 
Inquisitorial,'r' a, chwil- 

iedyddaidd, chwil-lysaidd 
Inrail, in.räl' vt, amledru, amgarfanu 
Inroad, in'rod. n, ymgyrch, rhuthrgyrch 
Insalubrious, in.sâ.lü a, afiachus, 

afiach [iaethol 

Insanable, in.san'â.bl a, anfeddygin- 
Insane, in.sän' a, gwallgofus, ynfyd, 

ammhwyllog, gorphwyllog 
Insanity, in.san'î.tì n, ynfydrwydd, 

gorphwyll , gwallgofrwydd 
Insatiable, iu.sä'shi.â.bl. Insatiate, in- 

sä'shî.ät a, anniwalladwy, gorwancus, 

annigonol, diwala [anfoddlonrwydd 
Insatislaction,'shun «, 
Insaturable, in.sat'shü.râ.bl a, an- 

lanwadwy [ lwyno 

Inscrib, in.skrib' vt, arysgrifenu; cyf- 
Inseription, in.skrip'shun n, arysgrifen, 

crailft, argraff; cyilwyniad, argyilwyn- 

iad [iadwy, anchwiliadwy 

Inscrutable, in.skrw' «, anolrhein- 
Insculp, in.skulp' vt, cerfio, crifio, 

crifeliu [crifelliad 

Insculpture, in.skulp'tshur n, cerfiad, 
Inseam, in.sîm' vt, gwrymwnio [filyn 
Insect, in'sekt n, trychbryfyn, trych- 
lusection, in.sek'shun n, toriad i, trwch 
Insectivorous, in.sek.tiv'o.rus a, yn 

bwyra trychfilod [iwr trychfifod 

Insectologer, in.sek.toro.jui - n, darlun- 


path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Insecure,'r' a, anni'ogel, ansicr, 

peryglus [perygl 

Insecurity, in.sî.kü'r'î.tî n, anniogelwch. 
Insensate, in.sen'sät a. dideimlad, hurt 
Insensibility, in.sen.sî.bil'î.tí »,annheiml- 

adrwydd, dideimladrwydd 
Insensible, in.sen'sî.bl a, annheimladwy, 

anweladwy, anamgyffredadwy a'r syn- 

wyrau allanol ; dideimlad [dideimlad 
Insentient, in.sen'shent a, disynwyr 
Inseparability, in.sep.ur.â.birî.tî n, an- 

neilltuoldeb, anesgaraeth 
Inseparable, in.sep'ur.â.bl a, anwahan- 

adwy, anesgarol [mewn 

Insert, in.sûrt' vt, gosod neu ddodi 
Insertion, in.sûr'shun n, gosodiad 

mewn ; yr hyn a osodir i mewn 
Inservient, in.sur'vi.ent a, defnyddiol, 

gwasanaethgar, atebol i ddyben 
Inshell, in.shel' vt, cuddio mewn cragen 
Inside, in.s'id' n, y tu mewn : a, mewnol 
Insiduous, in.sid'ü.us a, dichellgar, 

twyllgar, bradwrus [dicbell, brad 
Insiduousness, in.sid' n, twyll 
Insight, in'sit n, dwfn olygiad, cyfar- 

wyddyd, golwg i'r tu mewn 
Insignia, in.sig'ni.â np, arwyddion o 

swyddogaeth neu anrhydedd 
Insignificance, in.sig.nif 'i.kans n, ansyl- 

wedd, dibwysedd; anarwyddocâd 
Insignificant, in.sig.nif'i.kant a, disyl- 

wedd, dibwys, diystyr 
Insincere, in.sjp.sîY a, anghywir, rhag- 

rithiol, twyllodrus, gau [rhagritli 
Insincerity, in.sin.ser'î.tî ra,ffuantrwydd. 
Insinuant, in.sin'ii.ant a, gwenieithol 
Insinuate, in.sin'ü.ät v, truthymlusgo, 

gwenieithio; lledarwyddo, amneidio 
Insinuation, in.sin.ü.ä'shun n, truth- 

ymlusgiad, crybw} 7 Iliad cyfrwys. Ued- 

grybwylliad [merf 

Insipid, in.sip'id a, diflas, ammlasus. 
Insipidity, in.sî.pid'î.tî n, difiasrwydd. 

adflas, merfdra [wendid, hurtrwydd 
Insipience, in.sip'yens n, ftbledd, pen- 
Insist, in.sist' vi, sefyll ar; haeru, hòni; 

dirgymhell, dal her [rwydd 

Insitiency, in.sish'en.sî n, disyched- 
Insition, in.sish'un n, impiad [rhysedd 
Insobriety, in.sö.bri'ì.tî n, meddwdod : 
Insociable, in.sö'shî.â.bl a, anghyfeill- 
Insolate, in'sü.lät vt, haulsychu [gar 
Insolation, in.sü.lä'shun », haulsychiad. 

dynoethiad i belydrau yr haul"; gor- 

darawiad yr haul, neu glefyd a achosir 

gan ei belydrau [hyfder 

Insolence, in'sö.lens n, trahausder, gor- 

Insolent, in'sö.lent a, haerllug, traws- 

falch [anhydawdd 

Insoluble, in.sol' a, annhoddadwy, 
Insolvency, in.sol' n, methdaliad, 

palldaliad, toredigaeth, torgedaeth 
Insolvent, in.sol'vent n, methdalwr, 

palldalwr, torged: a, analluog i dalu, 

wedi tori [iog 

Insomnious, in.som'nî.us a, breuddwyd- 
Insomuch, in.sö.mutsh' ad, yn gymmaint 

ag, gan, hyd oni, fel, nes, fel ag 
Inspect, in.spekt' vt, edrych i mewn i, 

golygu [olygiad, arolygiad 

Inspection, in.spek'shun n, goruch- 
Inspector, in.spek'tur n, arolygwr, ym- 

welwr, goruchwyliwr 
Inspersion, in.spfir'shun n, ardaenelhad 
Insphere, in.sfi'r' vt, gosod mewn rhod 
Inspirable, in.spi'V' a, anadladwy 
Inspiration, in.spí.rä'shun n, anadliad; 

ysbiydoliad, ysbrydoliaeth 
Inspire, in.spi'V v, tvnu yr anadl i 

mewn, anadlu i; ysbrydoli 
Inspirit, in.spir'it vt, bywiocäu, rhoi 

ysbryd mewn un, calonogi, cefnogi 
Inspissate. in. spis'iit vt. tewychu. tewhai 
Inspissation. in.spi.sä 'shun n, tewychiad 
Instability, in.stâ.bil'î.tì n, anwadalwch. 

cyfnewidioldeb, ansadrwydd 
Instable, in.stii'bl a, anwastad, anwada] 

gwammal, eyfnewidiol 
Install, in.stóT vt, urddo, graddio 

gorseddu, rhoddi mewn meddiant 
Installation, in.stô.lä'shun, Installment I 

in.stôl'ment n, urddiad, gorseddiad | 
Instance, in'stans n, enghraifft, cynllunS 

dymuniad. deisyfiad, taergais: v, soil 

am, rhoi crallun 
Instant, in'stant n, cythrym, mynydyul , 

amrantiad, hannercyn: a, taer; dil 

attreg, ebrwydd. The fifth instanli , 

y pummed dydd or mis presennol, ;| , 

pummed cyfisol 
Instantaneous, in.stan.tä'nî.us o, cythl . 

rymol, disyfyd, disymmwth 
Instantly, in' ad, yn daer, yl i 

ddyfal; mewn mynydyn, yn ddioeoK 

yn ddiaros, toe, chwap 
Instate, in.stiit' vt, gosod mewn rhjrftL 

urdd neu sefyllfa, urddasu 
In-taurate, in.stô'rät vt, adferu, adgjl 

weirio, adnewyddu 
Instauration, in.stô.rii'shun n, adferiacÄjj 
Instead, in.sted' ad, yn lie. tros; cystall [ 
Instep, in'step n, gwar trued, arsang I 
Instigate, in'stî.gät vt, cynhyrfu, anno a i 

cymhell, anuos 


öre; läte, line, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. INT 

Instigation, in.stî.gä'shun n, cvnhyrfiad 
Instigator, in'stî.gä.tûr n, cynhyrfiwr, 

annogwr, cymheilwr [wyddori 

Instil, in. stil' vt, defnynu i mewn; eg- 
Instillation, in.sti.lii'shun n, cyfraniad 

addysg, egwyddoriad 
Instinct, instingkt n, greddf, anian- 

dnedd : a, bywiog ; cymhelledig 
Instinctive, in.stingk'tiv a, greddfol. 

anianol, cyngreddfol 
Institute, in'stî.tüt n, egwyddor, cyn- 

ddeddf, deddf, cynrai'th; gosodiad: 

cymdeithas, celfyddfa: vt, gosod, sef- 

ydlu; addysgu 
Institution, in.stî.tü'shun n, gosodiad, 

sefydliad; addysgiad; celfyddfa 
Instruct, in.strukt' vt, addysgu, cyfar- 

wyddo, dysgu, hyfforddi 
Instruction, in.struk'shun n, addysg, 

hyfforddiad, cyfanvyddiad ; dysg. Ju- 
venile instruction, mabinogi 
Instructive, in.struk'tiv a, athrawaidd, 

addysgiadol, dysgedigol, hyfforddiadol 
Instructor, in.struk'tur ?i, dysgawdwr, 

athraw, cyfarwyddwr, dysgedydd 
Instructress, in.struk'tres n, ath'rawes 
Instrument, in'strẁ.ment n, offeryn, 

peiriant, trecyn, art', erfyn, dilyr; ys- 

grifen, gweithred 
Instrumental, in.strŵ.men'tal a, offer - 

ynol, defnyddiol [offerynoldeb 

Instrumentality, in.strŵ.men.tal'î.tî n, 
■suavity, in.swavi.ti n, ansirioldeb 
1 «subjection, in.sub.jek'shun n, annar- 
B ostyngiad [ymostyngiad 

J Insubmission, in.sub.mish'un n, an- 
r Insubordinate, in.sub.ôr'dî.nät fl,afreolus, 
I . terfysglyd, gwrthlywodraethol 
| Insubordination, in.sub.ôr.dî.nií'shun n, 
\ afreoledd, terfysg [efadwy 

[ Insufferable, in.suì'ur.â.bl a, annyodd- 
I Insufficiency,' n, annigon- 
[ edd; anallu [anaddas 

Insufficient,'ent a, annigonol, 
Insufflation,ä 'shun n, anadliad ar 
Insular, in'sü.lûr a, ynysol ; ynysog 
Insulate, in'sü.lät vt, ynysu, neillduo, 
i dydoli, unigoli 

Insult, in'sult n, sarhâd, dirmyg, trahâ 
Insult, in.sult' vt, dirmygu, ammharchu, 

difri'o, anfri'o [gwatwarus 

Insulting, in.sul'ting a, diystyrllyd, 
Insuperable, in.sü'pur.â.bl a, anorchfyg- 
• ol, anorfodol [anorfodedd 

'lnsuperableness, in.sü'pur.â.bl.nes n, 
Insupportable,ö'r'tâ.bl a, an- 

oddefadwy, anoddet'ol 

Insuppressible,'î.bl a, an- 

attaliol, anattaliadwy 
Insurance, in.shvv'r'ans n, diogeliad, di- 

gollediad, digollediant, yswiriant. In- 
surance-office, diu-vlta. iliu'olledfa 
Insure, in.shẁ'r' v, diogelu, yswirio, 

digolledu; sicrhau 
Insurgent, in.sûr'jent n, terfysgwr 
Insurmountable, in.sûr.mûẁn'tâ.bl a, 

anorchfygadwy [gwrthgodiad 

Insurrection,'shun n, terfysg, 
Intactable, in.tak' a, annheimladwy 
Intaglio, in.tal'yö n, careg geugerfiedig 
Intangible, in.tan' a, digyffyrddadwy 
Intestable, in.tä'stâ.bl a, anarchwaeth- 
Integer, in'tî.jûr n, cyfanrif, sym [adwy 
Integral, in'tî.gral a, cyfan, cyflawn 
Integrity, in.teg'rî.tî n, uniondeb, cy- 

wirdeb [croenyn, pilen 

Integument, in.teg'ü.ment n, croen, 
Intellect, in'te.lekt n, deall, dealltwr- 

iaeth ; synwyr, meddwl 
Intellective, in.te.lek'tiv, Intellectual, 

in.te.lek' «, deallol, dealltol, 

dealledigol, meddyliol 
Intelligence, î.jens n, dealltwr- 


bysiaeth, hanes [yddiwr 

Intelligencer,'î.jen.sûr n, new- 
Intelligent,'î.jent a, deallgar, syn- 

wyrol, deallus, gwybodus 
Intelligible, in.teì'ì.jî.bl a, dealladwy, 

hawdd ei ddeall 
Intemperament, in.tem'pur.â.ment n, 

annhymmer, ansawdd clrwg 
Intemperance, in.tem'pur.ans n, an- 
nhymmer ; anghymmedroldeb, an- 

nhymmerusedd ; meddwdod 
Intemperate, in.tem'pur.ät a, annhym- 

merus ; anghymmedrol 
Intemperature, in.tem'pur.ä.tshûr n, an- 

Intenable, in.ten'â.bl a, annahadwy 
Intend, in.tend' vt, meddwl, bwriadu, 

amcanu, bod ar fedr 
Intendancy, in.ten'dan.sî n, golygiaeth, 

golygiad [uchwyliwr 

Intendant, in.ten'dant n, golygwr, gor- 
Intendment, in.tend'ment n, bwriad, 

gwirfeddwl, dyben [tyneru 

Intenerate, in.ten'ur.ät vt, meddalu, 
Intense, in.tens' a, angerddol, tanbaid, 

terwyn, tra mawr, tra dwys, dwys 
Intenseness, in.tens'nes, Intensity, in- 

ten'sî.tî n, tanbeidrwydd, ingder, 

angerddolder; dirfawredd [gofal 

Intensive, in.ten'siv a,dwysddvfal, 11a wn 

INT path, fat, tre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, t\vk=took ; 

Intent, in.tent' a, ai fryd, llwyrfrydig, 

tra dyfal: n, bwriad, amcan; gwir- 

fodd, bryd, medr; meddwl; ystyr; 

dyben; golwg 
Intention, in.ten'shun n, amcan, biyd, 

bwriad, gwirfodd, cyngyd [bwriadol 
Intentional, in.ten' a, aracanol, 
Intentive, in.ten'tiv a, bwriad lawn, dyfal 
Intentively, in.ten', Intently, in- 

tent'lî ad, yn dra dyfal, o lwyrfryd 

calon, yn wresog [dyfalwch 

Intentness, in.tent'nes n. diwydrwydd, 
Inter, in.tùr' vt, claddu, daiaru 
Inter- px, rhwng ; cy-, cyd- 
Intercalary, in.tur'kfi.lur.i a. ymsangol. 

Intercalary days, dyddiau ymsang, 

dyddian gorymddwyn. Intercalary 

stanza, y gair cyrch, ymsang mewn 

cerdd '[ g< irymdd wyn 

Intercalate, in.tur' vt, dodi i mewn, 
Intercalation, in.tur.ka.lii'shun n, go- 

sodiad y gorymddwyn 
Intercede, in.tûr.sîd' vi, myned rhwng; 

cyfryngu, eiriol [edigol 

Intercedent, in.tûr.sî'dent a, cyfryng- 
, Intercept, in.tfir.sept' vt, rhwystro, attal, 

rhagod, Uuddias, rhagddal 
Interception, in.tur.sep'shun n, rhagod, 

rhagddaliad [dod, eiriolaeth 

Intercession, in.tûr.sesh'un n, cyfiyng- 
Intercessor, in.tû'ûr n, cyfryngwr, 

eiriolwr, eiriolydd 
Interchain, in.túr.tshän' vt, cydgadwyno 
Interchange, in.tür.tshänj' vt, cydnewid, 

cydgyfnewid [iad 

Interchange, in'tûr.tshänj n. cydnewid- 
Interchangeable, a, 

cydgyfnewidiol, cydnewidiol 
Interchangement, in.tûr.tshünj'ment n, 

cydgyfhewidiad [rhwng 

Intercident, in.tûr'sî.dent a, yn dyfod 
Intercipient, in.tûr.sip yent a, lluddiol, 

rhagodol: n, rhwystr [Uuddias 

Interclude, in.tur.kliid' vt, cau allan, 
Intercolumniation, in.tûr.kö.lum.nî.ä'- 

shun n, cyfwng colofnau 
Intercommon, in.tur. kom'un v, cyd- 

fwvta; cydbori ar geimle 
Intercommunicate, in.túr.ku.mü'nî.kät 

vi, cydgyfranogi, cydgvfrinachn 
Intercommunity, in.'tûr.ìcu.mü'nî.tî n, 

cydfeddiant, cydgyfranogiad [asenau 
Intercostal, in.tur.kos'tal a, rhwng yr 
Intercourse, in'tiir.ko'rs n, rhyddrediad 

cydfasnach ; cyweithas ; cydgyfeillach 
Intercur, in.tur.kur' vi, dyfod rhwng; 


Intercurrence, in.tfir.kur'ens n, dyfodfa 

rhwng, dygwyddiad rhwng 
Interdict, in.tfir.dikt' vt, gwahardd, cy- 

hoedd wahardd; dwys warafun; es- 

gymmuno [g r ^ 

Interdict, in'tur.dikt n, gwahardd ys- 
Interdiction, in.tur.dik'shun n, gwa- 

harddiad, gwarafun 
Interest, in'tur.est n, budd, cyfles, lies, 

llesiant, elw; rhan. hawl.braint; hog, 

ocraeth; dyddordeb: vt, bod mewn 

gofal; dwyu dan ofal, peri gofal, cy- 

nhyrfu. "Compound interest, arlog, 

adlog. To take an interest in, gof'alu 

am, ymdrafFerthu yng nghylch 
Interested, in' «, eyfrancg 
Interesting,'ting o, pwysfawr, 

tadwys, dyddorol Ij' ru » JTohel 

Interfere, in.tû'r' vi, cyfryngu, ym- 
Interference, in.tûr.fî'r'ens n, cyfryng- 

iad : ymyraeth 
Interfluent", in.tùr'flü.ent, Interfluous, 

in.túr'flü.us o, yn llifo rhwng 
Interfulgent, in.tûr.ful'jent a, yn ty- 

wynu rhwng [rhwng 

Interfused, in.tur.fiizd' a, tywalltedig 
Interim, in' n, cyfamser, cyfrwng_ 
Interior, in.tî'r'î.ûr a, tufewnol. nesaf i 

mewn; n, perfedd gwlad, canol gwlad 
Interjacent, in.tur .jä'sent a, yn gorwedd 

rhwng, rhyngorweddol [rhwng 

Interject, in.tur.jekt' V, taflodi; taflu 
Interjection, in.tur .jek'shun n. taflodiad, 

cyfryngdafl; cyfryngair, cyfryngiad, 

ebychiad. ebychair 
Interjective, in.tûr .jek'tiv a, taflodol 
Interjoin, in.tûr.jôîn' vt, cydgyssylltu 
Interknowledge, in.tûr.noì'ej n, cydwy- 

wybodaeth [resn 

Interlace, in.tûr.läs' vt, cymhlethu; cyf- 
Interlapse, in'tiir.laps n, cyfamser, _ys 

baid rhwng dau bryd [frith 

Interlard, in.tûr.lârd' 'vt, brasfysgu. bras^ 
Interleave, in.tur.liv' vt, gosod di| 

gwynion rhwng y rhai argraffec 

rhyngddalenu. rbyngddeilio 
Interline, in.tûr .li'n' Virrhynirlinellu 
Interlinear, in.tûr.lin'yûr a, rhynglinelk)§ 
Interlineation, in.tûr.lin.î.ä'shun n 

rhynglinelliad, adlinelliad 
Interlink, in.tur.lingk' vt, cyd^adwyno 
Interlocution, in.tur.lö.kü'shun n. cyd 

siariad [chwedleuw 

Interlocutor, in.tur.lok'ii.tur n, cyd 
Interlocutory, in.tur.lok u.tur.î a, cyd- 

vmatebol [rhyngymyn 

Interlope, in.tûr.löp' ft, ymwthio i rr 

öre ; läte, line, nö, müte ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. INT 

Interloper, in.tûr.lö'pûr n, rhyngymyrwr, 
gormes fasnachwr [rhwng 

Interlueent, in.tûr.lü'sent a, yn tywynu 
Interlude, in'tûr.lüd n, coegchwareu 
Interlunar, in.tûr.lü'nûr a, rhwng yr 

hen leuad a'r newydd 
Intermarry, in.tûr.mar'î vi, cydbriodi, 

priodi yra mysg eu gilydd 
Intermeddle, in.tû'l v, ymyru, ym- 
hel [rhodreswr 

Intermeddler, in.tû'lûr n, ymyrwr, 
Intermedial, in.tûr.mî'dî.al, Intermedi- 
ate, in.tûr.mî'dî.ät a, cyfryngol, cyf- 
ryngedig, cyfryngaidd [rwng 

Intermedium, in.tûr.mí'dî.um 11, cyf- 
Interment, in . tûr ' ment n, claddiad, 

claddedigaeth, daiariad 
Intermication, in.tûr.mî.kä'shun n, ty- 
I wyniad rhwng [newidiad trigfan 

Intermigration, in.tûr.mî.grä'shun n, 
Interminable, in.tûr'mî.nâ.bl, Intermi- 
j nate, in.tûr'mî.nät a, diderfyn 
Intermingle, in.tûr.ming'gl v, cydgyin- 

mysgu, cymmysgu 
Intermission, iu.tûr.mish'un n, dysbaid, 
[~ paid, hamdden, gorphwysiad, seibiant 
Intermit, in.tû' v, dyspeidio, peidio 
Intermittent, in.tû'ent a, dysbeidiol 
Intermix, in.tur.miks' v, cymmysgu, 

Intermixture, in.tur.miks 'tshûr n, cym- 
L mysgedd [fynyddoedd 

.Intermontane, in.tûr.mon'tän «, rhyng- 
llntermural, in.tûr.mü'r'al a, rhwng dau 
Ì fur [canolbarthi'l 

Internal, in.tûr'nal a, mewnol, tufewnol. 
International, in.tùr.nash' a, rhwng 
>!. gwahanol wledydd 
Internecine, in . tûr . ni's'in a, marwol, 
r angeuol, dinystriol, rhysgwladol 
[tttternecion,'slnm n, cyflafan, 
■. galanas [genad 

Internuncio, in.tûr.nun'shî.ö n, cyfrwng- 
Interpellation, in.tûä'shun a, gwys- 
i, iad, galwad [ddadlu 

[Interplead, in.tûr.plîd' vi, dadlu, rhyng- 
Enterpolate, in.tûr'pö.lät vt, ffugddodi, 
> • chwanegu yn lladradaidd mewn llyfr 
H!{ neu ysgrifen, llygru 
nterpolation, in.túr.pö.lä'shun n, gau- 

ych wanegiad , llygriad 
nterpolator, in.tûr'pü.lä.tûr n, ffug- 
gyinniysgwr, newidiwr ystyr, llygrwr 
aterposal, in.tur.po'zal, Interposition, 
in.tfir.po.zish'un n, cyfryngiad, cyf- 
ryndod; cyfrwng J_cyfryngu 

Qterpose, in.tur.poz' v, myned rhwng, 


Interpret, in.tûr'pret vt, deongli; cyf- 
ieithu [ongliad 

Interpretation, in.tûr.prî.tä'shun n, de- 
Interpreter, in.tûr'pret. ur n, deonglwr; 

cyneithydd, lladinerydd, lladmer 
Interpunc'tion, in.tur.pungk'shun n, 

rhyngnodiad, gwahannodiad 
Interregnum, in.tu.reg'num, Interreign, 
in'tu.rän n, y cyfwng rhwng dau 
frenin [deyrn 

Interrex, in'tu.reks n, rhaglaw, rhyng- 
Interrogate, in.ter'ö.gät v, holi, gofýn 
Interrogation, in.ter.ü.gä'shun n, holiad, 
holedigaeth, gofyniad. Note of inter- 
rogation, gofynnod, holnod (?) 
Interrogative, in.tu.rog'a.tiv a, holiadol, 
holectigol : n, gofyniad ; gair holiadol, 
megys pwy, pa, ai, a, onid 
Interrogator, in.ter'ö.gä.tûr n, holwr, 

ymofynydd, gofynwr, gofynydd 
Interrogatory, in.tu.rog â.tur.î a, hol- 
iadol: n, gofyniad, holiad 
Interrupt, in.tu.rupt' vt, rhwystro, go- 

dori, attal, lluddio, Uuddias 
Interruption, m.tu.rup'shun n, rhwystr, 
aflonyddiad [grifenu 

Interscribe, in.tûr.scri'b' vt, rhyngys- 
Intersecant,'kant a, cynghroes 
Intersect, in.tur.sekt' v, cynghroesi, 

croesi eu gilydd, cydgroesi 
Intersection, in.tur.sek'shun n, cy- 

nghroesiad, croesdoriad, ymgroesiad 

Interseminate, in.tûr.sem'î.nät vt, hau 

ym mysg [rhwng, rhyngosod 

Intersert, in.tûr.sûrt' vt, gosod neu ddodi 

Intersertion, in.tûr.sûr'shun n, rhwng- 

osodiad, rhyngddodiad 
Intersperse, in.tûr.spûrs' vt, gwasgaru 

yma thraw, rhyngwasgaru 
Interspersion, in.tûr.spûr'shun n, mysg- 

wasgariad , rhy ngwa sga ria d 
Interstellar, in.tùr.stel'ûr a, rhwng y ser 
Interstice, in.tùr'stis n, cyfrwng, cyfwng 
Intertexture, in.tur.teks'tshur n, cy- 

mhlethiad, cydwead 
Intertwine, in.tûr.twîn' v, cymhlethu 
Interval, in'tur.val n, cyfrwng, cyfwng, 
cyfwlch, bwlch, adwy ; hamdden, seib- 
iant [rod rhwng 
Intervene,' vi, cyfryngu, dy- 
Intervention, in.tur.ven'shuu n, cyf- 
Intervert, in.tur.vurt' vt, gwyrdroi, tro 
Interview, in'tüuwü n, cyfrwch, ymgy- 

farfod, cydymweliad 
Intervolve, in.tur.volv' vt, cyd-ddyrysu 
Interweave, in.tur.wiv' vt, cydweu 

INV path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=toofc; 

Intestacy, in.tes'tâ.si ;?, anghymmynedd 
Intestate, imtes'tät a, heb ewyllys, di- 

ewyllys, digymmyn [luddol 

Intestinal, in.tes'ti.nal a, perfeddol. co- 
Intestine, in.tes'tin a, tufewnol, cartref- 

ol. Intestines, ymysgaroedd, perfedd, 

coluddion. Intestine war, rhyfel teis- 

ban, rhyfel cartrefol 
Inthral, in.thróT vt, caethiwo, caethu, 

gorthrymu [caethfyd 

Inthralment, in.thrôl'ment n, caethiwed, 
Inthrone, in.thrön' vt, dyrchafu, gor- 

seddu [nabyddiaeth 

Intimacy, in'tì.mä.sî n, cyfeillach, cyd- 
Intimate, in'tî.mät «, eyfeillgar, anwyl, 

agos : vt, yngan, crybwyll, arwyddo : 

n, cyfaill, cyieillaehwr [crybwylliad 
Intimation, in.tî.mä'shun n, ynganiad, 
Intimidate, in.tim'î.dät vt, digaloni, peri 

ofn, brawychu [ychiad 

Intimidation, in.tim.î.dä'shun n, braw- 
Intitle, in.ti'tl, Intitule, in.tî'tül vt, enwi, 

rhoddi hawl. Intituled, a elwir, a enwir 
Into, ia'tŵjpr, i, i mewn i 
Intolerable, in.tol'ur.â.bl a, anoddefadwy 
Intolerance, in.tol'ur.ans n, anghyd- 

ddygiad, anoddefgarwch 
Intolerant, in.tol'ur.ant a, anoddefgar, 

anghydoddef [seiniadaetb 

Intonation, in.tö.nä'shun n, seiniad; 
Intort, in.tôrt' vt, dirdroi, plethu 
Intoxicate, in.tok'si.kat vt, meddwi, 

brwysgo [ dod 

Intoxication, 'shun w.meddw- 
Intractable, in.trak' a, anhywaitb, 

anhy drin, cyndyn, afreolus 
Intractableness, in.trak' n, cyn- 

dynrwydd [yddwch 

Intranquillity, in.tran.kwil'i.ti n, aflon- 
Intransitive, in.tran'si'tiv a, didrosiad, 

ansymmudol. Intransitive verb, per- 

wyddiad rhydd neu ganolig 
Intranslatable, in . tran . slä ' tâ. . bl a, 

annghyfieithadwy, anghyfiaith 
Intransmutable, in.trans.mü'tâ.bl a, an- 

newidiadwy, digyfnewidiadwy [tyru 
Intreasure, in.trezh'ur vt, trysori, pen- 
Intrench, in.trentsh' v, amgloddio, am- 

gaeru; gormesu, cyfyngu 
Intrenchment, in.trentsh ment n, am- 

glawdd, amgaer [ by, hyf, dewr 

Intrepid, in.trep'id a, gwrol, diofn, eon. 
Intrepidity,'î.tî n, gwrolder, 

dewrder, dewredd, glewder, eofnder 
Intricacy, in' n, dyryswch, as- 

trusi [astrus 

Intricate, in'tn.kat a, dyrys, rhwystrus, 

Intrigue, in.trig' n, cuddneges ; dichell- 

waith: nwyfgyfrinach, nwvfneges: 

vt. cuddnegeseua 
Intrinsic, in.trin'sik, Intrinsical, in.trin'- 

si.kal a, priodol, hanfodol, gwirber- 
Intro- px, i mewn [thynol 

Introduce, in.trö.düs' vt, arwain i mèwn, 

rhagarwain; rhwngosod; cyflwyno 
Introduction, in.tro.duk'shun n, ai 

weiniad i mewn; rhwngosodiad ; cyf- 

lwyniad; rhagymadrodd, rhagdraith, 

Introductory, in.tro.duk'to.ri a. arwein- 

iol; rhagiithol [iad i mewn 

Introgression, in.trö.gresh'un n. dyfod- 
Intromission. in.trö.mish'un n, anfoniad 
I i mewn, gollyngiad i mewn 
Intromit, in.trö.mit' vt, gollwng i mewn 
Introspect, in.tro.spekt' vt, edrych 

Intrude, in.trŵd' v, ymwthio i mewn; 

traisruthro ; gorcnesu ar ; ymyru 
Intruder, in.trŵ'dûr n, trawsymwtbiwr 
Intrusion, in.trw'zhun n, ymwthiad, 

trawsymwthiad, gormesiad, gormes, 

Intrusive, in.tnv'siv a, trawsymwthiol 
Intrust,' vt, ymddiried, gosod 

dan ofal [adl, "treiddiad meddwi 

Intuition, in.tii.isb'un n, canfodiad trwy- 
Iutuitive, in.tii'i.tiv a, yn gwybod ai 

unwaith, yn anigyfired heb resymu. 

meddylgraff [dymchwydc 1 

Intumescence, in.tii.mes'ens n, chwydc 1 
Inturgescence, in.tûr.jes'ens n, chwydc 1 

iad, dargodiad [chysgodau. cysgo< 
Inumbrate,'briit vt, gorchuddio â 
Inunction, in.ungk'shun ??, eneiniad 
Inundate, in.un'dät vt, llifeirio â dw 

gorlifo, rbyfertbwyo 
Inundation, in.un.dä'shun n, llifddw 

llifeiriant, llif [igeiddrwydi 

Inurbanity, in.ûr.ban'î.tî a, anfoneddl 
Inure,'r' vt. cynnefino, arferu 
Inurement, in.ii'r'ment n, cynnefindra 
Inurn, in.ûrn' vt, claddu, daiaru 
Inustion,'tshun n, nodiad â than 

Inutile, in. ii 'til a, diddefnydd, afleso 

diles, aimefnyddiol [afle 

Inutility, iii.ültilì.tî n, anfuddioldet 
Invade, in.vad' vt, rhuthro i, ymosod 

cyrchruthro, traisruthro. rhuthro 
Invalescence,'ens n, iechyc 

cryfder, nerth 
Invalid, in.val'id a, gwan, dirym, dinert 
Invalid,' n, methfilwr ; un cla 

ôre; läte, Tine, nö, miit€; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. IRI 

Invalidate, in.val'i.dat vt, gwanhau; 

dirymu [anallu 

Invalidity,'i.ti n, dirymedd; 
Invaluable, in.val' a, uwch law 

gwerth, tra gwerthfawr, anhywerth 
Invariable, in.vG'r' a, digyfnewid, 

Inviolable,' a, annhoradwy; 

anhalogadwy [nhoredig 

Inviolate,' a, dihalog; an- 
Inviscate, in.vis'kiit vt, dwbio; ym- 

ddwbio [igrwydd 

Invisibility, in.viz.î.bü'î.tî n, aiiweled- 

anghyfnewidiol [osodiad, cadgyrch Invisible, in.viz' a, anweledig, anwel- 

Invasion,in.vii 'zhun «,rhuthrgyrch, ym- 
Invasive,'siv a, traisruthrol, ] 

rhuthrol, cadgyrchol 

Invective, in.vek'tiv n, tuchan, gogan- 

air, enllibiaith: a, goganus, enllibus, 

sengar [goganu 

Inveigh,' vi, difr'io, cablu, senu, 

Inveigle,'gl vt, twyllo, llithio, hudo, 

denu [iaeth, twylliad, deniad 

Inveiglement, 'gl.ment n, hudol- 

Invendible, in.ven' o, anwerthadwy 

Invent, in.vent' vt, dyfeisio, dychymmygu 

Invention, in.ven'shun n, dylais, dar- 

felyddiad, cynmyged; dychymniyg 
Inventive, in.ven'tiv a, dyfeisgar; ys- 

trywgar; dychymmygol 
Inventor, in.ven'tur n, dyfeisiwr, dar- 
felyddwr, awdwi'; lluiriwr, dychym- 
í mygwr [au da a dodrefn; dodrethres 
Inventory, in'ven.tur.i n, llechres o enw- 
Inverse, in.vurs' a, gwrthdroedig, gwi'th- 
gyfatebol [trawsddodiad 

Inversion, in.vur'shun n, gwrthdroad, 
Invert, in.vùrt'fí,gwrthdroi; trawsddodi 
Invest, in. vest' vt, gwisgo, urddo ; gosod 

raewn meddiant ; amgau, gwarchae 

Investigable, in.ves' a, olrhein- 

i adwy, a ellir ei chwilio allan 

Investigate, in.ves'ti.gat vt, olrhain, 

chwilio allan [rheiniad 

Investigation,'shun n, ol- 

Inve&titure, in.ves'ti.tshu'r n, rhoddiad 

meddiant ; urddosodiad, urdd'wisgiad, 

nrddasiad [gylchol; gwisgiadul 

Investive, in.ves'tiv a, cylchynol, am- 

Investment, in.vest'ment n, gwisgad 

urddiad ; rhoddiad meddiant ; gwar- 

chaead [dynrwydd 

Inveteracy,' n, canlid, cyn- 

Inveterate,' a, hen, sefydíog. 

gwrthnysig,hirbarhaol [gyndynrwydd 

Inveterateness,' n, her 

Inveteration,'shun n, can- 

■ Invidious, in.vid'yus a, cenhgenus ; adgas 
Invidiousness, in.vid'yus.nes n, cenfigen 
. Invigorate,'o.rat vi,cryfhau,byw- 
ioli, arialu, nerthu 
Invincible,' a, anorchfygol, 
' anorchfygadwy. anorfodadwy, anortbd 



Invisible green, du- 

[galwad; deniad 

vi.ta'shun n, gwahoddiad, 

Invite, in.vit' v, gwahodd, galw; denu 

Invocate, in'vo.kat vt, galw ar, gweddio 

ar, ymbil _ [deisyfiad 

Invocation, in.vo.kii'shun n, galwad ar, 
Invoice, in'vois n, llwythrestr, llwyth- 

lechres, cofrestr o lw'yth Hong [ymbil 
Invoke, in.vok' vt, galw ar, ymoralw, 
Involuntarily, in.voî'un.tur.î.lî ad, o 

anfodd [anewyllysgar 

Involuntary, in.vol'un.tur.i a, anfodd\is, 
Involution, in.vo.lii'shun n, cymhlygiad, 

dyblygiad, cymhlethiad 
Involve, in.volv' vt, dyrysu, cymmysgu, 

cymhlethu; maglu; cynnwys. In- 
volved, mewn dyled; dyrus 
Invulnerable, in.vul' a, anhy- 

glwyf, anarcholladwy, anhywan 
Inward, in'wurd, Inwardly, in'wûrd.lî, 

Inwards, in'wurdz ad, o'r tu mewn, o 

fewn, oddi fewn, oddi mewn ; yn y galon 
Inward, in'wûrd a, mewnol, tufewnol 
Inwards, in'wurdz np, coluddion, perfedd 
Inweave, in.wiv' vt, cymmysgweu, cyf- 

rodeddu, gwau i mewn [^g 

Inwood, in.wẁd' vt, cuddio mewn coed- 
Inwreathe, in.rÎTH' vt, amdorchi 
Inwrought, in.rôt' a, addurnedig âgwaith 
Ionic, Y.on'ik a, dull mewn adeiladaeth, 

Iota, î.ö'tâ n, iot, mymrjm, tipyn 
Iotacismus, i'.ö.tâ.sis'mus n, gwall yn y 

peiriannau ymadrodd [yn cyfogbar 
Ipecacuanha,'a n, gwreidd- 
Ir px. — In 
Irascible, î.ras'î.bl a, hyddig, digiadwy, 

cyff'roadwy, anghyinmodol, gwaed- 

wyllt [llidiogrwydd, gwyth 

Ire, Y'r n, dig, digter, diglíonedd, bâr,lìid, 
Ireful, î'r'fẁla, digllawn, llidiog, ffyrnig, 

barog, g\vythig, gwythol, gwythog 
Irenical, i'.ren'i.kal a, heddychol, tang- 

nefeddus .[enfys 

Iridescent, ir.î.des'ent a, llywiog fel yr 
Iris, i'V'is 11, yr enfys, bvva'r gwlaw; 

elestr, camined. Stinking iris, Uys- 

iau'r hychgryg [guage, Gwyddelaeg 
Irish, i'Yish a, Gwyddelig^ Irish Ian- 

ISL path, fat, êre, met, rnâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tÀvk=took ; 

Irishman, "i'r' n, Gwyddel (p 

Gwyddyl, Gwyddelod) 
Irk, urk vt, dygnfhno, blino, gofidio 
Irksome, urk'sum a, blinderus. gofidus 
Iron, i'ûrn n, haiarn: a, haiarnaidd : vt, 

haiamu; llyfnhau. Iron-clad, arfog. 

llurigog. Iron-mould, ystaen melyn 

mewn lliain. Iron-sack, haiarn-glaf, 

pan fo Hong yn gollwng dwfr am fod 

yr hoelion a'r haiarn wedi rhydu a 

darfod. Iron-work, gwaith haiarn 
Ironical, i'.ron'i.kal a, gwawdieitkiol, 

gwatwarus, goganol 
Ironmonger, í'ûrn.mung.gûr n, haiarn- 

werthwr, haiarnwr, haiarnydd 
Ironmongery, 1 . urn . mung ' gur . î n, 

nwyddau haiarn [iaeth, gwawdiaith 
Irony, 'i'r'un.i n. goganwawd, gwatwar- 
Irony, 'í'ûrn.î a, haiamllyd ; caled 
Irradiance, i.rä'dî.ans n, pelydredd, llew- 

yrch, dysgleirdeb, claerder [dysgleirio 
Irracüate, i.rä'di.ät vt, pelydru, goleuo. 
Irradiation, i.rä.dí.ii'shun n, dysgleiriad, 

goleuad, pelydriad 
Irrational, i.rash' a, direswm, am- 

mhwyllug, afresymol 
Irrationality,'î.tî n, afres- 

ymoldcb," gwallbwvll [iadwy 

Irreclaimable, ir.i.klli' a, anniwyg- 

modadwy, anghymmodlawn 
Irrecoverable, ir.i.kuv' a, anad- 

feradwy, cyfrgoliedig,anweiladwy, di- 

adfer [aawy 

Irreducible, ir.î.dü'sî.bl a, annarostyng- 
Irrefragable, i.ref'râ.gâ.bl a, annhor- 

adwy, anwrthwynebadwy, diymwad 
Irrefutable, ir.î.íu tâ.bl a, anwrthbrof- 

adwy [son, annhrefhus 

Irregular, i.reg'ü.lûr a, afreolus, anghys- 
Irregularity, i.reg.ü.lar'î ti n, annhrefn- 

edd, afreoledd, annhrefia 
Irregulate, i.reg'ü.lät vt, annhrefnu 
Irrelative, i.rel ä.tiv a, diberthynas 
Irrelevant, i.rel'i.vant o, ainmherthynol 
Irreligion, ir.î.lij'un n, anghrefydd, an- 

nuwiaeth. annuwioldeb 
Irreligious, ir.i.lij'us a, anghrefyddol 
Irremeable, i.ri'mí.â.bl a, annychwel- 

adwy, diadlam 
Irremediable, ir.î.mî'dî.â.bl a. anf'eddyg- 

iniaethol, anfeddygol, diymwared, an- 

welladwy [adwy 

Irremissible, ir.î.mis'î.bl a, anfaddeu- 
Irreinovable, ' a. ansyramud- 

adwy [obrwyadwy 

Inemunerable, ir.î.niü'nur.â.bl a, an- 

Irreparable, i.rep'ur.â.bl a, anadgy- 

weiriadwy, anwelladwy 
IrrepealaHe, ir.í.pi'lâ.bl a, anniddym- 

adwy [adwy 

Irrepleviable, ir.i.plev' a, anadfer- 
Irreprehensible, i.rep.ri.ben' a, di- 

feius. diargyhoedd, difai 
Irrepressible, "ir.í.presì.bl a, anattahol, 

anattaladwy [diwarth 

Irreproachable, ir.î.prö'tshâ.bl a, difefl, 
Irreprovable, ir.i.prw' a, difai, an- 

hyfai [wrthwynebedd 

Irresistibility, ir.i.zis.ti.bil'i.ti n, an- 
Irresistible, ir.i.zis' a, anwrthwy- 

Irresoluble, i.rez' a. anhydawdd 
Irresolute, i.rez'o.liit a,diymroad, gwan- 

galon. anwadal 
Irresolution,'shun f», gwan- 

galondid. anwadalweh. annewredd 
irretrievable, ir.i.tri' a, anadfer- 

adwy [anfri 

IiTeverence, i.rev'ur.ens n, ammharch, 
Irreverent, i.rev'ur.ent a, amrnharchus, 

anedmygol. dibarch 
Irreversible, ir.í.vûr'sî.bl a, diwrthdroawl 
Irrevocable, i.rev' a, anwrthalw- 

adwy, diadlam 
Irrigate, ir'î.gät vt, dyfrhau ; dyfru, am- 

ddyfru, gwlychu; mwydo 
Irrigation, ir.i.gä'shun n. dyfrhâd 
Irriguous, i.rig' a, amddyfrol, dyfroll 
Irrfsion, i.rizh'iui n, gwawdiad, gwatwar- 1 

iad _ [foddnsl 

Irritable, irì.tá.bl a, hyddig, digus, an- 1 
Irritate, ir'î.tät vt. y'stuno, cynhyrfu, | 

herio, gwvtho ; dlgio, lhdio 
Irritation. îr.i.tä'shun n, anfod 

cyffroad, ystuniad [gwlychiadl 

Irroration, ir.ö.rä'shun n, gwlithiad, j 
Irruption, i . rup ' shun n, rhuthrlif ;i 

Is, iz vi, mae, sydd, yw. ydyw, oes; am-J 

ser presennol tie. I< there? a oes?l 

There i?«. oes. Is there not? onidi 

oes? There is not, nac oes. Is he 

[she, or it] ? a ydyw ? He [ 

it] is, ydyw. She is not her'-, nid 

ydyw hi yma. He is wise, y mae eft 

yn'ddoeth. It is he is wise, efe sydc 

ddoeth [blaenoroÄ 

Isagogical,'i.kal a. arweiniol 
Isatis, í.sä'tis n, glaslys, llysiau'r lliw 
Ischury. i.^'kU'r.i n, attaliad y dwfr 
Isinglass. Y'zing.glas n. pysglud _ 1 
Island, Y'land, Isle, i'l n, jmys. A Uttl<« 

island, vnvsig, vnvsan 


öre ; läte, line, nö, mute ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. JAS 

Islander, Y'lan.dûr n, ynyswr, _ 

Islet, f let n, ynysan, ynysig. Islet-hole, 

olpai, olp, rhwyll. — Eylet-hole 
Isochronal, l.sock'ro.nal a, cydbarhaol 
Isolate, i" vt, neillduo, gwahan- 

ddodi, unigo, unigoli, ynysu 
Isosceles, i'.sos'i.liz a, deugyfochrog 
Israelite, iz'rä,el.'it n, Israeliad ; Iuddew 
Issue, ish'ü n, mynediad allan ; diwedd, 

canlyniad ; tarddiad, tarddell, ffynnon- 

ell; llynor, llifweli, gorddin, dyferlif; 

hiliogaeth, hil, epil, had: v, tori, codi. 

tarddu, deillio, nea ffrydio allan ; cy- 

hoeddi, danfon allan 
Issueless, ish'ü.les a, diepil, diblant 
Isthmus, ist'mus n, cyfyngdir, culdir, 

It, it pn, efe, fe, e, ef, efo, fo, o; hi. 

It is I, myfi yw. It is I that speak, 
• myfi sydd yn llefaru. It is so, felly y 

mae. Is it not so ? onid felly y mae ? 

It is cold, y mae hi yn oer. It dawns, 

y mae hi yn gwawrio 
Italian, Ltal'yan a, Italaidd: n, Italiad 
Italic, i.tal'ik a, Italaidd 
Italics, i.tal'iks np, llythyrenau Italaidd 
Itch, itsh vi, ysu, cosi, bwyta : n, y crafu, 

yr ymgrafn, y cosi [fan 

Itching, itsh'ing n, cos, cosfa, ysfa, ys- 
Item, i'tem ad, hefyd : n, amnaid, aw- 

grym ; pen, peth, pwnc 
Iterant, it'ur.ant a, ad-ddywedol 
Iterate, it'ur.ät vt, ailddywedyd, ad- 

wneuthur [adwneuthuriaeth 

Iteration, it.u.rä'shun n, ailfynegiad, 
Itinerant, i'.tin'ur.ant a, teithiol, am- 

deithiol, cylchdeithiol : n, teithiwr, 

ymdeithiwi - , cylchdeithiwr 
Itinerary, ì.tin'ur.ur.î n, teithlyfr: a, 

crwydrol, ymdeitliiol [deithio 

Itinerate, 'i.tin'ur.ät vi, teithio, cylch- 
Itself, it.self ' pn, ei hun, ei hunan 
Ivory, i"vö.rî n, dant y cawrfil, ifori. 

Ivory-black, ifori llosgedig, milddu- 
■ losg, golosg esgyrn 
Ivy, i"vî 11, iorwg, eiddiorwg, eiddew. 

Ground-ivy, Uysiau yr esgyrn, y gan- 
• wraidd las, bydiog las 


Jabber, jab'ûr vi, bragawthan, gwag- 
siarad, baldorddi : n, baldordd, clebar 

Jabberer, jab'ur.ûr n, bryddonwr, llolyn 

Jacent, jä'senta, yn eiorwedd, gorwedd- 
ol [fawr 

Jacinth, jä'sinth », math o faen gwerth- 

Jack, jak n, berdröydd ; marchbren llifo ; 
y penhwyad ; ceiliog hebog. Jack-a- 
dandy, coegyn. Jack-a-lantern, ellyll- 
dan,malldan. Jack-ketch, dienyddiwr 
cyflredin, crogydd. Jack-pudding, 
chgrifwas, ysgentyn. Boot-jack, bot- 
asyn, botaswas 
Jackal, jak'ol n, gwas y Hew 
Jackalent, jak'a.lent n, dynyn yswil 
Jackanapes, jak'an.aps n, epa, gwrab; 


Jackdaw, jak'do n, cogfran, coegfran, 

corfran, cawci, palores [siaced 

Jacket, jak'et n, hugan, hugyn, toryn, 

Jacobin, jak'o.bin n, plaid chwildröus 

yn Ffrainc 
Jacobite, jak''t n, pleidiwr Iago II. 
Jaculation, jak.ü.lä'shun n, tafliad, er- 


Jade, jäd n, dyhiren, budrogen ; salfarch, 

diogfarch : v, blino, ystrancio, llwfrhau 

Jadish, jä'dish a, dioglyd ; castiog ; anllad 

Jag, jag n, rhint, rhwgn, bwlch: vt, 

sitrachu, rhygnfylchu 
Jaggy, jag'î a, sitrachog, rhintach, llarp- 

iog, rhygnfylchog 
Jaguar, jag'ü.âr n, teigr Americaidd 
Jah, jâ n, Arglwydd, Duw, lor, Iehofah 
Jail, jäl n, carchar, carchardy. Jail- 
bird, carcharor, carchares [geidwad 
Jailer, jä'lûr n, ceidwad carchar, carchar- 
Jakes, jaks n, ysgothfa, geudy, ty bach 
Jalap, jal'ap n, gwreiddyn carthiadol, 

Jam, jam n, aeron-gyffaith : vt, tyn- 

wasgu, tyn-gynio, llethu, briwio 
Jamb, jamb n, ystlysbost, gorsin 
Jangle, jang'gl n, ymgecraeth, baldordd ; 
swn diderfyn : vi, ymdaeru, ymryson 
Janitor, jan'î.tûr n, ceidwad drws, porth- 
or, drysor [Nhwrci 

Janizary, jan'i.zur.i n, traedfilwr yn 
January, jan'ü.ur.î n, Ionawr 
Japan, jâ.pan' n, gwlad yn y dwyrain; 
barnais: vt, arliwio, barneisio, claer- 
Jar, jâr n, costrel, costrelan; anghyd- 
sain ; anghydfod : v, ysgortio, gwrth- 
eirio; gwrthdaro; costrelu. A-jar, 
cilagored. Jarring, clogyrnog 
Jarful, jâr'fẁl n, costrelaid 
Jargon, jâr'gun n, fFreg, ffregod, fHloreg, 

brithiaith, briwiaith, bolysothach 
Jargonelle, jar.gö.nel' n, math o elleigen 
Jasey, ja'zi n, gwalltgapan 
Jasmine, jas'min n. — Jessamine 
Jasper, jas'pûr n, maen gwerthfawr 

JOS path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=:took; 

jaundice, jân'dis re, y melyni, y cryd 

melyn. To look at a thing with" a 

jaundiced eye, edrych yn ragfarnllyd 

ar beth [gwibrodio, aarymred 

Jaunt, jânt re, darymred, hytynt: vi, 


Jaunty, jân.tî a, trwsiadus, hoenus 

Javelin, jav'lin re, picell, gwaew, gwaew- 

ffon, safwy 
Jaw, jô, Jawbone, jô.bön' re, gên, car 
yr ên, cern, bochgern, mant, aelgerth, 
elgeth. Locked ja-n ed, ymgauad yr én, 
clefyd y gi'au a eífeithia er analluogi 
asgwrn yr ên,' gengload. Lower jaw, 
isfant. Upper jaw, gorfant. Toothless 
jaw, mantach [caseg y ddryghin 

Jay, jii re, piogen y coed, ysgrech y coed, 
Ja'zel, ja'zel re, maen glas gwerthfawr 
Jealous, jel'us o, eiddigus, drwgdybus 
Jealousy, jel'us.î re, eiddigedd; drwgdyb 
Jean, jiin re, math o gotymwe 
Jeer, ji'r re, gwawd, gwatwariaeth : v. 
gwawdio, gwatwar, chwerthin am ben 
Jehofah, ji.ho'va re, Iehofah, Duw, 

Arglwydd, lor, Ion, Ner 
Jejune, jej'iin a, sychlyd; difudd, difla: 
Jejuneness, jej' re, diflasrwydd 
Jelly, jel'î re, ceulfwyd, ceuled [bychan 
Jennet, jen'et re, march Ysbaenaidd 
Jenneting, jen' re, math o afal 

cynnar, afal minswyn 
Jeopard, jep'ûrd, Jeopardize, jep'ur.d'iz 
vt, peryglu, enbydu [bydus 

Jeopardous, jep'ûr.dus a, peryglus, en- 
Jeopardy, jep'ûr.dî re, perygl, enbyd- 
Jerboa, jer.böâ' re, pathew Syria [rwydd 
Jerk, jurk re, ysbonc, 11am, naid ; tafliad 

v, ysboncio ; taflu dan fraich 
Jerkin, jur'kin re, hugan ; math o hebog 
Jersey, jur'zi re, math o frethyn[aroglus 
Jessamine, jes'â.min re, blodeuyn per- 
Jest, jest re, cellwair. digrifair ; gwatwar : 

vi, cellwair, cellweirio ; gwatwar 
Jester, jes'tûr re, cellweiriwr, digrifwas 
Jesuit, jes' re, pleidiwr Pabyddol, 

aelod o gymdeithas yr Iesu 
Jesuitical,'i.kal a, dichellgar, 

cyfrwys, Iesuitaidd 
Jesus, ji'zuz n, Iesu 
Jet, jet re, muchudd, maen muchudd; 
ffrydiad, pistylliad: vi, corbelu, taflu 
allan, ysgwyddo, tarddu [iad 

Jetsam, jet sam re, daoedd o longddryll- 
Jetty, jet'î a, du, muchuddol 
Jew, jü re, Iuddew, Iddew. Jew's harp, 
ysturmant [emig 

vel, jii'el re, gem, em, glain, tlws 

Jeweller, jü'el.ûr re, gemydd, ceinionydd. 
Jewellery, jü'el.ur.î, Jewelry, jü'el.rî 

re, gemyddiaeth, gemwaith 
Jewess, jii'es re, Iuddewes, Iddewes 
Jewish, jü'ish a, Iuddewaidd, Iuddewig 
Jib. jib re, y gynhwyl mewn llong 
Jiboya. iî.bûi'â re, sarff Americaidd 

mynydyn [llamddawnsio 

boya, ii.boi 
fly, jií"'î re, 

Jig, jig re, llamddawns : v, crychlamu, 
Jilt, jilt re, cariadferch dwyllodrus,twyll- 

odres. dyhiren : v, siomi mewn cariad ' 
Jingle, jing'gl v, toncio, tincio, tincian 
Job, job ??, tasg, gorchwyl; ergyd, 

dyrnod: v, gorchwylio; tasgu; er- 
gyd io, taro 
Jobber, job'ûr re, prynwr a gwerthwr, ' 

masnachydd, porthmon, tasgiedydd, - 

tasgnT. Stock-jobber, arianfasnachwr '< 
Jockey, jok'i re, marchogwr; porthmon» 

ceffylau ; torwr ceifylau, marchdorwr : f 

vt, siomi, twyllo 
Jocose, jo.kos', Jocular, jok'iiJur a,{, 

llawen, digrif, cellweirus, arab 
Jocularity, jok.ii.lar'i.ti n, cellweirgar- : 

wch, digrifwch, arabedd 
Jocund, jok'und a, llonwych, difyrlawn,; 

digrif, lion, chwarëus, hoew, arab 
J°£> j°g» J°ggl e i i°g'l n i lledysgydwad, 

hone : v, lledwthio, penelino ; ysgwydj 

ysgytio; goduthio; honcian. A jog 

trot, goduth [cydrwymo 

Join, join v, cydio, cyssylltu, uno, asio. 
Joinder, jôín'dûr re, cyssylltiad, cydiad. 

asiad [saer coed' 

Joiner, jôîn'ûr re, cyssylltydd, asiedydd:. 
Joinery, jôî'nur.î re, saerni'aeth 
Joint, joint re, cysswllt, cymmal, cwgn 

dryll: v, rhanu. gwahanu; cyfuno 

a, cyd-. Joint heir, cydetifedd. Joint 

surety, cydfechni'wr 
Jointer, jôîn'tûr re, llyfniedydd, saer coec 
Jointress, joîn'tres re, gwraig waddolog j 
Jointure, jôîn'tshûr re, cynnysgaeth, ag- 
Joist, joist re, dist, trawst, ceibr [wedd 
Joke, jok re, cellwair, gwawdair : v, cell- 
Jole. jbl re, pen pysgodyn [weiri( 

Jollification, 'shun re, gloddes' 
Jollity, jol'i.ti re, hoewder, hoenusrwydd 

llawenydd, llonder ; cyfeddach, rhysedc 
Jolly, jol'î a, llonwych, hoew-wycb 

llawen; boliog. Jolly-boat, iolfad 
Jolt, jölt re, ysgytiad, ysgydwad, hypynt 

v, ysgytio, honcian, haldian. Jolt 

head, penbwl, delff, clwpa 
Jorden, jfjr'dn n, pot, llestr, troethlestr 
Jostle, jos'l vt, herwthio, ysgytio: n 

ysgwyddiad, hergwd 


ôre; läte, Vine, nö, mute; she, zh=rz azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. JUR 

Jot, jot re, mymryn, tipyn, iot : vt, cofnodi 
Jotting, jot'ing re, cotnod, cofnodiad 
Journal, jûr'nal re, dyddlyfr; teithlyfr 
Journalism, jur'naLizm re, newyddiadur- 

Journalist, jûr' re, ysgrifenydd 

dyddlyfr, newyddiadurwr 
Journey, iûr'nî a, taith, ymdaith, helynt : 

vi, teitnio, ymdeithio, hyntio 
Journeyman, jûr'nî.man re, dyddweith- 

iwr, hurweithiwr 
Journey work, jûr'nî.wûrk re, dyddwaith 
Joust, just », math rithymladdfa ar 

feirch [lion, llawen 

Jovial, jö'vî.al a, digriflon, llonwych, 
Jovialness, jo'vLal.nes re, digrifwch, 

llonder, Uawenwch [ochr yn ochr 
Jowl, jöl re, pen, cern. Cheek by jowl, 
Joy, jôî re, Uawenydd, gorfoledd: v, 

lloni, llawenychu, sirioh, gorfoleddu 
Joyful, jôî'fẁl a, llawen, gorfoleddus, 

lion, hoenus [ydd 

Joyless, jôî'les a, annyddan, aflawen, 

prudd, dilawenydd, dihoen 
Joyous, jôl'us a, llawen, dyddanus, 

hoenus, gorfoleddus 
Jubilant, jü 'bUant a, gorfoleddol 
Jubilee, jii'büî re, gwyl gyhoedd; 

blwyddyn gollyngdod [Iuddewaidd 
Judaic, jii.da'ik, Judaical, jii.da'i.kal a, 
Judaism, jii 'da.izm re, Iuddewiaeth 
Judaize, jii'da.iz v, Iuddeweiddio 
Judge, juj re, barnwr, brawdwr, ynad, 

yngnad; beirniad: v, barnu; dirnad; 

cyirif, iawnddeall 
Judgement, juj'ment re, barn, brawd, 

barnedigaeth ; dedfryd ; iawnfarn ; tyb, 

meddwL Judgement-day, dydd y 

fern, dydd brawd. Judgement-seat, 

gorsedd barn, brawdle 
Judicatory, jii'di.ka.tur.i re, brawdle, 

brawdlys, brawdwriaeth : a, barnol, 

Judicature, jii 'di.ka.tshur re, yngneid- 

iaeth; brawdwriaeth; awdurdod i 

farnu; brawdlys 
Judicial, jiLdish'al a, barnol, brawdwr- 

aidd, barnedigol ; cyfreithiol 
Judiciary, jü.dish'yur.î re, brawdlys, 

brawdle; brawdwriaeth: a, barnol, 

Judicious, jü.dish'u8 «, call, deallus, 

synwyrol, doeth ; medrus, cyfarwydd 
■^ u gi J u g »> ysten, piser, diodlestr 
Jugal, jii'gal a, tebyg i iau, Jugal bone, 

asgwrn y rudd 

Juggle, jug'l re, hud, siom, twyll: v, 

hudo, hocedu, chwido, twyllo 
Juggler, jug'l ûr re, ystranciwr; chwidw, 

hudolwr, twyllwr, hocedydd 
Juggling, jug'ling re,chwidogaeth ; hoced 
Jugular, jü 'gü.lûr a, perthynol i'r gwddf. 

Jugular vein, gwyth'ien y gwddf 
Jugulate, jü'gü.lät vi, tori gwyth'ien y 

gwddf, lladd trwy dori'r gwddf 
Juice, jiis re, sug, sugn, sudd, nodd 
Juiceless, jiis'les a, sych, disudd, dinodd 
Juiciness, jü'sî.nes re, irder, ireidd-dra 
Juicy, jü'sî a, noddlyd, iraidd, suddlawu 
Jujube, jü'jüb re,mathosudd cyffeithiedig 
Julep, jii 'lep re, meddyglyn melus 
July,' re. Gorphenaf 
Jumble, jum'bl re, cymmysgfa, mwchwl: 

vt, cymmysgu, didrefnu 
Jump, jump re, naid, 11am: vi, neidio, 

llamu, crychneidio, llamsach 
Jumper, jum'pûr re, neidiwr, llamsachwr. 

Jumpers, Llamwyr, plaid ogrefyddwyr 

Juncate, jung'kat re, ammeuthyn 
Juncous, jung'kus a, llafrwynog 
Junction, jungk'shun re, cydiad, cyfun- 

iad ; undeb. Junction of rivers, aber 
Juncture, jungk'tshur re,cydiad ; cysswllt, 

cyfwlch, cyfwng, cyfrwng; agwedd 
June, jiin re, Mehefin [coedwigfa 

Jungle, jung'gl re, coedwal, coedwig, 
Junior, jü'nî.ûr «, iau, ieuangach ; ieuaf 
Juniper, jii'nî.pûr re, meryw [hen raffau 
Junk, jungk re, Hong fechan Chineaidd; 
Junket, jung'ket re, ammeuthyn : vi, dir- 

gelwledda [blaid, cydfwriadwyr 

Junto, jun'tö re, cydgyfrinachwyr; ym- 
Jupiter, jü'pî.tûr, Jove, jov re, Iau, Iou 
Juppen, ju.pon' re, math hugan for 
Jurat, jii Vat re, heddynad 
Juridical, jii.rid'i.kal a, cyfreithiol, 

brawdfaol {gynghorwr 

Jurisconsult, jiiVis.kon.sult re, deddf- 
Jurisdiction, jii''shun re, awdur- 

dodaeth, rhaglawiaeth, brawdwriaeth 
Jurisprudence, jii'ris.prŵ'dens re, gwy- 

bodaeth yn y gyfraith, deddfwybod- 

Jurist, jü'r'ist re, cyfreithiwr gwladol 
Juror, jiiVur, Juryman, jii'r' re, 

Jury, jiiVi re, rheithwyr. Coroner's 

jury, trengreithwyr. Grand jury, 

uchreithwyr. Petty jury, isreithwyr. 

Special jury, rheithwyr neillduol. 

Trial by jury, rheithbrawf. Jury- 
mast, hwylbren amserol 


KIL path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, tẁk=took; 

Just, just a, iawn, cyfiawn, uniawn, 
gwir, cywir, cyfartal, teg, rliinweddol, 
didwyll : ad, yn uniawn, yn gywir, yn 
gymhwys ; yn agos ; prin, braidd. Just 
now, ar y fynyd, yr awrhon ; gynneu 
fach. Just published, newydd ei 
gyhoeddi. Just so, i'e, felly. To just 
mention, gosonio 

Justice, jus'tis n, cyfiawnder, barn; 
rhesymoldeb ; ynad, yngnad, ustus. 
Justice of the peace, ynad yr hedd- 
wch, heddynad. Chief-justice, prif- 
ynad. Lord chief-justice, arglwydd 

Justiceship, jus 'tis.ship ra,ynadaeth, yng- 
neidiaetn [nad, barnwr 

Justiciary, jus.tish'yur.î », ynad, yng- 

Justifiable, jus'tí.fi'.â.bl a, cyfiawnadwy, 
amddiffynadwy [iawnhad 

Justification,'shun n, cyf- 

Justificator, jus', Justifier, 
jus'tî.fi'.ûr n, cyfiawnhäwr 

Justify, jus'tî.f i vt, cyfiawnhau, dieuogi, 
amddifiyn, diheuro 

Justle, jus'l v, gwthio, hyrddio, hergydio 

Justness, just'nes n, cyfiawnder, union- 
deb; rhesymoldeb 

Jut, jut vi, corbedu, taflu allan 

Jutty, jut'i n, ysgwyddiad; crogiad 
drosodd: v, corbedu 

Juvenile, ju'vi.nil a, mabin, mabinog, 
ieuanc. Juvenile game, mabolgamp 

Juvenility,'i.ti n, mabinogrwydd, 
ieuenctyd [erbyniad, cyfogodiad 

Juxtaposition, juks.ta.po.zish'un n, cyf- 


Kalendak, kal'en.dur n, amseroni 
Kail, Kale, kal n, math o fresych 
Kali, ka'li n, gwyg, gwymon 
Kam, kam a, cam, gwyrgam, plygedig 
Kaw, ko vi, creu, crawcio, cogor fel brân 
Kayle, kal n, ceilys, chwareu ceilys 
Keck, kek vi, hachio, ymchwydu 
Keckle, kek'l vt, amgortio rhaff; hachio 
Kecks, keks, Kecksy, kek'si n, cegid 
Kedger, kej'ur n, angor bychan, Uusg- 

Keel, kîl n, trumbren, gwaelod Hong 
Keelfat, kil'fat n, cerwvn, llestr oen 
Keelhale, kil'hal, Keelhaul, kil'hol vt, 

llusgo dan y trumbren [bren Hong 
Keelson, kel'sun n, y pren nesaf at drum- 
Keen, kin a, craff, llym, awchlym, 

awchus, miniog ; cyfrwysgall, synwyr- 

lym. Keen-eyed, ìlygadiym 

Keenness, kin'es », crafider, llj-mder, I 

awchlymedd; gorawydd 
Keep, kip (pt & pp kept) v, cadw, dal, Ì 

cynnal ; gwarchad, gwarchadw ; magu : J| 

n, diogelfa, cadamfa, castell, daiargell ; 

cadwraeth. To keep silence, tewi, A 

Keeper, ki'pûrra,ceidwad, gwarcheidwad , 
Keeping, ki'ping n, cadwraeth 
Keepsake, kip'sak n, rhodd er cadw 

coffadwriaeth y rhoddwr, cofrodd 
Keg, keg n, barilan 

Kelp, kelp n, lludw gwymon, gwrthsur 
Ken, ken n, golwg, trem, tremyn: vt, i 

canfod, gweled ; dirnad, gwybod 
Kennel, ken'el », ty cvvn, cyndy, cyn- 

llwst; cnud o gvvn hela; ceuffos 
Kept, kept pt & pp. — Keep 
Kerbstone, kurb stön n, maen yn ymyla • 

llwybr, ymylfaen [neisiad i 

Kerchief, kur'tshif n, cadach, moled, I 
Kern, kurn n, milwr Gwyddehg ; breu- \ 

an : vi, graenu, gi-onynu 
Kernel, kur'nel n, cnewullyn, bywyn 
Kersy, kur'zi n, math o frethvn caerog l 
Kestrel, kes'trel n, curyll, cudyll coch j 
Ketch, ketsh n, Hong fawr drom. Jack- ] 

ketch, crogydd, dienyddwr 
Kettle, ket'l », callawr, crochenyn. I 

Kettle-drum, tabwrdd pres 
Kex, keks n, cegid 
Key, ki n, agoriad, allwedd; ebill; j 

cywah-. Key-note, cyweirnod, cyweir- 

gain. Master-key, allwedd i agorl 

amryw gloau, prif allwedd. Flat key, I 

cywair lleddf. Sharp key, cywair 1 
Keyage, ki'aj n, porthladd-doll [lion 
Keyhole, ki'hol n, twll y clo 
Keystone, ki'ston n, careg clo 
Kibe, k'ib n, malaith, cibwst, llosgeira || 
Kick, kik n, troediad, cic: v, troedio; j 

gwingo, cicio [eithiou'i 

Kickshaw, kik'sho n, dysglaid o ddant- 1 
Kickshoe, kik'shw «, digrifwr, dawnsiwr 
Kid, kid n, myn gafr ; cidysen o eithyn | 
Kidder, kid'ur n, edwicwr yd 
Kidnap, kidnap vt, lladrata plant neu^ 

ddynion [plantleidfl 

Kidnapper, kid'nap.ur n, lleidr dynion, s 
Kidney, kid'ni n, aren, elwlen: rnath, 

rhyw. Kidney-beans, ffa Ffrengig j 
Kilderkin, kil'dur.kin n, mesur gwlyb ot' 

18 galwyn, hanner baril 
Kill, kil vt, lladd, dieneidio, llofruddio. 

The killed and wounded, y lladdedig- 

ion a'r clwyfedigion [llofrudd 

Killer, kil'ur n, lladdwr, Ueiddiad, 

öre; läte, line, nö, müte; she, zh=z azure; thîn, thìs; j=dzh. KNO 

Killow, kil'o re, pridd dulas 

Kiln, kil re, odyn, cyl, cylyn. To kiln- 
dry, crasu ar pdyn [pais 

Kilt, kilt re, math o wisg Albanaidd 

Kimbo, kim'bo a, cam, plygiedig, crwm. 
With his arms a-kimbo, â'i ddwylaw 
ym mhen ei glun 

Kin, kin re, car, perthynas, cydryw, 
carennydd. Next of kin, cyfnesafiad 

Kind, kind re, rhyw, rhywogaeth, math, 
ystlen, natur: a, cymmwynasgar, 
caruaidd, hynaws, mwyn, inwynasgar, 
cu, caredig. Be kind enough, da 
chwi. If you will be so kind, os gwel- 
wch yn dda. Of the same kind, cyd- 

Kindle, kin'dl v, ennyn, ennynu, cynneu 

Kindly, kind'li ad, yn gymmwynasgar, 
yn hynaws : a, rhywiog ; addfwyn, teg 

Kindness, k'fnd'nes re, mwynas, rhadlon- 
edd, cymmwynasgarwch, caredig- 

Kindred, kin'dred re, cystlynedd, cyfath- 
rach, carennydd, perthynas, tras, cyd- 
genedl, ceraint : a, cydry wiol, perthynol 

Kine, ki'n np, buch, buchod, gwartheg. 
Milch kine, da blithion. — Cow 

King, king re, brenin, teyrn, unben, rhi. 
King - at - arms, penarwyddfardd. 
King's evil, clwy'r brenin. King's 
stone, math o forbysg 

Kingcraft, king'kraft re, teyrnystryw 

Kingdom, king'dum re, teymas, brenin- 
iaeth. Animal kingdom, y greadig- 
aeth anifeilaidd. Vegetable kingdom, 
y greadigaeth lysieuol. Mineral king- 
dom, y greadigaeth ddifywyd 

Kingfisher, king'fish.ur re, glas y dorian 

Kingly, king'li a, breninol, ardderchog 

Kingship, king'ship re, brenindod, teyrn- 

edd, breninfraint [au, cydgenedl 

' Kinsfolk, kinz'fok re, ceraint, perthjmas- 

Kinsman, kinz'man (kinsmen, kinz'men) 
re, car, cyfnesaf; cyfathrach. Kins- 
men by the father's side, tadwys. Kins- 
men by the mother's side, mamwys 
' Kinswoman, kinz' (kinswomen, 
kinz'wim.en) re, cares 

Kipskin, kips'kin re, croen anner 
. Kirk, kurk re, addoldy ; eglwys 

Kirtle, kur'tl re, arwisg, hugan, gẁ-n 

Kiss, kis re, cusan : vt, cusanu. Kiss- 
ing-crust, y crawen lie y cyffyrdda 
dwy dorth â'u gilydd wrth bobi. To 
kiss one another, ymgusanu 

Kit, kit re, crwth bychan ; ystwc llydan, 
cath feclian; ysgrepan milwr 

Kitchen, kit'shen re, cegin. Kitchen- 
maid, ceginferch. Kitchen-stuff, bras- 
der y crochan 
Kite, kit re, barcut, barcutan, bod, beri, 

beiri. Frog-kite, bod y gwerni 
Kitten, kit'n re, mabcath, cath fechan : 

vi, bwrw cathod 
Klick, klik vi, clecian, tincian 
Knab, nab vt, trystgnoi, trystfrathu 
Knack, nak re, ystranc, ystryw ; medr 
Knacker, nak'ur re, prynwr hen geffylau 
Knag, nag re, cwlwm, cwgn 
Knaggy, nag'î a, clymog, cygnog 
Knap, nap re, cnap, telpyn, twmpath, 
crug : vt, brathu, cnipgnoi, gwringain 
Knappy, nap'î a, cnapiog 
Knapsack, nap'sak re, ysgrepan milwr 
Knapweed, nap'wîd re, pengaled 
Knar, nâr, Knarl, nârl n, chvm, cwlwm 
Knarled, nârld a, clymog, cylymog 
Knave, nav re, dyhiryn, crogyn, twyllwr 
Knavery, na'vur.i re, dyhirwch, anfad- 

rwydd, twyll 
Knavish, na'vish a, anfad, anonest 
Knead, nîd vt, tylino. Kneading-trough, 

cafn, tylino, noe 

Knee, ni n, glin, pen y Hn, pen y glin. 

Knee-deep, hyd y gliniau. Knee-pan, 

padell pen y glin, penlin [glin-gam 

Kneed, nîd a, glimog. Knock-kneed, 

Kneel, nil (pt & pp knelt, nelt) vi, pen- 

linio, myned ar liniau 
Knell, nel re, cnul, cnull, clul 
Knew, nii pt. — Know 
Knick-knack, nik'nak re, tegan 
Knife, n'if (p knives) re, cyllell, twca. 
Bo-wie-knife, brathgyllell. Pruning- 
knife, cyllell ysgythru. Scooping- 
knife, cyllell gam 
Knight, n'it re, marchog. Knight-errant, 
crwydrfarchog. Knight of the Garter, 
marchog o Urddas y Gardas. Knight- 
service, cadweini 
Knighthood, n'it'hẁd re, marchogiaeth 
Knightly, n'ít'lî a, marchogaidd 
Knit, nit (pt & pp knit) v, gwauf 
clymu; cyssylltu. To knit the brows, 
gygu, cuchio, talgrychu [gweuydd 
Knitter, nit'ûr re, gwëwr, gwëydd, 
Knittle, nit'l re, llinyn rhedeg 
Knives, ni'vz np. — Knife 
Knob, nob re, cnap, cwgn. cnwc, oddfyn 
Knobby, nob'î a, cnapiog, cnyciog 
Knock, nok re, cnoc, ffat, dyrnod, llab :. 

v, cnocio, taro, cui'o, duUo 
Knocker, nok'ur re, tarawydd; ystwffwl 
Knoll, nöl v, canu cnull, cnullio 

LAG path, fat, êré, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, twkrztook ; 

Knot, not n, clwm, cwlwm; cymmal, 
cwgn : v, clymu ; uno ; dyrysu. Bow- 
knot, cwlwm dolen. Gordian knot, 
cwlwm annattodadwy ; cwlwm priodas 

Knotgrass, not'gras n, canclwm, can- 
clawdd, clymlys 

Knotted, not'ed, Knotty, not'i a, clym- 
°gi c yg no S? dy r ys [Rhwssia 

Knout, nûŵt n, fflangell a ddefhyddir yn 

Know, nö (knew, known) v, gwybod, 
deall, dirnad, adnabod, nabyddu, ad- 
waen. To know before band, rhag- 
wybod. To let one know, hysbysu 
peth i un. To make known, hysbysu 

Knowing, nö'ing a, gwybodus, deallus; 
medrus, cyfarwydd [yn fedrus 

Knowingly, nö'ing.lî ad, trwy wybod; 

Knowledge, nol'ej ra, gwybodaeth, deallt- 
wriaetb; adnabyddiaeth; cyfarwydd- 
yd. Not to my knowledge, dim am í 
wn i. Without my knowledge, heb 
wybod i mi. To the best of my 
knowledge, hyd eithaf fy ngwybodaeth 

Known, nön^. — Know _ 

Knownothings, no'nuth.ingz np, dim- 
wybodyddiaid (plaid yn America) 

Knuckle, nuk'l n, cymmal, migwrn, 
cwgn: vi, migyrnu, rhoi migwrn ar 

Knufi", nuf n, deìff, drel, lleban [lawr 

Kokob, ko'kob n, sarif wenwynig 

Koran, ko'r'an n, Beibl y Mahometiaid 

Kraken, kra'ken », moranghenfil dy- 

Krout, kruwt », cawl bresych 

La, 13 i, wele ! nycha ! och fi ! 
Labdanum, lab'dâ.num n, ystor Creta 
Labefaction, lab.i.fak'shun n, gwanhâd, 

adfeihad, dirywiad 
Label, lii'bel n, llabed, llabedyn 
Labent, l'á'bent a, llyfn, lhthrig 
Labial, lä'bî.al a, gwefusol, gweflol. 

Labial consonants, gwefusohon 
Laborant, lab'ö.rant n, fferyll, iFeryllydd 
Laboratory, lab'ö.rä.tur.î n, gweithfa; 

iferyllfa, gweithdy fleryllydd 
Laborious, lä.bö'r'î.us a, llafurus; poen- 

fawr, poenus, gweithgar 
Labour, lä'bûr n, llafur, gwaith, trafod, 
trafael, poen, lludded, gorchwyl; 
gwewyr esgor: v, llafurio, gweithio, 
ymboeni, trafferthu; ymegni'o, ymor- 
chestu. Labouring man, gweithiwr, 
dydd weithiwr, llafuriwr. Light la- 
bour or exercise, golafur 

Labourer, lä'bur.ûr n, gweithiwr, lla- 
furiwr; ceibiwr 
Laburnum, lâ.bûr'num n, y ddrewgoed 
Labyrinth, lab'î.rinth n, dyrysfa, bach- 

Lac, lak n, math o ystor meddygol 
Lace, läs n, ysnodyn, ymylwe, addurnwe, 

sider: plethlinyn, carai : vi,ysnodenu, 

cau â charai 
Laceman, läs'man n, ysnodenwr, siderwr 
Lacerable, las'ur.â.bl a, rhAvygadwy, 

hy rw yg [darnio, dryllio 

Lacerate, las'ur.ät vt, rhwygo, llarpio, 
Laceration, las.u.rä'shun n, rhwygiad. 

llarpiad [y no g 

Lachrymal, lak'ri.mal a, deigriol, deigr- 
Lachrymation,'shun n, deigr- 

iad, dagriad [lesti 

Lachrymatory, lak'rî.mä.tur.î n, deigr- 
Laciniated, lâ.sin'í.ä.ted a, siderog 
Lack, lak n, eisieu, diffyg, gwall: v 

bod mewn angen, bod ag eisieu ar 

Lack-brain, ynfyd, un disynwyr 
Lackaday, lak'a.da i, och ! och fi! 
Lacker, lak'ur », eurliw, melynliw' 

barnais : vt, eurliwio, melynhwio 
Lackey, lak'i n, gwastrodyn, troedwas , 

gwas troed [fy 1 * ^ 

Laconic, la.kon'ik a, byreiriog, byr, tal 
Laconism, lak'o.nizm n, byreiriad, ber 

iaith [of 

Lactant,lak'tant a,yn rhoi llaeth, Uaeth 
Lactary, lak'tur.i a, llaethol : n, Uaethd; 
Lactation, lak.ta shun n, llaethiad 
Lacteal, lak', Lacteous, lak' c 

llaethog, llaethlyd; Uaethliw 
Lactescent, lak.tes'ent, Lactific, lak 

tif'ik a, blithog [yn, Han 

Lad, lad n, bachgen, crwt, hogyn, llenc 
Ladder, lad'ûr n, ysgol, llettring 
Lade, läd (laden) vt, llwytho, pynori 
Laden, lä'dn^jp. — Lade & Load 
Lading, lä'ding », llwyth ; baich, pwn 
Ladle, lä'dl n, lledwad; llwy 
Ladleful, la dl.fẁl n, lledwedaid ; llwyai 
Lady, lä'dî n, arglwyddes; pendebge: 

boneddiges,boneddes. gwraig foneddif 

rhies, rhian. Lady-bird, Lady-cov 

math o drychfilyn. Lady-day, Gw} 

Fair y cyhydedd, y 25ed o Fawrth 
Ladylike, la''k a, rhianaidd, tyner 
Lag, lag vi, dyfod yn olaf, llercian: «' 

olaf, diweddaf, diocaf : n, yr olaf 
Laggard, lag'ûrd a, araf, diog : n, diogy 
Lagger, lag ûr n, llercyn ; diogyn 
Lagoon, lâ.gŵn', Lagune, lâ.gün' i] 



ore; late, line, nö, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. LAP 

Laic, la'ik n, gwr lleyg, lleygwr 
Laic, la'ik, Laical, lai.kal a, lleygol 
Laid, läd pt & pp. — Lay 
Lain, län pp. — Lie 
Lair, lê'r n, gorweddle gwylltfil 
Laird, le"rd n, arglwydd maenor 
Laity, lä'tî », lleygion, gwŷr lleyg 
Lake, lak n, llyn, llwch ; lliw coch 
Lamb, lam n, oen (p ŵyn) : vi, bwrw 

oen, dyfod ag oen. Little ewe lamb, 

oenig. Little lamb, oenyn. Little 

lambs, wynos. In lamb, cyfoen 
Lambative,lam'bâ.tiv a, i'wleibio, hylaib 
Lambent, lam'bent a, Ueibiol, llyfol 
Lambkin, lam'kin n, oen bach, oenan, 

oenyn, oenig (p wynos) [hynaws 
Lamblike, lamTfk a, addfwyn, oenaidd, 
Lame, lam a, cloff, efrydd, anafus, cy- 

mhercyn; gwan, ammherffaith : vt, 

cloffi, anat'u, eftyddu 
Lamellar, lam'el.ûr a, dalenog 
Lameness, läm'nes n, cloffiii, cloffi 
Lament, lâ.ment' v, galaru, cwynfan; 

alaethu, wylofain, cwyno [gresynol 
Lamentable, lam'en.tâ.bl a, galarus, 
Lamentation, lam.en.tä'shun n, galar, 

galarnad, cwynfan, alaeth, wylofain, 

doloch, cwyn, galar gwyn 
Lamina, lam'î.nâ (p lamina?, lam'î.nî) 

n, haen, llafn, dalen 
Laminated, lam'î . nä . ted a, 

gorchuddiedig â llafnau teneu 
Lammas, lam'as n, y dydd cyntaf o 

Awst, dydd Awst, calan Awst 
Lammeret, lam' n, hebogyn 
Lamp, lamp n, llusern, llugorn, erllen 
Lampas, lam'pas n, y findag [ddu 

, Lampblack, lamp'blak n, hnddygl, par- 
Lampoon, lam.pŵn' n, gogangerdd. 

tuchan : vt, tuchanu, goganu 
Lampooner, lam.pŵ'nûr n, tnchanwr, 

goganwr [bendoll 

Lamprey, lam'prä n, lleiprog, llysŵen 
Lanarious, lâ.nê'r'î.us a, gwlanog 
I Lanary, lä'nur.î tc, gwlandy 
, Lance, lans n, gwaew, gwaewffon, bêr, 

safwy, picell, beran, par, rheinen: vt, 

ffleimio, agor dolnr; rheinio 
Lancet, lan'set n, fflaim 
; Lancinate, lan'sî.nät vt, rhwygo, llarpio, 

dryllio, darnio 
Land, land n, daiar, tir; gwlad: v, 

tirio, glanio ; dadlw}'tho. Land-forces, 

milwyr. Land-tax, y dreth fawr, 

treth yfrenines. Arable land, llafur- 

dir. Dry land, sychdir. High-land. 

ucheldir. Low-land, iseldir 

Landau, lan.dô' u, math o gerbyd 
Landed, lan'ded a, tiriog; wedi tirio. 
Landed-property, tiriogaeth [Almaen 
Landgrave, land'grav n, enwad yn yr 
Landholder, land'höl.dûr n, deiliad tir 
Landing, lan'ding n, porthfa. Landing- 
place, pen grisiau, glanle 
Landlady, land'lä.dî n, meistres tir; 

tafarnwraig, meistres tafarn 
Landless, land'les a, didir 
Landlord, land'lôrd n, meistr tir; ta- 
farn wr [terfyn 
Landmark, land'mark n, ffin, cyfnn, 
Landscape, land'skap n, arbeiaeth, golwg 
ar diroedd. Landscape painting, dar- 
luniadaeth arbeiol [fesurydd 
Landsurveyor, land' n, daiar- 
Landwaiter, land'wä.tûr n, tollwyhwr 
Landward, land'wûrd ad, tua'r tir 
Lane, län n, heolan, heol gyfyng, wtre 
Language, lang'gwäj n, iaith; tafod- 
iaith, ymadrodd. A strange language, 
anghynaith. Barbarous language, 
brithiaith, briwiaith. One's native 
language, iaith ei fam. Welsh lan- 
guage, Cymraeg [null tafod 
Langwet, lang'gwet n, unrhyw beth yn 
Languid, lang'gwid a, llesg, methedig, 

egwan, digalon, dihoen 
Languish, lang'gwish vi, nychu, methu, 

dihoeni, llesgäu, gwanhau 
Languishment, lang'gwish.ment »,nych- 

dod, dihoeniad, nych 
Languor, lang'gwûr n, gwendid, Uesg- 

edd, llyfrdra, nychdod 
Laniary, lan'yur.î n, cigyddfa, cigyddle. 

Laniaries, ysgythrddant 
Laniate, lan'î.ät vt, darnio, cigyddio 
Laniferous, lâ.nif', Lanigerous, lâ-- 

nij' a, gwlanog 
Lanifice, lan'î.fis n, gweithfa gwlan 
Lank, langk a, cul, teneu; llibin, llipa. 
A lank person, llabwst, llabi, chmach 
Lankness, langk'nes n, teneuder 
Lanner, lan'ûr n, math o hebog 
Lanneret, lan' n, hebogyn 
Lansquenet, lans' n, milwr traed ; 

math o chwareu cardiau 
Lantern, lan'tûrn n, llusern. Lantern- 
jaws, gwyneb teneu 
Lap, lap n, arffed; afflau, arffedog: v, 

llepian; amblygu 
Lapdog, lap'dog n, arffedgi 
Lapful, lap'fẁl n, arffedaid; arfifedogaid 
Lapicide, lap'î.s'id n, saer ceryg 
Lapidary, lap'î.dur.î, Lapidist, lap'î.dist 
n, maenydd, maen-gabolwr, gemydd 

LAV path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Lapidate, lap'î.dät vt, llabyddio, lladd â 


Lapidation, lap.î.dä'shun re, llabyddiad 

Lapideous, lâ.pid'yus a, caregaidd, careg- 

Lappet, lap'et re, llipddarn [og, maenol 

Lapse, laps re, llithrad, syrthiad ; gwall : 

vi, llithro, cwympo; dygwydd. Lapse 

of time, ennyd [heibio 

Lapsed, lapst a, syrthiedig; wedi myned 

Lapstone, lap'stön re, arffedfaen crydd 

Lapwing, lap'wing re, coniicyll, cornicell, 

cornchwigl [k>ng 

Larboard, ìâr'bô'rd re, yr ochr aswy i 

Larceny, lâr'sî.nî re, lladrad. Petty 

larceny, cbwiwladrad 
Larch, lârtsh re, llarswydden, llavwydden 
Lard, lard re, bloneg : v, blonegu ; pesgu 
Larder, lâr'dûr re, cig-gell, bwydgell 
Large, lârj a,helaeth,eang,mawr, maith, 
gorfawr. As large, cymmaint. At 
large, yn rhydd ; yn gyflawn. To set 
at large, rhyddhau [dei 

Largeness, lârj'nes re, mawredd, helaeth 
Largess, lâr'jes re, anrheg, rhodd 
Lark, lark re, uchedydd, ehedydd, hed- 
ydd, meilierydd. Wood-lark, eniden 
Larkspur, lark spur re, llysiau yr uched- 
Larum, lar'um re, rhybudd [ydd 

Larva, larVa (p larva?, lar'vi) re, macai 
Larynx, lar'ingks n, beudag 
Lascivioiis, la.siv'yus a, anllad, nwyfus, 
trythyll, anniwair [rwydd 

Lasciviousness, la.siv'yus.nes n, anllad 
Lash, lash ro, llach, gwialenod; carai 
fflangell : v, llachio, fflangellu, fírew- 
yllu; rhwymo 
Lask, lask n, y dolur rhydd 
Lass, las n, merch, herlodes, llances, 
geneth. Lass-lorn, wedi colli ei gariacl 
Lassitude, las'î.tüd n, lludded, blinder 
Last, last a, olaf, diweddaf : ad, yn olaf : 
sd. — Late : vt, parhau, para, aros, ym- 
aros : n, pren troed ; rhif neu bwysau 
o amry w fath. At last, o'r diwedd, yn 
y diwedd. To breathe one's last, 
trengu, marw [safadwy, dalus 

Lasting, las'ting a, parhäus, parhaol, 
Latch, latsh n, clicied : v, cliciedu 
Latchet, lat'shet n, carai neu linyn esgid 
Late, liit {latter, last) a,hwyr, diweddar : 
ad, yn hwyr. Of late, yn ddiweddar. 
To grow late, hwyrhau, myned yn 
hwyr [der 

Latency, lä'ten.sî n, tywyllni, aneglur- 
Lateness, lat'ues n, diweddarwch 
Latent, Hi 'tent a, dirgel, cudd, anamlwg 
Lateral, lat' a, ystlysol, ochrol 

Lateran, lat' n, eglwys yn Ehufain 
Lath, lâth (p laths, laTHz) n, aseth, 

eisen, dellten: vt, eisio, delltu 
Lathe, Iüth n, troell, troadur 
Lather, lam'ûr n, sebondrwyth: v, 

seboni, sebondi^wytho [Lladinaidd 
Latin, lat'in n, Lladin, Lladinaeg: a, 
Latinism, lat'in.izm n, Lladinddull; 

Lladiniaeth [wr 

Latinist, lat' n, Lladinydd, Lladin- 
Latinity, lâ.tin'í.tî n. Lladiniaeth, Lladin 
Latinize, lat'in.Yz v, Lladinio [croew 
Latisb, lii'tish a, hwyraidd, lied hwyr 
Latitancy, lat'î.tan.sî n, celedigaeth 
Latitant, lat'î.tant a, cuddiedig, celedig 
Latitude, lat'î.tüd n, lledred; llydander, 

eaogder ; pellder oddi wrth y cyhydedd 
Latitudinanan, lat.î.tii.dì.nê'r' n, 

rhydd-dybiwr, penrhyddiad 
Latrant, lä'trant a, cyfarthol 
Latten, lat'en n, llatwm, alcan, efydd 
Latter, lat'ûr a, olach, hwyrach, diwedd- 

arach; olaf, hw^-raf, diweddaraf o'r 

ddau, sd, — Late [wellt 

Lattermath,lat'ûr.math «, adladd, aeth- 
Lattice, lat'is n, dellt; delltwaith, cledr- 

wy: vt, delltu, eisio, cledrwyo 
Laud, lôd n, mawl, moliant, clodforedd, 

canmoliaeth: vt, canmol, clodfori, moli 
Laudable, ló'dâ.bl a, canmoladwy, gwiw- 

glod, hyglod [weddnaws y pabi 

Laudanum, lod'â.num n, cysglyn. syl- 
Laudatory, lô'dâ.tur.î a, moliaimoL clod- 

forol, canmohaethol 
Laugh, lâf v, chwerthin, chwarddu. 

Laughing-stock, gwatwarnod. Horse- .' 

laugh, crechwen. To burst out a 

laughing, codi crychwen. To laugh 

at one, chwerthin ambenun ; gwatwaru 
Laughable, lâf 'â.bl a, chwerthinus, di- '| 

grif [chwerthiniad i 

Laughter, lâf 'tûr n, chwerthin. chwardd, 
Launch, lântsh v, gwthio neu ddisgyn | 

'V môr; ergydio, tafiu, bwrw 
Launder, lân'dûr n, dyfrgafn 
Laundress, lán'dres n, golchyddes 
Laundry, lân'drî n, golchdy, golchfa 
Laureate, lô'rî.ät n, cadehfardd, pen- 

fardd, llawrwyddfardd : a, coronedig i 

ii llawrwydd 
Laurel, lor 'êl n, llawrwydd, llawryf, Uor- 

wydd, pren y gerwin: vt, coroni â 

llawrwydd [ llawrwydd 

Lauriferous, lô.rif' a, yn dwyn 
Lava, lii'va re, sylwedd gwydrol a ffryd- 

ia allan o losgfynyddöédd, llosg^y ■ 
Lavation,'shuu w.golclùaù^glauhâd 

ôre; läte, line, nö, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j: 



Lavatory, lav'a.tur.i n, golehfa ; baddon. 

ymdrochle, trochfa, trochle 
Lave, lav v, golchi ; trochi ; dyfrhau 
Lavender, lav 'en. dm* n. llafant 
Laver. lii'vur n, noe, golchnoe, osged 
Lavish, lav'ish vt, afradu, gwastraffu, 
ofera, treulio: a, rhy hael, treulgar, 
afradlawn, gwastraffus [lonedd 

Lavishness, lav'ish.nes n, corawd, afrad- 
Law, 10 n. cyfraith, deddf ; rheol. Canon 
or ecclesiastical law, cyfraith eglwys. 
Ceremonial law, cyfraith ddefodol, 
cyfraith Iuddewig, cyfraith Moses. 
Civil law, cyfraith y byd, cyfraith 
. wladol. Common law, cyfraith anys- 
grifenedig, cyfraith y wlad. Martial 
law, cyfraith rhyfel. Moral law, y 
ddeddf foesol. Organic law, deddf 
ardumiol. Physical law, deddf natur- 
iol. Poor law, cyfraith y tlodion. 
Statute law, cyfraith ysgrifenedig, 
cyfraith seneddol. Brother-in-law, 
brawd yng nghyfraith 
Lawful, lô'fẁl a, cyfreithlawn 
Lawfulness, lô'fẁl.nes n, cyfreithlonedd 
Lawgiver, lo'giv.ur n, deddfwr, deddf- 

Lawless, lô'les a, digyfraith, diddeddf 
Lawn, Ion n, llanerch, gwastadfaes; 
sindal [raith 

Lawsuit, lô'süt n, cynghaws, cwyu cyf- 
Lawyer, lô'yûr n. cyfreithiwr 
Lax, laks a, rhydd; llac,yslac; anghryno. 
anghywraint, didrefn: n, y dolur 
rhydd, math o bysgodyn [llacâd 
Laxation,'shun n, rhyddhâd; 
Laxitive, lak'si.tiv a, rhyddhaol, rhydd- 

bair: n, carthai, cyffyr rhyddhaol 
Laxity, lak'si.ti, Laxness, laks'nes n, 

rhyddni, darymred, y dolur rhydd 
Lay, lä n, can, cerdd; pruddgerdd: 
, haen: n, lleygol: vt (pt Scpp laid), 
gosod, dodi, lieu; gostegu; dal, cy- 
ngwystlo; dodws: pp. — Lie. Lay- 
land, gwyndwn, tondir. To lay about 
one, llachio, ffonodio. To lay aside, 
rhoi heibio. To lay out money, treulio 
arian. To lay up, ystorio. I lay it 
down, yr w)^ yn ei osod i lawr. I lay 
down, gorweddais 
Layer, lä'ûr n, haen, gwanaf; gwely; 
■ planfrigyn, plangyff; iar ddodwyog 
Layman, lä 'man n, gwr lleyg, lleygwr 
Laystall, lä'stôl n, tomen, tomle 
Lazar, la'zur n, dyn heintus. Lazar- 
house, clafdy [ysbytty 

Lasarette, laz".â,ret' n, clafrdy, "clafdv; 

Laziness, la'zi.nes n, diogi, syrthnij 
seguryd, segurdod [dioglyd 

Lazy, läzî a, diog, musgrell, swrth, 
Lea, íî n, tir cauedig, llawnt, doldir 
Lead, led n, plwm ; plymen 
Lead, lid (pt & pp led) v, arwain, 

tywys; blaenori 
Leaden, led'n a, o blwm 
Leader, lî'dûr n, arweinydd, tywysog, 
blaenor. Leader of a faction, corn y 
Leaf, lif (p leaves) n, deilen, dalen 
Leafless, lîf'les a, diddail, heb ddalen 
Leafy, lî'f î a, deiliog 
League, lîg n, cyfammod, cyfundeb; 

tair milltir : vi, cynghreirio, cyfuno 

Leak, lîk n, agen, hollt, dyferfa, dyfer- 

hollt : v, gollwng dwfr, gollwng, gyll- 

wng. To spring a leak, ymagenu 

Leakage, li'kaj n, iawn am golled a geir 

trwy ddyfrholltau 
Leaky, li'ki a, agenog, holltog 
Lean, lin a, teneu, cul: v (pt & pp 

leant, lent), pwyso ar; gogwyddo at 
Leanness, lîn'es n, teneuder, culni, cuh 
Leap, lip w, naid, 11am, crychlam: v 
(pt & pp leapt, lept), neidio, llamu. 
Leap-frog, math o chwareu plant. 
Leap-year, blwyddyn naid 
Learn, lurn (pt & pp learnt, lûrnt) v, 
dysgu, cymineryd dysg ; deall. Apt 
to learn, hyddysg 
Learner, lûr'nûr n, dysgwr, ysgolhaig 
Learning, lûr'ning n, dysg, ysgolheigdod, 

lien, dysgeidiaeth 
Lease, lis n, gafaelrwym, ammodrwym, 
ammodweithred: vt, gosod dros amser 
penodol, lloffa 
Leaser, lî'sûr n, Uoffwr, casglwr 
Leash, lîsh n, llinyn neu garai dywyso, 
cynllyfan; tri [deb 

Leasing, li'zing n, twyll, celwydd, geu- 
Least, list n, lleiaf, bychanaf: ad, yn 

Ueiaf : sd. — Little. At least, o leiaf 
Leasy, li'zi a, teneu, ysgafn, disylwedd 
Leaf, lit n, ffos, dyfrlle, dyfrgronfa 
Leather, leTH'fir ra,lledr,croen. Leather- 
coat, math o afal. Leather-dresser, 
cyweiriwr Uedr. Leather-seller, lledr- 
wr. Scraps of leather, lledrach 
Leathern, leTH'ûrn a, lledrin, o ledr 
Leathery, leTHur.î a, lledraidd, fel lledr 
Leave, liv n, cenad, rhyddid, trwydded, 
caniatâd: v (pt & pp left), gadael; 
gadu; ymadael. To leave by will, 
cymmynu. To leave off, peidio â. Leav- 
ings, gweddillion, olion 


LEN path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cnt, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Leaved, lîvd a, deiliog. Many-leaved. 

amlddeiliog, amlddalenog 
Leaven, lev'n n, surdoes, eples: vt, 
surdoesi, eplesu, lefeinio [dail twrch 
Leaves, livz tip. — Leaf. Park-leaves, 
Lech, letsh vt, llyfu 
Lecher, let'shûr n, anlladwas, gordderch- 

wr: vi, puteinio, trythyllu 
Lecherous, let' a, trythyll, anllad, 
serth [tesach 

Lechery, let'shur.î n, anlladrwydd, dyre, 
Lection, lek'shun n, darllen, darlleniad 
Lectionary, lek'shun.ur.i n, llyfr gwas- 

anaeth Pabaidd 
Lecture, lek'tshur n, llith, darlith, llen- 
lith ; pregeth, gwers ; sen, cerydd : v, 
darllen, pregethu, darlithio 
Lecturer, lek'tshur.ur n, darlithiwr, 
pregethwr [yddiaeth 

Lectureship, lek'tshur.ship n, darllen 
Led, led pt & pp. — Lead 
Ledge, lej n, rhes, haen ; cefnen ; ymylfa 
Ledger, lej'ûr n, cyfriflyfr, gorsaflyfr. 

Ledger-hnes, llinellau chwanegol 
Lee, lî n, yr ochr gyferbyn â'r gwynt. 

Lees, gwaddod, gwaelodion 
Leech, lîtsh n, gele, geloden, meddyg 
anifeiliaid. Cow-leech, gelen bendoll. 
Horse-leech, gele'r meirch. Leech- 
craft, y gelfyddyd o iachäu anifeiliaid 
Leek, lik n, ceninen {p cenin). House- 
leek, llysiau pen tai, llysiau'r gwaew. 
Leek-porridge, cawl cenin 
Leer, li'r n, cilolwg, cilwen : v, cilolygu 
Leet, lit n, Uys, Uysddydd, maenorlys 
Leeward, lî'wûrd ad, oddi wrth y gwynt, 

gyferbyn â'r gwynt 
Left, left a, aswy, chwith, asw: pt 8c pp 
— Leave. Left hand, Haw aswy, llaw 
chwith, cledd 
Leg, leg «, coes, clun, esgair, llorp, ber. 
Long-legged, hirgoes, tal. Three- 
legged stool, ystôí deirtroed 
Legacy, leg'â.sî ?i, cymm)Tirodd, cym- 

myn, rhodd ewyllys, gwyllysged 
Legal, lî'gal a, deddfol, cyfreithlawn, 
cyfreithiol [reithlondeb 

Legality, lî.gal'î.tî n, deddfoldeb, cyf- 
Legalize, li'gal.iz vt, cyfreithloni 
Legate, leg'ät n, cenadwr y Pab [rodd 
Legatee, leg.â.tî' n, derbyniwr cymmyn- 
Legation, lî.gä'shun n, cenadwriaeth 
Legator, leg.â.tôr' n, cymmynwr 
Legend, lej'end «, lüthlyfr; coeg chwedl 
hanesyn; craifft ar ddarn aur neu 
arian [ffugiol 

Legendary, lej'en.diu\î a, dychymmygol, 

Legerdemain, lej . ûr . dî . man' n, castiau 

llaw ysgafn, hudgastiau, chwidogaeth 
Legerity, lî.jer'î.tî n, ysgafnder, sionc- 
Legging, leg'ing n, coesarn [rwydd 

Legible, lej' a, darllenadwy 
Legion, lî jun n, lleng, llu 
Legionary, lî'jun.ui-.î a, llengol; lluosog 
Legislate, lej'is.lät vi, g^vneyd deddfau 
Legislation, lej .is.lä 'shun n, gosodiad 

deddfau, arlywiad, llywodraethiad 
Legislative, lej'is.lii.tiv a, deddfwneuth- 

urol, llywodraethol 
Legislator, lej'is.lä.tûr n, gwneuthurwr 

cyfraith, deddfwr, rheolwr, seneddwr 
Legislature, lej'is.lä.tshùr n, llywodr- 

aeth, deddfwyr, seneddwyr 
Legist, li'jist n, cyfreithiwr, un dysgedig 

yn y gyfraith 
Legitimacy, lî.jit'î.mä.sî n, cyfreithlon- 

edd, iawnedd; genedigaeth, cyfreith- 
lawn [vt, cyfreithloni, breinio 
Legitimate, lî.jit î.mät a, cyfreithlawn: 
Legume, leg'iim, Legumen, lî.gü 'men n, 

pys, ffa, ydrawn [fel ffa 

Leguminous, lî.gü'mî.nus a, ydrawnol, 
Leisurable. lezh' a, hamddenol 
Leisure, lezh'ur n, odfa, seibiant, arfod, 

hamdden, amser fbwyll 

Leisurely, lezh' ad, yn arat, gan 
Leman, lem'an n, cywelywr; gordderch 
Lemma, lem'â n, rhagosodiad [melynhir 
Lemon, lem'un n, math o eurafal, afal 
Lemonade, lem.un.äd' n, diod eurafalau 
Lemur, lî'mûr n, math o epa 
Lend, lend {pt & pp lent) vt, rhoi 

echwyn, rhoi benthyg ; llogi. To lend 

an ear, rhoi clust, gwrando 
Lender, len'dûr n, rhoddwr echwyn 
Length, length n, hyd, hirder, meithder 

pellder. At length, o'r diwedd, bell- 

ach, weithian. At his length, ar e : 

hyd. Of equal length, cyhŷd 
Lengthen, leng'thn v, estyn, hwyhau 

ìúrio, hirhau 
Lengthwise, length'wiz ad, gyda'r hyd I 
Lenient, lî'nî.ent a, tyner, esmwyth 
Lenify, len'î.fi' vt, tyneru, llinaru, es 

mwytho, tirioni ' [mwythac v 

Lenitive, len'i.tiv n, llinarycld : a, es 
Lenity, len'î.tî n, tynerwch, tiriondeb 
Lens, lenz n, gwydr cynghrwn, cryD 

Lent, lent n, y grawys : pt & pp. — Len 
Lent, lent, Lenten, len'ten a, grawysol 
Lenticular, len.tik'ii.lur a, deugrynol 
Lentils, len'tilz n, manbys, gwygby 

pys y llygod, pys y wig 


ore; late, line, nö, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, this: j=dzh. 


Lentigo, len'tî.gö re, brychni 
Lentous, len'tus a, gwydn, glydiog 
Lentur, len'tûr re, gwydnedd ; arafwch 
Leod, lî'od re, cenedl, pobl, gwlad 
Leonine, lî'ö.n'ín a, llewaidd [glwyf 
Leontiasis, lî.on.t'i'â.sis re, math o wahan- 
Leopard, lep'ûrd re, llewpart 
Leper, lep'ûr re, un gwananglaf 
Leporine, lep'ö.r'ín a, ysgyfarnogaidd 
Leprosy, lep'rö.sî re, gwahanglwyf, clefri, 

brech yr Iuddewon 
Leprous, lep'rus, Leperous, lep' a, 

gwahanglwyfus, gwahanglai" 
Leptology, lep.tol'ö.jî re, eglurhâd manwl 

o bethau dibwys 
Less, les a, llai : ad, yn llai : cd. — Little. 
Much less, llawer llai, llai o lawer, 
chweithach. Causeless, diachos. End- 
less, diddiwedd, diderfyn 
Lessee, le.sî' re, ammod-ddeiliad [treio 
Lessen, les'n v, bychanu, lleihau ; toho ; 
Lesser, les'ûr a, llai : cd. — Little 
Lesson, les'n re, gwers, llith, darhth : vt, 

gwersu, rhoi gwers, dysgu 
Lessor, les'ôr re, rhoddwr ammodysgrif, 

Lest, lest c, rhag, fel na, fel nas 
Let, let re, attalfa, rhwystr, lludd: vt 
{pt&pp let), gadael; goddef; attal, 
Üuddio; hurio; llogi; gosod. Let 
him alone, gad ef yn llonydd; gad 
iddo. Let me hear, moes (par, gad, 
dyro) i mi glywed. Let us go, awn. 
Let God arise, let his enemies be 
scattered, cyfoded Duw, gwasgarer ei 
elynion. To let blood, gollwng gwaed, 
gwaedu. To let off* saethu, ergydio 
Lethal, lî'thal a, marwol, angeuol 
Lethargic, li.thar'jik a, hunglwyfus, â'r 

hunglwyf arno ; cysglyd, swrth 
Lethargy, leth'âr.jî re, yr hunglwyf; 

gorgwsg, gorhun 
Lethe, lî'thî re, ebargof, afon anghof 
Lethean, lî.thí'an a, anghofus 
Lethiferous, lî . thif ' a, angeuol, 

Letter, let'ûr re, Uythyren; llythyr: vt, 
llythyrenu ; llythyru. Letter-bag, 
Uythyrgod. Letter-case, llythyrglawr. 
Letter-founder, llythyrenydd. Let- 
ters-patent, breintlythyrau, breint- 
ysgrif. Letter-press, argraffwasg. A 
man of letters, dyn dysgedig, dyn 
llythvrenog. Capital letters, PRIF 
LYTHYRENAU. Small capital let- 

letter, Uythyren ddu 

Lettuce, let'is re, gwylaeth. Lamb's 

lettuce, llysiau yr oen 
Leucorrhasa, lii.ko.ri'a re, gwynlif 
Levant, lev'ant a, dwyreiniol 
Levant, li.vant' re, arfordiroedd dwy- 
reiniol Môr y Canoldir 
Levee, lev'i re, bwrdd ymdrwsio ; boreu- 

ymweliad neu gyfarchiad; cynwyre 
Level, lev'el re, gwastadedd, gwastad; 
gwastodyn ; cydraddiad ; annelfa, cyf- 
eirfa; cyfeirffos; cyferdwll: a, gwas- 
tad, llyfn; cywir; cyfartal: vt, gwas- 
tatäu, llyfnu, llyfelu ; annelu, cyfeirio. 
Level with, yn un â 
Leveller, lev'el.ur re, gwastatäwr 
Levelness, lev'el .nes re, gwastadrwydd 
Lever, H'vur re, trosol, gwif [glasdorch 
Leveret, lev' re, ysgyfarnog ieuanc, 
Leverock, lev'ur.ok re, hedydd, ehedydd 
Leviable, lev' a,trethadwy, codadwy 
Leviathan, lî.vi"â.than re, y morfil, neu 
ef allai yr afanc [llyfnhau 

Levigate, lev'i.gat vt, rhwbio; malu; 
Levite, li'v'it re, Lefiad [aidd 

Levitical, li.vit'i.kal a, Lefiaidd, Lefitic- 
Levity, lev'i.ti re, ysgafnder, maswedd 
Levy, lev'i vt, trethu, codi dirwy, codi 
teyrn-ged ; codi gwŷr. To levy war, 
dechreu rhyfel " [anllad, diffaith 

Lewd, liid a, anfad, brwnt, serth, try thyll, 
Lewdness, liid'nes re, anlladrwydd 
Lexicographer, lek.sî.kog'râ.fûr re, geir- 
lyfrwr [iadwraeth 

Lexicography,' re, geir- 
Lexicology, lek.sî.kol'ö.jî re, geirystyr- 

iaeth, geirofyddiaeth 
Lexicon, lek'si.kun re, geirlyfr, geiriadur 
LiabiHty, l'i.â.bü'î.tî re, cyfrifoldeb, 
rhwymedigaeth, y cyflwr o fod yn 
agored i beth. Liabilities, dyledion 
Liable, li'â.bl a, darostyngedig, rhwym- 
edig, agored [wyddgi 

Liar, l'í'ûr re, celwyddwr, geuwr, eel- 
Libation, lî.bä'shun re, diodoffrwm 
Libel, l'i'bel re, cabledd, athrodiaeth, 
duchan, enlhb : v, enllibo, athrodi, go- 
ganu [enllibwr 

Libeller, li'bel.ûr re, cabldraethydd, 
Libellous, li' a, athrodus, enlllbus 
Liberal, lib' a, hael, syber, cedol; 
rhydd, diragfarn; boneddigaidd. Li- 
beral arts, celfyddydaurhyddedog,cel- 
fyddydau breiniol; sef, gramadeg, 
areithyddiaeth, rhesymeg, rhifydd- 
iaeth, meidrofyddiaeth, cerddoriaeth, 
ac anianddysg. Liberal translation, 
cyfieithiad anghaeth neu rydd 

LIK path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Liberality, lib.u.ral'î.tî n, haelioni, 
syberwyd [hael 

Liberalize, lib''z vt, gwneyd yn 
Liberate, lib'ur.ät vt, rhyddhau, gollwng 
yn rhydd, digaethu [gollyngdod 

Liberation, lib.u.rä'shun n, rhyddhâd, 
Libertine, lib'ûr.tin n, un penrydd, ot'er- 
ddyn ; anlladwr : a, penrydd, anghref- 
yddol, anllad 
Libertinizm. lib'ur.ti.nizm n, penryddid 
Liberty, lib'ûr.tî n, rhyddid, trwydded, 
braint; cenad; hyfder; cyffin, flin, 
terfyn. To set at liberty, rhyddhau, 
gollwng. To take the liberty, cyni- 
meryd cenad, bod yn hyf 
Libidinist, lî.bid'î.nist n, anlladwr 
Libidinous,'i.nus a, anniwair, an- 
llad, gordderchol 
Libra, l'i'brâ n, arwydd y Fantol 
Librarian, lî.bré'r' n, llyfrgellwr, 
llyfrwr, llyfrydd [Myfrgrawn 

Library, l'i'brur.î n, llyfrgell, llyfrfa; 
Librate, li'brät vt, mantoli, pwyso 
Libration, ä 'shun n, mantoliaeth 
Lice, lis np. — Louse 
License, li'sens n, trwydded, rhyddid. 
cenad, caniatâd : vt, cenadu, trwydded u 
Licentiate, li.seii'shî.ät n, trwyddedog 
Licentious, li.sen'shus a, penrydd, atre- 
olus [ryddid 

Licentiousness, li'.sen'shus.nes n, pen- 
Lichen, litsh'en n, goferllys, llysiau yr 

af'u, cen y ceryg 
Lichen, li 'ken n. tarwden, tarddwreinyn 
Licit, lis'it a, cyfreithlawn 
Lick, lik n, llyfiad, llaib: vt, llyfu. 
Ueibio, llenio. Lick-spittle, truthiwr, 
gwenieithwr [felus 

Lickerish, lik'ur.ish a, mwythus, dant- 
Licorice, lik' n, math o wraidd, 

perwraidd, y gwylys 
Lictor, lik'tur n, rhingyll Khufeinig 
Lid, hd 11, caead, clawr, hulier 
Lie, lî B, celwydd, anwiredd : vi, dywedyd 
celwydd. Lying, yn dywedyd cel- 
wydd; anwir. You tell a great lie, 
ti a ddywedi gelwydd yn dy ddannedd 
Lie, li" ( pt lay, pp lain) vi, gorwedd ; 
ymorwedd. Lying down, yn ei or- 
wedd. To lie in wait, cynllwyno. 
To lie in, esgor. A place to he down, 
Lief, lîf ad, yn ewyllysgar, )ti gystal 
Liege, lij a, fryddlawn, cywir, ufudd; 
gwarogaethol: n, arglwydd, penadur 
Lieger, li'jûr n, ceuadwr trigiannol 
Lieu, lii », lie. In lieu of, yn lie 

Lieutenancy, hv.ten', Lieutenant- 
ship, liv.ten'ant.ship », rhaglawiaeth, 
isgadbeniaeth ; dirprwyaeth 
Lieutenant, liv.ten'ant n, rhaglaw, is- 
gadben. Lord lieutenant, arglwydd 
Life, li'f (p lives) n, bywyd, einioes, 
oes, hoedl; buchedd; bywiognr\-dd. 
A long life, hirhoedl. Single life, 
gweddwdod. Long-lived, long'l'ivd, 
hirhoedlog, hir ei oes. Short-lived, ! 
short Tivd, byrhoedlog, bjT ei oes; 
dibara. [aidd 

Lifeless, li'f 'les a, difywyd, marw ; marw- 
Lifetime, lif'ti'm n, oes, einioes; hoedl 
Lift, lift n, codiad; dyrchafiad; hwp, . 

hwbiad : vt, codi, dyrchafu, cwnu 
Ligament, lig'â.ment n, rhwymyn; 

gieuyn, gewyn 
Ligation, lí.gä'shun n, rhwymiad 
Ligature, hg'â.tshü'r n, rhwymyn, 
cyfrwym; llythyren ddyblyg, megys ' 
fl, ffi. ae, 03 
Light, lit (Jit) n. goleu, gole, goleuni, I 
gwawl, llewyrch; canwyll; ffenestr: 
a, goleu, dysglaer ; ysgafn ; disylwedd : j 
v, goleuo; cynneu; disgyn. Light- 1 
footed, Light-heeled, gwisgi, ysgafn- j 
droed. Light-horse, marchoglu yn 3 
dwyn arfau ysgafn. By day-light,! 
wrth liw dydd, hw dydd 
Lighten, l'i'tn v, UewjTchu, goleuo;' 
melltenu, cynneu dreigiau, taflu mellt; | 
yggafehau ; shioli 
Lighter, lî'tûr n, bad ysgafn. Lighter-: 
man, cychwr, badwr [dwr.l 

Lighthouse, li't'hûẃs n, goleudy, goleu- 1 
Lightness, lit 'nes n, ysgafnder; sionc-| 

edd, siriolder ; anwadalwch; goleudÉ 
Lightning, li't'ning n, mellt, lluched 
Lights, fits np, ysgyfaint; goleuadau I 
Lightsome, l'it'sum a, goleulawn ; siriol I 

oenus, bywiog 
Ligneous, lig'nî.us a, prenaidd, bren * 
Ligure, l'í'gü'r n, maen gwerthfawr 
Like, lik a, tebyg, cyffelyb, cyfryw 
eynhebyg, unfath, uiiwedd: v. caru 
hoffi; dewis, dymuno, mynu: ad, yi 
debygol, fel, megys; -aidd. Like 1 
child, plentynaidd. Like a dog, ciaidd 
To his liking, i'w fodd 
Likelihood, likUhwd, Likeliness. lik'li 

nes n, tebygoliaeth, t«bvgolrwydd 

Likely, lik'li a, tebygol : ad, yn debygc 

Liken, li'kn vt, teVygu, cytfelybu; cy 

inharu [delw, arlu 

Likeness, lik'nes n, tebygrwydd; llui 


ôre ; late, line, no, miite ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. LIT 

Likewise, lik'wiz ad, felly, yn yr un 

modd : c, hefyd 
Lilac, li'lak n, "math o bren 
Lily, lü'î n, lili, elestr. May lily, Lily 

of the valley, lili'r dyffrynoedd. 

White water lily, alaw'r dwfr, y fag- 

wyr wen. Yellow water lily, y bwltys 
Limation, l'i.mä'shun n, caboliad 
Limb, lim n, aelod; cetyn, darn: vt, 

diaelodi, darnio, dryllio 
Limbec, lim'bek n, disdyll-lestr [twyth 
Limber, lim'bûr a, llipa, hyblyg, ys- 
Limberness, lim'bûr.nes n, ystwythder 
Limbo, lim'b'd n, utfern, purdan ; carchar 
Lime, lim n, calch; glud: vt, calchu; 

gwyn-galchu; gludio. Lime-stone, 

calchfaen. Lime-tree, palalwyf, eur- 

wernen, gwaglwyf. Lime-twigs, glud- 

wydd. Slaked lime, calch tawdd. 

Quick lime, calch brwd, calch poeth 
Limehound, lim'hûŵnd n, gwaedgi 
Limit, lim'it n, terfyn, ffin, cyffin, goror: 

vt, gosod terfyn ar, penu, cyffinio 
Limitary, lim'î.tur.î a, cyfhniol, terfynol 
Limitation, lim.î.tä'shun ?i, terfyniad 
Limn, lim i'i,eilunio, tynu Hun, delweddu 
Limner, lim'nûr n, eiluniwr, delweddwr, 

lluniedydd, paentiwr 
Limous, l'i'mus a, lleidiog, glydog 
Limp, limp a, llipa, masw, ystwyth, hy- 

blyg : vi, clunhecian, cloffi, selgyngian 
Limpet, lim'pet n, brenigen, llygad 

myharen [têr 

Limpid, lim'pid a, gloew, tryloew, claer, 
Limpidness, hm'pid.nes n, gloewder, 

claerder [blygedd, maswedd 

Limpness, limp'nes n, ystwythder, hy- 
Limy, li'mî a, calchaidd; gludiog, 

gwydn [bin 

Linchpin, lintsh'pin n, gwarbin, echel- 
Line, I'm n, llinyn; llin; llinell; ffunen; 
. rhes; amglawdd: vt, llinellu, llinynu; 

amresu, rhesu. Line of battle, cadres. 

Line of battle ship, cadreslong 
Lineage, lin'î.äj n, ach, llinach, llin; 

hil, tylwyth, hiliogaeth, bonedd 
Lineal, lin'yal a, unionlin, llin-lin; 

llinellol, olynol 
Lineament, lin'yâ.ment n, gwjmebwedd, 

gwynebddull. pryd, gwedd 
Linear, lin'yûr a, llinellog, llinellaidd 
Lineation, hn.î.ä'shun n, llinelliad, ar- 

liriiad [Linen-draper, llieiniwr 

Linen, hn'en n, llian, lliain, llieinwe. 
r, ling n, breninbysg ; grug, myncog 
dinger, ling'gur v, gohirio, oedi, aros; 

sefy llian, chwarian 

Linget, ling'get n, tafodyn 

Lingo, ling'gö n, ffregod, iaith drwsgl 

Linguacious, ling.gwä't<hus a, baldordd- 

us, tafodrydd, siariadus 
Linguist, ling'gwist n, ieithydd 
Liniment, lin'î.ment n. enaint, iraid, eli 
Lining, l'i'ning n, gwrthlain 
Link, lingk n, dolen, cadwyndorch, 
modrwy ; canwyll byg, ffaglen : v, dol- 
gydio, cydfachu, cydgadwyno, cyd- 
nvymo, cyssylltu, cydio. Link-boy, 
cariwr canwyllau pyg, ffaglenwas 
Linnet, hn'et n, llinos, llinosen, aderyn 
y llin. Read-headed linnet, llinos 
bengoch. Mountain-linnet, llinos y 
Linseed, lin'sîd n, had llin, llinhad 
Linseywoolsey, lin.zi.wwl'zi n, tenlli r 

cymmysgwe o lin a gwlan 
Linstock, lm'stok n, ffondanio, tanffon 
Lint, lint n, llieinrwd, naddion lliain 
Lintel, lin'tel n, gwarddrws, capan drws 
Lion, l'i'un n. Hew. Lion-hearted, dewr- 
Lioness, li' n, llewes [galon 

Lionlike, l'i'un.l'ik a, llew-eilun ; dewr 
Lip, lip n, gwefus, min ; gwefl. Large- 
lipped. "Blubber-lipped, gwefusfawr, 
gweflfaivr. Lip-devotion, rhithaddol- 
iad. The lip of an animal, gwefl [iol 
Lipothymous, lî.poth'î.mus a, llesmeir- 
Lipothymy, lì.poth'î.mì n, Uewyg, lles- 
Lippitude, íip'í.tüd n, cibddellni [mair 
Liquation, l'i.kwa'shun n, toddiad, todd- 
iant [igaeth 

Liquefaction, lik.wi.fak'shun n, todded- 
Liquefiable,' a, hydawdd, 
toddadwy [^loewi, ymdoddi 

Liquefy, lik' v, toddi, dadmer; ym- 
Liqiiescent, li.kwes'ent a, toddiadol 
Liqueur, li.kur' n, gwirodlyn 
Liquid, lik'wid n, gwlyb, lîyn, gwlybwr; 
toddlythyren : a, gwlyb, llynol, hylif 
Liquidate, lik'wi.dat vt, toddi, llyneidd- 
io ; talu (dyled) f_gwirod 

Liquor, lik'ur n, llyn, gwlybwr, diod, 
Lisp, lisp v, bloesgi, bloesgsiarad 
Lisping, lis'ping n, bloesgedd, bloesgni 
List, list », rhestr, cofrestr, llechres, 
mynegres ; eirionyn brethyn ; ymdrech- 
fa, camp-gychwynfa : v, chwennychu ; 
gwrando; rhestru 
Listen, lis'n vi, gwrando, clustfeinio 
Listless, hst'les a, dihawnt, diawch, di- 
ofal, lledfrydig [sylw, syrthni 

Listlessness/list'les.nes n, diofalwch, an- 
Lit, lit pt & pp.— Light 
Litany, lit'an.î n, gweddi gyfíredin 

LOG path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Literal, lit' a, llythyrenol ; cywir 

Literary, lit'ur.ur.î a, llenyddol, lìenorol, 

Uythyrog, llythyriannol. Literary 

man, lienor, llenydd 

Literate, lit'ur.ät a, dysgedig, hyddysg 

Literati, lit'ur.ä.tî n, dysgedigion, llen- 

orion, llenyddion, llenogion, gwŷr lien 

Literature, lit'ur.ä'tshûr n, llenyddiaeth, 

llenoriaeth, Hen, dysg 
Litharge, lith'ârj n, gorferw plwm 
Lithe, liTH, Lither, li'THÛr, Lithsome, 
li'TH'sum «, ystwyth, hyblyg, anwadal 
Lithographer, lî.thog'râ.fûr ?i, maen- 
argraffydd. [graffiad 

Lithography, lî.thog'râ.fî n, maenar- 
Lithomancy, lith'ö.man.sî n, maengoel 
Lithontripic, hth.on.trip'ik a, maen- 
doddol [drychwr 

Lithotomist, lî.thot'ö.mist n, maen- 
Lithotomy, lî.thot'ö.mî n, maendrychiad 
Lithoxile, li.thok'sil n, pren caregedig 
Litigant, lit'î.gant n, ymgyfreithiwr 
Litigate, lit'î.gät v, cyfreithio ; ymgecru 
Litigation, lit.î.gä'shun n, ymgyfreith- 
iad, cynghaws [henllyd, cecrus 

Litigious, lî.tij'us a, cyfreithgar; cyn- 
Litigiousness, li.tij'us.nes n, ymgyfreith. 

garweh ; cecru, cecraeth 
Litre, lî'tûr n, mesur Ffrengig 61.028 

o fodfeddi cyfangorff 
Litter, lit'ûr n, elor feirch, cludai; 
llaesod, gwasarn ; torllwyth, gwaling ; 
annhrefn: v, gwasarnu; bwrw tor- 
llwyth, porchellu, dyfod â moch bach 
Little, lit'l (less, least) a, bach, bychan; 
man, ychydig : n, ychydyg, ychydigyn, 
tipyn, ticyn, bychodedd, bachigyn. 
A little fountain, ffynnonell. A little 
child, plentyn. A little tipsy, gofeddw, 
lledfeddw. As little, cyn lleied. Ever 
so little, y tipyn lleiaf. Give me 
a little, rhoddweh i mi ychydig. 
Give me little, rhoddweh i mi ond 
ychydig. Little children, plantos; 
plantach. Little ones, plant, rhai 
bychain. Stay a little, aros ronyn. To 
make little, bychanu, lleihau 
Littleness, lit'l.nes n, bychander 
Littoral, lit'ö.ral a, glanol, morlanol 
Liturgy, lit'ûr.jî n, gwasanaeth cyft'redin, 
ffurf o weddi'au cyhoeddus, ffurfwas- 
Live, li'v a, byw, bywiol, bywiog. A 

live coal, marworyn (p marwor) 
Live, liv vi, byw; bucheddu; oesi, hoedli. 
To live on, ymborthi ar While I live, 
yn fy mywyd, tra byddwyf. — Life 


Livelihood, lYv'li.hwd 

Liveliness, l'iv'K.nes n, bywiogrwydd. 
Livelong, liv 'long a, maith, hirfaith 
Lively, liv'li a, bywiog, bywiol ; hoenus, 

hoew, lion, llawen, heinif 
Liver, liv'ur n, yr au, yr afu ; bucheddwr. 

Liver-clung, claf o'r llechau. Pigeon- 

livered, ofnus, llwfr. White-livered, 

cenfigenus. Affection of the liver, 

Liverwort, liv'ur .wûrt n, llysiau yr afu. 

Leprous liverwort, cen y ceryg, clafr- 

gen. Wild liverwort, llysiau'r dryw 
Livery, liv'ur.i n, rhoddiad neu gadwad , 

meddiant; gosgorddwisg, swyddwisg. 

Livery-man, gwr breiniol, dinesydd. 

Livery-stabie, marchdy cyfiredin 
Lives, li'vz np. — Life 
Livid, liv'id a, dulas, cleisiog 
Living, liv'ing n, bywiohaeth; person- 

iaeth : a, byw, bywiol. yn fyw 
Livre, H'vur «, darn o arian Ffrengig, 

gwerth o ddeutu 9£c. 
Lixivium, liks.iv'yum n, lleisw, trwyth 
Lizard, liz'urd n, budrchwilen, madfall, 

geneugoeg, gwedresi [Ddeheuol 

Llama, lä'mâ n, cammarch America 
Lo, lö i, wele, wela, nycha 
Load, löd n, llwytb. pwys, baich, pwn: 

v (pp laden), llwytho, beichio, pyn- 

orio. Load-star, seren y gogledd 
Loadstone, löd'stön n, ehedfaen, maen- 

tynu, tywysfaen 
Loaf, löf {p loaves) n, torth 
Loam, löm n, tywodglai, mai-1, priddgla 
Loamy, lö'mî a, priddgleiog, marlaidd 
Loan, Ion n, benthyg, echwyn 
Loath, löth a, anewyllysgar, anfoddlawn; 

anfoddog [llaru, diflasi 

Loathe, Iöth vt, ffieiddio, casäu, alaru 
Loathsome, löTH'sum a, ffiaidd, adgas; 

brwnt, ffinionllyd 
Loathsomness, löTH'sum.nes n, ffieidd, 

rwydd, adgasrwydd 
Loaves, lovz np. — Loaf 
Lob, lob «, drel, hurtyn, clwpa, penbw)' 
Lobby, lob'î n, cyntedd, cynteddla 
Lobe,"^ löb n, dernyn, rhaniad ; dalen ) 
Lobster, lob'stûr n, ceimweh, llegest 
Local, lo'kal a, Ueol; cyfleol; setÿdlog 
Locality, lö.kal'î.tî n, lleoldeb, hanfc 

Ueol; sefyllfa [gosc 

Locate, lo.kat' vt, Uehau, lieu, sefydl 
Location, lo.ka'shun n, llehâd, llea< 

gosodiad, sefydliad 
Loch, lok n, llyn, llwch ; cvflaith 
190 • 

ôre; läte, line, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. LOO 

Lock, lok n, clo, cloig ; cudyn ; dylofyn 

o wlan; argae, argaeddrws: v, cloi; 

cau. Fire-lock, dryll. A lock of 

hair, cudyn o wallt. Locked jaw, 

ymgauad yr ên, gengload. — Jaw 

Locket, lok'et n, addurnglo, mynygl- 

Lockram, lok'ram n, brasliain [dlws 

Locomotion,'shun n, ymsym- 

mudiad o le i le, hunansymmudiad 
Locomotive,'tiv a, symmudlëig, 

ymsymmudol : n, anweddbeiriant 
Locust, lo'kust n, llindys [fariaeth 

Locution, lo.kii'shun n, llafarddull, 11a- 
Lodge, loj n, lletty, lluest, hafotty, 
maesdy: v, llettya, trigo; aros; gor- 
wedd. To lodge one's self, ymlettya 
Lodgement, loj'ment n, lluest, gwersyll; 
sefydliad ; sefyllfa, gorsaf ; cymmeriad 
meddiant o weithiau'r gelyn 
Lodger, loj 'fir n, lletty wr, gwestai 
Lodging, loj'ing n, gwestty ( p gwesttai), 

lletty, gwestfa 
Loft, loft n, taflod, llwyf, hurtr; llofft 
Loftiness, lof'tî.nes n, uchder; balchder 
Lofty, lof 'tî a, uchel, aruchel, goruchel, 
dyrchafedig ; uchelwych, trahausfalch. 
Lofty words, geiriau chwyddedig 
Log, log n, cyff, boncyff, cipyll. Log- 
book, llyfr y cyfrifbill. Log-line, 
llinyn y cyfrifbill 
Logarithm, log'u.rithm n, dirprwyn, 
Science of logarithms, dirprwyniaeth 
Loggerhead, log'ûr.hed n, delff, clwpa, 
penbwl ; math o dugorn. At logger- 
heads, benben brigfrig 
Loggerheaded, log'ûr.hed.ed a, pendew. 

penbwl, hurt, delffaidd 
Logic, loj'ik n, rhesymeg, arbwylleg 
Logical, loj'i.kal a, rhesymegol, dad- 
leuyddol, arbwyllegol [leuydd 

Logician, lö.jish'an n, rhesymegwr, dad- 
. Logistic, lo.jis'tik a, alsoddol [feisiwr 
Logodsedahst, lö.gö.ded' n, geirddy- 
Logomachy, lo.gom' n, amryson yng 

nghylch geiriau, geirddadl 
Logwood, log'wẁd n, coed lliwyddion 
. Loin, lôîn n, llwyn, llyfen ; aren 
Loiter, lôi'tûr vi, gohirio, ystelcian, chwil- 
bawa, llercio, oedi, sefyllian, chwarian 
Loiterer, lôî'tur.ûr n, llercyn, ystelciwr 
Loll, lol vi, ymdrolio, ymddiogi, tordain 
Lollards, lol'urdz np, plaid o Brotest- 

aniaid, canlynwyr Wickliff 
Lone, Ion, Lonely, lönlî, Lonesome, lön'- 
, sum a, unig, wrtho ei hun ; didram- 

^vy. disathr ;' diymgeledd 
Loneliness, lön'li.nes n, unigder 

Long, long a, hir, maith j parhäus, hir- 
llaes: vi, hiraethu, chwantu, blysio, 
chwennychu. Long-boat, hirgwch, 
bad mawr. Long-headed, synwyrol, 
call. Long-suffering, hirymaros ; 
goddefgar. All day long, trwy'r 
dydd. As long as, cyhŷd ag; tra„ 
Longer and longer, hwy-hwy. Long 
hours, oriau meithion. Long sound t 
hirsain. Not long after, cyn nemawr. 
Of long continuance, parhäus. Some- 
what long, gohir. Long and slender, 
hirfaen. To grow long, ymestyn, 
hirhau [edd, hirymaros 

Longanimity, long.gâ.nim'î.tî n, amyn- 
Longe, lunj n, hergwd, hergawd 
Longer, long'ûr n, hiraethwr 
Longer, long'gûr a, hwy. — Long 
Longest, long'gest a, hwyaf. — Long 
Longevity, lon.jev'i.ti n, hiroes, hir- 

hoedl; hiroesiad, hirhoedledd 
Longevous, lon.ji'vus a, hirhoedlog 
Longimanous, lon.jim'â.nus a, llawhir 
Longimetry, lon.jim'î.trî n, mesuriad 
pellder [hydred, hydedd 

Longitude, lon'jî.tüd n, hirder, hyd; 
Longitudinal, lon.jî.tü'dî.nal a, ar ei hyd ; 

hydredol, hydol 
Longsome, long'sum a, hirfaith, rhyhir 
Longspun, long'spun a, dygnfaith, an- 

nyben, hir, hirchwedlog 
Longways, long'waz, Longwise, long'- 
w'iz ad, gyda'r hyd, hydredol, ar hyd, 
yn ei hyd [Loo-table, bwrdd crwn 
Loo, l\v n, math o chwareu ar gardiau. 
Loobily, hv'bUi ad, yn drelaidd,ynhurt 
Looby, lŵ'bî n, lleban, drelyn, hurtyn 
Loof, lŵf vt, dwyn Hong at y gwynt 
Look, lwk n, gwynebpryd, golwg, trem, 
edrych ; edrychiad ; ymddangosiad, 
gwedd: v, edrych, syllu; dysgwyl; 
chwiüo : i, wela, wele, nycha. Look- 
out, golygfa. Looking-glass, drych, 
gwydrddrych. To look around, am- 
di-emu. To look for, dysgwyl. To 
look intently, arsyllu. To look out, 
edrych am, gochel, gwilio 
Looker, lwk'ur n, edrychwr, syllwr, 
tremiwr [yn aneglur 

Loom, lŵm n, gwŷdd: vi, jmiddangos 
Loon, hvn n, gwirionyn, delff, dyhiryn 
Loop, lẁp n, arwestr, dolen; tytmwy: 
v, arwestm, dolfachu, dolenu. Loop- 
hole, dolendwll ; esgus, bwlch 
Loose, lŵs a, rhydd ; yslac, llac ; pen- 
rydd ; anllad, anniwair : vt, gollwng, 
| rhyddhau, dattod, llaesu 


LUC path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, twk=took; 

Loosen, hv'sn v, gollwng, dattod, rhydd- 

hau, llacäu, Uaesu, yslacio, dadrwymo 

Looseness, hvs'nes re, llaesder, darymred ; 


Lop, lop vt, ysgythru, brigladd, tocio, 

brigdocio. Loppings, ysgythrion 
Loquacious, lo.kwa'shus a, siaradus, 

tafodrydd, chwedlog, ffraeth 
Loquacity, lö.hwas'î.tî re, dywedgarwch, 

ffraethder, llol, siaradgarwch 
Lord, lord re, arglwydd, meistr; ner, 
muner, rhi, pervf, naf, ior, ion, gwan- 
ar, udd; gwledig; baron, brëyr: v, 
arglwyddiaethu, rhwysgo. Lord of 
the manor, maenorydd, arlwydd 
Lordliness, lôrd'lî.nes re, arglwyddeidd- 

rwydd, bonedd; gorfalchder 
Lordîing, lôrd'ling re, arglwyddyn 
Lordly, lôrd'lì a, arglwyddaidd ; balch 
Lordship, lôrd'sbip re, arglwyddiaeth 
Lore, lü'r re, athrawiaeth ; dysg 
Loricate, lor'î.lcät vt, dalenwisgo, dalenu 
Lorimer, lor'í.mûr re, genf äydd 
Lorn, lôrn a, gwrtbodedig, diymgeledd, 

amddifad. Love-lorn, cariadgoll 
Lose, hvz (jjt & pp lost) v, colli; cael 
Loser, lw'zur re, colledwr, collwr [colled 
Loss, los re, coll, colled ; sarhâd ; afles 
Lot, lot re,coelbren, cwtws; dygwyddiad, 

syrth ; tynged ; rhan, cyfran, dogn 
Lotion, lö'shun re, golchdrwyth 
Lottery, lot'ur.î re, chwareu damwain, 

damweiniaetb, coelbreniaeth 
Lotus, lö'tus re, alaw'r dwfr 
Loud, lûŵd a, croch, ucliel, ban 
Loudness, lûŵd'nes re, uchder, crochder 
Lough, lok re, llyn, llwch 
Lounge, lûŵnj vi, llechu, ystelcian, 

segura, diogi, mewyda 
Louse, lûŵs (_p lice) re, lleuen. Hog- 
louse, horen (p horod). Sheep-lice, 
heuslau. Wood-louse, gwracü y coed 
Louse, lûŵz re, hela Hau, lleua 
Lousewort, lûŵs'wûrt re,melsugn. Pas- 
ture lousewort, llysiau'r c\vn 
Lousy, lûŵ'zî a, lleuog ; bawaidd, salw 
Lout, luxvt re, delff, lleban, llabwst, drel 
Loutish, lûẁ'tish a, delftaidd, drelaidd 
Louver, lw'vur re, twll y mwg, mygdwll 
Love, luv re, cariad, serch, hoffder, cyf- 
ymserch, cudeb, cuedd, anwylwch: 
vt, earn, hoffi, gorhoffi, serchu. Love- 
letter, llythyr cyfyinserch. Love-sick, 
claf o gariad. Love-song, oerdd cvf- 
ymserch. Love -suit, carwriaeth. 
Love-toy, amheg oddi wrth ganvr. 
Loved one, anwylyd (p anwyhaid) 

Loveless, luv'les a, digariad, diserch 
Loveliness, luv'li.nes re, hawddgarweh 
Lovely, luv'li o, hawddgar, cariadusol, 

hoííain, hygar, teg, piydferth 

Lover, luv'ur re. cariad. cannr, cariad- 

ddyn. A lover of bis country, gwlad- 

garwr. A lover of mankind, dyngarwr 

Loving, luv'ing a, canadus, caredig 

Lovingkindness,'ind'nes n. 

serch, tynerweh ; trugaredd 
Low, lö a, isel; prudd; gostyngedig: 
gwael, -ach; gwan, truan: vi, brefu 
rhuo, buguned, buchio. Low-bred 
difoes, hurthol; gwael. Low Sunday 
Pasc bychan. Low in the world 
tlawd. Lowest of the people, gwe- 
hilion y bobl. A low country, iseldir 
doldir, gwastadedd. The low part: 
of the earth, iselderau'r ddaiar 
Lower, lö'ûr v, gollwng; iselu, dar- 
ostwng, gostwng : a, cd, is. Lower- 
case type, y llythyrenau mân,a,b,c, &c 
Lower, lùŵ'ûr vi, tywyllu, cymylu : re 
prudd-der, tiymder golwg ; cymyhad 
Lowermost, lö'úr.möst a, isaf, iselaf 
Lowland, lö'land re, iseldir; morfa 
Lowliness, lö'lî.nes re, gostyngeiddrwydi 
Lowly, lö'lí a, isel, gostyngedig 
Lown, lûŵn re, dyhiryn [^gwaelde 

Lowness, lö'nes n, iselder, iseledd 
Loyal, lôî'al a, ffyddlawn i'r brenin, cywi 
Loyalist, loi' re, cywirddyn 
Loyalty, lôî'al.tî re, fl'yddlondeb, cywir 

edd, teyrngarwch 
Lozenge, loz enj re, dull pedair ochr a ;i 
onglau angbyfartal; chwiogen fedd' 
Lubber, lub'ûr re, diogyn, llabi [ygc 
Lubberly, lub' a, lledchwith, diog 
Labríc, lii'brik a, llithrig, llyfn; anllad ( 
Lubricate, lii'bri.kat vt, lhthrigo, llyfh' 
hau [anwadaledd; anlladed] 

Lubricity, lü.bris'î.tî re, llithrigrwydd'] 
Luce, liis n, penhwyad wedi llawn dyf 
Lucent, lii'sent a, claer, d} T sglaer, goleiJ 

gloew, llachar 
Lucid, lii'sid a. llachar, dysglaer; eglti 1 
Lucidity, lü.sid'î.tî n, dysgleirdeb, gloew 
der, llachar [seren ddydd; cüaí 

Lucifer, lü'sî.fùr re, seren y boreu, I 
Luciferous, lü.sif' a, goleuddwyi 
gwawlddwyn [llwydj 

Luck, luk re, damwain, hap, ifawc 
Luckiness, luk'i.nes re, hapusrwyd» 
tlyniaiit [aflwyddianm 

Luckless, luk'les a, anft'odus, anhapu 
Lucky, luk'i a, Uwyddiamius, ftynianni 
Lucrative, lii'kra.tiv a, emiillfawr 

ore; läte, Vine, nö, müte; she, zh==z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. LYC 

Lucre, lii'kfir w, elw, ennill, mael, budd 
Lucubrate, lu'ku.brat vi, efrydu wrth 
oleuni canwyll [iad, nosefrydiad 

Lucubration, lü.kü.brä'shun re, nosfyfyr- 
Lucubratory, lii'ku.brii.tur.i a, a wnaed 
wrth oleuni canwyll [lurder 

Lucuience, lii'kii.lens re, claerder, eg- 
Luculent, lii'kii.lent «,claer,gloew-wych 
Ludicrous, lii'di.krus a,ysmala, digrifoi. 

digrif, chwerthinus, lii'di.krus.nes n, arabedd, 
chwerthinedd [wariad 

Ludification,'skun re, gwat- 
Luif, luf vi, cadw Hong at y gwynt 
Lug, lug v, llusgo, tynu: re, clust; 

mesurlath ; math o bysg 
liUggage, lug'äj re, cludlwyth, cludgelfl 
Lugubrious, lü.gü'brî.us a, galarus, 

alaethus, athrist, irad 
Lukewarm, luk'worm a, clauar, llugoer 
Lukewarmness, liik'worm.nes n, clauar- 
der, llugdwym, clauaredd, clauarineb 
Lull, lul vt, si'o, canu i gysgu, suo 
Lullaby, lul'â.bi' re, hungan 
Lumbago, lum.bä'gö re, llwynwst 
Lumbar, lum'bur a, llwynol 
Lumber, lum'bur re, hen ddodrefn di- 
ddefnydd: vt, pentyru, crugio [wawl 
Luminary, lü'mî.nur.î re, goleuad, ar- 
Luminous, lü'mî.nus a, goleu, goleulawn 
Lump, lump re, clamp, clap, mwl, talp, 
telpyn, cwltf, chwalp, swp ; crynswdd, 
crynswth, eyfan: vt, cymmeryd neu 
gyfrif wrth y talp. A little lump. 
telpyn [trwm, dwl 

Lumpish, lum'pish a, clobynaidd, dilun 
Lumpy, lum'pi a, talpiog, clampiog 
Lunacy, lü'nâ.sî re, lloerigrwydd, gor- 

phwyllrwydd, gwallgofrwydd 
Lunar, lü'nûr, Lunary, lü'nur.î a, lloer- 

ol, lltuadol, perthynol i'r lloer 
Lunarian, lü.nâ'r'î.an re, lloerdrigwr 
Lunatic, lii'na.tik re, lloerigyn : a, lloer- 
ig, ynfyd, gorphwyllog. Lunatic asy- 
lum, lloengdy, gwallgofdy 
Lunation, liimii'shun ?i, lloeriad 
Lunch, luntsh, Luncheon, lun'tshun re, 

cnwff, rhagbryd o fwyd 
Lunette,' re, lloeren 
Lungs, lungz np, ysgyfaint. (Defnyddir 
yrhif umgol yn— right lung, left lung, 
ysgyfaint dde", ysgyfaint aswy). Lung- 
wort, callod y derw. Disease of the 
lungs, ysgyfeinwst. Lobes of the 
lungs, dalenau yr ysgyfaint 
Luut, hint re,magdan tdanio cyflegrau 
Lupine, Hi 'pin n, math o flodeuyn 

Lurch, lurtsh n, dalta, magi, suddiad; 

dyryswch : v, cynllwyn, maglu, twyll» ; 

suddo; llercio. To leave in the lurch, 

gadael mewn cyfyngder, cefnu ar 
Lurcher, lûr'tshûr re, Uereiwr, cynlhvyn- 

wr; glwth, bolrythwr; cynllwyn-gi 
Lure, lii'r n, hud, arhud, llithiad: v, 

hudo, denu [erchyllddu 

Lurid, lii'r'id a, cethin, erch, tywyil, 
Lurk, lurk vi, cynllwyn, llercian, ys- 

telcian, llechu. Lurking-place, cyn- 

llwynfa, cuddle, cuddfan 
Lurker, lur'kur re, ystelciwr, gwilliad 
Luscious, lush'us a, tra melus, chweg 
Lusciousness, lush'us.nes re, gorfelusder 
Lusk, lusk a, diog, segurllyd, diddefnydd 
Luskiness, lus'ki.nes re, marweidd-dra, 

syrthni [g^f, cellweirus 

Lusoidous, lü.sö'r'î.us a, chwareuol, di- 
Lust, lust re, chwant, trachwant, anllad- 

rwydd : vi, trachwantu, chwennychu 
Lustful, lust'fvvl a, cnawdwyllt, anllad, 

anniwair [rwydd, anniweirdra 

Lustfulness, lust'fwl.nes re, chwantach- 
Lustiness, lus'tî.nes re, pybyrwch, cryfder 
Lustrate, lus'trät vt, glanhau, puro 
Lustration, lus.trä'shun re, puredigaeth 
Lustre, lus'tur re, gloewder, dysglaerder 

ysbaid o bum mlynedd. Lack-lustre, 

Lustring, lus'tring re, math o sidanwe 
Lustrous, lus'trus a, goleulawn, eirian 
Lusty, lus'tî a, gwrol, heinif. cryf, pybyr, 

grymus, nerthol, cyhyrog. Lusty 

man, clamp o ddyn [llaid 

Lutarious, lü.tê'r'î.us a, yn byw mewn 
Lute, Hit re, offeryn cerdd tantog ; llaid : 

vt, cleio geneuau llestri 
Lutheran, lü' a, Lutheraidd: re, 

Lutheriad [iaeth 

Lutheranism, lU' re, Luther- 
Lutulent, lü'tü.lent a, lleidiog, cleiog; 

aflan [main, digymmalu 

Lux, luks, Luxate, luk'sat vt, dadgym- 
Luxation,'shun n, dadgymmaliad 
Luxuriance, lug.zur'i.ans, Luxuriancy, 

lug.zii'r' re, gormodedd, ar- 

ddigonedd ; brasdyfiant, ffaethder 
Luxuriant, lug.zii'r'i.ant a, brasdyfol, 

ffaeth, gormodol [glythu 

Luxuriate, lug.zu'r' vi, gorthyfu; 
Luxurious, lug.zii'r' a, rhyseddgar, 

wttresgar, gwleddgar; rhydyfol 
Luxury, luk'sii.ri re, arddigonedd, glodd- 

est, rhysedd, wttres; gorhaeledd 
Lycanthropy, l'i.kan'thro.pi re, cynddar- 

edd a wna i ddyn udo fel blaidd 

MAG path, fat, ére, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cnt, tŵ=too, tẁk=took - r 

Lye, li* n, lleisw, trwyth, llytrod 

Lymph, limf n, dyfraaws 

Lymphatic, lim.fat'ik a, dyfrnawsol; 

gwallgofus. Lymphatics, dyfrlynolion 
Lynx, lmgks n, bwystfil brith llygad- 

graff. Lynx-eyed, Uygadgraff 
Lyre, li* 'r n, telyn, offeryn tannau 
Lyric, lir'ik a, telynaidd: n, telyneg; 

telynwr, telynfardd [fardd 

Lyrist, li'r'istn, telynwr, tantawr; telyn- 


Mab, mab n, ellylles 
Mac, Mc, mak n, mab, ab, ap [yn 

Macaroni, mak.â.rö'nî n, bnthyn, coeg- 
Macaronic, mak.a.ron'ik n, brithiaith: 

a, brithieithig ; coegynaidd 
Macaroon, mak.a.rwn n, math o ber- 

eiddfwyd; coegyn 
Macaw, ma.ko' n, math o barot 
Mace, mäs n, brysgyll, berllysg ; per- 

lysieuyn. Mace-bearer, brysgyllwr 
Macerate, mas'ur.ät vt, teneuhau ; mwydo 
Maceration, mas.u.rä'shun n, tenenad, 

teneuhâd; mwydiad [rwysddrwg 
Machiavelian, mak.î.â.vî'lî.an a, cyf- 
Machinal, mâ.shî'nal a, peiriannol 
Machinate, mak'i.nat vt, cynllunio, 

cynllwynio, dychymmygu, dyleisio 
Machination,'shun n, dyfais, 

dichell, dichellwaith, ystryw [ermig 
Machine, mâ.shîn' n, peiriant, offeryn, 
Machinery, mâ.shî'nnr.î »,peiriannwaith 
Machinist, mâ.shí'nist n, peiriannydd 
Macilent, mas'i.lent a, teneu, truan, cnl 
Mackerel, mak'nr.el n, macrell, math o 

bysgodyn brithog 
Macrocosm, ma'kro.kozm n, y byd, byd- 

yssawd [iad 

Mactation, mak.ta'shun n, aberth-ladd 
Macula, mak' (jö maculae, mak' 

n, man, brych, ysmot, ysmotyn 
Maculate, mak' vt, manu, ysbrychu. 

diwyno : a, brycheulyd, ysmotiog 
Maculation,'shun n, brycheuad 

brychiad, ysmotiad, màniad 
Mad, mad a, yníýd, gwallgofus, cyn- 

ddeiriog. A mad dog, ci cynddeiriog 
Madam, mad'am n, meistres, arglwyddes 
Madcap, mad'kap n, penboethyn 
Madden, mad'n v, gorphwyllo, ynfydu 
Madder, mad'ûr n, y wreiddrudd, y 

briwydd wen ; lliw coch 
Made, mäd pt Scpp. — Make [iad 

Madefy, mad'î.tì vt, gwlychu, mwydo 

Madhouse, mad'hûŵs n, gorphwylldy, ; 

ynfytty, gwallgofdy [^gwallgofus } 

Madman, mad'man n, ynfydyn, dyn/ 
Madness, mad'nes n, gorphwyll, cyn- 

ddaredd, gwallgofrwydd 
Madona, mâ.dö'ná, Madonna, mâ.don'âtl 

n, darlun Mair y Forwyn 
Madrigal, mad'rî.gal n, bugeilgan 
Magazine,' n, arfdy, gorsaf j \ 

ystordy, cronfa ; cylchgrawn, greal ] 
Maggot, mag'ut n, cynronyn, macai 
Maggotty, mag'ut.î a, cynronllyd; an- 

wadal, penchwiban 
Magi, mä'j'í np, doethion dwyreiniol 
Magian, mäjî.an n, athrcînydd dwy-J 

reiniol: a, perthynol i'r Magi [aredc 
Magic, maj'ik n, dewiniaeth, swyngyf- ■ 
Magic, maj'ik, Magical, maj'i.kal a] 

swynol, cyfareddus, denol, hudolaidd j 
Magician, mâ.jish'an n, swynwr, äewin 

gorcheiniad, swyngyfareddwr 
Magisterial,î'r'î.al a, awdurdod-S 

aidd, meistrolgar ; uchelfalch, trahiiu; :1 
Magistracy, maj'is.trä^sî n, lly wyddiaeth I 

penswyddogaeth, ynadaeth 
Magistrate, maj'is.trät n, swyddog.hedd 

ynad, ynad yr heddwch; penswyddoi 
Magna Charta,'ta n, pri 

freintlen rhyddid y Prydeiniaid 
Magnality, mag.nal'î.tî n, mawredd 
Magnanimity, mag.nâ.nim'í.tî n, maun 

wri, mawrfryd, mawrfrydigrwydd ' 
Magnanimous, mag.nan'î.mus n, mawr 

frydig [suraid.J 

Magnesia, mag.nî'shâ n, sylwedd gwrth J 
Magnet, mag'net n, ehedfaen, tynfaen 'j 
Magnetic,'ik, Magnetical, mag j 

net'i.kal a, tryawchol, durdynol 
Magnetism, mag'net.izm n, tryawcl 

tryawchedd, durdyniad 
Magnetize, mag'net.'iz vt, tryawchu 
Magnific, mag.nif'ik, Magnifical, magA 

nif'i.kal a, mawrwych, ardderchog I 
Magnificence, mag.nif'î.sens n, mawm 

edd, ardderchogrwydd, godidogrwyd» 
Magnificent, mag.nif'i.sent a, mawij 

wych, mawreddog, mawreddus, ail 

dderchog. mawiygol. godidog [VenicS 
Magnifico, mag.nif'i.ko n, pendefig jM 
Magnify, mag'ni.f i" vt, mawrygu, mawi 

eddu, moli, mwyhau, mawrhai. 

Magnifying - glass, mwyad - ddrycl 

chwyddwydr [iait 

Magniloquence, mag.nil'o.kwens ra,uche 
Magnitude, mag'nî.tiid n, maint, main" 

ioli; mawrder ilp} S ( 

Magpie, mag'pi n, pi, pia, piode 

öre; läte, line, no, mute; she, zh=z azure; thin, this; j=dzh. MAL 

Mahogany, mâ.hog'â.nî re, math o goed 
gwerthfawr [Mahometiaeth 

Mahometanism, mâ.homì.tamizm re, 

Maid, mäd re, geneth, gwyryf, morwyn, 
eigr. Old maid, hen ferch weddw 

Maiden, mii'dn ?e, gwyryf; offeryn i 
ddienyddio: «, morwynol, gwyryfol. 
Maidèn-hair, briger Gwener, diwhth 

Maidenly, mä'dn.lî a, morwynaidd 

Maidhood, mäd'hẁd, Maidenhood, ma'- 
dn.hẁd re, morwyndod, gwyryfdod 

Maidservant, madsur.vant re, gwasan- 
aethferch, gwasanaethyddes 

Mail, mäl re, llythyrgod, codaid o lyth- 

yrau; man ar bìu aderyn; llurig. 

Mail-coach, llytlryrgerbyd, llythyr- 

glud [re, nam, anaf, anafod; niwed 

' Maim, mäm vt, anafu, briwo, efryddu : 

Main, man a, penaf, prif, nrwyaf: re, 
cwbl, y cyfan; crynswdd; y cefnfor. 
Main-land, cyfandir. Main-mast, yr 
hwylbren mawr. Main-sail, yr hwyl 
fawr. Main-sea, y môr mawr, cefnfor, 
cyfanfor. Main-top, pen yr hwylbren 
mawr. Main-yard, yr hwyl-lath fawr. 
The main body, y corff cyfan 

Mainly, män'lî ad. yn benaf, yn alluog 

Mainpernable, män'pûr.nâ.bl a, mech- 
n'iadwy f_mach 

Mainpernor, man'pûr.nûr re, meichai, 

Mainprize, man'pr'iz re, mach gorfodog 

Maintain, män.tän' vt, dal, cynnal, cadw, 
mynturaio, diffyn, amddiffyn, porthi 

Maintainable, män.tä'nâ.bl a, cynnal- 
adwy, amddirTynadwy 

Maintenance, män'ten.ans », cynnaliaeth 

Maize, maz re, gwenith India 

Majestic, ma.jes'tik e,breninaidd, tywys- 
ogaidd, mawrhydig, ardderchog 

Majesty, maj'es.tî re, ardderchogrwydd, 
mawrhydi, mawredd, teyrnoldeb 

Major, mä'jûr a, mwy, mwyaf, penaf, 
prif: re, uchgadben 

Majority, mâ.jor'î.tî re, mwyafrif. mwyaf- 
iaeth, y rhan fwyaf ; llawn oedran 

Make, mak (made) vt, gwneuthur, 
gwneyd ; creu ; peri ; achosi : re, gwneu- 
thuriad, cyfansoddiad ; dull, ifurf, 
gwedd. To make a bed, taenu gwely. 
To make amends, gwneuthur iawn, 
talu am y niwed. To make a noise, 
cadw ystŵr. To make away with. 
Hadd, llofruddio. To make friends. 
heddychu, cydgymmodiad, gwneu- 
thur cymrnod rhwiig. To make haste, 
dyfrysio, brysio. To make off, cilio, 
To make ready, parotoL To 

make sure, sicrhau. To make use 

of, defhyddio. To make war, rhyfela. 

To make way, cilio yn ol, troi o'r 

ffordcL To make words, amlhau geir- 

iau [awdwr 

Maker, ma'kur », gwneuthurwr; Cre- 

shmi re, camlywodraeth, camdriniaeth, 

dryglywodraeth [iechyd 

Malady, mal'â.dî re, clefyd, dolur, af- 
Malapert, mal'â.pûrt a, caseiriog, haer- 

llug, tafodgas, tafodrydd 
Malar, mä'lûr a, bochaidd 
Malaxate, ma.lak'sat vt, meddalhau, 

meddalu, lleithio, tyneru 
Male, mäl re, gwryw : a, gwryw 
Malecontent, mal'kon.tent a, anfoddog: 

re, gwrthryfelwr, gwrthbleidiwr 
Maledicted, Wl.Ldik'ted a, melltigedig 
Malediction, maU.dik'shun re, rheg, 

rhegfa, melltith [camwedd 

Malefaction, mal.Lfak'shun re, trosedd, 
Malefactor, mal'Lfak.tur re, drygweith- 

redwr, drwgweithredwr [weidiol 

Malefic, miLiefik a, drygionus, ni- 
Malevolence, ma.lev'o.lens », drwg 

ewyllys, dryganian, dygasedd 
Malevolent, ma.lev'O.lent a, drwg ei 

ewyllys, maleisus, gwenwynig 
Mahce, mal'is re, malais, cenfigen, dygen, 

cynghorfyn, llid ; gwenwyn 
Malicious, mâ.Hsh'us a, maleisus, cen- 

figenus, dygasog [aniaeth 

Maliciousness, mâ.lish'us.nes re, dryg- 
Mahgn, mâ.lîn' a, maleisus, niweidiol, 

gwenwynig, dinystriol,drygiog_, adgas : 

vt, caserlyn, casddrygu, niweidio, 

drygu; enlhbio, trawsdduo 
Malignancy, mâ.lig'nan.sî, Malignity, 

mâ.lig'nUî re, dryganian, drygedd, 

dryganiaeth, adwythedd, dygasedd 
Malignant, mâ.lig'nant a", athryfar, 

dryganiannus, anianddrwg ; adwythig 
Malkin, mo'kin re, ysgubell ffwrn, mop, 

mopa ; bwgan adar ; budrogen 
Mall, môl re, gordd ; chwareu pel-ordd ; 

talwrn pel-ordd: vt, euro a gordd, 

pwyo, taro, baeddu 
Mallard, mal'ûrd re, eeiliog hwyadgwyllt 
Malleability, maLyâ.bil'ì.tî re, mwrth- 

Malleable, mal'yâ.bl a, mwrthwyliadwy 
Malleate, mal'i.ät vt, mwrthwyho 
Mallet, mal'et re, gordd bren, gordd 
Mallow, raal'ö re, hocys, y feddalai. 

Garden mallows, hocys bendigaid. 

Marshmallows, hocys y morfa 

MAN path, fat, ére, met, mâ-rine, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tvv=too, tẁk=took; 

Malmsey, mâm'zî n, matli o feluswin 
Malpractice, mal.prak'tis n, drygwaith 
Malt, môlt n, brag, heiddfrag: v, 

bragu, brago, gwneyd brag. Malt- 
house, bragdy. Malt-kiln, odyn frag. 

Malt-worm, diotwr. A grain of malt, 

bregyn [ddrwg 

Maltreat, mal'trit vt, cam-drin, trin yn 
Maltreatment, mal.trît'ment n, cam, 

drygdriniaeth, triniaeth ddrwg 
Maltster, mòTstûr n, bragwr [dichelldro 
Malversation,'shun n, ystryw 
Mamma, ma.mâ' n, mam 
Mammal, mam'al n, anifail sydd yn 

rhoi sugn, anifail tethog [tethogion 
Mammalia, ma.mä'liâ H/?,mammaethion, 
Mammet, mam'et n, delwan, llamddelw 
Mammillary, mam'il.ur.î a, bronol, 

bronaidd, tethol [n, dryllyn 

Mammoc, mam'uk vt, darnio, dryllio: 
Mammon, mam'un n, duw y bydolddyn 

eilun-dduw cyfoeth ; cyfoeth, golud 
Mammonist, mam' n, bydolddyn, 

erinwas, cybydd, cerlyn 
Mammoth, mam'uth n, cawrfil y eynfyd, 

cawrfil eloddiannol, mammwth 
Man. man (/> men) n, dyn, gwr, gwryw : 

vt, diwallu â gwŷr. Man-eater, dyn- 

fwytawx. A little man, dynyn. Lit- 

men, dynos. Man-of-war, Hong ryfel, 

cadlong. Man of war, milwr, rhyi'elwr 
Manacle, man'a.kl n, llawhual, gefyn 

i'r dwylaw, breichrwym: vt, rhwvmo 

dwylaw, llawhualu, gefynu'r dwylaw 
Manage, man'äj v, rheoli, trefnu, trin; 

llywodraethu, llywiadu: n, trefniad, 

triniaeth ; marchwriaeth 
Manageable, man'ä.jâ.bl a, rheoladwy, 

hydrin, hywedd, hydyn, hywar 
Management, man'äj.ment n, trefniad, 

llywiadaeth, triniaeth, rheolaeth 
Manager, man'ä.jûr n, trefnwr, rheolwr 
Manation, mâ.na'shun n, deilliad, tardd- 

iad [can 

Manchet, man'tshet n, barâ coeseel, bara 
Mancipate, man'sî.pät vt, caethiwo 

trosi meddiant 
Manciple, man'sî.pl n, darparwr llun- 

iaeth, arlwywr mewn athrofa 
Mandamus, man.dii'mus », llysorchym- 

myn, archwys [China 

Mandarin, man.díi.rîn' n, pendefig yn 
Mandate, man'dät n, gorchyminyn, arch 
Mandatory, man'dá.tur.î a, gorchym- 

mynol, eirchiol [gwrn yr en 

Mandible, man'dî.bl n, gén, genogl, as- 
Mandrake, man'drak n, numdragor 

Mandril, man'dril n, math o epa 
Manducate, man'du.kat vt. cnoi, bwyta 
Manducation, man.du.ka'shun n, cnoad 
Mane, man n, mwng ; myngen [meirw, 
Manes, ma'niz np, gwyllion. ysbrydion y 
Manful, man'fẁl a, gwrol, dewr, eofn 
Manfulness, man'fẁl.nes n, gwroldeb, 

dewredd [llwydwyn 

Manganese, mang' n, adwyn 
Mange, mänj n, clafr, clefri, brech y cẃn 
Manger, män'jûr n, preseb, cafn ebran 
Mangle, mang'gl vt, cigyddio; anafu; 

difynio; llyfnhau 
Mango, mang'gb' n, ifrwyth o'r India 
Mangouse, mang ' gwz, Mangouste, 

mang'gŵst n, llygoden Pharaoh 
Mangy, män'jî a, clafrllyd, clafrog 
Manhood, man'hwd n, oèdran gwr, dyn- 

deb, dyndod, gwrolaeth, gwroldeb 
Mania, mä'nî.â n, gwallgofrwydd, cyn- 

ddaredd [fydyn: a, gwallgofus 

Maniac, ma'ni.ak n, gwallgofyn, yn- 
Manifest, man'î.fest «, egìur, goíeu, 

amlwg : vt, amlygu, diargelu, dangos : 

n, llongysgrif, rhestr llwyth llong 
Manifestation, man.î.fes.tä shun n, am- 

lygiad, eglurhâd [rwydd 

Manifestness, man'i.fest.nes n, amlyg- 
Manifesto, man.î.fes'tö n, cyhoeddiad, 

cylchlythyr [ami, amrywiol 

Manifold, man'î.fold a, amryw, lluosog, 
Manikin, man'i.kin n, dynyn, cbryn 
Manilio, mâ.nil'yö n, breichled 
Maniple, man' n, dyrnaid; byddin 

fechan; breichled offeiriad Pabaidd 
Mankind, man.k'ind' n, dynolryw 
Manks, mangks n, Manawaeg 
Manlike, man'li'k a, gŵraidd, dynol 
Manliness, man ' lî . nes n, gw 

gŵreidd-dra, dyndeb, dewredd 
Manly, man'lî a, gwrol, dewr, dynol. 

gwrol wych [wlitl: 

Manna, man'â n, manna; awyrfel, mel- 
Manner, man'ûr n, modd, dull, gwedd. 

agwedd, But, moes; ffordd; arfer: 

defod. Good manners, moesau da 
Mannerism, man'ur.izm n, priod-ddull 
Mannerliness, man'ùr.lî.nes n, moesgar- 

weh, moesohwydd 
.Mannerly, man'ûr.lî a, moesog, moesgai 
Manish, man'ish a, dynol, gŵraidd 
Manoeuvre,'vur n, dyfais, dyfeis- 

dro, cyfrwyswaith, calldro, ystryw: 

v, callddyfeisio, trefnu yn gyfr\r\-s 
Manor, man'ûr n, arglwyddiaeth, maen- 

or, maenol. Manor-house, maenordj 
Manse, mans », persondv, fferm 

ôre; läte, line, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, this; j=dzh. 


Mansion, man'shun n, trigfa, trigle, 

cartref, maenordy, preswylfod 
Manslaughter, man'slô.tûr n, dynladd- 

iad, llofruddiaeth diragfyfyr 
Manslayer, man'slä.ûr n, dynleiddiad, 

llofrudd [tiriondeb 

Mansuetude, man'swî.tüd n, tynerwch, 
Manteger, man'tî.gûr a, math o epa 

mawr [n, mantellan 

Mantelet, man', Mantlet, mant'let 
Mantle, man'tl n, mantell, cochl, ffaling : 

v. mantellu ; lledu esgyll 
Mantlepiece, man'tl. pis n, cladde 
Mantology, man.tol'ü.jî n, dawn pro- 

Mantua, man'tii n, g\Vn benyw, ysgin 
Mantuamaker, man tu.mii.kur n, gwhi- 

adyddes; ysginyddes 
Manual, man' a, perthynol i'r Haw: 

n, llawlyfr, llyfryn, llyfran. Manual 

labour, gwaith Haw 
Manualist, man'ü n, llawgehyddwr 
Manubial, mâ.nü'bî.al a, a ysglyfiwyd 

mewn rhyfel [arweiniad 

Manuduction, man.ii.duk'shun n, llaw- 
Manufactory, man.ii.fak'tur.i n, gwaith, 

gweithfa, gweithdy 
Manufacture, man.ii.fak'tshur n, llaw- 

waith, gwaith ; gwneuthuriad : v,llaw- 

weithio, gweithio, gwneuthur 
Manufacturer, man.u.fak'tur.ur n, llaw- 

weithiwr, gallofydd ; meistr llaw- 

weithwyr [had, gollyngdod 

Manumission, man.ii.mish'un n, rhydd- 
Manumit, man' vt, rhyddhau, di- 

gaethiwo, rhyddfreinio, gollwng 
Manurable, mâ.nü'r'â.bl a, gwrteith- 

iadwy, achlesadwy [amaethiad 

Manurage, mâ.nü'r'äj n, gwi'teitldad, 
Manure,mâ.nü'r'^,tail, gwrtaith,achles : 

vt, gwrteithio ; teilo, brasäu 
Manuscript, man'ii.skript n, ysgrifen, 

llawysgrifen ; ysgriflyfr, ysgrifwaith 
Mans, inangks n, Manàwaeg 
Many, men'i (more, most) a, llawer, 

ami, lluosog, tra ami. As many, 

cynnifer. Many-leaved, amlddeiliog. 

Many-coloured, amryliw, amliwiog. 

Many a time, Many times, yn fynych, 

llawer gwaith, amlwaith, yn ami. 

How many times ? pa sawl gwaith ? 
Map, map n, darlun, darlunlen, daiarlen : 

v, darlunio [math o fasarn 

Maple, mä'pl n, gwiniolen, peisgwyn; 
Mar, mâr vt, nivveidio, anafu, îlygru, 

gwrthuno, gwaethygu [luddewaidd 
Maranatha,â'thá «, melltithiad 

Maraud, mâ.rod' vi, ysbeilio, anrheithio 
Maraudei*, mâ.rô'dûr n, ysbeilfilwr, an- 

rheithiwr, ysglyfeithwr 
Marble, mâr'bl n, mynor, marmor, maen 
clais : a, marmoraidd, mynoraidd : vt, 
mynori, mynorliwio 
Marcasite, mar'ka.s'it n, maen tan 
Marcescent, mâ'ent a, gwywol 
Marcescible, mâ'î.bl a, diflanadwy, 


March, mârtsh ra,Mawrth ; ymdaith,hynt, 

rhyfelgyrch ; cyffin, terfyn: vi, cyrchu 

Marchioness, mâr' n, ardalyddes 

Marchpane, mârtsh'pän n, math o fara 

melus, perdeisen 
Marcid, mâr'sid a, cul, teneu, gwywedig 
Mare, me'r n, caseg, gwilog ; yr hunllef 
Margarite, mâr'gâ.ri't n, maen myrierid 
Margin, mâr'jin n, ymyl, cwr, goror 
Marginal, mâr'jî.nal a, ymylawl, ar yr 

ymyl. Marginal note, ymylnod 
Margrave, mar'grav n, ardalydd 
Margraviate, mar.gra' n, ardalydd- 

iaeth, ardalaeth 
Margravine, mâx - 'grâ.vîn n, ardalyddes 
Marigold, mar'î.göld n, rhyddos, gold, 

goldwyr. Corn marigold, graban 
Marinate, mar'îmät vt, cyifeithio pysg 

mewn olew 

Marine, mâ.rîn' a, morol, arforol, Uyng- 

esol: n, morfilwr. Marines, mor- 

fyddin, morlu [mordwywr 

Mariner, mar'î.nûr n, morwr, llongwr, 

Marish, mar'ish a, corslyd, siglenog, 

rhoslyd: n. — Marsh 
Marital, mâ.rî'tal a, perthynol i wr priod 
Maritime, mar'î.tim a, morol, arforol, 
arfor. Maritime town, arfordref. 
Maritime country, arfordwy, arfordir 
Marjoram, mâr'ji>.ram n, eidran, pen- 
rydd. Wild marjoram, mintys y 
Mark, mark n, nod, amod, marc, arwydd ; 
amlygyn ; man ; ol, arlwybr ; more 
(sef 13s. 4c.) : vt, nodi, marcio ; ed- 
rych; ystyried; craffu ar; gwahan- 
nodi. Land-mark, fun, cyffin. The 
mark of his feet, ol ei draed. Mark 
of elision, ysgythrnod (') 
Market, mar'ket n, marchnad, maelor, 
maelfa: t'i,marchnata; maelera. Mar- 
ket-house, marchnatty. Market-place, 
marchnadfa. Market-price, pris y 
farchnad. Market-town, maeldref 
Marketable, mar' a, gwerthadwy, 
a ellir ei werthu, hywerth, marchnadol 
Marksman, marks'man n, annelydd 

MAS path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, tẁk=took ; 

Marl, mârl n, marl, cleibridd, brasbridd 

v, marlio, cleibriddo 
Marline, mâr'lin n, llinvn pygedig, pyg- 

linyn. Marline-spike, twea morwr 
Marly, mâr'lî a, marlaidd, llavra marl 
Marmalade, mâr'mâ.läd rc,cyffaithaeron 
Marmorean, mâr.mö'r'î.an a, mynoraidd ; 

marmoraidd [bychan 

Marmoset, mar'mo.zet n, math o epa 
Marque, mark n, braint i attreisio 
Marquee,' n, maesbabell 
Marquis, mar'kwis n, ardalydd, ardalawr 
Marquisate, mar' n, ardalaeth 
Marriage, mar'äj n, priodas ; neithior 
Marriageable, mar'ii.jâ.bl a, priodadwy, 

mewn oed i briodi [ruddyn 

Marrow, mar'ö n, mer, madrndd, mad- 
Marrowfat, mar'ö.fat n, math o bys 
Marry, mar'î v, priodi, ymbriodi, dy- 

weddi'o; gweddogi; gwreica. Married, 

priod, gweddog 
Marsh, marsh n, morfa; corsdir 
Marshal, mâr'shal, Mareschal, mar'esh- 

al n, cadlyw, cadlywydd, penciwdod : 

pengwastrawd ; byddinwr; trefnydd. 

Field-marshal, maeslywydd 
Marshal,mâr'shal t'í,iawndrefnu, rhestm 
Marshalship, mâr'shal.ship n, swydd 

byddinwr, cadlywyddiaeth [morfaog 
Marshy, mâr'shî a, corsog, siglenog. 
Marsupial, mâr.sü'pî.al a, bolgodog: n, 

anifail bolgodog 
Marsupialia, már.sü.pî.ä.'lî.â np, bolgod- 

Mart, mart n, maelfa, maelawr; march- 

nad, marchnadfa [o wenci 

Marten, mâr'ten n, bele, carlwm, math 
Martial, mâr'shal a, milwraidd, rhyfel- 

og, rhyfelgar [laddwr 

Martialist, mâr' n, rhyfelwr, ym- 
Martin, mâr'tin, Martlet, martlet n, 

math o wennol. House martin, gwen- 

nol y tai. Sand martin, gwennol y môr 
Martingale, mâr'tin.gäl n, cenglrTrwyn 
Martinmas, mâr'tin.mas n, gwyl Far- 
thin, Tachwedd llfed [merthyru 
Martyr, mâr'tûr n, merthyr, tyst: vt, 
Martyrdom, mâr'tûr.dum n, merthyrdod 
Martyrology, mâr.tu.rol'ö.jî n, mer- 

thyraeth, banes y inert hyron 
Marvel, mar'vel n, rhyfeddod, syndod, 

eresi : vi, rhyfeddu, synu, arutliro, eresu 
Marvellous, mar' a, rhyfeddol, 

aruthr, aruthrol, ores, syn [gwrou 
Masculate, mas' vt, gwreiddio, 
Masculine, mas'kii.lin a, gwryw, gwr- 

ywaidd ; gwrol, dynol, dewr 

Mash, mash n, cymmysg, eisin gym- 

mysg : vt, cymmysgu ; swtrysu, dryllio. 

Mashing-stick, rhodol, ffon gerwyn 
Mask, mask n, mwgwd: v, mygydu, 

cuddio, gwynebguddio [cymmysgedig 
Mashn, maz'lin n, amyd, brithyd, yd 
Mason, mä'sn n, saer maen, saer ceryg. 

Free Masons, cymdeithas a elwir felly, 

Maenseiri Ehyddion 
Masonic, ma.son'ik a, perthynol i'r 

Maenseiri Ehyddion 
Masonry, ma'smri », maensaerni'aeth, 

saerni'aeth maen ; gwaith maen 
Masquerade, mas.ku.rad' n, mygyd- , 

Mass, mas n, clamp, clap, mwl, talp, 
crug, twr; corff y bobl; yr offeren: 
vi, offerenu, oflerena. A round mass, 
crynswdd, crwnswth 

Massacre, mas'a.kur n, galanasdra, cyf- 
lafan : vt, cigyddio, lladd, cyflafanu 

Massiness, mas'î.nes, Massiveness, mas'- 
iv.nes n, trymder, dwysbraffder; gor- 
faint, mawrswm, pwysfawredd 

Massive, mas'iv, Massy, mas'î a, trwm, 
pwysig, pwysfawr; mawr; cadarn- 
traíF, corffog, braisg 

Mast, mast ra, hwylbren ; ffrwyth ffawydd 
a derw. Fore-mast, rhaghwylbren. 
Main- mast, prif hwylbren. Mizzen- 
mast, hwylbren ol 

Master, mas'tûr », meistr, llywydd; 
athraw: vt, meistroh, gorfod, llywio, 
trechu; dysgu yn llwyr. Master- 
hand, pen-gampwr. Master of arts, 
athraw yn y cehyddydau 

Masterdom, mas'túr.dum n, meistrolaeth 

Masterless, mas'tûr.les a, direolaeth, 
cildyn, difeistr 

Masterly, mas'tûr.lî a, trachywrain, 
penigamp, campus; meistrol, meis- 
trolgar, meistrolaidd 

Masterpiece, mas'tûr.pîs n, campwri, 
campwaith, prifwaitíi, prif orchwyl 

Mastership, mas'tùr.ship n, meistrol- 
aeth, penogaeth, uwchafiaeth; medr, 
cywreindeb [ddannodd 

Masterwort, mas'tûr.wûrt n, llysiau'r 

Mastery, mas'tur.î n, goruchafiaeth, 
gorthrech; cywreindeb. To get the 
mastery over, gorchfygu, meistrolaethu 

Mastic, mas'tik n, math o wyddlud, glud i 

Masticate, mas'ti.klit vt, dygnoi, cnoi 

Mastication, mas.ti.ka'shun n, dygnoad 

Masticatory, mas'tî.kä.tur.î », meddyg- 
iaeth i'w gnoi : a, dygnoawl [cadgi 

Mastiff, mas'tif n, gafaelgi, cystawcci, 

ore ; läte, line, no. miite ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, Tiiis ; j=dzh. MAY 

Mat, mat n, mat, bannas, rhestog, ys- 
traill : vt, plethu fel mat, cydblethu 

Match, matsh n, pabwyryn; cymhar; 
priodas; ymdrechfa: vt, cymharu; 
cystadlu; cyfartalu; cydweddu; cyd- 
ieno ; cyfaddasu. Match - maker, 
lluniwr priodasau 

Matchable, mat'shâ.bl a, cymharadwy, 
cyfaddasol, cymhwys ; gogystal, cyd- 
raddol, ieuadwy [gyftelyb, digynnyg 

Matchless, matsh'les a, digymhar, di- 

Mate, mat n, cydymaith; islywydd, is- 
lyw: vt, cymhani, cydraddu, cydieuo 

Mateless, miit'les a, digyfaill, amddifad 

Material, mâ.tí'r'î.al a, defnyddiol, syl- 
weddol, corfforol ; pwysfawr ; hanfodol : 
n, defnydd, sylwedd, nwydd. Mater- 
ials, defnyddiau, moddion 

Materialism, ma.ti'r' n, defnydd- 
ioldraeth, sylweddoliaeth 

Materialist, mâ.tî'r'î n, defnydd- 
iawdwr, defnydd iolwr, sylweddolwr 

Materiality, mâ.tî'r.î.al'î.tî n, defhydd- 
ioldeb, corfforoldeb [iadu 

Materialize, mâ.tí'r'î.al.iz vt, defnydd- 

Materially, mâ.tî'r'î.al.î ad, o lawer, o 
gryn bwys, yn fawr ; o ddefnyddiau ; 
yn hanfodol 

Materiate, mâ.tí'r'î.ät a, sylweddol 

Materíation, mâ.tî'r.î.ä'shnn n, deíhydd- 
iad, defnyddiant 

Maternal, mâ.tûr'nal a, mamol, mam- 
aidd; tyner, caruaidd [mamogaeth 

Maternity, mâ.tûr'nî.tî n, mamwys, 

Math, math n, glaswellt, gweirladd. 
Latter math, adladd 

Mathematical, math. î. mat 'i.kal a, 
mesuronol, gwyddonol ; arddangos- 
yddol, diammheuol. Mathematical 
demonstration, eglurbrawf diymwad 

Mathematician, math.î.mâ.tish'an n, 
gwyddonydd, meidronydd 

Mathematics, math.i.mat'iks np, meidr- 
oniaeth, mesuroniaeth, gwyddoniaeth, 
celfyddyd rhif a mesur 

Mathesis, mâ.thî'sis n, athrawiaeth, 
gwyddoniaeth, gwybodaeth 

Matin, mat'in a, borenol, boreol, plyg- 
einiol : n, plygain [ plygam 

Matins, mat'ins np, addoliad boreuol, 

Matrass, mat'ras n, math o ddysdyll-lestr 

Matrice, mä'tris, Matrix, mii'triks n, 
croth, bru ; mold, llythyrfold 

Matricide, mat'rî.sid n, mamladdiad, 
mamlofruddiaeth ; mamlofrudd, mam- 
laddiad [fyned yn aelod o brifysgol 

Matriculate, ma.trik' v, derbyn neu 

Matrimonial, mat.rî.mö'nî.al a, priodasol 
Matrimony, mat'rî.mun.î n, priodas 
Matron, mä'trun n, hynafwraig, gwreig- 

dda; meistres 
Matronly, mä'trun.lî n, gwreigaidd 
Matross, mâ.tros' n, magnelfilwr 
Matter, mat'ûr n, defnydd, sylwedd; 
mater, peth, achos ; gôr, crawn, gwaed- 
grawn: vi, gori, crawni; dawr. A 
matter of fact statement, adroddiad 
diaddurn. It is no matter of mine, 
ni pherthyn i mi. It matters not, ni 
ddawr, ni waeth, nid gwaeth. What 
is the matter with you? pa beth 
sydd arnoch ? 
Mattery, mat'ur.î a, crawnllyd, gorllyd, 
gorlyd [ceibio 

Mattock, mat'uk n, caib, matog: v, 
Mattress, mat'res n, matras, gwely gwellt 
Maturate, mat'shü.rät v, addfedu ; gori, 
crawnu [addfediad 

Maturation, mat.shü.rä'shun n, goriad, 
Mature, mâ.tü'r' a, addfed; mewn oed; 
pwyllus, ystyriol; cyflawn, perifaith: 
vt, addfedu ; perffeithio 
Maturity, mâ.tü'r'î.tî n, addfedrwydd, 
addfededd; llawndyfiad, Uawn oed, 
perffeithiad, perffeithrwydd 
Maudlin, môd'lin a, lledfeddw [ddiolch 
Maugre, mô'gûr ad, er gwaethaf, heb 
Maul, môl vt, maeddu, baeddu, pwyo, 
euro : n, gordd bren, gordd [dota 
Maund, mând n, basged gestog : vi, car- 
Maunder, mân'dûr vi, grwgnach, grym- 

ial ; cardota : n, cardotyn 
Maundy, mân'dî n, cardawd, cyfarwys. 
Maundy Tbursday, dydd Iau Cablyd 
Mausoleum, mô.sö.lî'um n, gwyddfa, 

beddgor, beddadail 
Maw, mô n, crombil, cropa, caul, cylla. 

Maw-worm, llyngyren y cylla 
Mawkish, mo'kish a, dirlas, merf [neblyd 
Mawmish, mô'mish a, ynfyd; gwrthwy- 
Maxillary, mak'sil.ur.i a, perthynol i 

asgwrn yr ên uchaf, bochgemol 
Maxim, mak'sim n, arwireb, diarel), 

gosodedigaeth, gwireb 
May, mä n, Mai ; blodeufis : v, def ( pt 
might), gallaf, gelli, &c. ; dichon i 
mi^ i ti, &c. May-bloom, blodau'r 
drain gwynion, ysbyddad. May-day, 
dydd calanmai. May-pole, bedwen 
Fai. May be, fe allai. Be what may, 
bydded a fyddo 
Mayor, mô'r n, maer, penswyddog 
Mayoralty, mê'r'al.tî n, maeronaeth 
Mayoress, mê'r'es n, maeres, maerones 

MED path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, t\Vk=took; 

Hazard, maz'urd re, asgwrn yr ên, cern, 
bochgern, gên : vt, cernodio 

Mazarine, maz.ur.fe' re, lliw glas tywyll 

Maze, m'az re. dyrysfa, bachdrofa; syn- 
dod, astrusi, petrusi, petrusder 

Mazy, ma'zi a, dyrus, tröedig 

Me, mî pn, myfi, mi, fi, i. Me also, 
minnau. From me, oddi wrthyf 

Mead, mid re, medd, meddyglyn 

Mead, mid, Meadow, medò' re, dôl, 
gweirglawdd, gwaen; rhos. Mea- 
dow-sweet, llysiau'r forwyn, erwaint 

Meagre, mí'gûr a, cul, teneu, truan, 
gwanclyd [cnlni 

Meagreness, mî'gûr.nes re, truander, 

Mea'k, mik re, bach hirdroed 

Meal, mil re, blawd; pryd o fwyd: vt, 
blodio, biota. Meal-begger, blotai. 
Meal-house, blotty. Meal-man, blod- 
iwr, blawdwerthwr, bloteiwr. To 
beg meal, biota. To sprinkle with 
meal, blodio 

Mealy, mî'lî a, blodiog, blodwy. Mealy- 
mouthed, safnfeddal, gwenieithus 

Mean, min re, cyfrwng; modd ; canol- 
fFordd: a, canolig; gwael, gorwael, 
arwael, isel, salw, -ach: vt (meant), 
meddwl, tybio, bwriadu, amcanu, ar- 
wyddocäu', arwyddo. The mean time, 
y cyfamser. Mean people, poblaeh 

Meander, mî.an'dûr re, dolystumiad, am- 
lwybr, amdroad; dyryswch: vi, am- 
lw'vbro, dolystumio, dolenu 

Meaning, mi'ning re, ystyr, meddwl, 
arwvddocad, amcan, bwriad, deall. 
Words of double meaning, mwyseiriau 

Meanness, mi'nes re, salwedd, gwaelder. 
dielwedd; crintachrwydd, anhaelder, 
cybydd-dod, cybyddiaeth 

Means, minz np, moddion, offerynau, 
cyl'ryngau; meddiant, cyfoeth. By 
fair means or foul, trwy dég neu trwy 
hagr. By all means, trwy bob modd. 
By" any means, mewn un modd. By 
no means, er dim. By what means ? 

Meant, me:,: ptkpp. — Mean [pa fodd? 

Meantime, min'ti'm, Meanwhile, mîn'- 
whil ad, yn y cyfamser [cant 

Mease, miz n, mwys o benweig, set' pum 

Measles, mi'zlz np, y frech goch 

Measurable, inezh' a, rnesuradwy 

Measure, mezh'ur vt, mesur, mesuro 
re, mesur; meidr, mydr; llestraid; 
fl'ordd, trefn; cyfran, dogn. Cubic 
measure, mesur cyfangortf. tryfesur. 
Square measure, mesur ysgwûr. To 
devise or adopt measures, Uunio ftyrdd 

Measureless, mezh'ur.les a, difesur, an- .' 

fesurol. anfeidrol 
Measurement, mezh'ur.ment re, mesur- ' 

yddiaeth, meidraeth, mesuredigaeth 
Meat, mit re, ymborth, bwyd: cigfwyd. i 
Meat-offering, bwydoffrwm. Meat- 
safe, bwydgell. Fat meat, cig bras. I 
Lean meat, cyhyrgig. Meat and drink, 
bwyd a diod, bwyd a llvn 
Mechanic, mi.kan'ik re, "llawgelfyddwr, i| 
crefftwr, gallofydd, llawweitliiwr, ' 
celfyddydwr. Mechanics' institution, 
gwyddonfa crefrtwyr 
Mechanic, mi.kan'ik, Mechanical, rot- J 
kan'i.kal a. gallofyddol, llaw-weithiol. J 
Mechanical arts, llaw-gelfyddydau. [| 
Mechanical power, mudalluoedd 
Mechanician, mek.a.nish'an, Mechanist, I 
mek'a.nist re, peiriannydd, gallofydd,» 
Mechanics, mi.kan'iks np, gallofiaeth, , 
gallofyddiaeth, llawgelfyddiaeth ; gall- 1| 
ofyddion, y llawgelfyddydau 
Mechanism, mek'a.nizm re, llawgelfydd- . 

waith, peirianwaith 
Meconium, mi.ko' re, sudd y pabi |j 
Medal, med'al re, bathodyn 
Medallic, mi.dal'ik a, batheiniol 
Medallion, mî.dal'yun re, bathodyn mawrj 
Medallist, med' re, batheinydd 
Meddle, med'l vi, ymyru, ymhel 
Meddler, med'lûr re, yrnyrydd, ymyrwr 1 
Meddlesome, med'l.sum a, ymyrus 
Mediate, mî'dî.ät a, cyfryngol; canol-| 

aidd: vi, cyfryngu, eiriol, eirioli 
Mediation, mi.di.ä'shun re, eyfryngdod 1 
Mediator, mî'dî.ä.tûr re, cyfryngwr, eir-1 

iolwr. canolwr 
Mediatorial, mî.dî.â.tö'r'î.al a, cyfryngol J 
Mediatorship, mî'di.ä.tûr.ship re, cyf-I 

ryngyddiaeth, eirioliaeth 
Mi-diatrix, mi'di.ii.triks n, cyfrynges J 
Medicable, med' a, meddygadwy,» 

iachadwy, gwdladwy 
Medical, medi.kal, Medicinal, mi.dîs'î-jl 
nal a, meddygol, meddyginiaethaLl 
meddygin, iachaol 
Medicament, med'i.ka.ment re, medd-' 

yginiaeth, meddygiaeth, eli 
Medicate, med'i.kiit vt. meddygu 
Medicine, med'î.sin re, meddygiaeth 
meddyginiaeth, cyffer, moddion medd- 
ygol [hamiei 
Mediety, mî.dî'î.tî re, canoligrwydd 
Mediocre, mi'di.o.kur a, canolig ' 
Mediocrity, nn.di.ok'ri.ti n, canoledd 
canoligrwydd. cymmedrolder 

öre; läte, l'íne, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, this; j=dzh. MEN 

Meditate, med'î.tät v, myfyrio, meddylio, I Melodious, mî.lö'dî.us o, peroriaethol, 

vstyried, darbwyllo ; bwriadu ; dyfeisio perseiniol, hyfrydlais 
Meditation, med.î.tä'shun n, myfyrdod, Melody, mel'ö.dî n, peroriaeth, melus- 

myfyriaeth, ystyriaeth, darbwyll, efryd 
Meditative, med'i.ta.tiv a, myfyrgar, 

meddylgar, myfyriol, ystyriol 
Mediterranean, med.î.te.rä'nî.an «,canol- 

dir, canoldirol. Mediterranean Sea, 

Môr y Canoldir 
Medium, mi' w, cyfrwng; y canol 
Medlar, med'lûr n, ceri'en, afal tindoll, 

merys. Medlar tree, meryswydden 
Medley, med'lî n, cymmysgedd, cym- 

mysg, cybolfa. Chance medley, dyn- 

laddiad damweiniol 
Medullar, mî.dul'ûr, Medullary, mî.dul'- 

ur.î a, meraidd, merol 
Meed, mid n, gwobrwy, gwobr, tâl, rhodd 
Meek, mik a. addfwyn. Ilariaidd 
Meeken, mi'kn vt, llareiddio 
Meekness, mik'nes n, addfwynder, llar- 
Meer. mi'r n, llyn [ieidd-dra, tiriondeb 
Meet, mit (pt & pp met) v, eyfarfud, 

cyffwrdd, taro with ; mesuro : a, addas, 

gweddus, eymhwys, priodol . 
Meeting, mi'ting n, cytarfod, cyffwrdd. 

Meeting-house, ty cwrdd, addoldy 
Meetness, mît'nes n, addasrwydd, cy- 

mhwysder, gweddusdra 
Megalonyx, meg.a.lo'niks, Megalosau- 

rus,ö.sG'rus, Megatherium, 

meg.â.thî'r'î.um n, anghenfilod y cyn- 

oesoedd; amrosgfil 
Megalopolis, meg.â.lop'ö.lis n, prifddinas 
Megrim, mi'grim n, y bendro 
Meiosis. mi'.ö'sis n. lleihfid, eiddileb 
Melancholic,'ik, Melancholy, 

mel'an.kol.i a. prudd, athrist, tryin- 

11yd ; pruddglwyfus 
Melancholy, mel'an.kol.i n, prudd- 

glwyf. dulyn, dueg, duegwst ; cyllaeth : 

a. — Melancholic 
Melange, me.longzh' n, cymmysgedd 
Meliorate, mi'ii.ö.rät rí.trwsio; gwelläu. 

diwygio [gwelliant, diwygind 

Melioration, mî.lì.ö.rä'shun n, gweìlìiâd, 
Melliferous, me.lif' a, meìddwyn 
Mollification, mel.î.fî.hä'shun n, gwneu- 

thuriad mel, melwneuthuriad 
Mellifluence, me.lif'lii.ens n, melred, 

melffrydiad, melrediad 
Mellifluent, me.lif'lü.ent, Mellifluous, 

me.lif' a, meldardd, melredol; 

parablber, melenau. melusber 
Mellow, mel'ö a, addfed; meddal; go- 

feddw : v, addfedu ; meddalhau 
Mellowness, mel'ü.ne* u, addfedrwydd 

gerdd, eilw, maws, erddygan 
Melon, mel'un n, melwn. pompiwn 
Melt, melt v, toddi, dadleithio, dadmer, 

Member, mem'bûr n, aelod, aelawd. 
Member of parliament, seneddwr, 
aelod y senedd [croenyn 

Membrane, mem'brän n, pilen, pilionen, 
Membraneous, mem.brä'ní.us a, pilen- 
aidd, croenaidd [cofarwydd 

Memento, mî.men'tö n, arwydd coffaol, 
Memoir, mem'wôr n, cofiant, dargofiant, 
brud [corns; hynod, hygof 

Memorable, mem ö.râ.bl a, cofiadwy, 
Memorandum, mem.ö.ran'dum (p me- 
moranda, mem.ö.ran'dâ) n, cofnod, 
cofnodiad. Memorandum-book, coflyfr 
Memorial, mî.mö r'î.al n, cofeb, cofiaeth, 
dargoffa, coffa, coffadwriaeth, cof- 
arwydd. cofwyl, deiseb 
Memorialist, mí.mô'r'í n, dargofiwr, 

cofenwr; deisebydd, gofyniedydd 
Memorialize,'r''iz vt, erchi, 
Memorize, mem'O.riz vt, dargoffa [deisyf 
Memory, mem'ö.ri n, cof ; coffadwriaeth 
Memphian, mem' a, Aiphtaidd 
Memphitis, mem'fi.tis n, drewchwa 
Men, men np, dynion, gwŷr. — Man 
Menace, men'äs n, bwgwl, bwgwth, 
mynas : vt, bwgwth, bygylu, mynasu 
Menage, men.azn n, milgasghad: v', 

tori ceffyl mewn 
Menagerie, men.azb'uri n, milfa. milodfa 
Mend, mend v, gwellau, cyweirio, trwsio 
Mendable, men'dâ.bl a, diwygiadwy, 
gwelladwy [wch, celwydd 

Mendacity, men.das'î.tî n, celwyddgar- 
Mendicant, men'di.kant a, cardotol, car- 

dotlyd : n, cardotai, cardotyn 
Mendicate, men'di.kat vt, cardota 
Mendicity, men.diö'i.tî n, cardoteiaeth 
Menial, mi' a, teuluaidd, cartrefol: 

n, gwas, iswas, isweinydd 
Menology, men.ol'ö.jî n, misrestriad 
Menses, inen'siz np, misglwyf, mislifiant 
Menstrual, men'strŵ.aì a, misglwyfol 
Menstruous, men'strŵ.us a, misgiwyfus 
Menstruum, men'strŵ.um n, dadleith- 
ydd, toddydd [adwy 

Mensurable, men'shü.râ.bl a, mesur- 
Mensurate, men'shü.rät wí,mesur, mesuro 
Mensuration, men.sü,rä'shun n, mesur- 

iaeth, mesureg 
Mental, men'taf a, meddrliol, synwyrol 
" 201 

MET path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Mention, mp.n'shiin n. frvhwvll. rnr- Mprrv. mpr'î n. hvlnn hnpnns llnwpr 

Mention, men'shun re, crybwyll, cor- 

bwyll, gair ; vt, crybwyllo, coffäu, son. 

Above-mentioned, rhagddywededig 
Mentorial, men.tö'r'î.al a, eynghoriadol 
Mephitic,'ik, Mephitical, mî.fit'î- 

kal a, drewcbwaol, drewedig [sawr 
Mephitis, mef'î.tis re, drewchwa, arew- 
Meracious, mî.rä'shus a, pur, gloew, 

digymmysg [masnachol 

Mercantile, mar'kan.til a, marchnadol, 
Mercenariness, mûr'sî.nur.î.nes n, cyflog- 

eiddrwydd ; lmnanedd ; gwobrgarwch 
Mercenary, mûr'sî.nur.î a, gwobr- 

chwantus, hnnangeisgar, hunanus, 

cyflogaidd : re, cyflogddyn [ydd 

Mercer, mûr'sûr re, sidanwerthwr, sidan- 
Mercery, mûr'sur.î n, nwyddau sidan 
Merchandize, mur'tshan.di'z n, da neu 

nwyddau masnach ; maeleriaeth, mas- 

nachaeth, marsiandaeth : vi, masnachu 
Merchant, mûr'tshant re, masnachydd, 

trafnidydd, maelwr, marsiandwr 
Merchantable, mûr'tshan.tá.bl a, march- 
nadol, hywerth [nachlong 
Merchantman, mûr' re, mas- 
Merciful, mûr'sî.fẁl a, trugarog, trugar, 

tosturiol [ogrwydd 

Mercifulness, mûr'sî.fẁl.nes re, trugar- 
Merciless, mûr'sî.les a, didrugaredd, an- 

nhrugarog, dideimlad, annhosturiol 
Mercurial, mur.kii'r' a, a wnaed o 

arian byw; hoew, bywiog, hoenus 
Mercury, mûrTiü.rî re, y duw Mercher ; y 

blaned Mercher; arian byw 
Mercy, mûr'sî re, trugaredd, tosturi; 

maddeuant. Mercy-seat, trugareddfa 
Mere, mî'r a, unig, syml, gwir, pur; 

moel, noeth ; hollol : re, llyn, lhvch 
Merely, mî'r'lî ad, yn unig, yn hollol 
Meretricious, mer.î.trish'us a, anllad, 

puteinllyd, budr, budrogaidd 
Merganser, mûr.gan'sûr re, hwyadwydd 
Merge, miuj v, soddi, suddo, trochi 
Meridian, mî.rid'yan re, canolddydd, 

nawn; llinell canolddydd [nawnol 
Meridional, mî.rid' re, deheuol, 
Merino, mî.rî'nö re, math o ddafad Ys- 

paenaidd ; math o wlanen 
Merit, mer'it vt, haeddu, rhyglyddu, 

teilyngu, dirperu : re, haeddiànt, teil- 

yngdod, rhyglyddiant, arobryn, arobrid 
Meritorious, mer.î.tô'r'î.us a, teilwng. 

haeddiannus, haeddiannol, clodwiw 
Merlin, mûr'lin re, math o gudyll 
Mermaid, mûr'mäd re, morforwyn 
Merriment, mer'i.ment n, llawenydd, di- 

grifwch, hoenusrwydd 

Merry, mer'î a, hylon, hoenus, llawen. 
Merry-andrew, chwydawydd, croesan, 
ffwl y ffair, digrifyn, ysgentyn. Merry- 
making, noswaith lawen. Merry- 
thought, asgwrn y gwenydd 
Mersion, mûr'shun re, trochiad, suddiant 
Mesenteric, mez.en.ter'ik a, perthynol 

i'r cefndedyn 
Mesentery, mez'en.ter.i re, cefendedyn 

llengig, llieingig, percini, perfeddlen 
Mesh, mesh re, magi, masg, masgl, twl 
Meshy, mesh'î a, masgl og, tyllog [rhwyc 
Meslin, mez'lin re, brithvd, cymmysgyd 
Mesne, min a, canol [bwyta, cydfwyti 
Mess, mes re, arlwy, saig o fwyd: vi 
Message, mes'äj re, cenadwri, neges, gai; 
Messenger, mes'en.jûr re, cenad, neges 

ydd, negeswas 
Messiah, me.s'i'â re, Crist, Eneinios 
Messieurs, mesh'urz np, meistri, 

meistri [sai; 

Messmate, mes'miit re, cydfwytäwr, cys 
Messuage, mes'wäj re, tyddyn, ty a gard- 
Met, met pt & pp. — Meet 
Meta- px, tros, traws, ar- 
Metabasis, mî.tab'â.sis re, trosfynediad 
Metachronism, mi.tak'ro.nizm re, cam 
Metage, mi'täj re, mesuriad [amseria 
Metal, met'al re, metel, delid, adwyn 
Metalepsis, met.á.lep'sis re, trawsgyre 
meriad [men 

Metaleptic, met.a.lep'tik a, trawsgyir 
Metallic, mi.tal'ik a, metelaidd, ac 

wynol, delidaidd 
Metalline, met' a, metelog, delido 
Metallist, met', Metallurgist, met 

al.ûr.jist re, delidwr, fferyllt 
Metallurgy, met'al.fìr.jî re. meteliaeth 
Metamorphose, met.â.môr'fös vt, dul 

newidio, gweddnewid 
Metamorphosis, met.â.môr'f ö.sis (p me 
amorphoses, met â.môr'fö.sîz) 
gweddnewidiad, dullnewidiad 
Metaphor, met'â.fûr re, trawssymmm 

iad, trawsymddwyn ; cytfelybiaeth 
Metaphorical, met.a.for'i.kal a, traw 

symmudol ; cyifelybiaethol 
Metaphrase, met';ì."fräz re, cyneithu 

caeth, cyfieithiad llythyrenol 
Metaphrast, met'â.frast re, cyfieithyi 
llythyrenol [soddol, uchanian 

Metaphysical, met.a.fiz'i.kal o, ardda: 
Metaphysics, met.a.fiz'iks np, athrona 
arddansoddau, uchaniaeth, dansod 
iaeth, arddansoddiaeth 
Metastasis, mî.tas'tâ.sis n, symmudia^ 


ôre ; läte, l'íne, nö, müte ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. MIL 

Metatarsus, met.â.târ'sus n, gwar y 

troed ; esgyrn bychain y traed 
Metathesis, mî.tath'î.sis n, trawsosodiad 
Mete, mît vt, mesur, mesuro, meidro 
Metempsychosis,'sis n, 

fcrawseneidiad [ionen 

Meteor, mí'tî.ûr n, awyrdan, goruch- 
Meteoric, mi.ti.or'ik a, goruchionllyd 

Meteoric stones, ceryg y Uuched 

ceryg y cythraul ; awyrfeini 
Meteorologist, niî.tî.or.ol'ö.jist n, goruch- 

ionydd [iondraeth 

Meteorology, mî.tî.or.ol'ö.jì n, goruch- 
Meter, mî v tûr n, mesurydd [medd 

Metheglin, mi.theg'lin ?i, meddyglyn, 
Methinks, mi.thingks' {pt methought) 
. v, def, yr wyf yn tybied, tebvgwn, 

tebygaf, tybiaf "[dull 

Method, ineth'ud n, trefh, ffordd, modd, 
Methodical, mi.thod'i.kal a, trefhus, 

rheolaidd [iaeth 

Methodism, meth'ud.izm n, treftiydd- 
Methodist, meth'ud. ist n, Trefniedydd, 

Trethydd [trefhu 

Methodize, meth'ud. 'iz vt. iawndrefhu, 
Methought, mi.thot' pt. — Methinks 
Metonymy, met'ö.nim.î n, trawsenwad 
:Metre, mî'tûr n, mydr, mesur, meidr; 

mesur yd Ffrengig, 39.87079 o fod- 
i feddi. Compound metres, adlawiaid 
Metrical, met'ri.kal a, mydrol, mesurol, 
i cyghaneddol, ar gân 
íMetropolis, mî.trop'ö.lis n, mamddinas, 
■ prifddinas [esgob: a, prifddinasol 
MetropoUtan, mí.trö.pol'î.tan n, arch- 
Mettle, met'l n, hawnt, bywiogrwydd, 

yni, calon, awch, ysbryd, bywyd 
Mettled, met'ld a, by\viog, calonog, ynig, 
! hoenus. High-mettled, ffi-oenuchel 
View, mii n, hebogdy, mud, muding; 
- gwylan: v, mewian; cau i mewn; 

bwrw plu ; bwrw cyrn ; bwi-w henflew 
VIewl, miil vi, bloeddlan fel baban 
,tfezzo- px, hanner 
vlezzorelievo,'vO n, math o 

gertiad yn sefyll allan ond ychydig 
■lezzotinto, met.zo.tin'to n, math o gerf- 

iad ar elydr neu ddur, hanner-baent 
iiasina,'ma (p miasmata, m''- 

mâ.tâ) n, nwy heintddwyn 
Ike. mi's up. — Mouse [29fed o Fedi 
lichaelmas, mik'l.mas n, gvryl Fihangel, 
Iiche, mitsh vi, llechu, llercian 
lickle, mik'l a, llawer: n, ciyn lawer 
ticrocosm, mii'kro.kozm », hyd bychan, 

bydan; dyn [fesur-ofleryn 

hcrometer," mi'.krom'i.tur n, math o 

Microscope, m'i'kro.skop n, chwydd- 

wydr, mwyadur 
Mid, mid a, canol, cydbell 
Midday, mid'ä n, hanner dydd, canol 

dydd, canolddydd, nawn 
Middle, mid'l n, canol, craidd: a, canol. 

Middle-aged, canoloediog 
Middlemost, midl.möst, Midmost, mid'- 

möst a, nesaf i'r canol 
Middling, mid'ling a,canohg ; cymmedrol 
Midge, mij n, gwybedjm, ednogyn 
Midland, midland a, canoldiroi [nos 
Midnight, mid'nît n, canol nos, hanner 
Midriff, mid'rif n, llieingig, llengig 
Midshipman, mid' n, is swydd- 

og ar long, canol-longydd 
Midst, midst n, canol, hanner, craidd 
Midstream, mid'strîm n, canolffrwd, 

brwj*uen afon 
Midsummer, mid'sum.ûr n, canol haf, 

alban hefin. Midsummer day, gwyl 

loan, 21fed o Fehehn 
Midway, mid'wä 11, hanner y ffordd 
Midwife, mid'w'if (p midwives, mid'- 

wi'vz) n, bydwraig, colwynes, esgor- 

wraig. Man-midwife, colwynydd 
Midwifery, mid'wif.ri n, bydwreigaeth, 

Midwinter, mid'ì\in.tûr n, canol gauaf, 

byrddydd gauaf, alban arthan 
Mien, mm w, golwg, pryd, gwedd, ag- 

wedd, edrychiad, trem 
Might, mi't n, nerth, grym, cadernid, 

gallu, galluedd : pt. — May 
Mightiness, mî'tî.nes n, galluogrwydd 
Mighty, m'i'ti a, cadarn, galluog, cryf, 

grymus, nerthol. Mighty in arms, 

dewrarfog [mudo 

Migrate, mî'grät vi, symmud trigias, 
Migration, mî.grä'shun n, symmudiad, 

mudiad, trawsfudiad 
Milch, miltsh a, blith, blithog, llaethog. 

Milch-cows, gwartheg bhthin 
Mild, mild a, tyner, tirion, mwynaidd, 

hynaws, llariaidd, gwâr, tawel 
Mildew, mil'dii n, melgawod, melwlith, 

mallder, brychni, llwy^dni 
Mildness, m'ild'nes n, tynerwch, tirion- 

deb, mwyneidd-dra, llarieidd-dra, by- 

nawsedd, addfwynder 
Mile, m'il n, milltir, milldir, 1760 Hath 
Milestone, mil'stön n, careg filltir 
Miliary, mil'yur.i a, bychan, gronynol 
Militant, mil'i.tant a, milwrus, rhyfelus, 

Military, mil'î.tur.î a, milwraidd, mil- 

wriaethol, rhyfelgar, llwvddog 

MIN path, fat. êre, met, mâ-rìne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, t\vk=took; 

Militate, mil'î.tät vi, ymegn'io, milwrio 
Militia, mí'â n, milwyr cartrefol, 

Milk, milk n, llaeth, blith : vt, godro ; 

armeilio. Milk-maid, Ilaethwraig, 

maerones. Milk-pail, ystwc godro, 

celwrn, cunnog. Milk-pan, padell 

laeth. Milk-porridge, caw] llaeth. 

Milk-sop, mursenddvn. Milk-tray, 

ceulawr; mail. Milk and water, 

glasdwr. Destitute of milk, dilaeth 

First-milk, cynllaeth, blaenllaeth, 

Second -milk, armael. Sweet-milk, 

Milken, mil'kn a, o laeth, llaethaidd 
Milkiness, mil'ki.nes n. llaetheiddrwydd 
Milky, mil'ki a, llaethawl, llaethlyd. 

Milky-way, y llwybr llaethog. galaeth. 

heol y gwynt, Caer Gwydion, eirianrod 
Mill, mil n, melin; breuan: vt, malu, 

melino; yinyl-rigoli. Mill-dam. pwnt. 

argae melin. Mill-race, ffrwd y felin. 

Mill-stone, maen melin 
Millenarian, mil.en.ê'r'î.an n, milflyn- 

Millennial, mi.len'yal a, milflwydd 
Millennium, mi.len'yum n, milflwydd- 

iant, y mil o flynyddau 
Millepede, mil'í.píd n, milcerdd, mil- 

troed, milred, gwrach y lludw 
Miller, mil'úr n, melinydd, malwr. Mil- 

ler's-thumb, penbwl. penbwla 
Millesimal, mi.les'i.mal a. milfedol 
Millet, mil'et n, milet [yddes 

Milliner, mil'î.nûr n. ysgines, penwisg- 
Millinery, mil'i.nur.î n, penwisgoedd 
Million, mil'yuu n, miliwn. mflfil, mil o 

filoedd, buna, deg rhiallu, 1,000,000 
Millionaire,é'r' n, un a biau 

filiwrj o bunnau, dyn cyfoethog 
Millionth, mil'yunth a, miliynfed 
Milt, milt n, grawn pysgod, lleithon 

lleithban, cleddyf Bleddvn 
Milter, mil'tûr n, pysgodyn, lleithon, 

pysgodyn gwryw 
Mime, mini n, dynwaredydd, digrifwas 
Mimic, liiini'ik n. dynwaredydd. gwat 

warydd: vt, dynwaredu. argydgamu, 

mocio, gwatwar: a.dynwaredol 
Mimicry, miin'ik.ri n, dvnwaredyddiaeth 
Mimographer, mî.mog'râ.fûr n, ysgrif- 

enydd cocgchwareuon 
Minaceous. mi.nä'.-dms, Minatory, min' 

â.tur.î a, bygythiol, bygylus 
Minaret, min «, pigwn uchel 
Mince, mins vt, manfriwio; goddywedyd, 

lledguddio ; rhygyngu, mursenu 

Mind, mind n, meddwl, bryd, gofeg.t 
bwriad; tyb, barn; cof; pwyll: v. 
meddylied, ystyried; jrofalu; cofio. ; 
Double-minded, ans^fydloçr. Narrow- 
minded, anhael. Out of his mind I 
gorphwyllog, maes o'i bwyll. Of f 
sound mind, yn ei iawn bwyll, yn e 
synwyrau. Presence of mind, parod-j 
rwydd meddwl, pwyll. Sober minded I 
ystyriol, pwyllog. To have a mind to, 
bod am, bod â chwant arno, bod â'l 
fryd ar. Time out of mind, cyn cof 1 
To bear in mind, cofio. Worldly! 
minded, bydolfryd, bydolserehus 
Mindful, mind'fẁl a, gofalus. cofus^ 
meddylgar [garwch 

Mindfulness, mind'fwl.nes n, gofal: cof. 
Mindless, mind'les a, diofal. anghofus ' 
Mine, mîn/m, fy, mau, eiddof: v. ìnwn' 
gloddio: n, mwnglawdd. cuddglawdc» 
cloddfa. A silver mine, mŵn ariai 
arianglawdd, ariangloddfa. To sprin] 
a mine, chwythu cuddglawdd. l\ 
friend of mine, cyfaill i mi. This i 
mine, mi biau hwn 
Miner, mi'nûr n. mwnwr. mwngloddiwil 
Mineral, min' n, raẁn : a. mwnol i 
Mineralist, min' n, mwnydd 
Mineralogist, min.u.ral'ö.jist n, mwol 

yddiaethydd, mwnofydd [iaet 

Mineralogy, min.u.ral'ö.jî n, mwnofyddl 
Mingle, ming'gl v, cymmysgu ; britho I 
Miniature, min'yâ.tshü'r n, manddarlniB 
Miniature painting, manddarluniad 1 
Minikin, min'i.kin n, bychanigyn: <■ 
bychanig [wyn; còry.í 

Minim, min'im »,mymryn, adfanig. peit 
Minimum, min'î.inum n. y gradd íleiaiÉ 
Minion, min'yun n, anwylddyn: gwei 

ieithiwr; math o argrafflythyren 
Minish, min'ish v, lleihau, cwtäu, toH * 
Minister, min'is.tûr v, gweini, gweinBj 
dogaethu: n, gweinidog, gweinydiB 
Prime minister, prif weinydd. cynwü 
Ministerial,î'r'î.al a, gweinido» 
aethol [swyci 

Ministery, nrin'is.tur.î n, gwasanaet ' 
Ministrant, min'is.trant a. s_ r weinidog< ' 
gweiniol [iad, gweinydda 

Ministration,ä'shun n, gweu 
Ministry, min'is.tri n. gweinidogaet .; 

sweinyddiaeth: gwasanaeth 
Minnow, min'ö, Menow, men'o n, p:> 

codyn, math o bysgodyn bychan 
Minor, mi'nûr a, bychan; îlai: n, v 
dan oed C tc 

Minorate, min'ö.riit vt. lleihau, bychan I 

ore; läte, l'íne, nö, mute; she, zh=z azure; thin, this; j=dzh. 


Minoration, min.ö.rä'shun n, lleihâd, 

tohad, bychaniad 
Minority, mî.nor'î.tî n, maboed, mebyd ; 

isrif, niter lleiaf, lleiafrif, lleirif 
Minotaur, min'ö.tôr n, anghenfil dychym- 

mygol rhwng dyn a tharw 
Minster, min'stûr n, mynachlog; eg- 
lwys gadeiriol [teleiddẁr, ffilor 

Minstrel, min'strel n, clerwr, cerddor, 
Minstrelsy, min'strel.sî n, clerwriaeth 
Mint, mint n, bathdy ; mintys : v, bathu. 
Fish mint, mintys y dwfr. Spear mint, 
mintys Mair. Wild mint, mintys 
llwydion [fathu 

Mintage, min'täj n, bathiad; treth am 
Mintraan, mint'man n, bathwr, bathydd 
Minuet, min'ü.et n, math o daplas 
Minus, m'i'nus a, llai: n, erthyneb ( — ) 
Minute, mî.nüt' a, bach, bychan, man; 

Minute, min'it n, mynyd, meityn ; cof- 
nod: vt, cofnodi, byrnodi. "Minute- 
gun, dryll a danir bob mynyd 
Minuteness, mî.nüt'nes n, manylrwydd 
Minutias, mî.nü'shî.î np, manion, man 

byneiau, manylion 
Minx, mingks n. coegen, mursen 
Miracle, mir'a.kl n, gwyrth, rhyfeddod 
IMiraculous, mi.rak'ii.lus a, gwyrthiol, 
! arathrol, rhyfeddol, goruchanianol 
Mirac-ulousness, mi.rak'u.lus.nes n, 
' gwyrthioldeb, rhyfeddolrwydd 
•Mirador, mir.â.dö'r' n, oriel, rhodfa 
Mirage, im.razh' n, hudnwy, twyll-olwg 
Mire, m'i'r n, llaid, llaca, torn, baw 
;Mirksome, murk'sum, Mirky, mur'ki a, 
■ tywyll, gwyll, anoleu, gwrm 
Mirror, mir'ûr n, drych 
Mirth, murth n, Uawenydd, digrifwch 
Mirthful, mûrth'fẁl a, llawen, hylon. 
'. gorfoleddus, lion 

Miry, m'f'r'i a, lleidiog, tomlyd, bawlyd 
Vlis- px, yn arwyddo ammhriodoldeb, 
j neufai; cam- [camgymmeriad 

Misacceptation, mis.ak.sep.tH'shun n, 
disadvcnture,'tshur n, dryg- 
I ddamwain, anffawd. aflwydd 
disadvice,'is' n, gaugynghor 
•lisadvise,'iz' vt, camgyngbori 
■lisaim, mis.äin' v, camgyfeirio 
■Iwuithrope, mis'an.thröp n, dyn-gas- 
äwr [gar 

Iisanthropic,'ik a, annyn- 
lisanthropy,'throp.î n, dyn- 
■ gasedd, annyngarwch 
lisapplication, mis . ap . lî . kä ' shun n, 
camgymhwysiad, camddefnyddiad 

Misapply, mis.a.pli" r^cambriodoli, cam- 

arfer, camddefnyddio, camgyinhwyso 
Misapprehend, mis.ap.rî.hend' vt, cam- 

ddeall [camsyniad 

Misapprehension, mis.ap.rî.hen'shun n, 
Misarrange, mis.a.ränj' vt, camdrefnu 
Misascribe,' vt, cambriodoli 
Misbecome,' vt, drwgweddu 
Misbehave,' v, caraymddvvyn 
Misbehaviour, mis.bî.h'á'vî.ûr n, cam- 

ymddygiad, drygfoes, anweddusrwydd 
Misbelief, mis.bî.îif' n, camgoel, geugred 
Misbelieve,' vi, camgredu; 

Miscal, mis.koT vt, camenwi, difenwi 
Miscalculate, mis.kal'kiUat v, camgyf- 

rif, camrifo, camfwrw 
Miscarriage, mis.kar'aj n, erthyliad, 

twymynwely; aflwyddiant [anffynu 
Miscarry, mis.kar'i vi, erthylu; methu, 
Miscellaneous, mis.e.lä'nî.us n, amryw- 

iog, amlryw, amrywiol, amryfath 
Miscellany, mis'el.â.nî n, amrygasgliad, 

amrywdeb, brithnodach 
Mischance, mis.tshans' n, dryglam, 

aflwydd, drygddamwain 
Mischief, mis'tshif n, drwg, drygioni, 

asbri, camwedd, ysgelerder, auras; 

niwed, dryglam, aflwydd: vt, drygu, 

niweidio. Mischief-maker, terfysgwr, 

pwt y gynhen, cwd y gynhen 
Mischievous, mis'tshi.vus a, drygionus, 

niweidiol, diraid, asbr'iol, barus 
Mischievousness, mis'tshi.vus.nes n, di- 

reidi, drygedd, anfadrwydd 
.Misrilile, mìs'î.bl a, cymmysgadwy 
Miscitation, mis.î.tä'shun n, geuddyfyn- 

iad, camddyfyniad 
Miscite, m\.sh'"vt, camddyfynu 
Misclaim, mis.klam' n, camhawl, cam- 

arddelw: v, camofyn, camarddelwi 
Misconceive, mis.kon.siv' v, camddeall, 

camdybied [dyb 

Misconception, mis.kon.sep'shun n. cam- 
Misconduct, mis.kon'dukt n, camym- 

ddygiad [ddwyn 

Misconduct, mis.kon.dukt' vt^ camym- 
Misconjecture, mis.kon.jek'tshur «,cam- 

amcaniaeth: v, camddychymmygu 
Misconstruction, mis.kon.struk'shun n, 

camddeongliad, camgymmeriad 
Misconstrue, mis.kon'strw vt, camdde- 

ongli, camesbonio [rifo 

Miscount, mis.kuwnt' v, camgyfrif, cam- 
Mi screance, mis'kri.ans n, geugred 
Miscreant, mis'kri.ant n, anfadyn, adyn, 

ysgelerddyn ; anghredadyn 

MIS path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 

Miscreate, mis' a, camffurfiedig 
Misdate, mis.dät' vt, camddyddio 
Misdeed, mis. did' n, drygweithred, 

drygwaith, trosedd [synied 

Misdeem, mis.dîm' vt, camfarnu; cam- 
Misdemean, mis.d î.mín' vt, camymdd wyn 
Misdemeanour, mis.di.mî'uûr n, cam 

ymddygiad, trosedd 
Misdevotion, mis.di.vo'shun n, gau- 

addoliad [wyddo 

Misdirect, mis.di.rekt' vt, camgyfar- 
Misdo, _ mis.d ŵ' {pt misdid, mis'.did', 

pp misdone, mis.dun') v,camwneuthur. 

Misdoings, camweddau, troseddau 
Misdoubt, mis.dûŵt' vt, drwgdybio ; ofni 
Misemploy, mis.em.plôî' vt, camddef- 

nyddio, camarferu • camosod ar waitb 
Miser, m'i'zfir n, cybydd, cerlyn, crinwas, 

crintachwr, bydolddyn, màb y crinwas 
Miserable, miz' a, gresynol; crin- 

tach; annedwydd, tman. A miser- 
able person, truenyn 
Misery, miz'ur.i n, gofid; trueni, adfyd, 

drygfyd, gresyni; annedwyddwch; 

cybydd-dod, crintachrwydd 
Misfashion, mis.fash'un, vt, camffurfio, 

aflunio [ffurfio 

Misform, mis.fôrm' vt, dryglunio, cam- 
Misfortune, mis.for'tshun n, anflawd, 

anhap, drygddamwain, aflwydd 
Misgive, mis.giv' {pt misgave, mis.gav', 

pp misgiven, mis.giv'n) vt, gwan- 

gredu; ofni drwg. Misgiving, am- 

mbeuaetb, drygdyb 
Misgovern, mis.guv'urn vt, camlywodr- 

aethu, aflywodraethu, camreoli 
Misgovernment, mis.guv'urn.ment n, 

aflywodraeth [flbrddiad 

Misguidance, mis.g'i'dans n, camhy- 
Misguide,'d' vt, camarwain, cam- 

dywys [aflwydd 

Mishap, mis.hap' n, anhap, dryglam, 
Mishear, mis.hî'r' {pt & pp misheard, 

mis.hûrd') vt, camglywed. 
Misinfer,ûr' vt, camgasglu 
Misinform,ôrm' vt, camhysbysu, 

camadrodd, camfynegu [ddeongli 
Misinterpret,'pret vt, cam- 
Misjoin, ìnis.jôín' vt, camgyssylltu 
Misjudge, mis.juj' vi, camfarnu, traws- 
Miskin, mis'kin n. — Mixen [farnu 

Mislay, mis.lii/ vt, camosod, camgyfìëu 
Misle, miz'l vi, manwlawio 
Mislead, mis.lîd' {pt & p>P misled, mis- 

led')i'<,camarwain,camdywys [ casineb 
Mislike, mis.l'ik' vt, angharu, casiiu: n, 
Misly, miz'li a, manddefnynol 

Mismanage,'äj vt, camdrin.j 

camdrefnu [camdrefniad] 

Mismanagement,'äj.ment n 
Mismatch, mis.matsh' vt, camgymbaru 1 
Misname, mis.näm' vt, camenwi 
Misnomer, mis.nö'mûr n, camenwad 
Misobsei-ve, mis.ob.surv' vt, camsylwi I 

camweled [prioda:i 

Misogamist, mî.sog'â.mist n, casäw:J 
Misogyny, mî.soj'î.nî n, casineb at fen \ 

Mispersuasion, mis.pur.swa'zhun a, cam i 

dyb, geugred [gyflëu, camddodl 

Mi>pl,ice, mis.pläs' vt, camosod, cam I 
Misprint, mis.print' vt, camargraffu : n t 

camargraffiad, gwall [ysgornil 

Misprise, mislpriz' vt, camgymmeryd ( 
Misprision, mis.prizh'un n, esgeulusdn ý 

dirmyg, diystyrwch ; bradgeliad 
Mispronounce, mis.prö.nûẃns' vt, cam* 

gynanu [gymmesuil 

Mispn iportion, mis.prö.pö'r'shun vt, cam 1 
Misquote, mis.kwot' vt, camddyfynu 
Misrecite, rnis.rî.s'ít' vt, camadrodd 
Misreckon, mis.rek'n vt, camgyfrif 
Misrelate, mis.rî.lät' vt, camadrodd 
Misreport, mis.rî.pö'rt' vt, camfynegu | 
Misrepresent, mis.rep.ri.zent' vt, canK 

ddangos, dywedyd anwiredd 
Misrule, mis.rŵl' n, annhrefn, aflywod: I 

aeth, afreolaeth : vt, camreoh 
Miss, mis n, meistresan; cywelye» 

meth, pall : v, ffaelu, methu, colü 1 
Missal, mis'al n, llyfr yr ofleren 
Misshape, mis.shäp' #<, aflunio, camluni? 
Missile, mis'il a, ergydiol, tafladwj 

hydafl: n, arf tail 
Mission, mish'un n, anfoniad; cena» 

cenadaeth, cenadwri, cenadwriaeth t 
Missionary, mish'un .ur.î n, cenadw» 

cenad : a, cenadol, cenadwriaethol | 
Missive, mis'iv a, tafladwy ; anfonadirÄ 

n, cenadwr; llythyr; rhodd 
Misspeak, mi.spik' {pt misspoke, mm 

spok, pp misspoken, mi.spo'kn) J 

camd dy wedy d [ silla ! 

Misspel, mi.spel' vt, camsillebu, carl 
Misspend, mi.spend' vt, gwastraifu j 
Misstate, mi.stät' vt, camadrodd 
Mist, mist n, niwl, niwlen ; tarth ; caddi. 
Mistake, mis.tak n, eamgymmeriaj 

camsvniad, gwall. gwallawd, amr: 

fusedd: v {pt mistook, mis.twk, ;■ 

mistaken, mis.ta'kn), camgymmerj 

camsynied, amryfuseddu. To be m. > 

taken, camsynied, cael ei gamarwai 

cael ei gamddeall 


ôre ; läte, line, nö, miite ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, this ; j=d: 


Misteach, mis.titsh' {pt & pp mis- 
taught, mis.tôt') vt, camddysgu, cam- 
addysgu, camathrawiaethu [alw 

Ifistenn, mis.tûrm' vt, camenwi, cam- 
Misthink, mis.thingk' (pt & pp mis- 
thought, mis.thôt') vt, camfeddwl, 
camdybio [amseru 

Mistime, mis.ti'm' vt, camamseru, an- 
Mistiness, mis'tî.nes n, tywyllni, niwledd 
Mistitle, mis.t'i'tl vt, camenwi, camalw 
Mistletoe, miz' n, uchelfal, uchelfar 
Mistress, mis'tres n, meistres; cariad- 

fereh; gordderchwraig, cywelyes 
Mistrust,' n, drygdyb , pryder : 
vt, drygdybio, anghoelio [pryderus 
Mistrustful,"'fẁl a, drygdybus, 
Mistrustless,'les a, ymddir- 
iedus [niwlog 

Misty, mis'tî a, cymylog, caddugol, 
■ Misunderstand, mis.un.dur.stand' (pt 
\ & pp misunderstood, mis.un.dur- 
i stẁd') vt, camddeall, camsynied 
Misunderstanding, mis.un.der.stan'ding 

n, camddealliad ; amrafael 
Misusage, mis.ü'säj n, camdriniaeth 
Misuse, mis. üs' n, camarfer, sarhâd 
Misuse, mis.iiz' vt, camarfer, camdrin 
ìMite, mi't n, hatling, mymryn, briwyn 
gwyfyn, meisgyn, g^iddonyn. Full 
i of mites, euddonog. To breed mites, 

euddoni, magu euddon neu lwygod 
■Mithridate, mith'rî.dät n, meddygin- 

• iaeth rhag gwenwyn ; cyflEaith Damo- 

; crates, meddyg Mithridates, brenin 

! Pontus; mwstardd 

•Mitigate, mit'î.gät vt, esmwythäu, 11; 

aru, llonyddu, ysgafnhau, lleihau 
Mitigation, mit.î.gä shun n, llinariad 
Mitre, m'i'tûr n, meitr, coron esgob 
•Mitred, mî'tûrd a, meitrog ; coronog 
Mittens, mit'enz np, dyrnfolau, menyg 

• heb fysedd 

Mittent* mit'ent a, anfonol, yn anfon 
Mittimus, mit'i.mus n, carcharwarant 
Mity, m'i'ti a. gwyddonog, euddonog 
Mix, miks v, mysgu, cymmysgu 
Mixen, mik'sn n, tomen 
Mixture, miks'tshur, Mixtion, miks'- 
tshun n, cymmysg, cymmysgiad, cym- 
mysgedd, mysgiad 
dizmaze, miz'maz re, dyrysfa, dyryswch 
Jizzen, miz'n n, hwyl ol, hwyl y Uyw 
Jizzle, miz'l vi, manwlawio 
lizzy, miz'i n, mignen, siglen, cors 
lnemonics, ni.mon'iks np, cofyddiaeth 
loan, mön n, ewyn, cwynfan : v, cwyno, 
galaru, ymofidio, cwynfan, griddfanu 

Moat, möt n, amglawdd, ffos, cylchffos 
Mob, mob n, gwerinos, gwerin, tyrfa, 

gwerindorf, y bileinlln ; math o gap : 

vt, cyd-derfysgu ; difr'io 
Mobile, mö.bîî' a, symmudol; anwadal: 

n, j werin, gwerinos, pobl gyffi-edin 
Mobility, mö.bil'î.tî n, bywiogrwydd, 

symmudoldeb ; anwadalwch ; y werin 
Mock, mok n, moc, gwawd; gwatwar- 

gerdd : a, dynwaredol, gau, rhithiol : 

v, mocio, gwawdio, gwatwar; min- 

gamu ; dynwared, twyllo, cellwair 
Mockery, mok'ur.i n, gwawd, gwatwar, 

dirmyg; chwerthiniad am ben; ffug 
Modal, mö'dal a, damweiniol 
Mode, mod n, arfer, dull, ffordd, trefn 
Model, mod'el n, cynllun, cynddelw: a, 

cynddelwig : vt, llunio, cynllunio, ar- 

lunio, cynddelwi, ffurfio 
Moderate, mod'ur.ät a, cymmedrol, 

canolig ; rhesymol ; hynaws, rhywiog : 

vt, cymmedroli, gweddoli, arafu 
Moderation, mod.u.rä'shun n, cym- 

medrolder, cymmedroldeb, gweddol- 

deb; arafwch [canolwr 

Moderator, mod'ur.ä tûr w,cymmedrolwr, 
Modern, mod'ûrn a, newydd, diweddar 
Modernize, mod'ur.n'iz vt, newydd- 

ddnllio, newyddu [diweddariaid 

Moderns, mod'urnz np, dynion diweddar, 
Modest, mod'est a, gwylaidd, gweddaidd, 

diwair [deb 

Modesty, mod'es.tî n, gwylder; diweir- 
Modicum, mod'i.kum n, ychydigyn, 

tameidyn, tipyn, rhan 
Modification,'shun n, ag- 

weddiad, dulliad [mhwyso 

Modify, mod'î.f l vt, dullio, agweddu ; cy- 
Modillion, mö.dil'yun n, math o ys- 

gwyddyn [wych 

Modish, mö'dish a, moddgar, manol- 
Modishness, mö'dish.nes n, moddus- 

rwydd, arfergarwch [cymhwyso 

Modulate, mod'ü.lät vt, cyweirio Uais, 
Modulation, mod.ü.lä'shun n, cj r weiriad 

y llais neu seiniau, trawsgyweiriad 
Modulator, mod'ü.lä.tûr n, " cy wehydd 

cerdd, cynghaneddwr 
Module, mod 'iil n, darlun, gwaglun 
Modus, mö'dus n, tâl yn lie degwm; 

dogndal [dostan 

Mogul, mö.gul' n, amherawdi\T Hin- 
Mohair, mö.hê'r' n, blew gafr Tyrciaidd 
Moidore, môî'dô'r n, darn o aur Portu- 

galaidd, gwerth £1 7s. 
Moiety, mô'î.tî n, hanner, hannereg 
Moil, môîl v, flwdanu, ystnno, trybaeddu 

MON path, fat, er e, met, mâ-rìne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tẁ=too, tẁk=took; 
Moist, moist re, llaith, iraidd 

_, suddlyd, 
"eTíyb'rgwlyborÌÌyd ' [gwlychu 

Moisten, môi'sn v, lleithio, ireiddio, 
Moistness, môîst'nes re, lleithder, ìreidd- 

der, gwlybaniaeth, gwlybyrwch _ 
Moisture, môìs'tshûr re, irdra, yf, lleith- 

dra, sudd, gwlybwr, gwlych 
Molar, mö'lûr a, maluriol. Molar Teeth, 
dannedd malu [tnagl 

Molasses, mo.las'iz re, gwaddod siwgr, 
Mole, möl re, gwadd, twrch daiar ; man 
gem; mwnt, argae, pwnt. Mole- 
catcher, gwaddotwr, gwaddwr, tyrcn- 
wr. Mole-hill, pridd y wadd 
Molecule, mol'Lkul », tameidyn, mym- 

ryn, temig, gronyn 
Molest, mö.lest' vt, ystuno, anonyddu, 
trallodi, blino, dygnu, molochi, drygu 
Molestation, shun re, aflonydd- 
wch, blinder [f ol 

Mollient, rnol'yent a, esmwythaol, lhn- 
Mollifiable, mol'î.f ì.â.bl a, meddaladwy 
Mollification, mol.Lfi.ka'shun re, tyner- 

iad, llinariad, meddalhâd 

Mollify, mol' vt, meddalhau, tyneru, 

ystwytho.esmwytho, llinaru ; llonyddu 

Mollusca, mo.lus'ka np, creadunaid 

meddalion, meddalogion [meddal 

Molluscous, mo.lus'kus a, meddalog. 

Molten, mol'tn pp.— Melt: a, tawdd, 

toddedig. A molten image, delw dawdd 

Molybdenum, mol.ib.di'num re, math o 

Mome, morn re, delff, drel,clwpa [adwyn 

Moment, mö'ment re, mynydyn, meidyn, 

meityn, amrantiad ; pwys, raawrbwyt 

Momenta, mÖ.men'tâ rep.— Momentum 

Momentary, mö'men.tur.î a, cythrymol, 

diflanedig [pwysig, dwys 

Momentous, mö.men'tus a, pwystawr 

Momentum, mö.men'tum (p momenta) 

re, egni, egni'ad, ysgogrym _ 
Momus, mo mus re, duw y cellwair 
Monachal, mon'a.kal a, mynachaidd 
Monachism, mou'a.kizm re, mynachaeth 
Monad, mon'ad re, peth anhyran, unoldeb 
Monarch, mon'urk re, brenin, teyrn, un- 

ben, penadur, archdeyrn _ 

Monarchial, mo.nar' Monarchical 

mö.nâr'kî.kal a, archdeyrnol, unbenol 

Monarchy, mon' re, unbenaeth, 

teyrnedd, breniniaeth, unbenadunaeth 

Monastery, mon'as.tur.î re, mynachlog, 

mynachlys, mynachdy _ 

Monastic, mo.nas'tik, Monastical, mo- 

nas'ti.kal a, mynachaidd 
Monday, mun'dä re, dydd Llun. Plough 
Monday, dydd Llun wedi yr Ystwyll 

Money, mun'î re, arian, arian batholj 

mwnai. Money-changer, arian- newid 1 

iwr, sylltydd. Pin-money, arian Hog 3 

ellgwraig. Pocket-money, arian trav ; 

Moneyed, mun'icl a, arian og; goludog j 

Moneyless, mun'î.les a, diarian, tlawd I 

Moneywort, mun'î.wûrt re, canclwyf ' 

Monger, mung'gûr re, gwerthwr, mat 

nachwr [lledryl 

Mongrel, mung'grel a, cymmysgryw: «• 
Monish. mon'ish vt, cynghori, rhybuddi; 
Monition, mö.nish'un re, cynghor, rhj 1 
budd; addysgiad ; 

Monitor, mon'î.tûr re, rhybuddiedyd 

rhybuddiwr; is-ysgolfeistr 
Monitory, mon'i.tur.î a, rhybuddiol 
Monk, 'mungk re, mynach, monac^ 
Monk's -hood, llysiaur blaidd I 

Monkery, mung'kur.i re, mynachaeth j 
Monkey, mung'ki re, ab, epa, simach I 
Monkish, mung'kish a, mynachaid 
Mono- px, un- [mynach 3 

Monochord, mon'o.kord re, cyweirdant ; 
Monocular, mo.nok 'ü.lûr a, unllygei 
iog [ger'. 

Monody, mon'ö.dî re, galargan, gala; 
Monogamist, mö.nog'â.inist re, un a 

yn erbyn ail briodas, unwreigydd 
Monogamy, niö.nog'â.mî re, unbriodas 
Monogram, mon'ö.gram re, llythyra 

llythyrnod, llythyrenau plethedig 

Monologue, mon'ö.log re, hunaraeth 

Monomachy, mo.nom' re, orne; 

ymladd benben ( [gofrwyj 

Monomania, mon.ö.mä'nî.â re, unwa 

Monomaniac,'ni.ak re, un í 

ar un pwnc [ddalen 

Monopetalous, mon.ö.pet'â.lus a, u 

Monopolist, mö.nop'ö.hst re, gorfaeh 

edwicwr, rhagbrynwr [edwi 

Monopolize, mo.nop''z vt, gorfaŵ 

Monopoly, mö.nop'ö.lî re, gorf'aelaei 

marchnad unllaw, edwicaeth 
Monoptote, mon'op.töt re, enw ag 

cynwr iddo [air, gair un; 

Monosyllable, mon.ö.sil'â.bl re, unsii 
Monotheist, mon'ö.thî.ist re, credwr j 

un Duw 
Monotonous, mö.not'ö.nus a, und<| 

undonol, unsain, unseiniol 
Monotony, mö.noto.nî re, undonycj 

iaeth, cyfacen, unseiniad T 

Monsoon, mon.sŵn' re, gwynt sydd 3 

chwythu yr un ffordd am chwech i 
Monster, mon'stûr re, cynfil, anghenfiU 
Monstrosity, mon.stros'î.tì re, anferi 
edd, ewrthuni ; dirfawredd 
'* 208 

ôre ; läte, line, no. miite ; she, zh=.z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=rdzh. 


Monstrous, mon'strus a, anghenfilaidd, 

fwrthun, anferth, anferthol ; dirfawr ; 
yll, erchyll, aruthr 
Montero, mon.tî'r'ö n, cap marchfilwr 
Monteth, mon'teth n, llestr i olchi 

gwydrau ynddo 
Month, munth n, mis; misgwaith. A 

month old, misyriad, mis oed 
Monthly, munth'lî a, misol, bob mis. 

Monthly publications, misolion 

Monument, mon'ii.ment n, cofadail, 

cofarwydd, gwyddfa; beddgor, bedd- 

adail [cofFadwriaethol 

VIonumental,'tal a, coffaol, 

Hood, mŵd n, tymmer, tuedd; modd, 

Merry mood, anian lawen 
Ivloodiness, mŵ'dî.nes n, anfoddogrwydd 
Moody, mŵ'dî a, anfoddog, digus 

meddyliol ; prudd, trist 
loon, mŵn n, lleuad, lloer, canaid. 
I Honey-moon, mis yr afaeth. Con- 
i junction of the moon, cyfrwng dwy 
i leuad. Crescent of the moon, cefn y 
i lleuad. First quarter of the moon, 
| blaen lloer. Second quarter, adfan 
| cynnydd. Half moon, banner lleuad. 
i Increase of the moon, cynnydd y 
lleuad. Last quarter of the moon, cil 
! y lleuad, adfan cil. Wane of the 
! moon, adeg y lleuad, gwendid y lleuad 
loonbeam, mŵn'bîm n, lloerbelydryn 
( Iooncalf, mwn'kaf n, anghenfil; delff 
'loonless, mŵnles a, dileuad, dilewyrch 
loonlight, rnŵnTít n, goleu leuad, 
; lloergan, goleu'r lleuad [lewyrch 

'foonshine, mŵn'shin n, lloergan, lloer- 
loony, mŵ'nî a, lloeraidd, lleuadol 
'foor, mŵ'r n, dyn du; morfa, rhos 
corsle : v, angori ; deuangori 
Mooring, mvv'r'mg n, angorfa, angorle 
Moorish, mŵ'r'ish, Moory, mŵ'r'î a 
' corsog, rhoslyd 

oorland, mŵ'r'land n, rhosdir, morfa 
oose, mŵs n, math o garw 
oot, m%H vt, dadleu \_vt, mopio 

op, mop n, mop, mopa, ysgubell eddi : 
ope, möp vi, pendrymu : n, diogyn 
oping, mö'ping a, trymllyd, marvvaidd 
oral, mor'al n, moeswers: a, moesol; 
■bucheddol; deddfol. The moral law, 
v ddeddf foesol, y deg gorchjonmyn. 
Morals, moesau; bucheddiad, ymar- 
weddiad, ymddygiad 
>ralist, mor', Moralizer, mor'al- 
i'.zur n, moesohvr, dysgawdwr moesau 
>rality, mö.ralì.tî n, moesoldeb, moes- 
slder, moesolrwydd, moesddysg 

Moralize, mor'al.'iz vi, moesoli, moes- 

addysgu, moesresymu, moesddeongli 
Morally, mor'al.î ad, yn foesol; yn ol 
rheswm, yn debygol [nen 

Morass, mö.ras' n, cors, siglenydd, mig- 
Morbid, môr'lùd a, afiach, clefychlyd 
Morbidness, môr'bid.nes n, afiechyd, 
heintusrwydd [bar; heintus 

Morbific, mor.bif'ik a, heintddwyn,heint- 
Morceau, môr'sö n, tameidyn, tipyn 
Mordacious, môr.dä'shus a, danneddog, 

llymeiriog, brathlyd 

Mordant, môr'dant a, brathol, cnoawl: 

n, sylwedd a ddefnyddir gan liwyddion 

More, mô'r a, ychwaneg, mwy ; rhagor : 

ad, yn fwy : cd. — Much, Many. He is 

no more, mae efe wedi marv\ T , mae wedi 

darfod, darfu am dano. More and 

more, fwyfwy. Once more, eto, eil- 

waith, trachefn, unwaith eto 

Moreover, mo'r.o'vur ad, ym mhellach, 

heb law, gyda hyny, ac hefyd, hefyd 
Morigerous, mö.rij' a, hynaws, 

ufudd; moesol 
Morion, mö'r'î.un n, penifestin, helm 
Morkin, mor'kin n, burgun, buria, abwy 
Morling, môr'ling n, gwlan hifio, gwlan 

Mormonite, môr'mon.'ít n, dilynwr Io- 
seph Smith, penboethiad Americaidd ; 
un o saint y dyddiau diweddaf 
Morn, môrn n, bore, boreu 
Morning, môr'ning n, boreu, bore: a, 
boreuol, boreol. Morning-gown, boreu- 
dwyg. This morning, boreu heddyw. 
Early to-morrow morning, boreu fory 
yn fore 
Morocco, mo.rok'o n, gwlad yn Afirica ; 
lledr Morocco [porphor 

Morone, mö.rön' a, coch dwfn, dugoch, 
Morose, mö.rös' a, anynad, anniddig, 
anfwyn, sarig [ros'î.tî n, sarigrwydd 
Moroseness, mö.rös'nes, Morosity, mö- 
Morphew, môr'f ü n, y clefri gwyn, ysgen 
Morphia, môr'fî.â n, cyglys, cysgnur 
Morrisdance, mor'is.dans n, dawns y 

Morrow, mor'ö n, y fory. On the mor- 
row, tranoeth. The day after to-mor- 
row, trenydd. Three days hence, 
tradwy. To-morrow, y fory. To mor- 
row night, nos y fory 
Morse, mors n, morfarch. — Walrus 
Morsel, môr'sel n, tamaid, safnaid, tam, 

tipyn, tameidyn 
Morsure, môr'shûr n, cnoad 
Mort, môrt n, can helwriaethol ; cemyw 

MOU path, fat, eiv, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=tools 1 

Mortal, môr'tal a. manvol; angeuol: n, 

un manvol, dyn. Mortals, marwolion, 

daiarolion * [euolrwydd, marw 

Mortality, môr.tal'î.tî rc,marwoldeb, ang- 
Mortar, môr'tûr »,cymmrwd, priddgalch ; 

breuan, cymmriwel ; math o gyflegr 
Mortgage, môr'gäj n, arwystl, tirwystl : 

vt, arwystlo, marw-wystlo 
Mortgagee, môr.gä.jì' n, arwystlwr, tir- 

wystíwr, achretäwr 
Mortgager, môr'gä.jûr n. gwystlroddwr, 

bcrithycnvr, echwynwr 
Mortiferous, mfìr.tif' «, marwol, 

dinvstriol, angeuol 
Mortification, mör.tî.fî.hä'shun rc.marw- 

lygriad, madreddi; siomedigaeth, dar- 

ostyngiad, dwysofid 
Mortify j môr'tî.fî v, marwlygru, marw- 

eiddio; blino, siomi, gofidio 
Mortise, mor'tiz n, mortais, rhwyll : vt. 

morteisio, rhwyllo [aralladwy 

Mortmain, môrt'män », meddiant an 
Mortuary , môr'tshü.ur.î », rhodd i eglwyi 
Mosaic, *'ik a, Moesenol; brith, 

Mosque, mosk w, teml Fahometaidd 
Mosquito, mos' n, math o wybedyn 

colynog tramor 
Moss! mos », mwswg, rawewgl, mwswn. 

migwyn; gweryd. Mosses, migneint 
Mossy, inos'i a, mysyglyd, mysoglyd 
Most, most a, mwyaf; amlaf: ad, yn 

fwyaf, yn benaf, tra: sd. — Much. 

Many. 'Most of all, yn benaf. Most 

wicked, gwaethaf. At most, o fwyaf. 

o eithaf, o bellaf 
Mostic, mos'tik n, attegffon arliwiwr 
Mostly, möst'lî ad, gan mwyaf, yn fyn- 

yehaf, yn fwyaf, yn amlaf 
Motation, mö.tä'shun n, cynhyi-fiad, 

symmudiad, cyfi'road. ysgogiad [yn 
Mote, möt n, brych, bryeheuyn, lluwch- 
Moth, moth n, gwyfyn, meisgyn, prifyn 

dillad. Moth-eaten, ysedig gan wyt'on 
Mother, muTH'ur n. mam. Motlier-in- 

law, mam yng nghyfraith. Mother- 
spot, man geni. Mother -tongue, 

mamiaith, prifiaith. Step-mother, 

llysfam [mamaeth 

Motherhood, muTH'ûr.hẁd 11. mamedd. 
Motherless, muTH'úr.les o, difam, heb 

fam [ol 

Motherly, muTH'ûr.lî a, mamaidd, mam- 
Motherwort, muTH'ur.wnrt ft, llysiauY 

fam [odlyd 

Mothery, muTH'ur.i a. blodeulyd,gwadd- 
Motific, mo.tif'ik a, symmudbar, ysgogol 

Motion, mü'shun n, chwyf, chwi i 

chwiml, chwyfiad, symmudiad, cyl 

road, ysgogiad, annogiad ; cynnygn. 

ymarllwysiad [symm 

Motionless, mö'shun.les a, digyffro, >\ 

Motive, mo'tiv n, cynhyrfiad, cymhfl' 

iad, cyflroad ; egwyddor : n, symmr. I 

bar, ysgogol 

Motley, mot'lî a, amliwiog, amryliw 1 

Motto", mot'ö n, arwyddair, arwyddwH 

Mould, mold n, pridd. daiar ; mold, c^l 

llun; llwydni: v, moldio, dyluil 

llunio ;llwydo. Mould-board, chwel; J 

Moulder, möl'dûr v, troi yn llwch, nil 

urio; adfeilio: n, moldiwr [Uwyl 

Mouldiness, möl'dî.nes n, llwydel 

Moulding, mòTding n, addurn-gernaci 

Mouldwarp, möld'wôrp n, gwadd, tw 1 

Mouldy, möl'dî a, llwyd. brithlwyd, n *j 
Moult," molt vi, bwrw plu 
Mound, mûŵnd n, mwnt, gwarglawl 

clawdd : vt, amgau, amgloddio 
Mount, mûŵnt n, mwnt, bryn, esgyrl 

v, esgyn, dringo, dyrchafu 

Mountain, mûŵn'tän n, mynydd, ml 

bryn. A little mountain, mynydc ,, 

A prominent mountain, ban 

Mountaineer, mûŵn.tä.nî'r' n, myny* 

Mountainous, mûŵn'tä.nus a, mynycf 

| Mountebank, muvVn'ti.bangk n, crwjl 

feddyg, crachfeddyg, gwagfostiË 

llamidydd, digrifwr 

Mourn, mô'rn v, galaru, cwyno, arvrS 

Mourner, mô'r'nûr n, galarydd. cwi 

fanwr [trwm, alaeti 

Monmful, mö'rn'fẁl a, galarus, tl 

Mourning, mö'rn'ing 72, galarwisg 1 

Mouse, mûŵs (p mice, mis) n, Hygo* 

Mouse-ear, y fiewynog. Mouse-t ). 

llygodfagl, magi líygod. Field-moÄ 

twrlla, llyg. Rear-mouse, ystlS 

Shrew-mouse.llygoden goch, chwisl 

Mouse, múŵz v. llygota, dal llygod I 

Mouser, muw'zur n, llygotwr, ílygolB 

Mouth, mûŵth (p mouths, mûŵlÄ 

11, genau, safn, ceg 
Mouth, múŴTH r. cegu, safnu, gw<J 
mingamu. Foul-mouthed, drygit i- 
og, budreiriog, drwg ei dafod. Mt» 
mouthed, safufeddal, gwenieit» 
Open-mouthed, cegagored, rheil 
chwedleugar, tafodrydd. Roof olÄ 
mouth , tafiod y geneu. Wide-moul 1, 
safnnvth. Wrv-mouthed, minga 
Mouthful, mnŵth'fẁl n. safnai i. I 
cegaid, llonaid pen 


ore; läte, l'íne, no, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. MUL 

Move, mwv v, ysgogi, symmud, cyffroi, 
cynhyrfu, cymhell, cynnyg, chwyfio, 
Moveable, mw' a, synimudadwy, 

hydreigl, symmudol : n, cyfodedyn 
Moveables, mw'va.blz np, da symmudol 

da cyffro, cyfodedion 
Movement, mwv'ment n, symmudiad, 

ysgogiad, cyffroad ; troellwaith 
Moving, mw'ving a, cyffröus, cynhyrfiol, 

cyfiroawl, ymsymmudol 
Mow, mö (pp mown, mön) n, mwdwl, 
das, beisgawn : vt, lladd [gwair 

Mower, mö'ûr n, pladurwr, lladdwr 
Moyle, moil n, mul 

Much, mutsh (more, most) a, llawer: 

ad, j\\ fawr. As much, cymmaint. 

,i Too much, gormod. Much ado, mawr 

orchest, ystŵr mawr, ffwdan. So 

much the better, goreu i gyd. So 

much the worse, gwaetha'r modd 

viucid, mii'sid a, llwyd, mws, llysog 

tfucidness, mü'sid.nes n, llwydni, llysni, 

mysni [llysnafedd 

facilage, mü'sî.läj n. sudd; llyslyn, 

.lucilaginous. mü.sì.laj'î.nus a, Uyslyn- 

aidd, llysnafeddog, llyslyd 
Jack, muk n, tail, gwrtaeth, torn, baw: 
: vt, teilo. gwrteithio. Muck-heap, 
: ( Muck-hill, tomen. Muck-worm, pryf 
A ydom; cybydd [cadach 

. t Iuckender, muk'en.dur n. Llawlian, 

luckiness, muk'i.nes n, baweidd-dra 
. ,Iuckle. muk'l a, llawer: n, sypyn 
, jlucky, muk'i a, bawlyd, brwnt 

lucous, mii'kus, Muculent, mu'kii.lent 
. | a, llysnafeddog, Uysnafbl [pigog 

iucronated, mii' a, blaenfain, 
lucus, mii'kus n, llysnafedd 
jiud, mnd n, llaid, llaca, baw : v, lleidio, 
budreddu, budrogi [afloewder 

Iuddiness, mud'i.ness n, Ueidiogrwydd, 
luddle, mud'l vi, lledfeddwi, gofrwysgo 
luddled, mud'ld a, lledfeddw, brwysg 
Iuddy. mud'î a, lleidiog, lleidlyd, 
afloew : vt, lleidio [glai 

ludwall, mud'wôl n, gwal bridd, gwal 
luff, muf n, dyrndorch, clydwain [gen 
biffin, muf'in n, math o deisen, chwio- 
luffle, muf'l v, inoledu, cudclio, mygydu 
.uffler, muf 'lür n, moled, wyneborchudd 
Jufti. mufti n, archoffeiriad Mahomet- 
ug. mug n, diodlestr, cwpan [aidd 
uggish. mug'ish, Muggy, mu^'î a, 
llwydlyd ; llaith, tarthlyd, tarthdrwm 
ugient, mü'jî.ent a, brefol, bugunol 
ugweed, mug'wid n, llysiau'r groes 

Mugwort, mug'wûrt n, llysiau llwyd, 

canwraidd lwyd, bydiog lwyd 
Mulatto, mü.lat'ö n, un ganedig o rieni 

o wahanol liwiau, un melynddu 
Mulberry, mul'ber.i n, ffrwyth merwydd. 

Mulberries, mwyar Mair, mwyar 

ffremig. Mulberry-tree, merwyddên 
Mulct, mulkt n, dirwy, camlwrw: vt, 
Mule, miil n, mul [dirwyo 

Muleteer, mü.le.tî'r' n, gyrwr mulod 
Muliebriety, mü.lî.eb'rî.ti n, gwreigdra, 

gwreigeiddrwydd [auhydyn 

Mulish, mii'lish a, mulaidd; cyndyn, 
Mull, mul vt, brydio, berwi 
Mulleen, mul'in n, canwyll yr adar 
Muller, mul'ûr n, malui*faen, llawfaeu 

Mullet, mul'et n, barf bysg, penfras 
Mulligrubs, mul'i.grubz tip, pryfigedd, 

ymgno'r coluddion; sarigrwvdd 
Mulloc, mul'uk n, baw, ysbwrial 
Mulse, muls n, rnelwin. bragodwin 
Multangular, mul.tang'gü.lûr a, aml- 

onglog [gellog 

Multicapsular, mul.ti.kap'sii.lur a, ami- 
Multifarious, mul.tî.fê'r'î.us a, ainlryw, 

amryfath, amrywiol 
Multifidous, mul.tif'i.dus a, amryhollt 
Multiform, mul'tî.fôrm a, anilddull, 

amryddull, lluosddull [fath 

Multigenerous, mul.ti.jen' a, ami- 
Multilateral,' a. auil- 

ochrog [eiriog 

Multiloquent, mul.til'o.kwent a, ami- 
Multinomial, mul.tî.nö'mì.al, Multino- 

minal, mul.ti.nom'i.nal a, amlenwog 
Multipartite, mul.tip'ûr.tit a, amlranog, 

Multipede, mul' a, anildroediog 
Multiple, mul' a, amlblygog, aml- 

rifol : n, lluosrif 
Multipliable, mul'tî.plî.â.bl a, lluosad- 

wy [ ogai 

Multiplicand, mul'ti.pli.kand n, lluos- 
Multiplication, mul. ti.pli.ka' shun n, 

lluosyddiaeth, lluosiaeth, lluosogaeth 
Multiphcator, mul'tî.plì.kä.tûr n, lluos- 

Multiplicious, mul.tî.plish'us a, lluosog 
Multiplicity, mui.tî.plis'î.tî n, lluoseud, 

Multiplier, mul'tî.prí.ûr «, HuoBogwr, 

lluosogydd. Mark of multiplication 

( X ), Uuoseb, nod lluosogi 
Multiply,'i v, lluosi. lluosogi, 

amlhau [amryallu 

Multipotent, mul.tip'ö.teiit a. amrynerth 

MUS path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, tẁk=took j 

Multitude, mul'tî.tüd n, lluaws, torf, 

tyrfa, mintai ; y werin, y werinos 
Multitudinous, mul.tî.tü'dî.nus a, lluosog 
Multocular, mul.tok'ii.lur a, aml-lygeid- 

iog [f'alu 

Multure, mul'tshûr n, tâl neu doll am 
Mum, mum n, math o gwrw o frag 

gwenith : i, ust ! taw â son ! taw ! 
Mumble, mum'bl vi, mantachu, grymial 
Mumbler, mum 'bíûr n, mantachwr, 

myngialwr, grymialydd 
Mummer, mam'ûr n, mudchwareuydd 
Mummery, mum'ur.î n, mudchwareu 
Mummy, mum'î n, corff wedi ei berarogli 
Mump, mump v, chwylgnoi, buan-gnoi ; 

isel ddywedyd, cardota 
Mumper, mum'pûr n, chwylgnöwr, bol- 

erwr; cardotyn 
Mumpish, mum'pish a, sarig 
Mumps, mumps n, esogryn, y bynsach, 

y dawedwst, y dwymyn doben 
Munch, muntsh v, cnoi, dygnoi 
Mund, mund n, tanc, hedd, esmwythder, 

llonyddwch, tawelwch 
Mundane, mun'dän a, bydol [purad 
Mundation, mun.dä'shun n, glanhâd, 
Mundatory, mun'dä.tur.î a, glanhaol, 
Mundic, mun'dik n, maen tân [purol 
Mundify, mun'dî.fî vt, glanhau, gwynu, 

puro [gwobrwyol 

Munerary, mii'nur.ur.i a, anrhegol, 
Mungrel, mung'grel n. — Mongrel 
Municipal, mü.nis'î.pal a, dinasol, bwr- 

deisiol, dinasfieiniol [deisiaeth 

Municipality, mü.nis.î.pal'î.tí n, bwr- 
Munificence, mü.nif'î.sens n, haelder, 

haelioni [cedfawr 

Munificent, mü.nif'î.sent a, hael, cedig, 
Muniment, mü'nî.ment n, amddiffyn; 

caerwaith ; hawl 
Munishun, mü.nish'un n, amddiffynfa. 

amgaer, difTynwaith, moddion rhyfel 
Munite, mü.n'ít' vt, amgaeru, cadarnhau 
Murage, mü'r'äj », murdreth 
Mural, miiV'al a, muriol, caerol 
Murder, mûr'dûr n, llofruddiaeth, Uaw- 

ruddiaeth, mum, murndwm: vt, llof- 

ruddio, mumio. Self-murder, hunan- 

laddiad, ymdd'ienyddiaeth 
Murderer, mûr'dur.ûr n, llofrudd, lleidd- 

iad. Self-murderer, hunanleiddiad 
Murderous, mûr' a, llofruddiog, 

gwaedlyd [caeru 

Mure, mii'r n, mur: vt, murio, gwalio, 
Muriatic, mii''ik a, heli'aidd, heli'ol 
Muricated, mii'r'i.ka.ted a, llymbigog 
Murk, murk n, cibyn, plisgyn ; tywyllni 

Murky, mur'ki a, tywyll, cymyloj. 

gwrm; cuchiog 
Murmur, mûr'mûr vi, grwgnach, conac! 

gythu; godyrddu, godyfu: n, grwr 

grwyth, grydwst ; grwgnach, tuchai 

goruad, dadwrdd. Murmuring of tl 

sea, bwmbwr y môr [grymialyi 

Murmurer, mûr'mur.ûr n, grwgnachw 
Murr, mur n, annwyd 
Murrain, mur'än n, chwaren, pla ar ar 
Murrey, mur'î a, cochddu [feiüai ' 

Murrion, mur'î.un n, helm, penwisg 
Musaph, mü'saf n, deddfiyfi- Tyrcaidd 
Muscadel, mus'ka.del, Muscat, mus'k ; 

n, math o winrawn per 
Muscadel, mus'ka.del, Muscadine, mu r i 

ka.din n, math o win ; math o elleig U 
Muscle, mus'l n, cyhir, llywethan, lly ] 

eth, gwythi ; pysg cragen las I 

Muscosity, mus. kos î.tî n, mysyglydec |j 
Muscular, mus'kii.lur o, llywethog, c J 

hyrog, cyhyrol, cryf 
Muse, muz n, awen : v, myfyrio, yst} I 

ied, cyngydio. Muses, naw duwl 

dysg neu gerdd, anant [j 

Museful, miiz'fwl a, myfyrdodol, m)i:; 
Museum, mii.zi'um n, amgeueddi 

creirfa, amgueddgell, cy wreinfa. B ] 

tish Museum, y Gy wreinfa BrydeiiJ 
Mushroom, mush rŵm », bwyd y barciS 

Music, mii'zik n, cerddoriaeth ; alili 

eilyw, eilon, cynghanedd, peroriael 

Doctor of music, bardd alaw. Musil 

master, dysgawdwr cerddoriaeth. '. 'J 

strumental music, cerdd dannau. "\I 

cal music, cerdd dafod 
Musical, mii'zijial a, cerddgar, it 

nghaneddol. Musical instrumeif 

offer cerdd 
Musician, mii.zish'an», cerddwr, ceKf 

or,tantor, cynghaneddwr, peror. Chiii 

musician, pencerdd 
Musk, musk », mwsg. Musk-mell 

pompiwn peraroglus. Musk-nl 

rhosyn tra pheraroglus 
Musket, mus 'ket n, gvm Haw, cad-ddi : . 
Musketeer,'r' n, saethydd A 
Musketoon,' n, gwn byr f 
Musky, mus'ki a, mwsgaidd, fel mws $ 
Mushn. muz'lin n, meinwe cotwm 
Musrol, mus'rol n, trwyn-ffrwyn mar" 
Mussel, mus'l n, misglen, pysg crajij 

las. Mussels, y cregin gleision 
Mussulman, mus' n, crefydt ' 

Mahometaidd [diod yn yr il : v, llw; » 
Must, must n, çwin neu ddiod newy , 

; läte, line, nö, mute; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. NAP 

Must, must v, def, rhaid yw, dir yw. I 

must read, rhaid i mi ddarllen. I 

must not , ni raid i mi ; rhaid i mi heidio ; 

nid rhydd i mi 
Mustache, mus.tâsh', Mustachio, mus- 

tâ'shö n, trawswch, harf y wefus uchaf 
Mustard, mus'turd n, ceddw, mwstardd. 

Wild mustard, berw'r fam, berw'r gauaf 
Muster, mus'tûr v, byddino; profi; rhif- 

restru : «.prawf-olygiad ; byddin-rifiad. 

Muster-book, Uyfr enwau milwyr. 

Muster - master, byddin - restrydd. 

Muster-roll, cofrestr llu 
Mustiness, mus'tlnes n, llwydni; mysni 
Musty, mus'tî a, Uwyd ; mws ; drewìlyd. 

To grow musty, llwydo 
Mutability, mü.tâ.bil'î.tî n, anwadal- 

wch. cyfnewidioldeb [iol 

Mutable, mü'tâ.bl a, anwadal, eyfnewid- 
Mutation, mü.tä'shun n, newidiad, cyf- 

Mute, miit n, mudan; mudsain, llyth- 

yrenfud; adar-dom: a, mud, tawedog, 

dilafar : vi, tomi, teilo, ystlomi 
Mutilate, mü'tî.lät vt, anafu, anharddu, 

llurgunio, tori aelod 
Mutilation, mü.tî.lä'shun n, anafiad, 

llurguniad, anharddiad, toriad aelod 
Mutineer, mü.tî.nî'r' «,terfysgwr, gwrth- 

godwr, gwrthryfelwr [terfysglyd 

Mutinous, mü'tî.nus a, gwrthryfelgar, 
Mutiny, mü'tî.nî vi, terfysgu, gwrth- 

godi : n, terfysg, gwrthgodiad 
Mutter, mut'ûr v, tuchanu, grwgnach, 

mwngial, gn T nnal, conach 
Mutton, mut'n n, cig mollt, cig dafad, 

cig myharan ; dafad, myharan 
Mutual, mü'tshü.al a, cy-, cyd-, cyf-, 
i cys-, o'r ddwy ochr, y naill a'r llall. 

Mutual hatred, cydgasâd [newidiad 
•Mutuahty, mü.tshü.arLtî n, cydgyf- 
Mutually, mü'tshü'alâ ad, ar gylch, ar 

gyfnewid, o bob ochr, cyd- 
Mutuation, mü.tshü.ä'shun n, echwyniad 
Muzzle, muz'l n, genau, safh, ceg ; pen- 

flfrwyn, penor, penwar : v, penÖrwyuo, 
. safnrwymo, rhoi penor ar drwyu 
Muzzy, muz'i a, meddw 
My, m"f (heb bwyslais, mi) pn, fy ; mau. 

'Myography, m'i.og'râ.f'î n, cyhyrydd- 
Vlyology, mi'.ol'ö.jî n, cyhyrdraeth"[iaeth 
Myope, mî'öp n, un byr ei olwg 
Vlyopy, m'i'ö.pî n, byrdra golwg [mil 
Myriad, mir'î.ad n, myrdd, 10,000, deng 
Myrmidon, mur'mî.dun n, dyhiryn, 
■ anfad-ddyn, ysgelerddyn 

Myrrh, mûr n, myr: a, myrllyd 
Myrtle, mur'tl n, myrtwydd, madwydd 
Myself, mî.self ' pn, mi "fy hun, myfi fy 

hunan [dirgehon 

Mystagogue, mis'tâ.gog n, deonglydd 
Mysterious, mis.tí'r'î.us a, dirgelaidd, 

dirgel, tywyll, aneglur, cyfrinol 
Mysterize, mis'tur.i'z vt, dirgel ddysvedyd 
Mystery, mis'tur.î n, dirgelwch, rhin, 

cyfrin, cyfriniaeth ; mwysder [gehon 
Mystic, mis'tik n, djehymmygwr dir- 
Mystic, mis'tik, Mystical, mis'ttkal a, 

cyfrinol, cudd, dirgel, dirgelaidd 
Mysticism, mis'ti.sizm n, dirgelyddiaeth, 
Myth, mith n, dammeg, chwedl 
Mythic, mith'ik a, dammegol, chwedl- 

onog [aidd 

Mythological, mith.o.loj'i.kal a, chwedl- 
Mythologist, mî.thol'ö.jist n, deonglwr 

chwedlau, chwedlonydd 
Mythologize, mi.thol'oji'z v, trin neu 

ddeongli yr hen chwedlau paganaidd 
Mythology, mî.thol'ö.jî n, chwedl ddysg, 



Nab, nab vt, dal yn ddisymmwth 
Nabob, nä'bob n, penaeth yn yr India 
Nadir, nä'dûr n, y fan dan ein traed, 

isbwynt, gwrth%vyneb 
Nag, nag n, crynfarch, corfarch 
Naiad, nä'ad n, duwies y„dyfroedd a'r 

fFynnonau, afondduwies 
Nail, näl n, hoel, hoelen, cethr, cethren ; 
ewin; ewinfedd, 2\ o fodfeddi: vt, 
hoelio, cethru 
Nailer, nä'lùr n. hoehwr, gof hoelion 
Nailery, nä'lur.î n, gweithfa hoelion 
Naked, na'ked a, noeth, llwm. Stark- 
naked, noethlymun. The naked truth, 
y gwir diorcìiudd. To strip naked, 
dynoethi [dra 

Nakedness, na'ked.nes n, noethni, llytn- 
Name, nam n, enw, enwad: vt, enwi; 
galw. To call names, difenwi, difrio 
Nameless, näm'les a, dienw, dienwad 
Namely, näm'lî ad, wrth enw, yn enw- 

edigol ; sef, hyny yw 
Namesake, nam'sak n, cyfenwydd 
Nankeen, nan.kin' n, math o gotymwe 
Nap, nap n, hun, hunell, amrant-hun; 
ceden, casnach, pan, gra: v, huno, 
dargysgu; cedenu. A short nap, 
hunyn. To take a nap, cysgu hun 
Nape, näp n, gwar ; gwegil 
Napery, nap'ur.i n, bwrddlieiniau 

NEB path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, twk=took; 

Naphtha, nap'thâ n, gwlybwr hylosg 
Napiform, nap'i.form a, ar ddull erfinen 
Napkin, nap kin n, cedanen, cadach, 

cewyn; llawliain 
Napless, nap'les a, digeden, digasnach 
Nappy, nap î a, cedenog, casnachog 
Narcotic, nar.kot'ik a, cysgbar 
Narcotics, nar.kot'iks np, cysgolion 
Nard, nârd n, prysgen beraroglus 
Nare, nê'r n, irroen [adwy 

Narrable. nar'â.bl a, adroddadwy, traeth- 
Narration, na.rä'shun, Narrative, nar'â- 
tiv n, adroddiad, traethiad, mynegiad ; 
hanes; chwedl [ydd 

Narrator, na.rä'tûr n, adroddwr, hanes- 
Narrow, nar'ö a, cul, cyfyng; caeth. 
crintach, anhael: v, culhau, eyfyngu. 
Narrow cloth, brethyn unlled. Nar- 
row-minded, culfaru. Long and nar- 
row, hirgul 
Narrowly, nar'ö.lî ad, yn gyfyng; yn 

graff, yn fanwl ; prin, o'r braidd 
Narrowness, nar'ö.nes n, culedd, culdra, 
colder, culni, culi; cyfyngder; crin- 
tachrwydd [sonants, trwynolion 

Nasal, nii'zal a, trwynol. Nasal con- 
Nascent, nas'ent a, cynnyddol, tarddol 
Nastiness, nas'tî.nes n, budreddi, ffieidd- 
dra [bawlyd 

Nasty, nas'tî a, brwnt, aflan, budr, swga, 
Natal, nä'tal a, genedigol, genol 
Natalitious, nä.tâ.lish'us a, perthynol i 

ddydd genedigaeth 
Natation, nâ.tä shun n, nofiad, nofiant 
Natatores,'r'iz np, nofiedyddion 
Nathless, nath'les ad, eto, er hyny 
Nation, nä'shun n, cenedl, ciwdod ; gwlad 
National, nash' a, gwladol, gwlad- 

wriaethol ; cenedlaethol 
Nationality,'î.tî n, cenedlig- 

rwydd, cenedlgarweh 
Native, na'tiv n, brodor, priodor: a, 
genedigol, genol ; cynnwynol, cynhenid , 
greddfol; dechreuol 
Nativity, na.tiv'i.ti n, genedigaeth 
Natural, nat'shii.ral a, anianol, naturiol, 
cynnwynol; hanfodol: n, ffol geni, 
symlyn, ynfydyn. A natural child, 
anhap ei fam, bagdardd, plentjm gor- 
dderch. Natural philosopher, anian- 
Naturalism, nat'shii.ral.izm n, aniander 
Naturalist, nat' », anianydd, 
naturiaethwr [rhyddfreiniad 

Naturalization,'shun n, 
Naturalize, nat'shii.ral.i'z vt, trwydded- 
ogi ; cywladu ; breinioli, brodori 

Nature, nä'tshûr n, anian, natur, nawd 

naturiaeth; y byd, y greadigaeth I 

rhyw, math, bath. Good-nature) 

mwynder. Good - natured, mwyn J 

caruaidd. Ill-nature, gwrthyni. Ill 

natured, sarig, cas. Of the sam- 

nature, unrhyw 
Naught, not n, dim : a, drwg, brwnt 
Naughtiness, nó'tî.nes n, direidi, dryg 

ioni [ionu 

Naughty, nô'tî a, diriaid, drwg, dryg 
Naumachy, no' n, rhith raonin 

ladd [loesygia 

Nausea, nô'shî.â n, gwrthwyneliKld. ai 
Nauseate, nô'shî.ät vt, gwrthwynebd 

ffieiddio. gwrthod 
Nauseous, nG'shus a, gwrthwyneblyi 

ffiaidd, diflas; adgas [rwyd4 

Nauseousness, nô'shus.nes n, ffieidéj 
Nautical, no'ti.kal a, mordwyol, Hoag 

wriaethol, morwriaethol 
Nautilus, nô'tî.lus n, math o gragenbys 1 
Naval, nii'val a, llyngesol ; morol 
Nave, nav n, corff eglwys ; bogel, botÄ 
Navel, nii'vl n, bogel; y canol [b^Ä 

Navelwort, na'vl.wurt* n, dail y gro« 

bogeil-lys, bogail y forwyn. Wil 

navelwort, llysiau'r geiniog 
Navigable, nav' a, mordwyadw I 

moriadwy [wrio, llongiati 

Navigate, nav'i.giit vt, mordwyo. Hon: j 
Navigation, nav.i.gii'shun n, mordirB 

aeth, moryddiaeth, llongiadaeth 
Navigator, nav' n, mordwynB 

llongwr; llywydd Hong 
Navy, na'vi n, Ilynges; morfyddin. I 

little navy, llyngesan 
Nay. nä ad, na, nag e; nid felly; na ddl 

nid hyny yn unig 
Neat'. Hief, nif, Nieve, niv n. dwrn 
Neal, nil v, tymmeru trwy wrea 
Neap, nip a, isel; treiol. Neap tiiM 

llanw isel, iselfor 
Near, ni'r (nearer, next) a, agos, c;Ë 

agos, eiddwng, wng: ad, yn ag« 

ger llaw : v. agositu. To draw ml 

nesäu, dynesn. Nearer, nes, agosa*« 

Nearest, nesaf, agosaf [tachrwyÄÉ 
Nearness, ni'r'nes n, agosrwydd; cr-J 
Neat, nit a, dillyn, destlus, cryno, tbl* 

twt, hardd, gweddaidd; pur, digy.M 

mysg, glân: n. ych, eidion. Ne. ; 

herd, bugail gwartheg, heusor. Ne 1 

cattle, da duon, gwartheg 
Neatness, nît'nes n, destledd, tlysni, d fl I 

ynder; digymmysgedd, purder 
Neb, neb n, trwyn. pic gvlfin ; cog, s t 

öre; läte, line, no, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs: j=dzh. 


Nebula, neb'ü.lâ (/> nebulae, neb'ü.li) n, 
niwlcn. ni\\i-S'"r; pik'ii ar v llygad 

Ncbulose, neb.ü.lös', Nebulous, neb'ii.lus 
a, cymylog, niwlog 

Nebulosity, neb.ü.los'î.tî, Nebulousness, 
neb'ii.lus.nes n, cymylogrwydd, niwl- 
ogrwydd, caddugrwydd 

Necessarian, nes.e.sê'r'î.an, Necessitar- 
ian, nî.ses.î.tOYî.an n, gwadwr rhydd 
weithrediad, angenrheidiwr 

Necessary, nes'e.sur.î a, rhaid, rheidiol, 
angenrheidiol, dir, anhebgorol : n, peth 
angenrheidiol ; geudy. Necessaries, 
rlieidiau, angenrheidiau, cyfreidiau, 

• bwyd ac ymborth. Not necessary, 
afreidiol, diangenrhaid 

Necessitate, nî.ses'î.tiit vt, dirgymhell, 
angenu, dirio, rheidio, angenrheidio, 
gorfod, gorfodogi [rheidus, tlawd 

Necessitous, nî.ses'î.tus a, angenus, 

Necessitude, nî.ses'î.tüd n, angen, angen- 
dod, angenoctyd, eisieu 

Necessity, nî.ses'î.tî n, angenrliaid, rhaid 
rheidedd; dir, dirni. To make a 
virtue of necessity, cymmeryd cy- 
nghor gan angen, gwneyd rhinwedd 
o reidedd 

Neck, nek n, gwddf, gwddw, mwnwgl, 
f Neck-band, gwddfdorcb. Neck-bone, 
I chwilgorn gwddf. Neck-cloth, cad- 
[ ach gwddf, gwddwgen. Stiff-necked, 
Í gwar-galed. Wry-necked, gwddfgam. 
I To break the neck, tori gwddf, tor- 

| fynyglu 

Necklace, nek'las n, mwndlws, gwddf- 
gadwyn [olaethau 

Necrology, ni.krol'o.ji n, cofrestr marw- 

iNecromancer, nek' n, gor- 
cheinwr, swynwr, dewin, dyn hysbys, 

\ un yn hòni cyfíafáredd â'r meirw 

Necromancy, nek' n, gorchein- 
iaeth, dewiniaeth [esgyrn 

Necrosis, nî.lcrö'sis n, marweiddiad yr 

Nectar, nek'tur n, diod y duwiau 

.Nectarine, nek' n, math o ffrwyth 
eirinog : a, melus 

Sectarious, nek.te'r' a, melusber 

N'eed, nid n. angen, rhaid, eisieu, eisiwed, 
rheidedd, tlodi: v, rheidio, eisieu, 

, angenu, bod mewn eisieu [eisieu 

Keeiliness, nî'dî.nes n, angen, tlodi, 

heedful, nîd'fẁl a, rheidiol, angen- 
rluiiliol, dir, rhaid, cyfreidiol 

Seedle, nî'dl n, nodwydd, nydwydd; 

■ gwaclndl. Needle-maker, nodwyddwr. 
t Knitting-needle, gwiiell, gwachell 

v'eedkful. nî'dl.fẁr», nodwvddaid 

Needless, nid'les a, afreidiol, diachos 
Needlework, ni'dl.wurk n, gwaith nod- 
wydd, gwniadwaith, nodwyddwaith 
Needs, nidz np, rlieidiau: ad, o raid. 

He must needs, rhaid iddo 
Needy, ní'dî a, angenog, rheidus, tlawd 
Neese, niz vi, tisio, trewi 
Nef, nef n. — Nave [ionus, ysgeler 

Nefarious, nî.fê'r'î.us a, anfad, dryg- 
Negation, nî.gä'shun n, nag, nacâd, 

gwad, negyf, negyddiad 
Negative, neg'a.tiv n, nag, negyf, nag e, 

negydd : a, nacaol, negyddol, gwaclol : 

vt, nacäu, gommedd, gwadu 
Neglect, neg.lekt' n, esgeiüusdra, di- 

ofalwch: vt, esgeuluso, gwalluso 
Neglectful, neg.lekt 'fẁl a, esgeulus, di- 

ofal [wisg 

Negligee,' n, math o ŵn ; am- 
Negligence, neg'lî.jens n, esgeulusdod, 

anofaledd [gwallus 

Negligent, neg'lî.jent a, esgeulus, diofal, 
Negotiable, nî.gö'shî.â.bl a, newidiad- 

wy, marchnadol, masnachadwy 
Negotiate, nî.gö'shî.ät v, gorchwỳlio ; ne- 

geseua, trafnidio ; marchnadu, march- 

nata ; cyflafareddu, cynnadlu 
Negotiation, nî.gö.shî.ä'shun n, neges- 

euaeth; cyflafaredd, trafnidaeth 
Negotiator, nî.gö'shì.ä.tûr n, negeseuwr; 

cynnadlydd, cyflafareddwr 
Negro, nî'grö n, dyn du [swgr 

Negus, nî'gus n, cymmysg o win, dwfr, a 
Neigh, nä vi, gweryru : n, gweryriad 
Neighbour, nä'bíìrw, cymmydog[ogaeth 
Neighbourhood, nä'bûr.hẁd n, cymmyd- 
Neighbouring, nä' a, cymmydog- 

aethol, cyfagos, yn y gymmydogaeth 
Neighbourly, nä'bûr.lî a, cymmydogol, 

Neither, nî'THÛr c, na, nac, ychwaith : 

a, na'r naill na'r Hall, nid yr un o'r ddau 
Nemoral, nem'ö.ral, Nemorous, nem'ö- 

rus a, Uwynol [weddog 

Neogamist, uî.og'â.mist n, un newydd- 
Neoìogy, nî.ol'ö.jî n, dyfeisiad geiriau 

newyddion ' [newydd 

Neomenia, nî.ö.mî'nî.â n, gwyl y Uoer 
Neophite, nî'ö.fit n, dysgybl ieuanc 
Neoteric, m.o.ter'ik a, newydd, diweddar 
Nepenthe, nî.pen'thî n, cyffyr rhag pob 

Nephew, nev'ii n, nai [gareo- 

Nephritic, ni.frit'ik a, da rhag dolur y 
Nephritis, nî.fri'tis n, ennynfa yr arenau 
Nepotism, nep o.tizm n, neiaintgarwch 
Nereid, nî'r'î.id ft, mordduwies 

NIG path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Nerve, nurv n, gi, g'ien, g'ieuyn, gewyn : 
vt, cryf hau, nerthu. Affection of the 
nerves, gihaint. Auditory nerve, g'ien 
clywed. Cervical nerves, gi'au'r 
gwddf. Ganghonic nerves, g'iau 
clyniedig. Gustatory nerve, gi'en 
archwaeth. Olfactory nerve, gi'en 
aroglu. Optic nerve, gi'en golwg, 
g'ien gweled 
Nerveless, nûr/les a, egwan, dirym 
Nervous, nur'vus a, g'iog, gewynaidd, 

nerthol, cryf; pruddglwyfus, ofnus 
Nervousness, nur'vus.nes n, grymusder, 

cryfder; gwendid, ofnusrwydd 
Nescience, nesh'ens n, anwybodaeth 
Ness, nes n, penrhyn, pentir; trwyn 
Nest, nest n, nyth, nythyn: v, nythu. 
A little nest, nythyn [fynwesu 

Nestle, nes'l v, nythu; cydgoleddu, ym- 
Nestling, nes'ling n, nythgyw, cywyn 
Net, net n, rhwyd, balleg, rhwyden, 
ballegrwyd : a, glân, disothach. Net- 
weight, glân bwys. Wear-net, ball- 
aweg [dyfhach; uffernol 

Nether, neTH'ûr a, is, isach, iselach; 
Nethermost, neTH'ûr.möst a, isaf, iselaf 
Netmaker, net'mii.kur n, rhwydwëydd 
Netting, net'ing, Network, net'wurk n, 

Nettle, net'l n, danadl: vt, pigo; llidio; 
cyffroi, cynhyrfu. Blind nettle, Dead 
nettle, danadlen ddall, danadlen farw. 
Nettle-rash, danadl-darddiant 
Neurosis, nü.rü'sis n, clefyd y g'iau 
Neuter, nii' tur, Neutral, mitral a, am- 
mhleidiol: n, ammhleidydd ; canolydd. 
Verb neuter, perwyddiad rhydd. Neu- 
ter gender, y ganolryw [wch 
Neutrality, nü.tral'î.tî n, ammhleidgar- 
Neutralize, nii'tral.'iz vt, dieffeithio, 

Never, nev'ur ad, ni (nid) ... erioed, 
ni...un amser, ni...byth:^j», di-,an-. 
Never-ending, diderfjm, annherfynol. 
Never-failing, dibaid. There never 
was, ni bu erioed. There never will 
be, ni fydd byth, byth ni bydd. Never 
being, neb fod erioed, heb fod byth 
Nevertheless, nev.ur.THi.les' ad, nid an- 

llai, eto, er hyny, er hyn oil 
New, nii a, newydd; diweddar; cri; 
ffres. Bran-new, Span-new, newydd 
tanlli. New-fangled, newydd ffurtìog. 
New-year's-day, dydd calan. New- 
year's-gift, calenig 
Newborn, nii' born a. newydd-eni 
Newel, nii'el n, canulbust grisiau 

Newly, nü'lí ad, o newydd, yn ddiweddai 
Newness, nii'nes n,newydd-deb, newydd- 

der, newyddrwydd 
News, niiz n, newydd, newyddion 
Newsman, nuz'man n, newyddiadurwr 
Newsmonger, nuz'mung.gur n, heliwi 

chwedlau, newvddiwr 
Newspaper, niiz'pa.pur n, papvr new 
ydd, newyddiadur [chwilei. 

Newt, nut n, madfall, geneugoeg, budr 
Next, nekst a, nesaf: ad, yn nesaf 
sd. — Near [vt, pwyntio ; blaem j 

Nib, nib n, blaen pin ysgrifenu; telpya 
Nibble, nib'l v, deintio ; dargnoi ; cnithii 
Nice, n'is a, moethus; destlus; cain 
manol, gofalus, cywraint, dichlyn, per 
Niceness, ni's'nes n, manylmT'dd 
Nicety, n'i'sí.tî n, cywreinbeth, many]!; 
waíth ; manylbwnc ; manylder. Nice ij 
ties, ammeuthyddion, danteithion ! 
Niche, nitch n, cloer, eilunfa, delwgell !j 
Nick, nik n, bwlch, rhint: vt, bylcht 
rhygndori; taro'r nod; iawn amsero» 
twyllo, siomi. The nick of time, yl 
iawn bryd, yr adeg [env 

Nickname, nik 'nam n, llysenw: vt, llyíl 
Nictate, nik'tat vi, amrantu, ysmicio I 
Nide, nid n, nythiad, nythlwj-th 
Nidification, nid.î.f i.ka'shun n, nythial 
Nidorous, n'i' a, yn arogli fel eil 

rhost [iai 

Nidulation, nid.ü.lä'shun n, nythdri^ 
Niece, nis n, nith [cerly j 

Niggard, nig'urd n, cybydd, crinwat 
Niggardliness, nig'ûrd.lî.nes n, criiÄ 

tachrwydd, cybydd-dod 
Niggardly, nig' a, cybyddly 
crintach, llawgeuad : ad, ya gybyddlj ■ 
Niggle, nigl vi, cydofera 
Nigh, ni a, agos, cyfagos : ad, yn ag<f 
ger llaw, yn ymyí: i\ agosliu, nesäu. 
Nighness. n'i'nes n, agosrwydd, agosedi 
Night, n'it n, nos; noson, noswait» 
Night-faring, nosdeitliiol. By nigb- 
hw nos, ar hyd y nos. Dead of nigb ' 
dvfhder nos. Last night, neithiw 
Night before last, echnos, ymanno 
To-night, heno. To draw towari 
night, nosi ; hwyrhau 
Nightcap, n'it'kap n, cap nos 
Nightfall, ni't'f ôl n, cyfnos 
Nightgown, nît'gûŵn n, gẃn nos 
Nightingale, ni'tin.gäl n, eos, eaw 
eosig \d) [ad, bob nos, o hyd n 

Xiuhtlv, n'it'lî a, nosol, nosweithic 
Nightman, nît'man n, carthwr geudai 
Nightmare, nit'mê'r n, yr hunllef, gẃ-y 

ôre; läte, line, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. NOM 

Nightshade, nît'shäd n, llysiau'r moch, 
mochlys. Deadly nightshade, cod- 
warth. Enchanter's nightshade, llys 
Stephan. Woody nightshade, man- 

Nightward, ni't wurd ad, tuar nos 

Nightwatch, n'it'watsh n, gwyliadwriaeth 
nos; noswyliadwriaeth [yn duo 

Nigrescent, ni'.gres'ent a, caddugol; 

Nihility, ni.hil'î.tî n, dimedd, diddymder 

Nill, nil v, anewyllysio ; pallu, gwrthod : 
n, gwreichion elydr toddedig 

Nimbiferous, nim.bif ' a, tymmestl- 
ddwyn [sionc 

Nimble, a, cyflym, buan, heinif, 
: Nimious, nim'yus a, gormodol, rhyfawr 

Nincompoop, ning'kom.pwp n, penbwl 
, Nine, n'in a & n, naw, 9 [dyMyg 

j Ninefold, n'in 'told a, nawplyg, naw 
I Ninepin, n'in'pin n, ceilysen (p ceilys) 

Nineteen, nin.tin'a & n, pedwar ar bym- 
i theg, 19 

, Nineteenth, n'in.tînth' a &n, pedwerydd 
ì ar bymtheg, 19ydd [ugain 

\ Ninetieth, n'in'tî.eth a, degfed a phedwar 
I Ninety, nîn'tî a & n, pedwar ugain a deg 

Ninny, nin.i, Ninnyhammer, nin'i.ham- 
ûr n, penbwl, hurtyn, clwpa 
i Ninth, ninth a, nawfed, 9fed 
: Nip, nip n, cno, cnoad; daif, deifiad 
t vt, cnoi ; gwasgu ; deifio ; gwywo 
, Nippers, nip'urz np, gefail, gefeihau 
j Nipple, nip'l n, diden, teth, tithen, penig 
: bron, bronig 

. Nisi, n'i'si c, oddi eithr. Nisi prius, 
gwys, gwarant. Court of nisi prius, 
r llys yr achosion cyffredin. Justices of 
! nisi prius, y barnwyr cyffredin 

Nit, nit n, nedden, wy lleuen [deb 

• Nitency, n'i' n, claerder, dysgleir- 
, Nitid, nit'id a, gloew, dysglaer, claer 

■ Nitre, n'i'tur n, halen y graig, creighalen 
. Nitrogen, n'i'trö.jen n, blorai, un o ranau 

• cyfansawdd yr awyr 
Nitrous, n'i'trus a, blorog 
Nitty, nit'i a, neddog, llawn nedd [eira 

• Nival, n'i'val a, eiryog, llawn nyf neu 
Niveous, niv'yus a, eiryaidd, purwyn 
No, nö a, neb, neb rhyw, neb un, "dim 

ad, ni, nid, nis, na, nac, nad, nas; nag 
e, na ddo. At no time, byth. By no 
means, nid mewn un modd, er dim. 
He is no better, nid yw efe dipyn 
gwell. No person, No one, neb. No 
\ work shall be done, ni wneir dim 
gwaith. To no purpose, yn ofer, yn 
ddiles. Yes or no, i'e neu nag t 

Nobilitate, nö.bil'ì.tät vt, boneddu 
Nobility, nö.bil'î.tî n, bonedd, uchel- 
fonedd, dyledogaeth,uchelwaedogaeth ; 
dyledogion, pendefigion 
Noble, nö'bl a, dyledog, ardderchog, 
godidog, arwi-aidd, boneddig, urddasol ; 
haelionus : n, pendefig, boneddwr, dy- 
ledog; bath aur o werth 6s. Sc. [defig 
Nobleman, nö' n, dyledog, pen- 
Nobleness, nö'bl.nes n, dŷledogrwydd, 
bonedd; mawredd, ardderchogrwydd 
Nobless, nö'bles n, uchelfonedd 
Nobly, nö'blî ad, yn foneddol; yn 'ar- 
dderchog; yn haelionus; yn rhagorol 
Nobody, nö'bod.î n, neb, neb un, neb- 
awd, undyn, neb rhyw un, nid... neb, 
nid...un [niweidiol 

Nocent, nö'sent, Nocive, no'siv a, drygus, 
Noctambulist, nok.tam'bii.list n, nos- 
rodiwr, nosgerddwr [dydd a nos 

Noctidial, nok.tid'yal a, yn cynnwys 
Noctiferous, nok.tif ' a, nosddwyn 
Noctiluca, nok.til'ü.kâ n, nosoleuad 
Noctuary, nok'tii.ur.i n, noslyfr 
Nocturn, nok'tiirn n, noswasanaeth, 
nosweddi [nosol 

Nocturnal, nok.tur'nal n, deial nos: a, 
Nod, nod v, amneidio; hepian. hepio, 
penogwyddo: n, penogwyddiad, hep; 
awgrym [siol 

Noddle, nod'l n, penglog, clopa, clol, 
Noddy, nod'î n, hurthgen, drelyn ; cerbyd 
deuolwynog [cynghroesiad 

Node, nöd n, cwlwm, clwm, oddf, cwgn ; 
Nodous, nö'dus a, clymog, cygnog 
Noggin, nog'in n, cwpan; chwarter 

Noise, noiz n, swn, twrf, godwrf, sain, 
dadwrdd, twrdd, trwst, diaspad: v, 
dadwrdd; cyhoeddi. A blustering 
noise, dwndwr. A chattering noise, 
trydar. A rumbling noise, godwrdd. 
Noise of birds, sain adar 
Noiseless, noiz'les a, diswn, dystaw, di- 

dwrdd, didrwst 
Noisiness, noi'zi.nes n, twrddusrwydd 
Noisome, nôî'sum a, ffiaidd, drewUyd 
Noisomeness, nôî'sum.nes »,adgasrwydd, 
ffieiddrwydd [ystyrllyd 

Noisy, noi'zi a, trystfawr, bìoeddfawr, 
Nohtion, nö.lish'un n, anfyniad, anfodd 
Nombles, num'blz np, perfedd carw 
Nomenclator, no'men.kla.tur n, enwed- 

ydd, galwedydd 
Nomenclature, no'men.kla.tshur n, enw- 
lyfr; enwau pethau [ig°l 

Nominal, nomî.nal a, enwol; galwed- 

NOU path, fat, ere, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, t\vk=took; 

Nominally, nom'i'.iial.i ad, wrth ei enw, 

erbyn ei enw ; o ran enw, mewn dim 

ond enw, mewn enw yn uiiig [penodi 
Nominate, nom'î.nät vt, enwi, galw; 
Nomination, nom.î.nä'shun n, enwad, 

penodiad. enwedigaeth 
Nominative, nom'i.nii.tiv a, enwedigol 
Nonage, non'äj n, anoed, maboed 
Nonappearance, non.a.pîYans n, pall- 

ymddangosiad, ammhresennoldeb, ab- 

Nonce, nous ?*, amcan, dyben, bwriad 
Nonconformist, non . kon . for ' mist n, 

anghydffurfiwr, ynmeilldiiwr 
Nonconformity, non. kon. for' mi. ti n, 

anghydffurtiad ; ynmeillduaeth 
Nondescript, non'di.skript n, peth an- 

None, nun pn, neb, dim, dim un 
Nonentity, non.en'tî.tí n, dihanfodedd, 

diddim, anfodoliaeth 
Nonesuch, nun'sutsh n, un digymhar 
Nonexistence,'tens n, anfod- 

olaeth [annhyngol 

Nonjuring, non.jii'r'ing a, annhwng, 
Nonjuror, non.jii'r'ur n, annhyngwr 
Nonpareil, non.pâ.rel' n, peth digymhar ; 

math o afal; math o argrafnythyren 
Nonpayment, non.pä'ment n, methdaliad 
Nonplus, nonplus n, dyrysnod, astrusi : 

vt, peri taw; gorddyrysi; attal 
Nonponderous, non.pon' a, dibwys, 

Nonresident, non.rez'i.dent?i,annlirigian- 

nydd: a, annhrigiannol [rynedd 

Nonresistance, non.ri.zis'tans », diwrth- 
Nonsense, non'sens n, ffoledd, ffregod 
Nonsensical, non.sen'si.kal a, direswm, 

disynwyr [ddattodiad 

Nonsôlution, non.sö.lü'shun n, meth- 
Nonsuit, non'siit n, anhawl, hawlgoll: 

vt, dihawlio [fach 

Nook, nwk n, congl, ongl, cornel; cil- 
Noon, n\vn, Noonday, nŵn'dä, Noontide, 

nŵn'ü'd n, nawn, hannerddydd, canol- 

dd}dd: o, nawnol 
Noose, nwz n, byddagl, magi; cwlwm 

rhedeg : vt, byddagìu, maglu 
Nor, nôr c, na, nac 
Normal, nôr'mal a, rheolaidd, unionsyth, 

syth. Normal school, ysgol athrawon 
Norse, nôrs n, Llychlynaeg 
North, north n, gogledd: a, gogleddol. 

North wind, gogleddwynt 
Northerly, nôr'THÚr.lî, Northera, nôr'- 

THÛrn a, gogleddol. Northern lights, 

goleuni gogleddol, gogleddwawr 

Northward,toôrth.'wûrd ad, tua'r gogîedfl 
Nose, noz n, trwyn : v, trwyno ; arogli. ] 

To turn up the nose, ffroenochi 
Nosegay, noz'gii n, blodeuglwm, twff, ] 

gwullglwrn. clwm blodau 
Noseless, noz'les a. didrwyn, heb drwyn '< 
Nostril, nos'tril n, ffroen 
Nostrum, nos'trum n, cyfaredd 
Not, not ad, na, nac, nad, ni, nid; di-, ' 

an-, af-. Not many, nemawr. Not 

thankful (unthankful), aimiolchgar, ( 

diddiolch. Not knowing, heb wybod ] 
Notable, nö'tá.bl a, nodadwy, nodedigjJ 

hynod, enwog ; gofalus 
Notableness, nö'tâ.bl.nes n, hynodrwydd, 

enwogrwydd; dyfalweh 
Notary, nö'tur.i n, nodiadur, nodiedydd | 
Notation, nö.tä'shun n, nodiant, nodiad I 
Notch, notsh n, bwlch, rhwgn, rhint,l 

gwlf : vt, bylchu, bylchdori 
Note, not n, arwydd, marc, nod; ysgrif-j. 

nod ; sylwnod, eglumod ; nodiad ; ton- 1 

nod, sain-nod; enwogrwydd, hynod- 1 

rwydd: vt, nodi, sylwi, dal 

cofnodi. Marginal note, ymylnod. 1 

Note of hand, Promissory note, ysgrif-j 

Noted, nö'ted a, nodedig, hynod, enwog J 
Nothing, nuth'ing n, dim, diddim .; 

Nothing at all, dim yn y byd 
Notice, no'tis n, sylw, rhybudd, hysbys- ' 

rwydd. To take notice, dal sylw 
Notification,'shun n, rhy-]> 

buddiad, hysbysiad [amlygt 

Notify, nö'tî.f] vt, hysbysu, cyhoeddi,' 
Notion, nö'shun n, tyb, meddwl, barn I 

rhith, syniad [mygol 

Notional, nö' a, tybiol, dychym- ; 
Notoriety, nö.tö.r'i'î.tí, Notoriousness' 

nö.tö'r'î.us.nes n, hynodrwydd, am- 1 

lygrwj-dd, rhempusrwydd 
Notorious, nö.tö'r'î.us a, honaid, carnÄ 

hysbys, cyhoedd, hynod 
Nott, not vt, cneifio : pp, cneifiedig 
Notus, nö'tus n, y deheuwynt 
Notwithstanding, not.wixii.stan'ding c 

er hyny, eto, anllai : ])r, er (0 

Nought, not n, dim, diddim; gwagno»! 
Noun, mavTO n, enw ; gair. Noun ad 

jective, enw gwan, ansoddair. Noiu 

substantive, enw cadarn. sylweddair 
Nourish, nur'ish vt, maethu, meithric 

magu, cynnal [meithrinadw; 

Nourishable, nur'ish.â.bl a, hyfaeth 
Nourishmeut, nur'ish.ment n, lluniaett 

porthiant; maeth,meitl]riniaeth; cyn 

naliaeth; vmborth 


öre; läte, line, nö, miite; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. NUT 

Nousle, nuz'l vt, anwesu ; maglu, caetli- 
Novation,'shun n, newyddiad [iwo 
Novel, nov'el a, newydd: n, newydd- 

chwedl, ffugchwedl, ffugdraethawd 
NoveHst, nov' n, ffugchwedlwr 
Novelty, nov'el.ti n, newydd-der, new- 
ydd-dra ; newydd-beth, peth newydd 
November, no.vem'bur n, Tachwedd 
Novercal, no.vur'kal a, llysfamaidd 
Novice, nov'is n, newyddian, dechreuwr 
Novitiate, no.vish'i.iit n, newyddianiaeth, 

amser prawf 
Now. nûŵ ad, yn awr, y pryd hwn, yr 
awr lion, awron : c, bellach, weithian. 
Just now, yn awr, gynneu, yn awr fach. 
Now-a-days, yn y dyddiau hyn, yr oes 
hon. Now and then, ambell waith, 
yn awr ac yn y man 
Nowes, mvz n, y cwlwm priodasol 
Nowhere, nö'whé'r ad, dim yn unlle 
Mowise, no'wi'z ad, dim mewn un modd 
Noxious, nok'shus a, niweidiol, drygus, 
afiach [megin 

Nozzle, noz'l n, trwyn, duryn; trwyn 
[ Nubble, nub'l vt, dyrnodio, pwyo 

Nubiferous, nii.bit' a, yn dwyn 
I cymylau [duo 

Nubilate, nü'bî.lät vt, cymylu; tywyllu. 
Nubile, nii'bil a, dyweddadwy 
' Nubilous, nü'bî.lus a, cymylog, tywyll 
Nuciferous, nü.sif' a, cueuddwyn 
Nucleus, nii' n, cnewullyn, bywyn 
Nudity, nü'dî.tî n, noethni, noethedd 
', Nugacity, nü.gas'î.tî n, coegchwedliad, 
; gwagsiarad [oferwag 

Nugatory, nü'gâ.tur.î a, gorwag, ofer, 
. Nuisance, nü'sans n, niweidbeth, bun- 
t beth, casbeth, bryntwaith, bryntni 
' Null, mil a, diddim, dirym, ofer [gred 
Nullifidian, nul.î.fid'yan a, dihyder, di- 
Nullify, nul'i.f l vt, diddymu, dirymu 
Xullity, nul'î.tî n, diddymder 
Nullo, nul'ö n, gwagnod (0) 
Numb, uum a, merwinllyd, fferllyd, wedi 

merwino : vt, fferu, merwiuo 
Number, nùin'bûr vt, rhifo, cyfrif: n, 
nifer, rhif, rhifedi, ehif, rhifed ; rhifyn. 
Numbers, cynghanedd, prydyddiaeth. 
f A great number, lluaws. Cardinal 
numbers (first, second, &c), rhestr- 
' olion (cyntaf, ail, &c). Ordinal num- 
bers (one, two, &c), rhifohon (un, 
dau, &e.). One of their number, un 
o honynt [anehif, dirif, dirifedi 

Nttmberless, num'bùr.les a, afrif, afrifed, 
Numbness, num'nes n, merwin, merwin- 
dod, fierdod ; ewinrew 

Numerable, nü'mur.â.bl a, rhifadwy 
Numeral, nii' a, niferol, rhifol : n f 
rhifnod, rhifeb. Arabic numerals, 
rhifohon Arabaidd, 1, 2, 3, &c. Ro- 
man numerals, rhifohon Rhufeinaidd, 
i, II, in, IV; i, ii, iii, iv, &c. 
Numerary, nü'mur.ur.î a, rhifiannol 
Numerate, nü'mur.ät vi, rhihannu, rhif- 

nodi, rhifo 
Numeration, nü.mu.rä'shun n, rhifiant, 

rhifedigaeth, rhifnodiad, niferiant 

Numerator, nü'mur.ä.tûr n, rhifedydd, 

niferai [niferol 

Numerical, nii.mer'i.kal a, rhifnodol, 

Numerous, nü' a, rhifiog, niferog, 

lluosog, ami, tra ami, llawer 
Numerousness, nii' n, nifer- 

edd, lluosogi"wwdd 
Numismatic, nii.miz.mat'ik a, bath- 
ofyddol [ofyddiaeth 

Numismatics, nu.miz.mat'iks np, bath- 
Numismatist, nii.miz', Numis- 
matolojist,'u.jist n, bath- 
Nummary, num'ur.i a, arianol [ofydd 
Numskull, num'skul n, penbwl, clwpa 
Nun, nun n, mynaches, lleian 
Nunchion, nun'tshun n, rhyngfwyd 
Nunciature, nun'shî.ä.tshü'r n, cenadwr- 

Nuncio, nun'shî.ö n, cenadwr y Pab _ 
Nuncupative, nung'ku.pii.tiv a, geiriol, 

Nunnery, nun'ur.î n, lleiandy, gwyryfdy 
Nuptial, nup'shal a, priodasol, neithiorol. 

Nuptial feast, gwledd briodas 
Nuptials, nup'shalz np, priodas, neithior 
Nurse, nûrs n, mammaeth, mag wraig : 

vt, magu ; meithrin 
Nmsery, nûr'sur.î n, ystafell fagu; 
maethdy, meitln-infa ; planfa, planigfa 
Nm'shng, nûrs'ling n, plentjm maeth, 

maethyn, maethen, maethfab 
Nurture, nûr'tshûr n, maeth, mag, 
maethiad, meithrin, dygiad i fyny : vt, 
meithrin, addysgu [wesu 

Nustle, nus'l vt, maethu; achlesu, an- 
Nut, nut n, cneuen; gwain hoel dro. 
Nut-cracker, gefail gnau. Nut-gall, 
afal y derw. Nut-tree, pren cnau, 
collen. Earth-nuts, bywi, cnau'r ddai- 
ar, cylor, clor. Slip-shelled nuts, 
cnau gweisgi [blygiad 

Nutation, nü.tä'shun n, ysgogiad; go- 
Nuthatch, nut'hatsh n, delor y cnau 
Nutmeg, nut'meg n, pergneuen India 
Nutriment, nü'trî.ment n, maeth, llun- 
iaeth, ymborth, portliiant ; magwriaeth 


OBL path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took ; 
NutrimentaJ, nü.trî.men'tal, Nutritious, 

nü.trish'us, Nutritive, nii'tri.tiv a, 

maethol, maethlawn, maethus [iad 
Nutrition, nii.trish'un n, maeth, maeth- 
Nutriture, nü'trî.tshu r n, maetholrwydd 
Nutshell, nut'shel n, plisgyn cneuen 
Nuzzle, nuz'l v, trwyno'r ddaiar fel 

hwch; tnvyn-haiarnu 
Nymph, nimf n, duwies y coedydd, y 

gweunydd, a'r dyfroedd ; angyles ; tlos- 

ierch, benywen, meinir. Sea-nymph, 

Nymphean, nim.fî'an, Nymphical, nim'- 

fi.kal, Nymphish, nim'fish, Nymph- 
like, nimfl'ik a,perthynol i dduwiesau'j 

Nymphomania, ni.fö.mä'nî.â n, gor- 

anlladedd [amrantiad 

Nystagmus, nis.tag'mus n, gwinciad, 


O, b* px, gwrth- : i, ! oio ! ha ! 
Oaf, öf n, delff, hurtyn, penbwl, drel 
Oahsh, ö'fish a, delfiaidd, penbylaidd 
Oafishness, ö'fish.nes n, hurtrwydd 
Oak, ok n, derwen, mesbren ; dâr. Oak- 
apple, af'al y derw, darafal. Oak- 
grove, llwyn derw, derlwyn. Heart 
of oak, derlin. Jerusalem oak, derwen 
Gaersalem. A scarlet oak, prin- 
wydden. A stately oak, caterwen. A 
stunted oak, cor d derwen. A young 
oak, glas dderwen 
Oaken, O'kn a, deri, derw, derwin 
Oakum, o'kum n, rhafìàu dattodedig 
Oar, o'r n, rhwyf, rhodl [_n, rhwyfwr 
Oarsman, o'rz'man (oarsmen, o'rz'nien) 
Oasis, ö'â.sis (p oases, o'a.siz) n, ynys- 

dir, ffrwythlonfa 
Oast, est n, odyn i sychu hopys 
Oat, öt n, ceirchen. Oats, ceirch. Oat- 
cake, teisen geirch. Wild oats, ifetur 
Oaten, ö'tn a, o geirch, ceirchol 
Oath, öth (p oaths, othz) n, llw, twng, 
rhaith ; achred. Oath-breaking, llw- 
doriad, anudon. A vain oath, lledlw 
Oatmeal, öt'mîl n, blawd ceirch. Oat- 
meal-bread, bara ceirch 
Oaty, ö'tî a, o geirch, ceirchaidd 
Ob-, oc-, of-, op- px, yn arwyddo, " yn 

y íFordd," gwrth- 
Obambulate,'bü.lät n, amrodio 
Obduction, ob.duk'shun n, gorchuddiad 
Obduracy, ob'dü.rä.sì n, caledwch, cyn- 
dynrwydd ; gwargaledrwydd ; calon- 
galedrw f ydd ; ystyfnigrwydd 

Obdurate, ob'dü.rät a, caled, calon-galed, 

cyndyn, anhyblyg [iad 

Obduration, ob.dü.rä'shun n, ymgaled- 
Obedience, ö.bî'dî.ens n, ufudd-dod;i 

gwarogaeth, darostyngedigaeth 
Obediential, ö.bì.dî.en'shal a, ufudd, . 

ymostyngol [ymgrymiad 

Obeisance, ü.bä'sans n, moesblygiad, 
Obelisk, ob'i.lisk n, colofn; bernod (f> 
Oberration, ob.e.rä'shun n, crwydrad | 
Obese, ö.bîs' a, tew, bras ; pendew 
Obeseness, ö.bîs'nes, Obesity, ö.bes'î.t: 

n, tewder, gordewedd 
Obey, ö.bä' vt, ufuddhau, ymostwng 
Obfuscate, ob.fus'kat, Oifuscate, o.fus'-t 

kat vt, cymylu, tywyllu 
Obit, ö'bit ra, arwyl, marwddefod 
Obituary, ö.bit'shü.ur.î n, marwrestr i 
Object, ob'jekt n, gwrthddrych, nod I 

bwi-iad [gwrthddadleu, achwyij 

Object, ob.jekt' vt, eithro, gwrthwynebu, 
Objection, ob.jek'shun n, gwrthddadl 

gwrthreswm, g^Ttheb, gwrthair, bai , 
Objectionable, ob.jek' a, eithr-! 

adwy, beiadwy, gwrthwynebadwy ! 
Objective, ob.jek tiv a, gwrthddrychol ■ 
Objector, ob .jek'tur n, gwrthebydd. 

gwrthddadleuydd, gwrthddadlwr _ 
Objuration, ob.jü.rä'shun n, tyngediaò! 

tyngiad [argyhoedd! 

Objurgate, ob.jûr'gät vt, ceryddu. senB. - 
Objurgation, ob.jûr.gä'shun n, cerydc 

argyhoeddiad, sen 
Oblate, ob.lät' a, gwastad-ben, lledgrw 
Oblation, ob.lä'shun n, offrwm, rhodd I 
Oblectation, ob.lek.tii'shun n, boddhâd' 

difyrwch, dyddanwch 
Obligate, ob'lí.gät vt, cymhell, rhwymc 
Obligation, ob . lì . gä ' shun n, dylet' 

rhwym, rhwymedigaeth 
Obligatory, ob'lî.gä.tur.î a, dyledus' 

rhwymedigol, rhwymedigaethol 
Oblige, ö.blij' vt, rhwymo, dwyn ta 

rwymedigaeth ; dirio; boddio; dii 

gymhell, gorfodi. He is obliged to g< ; 

mae rhaid iddo fyned. I am oblige ' 

to you, diolch i chwi 
Obligee, ob.lî.jî' n, gofynwr, rhwymwr Í 
Obligor, ob . lî . gôr' n, dvledwr 
Oblique, ob.lik' a, lleddf, gvvyr, lledba 

llettraws, gwyrdraws, ar osgo ; ystlysi 
Obliqueness, ob.lik'nes, Obliquity, ol 

lik'wi.ti n, gwyredd, gwyrni, gosg' 

gogwydd, lledbeiad [tholi, dilë 

Obliterate, ob.lit'ur.ät vt, dadlythyn 
Obliteration, ob.lit.u.rä'shun n, dileai 

dadlythyriad, dadoliad 


ôre; läte, line, nö, müte; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs; j=dzh. OCC 

Oblivion, ob.liv'yun n, anghof. ebargof- 

iant, ebargofiad [anghofas 

Oblivious, ob . liv ' yus a, ebargofus, 
Oblong, oblong a, hirgul, hirgylch 
Obloquy, ob'lo.kwi n, anair, gwarth, 

gwaradwydd; gogan, enllib 
Obmutescence, ob.mii.tes'ens n, llafar- 

golliad [edig; beius 

Obnoxious, ob.nok'shus a, darostyng- 
Obnubilate, ob.nü'bî.lät vt, cymylu, 

tywyllu [myliad 

Obnubilation, ob.nü.bî.lä'shun n, cy- 
Obreption, ob.rep'shun n, ymlusgiad, 

ymüthríad [lithro 

Obreptious, ob.rep'shus a, dirgel ym- 
Obscene, ob.sin' a, brwnt, aflan, anllad, 

anniwair, serth, serthol 
Obscenity, ob.sen'î.tî n, bryntni, budr- 

iaith, serthi, ffieidd-dra [iad 

Obscuration, ob.skii.ra'shun n, tywyll- 
Obscure, ob.sku'r' a, aneglur, tywyll, 

anghlaer; anenwog, anhynod, isel- 

radd : vt, tywyllu, dyrysu 
Obscureness, ob.sku'r 'nes, Obscurity, 

ob.skii'r'i.ti n, aneglurder, tywyllni; 

anenwogrwydd, dinodedd 
Obsecration,'shun n, deisyfiad ; 

ymbiliad, erfyniaeth 
Obsequies, ob si.kwiz np, arwyliant, 

arwyl, defodau angladdol 
Obsequious,' a, ufuddgar, 

hyblyg, parod i wneyd a fyner 
Obsequiousness, ob . sî ' kwî . us . nes n, 

ufuddganvch, gwasanaethgarwch 
Observable, ob.zur' a, nodadwy, 

hynod, gweladwy 
Observance, ob.zur'vans n, cadwad, 

parch ; manylbarch ; cyfarchwyliad ; 

cyflawniad; nodiad; trefhiad, rheol, 

defod [gofalus 

Observant, ob.zur'vant a, gwyliadwrus, 
Observation,'shun n, sylw, 

sylwad, nodiad, ardremiad; cadwad 
Obser\ T ator, ob' n, arsyllwr, 

nodiedydd [ti-emfa, tremynfa 

Observatory, ob.zur'va.tur.i n, arsyllfa, 
Observe, ob.ziuV v, nodi, arnodi, dal 

sylw ; syllu ar ; cad w, parchu, uf uddhau 
Obsession, ob.sesh'un n, rhagymosod- 

iad, gwarchaead 
^Obsidional, ob.sid' a, gwarchaeol 
Obsolescent, ob.sö.les'ent a, yn hen- 

eiddio [henaidd, diarfer 

Obsolete, ob'sö.lît a, anarferedig, hen, 
Obstacle, ob'sta.kl n, rhwystr, lludd, 

attalfa [wreigiol, esgoriadol 

Obstetric, ob.stet'rik a, colwynol, byd- 

Obstetrics, ob.stet'riks np, colwyn- 

yddiaeth, bydwreigiaeth 
Obstinacy, ob'stî.nä.sî n, cildynrwydd, 

cyndynrwydd, ystyfnigrwydd 
Obstinate, ob'stî.nät a, cildyn, cyndyn, 
ystythig, anhydyn, gwrthnysig, pen- 
gam, gwargaled, gwarsyth 
Obstipation, ob.stî.pä'shun n, cauad 

agenau; bolrwymedd 
Obstreperous, ob.strep' a, gwrth- 

floeddgar, dadyrddus, bloeddfawr 

Obstriction, ob.strik'shun n, rhwym- 

edigaeth, rhwymad [lluddio 

Obstruct, ob.strukt' vt, attal, rhwystro, 

Obstruction, ob.struk'shun n, rhwystr, 

lludd, lluddiant, attalfa 
Obstructive, ob.struk'tiv a, rhwystrol, 

lluddiol, arluddiol, attaliedigol 
Obstruent, ob'strŵ.ent n, rhwystr, attal- 
fa: a, rhwystrol. lluddiol 
Obtain, ob.tän' vi, cael, caffael, cyr- 

haedd, cyrhaeddyd, ennill, ynnill 

Obtainable, ob.tä'nâ.bl a, cyrhaeddadwy, 

ennilladwy [cyrhaeddiad 

Obtainment, ob.tän'ment n, caftaeliad, 

Obtenebration, ob.ten.î.brä'shun », ty- 

wyllwch; tywylliad 
Obtest, ob.test' v, taer ddeisyf, erfyn 
Obtestation, ob.tes.tä'shun n, eriyn- 
iaeth, ymhŵedd [gymhell 
Obtrude, ob.trŵd' vt, ymwthio, traws- 
Obtruncate, ob.trung'kat vt, diaelodi 
Obtrusion, ob.trw'zhun n, trawsgy- 

mhelliad, ymwrthiad 
Obtrusive, ob.trvv'siv a, ymwthgar 
Obtund, ob.tund' vi, pylu ; marwhau 
Obtuse, ob.tüs' a, pŵl, difin, anfiniog 
Obtuseness, ob.tiis'nes, Obtusion, ob- 

tii'zhun n, pyliad : pylni, pyledd 
Obumbrate,'brät vt, cysgodi, ty- 
wyllu, cymylu, bwrw cysgod dros 
Obvert, ob.vurt' vt, troi tuag at 
Obviate, ob' vt, rhagflaenu; rhagod, 

troi beibio, llesteirio 
Obvious, ob' a, eglur, amlwg, hywel 
Obviousness, ob' n, amlygrwydd 
Occasion, o.ka'zhun n, achlysm:; achos, 
ethryb, oedfa; cyile, adeg: vt, peri, 
achosi, achlysuro 
Occasional, o.ka' a, achlysurol; 
dygwyddiadol [dellni, delli 

Occecation,'zhun », daUiad; 
Occident, ok'si.dent n, gorllewin 
Occidental,'tal «, gorllewinol 
Occiput, ok'si.put n, gwegil 
Occlude, o.kliid' vt, cau i fyny 
Occluse, o.klus' a. cauedig 


OFF path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, orb, on, curve, cut, t\v=too, twk=took; 

Occult, o.kult' a, cuddiedig, dirgel, eel 
Occupation, ok.ul.ta'zhun n, cuddiad, 

celedigaeth ; machludiad 
Occupation,'zhun, Occupancy, 

ok' n, meddianniad, daliad; 

meddiant; galwad, crefft 
Occupier, ok'ii.pi.ur, Occupant, ok'ii- 

pant n, meddiannydd, dakwr, deiliad ; 

goresgynydd [dal 

Occupy, ok'u.p'f vi, meddu, meddiannu; 
Occur, o.kur vi, dygwydd, cymmeryd 

lie; dyfod i gof [dam wain 

Occurrence, o.kur'ens n, dygwyddiad, 
Occursion, o.kur'shun n, ymgyfarfod 
Ocean, ö'shun n, mor, cefnfor, cyfanfor, 

dyfnfor, gweilgi, eigion. Atlantic 

Ocean, M6r Werydd. German Ocean, 

Môr Tawck. Indian Ocean, Môr 

Indiaidd. Pacific Ocean, Môr Taw- 
Oceanic, ö..shí.an'ik a, eigionol [elog 
Ocellated, ü.sel'â.ted a, llygeidiog, fel 

Ocelot, ö'sî.lot n, math o 
Ochre, o'kur n, math o liw pridd 
Octagon, ok'ta.gun n, wytkongl, dull 

Octagonal, ok . tag ' un . al, Octangular, 

ok.tang'gii.lur a, wythonglog 
Octahedral, ok.ta.hi'dral a, wythochrog 
Octant, ok'tant n, trem yn cynnwys -A5 

Octave, ok'tiiv n, wythfed dydd o wyl , 
wythradd ton, gafael wytb [wythplyg 
Octavo, ok.ta'vo a, wythplyg: n, llyfr 
Octennial, ok.ten'yal a, wythmlwyddol 
October,'bur ?i, Hydref 
Octonocular,'u.lur a, wyth- 

Octuple, ok a, wythplyg 
Ocular, ok'ii.lur a, golygol,'llygadol 
Ocuhst, ok'ii.list n, meddyg llygaid 
Odd, od a, anghynuifer, angliydrif; anar- 
ferol, digymhar, anghy-nTedin, hynod, 
rhyfedd; tros ben, ychwaneg. Odd- 
fellow, Odydd. Odd glove, maneg 
weddw, maneg anghymhar 
Oddity, od ' î . tî, Óddness, od ' nes ,„, 
anghyffredinnvydd ; hynodrwydd. An 
oddity, anwastadyn, gwammalddyn 
Odds, odz np, rhagoriaeth, gwahaniaeth ; 

ymrafael, angbydfod ; mantais 
Ode, öd n, awdl, tantgerdd 
Odious, ö'dî.us a, adgas, cas; ifiaidd 
Odiousness, ö'dî.us.nes n, adgasra-ydd 
Odium, ö'dî.um n, cas, casedd ; gwarth 
Odoriferous, ö.dö.rif', Odorous, ö' a, peraroglus, aroglber 

Odour, ö'dûr n, arogl, arogledd, aawr, 

sawyr [inol 

(Ecumenical,'i.kal a, cyffred- 
(Edema, î.di'mâ n, chwydd gwyn 
CEiliad, 'i' n, amrantiad, gwing 
OEsopbagus, î.sof 'â.gus n, ceg, sefnig 
Of, ov pr, o ; gan ; am ; yng nghylch. I 

Of me [thee, him, &c], o honof I 

[honot, hono, &c.]. The fleetness of î 

the greyhound, cyflymdra'r milgi. [. 

The mind of man, meddwl dyn. The j 

strength of a horse, nerth ceifyl 
Oif, of ad, ymaith, oddi yma, i fiwrdd, I 

draw : pr, oddi, oddi with : i, ymaith ! . 

fiwrdd! hwnt! Off hand, allan o 

law. To get off, disgyn ; dianc. To 

set off, cychwyn; saethu, ertiydio. 

Badly off, yn dlawd arno. Well off, 

yn weddol o gyfoethog, da ei fyd 
Offal, of'ôl », syrth; gweddillion; col- 

uddion, perfedd 
Offence, o.fens' n, trosedd, camwedd; 

sarhâd, tramgwydd, rhwy&tr, argawdj 
Offenceless, o.fens'les n, diniwed, di- 

tb-amgwydd, diddrwg, difai 
Offend, o.fend' v, troseddu, pechu; 

rhwystro, tramgwyddo ; sarhau ; an- 

foddio, anfoddloni, digio. To be off- | 

ended, digio [weitbredwr li 

Offender, o.fen'dûr n, troseud wr, dryg- h 
Offensive, o.fen'siv a, adgas, ifiaidd ;| 

rhwystrol; tramgwyddol, gormesol;t 

ymosodol, rhuthrol, 
Offer, of'ûr n, cynnvg, cais, cynnygiad:i: 

v, cynnyg; otfrymu"; cyfiwyno; beiddiov.. 
Offering, of' n, aberth, uftrwm;^ 

offrymiad. Burnt offering, poethf 

offrwm, aberth llosg. Heave-offering, j. 

offrwm dyrcbafael. Peace-off*ering .<.. 

aberth hedd , heddoffrwin. Sin-offer- 1 : 

ing, pechaberth, pechoffrwm 
Offertory, of'ûr.tur.î n, offrymiad; off-, 

ryinfa ; offrwmwasanaeth 
Office, of'is n, swydd, swyddogaeth:j I 

gorchwylfa;gwasaiiaeth ; dyledswydd | 

swyddfa. Pay-office, tfddy. A kind! 

office, cymmwynas, tra da | 

Officer, ofî.sûr n, swyddwr, swyddog 

Brother officer, cydswyddog 
Official,'al a, swyddol, swyddfiwl 

n, is- swyddog; rhaglaw 
Officialty,'al.tî n, is-swyddogaeth 
Officiate,'î.ät vi, gweinidogaethu 

darllen gwasanaeth yr eghvys 
Officinal, of.i.s'i'nal a, masnachol 
Officious,'us a, swyddgar, neges- 

gar; ymyrgar, ymyrus, ymyrol 

öre ; läte. îne, nö, miite ; she, zh=z azure; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. ONE 
Officiousness.'us.nes re, swyddgar- ; Olympiad, ö.limp'yad re, ysbaid pedair 

wch, ymyraeth [arfor! blynedd gan y Groegiaid gynt 

~~ng, of'ing re, mor yng ngolwg tir. ' Olympic, o.lim'pik a, Olympaidd. 01- 

Oflscouring, of'skûẁ* re, ysgarth, 

sorod. ysWrial, carthion 
Offset, of'set re, ysgewyllyn ; blaguryn 
Offspring, of 'spring re, hiliogaeth, epil, 

hil. plant 
Oft. oft. Often, of'n. Oftentimes, of'n- 
t'imz, Ofttimes, of 'ti'mz ad, yn fynych, 
lawer gwaith, yn ami, amlwaith 
Ogee, ö.ji'. Ogive, o.jiV re, math o fold- 

Ogle, ö'gl vt, llygadu, cilwenu, cipolygn: 

Si, llygadiad. cilwen, nwyfolwg 
Ogre, ö'gûr, Ogress, ö'gres re, anghenfil 

dychymmygol yn y dwyrain 
Oh, ii (', o ! och ! oho ! 
Oil, Gil n, olew, ul: vt, iro, rhoi olew ar, 
ireidio. Oil colour, olewliw, paent 
olew. Salad oil, olew yr olewwydd. 
Train oil, olew'r morfil 
Oiliness, ôî'lî.nes re, oleweiddrwydd 
Oilman, ôíl'man re, olewwerthwr 
Oily, ôî'lî a, olewaidd; ireidlyd 
Oint, ôínt vt eneinio, iro, eli'o 
Ointment, ointment re, enaint, eli 
Old, old {elder, eldest) a, hen, oedranus, 
oediog. Old-fashioned, anarferedig, 
hendclullaidd. Old age, henaint. Òf 
old, gynt, er ys talm; erioed. Two 
years old, dwy flwydd oed. Old 
English, Uytîjîttcn ÎJÌ3U, llythyren 
Olden, öl'dn a, hen. Olden times, yr 
amser gynt [hen 

Oldish, öì'dish «, henaidd, go hen, lled- 
Oldness, üld'nes re. hender, heneidd-dra 
Oleaginous, ö.lî.aj'î.nus, Oleose, ö'lî.ös, 

Oleous, ö'lî.us a. olewaidd 
Oleander, ö.lî.an'dúr re, rhoswydden 
Oleaster, ö.lî.as'tûr re, olewwydden wyllt 
Olfactory, ol.fak'tur.i a, ai'ogliadol, ym- 
sawrus [aroglus 

OHbanum, ol.î.bä'num re, gwyddlud per- 
Olid, ol'id, Olidous, ol'î.dus a, drewllyd 
Oligarchal. ol.i.gar'kal, Oligarchical, ol- 

î.gâr'kî.kal a, ambellenigol 
Oligarchy, ol' re, ambellenigaeth. 
llywodraeth gan ychydig lywiawdwyr 
Olio, ö'lî.ö re, cymmysgedd^ [ardd 

Olitory. ol'î.tur.î a, perthynol i gegin- 
Olivastev, oi'i.vas.tur a, olewwyddhw 
Olive, ol'iv re. pren olew, olewwydden. 
Olive-berries, Olives, grawn yr' olew- 
wydden, olifaid. Olive coloixr. olew- 
wyddhw. gwineuwyrdd 

ympic games, campau mynydd Olym- 
pus, a gynnelid bob pedair blynedd 
Omega, ö.meg'â re, y llythyren olaf yn 
yr egwyddor Roeg ; yrola'f, y diweddaf 
Omelet, om'let re, cremog wyau, ffroes 
Omen, ö'men re, argoel, arwydd, rhag- 
arwydd, coel, armes,darogan, rhamant 
Omer, ö'mûr re, orner, mesur Iuddewaidd 
Ominate, om'î.nät vt, darogan, argoeh 
Ominous, om'i.nus a, argoelus, darogan- 

us, rhagddangosol, rhagarwyddol 

Omission, ö.mish'un re, gadawiad allan, 

esgeulusiad, arwall, gwall, hebgoriad 

Omit, ö.mit' vt, gadael heibio neu allan, 

esgeuluso, peiuho â gwneuthur, hebgor 

Omnifarious, om.nî.fe'r'î.us a, hollfath, 

hollryw, hollrywiol 
Omniferous, om.nif ' a, hollddwyn 
Omnific, om.nif 'ik a, hollwneuthurol 
Omniform, om'nî.fOrm a, hollwedd, 

hollddull, bob dull 

Omnigenous, om.nij'î.nus a, hollryw, 

hollrywiog, hollrywiol [hollsylwad 

Omnipercipiency, om.nî.pûr.sip'yen.sî re, 

Omnipotence, om.nip'o'.tens, Omnipoten- 

cy, om.nip'ö.ten.sî re, hollalluogrwydd, 

hollalluogaeth, hollallu, hollalluedd 

Omnipotent, om.nip'ö.tent a, hollalluog 

Omnipresence,'ens re, holl- 

wyddoldeb, hollbresennoldeb 
Omnipresent,'ent a, holl- 
wyddol, hollbresennol, hollwyddfodol 
Omniscience, om.nish'ens re, hollwybod- 

aeth, hollwybod 
Omniscient, om.nish'ent a, hollwybodol 
Omnivorous, om.niv'o.rus a, tiollysol, 

On, on pr, ar warthaf : ad, ym mlaen 
Onager, on'â.jûr re, asyn gwyllt 
Onanism, o'nan.izm re, hunanhalogiad 
Once, wuns ad, unwaith ; gynt. At once, 
ar unwaith. This once, y waith hon 
One, wun a, naill, un : re, un, rhyw un. 
Great ones, mawrion, rhai mawrion, 
gwŷr mawr. Little ones, plant, rhai 
bach, rhai bychain. One another, un 
y llall. One by one, bob yn un. Some 
one, rhyw un. To love "one another, 
ymgaru, caru eu gilydd 
Oneirocritic, o.n'fr.u.krit'ik re, deonglwr 
breuddwydion [rwydd 

Oneness, wun'es re, undod, unedd, unig- 
Onerary, on'ur.ur.î a, llwythol, pynol 
Onerate, on'ur.ät vt, llwvtho, beichio 

OPP path, fat, êre, met, mâ-rîne, pin, ôrb, on, curve, cut, tŵ=too, tẁk=took; 

Onerous, on' a, llwythfawr, trwm, 
pwysig; Uafurus [onions, sib wl 

Onion, un'yun n, wynwynyn. Young 

Only, ön'lî a, unig : ad, un unig ; ond 

Onomancy, on'ö.rnan.sî n, enwddewin- 

Onomatope, on'ö.mâ.töp, Onomatopy, 
on'ö.mâ.tö.pî n, gair â'i sain yn ar- 
wydd o'i ystyr; megys. murmur, buzz, 
shriek; biomhwr, suo, ysgrech 

Onset, on'set, Onslaught, on'slôt n, ym- 
osod, rhuthr, argyrch, ymgyrch 

Ontology, on.torö.ji' n, bodeg, arddan- 
soddiaeth, bodofyddiaeth 

Onward, on'wûrd ad, ym mlaen, rhagof 

Onyx, o'niks n, math faen gwerthfawr 

Oolite, ö'ö.lit «, grawnfaen 

Ooze, wz vi, nawsio, dynoddi, godarddu, 
tarddellu, bèra: n, llaid; nawsiad: 
rhisgflawd, blawd rhisg derw 

Oozy, ŵ'zî a, gwlyb, dynoddol, lleidiog 

Opacate,'kiit vt, tywyllu, cymylu 

Opacity, ö.pas'î.tî n, afloewder, tywyll- 
ni, aneglurder, annhryloewder 

Opacous,'kus, Opaque, o.pak' a, 
annhryloew, tywyll, anoleu, cymylog 

Opal, ö'pal n, math faen gwerthfawr 

Ope, öp v, agor ; ymagor 

Open, ö'pn v, agor, agori, egori; ym- 
agor: a, agored, anghaued, anglo; 
amlwg, digel, digudd, cyhoedd; 
rhwydd, rhydd ; didwyll 

Opening, ö' n, agoriad, egoredig 
aeth, bwlch ; ymagonad ; gwig 

Openly, ö'pn.lî ad, ar gyhoedd, jm am- 
lwg, ger bron y byd 

Openness, ö' n, anghaeadrwydd ; 
amlygrwydd ; dihocedrwydd 

Opera, op'ur.â n, cân-chwareu. Opera- 
house, cân-chwareudy. Opera-glass, 
trembeiriant, syllddrych 

Operant, op'ur.ant a, gweithredol 

Operate, op'ur.iit v< gweithredu, goberu; 
effeithio, gweithio 

Operation, op.u.rä'shun n, gweithrediad ; 
gweithred ; eflfeithiad ; meddygwaith 

Operative, op'ur.a.tiv a, gweithredol, 
gweithiol; effeithiol: n, gweithiwr, 
creiftwr, llawgelfyddwr, gweithred wr 

Operator, op'ur.ä.tûr n, gweithredai, 
gweithredydd, goberj T dd; llawfeddyg 

Operose, op'ur.ös â, poenfawr, llafurus, 
trafaelus, blin [dirgel 

Opertaneous, op.ûr.tä'nî.us a, celedig, 

Ophiasis, ö.fi'â.sis n, moelni [ar seirff 

Ophiophagous, of.î.of'â.gus a, yn byw 

Ophites, ö.f Y'tîs n, sarffgareg 

Opthalmia, op.thal'inî.â, Ophthalmy, op'- 

thal.mî n, ennynfa neu fflauieg y lfy- 

gaid, llygadws't 
Ophthalmic, op.thal'mik a, perthynol i 

llygaid, llygadol 
Opiate, ö'pí.cät n, cwsgfeddyginiaeth, 

sudd y pabi : a, cwsgbar, yn peri cwsg 
Opificer, ö.pif 'î.sûr n, crefftwr, celfydd- 

wr, celfyddydwr 
Opinator, op'í.nä.tûr, Opiniator, ö.pin'- 

î.ä.tûr, Opinionist, ö.pin' n, 

mympwyn-r, cryfdybiwr, yingildynwr 
Opine, ö.p'fn' vi, tybio, mympwyo, rhoddi 

tyb, llet tybio 
Opiniated, ö.pin'î.ä.ted, Opiniative, ö- 

pin'i.a.tiv, Opinionate, ö.pin'yun.ät, 

Opinionated, ö.pin'yun.ä.ted, Opinion- 

ative,'yun.ii.tiv a, cryfdybus, 

mympwyol, tybgar ; huna'ndybiol, 

pengam, ystyfnig, cyndyn 
Opiniativeness,'i.a.tiv.nes, Opinia- 

try, ö.pin'yâ.trî, Opinionativeness,'yun.a.tiv.nes n, ystyfnigrwydd 
Opinion, ö.pin'yun n, tyb, meddwl, barn ; 

cred, coel ; tybygiad, dahad ; mympwy 
Opiparous, ö.pip'â.rus a, mawrwych, * 

gorwych [cj-mhorf 

Opitulation, ö.pit.shüJä'shun n, port! 
Opium, ö'pî.um, n, cysglys, cysgnur, • 

sudd y pabi 
Opletree, ö'pl.trî n, pren cyrafol 
Opodeldoc, op.o.del'dok «,'math fedd 

yginiaeth sebonaidd, sebondrwyth 
Oppidan, op'î.dan n, trefwr, dinesydd 
Oppignerate, o.pig'nur.iit vt, g^ystlo 
Oppiiation, op.î.lä'shun », boírwymiad 
Opponency, o.pö'nen.sî n, gwrthwynel 

iad, gwrthwynebrwydd, gehmiaeth 
Opponent, o.pö'nent n, gwrtl^vynebw 

gwrthebydd, g'svrthblaid, cyferbyni J 

gelyn : a, gwrthwynebus, croes 
Opportune, op.ûr.tün' a, prydlawn, < 

addas, cyfamserol, cyflëus 
Opportunity, op.ûr.tü'nî.tî n, amser c 

addas, cyfle, cyfamser, cyfleusdi 

achlysur, odfa, oedfa, hamdden, ad« 
Op]X)se, o.poz'fi, gwi*thwynebu, gwrthl 

gwrthsefyll; gwrthddadleu; 
bynu, gwynebu, rhwystro 
Opposite, op'o.zit a, gwrtbwyneb, cro 

cyfanvyneb, cyferbyn ; gogyfer 
Opposition, op.o.zish'un n, gwrthwynet 

iad,gwrthsafiad; cyferbyniad, | 

osodiad, cyfareynebiad 
Oppress, o.pres' vt, gorthrymu, I 
tnrechu, gormesu [g° rr 

Oppression, o.presh'un n, gorthrymd< 

ôre ; läte, line, nö, müte ; she, zh=z azure ; thin, thìs ; j=dzh. 


Oppressive, o.pres'iv a. gorthrymus, gor- 

mesol, treisiol, gorthrechol 
Oppressor, o.pres'ûr re, gorthrymwr, 

gorthreehwr, gormeiliwr, gormeswr 
Opprobrious, o.prö'brî.us a, gwarthus, 

enllibus [gwarthusnvydd 

Opprobriousness, o.prö'brî.us.nes re, 
Opprobrium, o.prö'brî.um re, gwarad- 

wydd, gwarth [wynebu 

Oppugn, o.piin' vt, gwrthsefyll, gwrth- 
Oppugnancy, o.pug' re, gwrthwy- 

nebiad, gwrthryn, gwrthymdrech 
Opsimathy, op.sim'áCthî re, addysg ddi- 

weddar, hwyrddysg 
Optative, op'ta.tiv a, dymunedigol, dy- 

muniannol, eiddunedigol 
Optic, op'tik, Optical, op'ti.kal ft, golyg- 

ol, tremol. Optical instrument, trem- 

Optic, op'tik re, Hygad, golwg-beiriant. 
I Optics, tremyddiaeth, tremofyddiaeth 
i Optician, op.tish'an re, trembeiriannwr, 
\ tremiadur, tremofydd. Optician's 
: trade, trembeiriannaeth, tremyddiaeth 
'Optimacy, op'tî.mä.sî re, goreugwyr, 
i goreuon, boneddigaeth [defig 

.Optimate, op'tî.mät re, goreugwr, pen- 
Optimism, op'tim.izm, Optimity, op- 

tím'i.tî re, goreuaeth 
Option, op'shun re, dewisiad, dewis 
Opulence, op'ii.lens, Opulency, op'ii.len- 
, si re, cyfoeth, golud, cyfoethogrwydd 
'opulent, op'ii.lent a, cytbethog, goludog 
Or, or c, neu, ai, ynte, naill ai : re, eur- 

Hw, aur [gwr doeth 

Oracle, or'a.kl re, dewinfa; ateb-dduw; 
Oracular, o.rak'ii.lur a, dwyfol, dewiniol 
)raison, or'a.zn re, gweddi. — Orison 
)ral, ô'r'al a, geneuol, geiriol, o enau i 
: enau, anysgrifenedig 
Grange, or'änj re, eurafal, afal euraidd : 

a, inelyngoeh, rhuddfelen [berllan 
)rangerŷ, or'än.jur.î re, eurafallach, eur- 

)ration, ö.rä'shun re, araeth, arawd 

)rator, or'â.tûr re, areithiwr 

>ratorical, or.a.tor'i.kal a, areithyddol 

>ratorio. or.â.tô'r'î.ö re, cyfansoddiad 


Tatory, or'â.tur.î re, areithyddiaeth, 

i ffraetheb ; cafell weddi 

xb, orb re, pel, pellen, bwl, cronen, 

cronell; y llygad. Orb of the Moon, 

; hoergant ' [dad 

rbate, ôr'bät a, amddifad ; diblant ; di- 

rbation, ôr.bä'shun re, amddifadiad 

rbed, ôr'bed a, cylchol, cylchog 

rbicular, or.bik'u.lur a, crwn, cvfrgrwn 
15 ' ' 8 

Orbit, ôr'bit n, cylehlwybr, rhod, cylch- 
dro, cylchdaith, chwylgylch: pwll y 
llygad, twll y llygad 
Orchard, ôr'tshûrd re, perllan, afallacb. 

Cherry -orchard, ceirioslan 
Orchestra, or'kes.tra re, cerddfa 
Orchis, or'kis re. caldrist [ordeinio 

Ordain, ôr.dän' vt, gosod, sefydlu ; urddo, 
Ordeal, ôr'dî.al re, tanbrawf ; dwfrbrawf 
Order, ôr'dûr re, trefn, rheol; rhestr, 
trefniant, dull ; gorchymmyn, archeb ; 
gosodiad ; urdd : v, trefnu, trin ; gor- 
chymmyn, erchi; urddo. In order, 
trefnus. In order to, er mwyn 
Orderless, or'dur.les a, didrefn, didrefnns 
Orderliness, ôr'dûr.lî.nes re, trefnoldeb, 

trefnusrwydd, rheoleiddrwydd 
Orderly, ôr'dûr.lì a, rheolaidd, trefnus, 
gweddaidd : a